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i know know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war. in the south is winning with united states sends a 2nd and lethal aid shipment to ukraine. more promising a severe united response from its allies of russia shows any aggression but german segments suggest not everyone in the block is singing from the same song ship. the british media sounds the alarm over alleged aggression against ukraine is the foreign office games, rushes plotting to put a pro russian candidate in charge. something moscow denies. also on the way this out. ah, chaos it out of europe or fear stand often falls in brussels as anger boils over
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covert restrictions and government plans for a vaccine mandate and going fast shows begin to empty and canada is a supply chain. crisis chokes the country full as a coven vaccine mandate aimed squarely at truck drive. with. good morning, great to have you with us. this is our t international. the white house is reportedly planning to send 50000 troops to eastern europe in the baltic states, u. s. secretary state is also warned, there'll be a united response from washington and its european allies. if notice is any aggressive mission the kremlin towards you, crime were prepared with europe for a swift and calibrated and great united response. the alliance is looking at very practical and important measures that it would take in the event of for the russian
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aggression on this comes, as ukraine has received, a 2nd shipment of u. s. military aid. the 1st derive the day before 900 tons of so called lethal aid . so part of a $200000000.00 additional arms package, which president barton approved at the end of december. he made the move and the rising board attentions and continuous speculation about russian invasion accusations. moscow firmly rejects the wall, germany a close ally of washington and nato. and the state is urging a different response to the crisis, exposing divisions within the military alliance. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected because new threats and ever tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution of the one hand. because sanctions have had little effect for a long time. and on the other hand, because these new sanctions would often harm us just as much. or we heard mark as
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though speaking there he isn't the only senior german politician who is urging against an all out attack against russia. we've also heard. busy from the german chancellor or lap schultz, who said that while germany remains committed to di, escalating the ongoing situation, berlin will not be sending weapons to ukraine. as it stands. schoultz said germany would be part of any type of sanctions that would be put in place and had been part of the discussing what those sanctions would take the form of should there be any attack against ukraine from russia. but that's where it stood at the moment, but there was a huge turmoil here in germany over the weekend went on saturday evening, the head of the german navy stood down from his position. it came after video emerged of him speaking at a think tank in india. just recently,
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and which he said that crimea belonged to russia, and the russian president vladimir putin deserved respect is falling pressure because he can do it. ah, it is easy to give him the respect he. yeah. and corey also deserves the crimea opens was, is got another come. this is this effect. i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect . the foulest comments i made in the neon security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this a necessary step. the federal minister has accepted my request elsewhere in europe, spain, ascending to war ships to the black sea. this is a sign that madrid wanting to get further involved in what's happening regarding ukraine. however, that move has caused splits between the government and the opposition in that
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country. spain has participated in all major deployments as a serious ally for a number of years. and in this specific case, the deployment of the frigate has been brought forward within the framework of this agreement. we totally reject any threats or military aggression against the sovereign states, as well as the sending of spanish troops to the black sea and bulgaria within the framework of nato. this conflict can only be resolved through dialogue, reduce tensions, and the conviction that peace is the only way elsewhere the baltic states have been sending weaponry to ukraine, nuts, lithuania, latvia, and a stonier we've seen and javelin anti tank missiles as well as stinger anti aircraft, missiles being sent to ukraine nuts with the blessing of the united states who manufactured those particular missiles. what we have seen though is an issue when it comes to estonia, wanting to send em, how it's our artillery pieces to ukraine. now,
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these particular how it says we're soviet era manufactured, they used to belong to the old east germany. now berlin has to give the se, in order for them to be sent to kiev, berlin at the moment saying no on that particular transportation. and that's causing a little bit of a rift between those baltic state countries on germany over the potential transfer of weaponry. one country having no such problems when it comes to sending weaponry to ukraine, is the united kingdom london being very keen to get as much of its weaponry as it possibly can into the country. thousands upon thousands of on the tank weapons made their way from the united kingdom to ukraine over the last week, as well as special forces troops needed to train people how to use those anti tank weapons. meanwhile, british media outlets of increasingly blaming russia for alleged aggression against ukraine, says the foreign office named day for me, ukrainian m p as a pro russian candidate that the criminal wants to replace the current president.
