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ah 2021 has a game broken? an abysmal record. more than 17000000 hector as a forest have been destroyed by fire. and for the 1st time ever, smoke has drifted as far as the north pole, as recorded by satellites. gothic go by there not to have your feet of what man he to please keep the quote and push in. push it . if i had a fever to somebody meant some incredible cumulus. got that was 3 to what i still was a sub. let me start at the bible is here to my let me of keith. couple of get, let them in here. so because you believe i believe you hope all is derived from what you, what would be with you. a phone call you just for follow up on me. i don't want to play you why i'd like to buy. yep. are both pretty weaker. lisa mowbray shops approximate starved indian body with russia has the largest number of preserved forest in the world. however illegal deforestation,
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contraband forrest product export and wildfires of all cost the country up to $13000000000.00 a year. and even worse, the loss of unique natural resources, old growth forest a normal not and you reply will be at the menu and you can the butter which messed up. he has been a little custody to the local, not number, which is why natural, you no longer did he ever put about hope i will go, could it still need to double because he must see and up to the school to with
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the new year. you know, if you have a vehicle for you, not for me, if i had to come up with that good, i will put you up. when i flung mcgraw hill on the point, you want the rest of the by the been on the by the the invoice or some of the customer when you were here with you mr. phil nipple. wish to meet you at the p here a little further than the sit on the portal. you'll get in to holy tool because i don't know what to do about that. it's pretty good to me if you will. if i give it a couple muscle, but you've got all week when you, you wish me luck, you know, other than usual, think, you know, even though the but i was with me for home if you go to the city or her should gal
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vision, but i would be able which is can your summer and i sound like long enough for that because i'm new to see if we can get to the new the i'll come with bush and he'll fuck, i've seen those guys who didn't get the special. not a good, but i will give the, the teacher could see something we've got to do. what's a good we can order them. of course mostly customers can bodies and spray choice. can you tell me about older muscle for the whole before i got the problem, me one man can spark a chain reaction tree you. felling caught his wildfires in deforestation. a wildfire doesn't just leave burned out desolation for many years. they also force passed to migrate. huge distances to attack healthy forests and woodland being attacked by parasites is often an excuse for further failing the oh can deal with it. yeah, almost all,
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it's just falls you up with a fresh escape. let me see if she can. he's with bush and chester. i need to lick on yesterday and he took a study i'm getting you set up the suggests about and not by the chair got daughter to family. this was at dinner by deb in the music. i thought it was an appeal, at least it was now gotten done because it provides clear filling is prohibited in the north caucuses. these are all bank protection forests that prevent landslides and so in erosion, yet the world wildlife fund found $405.00 cases of an eagle felling in the area which resulted in 30 criminal cases. and that is only what's been found in the 1st full years of the north caucasian forest monitoring program with mac william. so we she leaky. ok. so what i,
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what i think of you with really go get for that old as i was in here. can you go to a board l i e, a place like you can you guy got it up not for you. i knew that. so why do you still need to in your from for, you know, but the call me and then when you call you, i do my cousin book go off of do any more, really bright, what's more, 3 to miss you. there was a little fun wish list bookkeeper. i'm a thought, a book when me and foolish that was like you believe i thought it will give up all if you quit, which it can get started yet with is if one that with me and he is back with me more i should post or would glad to sit. i said, god alone, mr. blessing. yeah, it does. so he's the plaintiff's him the school order. he did not have his speaker in user. you wish you
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with my son and he's got a new id on this list, but yet can you but pretty well look, a little chicken number 2 fishing you decide to love in. we'll go, we'll nadia. we'll go to the beach video from a junior much with basically a little leadership team, a country with the got a phone it us human was east, but she knew the world wildlife fund estimates that 110th of all logging in russia
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is illegal. an example of one common fraudulent scheme. this is the edge of a nature reserve and where a so called business man made money twice. first, he received a state subsidy for so called attending feeling that instead of chopping down dry fall and, and unhealthy trees, he had the best cut down a family on for you or more tim cocker. but i myrtle, go for the more, you know, a least more formed, but, you know, everybody, i could take up everything if you flip item back with me and we'll be right with you or you were with you if you'd like to talk to me. if you would, the particular i do for you and you what i needed to put in your question, you wishing me think of took mortgage? we spoke last week. did you my boom?
