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tv   News  RT  January 22, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EST

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according to emerson, i me the news. the recently notified congress superintend deliver, and 17 helicopters, and after the latest round of de escalation towards the u. s. joins other nato member states and ramping up supplies of weapons to kiev with russia to pull back its own troops. mid quarter, we tried. also this, i rallied against coven restrictions of breaking out across europe with anger and from sober vaccine mandate, the live pictures from the street, the parish, and then across the channel in britain, there are protests against mandatory jobs, the health worth. it will go live while correspondence on the ground and also to come few medical experts appeal to the international olympic committee to toughen
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rules about transgender, roughly saying they have an unfair gone, seeking women schools. we speak to one of the scientists behind the complex the i is he's trying to do is focused on inclusion and i think that is fine. but they all schools way if you are inclusion, then you won't have famous the good even just gone 5 in moscow. you're watching archie international. now, our top story, this, our nato members have pledged to send more lethal weapons to ukraine with washington confirming plans to send military helicopters to key f. but at the same time, they have told russia to pull back its own troops on the border with its neighbour . i will note that the united states has delivered more security assistance to ukraine last year than any point history. and these deliveries are ongoing,
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including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver am 17 helicopters. it seems all the stops have been pulled at this point for from the year, from the side of nathan lethal weapons are flooding into ukraine at, at record speed when record amounts. ukraine has confirmed that it has received the latest shipment of american lethal arms, amounting to 100 tons of 100 tons of lethal arms in just the length of shipment. estonia, latvia, lithuania, have also voice their desire to supply. perhaps i have begun to supply you credit with the guided missiles, javelin guided missiles that they have in turn received from the united states, as well as stinger shoulder launched. anti air missiles is tony, a lot of it in lithuania and their allies, are working together expeditiously to hand over security assistance to ukraine.
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this ada will further enhance ukraine's capability to defend his territory and population in case of possible russian aggression. this is of course, in addition to other suppliers, the ukraine has received an over recent weeks, including this week with more than 2000 guided missiles supplied by the united kingdom alone via skype bridge, endless military cargo flights you had the czech republic, say that it allows supplies again, vast quantities of $152.00 millimeter artillery shells which, which have caused a lot of destruction in easton, ukraine, poland with the drones and the armored vehicles in addition to helicopters, to patrol craft supplied by other countries. nevertheless, there, there has been some disparity, this unity among nato. it's with regards to this to this on supply route that has been open to ukraine flood. i would even say some nations have stayed out of it
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more or less, including germany. estonia has sorta transferred german artillery systems to ukraine, and germany has refused to sanction this move. the federal government has had a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. germany has been under huge pressure from certain native member states she curb, which include the united states, great britain, certain about the country's eastern european countries to, to open up and send lethal arms to ukraine as well. but germany has so far stayed there. as i said, stayed out of it, the german chancellor of schultz has also been invited to the united states by biden, reportedly he refused saying that he has other responsibilities to attend to. but that the, the, this is stand off continues at this point. as you mentioned,
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at the united states is called in russia to remove its troops from its own soil near you, crate to, to move them out when russia, at the same time, nato troops are arriving in again, break could go quantities to ukraine, which russia has always seen as a, as a security concern. there has also been an opinion in russia that these build up is, is justified, that more security is needed on the border with, with ukraine. given that this again, vast quantity of lethal arms are being sent to you create and maimed bolden, the regime and in key of said to, to vap, seek a military solution to the crisis and in east than you credit. so certainly, no end to the standoff inside. he's not against the affair where ukraine's 2 east and most regions on the russian border have endured a simmering military conflict for the past 8 years with forces from the national
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army bombarding civilian areas that have refused to recognise the western back government in kiev, locals that say that the situation is scary and unpredictable. me teacher why now, but then in an hour they can start shell and when to get them when it's very hard. it's impossible to get used to this when she 1st president was frightening every day when i leave work and tell my boss, i don't know whether or not i'll come back tomorrow. i gave it almost every day at 9 am. the cranium anthem is played very loudly. the 1st
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time was another december. they started sharon, an hour later and then all the time as soon as the on demand at 9 am, we will ready, honestly afraid that would be bombarded. but thank god, it's quiet. now. we haven't heard the anthem and about a week, there's fear that is too quiet. we don't know what to expect. silence, or if they say some kinds of eruption, it's very scary. ah me . it's very hard to live here. even if there is a bang, it's already a horror for us really hard to take. everything has been down him, everything is discharge. there are no shops will literally be 5 years will live without electricity. it is good. now as there is light and water at least because
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well, it's like an a 4th me. i have been injured 3 times. i was so shaken that it did not think i will ever forget it. with the sho in 20, christina simply went out into my garden wearing a bride t shirt and then on the way back, there was some kind of shot and i got injured me . we are waiting for things to change. hope is last to die. well, the top diplomats of russia and the us finished the 2nd round of their security talks in switzerland yesterday. it lasted only for 90 minutes, but washington did confirm. it will give a written response to the criminal concerns over nato expansion in the coming days . however, listening to russia's foreign minister after the talks, it is clear that big differences do remain. ah, then i did not hear any reasoning,
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justifying the american position on the russian ukraine border. only concerns, concerns, concerns with russian officials have never threatened ukrainians as a nation. not even once president zalinski who has been under the wing of our western colleagues who patronize encouraging any sorts of action publicly said that if any ukraine citizen regards himself with russian, he should get out of ukraine. who is the one making threats. and what can these threats possibly lead to? that is the big question is we will not go back on the fundamental principles that we have are and that we are committed to defend. and one of those is our narrows of the door with russia has amassed very significant forces and your current order and continues to do so.