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while sca says those accusations are simply nonsense and the keys, the u. k. government of intentionally escalating tensions on donald quarter reports a big claim from the british foreign office, but not a shred of evidence put forward to back it up at the end of its midnight embargo. the tale of an apparent russian plot to install a puppet government and key of made its way across british headlines. and some of its details were more than fishy enough to raise a few eyebrows. confusion over you. kate claimed that potent plants, coo and ukraine, foreign office claim of plot to instill pro masika government and cave comes with scant detail. it's unclear what means britain believes russia might use to install a friendly government in keith. the u. k. government made the claim based on an intelligence assessment without providing evidence to back it up. the u. k. foreign offices press release had more than a few inconsistencies take if danny mariah former ukrainian m. p, he cited as moscow's potential candidate to replace the current president vladimir
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zalinski. except more i of his on russia sanctions list on top of that his party failed to even past the last parliamentary elections. 5 percent threshold. this guy is not exactly poised to take the country by storm and seizing his property. sure was an interesting way of appointing him head of the future occupation. you have made my evening. the british foreign office seems confused. i've been under russian sanctions since 2018 due to a conflict with victrum advert shook. my family's assets are frozen. there had the united kingdom secret services and foreign office can square that with russia supposedly wanting to make me the head of an occupation government. that's the question for mr. bean. london's not just spreading questionable stories about modern ukraine though the day before this story broke and added to the hysteria of russian invasion fantasies. the u. k. foreign secretary liz trust gave a speech praising ukraine for its resilience against invasions of the past. we urge
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president painted to desist and step back from ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake. ukraine is a proud country with a long history. they have known invading forces before from the mongols to the tosses. unfortunately for trust though, she also demonstrated a lack of understanding of the regions history. the mon goals and todd hers were one in the same invasion force, often referred to as the tar mom goal yoke. so when she says from one to the other, it's not exactly clear what's in between for russians. diplomats mistakes like that are both laughable and disturbing. comical as these are now is not the time for lossing. we're witnessing the actual professional level of people who alongside making absurd statements. a providing ukraine with lethal weapons, increasing their own military presence that russian borders and encouraging kids to further undermine the minsk agreements. well, we have to look at the rec hall,
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the precious intelligence services, and how they the news we had the debacle about the iraqi was me to present or weapons of mass destruction where you have our mission challenge in services alleging that the syrians have chemical weapons when in fact it resist, less funded meant this, they were preparing them. and recently we've had terrible at some of the withdrawal from i got a stone which are time ready, our position, childhood services, didn't very what was going on. and therefore, for the gratian the company. but you have to look to what you know, what is actually in versus interesting graduation fast to have instead of the, let's say, in the ukraine, always it shouldn't trust our mutual ukraine, which 399. she wanted to 2000 and jane. meanwhile,
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authorities in the self proclaimed republics in the dumbass region plan. kid has deployed heavy rocket artillery at the border, as they say more than a $100000.00 ukranian soldiers are currently stationed in the area, villages and towns in the republics of done yet going to guns have been shown for years from near the side of the border with thousands of people killed, i can plan to change that simplest county, but there are times when i come to sleep. we go to the basement human shooting. if i am next to my house while on my way to school, under a shot, i run home. if i'm near school, i can hide in this cool basement. you need more than i was born during a war and maybe i will die in the war. i don't know how to survive it. it's painful
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and insulting. you go to bed and wonder whether your house be destroyed. ah, 1st you wish you there are no shells flying here. you walk carefully, you run the household. what else can we do? every day they shannon us, the heat in the village. i believe people are suffering, many of them have been mentally caused by the fighting. my husband died, the german has to it is my son died in 2015 in combat. ah, yes. fierce classes took place between protesters and police in belgium's capital
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on sunday. around 50000 people took to the streets against fresh cobra. restrictions in the country have been brought in as belgium's infection. right, so currently spiking to never before seen highs. at least 15 people were injured, the scenes turn violent. ah mm hm. with no there, by committing to everybody. there was water everywhere. with
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the other side, there is there to put the best that we spoke with. people are angry about the class and the toys we like to read about time. there is a lot of smoke everywhere. anybody do evacuation the board and the streets around with maybe a few minutes ago that there were a big glasses in between the 47 people all were in black. there's still some people who are held by to police against people who were thought of the profession.