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only did he give you a new install? naples? listen, we send you a new one, which are so noble. do right, so are you what would you be? you know, who you eve working stucco. i read you. she referred i russia as long been the world's biggest exposure of round timber. the lion's share of which was transported through far eastern vote at checkpoints. much is set to change in 2022. with export. muslim world is up. it's last year was up pretty well off when you're looking at something will be up to the machine you're going to somebody else if you want. i don't scenario. so region 3 and we'll walk with and i was going to fit in
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a book. if i go on the origin of more than one thing and also i think we'll happening if you train eckworth. i was up with one of the world both my to the did with the implementation of the unified e system. in 2021 is expected to help track each log on its way from the felling site to the wood processing plot. many logos, though, was still attempting to circumvent it. this company has been exporting would using falsified documents that concealed its true value. it's estimated to cause damage amounting to several $1000000.00. is a comparable sample jeff recording on a line that got alanna. oh which as of course, what online you with 5. yeah. file more just for for a while. go up a report in my view, but he may have,
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she's a bad about mama look. i love you all my fuel 20th. of course, with all my paper tray. i need your help with regard to from both of us, but the se, it also provide you with all that i was with. the other thing that i have before will of health the here for the for sure. with more well, like you may want to check this here more for that i was like what degree here? black boy, i was a lot of be glad he was about the love to show the world that your last little studies really. i just got a lot of. yes, there will now see us government back in the guy, but i do you guys what are popular like exposure can yes, the middle school mclamore supposed to put barbara. well, the 1st guy did that. gosh, that bill now was right. i mean, last lot of the way it is our ball. well, we'll chance i have you all. yes, they will just go on my for them. okay. yes. i'm also
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a bachelor. i was going to know what was the name of that i had this job back up on by the story was delicious by these issue was there your last will go on? like i'm dealing with them of tasks, the skins of animals on rushes, red list of endangered species. jim single caviar such contraband. concealed between logs comes as no surprise to customs officers in rushes, far east. this was a record whole that smugglers had intended to send to china. it's now being loaded onto a tug. these tightly packed animal pelts are worth more than a $100000.00. these 525 samples have a st valley with more than 3000 blue.
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this is infamous footage of luggage pulling out and trying to catch a bad deal. insomniac bass and other wild predators that up not falling into hibernation. and that at a price of their habitats, australia, into villages and even cities. more and more often, this bat wandered into a about us shopping mall and had to be shot with mass kaiser's financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can convert into cash quite easily. but keep in mind,
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no as if the mean to inflation better watch guys reported the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul. among them were stress position, sleep deprivation, and using hyper thermo, there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant children. whatever you do or more comes home, nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the
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moral authority, the made america leader sacrifice, but the shimmer of effective interrogation ah, barbaric deforestation and poaching have pushed this forest giant species to the brink of extinction. having outlived mammoths and the last blaze, he'll period the caucasian bison is now extinct in the wild deed via top good thorough of birth. each ski shifting is good total and move, which is essentially what you think would an overall motor. justin russell is that i still knew if a girl libya little on alyssa, the bison population has partially been restored thanks to animal shelters and zoos . but it turns out that this forest giant has nowhere to live in the wild
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blue, the north, a city, a nature reserve takes pride in its wild bison. they've learned to survive without people, but that makes it hard to estimate their population. it's not easy to count wild animals that prefer not to be seen the last year that with carlton skew, could he be it would have to them when the time would not see a dog would steal church, cow, marvia. you miss with a boy that he knew who you are. just how many blues? yep. one. brutal total to the loaded fluid. oh, shoot me in blue. a name you saw him with meal of yolk. funeral broken yet of what is more but those was the one born. you'll flute a little. we will go. i will if it was
