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my name is lisa was, according to amazon. ah mm rushes. foreign minister on the u. s. secretary of faith are about to meet in geneva or crucial regional security talks. i made escalating tensions over ukraine . moscow speak found against america as a power and defamation of our t. i'm fellows, news agency. sputnik of the washington accuses them of spreading this information. we examined the allegations report claims, former pope benedict. the 16th failed to take action over allegations of sexual abuse among the clergy in germany. and another high rise is to be built in london with the same households as the notorious greenfield tower renewing fears about the
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devastating 5 i killed more than 70 people. we spoke to a man who lost his family in the black. it's like this with all profits before lives. i'm just calling help with a very warm welcome from our team here in moscow. this is our t international with the latest world news. it's great to have you with us. now as tensions over ukraine remain high, the top diplomats of the us and russia are about to meet in switzerland to discuss moscow is proposals for regional security guarantees versus envoy farm. and the 2nd law for off has already arrived in geneva for the talks with us secretary of state, anthony blink. and the key topic is moscow's demands that nato will stop expanding towards russia's borders. but the u. s. and the european nato states have
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repeatedly rejected that proposal was the correspondence, peter, all of a take a closer look at the international context of this meeting in geneva. the search for a diplomatic solution to the ongoing tensions between russia and nato, comes back to the shores of lake geneva and the heads of his meeting with the russian foreign minister, sir, gala rove the us secretary of state anthony, blinking has been putting america's message to its partners directly before coming to switzerland, the u. s. foreign policy chief waiting for lynn for full way talks with representatives of germany, france, and the united kingdom. russia is entitled to protect itself in the united states in europe, are prepared to discuss russia, security concerns and how we can address them in a reciprocal way. while the secretary of state looked to protect one voice from the 4 nations that had taken part in the talks, as he gave those remarks alongside the german 4 minister, the french president,
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emanuel micron told the european parliament earlier in the week that europe needs to come to its own arrangements with russia, parallel to those of nato and the united states. it's good that europeans and the united states are coordinating, but it's necessary for europeans to conduct their own dialogue. we should build as europeans, working with other europeans and nato, and then propose it for negotiation with russia. before the trip to berlin, lincoln was in kiev with a message of peace and the promise of more weapons for ukraine. we continued to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the costs of the united states and europe will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic craft that we've laid out. and proceed with an unwarranted unprovoked, unacceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine. last week talks in geneva, brussels and vienna didn't get things much further along on tuesday speaking in
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moscow, 4 minutes, the said again, love rob said that russia wasn't interested in just holding meetings for the sake of having meetings, looters it as a bush unless we expressed concern about nature's policy of containment of the russian federation. and in that regard, we do attention in some detail to the initiatives that the russian side is taken to negotiate credible legally binding security guarantees. let me remind you that we have given such guarantees to the u. s. and members of the north atlantic alliance . we are waiting responses as we have been promised to these proposals in order to continue negotiations of the senior. it would seem that those responses were given as these talks a going ahead between this meeting being announced. and now there has been a lot of chatter about how nato, driven by the us should tackle russia with sanctions, including the possibility of cutting moscow off from the swift international payment system of his don't to run back in 2014. however,
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after much deliberation that particular plan to seem dead in the water for now, it isn't expected to be a long conversation between foreign minister lap rovan, secretary of state blinking around an hour and a half or so. and they aren't going to sort out all of the problems that exist between russia and the west right now. but what they can do, what we really have to hope that they will do is lay the groundwork for a diplomatic way to put right. a relationship that has been delighted by miss trust . peter, all of a r t in geneva, constant in gap for law of head of the russian delegation for military security and arms control based in vienna, had expressed his opinion on what to expect from the talks. the meeting minister wrote and 2nd sibling will help to make progress in these negotiations, giving to evans to the ukraine, and the provokes conflict on the,
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on the board visit us in that was submitted in just on our like, can them make all the small drawers according to our international obligations. busy in rate, ukraine, we don't need these now really making problem again to to, to, to have negotiations positions before negotiations. i think they accusing blaming graphic. nobody thing what can happen in moscow slams the us state department accusations about russian this information over ukraine as washington head, south media outlets r. t and sputnik. we got reaction from geopolitical analysts, daniel mcadams, who says the us government simply doesn't wants the media to challenge is presented