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and much of the anger on sunday was directed to the leadership with a crowd rallying outside the european action service building. that's the equivalent of a foreign and defense ministry. you foreign policy chief knows it, burrell has an office that his windows was smashed. rel wasn't in at the time, but he did later visit the site and condemned what he called the senseless destruction and violence. over the weekend, germany saw hundreds running against friction to the leasing rod. give that to be seen. the painting process is still pushing ahead. it sounds like some nation mandatory debate issue this week. friends also saw protested capital against the new vaccine pass that comes into the day will be required to enter the public places. unlike the previous help us a negative p. c will no longer be accepted. now faculty mondays have been causing have a good crust upon to canada, hit by supply chain disruption is due to a shortage of truckers. this after
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a coven vaccine mandate took effect applying to drivers, crossing to and from the united states, and people flooding twitter with images of n t shelves across canada. one m p though, was quick to rebuff. claims that such a supply crisis exists saying he personally had seen no evidence of any shortages. not only is this picture not from canada, but i've been to grocery stores in my community and i've objectively observed no empty shelves. this is just another example of conservative misinformation and fear mongering for political gain. liberal members of parliament thing, there is no problem whatsoever. i went to a grocery store and look how plant a plentiful it is. there's no pumpkins and i just had to retreat images that my own brother sent me from ontario to be affected. who are you going to trust me or your own eyes? you can feel it everywhere. although from what i'm told, it's sort of worth outside of the big cities in response to the mandate which bars and facts and partially vac struck us from crossing the border from america into
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canada without a 14 day quarantine. hundreds of canadian drivers organize de so called freedom come boy, they have begun a journey from vancouver to onto it in protest against those new rules. until now supposedly we were considered essential workers. and now all a sudden that's no longer the case. the convoy is making his way across the country . canada is heavily reliant on food in thoughts from the us critics. the restrictions couldn't come with a worse side, with inflation is a 30 year high prices a fresh food import and get into monitors have left by a quarter and didn't to groups the saying that the rules before 16000 truckers off the road, some are apparently ready even to quit their jobs, while there's reportedly a modest optic of drivers getting vaccinated at some companies, there are substantial reports of higher than normal turnover, and others declaring their intention to leave the industry over the impending
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mandate at the border. the canadian transport menaces defended the measure saying the biggest threat to our supply chain is cov, it's that is why we created the bank same mandate for truckers. but david for i had to game believe that the mandate is only going to cripple the supply chain. 2 years into this one we, you know they have not imposed a mandate on truckers, they were essential workers. they were the heroes of the road for whatever minority of them don't get vaccinated and i don't know exactly what that number is. they have a pretty solitary profession to begin with. and so to pretend that the and that is the vaccine, maybe that are going to save the supply chain as opposed to actually cripple it. it's intellectual dishonesty if not overt dishonesty because even if you're double vaccinated and you get sick because you could still contract the virus, we know that you still have to isolate, even if you're double vaccinated as a trucker and become exposed, you still have to isolate lift the measures protect the vulnerable and let the healthy live a free and productive life,
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and maintain the very infrastructure that we need to deal with any crisis. not even this one. just to remind you, the world health organization says that cov 90 vaccines are a vital tool in the fight to end the global pandemic. john is biggest video game firm 10. st has introduce some strict limits on playing time for children and it's enforcing them with the facial recognition system. under the new rules subscribe essays under 18 can play for a maximum of 14 hours during the winter holidays, which range from mid january to mid february on friday, saturdays, and sundays. game time is limited to one hour the evening. the move fullest new guidelines coming from the chinese government aimed at tackling child addiction to video games. other firms, a following suit so far, the 10 cent is the only one to enforce the rules with facial recognition. we discussed this issue with a panel of guests. the freshly recognition as a technology is a silent technology which he is coming into our life. we don't think spurious,
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for example, lots of mental health, but to because because of the fact that he is coming silently, that's a major problem in china. this is perfectly acceptable and contextually to society and the societal norms people operate by everyone is quite happy with the system and in a way, thankful to it because that's enabled them to prosper. problem is that those gamers are miners. so the, you really think those miners care or even understand fully why the regulation restriction exists. so the problem is, should be shipped to their parents for the solution that the govern, for example, is providing to these should be tailored to the parents which eventually perform decision making over their children and not to, to give me companies. the more i look at it in the cultural context of china, of $0.10 the company that's doing this and how families operate in china,
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i understand that this is actually very beneficial and well accepted. why they might decrease the amount of hours spent playing on a specific online platform. for example, you think those mar, to millennial playing games. so want to find an alternative. for example, they can stop lane going up lots from one to go to another one with another identity. for example, if they're really one big you find that comes from major provide the restrictions may be more realistic in western markets. but knowing the chinese market and the 10 cent is as a business would make this really, really difficult if you were a chinese national 10 cent is a company that owns multiple social networks. but more importantly, the chinese super cold we chat, which is a non governmental form of identification, but also identity clearance for banking and financial services. and chat is the key part that $0.10 is using for the monitoring of minors and controlling their
