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would be this, you know, what will this plus i will refer me to what to say you why i like to buy the upper prosper property. weaker, clear some more, but i should select from the start. the numbers of russia has the largest number of prison forrest in the world, however, illegal deforestation, contraband forest product, export and wild fires of all cost the country up to $13000000000.00 a year. and even worse, the loss of unique natural resources. old growth forests are yet been, monotonously pro will be at the beginning and usually by which messed up. he has to be here for a little custody in the local, not number, which is why natural, you don't worry about that. okay. what's good? it's only to double cuz you must say, and up to the school to with
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new either me or maybe even though it's near kobe in there, when you get these here with your mo, if you live with vehicle personable, molecular garcia, not floor, any part of that record, so we do, right, we'll pick you up or her when i'd name polanko milton missile only poke, i will, you will press as if i, if been on the business by still didn't you both of them up. i don't care who it's got that when you, when you go with, you'll miss the when the fill in the palms this did you buy a new company which is the p here, little w rather than sit on the point of just getting video. yeah. that wish to holy political just about done marketing for like a better deal. we have a really so supplementing app is that is pretty reason i me if it will,
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if i give up my muscle by you when you've got a whole week when you, you, if you know where i'm going to get usually you deal with annoying even though the but i wasn't supposed to sit here her should gal vision, but i will be able which is can years on that and i saw michael on the list has been up let because i'm due to these people are going to renew the i'll come with he'll see should those will because they will not forget that i will be stuck with petition. i'm going with him. lydia, what's a good? we can order them. of course. mostly they look up and probably some choice. triple to mention, you know, but older muscle, the whole before cut me one man can spark a chain reaction. true you felling causes, wildfires, deforestation a wildfire doesn't just leave burned out desolation. for many years. they also force passed to migrate huge distances to attack healthy forests and woodland being
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attacked by parasites is often an excuse for further filling the deal. and then the stones still spoke professions. keep us me said if you just need to let your projects, any thoughts about these on the way it should go to families and then needs to get to what it would be of the live. it was no good daughter, could provide clear filling is prohibited in the north caucuses. these are all bank protection forests that prevent land slides and so in erosion. yes, the world wildlife fund found 405 cases of an eagle filling in the area quick
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resulted in 30 criminal cases. and that is only what's been found in the 1st full years of the north caucasian forest monitoring program with monopoly. hm. so we see leaky. ok, so what i, what i think if you want it, but he's like really go get for that old as i was in here. can you got i bought l i . e, i think i got it up now before the end of so why do you stop nick junior from look for you know, but the comment when your corpse, your human cousin will go off of do you any more, really bright? what's more, 3 to ms. history, they want us new little fun which left up to family thought a lot of the community, but without you believe about it will give you hope all is your quick which it to me. yes, thank you. yes. because if one that with the and he is that with the more i
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should go are still with god. i learned the pleasure. yes. it does. so he's the point of him. he school would be didn't i me the speaker in easy we sure. cfo. bush . nice, lucky brush. nickel is dealing with locals and quintal. i'm glad you got my son is up for you know, any by the machine by me. honest. we didn't buy yet, can you? but it's a deep swelling by lisa. we started in utah, owen e nathangelo be quite unit number to pick me up to slowly to love was in will go will my dealer a little for mute pdf from to connect you didn't get here been here before she better. it's a junior much with a much upcoming room, basically. listen, the committee will digital numbers. my didn't you got a little sleep, the shoes the can you go? what are you to do to? are you ready for me?
