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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 22, 2022 2:30am-3:00am EST

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round the po, and it's that narrow focus south of what parliament oz fans are. i never understand what the choice why the tories are complaining about the bbc. because if it works, the bbc, all it does is report, parliament seldom reporting the wider issues. so what we've had in this country is a great deal of, ah, ah, anti johnson, the staff he deserves every bit of it, of course. but it's focused almost entirely on him. and on understandably, on the, the scandals of parties and downing street when downey's faith was, was telling the country to was to lock down. but, you know, all the scandals ah, earlier for sod, for serious war ne king. and that's what's happening in, ah,
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certainly in the ukraine at the moment. and it's is probably one of the most distorted stories i can ever remember. i mean, 1st of all, if you look at the russian was, who were said to be the aggressors. and about main base russian troops are actually in russia. ah, u. s. miss, isles, surround, ah, russia and british troops on the borders of russia, nato troops, or on the borders of russia. nato troops surround russia from slovenia all away down. so the, the aggression, the potential aggression appears to be almost certainly on one side. but it's, it's never a quarter that way. ah, and that's why propaganda is so important. to my luck. we've heard nothing but propaganda or russia about when they go straight back to the old cold war when the
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russians were coming. and of course they weren't coming. as we now know from all were classified material. the russians had no serious intention of invading western europe. and yet that was the propaganda all the way through. it didn't make any sense from their point of view. this doesn't make any sense from their point of view now. well they b, b, c with sure, right? as sort of it be the tax this week about the funding it way by the government to it's curious a mechanism that that doesn't seem to have happened actually arguably we me the say it is committed to achieving do it. but she ality and all that. but the commitment is fundamental to our reputation of values. and the trust of audience is you don't think b b c journalist would similarly allow china, save it, add bases in mexico, and russian base is in canada for them to say, look, the united states has to change where its troops are within the united states. no,
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the status or to record version that you just read out loud as it always was a good laugh among those who actually take the trouble to construct. and unfortunately, most people haven't got time to do that. and so the bbc has an entirely false reputation of objectivity. there's no sugar be, bbc represents our my produce imperial foreign policy. it doesn't ride through. it's doing it a moment on the so called a russian regression in ukraine on domestic policies. we were to learn my, my bill. i'm 2012 and last year, which effectively are social surf out for privatization of the national health
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firms, the bbc bailey report. and these bills have a critical effect on almost every one of this country. ok. and what, when during factors time when one of our advisors advised her to privatize the great public institutions the and a chest by stealth? that is what was happening out. none of that, none of that is, is given to the b. b stays millions of years. are as it really is, are the, the headline is represent her own superficial changes and the house service. and the same, the same is true when the media were like austerity news, media, austerity. what does that really mean?
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it means the impoverished bunch of millions of people, and that's what has happened in this country. i mean, it's interesting that there has been effectively and i said, i use this expression an opposite as an accurate description. that has been a class war in this country against the people that the majority of people are who cannot keep up with the, or the kind of group policies, neo liberal policies, but had been imposed on them ruthlessly. none of their, we have no real perspective of the political meaning of us farrah t even the, the human meaning austerity in terms of the numbers of people who are being and whose lives are being abandoned every time that the transfer of the chicago stands and part of the check, the dispatch box on the these,
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these are serious failures on behalf of the media, though, though the more cervical would say, i think probably correctly, they're not failures because there is the media role to present a power from the top down never from the ground up. well if philosophically that is just meritocracy is considered by those journalists and policy makers in those in power, i will return to foreign policy in a 2nd. but there were, these are almost hidden announcements about further privatization beyond your film . on the n h s, which people can watch. i mean, you believe that the lady counting of a covert positive old people in dk homes 28000 dead. maybe it was that they were killed. and that the, i mean we're now here with numbers approaching. i mean,
