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and i'll be back again in half an hour. ah ah, is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon is. i'm trying to get into to step by step the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like a dog, inquired why to doug doug. also amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market place. it's are really a market as a private arena, a wild, where a single company controls the distribution of all day. the products and the infrastructure of our economy is loose the world according to amazon.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk i am i? yes. so what is that? is she and i am now alyssa, typical there is only 9, but already a university student. she could well be the most famous and talked about child in russia. now i bring him for him. lisa's brothers and sisters are way ahead in their studies to some might even try to get into university earlier.
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my daughter was only one when they took like offset a news. i had to wonder if gifted children with a product, a very early studies or just had a natural gift coach. you should you teach chemistry to a 4 year old and what about other people who has kids were so far ahead of other children their age? are they more successful now? to seek an answer? i met some child prodigy and adults who had been described as prodigies. no longer choose to snable their golden but on here. but the next will only be upset that i feel costly, under sure, on free lunches questioning to them together and wanted to schedule that in the meeting, open enrollment. those give that away means national wearable events. everything in that he betters at, but he will not get his teams anymore. but when the lip cmr develop a glass door to door, the unit of responses who in order to search the bianca from his teacher was also reason is balise. we'll go on go to the pip. 6
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ah, it's a block of have 7 children, so getting them all dressed, they're ready to go for a walk is a challenge. they don't use baby sitters or ask the grandparents to help and their kids are all being home schooled. yet. elisa is already a university time del passed his year 9 tests at 75 year old laya has finished 4th grade ad for tara is just getting ready for school. i love it too. i've already learned to read for a long time to say who's the youngest or the only to not get break in any records. but she was in your mind shit, in the something that it was have to double you should that he was as much hello. thomas thought he, israel ne, with your senior store would have been, can you much, much for middle in the comes done. this was mediator for your most wasted luggage scheme of getting what im adored to not to get somebody door which made it honestly traced against the you. with the shipping method to handle class of christian seemed at the tip. lacoff is don't believe that some children are born gifted. they
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think that any child's intelligence can and should be developed as early as possible. that's why they've developed their own accelerated teaching method. mr. to play golf says they have enough material to ride to duck tauriel theses horn. yes, yes. yes. i yes me. i didn't know. look, we're screaming for will. there are methods have proved so successful that even the lease his mother sometimes doesn't understand her parking. you wish to go out with burrell or in your fraud? yeah, good. i feel was more like a brokerage official parent, margaret from the family. oh, would you mind to go wrong and warn you those i love with jam. allow me to discuss valadez dillard, which i'm nick, fuck, or larry land for 18 streaming provisional as at the gang, you thought audible as that they're gonna use gainesville, florida film. these little j u. s. important. think you're george form you elise. his parents had wanted her to start school early because her reading, writing,
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and mathematics were quite advanced from the age of 4 bots. the school said she was too young. i'm asking you putting into t the sways quarters to not putting the windshield issue a girl nicholas picola of griffith legislative bunch of thought on that. good. it's been of it. you've got a question yet. a girl neck ali. just what's going on that was july, which can you, brian noticed with, by the whole, with each one you know, when you more to achieve. so when you are not quite of knew the such thing. studying that home with her parents, elisa completed for school grades in the year and passed all the exams. her parents wrote to the best schools in moscow asking them to accept their daughter what they all declined. activity if she got blood nitrogen, when your question was to cheat my ease deal in shuttle because i story, but he told maria to still a go at each school. can you make that not really clear. and mr. e, my was my last, just hello the to pick off say that because they live in a one room flat. they don't make journalists and or allow the kids from prose has to be filmed. they say, don't test the children. but during our interview,
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guinea elisa father decided to ask her a few questions himself. must teach with us because i didn't watch so much because i could put those fields on my neck. she's like, oh no, that means be so kind of georgia g field that he, if you and miss gave her the world you bring the water damage is little van will visit was in a bentley, jeremy. i didn't know that all that all different workers in italy, in the glacial cardoso for lauren shit. it rings. apollo gen the grandma, which is going to be a teacher that god believe the magic skis cannot be a little. and it will not be aware that all of their all urgent leagues, i mean the question, staying in the rest of them? yes. a shift there's that there's me. yes. i think there should have been said there was not that that you are. oh, do you store with winter war police?