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is my list. you can, for me, it ask you my list, but senior the world wildlife fund estimates that 110th of all logging in russia is illegal. an example of one common fraudulent scheme. this is the edge of a nature reserve and where a so called business man made money twice. first received a state subsidy for so called tending filling. that instead of chopping down dry fall and, and unhealthy trees, he had the best cut down. but he knew we should not be on for you with him, but i can go for the bullet, but i did not marie damn loosened a form with me. thank you. you're a buddy. i think it's a pretty good thing if you feel, if i think that means i'm will be with you. if you are why baby i
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will give you any you know to me. thank you. with a particular do you and you what we needed to for your wishing me after you think you think we took longer? we just customer review my room on the did you do please? if you did, you please listen for your, for the which you know, but some of you will be the one who will be working stuck on reducing the russia has long been the world's biggest exporter of round timber. the lion's share of which was transported through far eastern border checkpoints, and much is set to change in 2022. the
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a lot of rust more as well. what else is obviously i sure wasn't pretty well off when you have a phone call from from ebay up. did you machine? you're going up to somebody else, please give me one. i don't scenario. so we need to go 3. we'll work with the last about an hour for just a ballpark idea why i knew where to go more well thing and also it will happening if i go with i will not be up there with the school with both my to the did it with the implementation of the unified e system in 2021 is expected to help track each loan go on its way from the felling site to the wood processing lot. many logos though, was still attempting to circumvent it. this company has been exporting would, using falsified documents that concealed its true value. it's estimated to cause damage amounting to several $1000000.00. is what i would be a comparable sample. jeffrey quadrant, i got, i wanna apologize. of course online. you would look like if i got
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a file more just report it. i got the file. so let's do my blackboard. galapagos with my support. barbara sierra border. yes. what i want it is be up as we record in my view. but he made up my price sheet though i would i had some idea about mama will guide with my view. all my people when you apply force with yes it was pretty. were saying, yeah, the job we got out of the van. both of us with the sounds of yesterday on vocals with all that i was with. the other thing that i had for for will look how the 1st one is the more well like you may want to chat this year more for the like, which is right here. back with a lot of the glad he was doing this whole people that you last a lot of. yes, there will now see, ask are i got that idea, gustavo? like it was your friend?
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yes, the model was at school make the most about what was asked by a deposit. of course what i did, i got that bill was right. i mean if i lot of ours is eyeball for will job. yes, they will just go to my for them again. yes, a lot is why i'm pretty sure i'm like on union basil. uh huh. i didn't have all those. did any of that? i have a job back up on by the story was delicious by these issue was and your last will go on like a william d i'm ah, with mammoth tasks, the skins of animals on rushes, red list of endangered species, ginseng or caviar, such contraband. concealed between logs comes as no surprise to customs officers in rushes, far east. this was a record whole that smugglers had intended to send to china. it's now being loaded
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onto a tug. these tightly packed animal pelts are worth more than a $100000.00. these 525 samples have a street value with more than 300000. this is infamous, voltage of logos pulling out and trying to catch up with is own insomniac, bass and other wild predators that have not fallen into hibernation. ends at a, deprived of their habitats, australia, into villages and even cities. more and more often, this bear wandered into a habit of shopping mouth and had to be shot with
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oh, the wrong one, i'll just don't move. any you want to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds of horn we choose to look for common ground. oh is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, holcomb unity. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere?
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direct what is true. wharf is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, barbaric deforestation and poaching have pushed this forest giant species to the brink of extinction. having outlived mammoths and the last blaze he'll period, the caucasian vice is now extinct in the wild deed viet dope. good, thorough up earth get ski shifts is good total and blue, which is mutually this. anybody who brought the water just here. russell is that i
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still knew if a girl liliana a little on alyssa, the bison population has partially been restored thanks to annabelle shelters. i'm sous. but it turns out that this forest giant has nowhere to live in the wild blue, the north city, a nature reserve takes pride in its wild bison. they've learned to survive without people, but that makes it hard to estimate that population. it's not easy to count wild animals that prefer not to be seen the last it well with curtains. q 3, be it would have to them when i am, would sure to zoom deerwood you should little tune with it. not steal dogwood steel church marvia. yeah. miss with a boy. yeah. you know, do you know how many bullets? yep. when people go to the loaded fluid. oh,
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shoot me in blue. a name is sam with meal of york. funeral broken uniform more but those ones are less than one formula, flu. rudy cookie, we will go right. it will pick user, but it will let you know that puzzles can 2nd so we will go over it with richard. renew 50 just to let you know what it has to push on. yesterday she said he was jeremy and is now 70 years old. he's one of the most experienced. and what small. longest standing talley man with no one for company. he follows his daily patrol on the reserve, which covers many kilometers. it has to be trashed to roughly smooth from you and you said it was never produced. it was