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100000 troops. most recently, including forces deployed to billers. russia has addressed every concern which has been voiced, they admit that it's our own territory. still say that there are too many troops, and then immediately in the same sense. and they say that whatever americans are doing with their own shoes in europe, that work is not of our business. we do not claim any spheres of influence, but what nato is doing in regards to ukraine is clearly showing that the alliance sees it as a sphere of its own influence. it reflects the mentality of the west and community fully confident in its exceptionalism. they can do anything and the rest of us only with the commission or journalist and filmmaker, john pilcher, has been speaking about the west treatment of russia and the double standards involved. his taste of what he said in the latest episode of art is going undergrad
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. first of all, if you look at that to russian lose, who are said to be the aggressors, and about me and bates, russian troops are actually in russia. ah, u. s. miss isles, surround, ah, russia and british troops on the borders of russia, nato troops, or on the borders of russia. nato troops surround russia from slovenia all away down. so the, the aggression, the potential aggression appears to be almost certainly on one side. but it's, it's never a quarter that way rid is on polio. the day one of the most popular people in the world today is barack obama. there was marika obama, who affected lady ah, overthrew the elected government in ukraine in 2014,
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and allowed it to be replaced with her an anti russian aggressive regime that came as a result of an open alarm as people there has brought nate, her u s b u. k. right up to the border of russia. imagine the reverse. imagine the russians. ah, rather a russian presence writer to the canadian border with the united states or the mexican border. it's her, it's her. her. it's the refusal to understand, to reverse such to put our souls in a position of a country that last i heard, i think it was 20000000 people in the 2nd world war
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demonstrations against coded restrictions have erupted in major cities across europe. this weekend, the french are outraged by requirements for every body over 16 to show proof of inoculation to enter public places. while in britain, people want the recent removal of pandemic cruise to be extended to the national health service staff. so let's cross live now to our correspondence. charlotte kaminsky empowers for us and also sherry edwards dashti there in london in charlotte. if i could start with you, please just tell us what's happening right now where you are and the feeling on the streets and pirates. while the procession of protesters is just gone past is here on their way to pulaski italy. and you might be able see now the police cummins are just following them behind. there is a huge police presence and he on the streets of paris and the procession that just passed me is one of several that are taking place across the city today as well. as
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many others taking place across france, there is a mixture of issues here, but one of the big issues is that vaccine, passport that's going to come into play from monday now protested, had hoped add that the constitutional counsel here in france would throw it out on a technicality, but that hasn't happened and it means, as you mentioned there from monday, anybody age 16 rover will have to be fully vaccinated or have recovered from cobra within the last 6 months to be able to access very basic things like going to restaurants or bars even now being able to go on trains between different regions. so we really will change a lot of aspects of lives here. crohn's up until now we've had a health passport, which is allowed people to access those venues if they were unvaccinated. if they could present a negative covey test. now the protestors have spoken to, you know, this is stripping away their rights as citizens. and they're not the only ones that
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are concerned about this is also m. p, 's and senators, who all said that they are against this idea of vaccine mandate. and there have even been legal experts raising some particularly difficult questions. $5000000.00 unvaccinated citizens will become pariahs, even though there is no vaccination obligation. asking a person for their vaccination status to access certain activities as an anomaly. we are in the midst of a dystopian. this law is in essence, a concentrate of attacks on multiple freedoms and fundamental right. now, protests had been dying down in frogs. so the coven 19 restrictions, but they were reinvigorated just a few weeks ago when president mack on gave a highly controversial interview in that he said, and these are his words, not mine, that he wanted to pay off the unvaccinated. and essentially said that they were non citizens, as they had refused their civic right to go and get the vaccine in. that really has
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angered so many people here. and that's what people feel as well is that this vaccine passport will create a 2nd tier of citizen or non citizen, whereby they can't do the everyday normal things like go and get a cup of coffee in a bar like they would have. so there are lots of people angry about this coming in to force, as well as the fact that france is continuing to battle against this latest wave in the cove in 19 pandemic with record breaking, proving positive tests at just this week. but the reality is that the idea of distract see means now that with these new restrictions, people are going to be pushed into either going to get vaccinated or deciding to dig in their heels. and that's the sense i got from protests is, hey, today's that's, that's what they want to do, and they will continue to refuse to have that job. okay, well, thanks for that charlotte. let's get the latest then from london, make a shot every stash. the air force to good afternoon