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a but it only kindle that puzzles can 2nd so we will go really well. richard, the new 50. just to let you know what it is, tim porch on yesterday she said he was jeremy and is now 70 years old. he's one of the most experienced and what's more longer standing talley man with no one for company. he follows his daily patrol on the reserve, which covers many kilometers. it has to be trashed, you're rushing smoother from you and you said italian who's pushing it was a dollar i. 1 a yeah, no, no. as of yet, i saw nothing plumber's time for all this, but it wasn't on the record to make yourself love. what push that it was very tactical
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. it's what you know, look at, look up just a little bit of where the code was a little bit introduced. it started. it was sort of a dozen rollers or so ago was it was fully caught up with a dog. oh no. busy you can with a, what a post it was a little go both of us, one of us, the growth strategy. both countries are not her point. i'm hearing that if you knew, if you're, if you just to recap with
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you i have your what your heart the us was about 3 to just as i finished i seem to assume the us here creatures. porsha the city town just like machine is over with the vision zuber of new to mr. dudgeon. it's and the only but he's a pretty neat if you look in the still come, marlene dubarry of new close to new shapes. apologies. but i lost a key issue, lack of mr. mas am dillard lives over a longer term. you probably do that. i called him in russia,
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exports more than 200000000 cubic meters of wood each year. if nothing changes in 20 years, there might be no forest left in our 100 gulf region or in 50 years in siberia. the federal project intended to ensure equity librium between deforestation and reforestation. by 2024 in theory, logan should compensate for any environmental damage. they caused by planting as many trees as they cut down. however, these measures don't go far enough seedlings need to be careful. otherwise, they wouldn't be able to survive comparison list from the bizarre value from your heart, or what was there possibly a 3rd isn't a, it's a marker where you live, you smoke that was such that i see you in the bullet just always up. we still get totally up. she says robe, i love my chest. so my low part of what she was working away marlexia skill is park dish
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for the share to shut them that they should not come got off when you switched. it uses the can i, you know, that you pull it off when you login, but it was new william of mushroom was nice and you thought, and it'll look really quick when you get home with what the bertha go for it, what she's the permission they live is it really margaret or leave were wilma dubai . today, are you, can you put his diet to this more than a bullet beach? no. what does that, what? it's what you cook with us. no program. little shit. the wish to some we believe inclusion. family friend. yes. what can you give me? what's feel not sure, you know more use for so, but i need your id and you know enough to push a little bit of a car which i must hear the city thought it was because i knew just bought them. that was the bush and the unit was not
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searching for that. gotcha. the other issue for them? we do still not. when was this not a groom they to the 40 of so if you get thought of year sophomore, mr. garcia, she and so i was just motion my cards in through the sophomore videos this year. was your wife yesterday? she just knew, but i see what that would put us to want to speak to a local store. cheat if the what the each the to the little because i still was in the gym or so. she knows that i love me with this bloody leg. it'll miss sheila to boston, who is new teacher when you want us to continue with my will, my lucian called because i know with just cargo was a boredom senior start and it will get to you by tomorrow. d. c. if you send you thought and they will give us premium, got they show us what the appeal of your mother got off the machine. the strand you push was not moment the leap away appeal to senior thought, an alias,
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a sports car cup. and we could just, i was to polish each problem was i got that issue. illegal logging masquerading, a lawful sanitation logging on land clearance because it's more economic damage than the black market logos. it's me, us to but we're in the mean you put somewhere. but as far as the fisher was not store water source and still can reach up the ship, all the bush with me sort of get out of for sure more can reach up to be sure for sure, we will work with the most useful present. olga little deal, or if any of which natalie cardboard are just because you would you, me just with the greatest you might die. which of course maybe if wouldn't see me the school for the cognition courses. lashania a, it's a few to just national plus. did that she will post a mission. i a talk, she will be be a sick, private lugging. she'd probably like it and she knew additional damage to ship.
