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really a market as a private arena, a wild, where a single company controls the distribution of all day. the products and the infrastructure of our economy is loose the world according to amazon. ah, we recently notified congress of our intend to deliver and 17 helicopters. the u. s . joins other nato men within ramping up weapon supplies to kias right off the edge in russia to remove its troops from its own soil. in a new round of the escalation told cathy gains access to cave materials about convicted sex offender and influential financier jeffrey had stayed showing the reports of his 1st suicide attempts were heavily redacted and medical experts and support inside as a pill to the international olympic committee. saying new rules for transgender athletes enable unfair competition and women sports. we spoke to one of the
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scientists behind the complaint with the i is he's trying to do is focus on inclusion. and i think that is fine. but they all schools way if you are archives inclusion, then you won't have famous with a warm welcome you're watching on see international with me, nicky, aaron, it's great to have you with us. now, nighttime members have pledged to send more lethal weaponry to ukraine at the same time that the west is urging russia to remove troops from its own soil. now ukraine's borders now, washington has confirmed plans to send military helicopters, turkey. i will note that the united states has delivered more security assistance to ukraine last year than any point history. and these deliveries are ongoing, including today there's more deliveries coming. we recently notified congress of
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our intent to deliver and 17 helicopters. it seems all the stops have been pulled at this point for from the, from the side of nathan lethal weapons are flooding into ukraine at, at record speed when record amounts. ukraine has confirmed that it has received the latest shipment of american lethal arms, amounting to 100 tons of 100 tons of lethal arms in just the length of shipment. estonia, latvia, lithuania have also voiced their desire to supply. perhaps i have begun to supply you credit with the guided missiles, javelin guided missiles that they have in turn received from the united states, as well as stinger shoulder launched. anti air missiles is tony a lot. we're in lithuania and their allies are working together expeditiously to hand over security assistance to ukraine. this ada will further enhance sequence capability to defend his territory and population in case of possible russian
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aggression. this is of course, in addition to other supplies, the ukraine has received an over recent weeks, including this week with more than 2000 guided missiles supplied by the united kingdom alone via skype bridge, endless military cargo flights you had the czech republic, say that it allows supply again, vast quantities of $152.00 millimeter artillery shells which, which have caused a lot of destruction in easton, ukraine, poland with the drones and the armored vehicles in addition to helicopters, to patrol craft supplied by other countries. nevertheless, there, there has been some disparity, this unity among nato. it sir will, with regards to this to this on supply route, that has been opened to ukraine flood. i would even say some nations have stayed out of it more or less,
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including germany. estonia has sorta transferred german artillery systems to ukraine, and germany has refused to sanction this move. the federal government has had a clear stance regarding arms exports in recent years. we have not supported the export of lethal weapons from germany. germany has been under huge pressure from certain native member states she curb, which include the united states, great britain, certain about the country's eastern european countries to, to open up and send lethal arms to ukraine as well. but germany has so far stayed there. as i said, stayed out of it, the german chancellor of schultz has also been invited to the united states by, by biden, reportedly he refused saying that he has other responsibilities to attend to. but the, the, the, this is stand off continues at this point. as you mentioned, the united states is called in russia to remove its troops from its own soil near
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you crate, to move them out when russia, at the same time at nato troops are arriving in again, record cur quantities to ukraine, which russia has always seen as a, as a security concern. there has also been an opinion in russia that these build up is, is justified that more securities needed on the border with, with ukraine, given that this again, vast quantity of lethal arms are being sent to you create and maimed bolden. the regime in, in key of said to, to vap, seek a military solution for the crisis and in east than you credit. so was certainly no end to the stand off inside ukraine's to east and most regions on the russian border have been enduring. a simmering military conflict for the past 8 years with forces from the national army bombarding civilian areas. but it refused to
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recognize the western back governments in kiev, locals that hope for peace with the me teacher because you're just watching to get them when you're doing your personal nature preventing you from the figure tonight. i gave it every day at 9 am. the crania announced the miss played very loudly. the 1st time was another december. they started shutting an hour later, and then all the time as soon as the on demand at 9 am, we will ready,
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honestly afraid that we would be bombarded. but thank god it was no, we haven't heard the anthem in about a week. the fear that is too quiet. we don't know what to expect. silence, or if they say some kinds of option, it's very scary. ah, i just, it's very hard. even if there is a bang, it's already a horror for us really hard to take. everything has been down him, everything's discharge. there are no sharp to really be 5 years will live without electricity. it is good. now as there is light and water at least because really it's like an a forest. i know
