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[000:00:00;00] with a fierce down dolphin falls in brussels as anger boiled over against kobe restrictions on government plans for vaccine mandate. also add in the program, the head of germans navy, stamped on after arguing that try, mia is not a part of russia. i think that vladimir potent should be shown respect in the west and russia lashes. i said us officials, i'm the media for pushing thrash on proven claims against moscow. publish right
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ahead of crucial security and talk with it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provision stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply aligned with with the top stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well. this is the weekly rti hello and welcome a huge march against cobra restrictions house just wrapped up in brussels. at least $50000.00 people took to the streets and several dozen were arrested during clashes . ah right police were i didn't force the point tear gas,
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some water county belgium already requires vaccine certificates for public venues including restaurants and bars. and the rules i've just got even suffer with the cobit pass validity period, shortened to just 150 date. meaning millions of people will have to take booster shots and some lawmakers are pushing for a full nationwide vaccine mandate. following austria's example, an idea that spark widespread fury much of the anger today was directed up the new leadership with a crowd rallying outside the european actions service building. people there chanted freedom on cold for an evening of coven rules. a local journalist in brazil spoke to the program earlier. ah ah,
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you know, by committing to everybody there was one with the other side. there is there to post the progress that we spoke with. people are angry about the classes and the toys. we like to read about time, various levels, everywhere i love, your body. do evacuated, the bargain, and the streets around her. maybe a few minutes ago that there were
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a big lashes between the police and people all were in black. there's still some people who are held by to police against people who were thought of due to clashes. well, there's also an on c vaccine march taking place in washington d. c. live images right now from the capital. this is actually just outside the capital building crowds of up to 25000 people. apparently, they're not listening to, as you can hear some speeches and music at the moment, at the message of the protest in the faith, the monday on american home, coming the organizers say their goals are to resist all coded vaccine mandates, especially at, for it shows they're also calling for
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a nationwide easing all harsh restrictions also saying that they're taking a lot of efforts to ensure safety concerning what happens at the january and riots of course. capitol hill as well as law enforcement, also be ensuring that nothing gets on things out to develop throughout the day just after mid day. there are now so we'll keep a close sign. what develops in washington dc after the feet. the mandates rally ah, no, it looks like showing even the slightest support for russia can cost you dearly in the current political climate. germany's navy chief has had to resign after seeing crimea. it is not part of russia, and that the west should stop demonizing vladimir putin, but his words sparked and major diplomatic backlash. are your correspondent peter
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oliver picks up the story. by sod rotate are him shown by caused big shocks. on saturday evening, as he stood down from his role as chief of the german navy, it follows comments that he made about the russian president vladimir pig and the ongoing tensions between russia, ukraine and nato. following this fall out from what he said and everything revolving around it, he felt his position had become untenable. i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the thought was comments i made in india and security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this necessary staff. the federal minister has accepted my request when it all relates the comments that show back made while he was in india speaking to a defense think tank. he was speaking about crimea, which he said would remain part of russia also about the russian president.
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vladimir burton, who he said only wants respect and probably deserves respect, is probably putting pressure on it because he can do it. it is easy to get him the respect, he also gives us the caught me up and he's got another come. this is once the video became public, there was outcry from sections of society saying they're shown by how to go more than an embarrassment. what the german may be commanded says here on the label, actually unacceptable, there must be consequences. but this is not the position of german foreign office vice admiral playing down the russian sabre rattling this is a shocking statement says crimea was a next by russia. it almost sounds the card blood for burton fire him a navy chief must not play his own foreign policy game in a crisis. clearly vice admiral schon box thought he was off the record,
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but he was also fundamentally wrong on prospects of appeasing russia. ukraine is also not happy with what has gone on. in fact, the foreign ministry in kiev is calling on germany to officially distance themselves from their fall. that navy chief and what he taught to say they saying that these comments went on to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine, the foreign minister there calling them on acceptable. but this is just the latest issue that we've seen very recently between kiev and berlin just last week. there were problems over the fact that berlin doesn't want to send weapons into ukraine. also, germany has blocked the sale of a stony and weapons that were german made to ukraine. this issue concerning the now former navy chief just the latest and was becoming a growing number of problems. we spoke to journalist and arthur thomas foss. bender