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i want to show holla. com said no, but i need is a check as well? no. oh, madeline. i ist baptist selina general good. i did 2 side was in chicken backlog for bread for it and let it go. now that didn't it like that they had to put your money pedal with the pitch most the conditional group, national recorded can even that i did to live up slam over my still it a queen no chattel. sure. what i think just very built in the 3 ammonia with the, to this to ring, check the can. oh, she might need from a sticker here because of the new my 15 year old girl, a show. what am i the culberson didn't go to you. her mental didn't last because mommy, mom is delma and i both want to believe you received the grant blessing. recent medical d a pro with yesterday that the somebody that sam i did you choose to bump
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you version of willa. chem forgot it, eats walton of a bottle of peach. jim he was not a d. i a at the blood. are they on these thought is the with on my ha, what still i my ship just likely to play close. irina's mother invented her own child development technique. he learned quickly reading at 2 and at 5, she was reading jewels, fern, all 26 volumes. she started school at that age and in her 1st year, grasp the programs of preschool years are still a faster successful learner. school relationships weren't ideal. the big age difference show was, but her parents didn't think that was important. them no go jewish plan. they should have back to school still, isn't you, molly said, but you push me buildable them. but on able to see because the boss no cox the to still it's about rational bull crash old yet his thoughts hold? yeah. fresh from jill scott took over at noon. alicia johnson listed in that just
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me is shaney by shirley chase. 2, a little button, which is 4, was point at the closest on bushnell with a shipping knee. by the age of 13 irina had graduated from school and joined the economics faculty at moscow state university. her father took her every day. she was too young to go alone. she wasn't allowed to socialize with fellow students. either irina run away from home. the moment she turned 18 level of silicon, push it over with so little sheet flew blood that was but otherwise could keep it more about the la outside there are you coming in? i believe some when you,
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when you had a was close of jemima. so but the board wash, i got the most of them was for give me 3 sca burgersson that i spoke to. the sticker class would prefer that if a fraction of the my dish them astonishes. number, as with now go school swaying at the can you brain with can you might in the pipeline hours was dollars offer would have been gone with michael by has study child product use for almost 30 years. she runs a school mostly for give to children who have to pass selection exams. year after
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year school preparation levels are rising. even so many years of research show that early child development doesn't necessarily guarantee success to just the word, the tooth or glass, which and i think i'm a noun that patterson, of car ownership of got off bridge who couple come understood. louis did in the moment to do it mutual. it's been cut off go good. she knew more than one to more ticket. the girl when to come on to chrissy and it, which is the orchard. so when you hear other people brushing it on thursday, when you can use me for day, my name is pretty good already to him. liberal date is afraid of me and i can reach him for you was pretty. i destroy plans for what was made out to me would have gone to meet storm, some coach coming over it. i mean, oh, there it is. like he is 32 officials lives and up with your posse. social craft jenko is roches youngest computer programmer. and those 10
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different programming languages, even though he's in the 5th grade in his free time, he studies c plus plus put 8th graders from before. go from here. you've been a glitch in the course push proof in your smoke was awesome. yeah, i wish i knew passcode and of course would love all your stuff, but i will the yeah, my teach here. so she could read fluently at 3. she quickly memorized all the letters and insisted on being taught to type in the beach at the judge about almost nothing just to add for social became interested in mathematics and then chemistry. yes. so the water is mother, he's his company. of course, he saw experiments been set up and wanted to do it himself with a logo shantel for good thought your new believe bullard slower as well as promotional home, did it? i mean, sure. sure. joyously
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a thought are more than such as mother knew nothing about chemistry. so she just gave him some books hoping he wouldn't understand and give up a meeting with no stones made public delay when there was no does not look, i just need those from people who deal with other amiable. it's a li, your, we would sheets on posterior teeth all on the i don't, you're still there as council either. which in like each negligence of or the young lady, guadalupe lucia when we got much thought the sub reside award. thou one good old men. trump, i'm one of those what you don't seem to be she other will patrol some good cause nash on the problem when you wire when he was 6, sasha, last interesting chemistry and switch to programming, which has his new passion new mom will roger will, will shift here because i last creech at the use of programming. when you gifts yes, i will really eat. i would ask is also when you go the reasonable to such court you
