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tv   News  RT  January 24, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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everybody, i know know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war and the south is winning with this ours pop headlights right now. here in our teens and national nato starts large scale navy drills in the mediterranean sea. it's all automated phase of a conflict in ukraine. germany, a gunman opens fire at a university lecture, whole injuring for people before turning the gun on himself. u. s. federal judge ruled in favor of a group of scientists demanding the release of files from the national drive authority showing how the pfizer coven vaccine was approved. we'll be hearing from a lawyer involved in that case. this allen?
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ah, but what monday it's been so far, some massive stories making headlines today. a welcome to him. it's salty international. the u. s. and as nato allies have now started a series of enormous navy drills in the mediterranean sea. the 12 day neptune strike exercise is coming phase of a conflict in ukraine, although they haven't really been directly linked to that crisis. meanwhile, that you, you as offering ukraine 1200000000 euros, an aide to count of the report, a threat from russia. well, let's not more right now, crossing live to button on. he's peter all of an out here live on the program to bring us the very latest. on this, peter, quite a surgeon activity from nato these days are also, as we understand, sending extra weaponry to eastern europe. can you bring us up to date an awful lot going on on monday concerning nato troop movements and planned
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movements as well. what we can expect is that there will be more nato troops arriving in the east of europe. later on monday us time, they'll be a call between the u. s. president and you repay and leaders. but earlier, we heard pretty much confirmation of this from the nato secretary general against dalton beg, natal will not compromise on court principles. we stand for the right of each nation to choose his own alliances. and naples door remains open. nathan will not compromise on core principles. we stand for the right of each nation to choose his own alliances. and naples door remains open. while those navy war games continue in the mediterranean involving the at yet, the american aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman, we've also heard on monday from france, denmark, the netherlands,
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and spain who've all either committed or said they're considering committing moving military hardware or troops to eastern europe. now dmitri pest golf, who's the the kremlin spokesperson, said that moscow as paying very close attention to these movements. a dog reduced to another, such nato actions and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot be ignored by a military her responsible for the security of our country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue. while e u foreign ministers were meeting in brussels on monday. they had a lot to talk about, including proposals by the you commission for as much as what could be 1320000000 euros worth of financial package for ukraine. but one thing that use it, but l, the foreign policy chief did come away from the meeting, saying was pretty much what he said when he went into the meeting. which was that would be no pull out of
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e u diplomatic stuff. and their families from embassies in kiev, similar to what had been done by the united states on the u. k. i don't think we had a time with eyes as far as the negotiation going on, on the going on. i don't think that we had to lead to rain. i mean, i leave there is an awful lot of pressure on germany and therefore minutes donnelly, in a bad book in this meeting of foreign ministers on monday, germany come under a lot of pressure because it's refused to send weapons to ukraine. now germany has said it will provide financial aid. it's also said it will provide medical aid and that it would increase as surveillance operations carried out from romania. what we've also heard coming out to germany is the, the chancellor here all our shows saying that should that be an invasion, that there would be strict stream consequences for russia,
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but amongst senior politicians including those no longer in government, of course. and they, in the terms of marcus voted the leader of the state of bavaria. he's been speaking to the press saying that europe shouldn't talk to russia as if it was an enemy. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected, but constant new threats and never tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution. on the one end because sanctions have had little effect for a long time. and on the other hand because these new sanctions would often harmless just as much. meanwhile, boars johnson, the british prime minister, has been having his se that's after london sent thousands of anti tank weapons to ukraine just last week, as well as a team of special forces to train people how to use those while barry and ukraine. now, the british prime minister saying that an invasion of ukraine could be a disaster of historic proportions. but we also need to get
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a message in thinking ukraine from a, from a russian perspective is going to be a painful violence. and this is, this could be a new chest awful lot of movement in this story. throughout monday, most of our movement seems to be in the form of nato military hardware item moving or planning to be moved further towards the eastern frontier of the alliances boundaries. all right, peter, thanks for that. well, we did speak with a former foreign minister over india who gave us his views on the crisis in ukraine, cantwell's civil things. europe is regrettably, not in control of his own fate. right now. i think this is playing with the goal question is the expansion of nato. do you agree? and if that problem is evolved, everything else falls in place and i am always surprised why didn't learn and
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sweden would remain out of natal during the whole war. when the soviet union was very strong and is said to be friends over the world and continue to be outside the door. why can't there be an understanding around ukraine? why is the west, especially the united states pushing for gaines membership of natal knife on this? there can be a fundamental in understanding then i think the rest of what is happening is totally unnecessary. and what is surprising is that europe is not in control of its destiny. it is united states is domestic politics that are pushing for a confrontation of what you claim, not the thing is that a natural war is inconceivable. all will control the escalation that night the site gap and it will be devastating. so i am 100 percent sure. other than water war,