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t shantia. we know that restrictions will be lifted one day in the u. k. however, there's still a lot of concern and anger over the situation for health workers. to ration here in the u. k. freedom say is almost us is all favorite restriction will not be listed in the united kingdom. you think at the time of the ration. but in fact that the russ still very, very angry with the government and is handling off the con demik. they said, do not leave school by this freedom of government id for them. actually, states control is very much that i disagree with the mandate. it doesn't, it doesn't make sense to me. what happened during coming process of just walking, but it's getting so close to me losing my job. angry and i'm sad. we should have funded mental choice to decide what we put in my work is it'll
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take me many people among the public, some very, very angry and with the fact that emergency kind of it are still very much in place . we have to think of the faxing findings, particularly the people working within the m a chest and that's why many, many of them come out today to avoid that. often they shouldn't do it for many people in the public. it's still. 2 complaining, not angry about the very practices children are needing to be jobs as well. so this is a world wide variety today in conjunction, connecting with many as it is all calling for the same thing. but mostly all in non compliance with all comes out to devote nations here in the united things in that taking a bit more of a cautious approach to central government here in westminster, in central london. they say it's due to the restrictions and in fact they all get
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a far as does it as amended person to this corner from what capital investment has for the u. k. government agent, let me just say, you know, if anybody believes that there are no swans this week, or corona virus, were the result of a careful consideration of the science, or because they had a well worked out plan for what they would doing. i think that would be a very optimistic view indeed of the state of play in the u. k. government. everything that is happening in westminster at the moment is seen entirely through the lens of how can we get something else to be reported other than the difficulties of the prime minister has created for himself. and that's what i believe lies behind the announcements that we've seen this week. i think that the policy that you're currently around shouldn't take the heart of the
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west. this all of this talk to you on occasions that number that is totally take devoris johnson reputation. now, but to get the other side of the court, dakota 19, i actually the free today is coming, talk to you soon as we see the hub areas of the car. now, things detected here in the united kingdom, the, you can see no deem that the various under investigations are still 600000 cases every single day. we know that it is much more transmissible and indeed the reinspection, right, is some say why risky, but for all of these people demonstrating today, they simply say something more than just the flu and watch the live actually just dropped off radio. okay, well thanks for the update, the chevy. that was chevy. ashley reporting from london. and also our thanks to charlotte davinsky, who is in parish this afternoon. meanwhile,
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russia is appears to be approaching collective immunity against cove. it with almost 65 percent of its population, considered immune the highest number ever, but bad as the country and jose reco new cases driven by the recently emerged omicron strain 575 cases have been identified in the past 24 hours nationwide with more on the story his foster type while all over the wild be highly contagious, omicron baron is pushing countries to record highs when it comes to case numbers. russia not backing the trend here. daily. we aren't seeing the numbers climb the latest this saturday. is that over 57? 1000 people have tested positive, including me. that's why i'm at home. that is, in fact, the highest number we've seen since the pandemic began. it's actually full time higher than before, just 2 weeks ago. so things really developed quickly. in moscow,
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the situation is particularly difficult over 16000. another record for the capital . on top of that, on the court has officially been found in 63 regions of brush up of 85. so you've got an idea of how far this latest barrier has spread across russia's boston territory. not that that doesn't actually seem to be any panic when it comes to response from your forty's. hospitalizations are remaining study. the medical system at this point isn't overburdened. and while course walking from her room is being encouraged, mass events are being postponed and generally being told to be extra vigilant. feel for teeth are being very sort of pragmatic, logical in their approach. so just recently, quarantine for covert suffers has in fact been reduced from 14 days to 7 to match the incubation and recovery period from micron. also probably some reassurance for those in charge at this stage report about 48 percent of the population fully vaccinated, which is an amazing when you look at the european countries bought,
