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but the weaker lio small brush obstruct mr. vinny abuse. ah, we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters off the latest round of the escalation talks, the u. s. joins other nato member states and ramping up supplies of weapons to give . but tell russia to pull back its own troops from its border with ukraine. also this air rallied against coded restrictions are breaking out across europe with anger in france, over vaccine mandates and across the channel in britain or protests against mandatory jobs for health workers. plus the world health organization makes a stunning, you turn it admit that international travel bands have failed to stop the spread it . and it now recommends that governments and restrictions we discuss
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a parent changes in the global approach to pandemic with hello there, good evening. you watch not international where it's just gone 7 o'clock in moscow . now nato members have pledged to send more lethal weapons to ukraine with washington confirming plans to send military helicopters to key f. but at the same time, they have told russia to pull back its own troops on the border with its neighbour . i would note that the united states is delivered more security assistance to ukraine in the last year than any point history. these deliveries are ongoing, including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters. it seems all the stops have been pulled at this point from the, from the side of nathan lethal weapons are flooding into ukraine at,
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at record speed when record amounts. ukraine has confirmed that it has received the latest shipment of american lethal arms, amounting to 100 tons of 100 tons of lethal arms in just the length of shipment. estonia, latvia, lithuania, also voice, their desire to supply. perhaps i have begun to supply you credit with the guided missiles, javelin guided missiles that they have in turn received from the united states, as well as stinger shoulder, launched anti air missiles, estonia, latvia and lithuania, and the allies of working together expeditiously to hand over security assistance to ukraine, this 8 will further enhance ukraine's capability to defend its territory and population in case of possible russian aggression. this is of course, in addition to other suppliers that ukraine has received an over recent weeks,
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including this week with more than 2000 guided missiles supplied by the united kingdom alone via skype bridge, endless military cargo flights you had the czech republic, say that it allows supply again, vast quantities of $152.00 millimeter artillery shells which, which have caused a lot of destruction and eastern new cray, a poland with drones and armored vehicles in addition to helicopters, to patrol craft supplied by other countries. nevertheless, there, there has been some disparity, this unity among native states. with regards to this to this on supply route, that has been open to ukraine flood. i would even say some nations have stayed out of it more or less, including germany. estonia has sorta transferred german artillery systems to ukraine, and germany has refused to sanction this move. the federal government has had
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a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. germany has been on the huge pressure from certain native member states. you could, which include the united states, great britain, certain about the countries, eastern european countries to, to open up and send lethal arms to ukraine as well. but germany has so far stayed there. as i said, stayed out of it, the german chancellor of schultz has also been invited to the united states by, by biden, reportedly he refused saying that he has other responsibilities to attend to. but that the, the, this is stand off continues at this point. as you mentioned, at the united states is called in russia to remove its troops from its own soil near you crate that to move them out when russia. at the same time, nato troops are arriving in again record her quantities to ukraine,
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which russia has always seen as a, as a security concern. there has also been an opinion in russia that these build up is justified with more securities needed on the border with, with ukraine, given that this again, vast quantity of lisa lamp are being sent to you create and maimed bolden, the regime. and in key of said to, to vap, seek a military solution for the crisis and in east than you credit. so certainly no end to the stand off inside. now meanwhile, the german navy chief has been forced to apologize for admitting that crimea is now part of russia. i'm proposing to stop demonizing vladimir putin. in fact, those comments at a conference in india have now drawn a frantic response from mainstream media. and people on line is probably putting pressure on it because we can do it. it is easy to get him. the respect,
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he also gives us the caught me up and he's got another come. this is that some believable is putin already financing. parts of the navy, vice admiral k. all come shomberg must be recalled immediately. fire him, a navy chief, must not play his own foreign policy game in a crisis. clearly vice admiral shaun bog thought he was off the record, but he was also fundamentally wrong on prospects of appeasing russia. vice admiral playing down, the russian favor rattling this is a shocking salesman, since crimea was annexed by russia. it almost sounds like carte blanche her pretend . well, the vice admiral. now, of course, his statements, a mistake after germany's defense ministry said his words do not reflect his official position that crimea is still part if you train cremeans consistently point to that, those are the peninsula voted overwhelmingly in