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and i don't think the west or the once more either. so this kind of needless muscle fixing by the european, by natal, it only, in venoms the situation makes it more difficult to dissolve. ultimately, you have to have political negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual security, and that is the core of the issue. and gore of meanwhile, authorities and the self proclaimed republics and the don bass region claim key f was deployed heavy rocket artillery right along the border. that starts, they say more than a $100000.00 ukranian soldiers are currently stationed in that immediate area of villages and towns in the republics of danielle can look on squall. they've basically been shelled for years from the other side of the border. thousands of people have been killed. oh
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ah, i sometimes there is to change that simplest county, but there are times when i continuously began to the basement in sheets home. if i lost my house while on my way to school and there a shot i ran home. if i'm near school aching, hide in the school basement youth more than she had been. i was born during a war and maybe i will die in the war. i don't know how to survive it. it's painful and insulting. you go to bed and wonder whether your house will be destroyed. ah, sir solice, there are no shells flying here. you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do with every day? there shannon us, the heat in the village, blue
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people are suffering, many of them have been mentally caused by the fighting. my husband died in his throat during the hostilities. my son died in 2015 in combat system policy. all right, now, here at moscow the world health organization has recommended giving the pfizer cobit vaccine to children as young as 5 years old. now, according to a w, h o panel, children up to 11 should be given one 3rd of the usual dosage. the drug has already been approved for kids in that age group in the united states, canada and the european union. and the u. s. pharma firm is hoping to go a step further. i cannot in trial to see whether children under 5 could also take the shot. however, as you probably heard, there are plenty of doubts over the fall struck approval of the pfizer short,
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especially in the united states. a federal judge in texas has ordered the food and drug administration to release hundreds of thousands of documents showing how it also rise the 5 vaccine last year of the f. d. a had resisted the demand saying it would take 75 years to release all the necessary files due to us limited resources . the district court rejected the claim, vo, ordering it to make at least $55000.00 pages of data available to the public each and every month. the judge called it a vital matter for public health. john f. kennedy, likewise recognised as a nation that is afraid to lead its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. there may not be a more important issue at the food and drug administration than the pandemic. the phase of vaccine getting every american vaccinated and making sure that the american public is assured that this was not rushed on behalf of the united states . or let's discuss this right now. here went to international with our,
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with our guest aaron series, mr. syria, a lawyer involved with the case against the f d. a. i, thanks very much for joining us, your knowledge and national a pleasure to have you with us. why target pfizer specifically? i mean, ultimately, all the major covert vaccines were rapidly approved. is that something anything unique about the way pfizer was treated? sure, thanks for having me. pfizer, that scene was licensed by the the other vaccines have not yet been license. and until a vaccine is licensed, the data and information relied upon by the license that is not available to the public. so as soon as this vaccine was licensed by the f b i, it was subject to the freedom of information act and the on behalf of a group of now over 200 physicians and medical professionals across united states. they're requesting that that data information made available to the public as soon as possible. well, the judge has said that this information, well,
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it needs to come out to ultimately reassure the public. the whole vaccine approval process wasn't rushed. but forgive me for asking this. so what if it was rushed? i'm of the f d a as we understand had to quickly to save lives. well, even if it wasn't russ, it should be made available immediately. the se, own regulations provide that upon licensure. it should be made available for basically immediately. so even if it wasn't russ there's no reason not to have transparency but certainly in a situation where. busy was russ transparency is certainly important. and we can see that when we just look around, we've got waning immunity. there instead of eating unity that the cdc saying that that doesn't prevent transmission. and there are obviously some harm to vaccine causes that public health officials don't deny. there are clearly issues with the vaccine. and we need every independent scientist on board and looking at the data looking information, helping address those issues. well, i mean,
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obviously it's very important for every single person to know exactly what our potential side effects or hom coming coming from these vaccines. of course, all these vaccines were produced at the height of one of the biggest global health crisis that we've known. if it was rushed to mr. syria, i could ask you this. if it was rushed on who's behest? would you say, did you think? is it possible there was pressure from pfizer or perhaps from elsewhere? i don't think it takes much more than watching the news and listening to the president of the prior administration and the current administration to know that it was a priority to get this vaccine put out as soon as possible. so i can only imagine there was at least some political pressure potentially, that it might have influenced the speed at which the f d, a move to get this acting, authorized initially and then life back to that. well, there's certainly been some commentary on line about potential conflicts of interest to here at all to international we've done. one of our top stories