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assured his view above the german vice admiral stance on crimea. of course the, the leadership, the judge, political leadership and the media are concerned about the fact that within the rank and file off the government of the army or are, and among the population. there is this common sense understanding that crimea will remain within russia and that there is, there is this common understanding that whatever mr. put in did over the last 20 years, or whether it's against us or, or for as whether we like it or not. mm hm. and deserves a certain level of respect. so i would say the fact that that, that provoked the anger was that this was not that he doesn't not represent a solitary and individual opinion here. but rather why did distributed one that you get this feeling over the last weeks, not only among the population, there was always a strong consensus in terms of good relations with russia, but among their countries leadership,
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the leading media that there are certain initiatives that say, well it's not site to strongly here with one side in this conflict. and people understand that the ukraine is not the model democracy that we have to defend, that germany has to defend the at all costs. that this is by a, by and large, an effort to project u. s. power, right up to it with the russian border and the extent to which germany wants to support such an effort by the u. s. g, a. politicians as not meet consensus here in this country. and yet another wave of accusations against russia, the british foreign office, i said it's got evidence of a plot to install a pro moscow government in kiev. russia has slammed the claim as nonsense. the misinformation spread by the british foreign office is more evidence that it is the nato countries lead by the anglo saxons, thus escalating tensions around ukraine recall and the british moral fist, provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the taught among
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will yoke the british government has so far provided no evidence to back. it's claim of a russian plot in ukraine. but london has named former ukrainian n p u. any mariah as a potential pro kremlin counter that he's express, surprise about that's pointing out that he's been banned from russia since 2018. we've sent a request to the british foreign office asking them to clarify their allegations. we let you know if we get a response. me bless, cross live, know to anthony webber, political commentator joining us from the u. k. i'm a pleasure to have you on the program. the british government claims it has information that russia wants to install approved kremlin leader in p. if there's no indication at all as to what this information is, what's your take? well,
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we have to look at the record and the intelligence services and how they use we had the debacle about the iraqi was me so present weapons of mass destruction where you had our mission challenging services alleging that the syrians have chemical weapons when in fact it is and less on demand, less them. and recently we've had a terrible example of the tool for my son, which apparently our business intelligence services didn't know what was going on. and before the situations the company was it's now trans birch spit was with well man shop to control the withdrawal. the government of military provincial chase were right by the trial about
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surrender show you a lot of examples where be been let down by services, but it could well be but we've had a reaction formation, but the politicians themselves have twisted the intelligence and i think what we've got here is we, the bunch of stuff mon amendment needs a distraction because of the terrible management and target non chain situation of all the policies and everything. now i'm per, i also the also the fact that the political crisis abuse government is now in you get prime minister baris johnson, being accused of blackmail by his own m. p. 's list. trust anthony as well rumored to be planning a shot at the leadership. it could be that there is a ledger russia plot is just the useful destruction. yes. so i think it, it's a useful distractions and to once again, possible sales. whenever the government needs a distraction, i have a guy who are russia,
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they know to do the same with china and china is our attitude towards taiwan. 3, it seems that the savings are exaggerated. but also if we look at the sex i, yes, she is supposed to be one of the front runners as a potential leadership candidate should be prime minister sat down. so this is the tron matron sell out to be like us mom. she is pet should recently in a time, but you have to look at what you know, what is actually in versus interested in registering for the to have, instead of the, let's say in the train or is it in british and trust is unusual. ukraine, which 300 to 1991 to 2000 and see and be
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a politician. you mentioned that you didn't show that the some western country was about in the ukraine in 2000 and see which ended a parade where all paper, they new crime russians and you try me to speak to said are you crying which united way and that was a little complex and what's happened since is one sort of faction has taken control. i want to align themselves with some of the aspirations or the united states. i think one of the good things space, the telephone secretary, i'm the defendant secretary in the fiber. i will be meeting with our towns in russia, and i think that's a positive speck where things can be turned down. we turn looked,
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having no relations with russia because of russia is a classic christian on trade. that's what the pay is way to reach for problem drama needs to create pieces. well, pace in the drive, in east, in europe, not a stir up complex and fate. thanks for your time today. anthony webber, political commentary alive from the u. k. thank you very much. and it's not only the u. k, which moscow believes is bogged down and so call fake news. just hours ahead of this week, security talks, the us state department, i'd like what it site does. the examples of russian disinformation, russia, foreign minister, was critical of both the content and its timing. its my, you got it, but these documents, which the u. s. department has of course prepare deliberately for today's meeting. a simply impossible to read it off to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure,
