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tv   News  RT  January 23, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EST

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whatever you do or more he comes home, nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. and the moral authority that made america will sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah, scenes of a fierce stand off on fold again. brussels today is just off to 5 p. m. there. now, as anger is boiling over, over copays restrictions on government plans for a vaccine mandate. personal view is that can cost you your job. a german navy admiral stepped down through spoke to diplomatic route by publicly saying crimea, is now a part of russia also a fight of fact checking russia last years out, a us officials on the media for pushing fresh unproven claims against moscow.
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published directly ahead of those crucial security talk with his off to school through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provisions stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply alive with us on the evening. we go here on the russian capital. this is our t international with the weekly program. the top headlines over the weekend off today. we do start this hour with brussels, where it's now just off to 5 pm plus 6 degrees celsius. and a huge march is currently underway against kobe restrictions and would lent las government pressure to get vaccinated a riot. police have been out in force deploying various crowd control measures. ah,
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yeah, you can see, right, there's a tendency stand off that's been unfolding all afternoon. the police deploying tear gas and water cannon, a belgium already requiring vaccine certificates for public venues, including restaurants and bars. the rules have just got even tougher with the coven pass validity period shortened to just a $150.00 days. what does that mean? it means millions of people will now have no choice, but they have to take booster shots, some lawmakers of pushing for a full nationwide vaccine mandate. following austria is example. that's an idea, spoke to white spread fury. as we understand, at this point, no injuries have been reported. ah, much of the anger is read directly to the e u leadership with a crowd rallying outside the european actions service in brussels. a people that have been chanting freedom and calling for an easing of coven rules, some of the reports. so on confronted this point, he saw some pictures there of
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a vandals vandalizing, some of the windows of some store fronts, we understand unconfirmed. those could be members of and t for not the general protest, as you've seen there in these shots from brussels, but it's not just brussels in the past 24 hour. this has been an enormous string of demonstrations, tens of thousands in athens, helsinki, london, power, stockholm, and vienna, vienna. of course, the capital of austria, where authorities death again to stop finding people $3000.00 euros per month if they refuse to get vaccinated for the meantime, back to brussels now and journalist jacqueline murphy with the latest. ah ah no, by committing everybody. there was one with
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the other side and there is there the person to prove that we spoke with people are angry about the classroom and the choice we like to read about time varies. lot of smoke everywhere. i don't know about the police with maybe 10 minutes ago this rule water about right so it looks like a showing even the slightest support for russia can cost you daily. and the current political climate. one german navy chief, the boss of germany's navy, had to stand down off the se in the crimea is now a part of russia and the west should stop demonizing vladimir putin. you can imagine his words spoke, a major diplomatic backlash sought his peter oliver now explained. vice admiral k.
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r. him shown by caused big shocks on saturday evening, as he stood down from his role as chief of the german navy. it follows comments that he made about the russian president vladimir burton and the ongoing tensions between russia, ukraine, and nato. following this fall out from what he said and everything revolving around it, he felt his position had become untenable. i have just asked the federal minister of defense to release me from my duties as inspector of the navy with immediate effect. the foulest comments i made in the neon security and military policy are increasingly weighing on my office in order to prevent further damage to the german navy. i consider this a necessary step. the federal minister has accepted my request. well, it all relates the comments that shown by made while he was in india speaking to a defense think tank. he was speaking about crimea, which he said would remain part of russia also about the russian president,
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vladimir burton, who he said only once, respect, and probably deserves respect is following russia because he can do it. it is easy to give him the respect he need and also deserves the crimea prince was gone not to commit. this is this effect, once the video became public, there was outcry from sections of society saying they had shown by hand to go more than an embarrassment what the german maybe commander says he on the label, utterly unacceptable, that must be consequences. but this is not the position of german foreign office vice admiral playing down the russian sabre rattling. this is a shocking statement since crimea was annexed by russia. it almost sounds like god, blush for putting fire hen and navy chief must not play his own foreign policy. game in a crisis. clearly vice admiral schon box thought he was off the record,
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but he was also fundamentally wrong on prospects of appeasing russia. ukraine is also not happy with what has gone on. in fact, the foreign ministry in kiev is calling on germany to officially distance themselves from their former navy chief. and what he taught to say they saying that these comments went on to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine. the foreign minister there calling them on acceptable. but this is just the latest issue that we've seen very recently between kiev and berlin just last week. there were problems over the fact that berlin doesn't want to send weapons into ukraine. also, germany has blocked the sale of a stony and weapons that were german made to ukraine. this su concerning the now former navy chief, just the latest and what's becoming a growing number of problems. we spoke to john list and also thomas fast bender,