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a referendum to re unified with russia. independent journalist with a says that rage over the command, his remarks follows a predictable pattern. of course, it can't be accepted that the one of the 3 most important really treat in the bonus, says such a thing, probably you didn't know he was being recorded, but you hear this very much in the corridors of nato, or all the think tanks gravitating around 2 people are realistic, they know, of course that treatment will never go back to you. great, i mean it, li, join russia, everybody knows that it is fresh and somehow so that is the official declarations. and that is the reality. again, this at middle settle so that russia own strengthens its neighbors to keep them in the russian sphere. influence. it's not really that to be nice to say that, but he's not to pro russia is simply a really,
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he understands what happens about ukraine and it is very important to have it. in other news tonight, demonstrations against caved restrictions have erupted in major cities across europe. this weekend, the french are outraged by requirements that every body over 16 show proof of the not kill ation to enter public places while in britain. people want the recent removal of pandemic rules to be extended to national health service staff shall edwards dash days in london for us and reporting from paris. this charlotte did possession that just passed me is one of several that are taking place across the city to day, as well as many of those taking place across france. there is a mixture of issues here, but one of the big issues is that vaccine, passports is going to come into play. from monday. anybody age 16 rober will have to be fully vaccinated or have recovered from coverage within the last 6 months to
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be able to access very basic things like going to restaurants or balls even now being able to go and trains between different regions. now the protestors i've spoken to said that, you know, this is stripping away their rights as citizens and they're not the only ones that are concerned about this is also m. p, 's and senators who all said that they are against this idea of a vaccine mandate. and their of even been legal experts raising some particularly difficult questions. 5000000 unvaccinated citizens will become pariahs, even though there is no vaccination obligation, asking a person for their vaccination status to access certain activities as an anomaly. we are in the midst of a dystopian. this law is in essence a concentrate of attacks on multiple freedoms and fundamental rights that protest had been dying down in frogs. so we're the covey 19 restrictions, but they will, reinvigorated just a few weeks ago when president mack on gave
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a highly controversial interview in that he said, and these are his words, not mine, that he wanted to pay off the unvaccinated. and essentially said that they would known the citizens as they had refused a civic right to go and get the vaccine. not really has angered to so many people here. the bus vox nancy that i was like the vaccine pass is a version of the german house vice id. i got that it's a returned to 1944 to the worst dictatorship. it's a does, toby, you have them. all these vaccine passes don't work. they infringe on our freedoms. micron has created a sanitary dictatorship, democrats, medical schools. so back donna, people are unhappy, we took to the streets for our freedom. everyone is protesting in france. today. i am against mandatory vaccination. this is a question of freedom to work. go outside for a coffee to resume. well, i do believe we must respect fundamental freedoms,
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mandatory vaccination and the vaccine past, trample on our freedom. it is very important to protect today and be here with all the idea of the fact the means now that with these new restrictions, people are going to be pushed into the going to get vaccinated or deciding to begin you not for sense. i got protested, pay today's that that's what they want to do and they will continue to refuse to have that job pro freedom day is very much upon us here in the united kingdom as own restrictions are to be listed. and you think of the 10s of thousands of people are capturing right here in central london. that's going to be angry at the government and how they've handled this entire conduct. they say today it's not the time to be food by the government. simple sense of freedom and actually the control is still very much upon a disagree with the mandate. it doesn't, it doesn't make sense to me. i haven't been coming the process of just walking, but it's getting so close to me losing my job. yeah, and i agree, and i'm sad,
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we should have that on the mental choice to decide what we put in the stuff, not just the front my work at the reception. i have the book it will be i don't have any just the monday they're really bad. thing for many people here in the united kingdom, they're also incredibly angry at the fact that children are now even being a co us into getting jobs. and arguably, they say it's my body. my choice is not really, i should be the crux of all government policy, not a protest is in conjunction in connection with various approaches across europe. and ultimately what my role calling for is mass non compliant. it all comes here in the united kingdom as the devote nations, a somewhat take him a portion approach to how they deal with these proven restrictions. and whether or not they should be lifted just yet. in fact, the world's prime minister. he believes the force, jones,