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none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply a lie and response. russia has drawn up its own fact checking this accuse washington of a toxic campaign against russia. ortiz, mariah garcia, has been comparing the 2 senses. you may have seen this list has got a big exposure, a brush and fiction. that's a good read. bo print and world painted in black and white simplified, pre digested, and we're good dated russians. bad americans, good lito does not encircle russia. nato enlargement is not directed against russia. over the last 20 years old nato coalition potential has been amassed on its eastern flank. the last is expansion towards russian borders is accompanied by the creation earned modernization of military infrastructure. russia has 60 neighbors in the ninety's,
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only one of those was a nato state that it became to poland joined. then it became 5 with ukraine and ga, potentially joining that would be 7 with all the perks that carries like us bases and troops. pray tell how is that not the dictionary definition of encirclement? russia is use a statement from high level officials, as well as disinformation and propaganda outlets to intentionally spread outright falsehoods, to attempt to create a pretext for military action. we all know how the u. s. uses differ information to create a pretext for invading independent states. the irony seems lost entirely on the us state department. we still remember collin bow, right. sadam. hussein has not verifiably accounted for even one teaspoonful
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of this deadly material. the chief of the state department. whether of all around 2 decades ago, lying to the world, about saddam's weapons of mass destruction. and setting the stage for the invasion of iraq, which killed an estimated half a 1000000 people. because i don't believe that russia has come close to that level of misinformation. there are no credible reports of any ethnic russians or russian speakers been under threats from the ukrainian government violations of the right self. the multi 1000000 russian speaking population in ukraine have reached an enormous level. the government dobs a discriminatory laws on language education and so called indigenous peoples driving the russian language. out of all the spheres of life, ukraine is not that democratic paradise. the washington portrays it to be and is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, say various reports,
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a country where the leaders of the 2 biggest opposition parties are right now, being prosecuted and persecuted, a say to keep them out of power. a country where opposition media has been forced to shut down one after the other or tact without any sort of international reaction . ethnic russians are no longer recognized as native residents. the russian language, the native language of a 3rd of the ukrainian population. as now forbidden and schools and governments in coffee shops in supermarkets. yes, russians in ukraine are very much the de finish it of persecuted. nature never promised not to admit new members. on the 9th of february 1990 u. s. secretary of state james baker said during the meeting with the soviet foreign minister,
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edward shepard not say about the iron clad guarantees that nato jurisdictions and military units won't move an inch eastward. it's a sorry world where, where russians know what the state department said better than the state department . the shame, the director of the cia robert gates famously warned against the expansion of nato because and i quote, gorbachev's and others were led to believe that that wouldn't happen. west german foreign minister hands, deed that if again, ships and i quote this is to a large crowd neither should rule out any expansion of its territory towards the east moving it closer to the soviet borders. i have much more just not enough time, but it is remarkable how a document that sets out a fight russian this information base than basks in so many lies of its own will r t as well, has become a target of
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u. s. accusations. the state department has released the report insisting that this channel on fellow news i clipped sputnik use disinformation instead of supporting mainstream narratives. while the reports even accuses russian media of portraying ukraine as a nazi state. and to back that up, it's mentions an article written for r t by history and paul robinson. here's what the article actually says. the problem here is not that the government is the fuss is johnson. that is clearly an enormous exaggeration. despite restrictions on the use of the russian language and the recent repression of some anti government meter and personalities, ukraine remains around as we free and open society. it's not remotely fascist. an article i wrote in which i actually say that the idea that buchanan government is fascist,
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is an enormous exaggeration. and that ukraine is not remotely fascist. specifically what i say in the article, and yet this article is linked to in the state department report as evidence r t is spreading the false narrative that ukraine is a fascist state or is the article in fact as the lead direct opposite. and then there's more similar sort of statements on the next page about something else. the story about a boy who was killed in a rebel occupied don't bass, and the russian press reported bad time. he'd been killed by ukrainian drone. the state department report says that the o s. c. investigated and stated that the boy was not killed by a drug and event provides a link to the o. s c e report. but when you go to and you can read what the o s c said, this does not say that the boy was not killed by a drug. it's simply states that the boy was killed by shrapnel last injuries. so