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the number has been slowly but surely increasing. day by day, starting, the government will be hoping that a recent study will boost confidence in this home growing sputnik v vaccine. now, the findings of that joint russian italian studies showed that the antibodies produced by the splitting vaccine last longer and a more resistant to oma kron, than those, for example, from 5 the shots. in fact, the russian vaccine seems to be over 2 to more powerful than v american jobs when it encounters omicron. so, yes, the numbers are creeping up. another anti record here in russia, the, on the contrary, is less aggressive. the vaccination rates are increasing and the domestic vaccine has at this stage really proved it's metal. so suddenly that seems to be, i would call a cautious optimism as we write out this latest wave. the international olympic committee, new rules for change, gender athletes of spark control,
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vesee with medical experts and sports. she's saying they promote an unfair competition in women's events while the new regulations they come into effect after the beijing winter olympics next month would not require transgender athletes. to lower their costs, testosterone levels to compete in women's events, international imp committees, also calling on sports organizations to prevent gender based discrimination. but according to one of the scientists behind the appeal to the i see testosterone does play a crucial role in the performance of an athlete. i think what sport needs to do is have criteria on which they can base levels of markers like to start thrown to a certain level to allow performance. that is, i think, you know, in the views of those who wrote the framework, i be probably the only one to believe that to start strand does not play a role in performance. clearly,
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no one is saying that performance can be brought down to one hormone and clearly, you know, sporty performance is a multi factorial aspect. but clearly at the moment, we know that to stop does play a major role and has to be considered in the solution. clearly not as the only factor, but one of the primary factors, and probably the best one that we have at the moment. well, the new rules about transgender athletes to come after several high profile cases, new zealand, white lifted laurel hubbard, became the 1st transgender female to take part in the olympics last year. and then recently american college women play a thomas dominated her sport with record breaking performances despite undergoing hormone suppression therapy. well, according to the international impact committee, the new rules will promote a fair and welcoming environment. but young, his pizza lattice again, does warn. they could undermine the credibility of competitive sport. i think what
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the, what the i, as he's trying to do is focus on, on inclusion, being the primary factor, being considered in human rights is vitally important. and none of us would dispute that. but in addition to the human rights component, we need to also consider famous. they are sports where if you, par, archives, inclusion, then you won't have famous. the 3 considerations. one has to had one integrated transgender. and yes, the athletes, it's inclusion as famous and safety. but focus only on inclusion is not the way for you watching out a thanks me company yet this afternoon. that's how the news is looking more from us at the top. yeah. ah ah.
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as inflation increases, the stories, their rhetoric, the explanations the justifications will get more and more bizarre than because there's nothing in the, in the playbook for mainstream media to explain in place. because they've been told for 20 years now that there's no inflation that there's only deflation,
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and the need to keep printing money to stop the of the possibility of, of, of a deflationary spiral. there may or may, we should all be mayor, may, we should all be angry because of what's going on. right. can't understand united states history and the role that slavery plate is already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually define the nation. the rise of capitalism is clearly on the backs of slate and it's laid down. if you had investigated lynchings to any great extent, you can't believe that really, your country and country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this figure. to some extent, i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war. and the south is winning
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with their 3rd boom box through a one bedroom show you care at the border, mit san branch, a board. and i mentioned one is in washington coming up with market taking as beating this week, where our investors turning for a head straight ahead. we'll take a look at the performance of global and the toll of inflation flat. better reserve is making moves to expand its presence in the digital currency space. later on, we'll dig into the central banks efforts and how it could impact major crypto currencies. and could the gaming secor soon be dominated by crypto currency? we discussed the future of the industry and how pay to earn a games could cement themselves in the community. got it back to that,
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was that right? it really the program with the state of global markets as equities continue to trend down as investors prepare for moves from the u. s. federal reserve. we see the i'm a crown variant continuing and in place remains in focus. we start russia, where the mo, x is down by just over 5 percent for the week, despite russia's main export in oil hitting 70 or high. the index fell to its lowest level since february of 2021 as geopolitical tensions over ukraine continue . the possibility of economic sanctions from the west are weighing on markets. something else to keep an eye on. here is russia reporting a new record, number of cobit cases on friday as the i'm a, cranberry is rapidly spreading. moving to asian markets, the shanghai composite is flat for the week study most the week it positive territory before falling nearly one percent on friday. this week, beijing made move to lower. it's.


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