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giving this to distract on and western and everything that is happening in westminster at the moment is seen entirely through the lens of how can we get something else to be reported other than the difficulties of the prime minister has created for himself, and that's what i believe lies behind the announcements that we've seen this week. i've called that lock drake, referring to the party again, john, those who are opted through westminster in recent months. all those allocations of number 10, downing street coffee is as far as johnson is very much self employed. did they say it's time for us to go? however, many people here in the united kingdom proven relate to say, bar is time to go. because of course, many people say it's too soon, and this one of these private instructions is to, to, to have this freedom day, especially as now. and recent news, we're having of this sub variance of the, on the ground buried being detected by the u. k. help security agency saying it's
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a barriers on the investigation. and as we know, the number of private table was still reaching over a 100000 every single day. we know it's much more transmissible us even a re infection risk as well. however, many protests here today, so the other com variance is nothing more than just the common flu and should flu really be a reason to disrupt freedom. meanwhile, the world health organization is recommending countries and i lift covey related travel restrictions after missing that they failed to limit the spread of the virus . the advice comes despite record corona virus infection rates being reported with the micron strength. the failure of travel restrictions to limit the international spread of own the crone demonstrates the ineffectiveness of such matters. over time, the committee identified the following actions as critical for all countries lift or ease international traffic bounds as they contribute to the economic and social
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stress experienced by the state parties. or some nations, notably in europe, are already using their rules. the u. k. government is removing co passports and mandatory face covering some public places. the republic has abandoned the mandatory inoculation scheme for those over 60 workers in certain sectors. and then sweden will drop requirements for proof of a negative covey test for foreign travelers. what we can discuss all of these developments with tonight's panel. we're pleased to say we joined from the u. k by a good rand howard, a professor of diversity and public health at the university bedford share. and also by dr. g brock. he's in n h s, consultant and physician, and then in france we have and elizabeth mutate, a journalist and political commentator, and you're all very welcome. and if i can start by asking you, professor, but on our now we are seeing generally speaking, countries lifting restrictions with some exceptions. do you think this is happening too early, or is the timing about right?
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i think we need to look at the data for each country and i think that's one of the things that we need to be very mindful of. so the impact of colgate defense across the world, and therefore the tools that we need to be using to protect the public will inevitably vary from country to country. and i think sometimes it's not well understood. so in the u. k, approximately 200000 cases. we've actually got more cases now because we don't, we had run introduced i think that's something we should be very mindful of. and given us an add on virus, i would still encourage people to be wearing masks in poorly ventilated areas where there are lots of people because that's how the virus can be transmitted. ok, well it's, it's a fair point to say there are variations around europe and will go to france, name and speak with them. because then we've seen today, plenty of protests in france about cobit restrictions, and a new co v vaccine. passport is going to be brought in on monday. there are
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protests, but is it fair to say these measures have a lot of support to oh yes, there's a large majority of the people who support it. and the proof is that president mack, who said what charlotte to ben sky was quoting, i want to piss off unvaccinated because it's the election the presidential election where he hopes to be re elected in 80 days time. and he knows perfectly well that you will have the support of the majority. you have almost 90 percent support with mandatory vaccination, the vaccine pulse. i haven't got sort of such high figures, but still essentially, the population remembers that this is the country of repast on. every french child before going to primary school to kindergarten, has 11 mandatory vaccines, again, t v, against you, against of tyria, status, et cetera. and it's, it's, it's, and it's passed into, into sort of french uses. ok, well, let's go back to the,
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can you speak with dr. brown, because i know you work for the n h s. and so all work is they will be required to take this vaccine. what's your view on that? do you think it's a necessary measure? interesting question. i was recently reading the history of edward jetta and his discovery of vaccination. in the 1st instance, there was very considerable public opposition to the 1st vaccination against smallpox, though there was also a very alacrity take up from other sections of society. so i think persuasion is an important element. i think there's a big difference between this period of the pandemic that we're facing and the initial wave that we suffered in in our country in england. it was in march the soonest, the easter holidays 2020. at that period, it was spreading like wildfire to the population. we had no defense against it. antibody providence was very low and we knew little about the disease, but we didn't know that a certain section of the population would not have a very nasty pneumonia. and we know and seen that the elderly and the frail and the