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narratives. it's classic us government. they always want to drop a stink bomb in advance of any condom negotiations. it's just their way of putting up a middle finger. they're accusing of the art of representing a pro russia view as if the u. s. media in its entirety of the us mainstream media represents the pro u. s. government, not us us government view. they have no clue that the vast majority of americans can't stand american foreign policy. and so what is their, what is their, what is their conclusion? well, should we change our policy? no, let's don't let them watch things that challenge their perspective. the challenge is their narratives. earlier i got the latest from our senior correspondent, right, gas ts mother there, the latest allegations washington periodically comes out with her with new reports, with new investigations into our tea. a nab almost always regurgitated things that
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they've said before. i least this time we with that we didn't have a senate hearing with, with serious men and stars and stripes discussing an r t video about a statue receive in too many views that has happened before ls this time. the gist of it is that washington has come out and said the look media that is independent and free and generally aligned values the interests of washington at these when they report on something, it is, it is news, it is unbiased. it is, it is balanced when r t reports on the same thing. it is propaganda. and this information, this, this is the gist of what they have said. they have listed the all sorts of examples where they believe that r t has a twisted and twisted facts or twisted news or narrative. for example, we, we had an incident where they talked about ortiz critical coverage of the european
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union's response. initial response to the pandemic, which is hero, completely justified you had the president of the european commission come out herself also on the line and apologize. issue heartfelt apology to 700000000 european citizens who were left disappointed with the, with the european union's response and reporting on this somehow in the eyes of washington or the state department, eas, propaganda, and this information. there was also an interesting bit where they compared our t and student to, to be b, c, and voice of america, voice of america, which until up until 2013 was forbidden from broadcasting in the united states. because there was an understanding that it is propaganda intended for foreign consumption because it is unhealthy for americans up until 202000, sorry, and 30 of all manner of insiders and former employees of was america come out and
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say over the years that yes it is essentially funded by congress an arm of congress . nevertheless, this is opposed to charge for them. a journalist. there's also a very interesting bit about weekend leeks. when colleagues, by the way, which has never published a lie, which is statistically more accurate and more dependable than that, almost any media out as in the world, be it cnn. bbc, will we have an r t at statistically they have never published a life so, so here the problem that washington has us is they allege, and this is a live. they alleged that art. he published a wiki leaks expose a information about a new data done before week leaks did, which is a lie that's been debunked for years. what happened is we can, it's published a true of, of a new information, and they forgot to they forgot to on twitter to announce it
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r t announced that because they saw it on their side and, and for years washington has started this, put the r t published weekly information before we can extend, which is an outright lie so you can understand the general level of fact checking in. in this report, there was also a bit about turkey saying that russian coverage, russian media can't coverage of turkey before it should shut down a russian jet was neutral after it's or the shot down russian jet. it was negative . well, was that surprising? imagine mexico shooting down an american jet. what would american media say or say someone else shooting down a british jet? can you imagine the headlines of, on the daily mail, for example. nevertheless, this is, this is the latest dump from the americans. oh, the very latest investigation into our to you and goodness, but it is much the same as it has been in past years. ah,
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a new report claims former pope benedict. the 16th fell to take action in 4 cases of alleged sexual abuse. while serving as archbishop of the german cities of munich and phrasing these study by a german law firm looked into the cases of abuse perpetrated in the period between 19452019. and how church officials handled them. according to the report, over 2 thirds of people investigated in connection with sexually abusive behavior, turned out to be priests. with a report claims the former pope supported the investigations but denied any wrong doing in connection with the allegations we'll have for it. rather man says he was a victim of sex, abused by the clergy during that period, and talks about what he's been through someone. it happened in the summer of $979.00. i was 11 years old. back then pastor act served as st. andrews church and when he left s and groups of people started attacking me,
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they knew i was one of the reasons he left. we moved to another district of the town and in 1999, i began to be affected by my experiences. i could not work, i had dizziness, i could not drive or simply go out of the house. my whole family was suffering because of that. i started visiting doctors to find out what the problem was. and finally i got to see a psychotherapist. i told him the whole story and he said i had been through a really traumatic experience that triggered memories of all the abuse i had experienced. when i saw the pastor munich, he was standing among other pastor, smiling. i told myself, listen paraphilias disease. so he'll most likely keep going. he did by far not the 1st time that senior catholic clergyman had been on the fire of alleged sexual abuse with numerous cases having been reported in other german cities islands on france, wilford folsom, unsafe off. his letter pope. anything changed, some instructions on how clarity should punish those who sexually abuse minus with vessel. and he says it's taken church officials too long to take any measures to