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a short time ago here in the program, he told us what he thinks about the german vice admiral's views on crimea, and on putin engine of course, the, the leadership, the jump, political leadership, media are concerned about the fact that within the rank and file of the government, of the army and among the population, there is this common sense understanding that crimea will remain within russia. and that there is, there is this common understanding that whatever mister put in did over the last 20 years, or whether it's against us so far as whether we like it or not. demand deserves a certain level of respect. so i would say, the fact that provokes the anger was that this was not that he does not represent a solitary and individual opinion here, but rather why did distributed one, you get this feeling over the last weeks, not only among the population, that was always a strong consensus in terms of good relations with russia,
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but among the countries leadership, the leading media. there are certain initiatives that say, well, let's not side too strongly here with one side in this conflict. and people understand that the ukraine is not the model democracy that we have to defend, that germany has to defend at all costs that this is, but by and large, an effort to project us power right up to the, to the russian border. and the extent to which germany wants to support such an effort by the u. s. g o. politicians does not meet consensus here in this country. and, and yet another wave of accusations against russia. this time, the british foreign office claims to have evidence of a plot to install a pro moscow government in key of it's something russia has quickly slammed as nonsense. the misinformation spread by the british foreign office is more evidence that it is the nato countries lead by the anglo saxons, thus escalating tensions around ukraine. we call in the british foreign office to
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stop provocative activities. stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the taught all mom will yoke. the british government has so far provided no evidence to back up its claim of a russian plot in ukraine. but london has named former ukrainian n p. you have any more i f as a potential pro kremlin candidate. although he expressed a bit of surprise about that pointing out that he's actually been banned from russia since 2018. so we've sent a request to the british foreign office, asking them to clarify their allegations. we'll let you know what kind of response we get. in the meantime, i spoke with adrian croissants, i just a short time ago, a political risk consultant and lawyer. he thinks the u. k. allegation stem from the countries own internal political crisis. britain left you some time ago and it's 6 for its place in the world. we know the global writ written project, it appears to be a force that we know that the currently or is johnson is having
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a very serious trouble. and in my opinion, what the british government is doing through the british intelligence is to, i mean, to say it's place within the u. s. framework to contain russia. also, we have to bear in mind, at least trust is aiming to step into boys johnson shoes is a big advantage. we'll have to go in february in one time through russia and portray, has a totally read leader who can, you know, stood up to kremlin and to put in this, all of the politics within the tory party and national politics in the u. k. so yes, it is a distraction melissa, not under the u. k, which moscow believes as bog down and so called fake news. just hours ahead of this week, security talks, the u. s. state department outline what it cited as examples of russian dis,
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information. russia's foreign minister was critical to both a content, but even perhaps more particularly, it's timing it tomorrow you've got loaded, rosie, but the lease documents which the u. s. state department has of course prepared deliberately for today's meeting. a simply impossible to read. it's enough to scroll through a couple of random pages to be sure, none of the provision stand up to any critical analysis. in many cases, it is simply a lie. so in response, russia has drawn up its own fact checking list and accused washington obey so called toxic campaign against russia. so for now, here on the program on archie, let's have a good look at both sides of the argument with our senior correspondent, murdoch as death. you may have seen this list, a fantasy stick. expose a have russian fiction. that's a good read, bold print and a world painted in black and white. simplified, pre digested and regurgitated russians. bad americans. good
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liter does not in circle russia. nato enlargement is not directed against russia. over the last 20 years old nato coalition potential has been a mass on its eastern flank. the lances expansion towards russian borders is accompanied by the creation earned modernization of military infrastructure. russia has 60 neighbors in the ninety's. only one of those was a nato state. that it became to poland joined, then it became 5 with ukraine and ga, potentially joining that would be 7 with all the perks that carries like us bases and troops. pray tell how was that not the dictionary definition of encirclement russia is uses statements from high level officials as well as disinformation and propaganda outlets to intentionally spread outright falsehoods, to attempt to create
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a pretext for military action. we all know how the u. s. uses differ information to create a pretext for invading independence states. the irony seems lost entirely on the us state department. we still remember collin bow, right. sadam. hussein has not. verifiably accounted for even one teaspoonful of this deadly material. the chief of the state department. where then of all around 2 decades ago, lying to the world about saddam's weapons of mass destruction. and setting the stage for the invasion of iraq, which killed an estimated half a 1000000 people. because i don't believe that russia has come close to that level of misinformation. there are no credible reports of any ethnic russians or russia. speakers been under threats from the ukrainian government violations of the right self. the multi 1000000 russian speaking population in