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immunocompromised have had terrible effects. however, that said, let's not talk too much about the controversies around vaccination. however, now we see that the anti body prevalence in our country is over 95 percent more than 95 percent of the population have active antibodies and probably even higher percentage of immunity against the virus. and that has stayed good phone record. so although we are seeing record numbers, we had a day or 200000, almost in a single day test positive, which means far more, more people had devised. we had a week with 2000000 people in britain via but only in the case of the moment. my own sister's family, of all of it. my mother has called several of my friends and family and colleagues also have coffee. it's affecting people in terms of their ability to come to work while they are isolating, but none of them are really unwell. so where is,
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in the 1st instance, it was an outlandish claim to say that this was, it was not true at all. and in fact, we could criticize our governments in their public health measures. now that you know that the impact of coffee in the will develop countries, fellwood balls, vaccinations program with people who wanted vaccination have taken up is very different. and i do feel it is i know to relax restrictions in many of the mandatory magazines scene. i think i don't need to tony. and but that counterproductive, those elements who are least trusting of the government often we see the most muslim and for the communities who are running clear and sadly suffered most from covered. all the ones who are least likely to think that the government has their best interest in something we see in our so called, in a free market democracy that is not seen where people have great levels of trust in their government. for example, in cuba or in china, professor, but, and how do you think the government in britain has been too focused on the importance of vaccines?
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so we underestimating the value of not for immunity to k with, particularly now with all micro they were on rest management value just well, i think the other upon the society, you know, when you manage any sort of abilene viruses, vaccines, just one of many tools. so in an ideal world, you know, you'd have well vent about like, workplaces you well ventilation schools. and the british government has taught in policy terms about, well ventilated spaces for last year, if not longer and promise also funding. but we've actually seen little translation of that into reality. and therefore you do get this lack of trust. other speakers of talked about because then the public don't trust government because on the one on the saying, we are trying to protect g. bring know the hand, we're not offering them while ventilated space is we're not protecting the most vulnerable. so teams or their for to only be talking about the vaccine in terms of
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mandation. i'm actually lower trust about you being part of some efforts where we are reaching out locally communities to build trust. so we're working with community to leaders and talking about the pros and comb, solve, for example, social distance saying wherein having the vaccine. and we find that localized approach having trusted messenger intended messages where we have a debate is far more effective than government, but an intervention. ok, well that's bringing in again, because you were talking earlier about the support. many people are giving this policy of mandating vaccines, but mean, there are many reasons to that you've heard not to do it. and there's a social argument to human rights argument that you shouldn't force people to be vaccinated if they don't want to bodily autonomy. it's called, what's your argument to that? well, i mean it's, it's a good, a question that has been put twice now to the constitutional counsel, ah,
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which is the highest to body of a sort of guaranteeing the constitutionality of laws. and there have been gripes with the fact that constitutional counselor has accepted very fast arguments in law that say, you cannot force people to go into a clinical trial against their will. and legally, a clinical trial is 2 years on that for the vaccines. and depending on which vaccines you have will be considered as being out of clinical trials been at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. all the same on the council decided that there was a, was a medical emergency that the vaccine every, every of everything that ran sheet and gosh, said is quite true. but the vaccine still guarantees that you will have a weaker attack of a covert. and that you are less likely to contaminate others. it is not perfect,
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but it's a defense. are almost all people now who hospitalized in france, 90 percent of people hospitalized at bronze people who've not been vaccinated, that taking up hospital beds and i see you beds and a resources that mean that some other patients in trans cannot have operations eve of great pathology such as cancer because everything is taken up in hospitals or almost have capacity. so there's an element, there was a balance between what you do and what the law says and european losses about clinical trials and what, what the nation needs in terms of keeping the rest of the population in good health . and finally, you could also say that considering that over to 1000000 people now have been vaccinated on the planet that has a huge clinical trial and possibly it's, you know, one year is enough. yeah, charlotte spring and dr. brower again. i saw you nodding there too. but generally speaking, g think vaccine passports work because one argument is if you vaccinated,