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it's debated how many people were killed by cove it in this country, but it seems to be more than those killed by the policies of bailing out the city of london after the financial crash. 20 wait for interesting. you know, distinguish academics i, professor de dollar osman, can i talk about the 10s of thousands of people who have died as a result of your stir t policy and the, the people at amnesty an organization really not given for a much to, i think are seriously undermining our stays, our government or power. i was in, i think 2020 but the 3rd and lastly came out with a study which shows that something like 28100 people,
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mainly elderly people. sick people had been expelled effectively from the national health service into care hands where they die now. ah, it wasn't i who wrote up the turn state murder. it was another study that came up and you know, we, the, the number of law that have been lost because of the, the cows. it's wrong to say carelessness because it is being callous, either logical and driven. and that is reaffirm by johnson's announcement this week. but on january the 26 is so called plan b would end and the all restrictions will be yours. and those who don't wear masks
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will not be, were legally required to do so. ah, and you have a virtually traveling petri dish of, of covert. i'm. unless we're, we're all going to fall into, or the fanatical area when people say the covert is no different from the flu. but that's in fact what the prime minister of this country is saying. he says he's saying we can now regard it as an academic like there are flu academics, but i got a very close friend at the moment who is in hospital. so he's a man at his seventy's are and i'm worried about it because his condition has been has been to terry aging for some time. he's fully violated. he has a booster and i guess he just unlucky, but he's picked out but don't are there. so how often is this going to happen?
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you know, tell his family that he has the flu, but that's what johnson is telling the country. it's an extraordinary, it's like, it's like a year jennifer, speaking, not a prime minister, but always watch will be sacrificed. even those younger and center and many of those actually die from, from this thing. but those who fall will will fall ill with those even play. if they recover from, ah, it's, it's uncertain whether it will be serious. it will go on to being something else. where to accept all that where to accept, but no longer is how cynical markets bound to ask people to wear a mask. i should say, the london government claims that actually they will have jurisdiction over some of
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the transport, obviously bars johnson's government. and would categorically deny as states and murder as a reason you? i mean, and if anyone thinks you are a big hawk for those wanting locked downs, that hasn't been true. john, i'll stop you there more from the legendary jonas and he'll make a john pilcher after this break. ah yes ma'am. oh, oh, risky. in fact, will you at least the typical there's only 9, but already a university students that away man's national world. if that was a new month's appointment, let's see. yep. you've got the was restored to deal with the digital spots. dan mobile, choose this many multiple with us. and so
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the last is mother you quoted yahoo jones that he may go lower. nichols, he really shows control such programs. now brochure, nebraska and of course with level your special. i was the yeah my i just have a 1st grade and i was thinking what the plan was to get on the she was in your mind . it was, i'm doing that, it was just a dog that he was with his teacher was reason is balise a good time? oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't move any world just to see how this thing becomes the advocate and engagement because the trail
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah welcome back. i'm still here with the filmmaker and legendary journalist john pilcher. do you think this change of policy about suddenly freeing up the old of britain and just say, allowing things to take their course is, is a political decision based on his own desire for political power rather than on medical evidence, which i have to say hasn't properly been produced, arguably this man who appears to treat the political body politic and birth like the common rumor he can call it and everything is
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kind of a police cloth. ah. and so we're saying we now have concrete over the parties have been going on in downing street right through the worst week. the covert pandemic in this country, while people work are bearing loved ones couldn't go to their funerals. people couldn't get married. elderly people were, ha, ha, we're on their own, couldn't be visited in care. meanwhile, has been party type in, in johnson's to mind and down the street. ah, i mean, that's a truce now for prime minister allows that to happen. ah, what else will he allow to happen when he he is now throwing away, abandoning the most basic restrictions. i mean, i don't agree with lot downs,
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but basic restrictions such as wearing masks, social distance thing. being careful about those common sense, but often common. so he require, he's throwing all right away, is solely responsible, irresponsible as appointments words worse than that. well, his opposite numbers against com are also pictured. it should be said, although he similarly said that it wasn't a breach of the rules as opposite number care suggest, armour now, leading in the polls, of course says he would have preferred to be talking about russia than johnson's a alleged parties. what do you see as her, as this prevalent view, now that war is inevitable, as it were, even while the rest of the world sees this is not really about the protection of ordinary ukrainians. why not?