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address the claims. now i'm see what slides holes in 20062008. i sent an automated emails to the munich diocese. i wrote about my experiences with pastor acts when he was innocent. they ignored my letter in 2006. so i tried again in 2008 when abuse victims were demanded compensation for the 1st time. they then describe my letter as criminal blackmail, but it's clear that i hadn't been black mailing the church. those officials who came to me released i was a victim right away. they also realized they themselves had been used by the church . they were simply fooled by it. i was 1st of all concerned about justice because the pastor just went to another place when i was writing the letter. it was important to me to protect others in may. 2010. i wrote to pope benedict. i told him my whole story on may 21st. i got a response saying the pope would take care of it and he really did. but as we have seen, it took 2530 years for a victim to open up and start talking about it is still con this our, an american man at the center of
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a conspiracy theory about suppose at s b. i involvement in last. he is capitol hill, why it is that to be questions by the congressional committee investigating the incidents? what bring to you that story and much more often they showed right? ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, join me every thursday on the alex sarlin. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. just welcome back. now, 4 and a half years after london's deadly grenville fire tragedy phase of a repeat have emerged among the public as the mid plans to build a new high rise in the area with yes, again, only one set of fire escape stairs for his residence, ortiz, sorry, edward stashed,
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he has the dee's house in the shadows of the grunfeld tower. the tragedy that came the lives of 72 plans are in place to build a new skyscraper twice the heights and just a few meters away. despite the public inquiry concluding the safety policy, all the grand crowds have failed. this new building is set to adhere to that failed policy, including the requirement for just a single escape staircase. we would, he knows that single staircase staircase is all very difficult to use for fire fighting on the skype the same time. the whole situation is that the year every becomes very crowded. you had to have a skype roots on the exterior building because namely could be natural even to like a chip. the proposed high rise is designed to accommodate hundreds of households and would adopt similar policy neville to care last 5 members of his family on the 14th of june 2017. and that night residents were told to stay pert. i'm very
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concerned for once the case of staples is also destroying to include sleep. why haven't they still learnt or from the previous nor do we want to go straight and supply me. i'm making them learn for mom of sakes. we shouldn't do though. the government is currently reviewing the provision of escape routes and building regulations. while the local council insists residents, safety comes fast. the safety of our residence as our number one priority. we took a to fly with developers to ensure that anything they build is fully compliant with all safety and other regulations as a minimum and the local people are fully consulted. we are aware of this development and we will be providing a response to the planning consultation. while new homes can no longer be caught in combustible material like that, which calls flames to shoot up the grunfeld tower. the government is still yet to
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remove, cutting thousands of tower blocks in the u. k. and unlike to do so, before 2025, the survivors and the bereaved erecting another high rise building wall lessons haven't been learned is unforgivable. we still haven't finished with the inquiry fulfilled, our proposal to be given or even new laws or recommendations or whatever it is. it's like this. if we carry non profits before lives, i'm that this call it happen. when will they ever learn the school? nothing is be learned, they say lightening doesn't strike twice. but is this really the place to build a tower and with crushed of all safety precautions as the community is still in morning under waiting justice. shante edwards dusty archie london report south of northern syria. say a terrorist attack by the islamic state group has enabled over a dozen prisoners to escape a detention facility as a comp on was detonated just outside. local correspondent mohammed ali reports from
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syria. the incident happened when a he was last with heard around the look where on prison, which is also known as a lesson oper, the governor 8 years which turned out to be an attack by a sleeper sofa dice using a car bomb. they tried to attack the prison classes were reported over there between to dash terrorists attacking from the outside. and the guards of the prison affiliated, of course, would be so called through the democrats care forces. also the reports or they're coming out of that area to just that part of just from the u. s. coalition carried out already over the area over there, and also choppers were engaged in open gunfire around and in the passivity of the prison. according to curtis media outlets about 20 die ship prisoners were able
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to escape. and according to the coordination and military operation center of the series democrats forces, they said that currently engaged in operation to retake control entirely of the prison. also, search operation are currently underway and the neighborhoods around wait on and then has like in order to attract those who escaped re apps, a participants of the pro trump rally that descended into chaos on capitol hill on january the 6th last year. is that the questioning by the congressional committee investigating the incident, although hundreds have been detained, epps has become a person of particular interest to the public over allegations. he has links to the f. b i. he was caught on camera before and only day of the protest, inciting people to quote, go into the capital eps was put on the. the eyes most wanted list in connection