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recently was, was just a sheer amount of wealth that these pharmaceutical companies have made over the past 2 years. but getting, getting back to these documents here, the documents, if indeed they were to be published, they would amount to nearly half a 1000000 pages. is this something you expect to find out about the 5 vaccine that isn't already known? i'm not going to speculate about that. i'm gonna leave that to the hands independent scientists. but of course it does beg the question, why does the f b one away leave initially? why did you want to wait? as long as it did, it claim doesn't have enough resources, but it has over $18000.00 employees, a budget over $6500000000.00. reviewing a few $100000.00 pages for what a claim the most important product is ever reviewed and put out there presumably is a tiny, almost insignificant portion that budget. so what, what do you, what are you suggesting? the f b a is potentially playing out here. i think that
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transparency is, is truly important and i think that, you know, there's no reason to speculate. the judge ordered them to produce $55000.00 pages a month at that rate by the we should have the public should have available to have all of the documents that were relied upon by before the end of this year. and then independent scientists across the country love an opportunity to review those documents and i'm sure they'll let us know. do you think, what do you think people would trust these vaccines more if big pharma was making such enormous profits from them? i mean, pfizer, medina, they, they found an estimated 38000000000 dollars mckoko shots and it's time to several executives and into billionaires. i think that you think some people may be a bit resentful about that. i think that people would trust that feel far more if there weren't that profit moving, but i would say they would, the, the issues is really acute, not so much necessarily. they make a lot of money. lots of companies make money from different products, but the real problem here in my view and view,
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i think many is that the very same health authorities that are telling you this part to say, are the same federal health authorities that gave pfizer, missouri, and jane jake, we'd immunity from any liability for injuries cause other products, and they gave them that immunity before the products were even authorized before they were even made and licensed and put on the market that create a moral hazard. by decoupling the companies profit motives from its interest and safety. and i think that does concern a lot of people and i think sir, i think you do make you do make a very valid point there. in fact, that was, that was one of the key argument with many people out there that the, the pharmaceutical companies were granted immunity from essentially legal repercussions. and, and that, that is legitimately worrying point. but that leads me on to my next question, almost 10000000000. 5 shots have already been administered all around the world. if there's a problem, mr. siri, with this drug, isn't already too late. well,
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it depends what kind of problem you're talking about. and of course, if there are issues with the drug, you know, our firm or present individuals injured by that we've been representing them for years. we do that for all the other vaccine. we don't do that for the 5 vaccine or the majority of the kobe, because you can't see them in any manner, even in the federal court or claims where you see the federal health authority for the other vaccine. you still can't 2 pharmaceutical company fringes, many of the pretty much all the other backing. but i can tell you in representing those individuals over the men over year, over the years. one of the most important things is that when somebody's entered from that scene, that the vaccine injury be recognized and that treatment be created to address those injuries until there is that recognition until the data is available there. transparency. and so we did couple the public health authorities own reputation
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from these products, right? such that they're just viewed as any other products. and then we can actually address individuals who are injured by these products and get them the treatment that they need. they are just as worthy of getting the help of the medical establishment as those who are injured by cove itself. i'd aaron siri, the managing partner of the law firm siri and glimpsed out. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. thank ah, has been a deadly shooting and a germantown of heidelberg, just a few hours ago, a gunman opened fire in a university electrical killing a student in injuring several others before as we understand. turning the gun on himself, he is donny armstrong's been following this. now for the past few hours, you've really had your finger on the pulse, the latest, you know, bring us up to speed. and of course, this is a major news story that broke a few hours ago. l on this monday, warm dead and 3 injured after a good man,
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open fire heidelberg university. that's the oldest university in germany, located in the south west of the country. one of the most renowned in europe, and of course, the world for that matter. now this happened when a lone gunman burst into a lecture hall and opened fire on the student's presence before fleeing. and then as we understand turning the gun on himself, the attack is now dead. it was originally reported that 4 student had been injured one of them critically. we can now confirm that one of those that was injured have succumbed to the injuries that were reports by the german outlet. billed that. that was a young woman who had been shot through the head in that attack. that happened that around $1230.00 german time. now police say the perpetrator has acted alone. this is a lone wolf attack as it were using a long battled go. now that's a rifle. to me, the type that held in 2 hands and propped up against the shoulder. he was, however,
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reportedly carrying several firearms on his person at the time of the attack. this of course is shot the city of heidelberg reporters university city. we have had some comment from pizza, ableman, the chairman of the student body in heidelberg. he says, this is a catastrophe, has come as a huge shock to everybody in the city. police say there's no indication that this attack was politically motivated or racially motivated. they say this gunman acted loan and they have called and off the north of the city where the university and some hospitals are located. but there is no threat through the public. that threat, of course, have been neutralize, the attacker is dead. now just going back to that political or relate racial motive as it were, police saying there is no way motive to this attack as of yet. but there were some reports on social media when the event happened. some kind of sick pranks or jokes, whatever you want to call it. this was an attack of radical v g and in an attack