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sanctions against saudi arabia of human rights abuses, for instance, is being presented to the human rights issue that we need to protect ukraine from russia. what you just said, the whole risk of war and war with the 2nd biggest nuclear harm power on earth. ah, the whole possibility of that, i don't know whether shenadra cooper or not. certainly sorry to look like that. but the possibility of the fact that there is not an issue ah, an issue before the country with all the the ramifications with all the r. ah, the components of it spelled out to people so that they understand exactly what's happening so that they understand that a section that has led to this and all was all certainly all major
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was have started following to sections. we don't have to go that far. ah, the invasion of iraq was based on a major to section ally. and if there is any kind of war with russia over you cray, or really over its riot to defend its borders, the very same borders for which hitler stormed, ah, in the 1940s, whether it has that right or not. ah, there's no, there's no discourse, there's no dialogue about there is between us. her foot wide are on the media. there isn't. it's a terribly dangerous time. and this danger carson's the danger which is almost like a movable fees for when go to china. her because everybody really studies
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the so called foreign policies of the united states and its allies, pro vassals, such as the united kingdom, will know that an enemy is essential. whether or not there are an enemy is beside the point. they're not as though there's no real n u k in the world. and there's no real animation united states, but an enemy is needed. so we'll move from russia to china. we. we really have to understand, but we have to understand the, for profound sentences. the works in geo politics is not a sort of academic good. is something that affects all our lives. and we have the right to comprehend and you know, ordinary people whose lives it's filled with all sorts of things. also have the right to understand it. beyond headlines live only one side,
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one fear and the lead still know that it, it works that imperial idea but relies on propaganda the threat from the other. they have to minimize, i don't know. the as of battalion now integrated in the ukrainian army with its views about hitler and against jews. and of course the, the idea that china brought 800000000 people out of poverty. these ideas, they're not allowed to be put on media in nato nations, as, as a matter of course, we who knows, among those who vote and as i read in some polio the day, one of the most popular creek on the world today is barack obama. there was barack obama, who affected larry, ah, overthrew the elected government in ukraine and 2014 and allowed it to be replaced with her an anti russian aggressive regime
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that came as a result of her own a bomb as people is vice president biden. ah, one of the senior, our secretaries victoria and you on the all part of actually a conspiracy which i think it was new answer the price tag or was $5000000000.00. we got the right. we got the government ukraine church that has brought later you worst, you can ride up to the border of russia. imagine the reverse. imagine the russian's. ah, rather a russian presence. ride on to the canadian border with the united states or the mexican border. is that, is that it's the refusal to understand,
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to reverse it, to put our souls in the position of a country that last, i don't think it was 20 or 1000000 people in the 2nd world war, the history, whoever's in charleston, in russia. that's been my experience of being in russia and in the soviet union. that history is like a preference it to it. it inflows home influences almost every history has no presence in the united states. ah, it's a kind of a permanent allusion. it does in this country which makes the cynicism even more rather desperate in the united kingdom that should go along with the state insurance as well as renewed interest apparently in russian or chinese,
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a placement of facilities in cuba in nicaragua, in other places, i should say that obviously, when it comes to history of the nato think tanks, the one here and roosting, says there was no deal on guaranteeing a ukraine not being bought of nato, the national security archive. people could look it up. apparently there were agreements but not official treaties of people go watch the victorian newland liter fogel on line. i've got to get to the person that illuminated so much of this for so much or of the world. julian hasanti of wiki leeks, who according to the u. n, has been tortured here in london and who is detained just very briefly because i know it's law affair, according to his defenders. is julian isn't going to be freed, or is he going to be effectively killed in the united states? i can answer that directly and it gives me the shivers even to make the choice. frankly, it doesn't look hopeful at the moment, obviously. but just before we began this interview,