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i have been injured 3 times. i was so shaken that it did not think i will ever forget it. with the show in 20, christina simply went out into my garden wearing a bright t shirts and then on the way back, there was some kind of shot and i got injured me. we are waiting for things to change. hope is last to die. well, the top diplomats of russia and the us are finish the round to of security talks in switzerland. washington is expected to provide moscow with a written response to the criminal concerns next week. let's take a look at some of the highlights from that meeting. ah no, i did not hear any reasoning, justifying the american position on the russian ukraine border. only concerns, concerns, concerns with russian officials have never threatened ukrainians as a nation. not even once president zalinski who has been under the wing of our
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western colleagues who patronize encouraging any sorts of action publicly said that if any ukraine citizen regards himself and russian, we should get out of ukraine. greece, who is the one making threats, and what can these threats possibly lead to? that is the big question, is we will not go back on the fundamental principles that we have and that we are committed to defend. and one of those is our narrows opened, or russia has amassed very significant forces and you can't order and continue to do so. 100000 troops. most recently, including forces deployed to billers. russia has addressed every concern which has been voiced, they admit that it's our own territory. still say that there are too many troops,
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and then immediately in the same sense. and they say that whatever americans are doing with their own fuel to europe, that work is not of our business. we do not claim any spheres of influence, but what nato is doing in regards to ukraine is clearly showing that the alliance sees it as a sphere of its own influence. it reflects the mentality of the west and community fully confident in its exceptionalism. they can do anything and the rest of us, only with the commission. when a fresh episode of ice, he is going underground without my town say. he speaks with journalist and documentary filmmaker, john pilcher, who deconstruct the double standards of the west's treatment of russia. first of all, if you look at that, the russian was, who were said to be the aggressors, and about a 1000000 bait. russian troops are actually in russia. ah, u. s. miss isles, surround, ah,
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russia and british troops on the borders of russia, nato troops, or on the borders of russia. nato troops surround russia from slovenia all away down. so the, the aggression, the potential aggression appears to be almost certainly on one side. but it's, it's never a quarter that way read in san polio. the day one of the most popular peak of the world today is barack obama. there was marika obama, who affectively ah, overthrew the elected government in ukraine in 2014, and allowed it to be replaced with her, an anti russian aggressive regime that came as a result of an old a bomb as people that has brought nate her us the u. k.
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right up to the border of russia. imagine the reverse. imagine the russians. ah, rather a russian presence ride on to the canadian border with the united states or the mexican border. is there, is there her, it's the refusal to understand, to reverse such to put our souls in the position of a country that last i heard, i think it was 20 norman war. oh, the mystery surrounding the death of sex offender and influential financier jeffrey epstein has taken a new turn. a thought he gains access to us federal documents showing the report of his 1st suicide attempt was widely redacted. with his own account of the incident
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and highly blanked out, ortiz, danny armstrong has the details. the life and death of jeffrey epstein, billionaire and prolific peter file, is a subject mired in mystery and manipulation. the official account of his apparent suicide while held in a notorious new york lock up on charges of child sex trafficking, will seemingly be forever murky with regard to his adjustment to a correctional setting. mr. epstein receive one incident report, one and federal bureau, prison custody for self mutilation. on july the 23rd, 2019. as of august, the 15th 2019, the incident report has been expunged low. it is in clear why it has been expunged, and whether mr. epstein knew this. so what exactly happened on july 23rd? a patchy paper trail provides more questions than answers. for instance, a doctor's report, officially logged and attempted suicide by asphyxiation. just hours after epstein
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was found semi conscious on his cell floor, however, epstein version of events is completely redacted from any records. what's more, the report was amended exactly one week later to include the cause of the but suicide as self mutilation. a direct contradiction of the initial report which explicitly states no instances of self harm were found. epstein for his troubles was charged with violating prison rules and placed on suicide watch. if only for one day. at the was pending a code 228, tattooing or self mutilation. and i spoke with who indicates that most likely he will be found competent because he is not mentally ill pending a disciplinary process which didn't call a single witness. not even epstein cellmate, the disgrace financier was banned up in solitary confinement and subjected to several psychological assessments. the general consensus was one of a picture of optimism who denied any suicidal thoughts,