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you can still pass on the virus. the only people that can't the people that don't have it. and that requires a p c r test. i mean univer. hello, hello. can hear me. yes. go ahead please. doctor. yeah, sorry. i'm in favor of universal health care, which is free at the point of use and available from the cradle to the grave. it is the undermining of just that health care which is made to panoramic have such huge impact in my country. and for those countries, you don't have universal health care across the world. it's not they unvaccinated to putting a toll in prison. at least i can't claim to be an expert on the french health, and i know a great deal about it. not as much as i'm sure you can, but it's not be endemic, which is putting a strain on the national health service. how government and in fact, the last labor government has had a period of, of the last $48.00, a policy of downgrading off and base and private safety. and it just us, all of us model, which is we know is the most expensive and quickest inequitable health model on the
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planet that has resulted in the bed based going from around 270002 around 820000 beds within the space of 20 years, of course we haven't we haven't stopped the virus spreading within hospitals or indeed within that has been a massive right now. what they doing is actually targeting people who have survived that people who have not wanted to back to the experimental because they haven't trusted because what with indian ages were 810000 now perhaps 85000 you still haven't got back with it is treat to say of a nature study when it's very clean, those who have been vaccinated within 3 months have antibody levels which are low. and actually i'm not protected against reading the virus. so unless everyone repeatedly gets the vaccine every 3 months, when not taking back to the stops rent and taking the vaccine doesn't stop sprint, they're not recess. vaccine pocket are effective. why they're being mandated?
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why the health side of the life, whatever is the reasoning behind that it's not funny because it's not on the evidence. and it's proved to be highly effective measure, which is in fact let you make people react against vaccination when people have great trust in a chest, they will follow the advice as it is that it should be a non controversial non political measure is precise if the police look a little a little is ation and privatization of, you know, just which is lead to the situation we face now. and doctor and how, what lessons do you think should be learned from the pandemic? or the biggest lesson is that if we truly in this together, i'm a truly trying to level up. we need to have a global solution to managing pandemic. so we need to remember there are still 93000000000 people. not received the 1st dose of the vaccine around the world. and again, many rich countries, including the u. k. have my grand statements about global vaccine equity donated
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very little. in fact, what we need to do is we need to share patterns. we need to build vaccine infrastructure in those countries, but that would mean that lots of corporate companies would have to probably reduce their profits and start helping other countries and other companies around the world. and i think that for me is where i'm nervous, around vaccine mandation, because at the moment the only people i see benefiting from vaccine mandates, all these pharmaceutical companies, no one else is benefiting from. and i think we genuinely are in this together. we need to make sure that we share the vaccine patterns and how those countries to build the infrastructure and get back to roll out to the global solution. and last 32nd, see a place i would still stick by it because it is not and it's important that fewer people get along covered or get die of covert. and
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the i know people who have died of only chrome which is indeed much milder. a virus than others, and they died of that because they weren't vaccinated. and i think we were reaching the point where it's, it's the, it's a regal attribute of the state to try and help the citizens not to die. and therefore, i'm in favor of the vaccine mandate that guy and we just got literally 10 seconds to let's go to dr. broad. would you like to sum up? i think your, what we need is global health for, for that we really need global equity. no one is denying that the pandemic is real religious, about empowerment. and really what kind of shows is that inequality is the biggest killer and with this virus, as with so many other conditions that we're facing as a, as, as the human species. really. ok, we'll leave it. there are. thanks. she will. thank you very much for that discussion. we were listening there too. good and how a professor of diversity in public health at the university. beth fisher. also dr. angie, but he's in a chest consultant. an hour on the right was and it's with me,
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it's a, a journalist and political commentators speaking to us from france. thank you. thank you. and thank you for watching. just coming up to half past 7 here in moscow, back again with the headlines and more stories in 30 minutes. ah oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers and those with who dares sinks. we dare to ask.


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