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ukraine have reached an enormous level. the government dobs a discriminatory laws on language education and so called indigenous peoples driving the russian language. out of all the spheres of life, ukraine is not that democratic paradise. the washington portrays it to be and is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, say various reports, a country where the leaders of the 2 biggest opposition parties are right now, being prosecuted and persecuted, a say to keep them out of power. a country where opposition media has been forced to shut down one after the other or attacked without any sort of international reaction. ethnic russians are no longer recognized as native residents. the russian language, the native language of a 3rd of the ukrainian population. as now forbidden and schools and government in
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coffee shops in supermarkets. yes, russians in ukraine are very much the de finish it of persecuted. nato never promised not to admit new members. on the 9th of february 1990 u. s. secretary of state, james baker said, during the meeting with the soviet foreign minister, edward shivered. not say about the ironclad guarantees that nato jurisdictions and military units won't move an inch eastward. it's a sorry world where, where russians know what the state department said better than the state department . the shame, the director of the cia robert gates famously warned against the expansion of nato because and i quote, gorbachev's and others were led to believe that that wouldn't happen. west german foreign minister hands did they again ship and i quote, this is to a large crowd. nato should rule out any expansion of its territory towards the east
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moving it closer to the soviet borders. i have much more just not enough time, but it is remarkable how a document that sets out a fight rush and this information bathes and basks in so many lies of its own. while even arts, he has become a target of us accusations of the state department has released a report insisting that arts he and fellow news outlet. sputnik use disinformation instead of supporting main street narratives of the report even accused as russian meter of portraying ukraine as a nazi state. and to back that up had mentioned an article written for odd c by historian poll robinson. here's what the article actually says. the problem here is not that the government is the fastest hunter that is clearly an enormous exaggeration. despite restrictions on the use of the russian language
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and the recent repression of some anti government, media and personalities. ukraine remains rose, be free and open society if not remotely, fascist. an article i wrote in which i actually say that the idea about the ukrainian government is fascist, is an enormous exaggeration about ukraine is not remotely fashion. specifically what i say in the article. and yet with the article is linked to in the state department report as evidence by r t is spreading the false narrative that ukraine is a fascist state along with the article impact as the direct opposite. and then there's more similar sort of full statements on, on the next page about something of the story about a boy who was killed in a rebel up occupied, don't bast? and the russian press reported that time he'd been killed by ukrainian drone. the state department report says that the
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o s. c. e. investigated and stated that boy was not killed by a drug. and event provides a link to the o s c e report. but when you go to out and they can read what the o s c e said, the does not say that the boy was not killed by a drone. it's simply states that the boy was killed by shrapnel and blocked injuries. so the statement in the state department report by b o. s. c e said back is entirely untrue. 20 parsley here in moscow, china's biggest video game fund called can send, has introduced to some strict limits on playing time for children. and it's enforcing them with a facial recognition system under the new rules. subscribers, aged on the 18, can play for a maximum of 14 hours during the window holidays from mid january to mid february on fridays saturdays and sundays. game time is limited to one hour in the evening and the move follows new guidelines from the chinese government aimed at tackling
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child addiction to video games. other firms are powerfully following suit, but so far 10 send is the only one to enforce the rules with that have facial recognition. well, let's learn more about this and bring in lucas longo and artificial intelligence were such a metate. don't even tell you, excuse me, a chief mobile opinion is either tech a trouble gave to both of you. thank you very much for joining us here in asi, international and sharing your sunday with us here at moscow is an interesting story here. lucas, straight to you using facial recognition on kids is going to send alarm bells ringing for a lot of people to think it's justified. well, and thanks for me here, today's the government identified an issue with stated with minors. it relieves a contra majors which gives an option to to game is on allow. now the problem is that those games are miners. so you really think those minors care or even understand fully why the regulation restriction exists. so the problem is should be shipped to their parents. therefore, the solution that the government, for example,
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is providing to these should be tailored to the pot ends, which eventually perform decision making over the change with enough to, to give in companies. yeah, i think you make a good point them. i tell you that the chinese government wants to tackle gaming addiction. i mean i get this has to be addressed, doesn't it? it has to be notarial please. i think that i think this is an issue that needs to be addressed. and my gut reaction, my 1st reaction to this was very negative. i thought if i had kids, i wouldn't want this to be done proactively by the government on my behalf. that would be affecting my duties as appearance, but then the more i look at it in the cultural context of china, of 10, say the company that's doing this and how families operate in china. i understand that this is actually very beneficial and well accepted in china. let's not forget,