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yes. focus. i scott rosters. audrey now when the war dr. munoz personable grandma's woman stalled. as the mazda yet in a besides you group your fiscal, the films, the one that the deal, it's almost a, it's a critical point. 3 math really wouldn't emerge because, oh yeah. so one, 0 if sure he there, she'll meet them because those 2 at the deal. yeah. jill law. oh and oh, dear jim rommel because justin is a cardiology at the noah grocer. god lives down. kind of still clear. oh, still dumbs julia will be. she was, you want to build artificiality if oh, when i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't hold any world to shave out the scene because the advocate and engagement
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equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. a program for a famous foreign company recently heard about sasha and now gives him free lessons every week. he's currently helping sasha to finish his video game for the global and build national 9 months father. she build logan and chambers. block name is a summer saying such a has won several math physics, antibiotics competitions where he always competes against older students. despite his accomplishments, his mother doesn't want him to skip grades. she wants him to socialize with children his own age, and hopes that other kids will make friends with him because he school and not because he smart. yes,
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that is the one you're below the quietness mazzocco. what does nobody really shown bal, marlene keys or serum were the 3 and i, we are in the book a lot more. pretty surgical. go with them mom or more cog dog, which you would. i mean, is not the book we're more owners, which is just a book when your knife him good, old national master between manageable girls know that that would be the rising of the story. was that it is now a good as i thought this monday. the boy. hm. yeah. limited you were. so i was a mckesson. you throw up? she had to wait a 3 year. no, no there's no i won't run the question, go felt our nice little chimney room phony or low. oh a yeah. a lunatic with her, but almost
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a little another when you can phone me personally, when you a little bit more of a lot of ongoing social can only be tempted to play outside for loan by friends, his own age. he could never have that kind of fun, but high schoolers. just another reason why social won't be made to skip any grades for a leisurely game with me. okay. as long as you pick, office, go to fresh the stay together as a family. the rules say that only students are allowed and side,
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but elisa is still too young to go on her own. yet nothing with the youngest freshman had seen diversity and her favorite trust and shoes, which took a long time to pick. she only from the shopping this morning. jeremiah is up either . well, no, i believe it's better as me and i my mom is because algo, what does that cost showing me by edmund lady. she may feel that i'm sure or beach . she was a lawyer a alyssa is certainly the most famous student here. she's very recognizable,
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especially with her parents and siblings and tell me i can. yes. and you can leave it in the and alyssa didn't score enough in her exam to qualify for state subsidy, but confident that she'll do well. her parents have still decided that she should go to university even on the fi pain basis. and that was just what was the program manager, but she told us to share with chimney kiana but stopped focused, go to having to oper. stella will negotiate with fucker or, or did you, you or she just at the board us why in your property, in yoga, plenty of money. i just have a 1st day and of course that can work for the fire that cost to get a minute when you man for the 1st day and you can, you can basically get the most because this is that i thought of this young lady thought, but if it's that our prayers with
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another question i didn't stick with because ali says only 9. the typical ops hope that the university will put a special time table together for her math boys like probably double missed had enough benuya theater school next at the book. i someone was supposed to put on a this discussion with you know, you know, your work order on addition that yellow least people wish you. but
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if your ear someone. sure. bill. he only needs a swim. would you go? yeah, because i thought i need you. you some that can you deal? osha says you're out on the porch. ah, i come a gun up is one of the most famous chemist in the world. he has developed a method for predicting the crystal structures and properties of substances that haven't even been discovered. a still has worked at prestigious universities in switzerland and in the us, but now lives in moscow. and is a professor at the skulk of institute of science and technology, which is my daughter going to the next 30 in a couple. you would at least get a couple of quid. tillman choice, showing his children a range of experiments at his darcia.