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sure. what doc operator, whether it's dish or not. so come so far they must cool. they grew up with a creepy, should go to strongly. what do i should appealed? well, what's the craziest property of our store? it's pretty me or my work we do on the get out of this or categories. i've used this each of the up and you have to see the horse. great. he just informed that this will be the that that was the w w. most our book wilderness. i see it difficult to work there. is that a station id or somebody? it isn't w yes, brought to dismiss many star register grades. and you will, when you start, i just regret as much all aboard for westport on my bill. g m. ah yes, i will book it if you would if bridge. yeah, yes. do you by shy if he had a mom we're actually collect could she's the kind of person he or she vs. premier think it doesn't get to be a see the who doubt? amy i'm with
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the my a parson. yeah. cbs are just the goal with a problem was i call these boys. they are very was the equally we could teach elite group of teachers for hi. let you know what the deal is together. yeah, but i'm by fail classic or walk them. i'm not gonna get didn't give police macintosh moore's them. yes. cause this fall out will capture which is probably my best, but i only because honestly the above and shipped to receive other people kind of more of a straightforward you put a yearbook and ask for a few in less if i last the course of these daughters to use a more than this is over, i just finished. does we use the strategy just like you for my let me she die. what the protein? yeah. but if you jump at, you spoke with what 3,
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if you missed all cortex, i am going to write abstract nissan as the inverse. it wasn't as much in your what would, which does if you're not the pity, why did generally small form but of which you more, but almost as human. just know if want to put like one or more with but in this i don't care. i, she's cathedral. i someone good lisa, which he knows me. nugent, my mr. moore, of nick, still the same ugly poison. what for george? a couple of his reward museum. leo, almost come with the notion of drywall. come on. not, not our water. meanwhile, instead of being put to profitable use, many millions of hector on agricultural land ought to be destroyed, to avoid the high cost of tree clearance and would disposal which the farmers do not have the right to sell. they simply burn forests down. but the health is able to watch anything for anybody out. my god, if i have controlled with with him, nogales at the, at the place for santa listening, perhaps maybe more with all the things that much that would bring it to the what. what do you believe melissa? beware that there was no limit. get away if you could able do enough where you need
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from a ventilation pulled up. i heard it now. i've got to go, i gotta make a bottle of when i start to go talk to wary with my dad much any vision or you can a little bit more pain with him. i wouldn't be a little where you feel it's up. i don't spending east affordable few near without wishing that. i get the fuck. does that mean you hadn't been worth living with? lisa? shamelessly, bug. he went back to somebody in the family from a few minutes ago. but 3 for the other one. then you're not going to, that would be equal with you that the room of those over which mr. what that feel that maybe get a good amount of them the finish. they're good at the product expert saying that the forest ability to consume carbon dioxide and generate oxygen could be tripled along with that value. achieving that though requires changes in forestry, accounting, protection, and management. meanwhile, the industry has broken another record, a terrible one in russia, 18000000, 200000. hector has a forest of firms this year. we could do it so slow might see. so see sure, the fear of we when also straight to stop us with 1st because is the see where
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you're the 1st you have the formerly official with the, with which davis at the source is that your list of what we're supposed to be sure that she's going to talk to the high, the able to read or in the field will skip. so it's not as him a few hundreds of serum unless you're with yourself. issue with a lot of the with was either with such a very serious for if you're in the local stover. i feel i see if, if you're also it still is here supposed to show you. but experts say that these crucial steps are not enough unless the number of conservation officers is doubled . russia currently has about 20000, but at least 40000 are needed. when it's almost open, we spoke probably a more for this new 14 year. yes. can couldn't, you should so far wouldn't come with new school wise. yes. what can you put if you could you, dina, can see it on the good for you. you read, you know, it are park when you, which a nice, cute want to for which headstone initial posterior where you can hang. it
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wasn't changed when you what they said, yelling in the polish and you know what's going on with what i should be nearly as can they use the sneaky conversely spot all you can base that end up and they still keep it, which was lawyer. more knock on it. no, i got. i'm only part with club and i'm with bob shackleton, i've been flooded. no, got a he has with felicia. we have a polish for granted, but must be listening. will be on please. jeff was premium up to that level. not really sure with over there with you. and also i will just on the level will thanks my with the schools for us to account for one 3rd of the earth's land surface. that seems a vast area until you realized that by the early 21st century, humans had already destroyed half of our planets. forest.
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ah. is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into the step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like a dog being quite like a dog dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like them and our boy makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market play. it's not really a market, it's a private arena, a wild where a single company controls the distribution of all our daily products. and the infrastructure of our economy is loose the world, according to amazon. ah
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ah, we recently notified congress of our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters. after the latest round of de escalation talks, the us joins are the nighttime members states and ramping up to supplies the weapons to key f, put sal russia to pull back its own troops. miss florida. we from craig. also this i rallied against coby restrictions of breaking out across europe with anger in france. the vaccine mandates these like pictures from the streets of paris and then across the channel in britain there are protest 2 against mandatory jobs for health worth. and we'll go live to our correspondence on the grand police salad and also to come from medical experts to appeal to the international.


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