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a tool that is in stark contrast to later prism reports painting epstein as a solemn prisoner with a poor attitude intent on taking his own life confused well, you'd be forgiven. even the judge overseeing epstein's case demanded answers. one open question among others is whether the investigations reference in your let all include the incident at the metropolitan correctional center involving mr. epstein on or about july, the 23rd, 2019 to my knowledge. it has never been definitely explained what the federal bureau of prisons concluded about the incident. an internal report concluded that the self mutilation charge was warranted book at theme died before an executive decision could be made. so in the absence of any inquiry into july 23rd aside from medical expertise detailing epstein's high spirits the question to the american justice system. is this, why was the report doctored and will concrete answers that have as yet proved
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elusive, ever be uncovered? people are going to need answers. i think there are things that a lot of the public wants answers to. but because from the very beginning, the epstein the death and, and some of the questions, the loop holes, you know, what happened with these guards? what happened with the cameras? you know, so much of this cover up so much of this, it's such an obvious spinning such an obvious narrative here. the more that we're going to keep trying to figure out, figure it out on our own. and, and that's just going to fuel more and more, you know, ideas about what happened and fuel distress, more distress in our us, civilian legal or justice institutions. none of that trust is ever going to be repaired without any answers. ah, the international olympic committee is new rules for transgender athletes have sparked controversy with medical experts and sports since an insider is launching a complaint, saying the organization is enabling unfair competition and women's events. the new
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regulations to come into effect after the beijing winter olympics next month would not require transgender athletes to lower their testosterone, to compete in women's events. the international olympic committee is also calling on sports organizations to prevent agenda based discrimination. but according to one of the scientists behind the appeal to the i o. c, testosterone plays a crucial role in athletes performance. i think what sport needs to do is have criteria which they can base levels of markers like to start thrown to a certain level to allow performance. that is, i think, you know, in the views of those who wrote the framework, i be probably the only one to believe that to start strand does not play a role in performance. clearly, no one is saying that performance can be brought down to one hormone and clearly,
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you know, sporty performance is a multi factorial aspect. but clearly at the moment, we know that distortion does play a major role and has to be considered in the solution. clearly not as the only factor, but one of the primary factors, and probably the best one that we have at the moment. the new rules about transgender athletes. so our response to several high profile cases, including new zealand, weightlifter, laurel hubbard, being the 1st transgender female to be allowed to take part in the lympics last year. and american collegiate swimmer lea, a thomas dominating the competition despite undergoing hormone suppression therapy, and having some record breaking performances. when, according to the international olympic committee, the new rules will promote a fair and welcoming environment. but the honest pit saladas say that prioritizing inclusivity can undermine the credibility of competitive sports. i think what the, what the ios he's trying to do is focus on, on inclusion,
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being the primary factor being considered to human rights is vitally important. and none of us would dispute that, but in addition to the human rights component, we need to also consider famous. they are schools where if you are archives, inclusion, then you won't have famous the all 3 considerations. one has to have one integrated, transgender and the athletes, inclusion as famous and safety. but focus only on inclusion is not the way for coming up on not see, international county may can nestle cause control if they, with a line of kids can thoughts who is rapid speech, a hindu de thief the company with through the products and says it was just trying to showcase traditional indian on the go that story and more coming out of today's very short break and say, with
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inflation increases the stories, their rhetoric, the explanations, the justifications will get more and more bizarre back because there's nothing in the, in the playbook for a mainstream media to explain a place because they've been told for 20 years now that there's no inflation that there's only deflation and the need to keep printing money to stop the product of the possibility of, of, of a deflationary spiral. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't house, i certainly will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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with welcome back, candy make a nestle has found itself in hot water as its special range of hindu kit. cat bars has provoked a backlash and made accusations of disrespect for their religion. no slate had launched the line of chocolate bars with images of hindu deities on the wrappers. as part of an international marketing campaign featuring local art work around the world. but indians were outraged to see the sacred depictions on the packages, especially if they ended up being lifted and stepped on. why use god's image on kit kat wrapping paper all for that matter, any food items should not use such religious images for their marketing. this is
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very cheap way of advertising, would necessarily be courageous enough to have jesus on europe edition and mecca on arabic edition. what a rubbish, sturdy business strategy, in order to gain some popularity while you play with the sentiments. you said, okay. honestly, i apologize for any disrespect to the religion and withdrew those kit cats from the market. it insists the main goal was to celebrate traditional indian arts. an indian business journalist explains why featuring sacred images on products is not the best idea. this is a very sensitive issue in india and i oh, good by putting god images of him though gods and goddesses on of a product that will not gone very well with the indian public because you must understand that people are very sensitive about all of these issues in india and in