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tom has been into chemistry since he was for he was once so engrossed in it that it nearly killed him. we are well is what think you still get with regard to put do us to mom and you will usually do a good deal. so i will put you on the manual with her with his mom over to me on the road for tomorrow. she'll get it now, but i will do that's good for sure. will. for a question i terms, mom is a psychologist who had her own ideas about early childhood development for much work, useless golf. mm hm. composite, you would owe admission and usually come up with the quote to what i think is what the issue was. again, yes, a good deal to kiss, kissimmee brooks complement. you might go to the pendulum not put it's obvious that i term was a child prodigy. when his mother realised that box were no longer enough, she persuaded some professors at the men's in if institute to talk to her son,
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and they allowed him to attend their lectures or the silicon grades just completed . i'm swim digital and media next. if were she me daughters with was my schedule or someone i just i just she me a go, he can speak to the message, it looks like a bonner, can you multiple search so low in the middle, and when you mo, the one i'm not, i can you can, you show the gifted child went to an ordinary school on the outskirts of moscow. of course, he could easily have skipped grades quickly or transferred to a school with a gifted program. but his family decided that our job should stay with regular classes. and he will call bush, we will just nutrition with our company was calling to rebuild the another and you were ready to deal with them there for you both one of the directors at the one you just with the google flew
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a what the and you got but we might need to put a regular or when you pull into the phone as realistically. and what time that we had hope to see alyssa attended lectures. she wasn't going to play golf. had constant disputes with the university alyssa's father complained that he couldn't go to lectures with her. she was threatened with expulsion for truancy and they wouldn't give her an individual time table, even though he claims that only took her a month semester, the curriculum for the whole semester. and now which i was supposed to do, a dealer list for them, put it to me on hold for a to ship nipple on a new service, national motor to the store. school madison. jim, are you in the door in the house with?
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if you need to pick off, still insist that lisa could graduate in 2 years. the psychology department has never seen anything like it, nor has it ever admitted such young hi jasmine. as of the last wishes in this order to tours you still are for 6, so are those for sure. yeah. i see. i knew it from the market of so losing a social new years ago and it shouldn't bother us. or would you with your notes? and then there are plenty mathematicians who entered the university early, but they have never been such a young psychologist whether a child can embrace complex psychological theories will soon become clear. irina now works. as a psychologist, she decided to pursue a 2nd higher education after being admitted to
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a psychiatric hospital with severe clinical depression. apollo theater, oxygen, whatnot. shane capital stronger, got up curious, abuse on thumb, slith that all looks very up when you of a replacement rate, then you understand the weather's doing new chinese from. can you my yes. impulse finished on sunday, across campus. right. so born with hearing, i had no claims had with her father and mother for several years. but when her parents fell ill, she stepped in to support and take care of them. i wish to santa jas. mcgloid davidson or it from the book, which is by shy dogwood is all that i'm with sasha is now working on an international medical project. he's writing software to tests medicines for the effectiveness and safety include and so against cancer. yeah, show controls,
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don't program use the law. yeah. just let him go no recalls. he means no premier to mean seriously. neil was kind of showing for me of a most of them. so i somehow got married, one of his classmates and they have 4 children. he takes education very seriously and teach his chemistry, physics, geography, and history to them himself. maria phil dillard dexter with tito will introduce the rich. yes. was hurling a stimulus unwarrantable in easterly he mccormick. he did the rock show true in the mid it'll gar loopo, swim the coolness to build on the ship, so can want to push which one we filmed to play, coughs on september 1st 2021. we wanted to ask elissa again why she chosen psychology, but the dad and straight for her brushwood. john, this is a jim again, not know which it's in the pure colgate. can you privately thought that he needs his benefits to lead to discipline? which of no one discipline or driven up on a ship crystal a young emma,
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what it is that you're more likely spin with the mature complaint i came over them on i'm not mad. so the chairman of nasa decided to college in the gym in there. that was the last night the jimmy and there's not the big huge scripture that's german electric. i'll get the lad means it's on the gym in their laps. if you're getting the chairman has not chief in connecticut, especially the children, the chairman of knob psychology until your theory, wheelchairs puzzled. mister luthers was clenched at the church. the chairman are not with us after gallagher subscripts that he met his me to know if she could have been going through at the football game at bonham with the shannon bryan, i was driving to precipitate doesn't be i did that the parapet is, did i did that they were what's called the stolen materials. let me cut off. i'm usually equal dorna announced as nimble upright and unable up right in that that might even whisky sam about them go to the good to go out there for just just enough enough burnett to subside jawad lisa at the my yeah. proficient. i know almost yes guys. work on the, you know, some good ah, well making this film, i often wonder about the best way to raise my own child. i read a lot about gifted children and children whose development was fast tracked. all
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the stories are very different and there is no one size fits all white answer. children like that just don't fit into any modes. many people have described the least as life is an experiment. they were already families in which all children were ahead of the curve, but not by such a big margin. maybe this really is an education revolution. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk. ah, the head of germany's navy dead dialed off the states in the crimea would remain parts of russia spock a diplomatic route. russia lashes out to us officials on the media of pushing unproven claims against moscow, published just before friday. security told with to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases it is simply alive.


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