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the statement in the state department report, i see said that is in tati on true kind of is being hit by supply chain disruptions due to a shortage of truckers. that's after a cobra vaccine monday took effect applying to drivers crossing to and from the u. s there take our likelihood of me from being able to work until now. supposedly we were considered essential workers. and now all a sudden that's no longer the case. in response, hundreds of canadian drivers have organized assuming freedom convoy, roy, sunday, they will be starting a journey from vancouver to also in protest that the new rules introduced on 15th of january. canada is heavily reliant on food imports from the u. s. critic say the restrictions could not have come, not
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a worse time. prices of fresh food imports including tomatoes have left by a quarter. and industry groups are seeing the rules could take $16000.00 truckers off the roads summer apparently ready to quit their jobs right now. while there's reportedly a modest uptake of drivers getting vaccinated at some companies, there are substantial reports of higher than normal turnover, and others declaring their intention to leave the industry over the impending mandate at the border. while the canadian transport minister has defended the measures saying, the biggest threat to her supply chain is cobit. that is why we've created the vaccine mandate for truckers. so let's cross live now to david free height lawyer on youtube or from quebec. im enormous flogger v for free as well at good to have you on the program today. there. all right, no problem. there are already wide spread reports of anti supermarket shelves in
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canada. how serious is the supply chain crisis? well, you know, it depends on who's twitter feed you follow because you get certain blue check mark liberal members of parliament saying there's no problem whatsoever. i went to a grocery store and look how bent plant, plentiful it is. there's no pumpkins. there was a tweet put out by someone who to that effect. i had to do a little digging to find out that it was actually an undisclosed press secretary for just intruder. another blue checkmark member of parliament saying things aren't so bad. the pictures that the conservatives are putting out are stock images, and i just had to retweet images that my own brother sent me from ontario to be effective. who are you going to trust me or your own eyes? it depends where you are and how bad it is, what you want, what you need in life, what you're prepared to accept in terms of dietary food consumption and price. but you can feel it everywhere. although from what i'm told, it's sort of worse outside of the big cities, the freedom convoy truckers, david,
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they've received substantial public support raising already more than $2000000.00 canadian dollars on their go fun me page. it is not really a sense of the public support behind them. you know it's, it's a weird thing for the public supports it. they are certainly gaining sympathy and i think they're going to be the government is going to be gaining some anger at some point because you have a minister of transport. omar algebra coming out and saying cove, it is the biggest threat to the supply chain. that's why they're, they're enforcing this 1st of all, 2 years into this. we know they have not impose the mandate on truckers, they were essential workers. they were the heroes of the rope, for whatever minority of them don't get vaccinated, and i don't know exactly what that number is. they have a pretty solitary profession to begin with. and so to pretend that the, and that it's the vaccine mandate that saw going to save the supply chain as opposed to actually cripple it. it's intellectual dishonesty if not overt dishonesty because even if you're double vaccinated and you get sick because you
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could still contract the virus, we know that you still have to isolate, even if you're double vaccinated as a trucker and become exposed, you still have to isolate. so the solution that they're proposing is not even a solution to a problem that doesn't actually exist in the 1st place. it's not just canada either is we've seen truckers shortages in many countries including in europe. did governments underestimate how important these people actually are? every single good has to go on a truck at some point in the supply chain. i will i look, i'm a little more cynical at some point in that you know, the government needs a crisis to manage. so what, what easier way to fabricate, or to construct a crisis than at this point in time? when by, you know, some country standards, we should be lifting the measures. you start imposing arbitrary and such a, a pin, prick, limited target on an element that will have repercussions far beyond any good the can possibly come of it. so some people will see that the government has
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a vested interest in prolonging this crisis in manufacturing new crises. for them to manage. so it's, it's either malice or incompetence, but the outcome is the same. there's going to be held to pay for this because it is going to cause problems. and the only question is going to be the government's gambit. are people going to blame the stubborn and selfish solitary truckers who refused to get refused to get vaccinated under compulsion or they going to blame the government for imposing this idiomatic draconian policy? 2 plus years into this crisis on the people who are the backbone of ensuring the supply chain does not get interrupted in a question to chew on. the views of david fry had lawyer undo trooper from quebec. thank you very much for your time today to thank you very much. armenian presidents, armin circus. ian how's announced his resignation after 4 years in office. in a statement published on his website circus. ian said the decision was not influenced by
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a motion. he explained that he doesn't have the necessary instruments to influence the concrete, domestic and foreign policy direct quote. well, the president had been under intense pressure since the 2020 were with us for by jim. in the disputed nicole cut back region, p. steel between your amount and back, who lead to months of protests in armenia and a rift within the government. all right, false testimonies and ruined lives next week, chronicle a timeline of torture, employed by us authorities since the 2nd world war. it's a tough watch. begins with with


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