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india at this point of time has a government which is led by your he do nationalist party. so people are very sensitive about these things because these up wasn't going to be thrown around in dust bins and on. so this is not going to be taken very likely by people. in any case, all the gods and goddesses are very sacred in india. so using dead images on products is not accepted very easily by indians, which is why this has led to such a protest by indians. oh, across all on age groups, the, i mean they could still promote culture and art and india by giving figurines, by presenting pictures other than gods and goddesses. if they presented the pictures of human beings and other paintings and animals and all on those pictures, no one would have protested, promoting cultured are not as fine, but they cannot dig liberty within the gods and goddesses on their products. you ask how speaker nancy pelosi has agreed to support a ban on stock trading by congressional lawmakers taking
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a definitive you turn on an initiative she had adamantly opposed as her family has weight, hefty profits from stock trading bo seat being in office to give a blanket attitude if we can't do this and we can't do that because we can't be trusted, i just don't buy into that. but if members want to do that, i'm ok with that. if we're saying everybody should be living by the same standard, then let so be it. that's okay with me. but i don't think that the court should be let off the hook. so i say when we go forward with anything, let's take the supreme court with us to have disclosure. critics interpreted close these reference to the court, an attempt to divert growing public anger, financial disclosure, show the speaker does not own a trade stocks herself, but her husband does last summer pull pillows. he made more than $5000000.00 from a timely beds on google's parent company. just before the house approved legislation, seen a soft and big tech,
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nancy pelosi spokesperson has insisted she had no knowledge of the transactions. husband investment judgment has proven so uncanny over the years that many traders simply copy his picks to maximize profits. but now to senate democrats have proposed the bill to ban the city, members of congress, unfair spouses from stock trading. previously pelosi spoke house against the legislation saying, get run counter to a free market economy. mike sky, the a former stock broker and current host of ortiz kaiser report, say such instances exemplify an oligarchic grip on the country. fundamentally, lawmaker should not be allowed to trade stocks are, we already have a problem of too much corporate money in politics, in america, and making a lot of corporate money from their donors isn't enough for these politicians. they also want to use the information that they glean from these corporations to trade on inside information and make even more money. a market that slanted in the favor
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of those who are accessing inside information, but cloaking it in the, in what would appear to be the words of free market enterprise. that's just a public relations comment. she's making this not free market enterprise, when you have oligarch straining the system of cash and leaving the population homeless. so it's a, it's quite a accumulation of fraud and malfeasance in one body of political class in the united states. it's been city is oligarchy in america, that is praying on the population and essentially making normalizing looting that that's the message that nancy pelosi was trying to make her. she's trying to say, well, look, looting is, and fraud is the de facto business model of america. we do it in the senate, let's, let's talk about the supreme court. they're doing it to,
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they're trading on some insight information to see why you're blaming us. courts are also infected with insider trading. so who's going to conduct this inquiry? if they're all in on the game, right? so that's the, that's the nature of an oligarchy, is that every single aspect of the system is corrupt in the u. s. is massively corrupt across all institutions. and insider trading and fraud is the primary business model of america. if you remove fraud from the american business model, there would be virtually nothing left. well, you can share your thoughts on this story and everything else by following up on social media and leaving your comments back with ah
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ah oh, driven by dreamer shaped bankers are those with you dares sinks? we dare to ask
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oh ah mash kaiser, this is the kaiser report were in elsa el salvador. whopping up the luxury of the y who? oh, val the door when it's mountains and waves and bitcoin adoption, things are happening here. there's mountains, by the way. our volcanoes don't just sell and who want to be careful. when should also be careful of the hot lava of inflation flowing everywhere. the interesting thing to observe from our per chair in paradise at the best surfing beach in the
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world l, zante bitcoin beach, is that inflation is rupturing everywhere. and when it is impossible to contain, remember back in 2008 to 11 period max. when ben bernanke claimed they could stop inflation from happening within a few days. well, a few months later, as inflation continues to grow bigger and bigger of a problem, especially as we head into the mid terms. well, the blame game is starting saudi crown prince. mohammed's been solomon is enacting revenge on democrats for the parties increasingly stand offish attitude towards the kingdom by driving up energy prices and fuel and global inflation rates . ryan grim and can clipping stein in the intercept. now, going back to 6 months, 9 months or so. when the inflation started to break out, i said on the show, and i've said many, many times as inflation increases, the stories, the rhetoric.


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