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against the humans to exact, some sort of revenge for the suffering of animals. and that the attack i had some hatred toward students. now that of course have been released by police as we know now, one victim dead, 3 injured as we speak. local police are giving a press conference and updating the press on this incident, and we will bring you the latest information as it happens here on our tea. alright, danny armstrong, thank you. well, europe's energy crisis could potentially get even worse, according to russia's gas from underground storage levels in ukraine and the e u r. an all time reco low. according to a gas infrastructure. europe, which represents suppliers. the storage level is down by one quarter from last year . and that could power for the pressure on households with prices already on average, 4 times higher than last winter. in
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the meantime though, germany is voicing support for its gas usage and europe transition to green energy . so let's, let's learn more now and speak to dr. mom, do salami and international oil economists joining us live here on the international. great to see you today. what, what do you, what do you think is behind the gas shortage in europe? gas problem says it's been maintaining supplies in full. there are many reasons in my opinion. the 1st reason is the hasty punishes of the opm urinary to actually letting in as you transition from a new weapons at the expense of a fossil fuels. that's one reason. the other reason is miss benjamin and lack of, i've got a standing on the market. they have not been themselves for
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a called went down. and they said the reason is that they have been going to the sizing them approach. like in the occasion, don't seem to gas 5 line which would have food then reserves. so good a gas is completely on the so well, mr. sullivan over there. so to me, a lot of commentators saying that the noise stream to gas pipeline, it has been politicized, but it's also important for our viewers to understand that noise stream to the gas pipeline is the 13th russian gas pipeline that flows into europe. so. busy there's an awful lot of a media just banging on the war drums these days as a lot of the western media. just inflating the numbers here, giving a lot of people on do panic, much of europe's gas flows from russia through ukraine. we want to talk about this potential conflict in ukraine. if there is this conflict here,
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or even even just the fear of it as is being as being propagandized in the media. how you think that could affect the energy market? it's already going through our roof. you some about a 2019 when president putin had a summit meeting in a finland with a former president tom at that time. but isn't a buick and said that an agreement has been leach for 5 years through from some guys to your vin green. rationale is being pressure, eyes doing please, it's yes, shipments to throw the you're going to improve the and i will of the okay. and russia is this in trying to do that, and this inclined to add world of gas supply to european union,
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unless there is a set of your vacation all the norm stream do. furthermore, the europeans, when i talk with you, spoke to market, which is in the best of times, is not still they, they had they going to have a gun for long term jeans or contracts with gas brown, which would have insured, gonna need some dry. oh the guys needs, i'm for more a price for cheaper than the other and g there are enforcing now from me to follow my if i can jump in because i'm running so low on time here, but i really want to try and pick your brain is there can you draw, draw any parallels between the european energy crisis and the provocations happening around you crane at the moment could, could you make any connections to that or not when saturday and energy class has
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happened before, the escalation of tension in the ukraine. but i didn't mention you can do your current has become a year apart and you can factor it of gross. they are threatening to russia with sanctions. if russia at becky, you can. but the russians are saying will have no plans and no intention attacking real claim when russia needs is defending its early age from approaching nature. and of course, that reflects own the energy crisis in europe. i'm on the rising tension and the fact that the, the crisis itself is not going to be over in a year or 2 when the prices learn and natural gas and
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oil growing up. but as always, mr. sala may, it always ends up rolling downhill and hitting the everyday jo like you or me in the pocket. dr. mom, do a soft sala, my international all economists on visiting professor of energy economics at the europe business school, london. a pleasure being with you today. thanks very much. thank you sir. thank you . i thank you for joining us as well for this monday evening program live from moscow. it's now nearly half past 9 in the evening. good to have you with us. hope you can see us again at the top of the ah well, this is driven by dreamers shaped by sun per cent of those with
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theirs sinks. we dare to ask oh well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know if we have to shape out this thing because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, the whole earth catalogue was part of the movement. this publication was created by steward brand, a former biology student and jack of all trades he wanted to help cumulus find
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everything they needed to fend for themselves by showing them where to buy all the necessary tools. ah so weird because right, so these people are going to build farms, but what kind of tools are they take? will they take books? and that's because what people wanted in the communes was not just farm equipment, but consciousness equipment. they wanted to change their minds catalog is absolutely central to the carrier culture and to that, to the the commune movement of the late 19 sixty's. but it's also central to silicon valley. they found this world and they began to reimagined computers as the kinds of tools that the whole earth catalogue had promised. when i was young, there was an amazing publication called the whole earth catalogue, which was one of the bible's of my.


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