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i checked with julians lawyers, whether they'd heard if the high court, the high court was going to effectively allow an appeal out of the supreme court or whether we'll go back to the lower court. so what we're looking at, i think over the next year or so is a more hearings in this country. ah, it will almost certainly go back to the lower courtroom and julia's defense team will appeal on all the issues that the district john's day. and i didn't except, and that will go all the way up to the high court again it's, it's like a slew long torture. it's quite to pray, you know, if to pray the whole persecution while the whole prosecutors of julia in the south
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and 1917 espionage act in the united states. when it's clear to everybody who understands a thing about the case. so the whole thing has been dictated. that's about shutting up journalist who do they draw with, with implications, therefore, for the editors of the guardian lamb on the new york times. and all those that collaborated with liquid helix. obviously, joe biden, cosmo hi tech. are terrorists, irregular pentagon release their own video of civilians being killed by a u. s. joint strike in afghanistan as they left a bit like the collateral murder one. i notice the pending in our leasing things. a bit like wiki leeks, but of course, as part of the campaign to defend him, direct action is being talked about in defense of him, given the policy nature of the all legal process. what did you think of what he saw? a jury acquit those who clearly vandalized the statue of edward colston lee,
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a british slave trader, celebrated in bristol port a sign that the direct action and juries can destroy power in this country. after all, that's good news. that is the good news. and you know, the colston ah, the colston decision which was just to aspire jury and the difference between endurance and, ah, a judicial system but allow somebody like julian song, possibly probably to be expedited is the moral or century dislike people themselves. the jurors took a moral view and there's been a whole i, there been a whole literally of, of jury pictures. it goes back to 11 that i was in
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her in the mid ninety's when a group called ploughshares, women broke into a british aerospace or arms factory where they were manufacturing the hawk aircraft in lancashire. then britain had just on 500000000 on deal within the leisure to supplier with 4 k ultra, which a claim for training. in fact, the whole k truck and i saw the results of this in east timor were strafing and, and bombing. alyssa asked her she had been, may have well, ah, the, the, the jury in this of course, found from them the reason the women are broken into the a factory and vandalize, at least one of the aircraft was to prevention as a quarter in the fence to prevent genocide and the jury agree that was
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a moral decision. and we say the same with extinction roberto with anti war protesters. people who have gone past the bbc view politics passed westminster, who carry with always responsibility of, of great issues. ah, i get enormous or all i was the world without the gay. you want to talk about the police bill to the curb protest, of course, in this country, but people can watch death of a nation. the documentary you did, which was used in evidence in that trial on your website, john build your thank you and that's it for the show. will be back on monday, 5 years to the day, the president, donald trump, would you the u. s. from the proposed trans pacific partnership agreement, the never came to be in 3 years since the trump administration officially recognized the unelected boris johnson supported venezuelan opposition leader, one guy, those the countries president did bill then keeping touch viola social media. let
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us know if you think you are free to protest in your country. ah. i think we'll put it up on this particular coordinate. anybody's keith is going to push and push it. if i had a fever there, should somebody sammy from a few minutes that really was 3. see what i still love with it at the but i talked about communion. very few believe about will give you hope. all right from where you are will be with you know, this was our partner with the you. well thank you bye. here for prosper. any weaker? clear from a brush your production for the new bruise
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can back either financial delilah. no, they say made it the girl i wanted to do this is our central package support dot com. mm. call them right now. so stop the madness. ah, is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world if it walks like a dog inquired like a dog, a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like the monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially it controls the market place. it's not really a market as a private arena, a world where a single company controls the distribution of all our daily products and the
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infrastructure of our economy is loose the world according to amazon. ah, we recently notified congress of our intend to deliver. and 17 helicopters, the u. s. joins other nato men within ramping up weapon supplies to kiev went off to urging russia to remove its troops from its own soil in a new round. the escalation, talked with kathy gains, access to case materials about convicted sex offender and influential financier, jeffrey etc. showing the reports of his 1st suicide attempts were heavily redacted . and medical experts and sport inside is appealed to the international olympic committee saying new rules for transgender athletes enable unfair competition. and women.


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