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china is a country where the sale of video const consoles until recently was bands. it's only they've only been able to buy consoles for a few years. and the vast majority of gaming happens on mobile platforms, on smartphones. because most people don't have pcs or, or games console they game on their smartphones. or i, but what about, i mean, look, i've got to ask you this because of the day, you know, kids are clever. they're going to find work around on the do you think they'll be able to trick the facial recognition system or maybe just print up a picture of their mom and hold up against the screen? you know? yeah. well, my answer is no. i agree with you why they might decrease the amount of hours spend to playing on a specific online platform. for example, you think those mar, to millennial playing games. so want to find an alternative. for example, they can stop laying on a block from when they go to another one with another identity. for example, if they really want to bigger, find that confirmation to avoid that. these are these restrictions you,
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i think it's a very good point and i think it's always going to find a way to go around it. my tell you you were going to say i was could say, i think that's maybe more realistic in western markets. but knowing the chinese market and a 10 cent is as a business would make this really, really difficult if you are a chinese national 10 cent is a company that owns multiple social networks. but more importantly, the chinese super app called to reach at which is a non governmental form of identification, but also identity clearance for banking and financial services. it's the super up and because of the ties of an accounts to your actual birth certificate and nationally, the entity you can have multiple accounts for, for reach at and which is the key part that $0.10 is using for the monitoring of
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minors and controlling their activity, there are already other parental controls and things that tense in does in this context. but in the case of the facial recognition, this is tied to the actual student's ideas or the, the children's ident mateo. let's, let's just go back to lucre again. because luka, if this technology becomes widespread, do you think it's likely that governments could in their own little special way kind of abuse it? well, the problem is that these, these differential recognition is that the can knology is a silent technology which is coming into our life. we don't experience, for example, a lot of mental health, but because the, because of the fact that he is coming silently, and that's a major problem. in fact, for example, in europe, a company such as amazon or a microphone, mike, microsoft already a done the fashion that grew recognition in their technology. or my tell you what,
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you know, china already goes much further in monitoring as citizens, as i'm sure you're aware of. i mean, basically trying to monitor that. there isn't more than any other country as much as most people say via this is done periods, social credit system. among other things, do you think this facial recognition system for the child gamers? g think this is another step in that same direction. i think it's just another use of the overall context of these large corporations that are very tiny. so chinese government, i don't think it's a step further. it's just a different use of the technology that is raising eyebrows in the west coast. i personally wouldn't feel quite worried about this happening to my children if i had any. i think that in china, this is perfectly acceptable and contextually to society and the societal norms people operate by this is acceptable in china. the context is very complex. a lot
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of people in china came from just 20 years ago, being a relatively not rich country. and now the spending power has gone up. everyone is quite happy with the system and in a way, thankful to it because that's enabled them to prosper. so the average consumer trying to is fine with this. but from a western perspective, we are very worried about this. let me go to the potential culture class or say, luca, the closing argument is good news or bad news. where the official recognition is is never good news. in my opinion. no, i luca longo, artificial intelligence research are joining us here. mateo dani as well. chief mobile opinion is a tech trouble gigs both of you. it's been a pleasure. thank so much have a good sunday evening. thank you for having us. thank you. so some news just in here at off into national now the median president has announced his
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resignation after 4 years in office in a statement published on his website, ottomans, or chrissy. and so the decision quote wasn't influenced by emotion, explained that he doesn't have the necessary instruments to influence the country's domestic and foreign policy. this comes off that, i mean, you're faced increased attention and anti government protests, of course, following lawsuits escalation of no good and i'll cut back the conflict with other by john. we'll keep you posted on that. you can read more about that at r t dot com for the meantime though, thanks for joining us here. it's all the international law for moscow. the sunday program, the weekly with your weekly highlights, will continue with a top of the hour with my colleague union o'neill. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist are those 3 how
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that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon is i'm trying to get in to, to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like ended up being quite like a dog. it's a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like a monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market place. it's not really a market, it's a private arena, a wild where a single company controls the distribution of all data products and the infrastructure of our economy. is this the world according to amazon?
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if anybody's been trapped at an elevator, 20 minutes could be pretty long time right. and the load trapped in an elevator for 20 minutes. not knowing what's gonna happen, not knowing where he wore the suits of sensory deprivation. i think with that if your life i 20 visits about an hour, not at all. yeah, the intercom is nothing i was trying to get you out. i was keeping you id is your communication. oh and i think sistant who ah. ready ah, a more of the building.
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mm . more on turn begins without god. mm. but it does not in there. it will not. and until every terrorist group, a global reach has been found. stopped and defeated. ah . i think we lost more in the warranty. so you know, empires and decline, resort to torture, and i think it gives them the illusion of mastery and dominance and control by torturing it.


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