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activity. it is one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world, protecting cities and their inhabitants from ass strikes, but huge secrecy surrounds versus s 400 system. until now that is, art is really shop of oliver, went to the factory where it's highly classified missiles are produced to be given a glimpse of the technology behind them. ah ah. have you ever seen how and to add chrome guided missiles for rushes, renowned as 400 triumph ad defense complexes are assembled. let's take a look right now and the oven gone factory here in moscow oven. god is one of the world's oldest manufacturers of anti aircraft. missile weapons in january 2022,
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it turns 18. it's appeared in the most difficult days for the country during the great patriotic war. manufacturing lower range on to aircraft guided missiles requires a massive production facility. and there are several dozen watch shots that haven't gone. 1 but most of them i secret even will secret, but we'll try to fly to uncover the veil of secrecy. the s 400 complexes are supplies to the russian army and exported as part of military technical corporation with foreign countries. upon from buys, like china, india, and tacky. there is a whole list of countries that are not announced which are queueing for the as for hundreds, what makes the complex is so unique. the answer is that guided missiles of you to more than 50000 paper involved in creation of the defense missiles and missile flies, 20 seconds. but it takes 20 months to build. we, i had the forgery and pressing show here, well, for ching,
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of where it's still always as when it, he was accidentally chain him handle, it is carried out. all the other thoughts of the missile will have to withstand mechanical satellites, meaning it has been rated durable, possibly catapult the whole of the missile as well as it's steering mechanisms produce. here is gas dynamic and ira dynamic rudders will have to operate at extremely high temperatures. so the alloy composition is given great attention. the next section is web pos of gas dynamic roosevelts of in, sold in the steering compartments near the engine goes all they have an important part is when the missile jacks from the launch man is these runners will deflect as freeman, kansas away from the missile in order to turn it in the direction of the target within a split 2nd. on to them, it will fly toward the target as incredibly high speed with control function reform now by higher dynamic. rather, it's not a secret that the wild leaders in the field of anti aircraft missiles systems on
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russia and the united states. the s 400 and patriot advanced systems are the most famous developments of the countries in this area. they asked for 100, trying beats all existing air defense systems, hands down, it's operational range is 400 kilometers and is can detect any targets at a distance of up to 600 kilometers a trunk. some tricks that fly with maximum speed of 17.3 kilometers per hour, or 4.8 meters per 2nd. meaning they can intercept hypersonic weapons. the s the 100 can smell tenuously targets up to 8 airborne targets. and simultaneously trunk up to $160.00 targets. we are now entering the most sacred workshop of the oven gaunt pantry, where literally no journalist ever set foot back in soviet times. which of course you are at the assembly side to the oven. god factory. this is really the holy of holies of our enterprise because the process of creating
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a mess all is completed here. the miss all is rolled into the transport and launch container here. the transport launch container has a unique design with a catapult inside the catapult is peerless worldwide. to me, what is its uniqueness? since we mentioned it, a mom was another kid. so it allows the missile with outsourcing the engine to go to the start and launch all ready in the air was just globally. and most importantly, the purpose of the transport launch container is to store the missile for many, many years. we do not know way in the world. these missiles will, protects people from asked strikes, but at the oven gone, plant that showed us that their missiles always hate precisely on target. wrap it up for this news. our appreciate you company to can join me for updates on our top story since that ah,
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with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all now snow from everyone here with join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. oh seemed wrong when all
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just a day becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the more we choose to look for common ground ah, ah
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ah, ah, a tooth i'm after essentially watching, going underground from a country dominated by doubts of the premiership of lawrence johnson as he tries to save himself with something called operation red meat for the 2 and a half 1000000 food bank uses who value be suffered under conservative leadership. red meat and food itself is something that must be substituted and sacrifice under so called rising cost of living crisis. joining me now from eugene, oregon is professor michael factory, the un special rupture on the right to food to discuss the nutritional value of
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neoliberalism. thank you so much. a professor factory for me on special roger, i suppose. i better just start with something very general, given that where i'm talking to you from i'm not far from food banks or something not seen here. now for decades, why is food scarcer in 2022? when there is more food supply than ever before? yeah, and thank you for having me and you're quite right to start with the question of food banks, especially in the u. k. so 1st at highlights that the issue of hunger and malnutrition is not just a matter of poor countries. rich countries alike are having a serious issue today, and it is on the rise. and the increased use of food banks indicates it's, it's not an issue. as you pointed. an issue of there isn't enough food. there's been more than enough food globally speaking on a per capita basis for the last 60 years. the issue always when there's a rise of hunger.


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