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a dollar a year ago and nothing plumber started for both with this purchase. was it all over the country with yourself? do you think there was a word push that it was it dr. kelly? what do not close with local to some with little bit of a written code was little calculator, blue book. it started rollers or go so it doesn't come with a struggle. no, even with a what a, it was,
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a lot of us the growth strategy going countries enough her point on per year. if you knew officially by competition with budget, i have your what your heart $1000000000.00 was about 3 to just as i finished with her thoughts universe with here contributors. porsha the city tom. just that machine is over with the visions zuber of new to mr. dudgeon, it's in the, in the but he's a but it, if you look in the still compiling store, group of new, close to new shit. no lenders,
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but i lost the key. it lack of good. you missed them. asylum, village, liberal, logan. one time you pray do that. my accordion in russia exports more than 200000000 cubic meters of wood each year. if nothing changes in 20 years, there might be no forest left in our hon. goes collegian or in 50 years in siberia . the federal project is intended to ensure equilibrium between deforestation and reforestation by 2024. in theory, lawyers should compensate for any environmental damage they caused by planting as many trees as they cut down. however, these measures don't go far enough seedlings need to be careful. otherwise, they wouldn't be able to survive comparison list from the bizarre, but the value of some, your 100 pos up. your 3rd is a full marker where use such that i believe in the bullying,
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different ways. we still get all the data up. shamia surge, rome i me book my chest, summer, low particle. what you may also have seconds away, marlexia skill. so pork dish for the sheer just shut on the dish. and when i come back, when you switch to use this to you, the tuple for you, pretty little them, but it was near william of mushroom was nice and you thought and it will look really i wish you grown with, with the birth of the what she's to permission they live. it will margaret leave. we're will my duel by today? are you can you put his diet this more than a bullet beach? no, we want to. she doesn't know what. it's where you cook with a specific program for ship, the west to some we please keep them from only running the water. can you give me what's feel? not sure. just no more use force, but i need you to know enough of the beach because you
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will be them. so it must be the 20th century. what? because i knew just the board on the board. that was the bush and the unit was the 1st not by searching a premium. is that correct? yes. the other issue for them we do still not reflect, was this not a group that you did 40 of so you get thought of your sophomore, mr. guy. this she and so i was just more than my you told me to pick your sauce marketing the videos with near was your wife. yes, this is just new, but i see with that that would put us want us to store cheat. if the why the each the the, the little because i still in the gym, so you might know that i love to share this luxury. let me, sheila, talk to me please new teacher when you want us to continue with my will my lucian co. because i know with just cargo was aboard him listen, you know,
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get to you by night my d. c. if you said you thought and it'll give us premium, might be out. they just what o p. a lot of years ago of the machine that i knew it for sure was not know what the leap away p of the senior thought amerihope. she started by teaching in the boys will little kirk. i wish goodness i was to polish each, but i was i got that issue. illegal logging masquerading as lawful sanitation logging on land clearance because it's more economic damage than the black market logos premium. but when you summer bunch size issue with some not store water still can reach you up the ship all the wish. wish me sort of get out of what you can reach up to be sure she did. we will book but almost the most this was present or go my deal or the other thing, you know, if a card, whether it's just because you would just worth our credit card dash,
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which is of course maybe if wouldn't see me. lismore for our gym. this machine yet, but if it's a few adjustments, let's do that. sure. well, for us to mission, i should be a 6 private library and i like it and she knew me so much to what she, if she was out there well by the it's just, i'm not going to come so far that most school group or whatever look could be, should go to friendly, what do i should up your what darker your property or my store store, i need premium on the pick up this all categories i've used to teach of. yes, this is course crazy. just informed this will be did that. that was the previous you most, our book why them associate extra course, orders that are stay sure or somebody didn't w yes, prostate dismiss money start register grades. and he will when he started i just regret as much. i'll a book from my, from a bill gm with yes, i would book it if you with 3. yeah. yes. do you by shy if he had
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a mom rush you in collections could she speak? unfortunately he or she vs. premier sankey, specifically to be at see the who dominique i'm talking with the my a parson. yeah, cbs are just the goal with our problem was i called these poison ivy was the diffusion, lucrative delete the week of teachers. i let you in with a deal if you yeah, but i'm fail, classical or walk them. i'm not lose your team care please. right. can you let me ask, how's this out? what kind of job for me is that see my address? what i on las colinas and she'll be receive any other teacher i left for funding and this was more of a state or would you put a yearbook and asked for foods i live if i left the course of visitors to use the
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extra half days a week for the week of december i finished the yes. the id just like you might look rashid or what? the protein. yeah. but if you do the east but yeah. what city is this double quote exciting. the i'm a go right abstract. nissan is the m f c courses lashania. what would we study from you? not the pity. why do you generally stall formed up which you more, but how much does human just know form to pose like one or more with but in this i don't care. i, she's cathedral, it's like, i'm not someone generally start watching loosely. nugent, my mr. more of net still the same ugly poison. what georgia i put is, ruth mazily almost come with the notion of drywall come, walton was not brought up. meanwhile, instead of being put to profitable use, many millions of hector on agricultural land ought to be destroyed, to avoid the high cost of tree clearance and would disposal which the farmers do not have the right to sell. they simply burn forests down. but he has his even to watch anything, or anybody have not got gotten fine. yup,
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i'm looking for him because he didn't get open book with him, nor will is that the listener for appellation for stella, listening for her mom with all the things that much that would bring it to the what i've told them that many of the boy i'm guessing was of no limit they can get away from you could able now doing f y unique. i've been looking for that for her now and i've got to go, i gotta make buffalo from gardner go talk to where if you could, my didn't watch any of it or you can a little bit more playing with him. i wouldn't be a little where i'm dicky less than you used to put in the unit without wishing that i get the doctor. if i didn't mean you had in 5 minutes to work with lisa shamelessly bug. he went back to somebody, sammy from a few minutes that was 3 weeks ago, but then you know that i thought it would be equally that the ring was those over which mr. what that a film that night, including muslim, listen, you started at the product expert saying that the forest ability to consume carbon dioxide and generate oxygen could be tripled along with that value. achieving that though requires changes in forestry, accounting, protection,
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and management. meanwhile, the industry has broken another record, a terrible one in russia, 18000000, 200000. hector has a forest of firms this year. we think about so slow, y, c, c should appear to we, when are such very, to stop us certainly faster at 1st because is the sooner the 1st new york, formerly official with it with which to host it the small force is that your list of the principles that i be sure you're just going to talk to the i be able to read or in lithia will skip those master's room. a few hundreds of a serial hearing that we did enough yourself issue. both of us would speak with a lot of that would be 0. a local go stoba. i feel i see with the ross, so it still is they're supposed to show you. but experts say that these crucial steps are not enough unless the number of conservation officers is doubled. russia currently has about 20000, but at least 40000 are needed. when it's almost open, we struggle probably a more store. this need for you or you can use contamination so far. i'm wouldn't
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come with miss walker. yes. what can you put if you could you, dina, can you see when a good for you, you read, you know, it blocked me, which is nice. keep looking for which has histone initial posterior where you can hang. it wasn't changed when you what they said in yelling in the pull. sharon danny, what's going on with you? where i sherman earliest convenience and sneaky conversely spot the live. they stayed in the up and they still keep it, which was lawyer more not gone. yeah. no, i got i'm only part of how with club and i'm with bob shocker. i might have both on i've been flooded. no god, who will be of the he is with a felicia. how about that a polish for granted, but must be listening for real things. jeff was premium of a novel ministry with over you had to have with you in the i will system you will will thanks a lot of the schools on forests account for one 3rd of the earth land surface that seems a vast area until you realize that by the early 21st century, humans had already destroyed half of our planets,
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forest. ah . as inflation increases, the stories, their rhetoric, the explanations the justifications will get more and more bizarre back because there's nothing in the, in the playbook for a mainstream media to explain a place because they've been told for 20 years now that there's no inflation that there's only deflation, and they need to keep printing money to stop the out of the possibility of, of a deflationary spiral. yes me,
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i didn't know where it is that where you at least the typical there's only 9 but already university students that away and slash a new month's appointment. let's see. i believe you got the last. there's doors to deal with a with us. so the loss of nice money someplace, quoted younger terms, the he may come come, no recalls. he really shows control such programs. now, bush, not new prescription level. you're special, but i was the yeah my i just have a 1st grade and i was thinking what the plan was to get on the she was in your mind shifting to something that it wasn't for doug that he was not with his teacher was reason is balise,
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we'll come with a german neighbor admiral steps down up the spots a diplomatic ron bye. stay in the crimea is now part of russia. also coming on we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters up to the latest round of the escalation thought the u. s. joins or the nato member states in wrapping of weapons supplies to clear what sells worship. to pull back its own true products. border with ukraine. rallies against coven restrictions of breaking out of europe. we downgrade from over back to the mandate. and across the channel in britain there are protests against mandatory jobs for health care workers.


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