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with the incidence that was later removed. he then became focus on the conspiracy theory that the s b, i could have allegedly been involved in inciting the chaos at that has adamantly denied having links with the f b i. and meanwhile, the federal agency has been on the quiet about the issue and attack intense question and get tersely acknowledged the man, but declined to that. the comment who has re ups. i'm aware of the individual, sir. i don't have the specific background to him. on the night of january 5th, 2021 eps wandered around the crowd that had gathered. and there's video out there. it had channing to borrow. we need to get into the capital end of the capital. this was strange behavior so strange that the crowd began chanting fed, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. but sandburg was re up, so fed, sir, i cannot answer that question. we spoke to bruce marx, he was
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a republican member of the pennsylvania state senate. he thinks it's too early to dismiss this, that fed man conspiracy. yeah, yeah. i could have determined that he wasn't involved in that he did nothing wrong . the 2nd answer is that he did something wrong, but he's cooperating. and therefore, they don't need him to be on the list. and then the 3rd answer is of course that he could have been an f, b i, informant. and then whoever put him on the list didn't realize it at the time. and then once they realized that he was an f b i, informant, they removed him from the list right now that, that's just speculation. but it's possible the f b, i has used infiltrators in the past that joined organizations and, and encouraged to illegal activity. and i think it's a matter of concern, that's why it's really important for the f, b i and the department of justice to explain to the public whether mr. epps was acting on behalf of the government, or that it wasn't a c, i a hi shed light on
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a recent conundrum in diplomacy. many reported cases of the mysterious, near neurological affliction known as havana syndrome. the latest findings rule out involvement by foreign actors such as russia and a majority of the cases. the health incidents 1st came to life in 2016, reported by the u. s embassy personnel in the cuban campus. so some of the complaints related made by u. s. employees at other facilities around the world of honest syndrome plotted by russians, apparently not ca, rules out foreign attacks after probing for a year. we assess, it is unlikely that a foreign actor, including russia, is conducting a sustained worldwide campaign, harming us personnel with a weapon or mechanism. mysterious illnesses have been targeting u. s. officials abroad since 2017, causing hearing unexplained sounds, headache,
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and nausea. attacks of an invisible enemy, secret microwave weapons, cricket mating noises, majority of cases turn out to be caused by medical, environmental, and technical factors. time to close the case. think again, with 2 dozen unexplained cases. there's still room for conspiracy. theories. are we'd love to hear your thoughts on this story and everything else i did get in touch by following guys on social media and even all your comments that we'll be back to talk about with the latest said ah, i don't think we'll put it up unless perhaps you skita coordinate, anybody if you could call them push and push it if i had a few but there's just somebody somebody a few minutes, but that was 3 to what i still love. the problem started at the but i booked with
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loaner vehicle me in your school was like, you believe about what will give you hope. all right, so more you will be with, you know, for you this was a way of like you but here for a little for pretty weaker live from a brush your production for the new bruise. can a yes ma'am. oh, oh, risky is that will you? elisa? typical there is only 9, but already 8 university students that away man slash a new modest appointment. let's see. yep. you got the
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glass doors to deal with a with now bush, not nebraska, of course with level your special i was the yeah my but i just have a 4th grade and i was thinking what certified that was to get on the she was in your mind it was something to do with sue lose with his teacher over with. 6 jim, so intense interrogation techniques used by the u. s.
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officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station in mosul among them wordpress positions sleep deprivation and usually type of therm. yeah. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant children. whatever you do or more comes home, nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america later sacrificed the shimmer most effective interrogation.
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ah, ah. hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . on this addition to the program, we discussed the ongoing nato, russia pensions. we asked, what is nato strategy also, what is russia's strategy dealing with nato eastward expansion, and what are the likely outcomes for both? ah, cross sucking nato russia. tensions i'm joined by my guess, charl shoe bridge in london. he's a security analyst and former u. k. army and counterterrorism intelligence officer in washington, we have michael maloof. he is a former pentagon senior security policy analyst, and here in moscow we have alexi. now,
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he is an expert at the russia council on international affairs, as well as chief editor at r t t dot com. all right, general in cross hoc rules and effect that music and jumping any time you want. and i always appreciate, let's go to charles 1st in london, and i'm really sick and tired of all the misinformation and propaganda that is being spewed about these growing tensions. there are tensions, there's no doubt about that. okay. but, and how they're being characterized is really important. for us on this program to set straight. so charles, i asked 3 questions in my introduction. what, what, what is, what is nato up to? what is the gambit here is that they have to continued expanding to be relevant. i mean, what is it american hegemony? because it's picking a needless fight with russia, go ahead charles. or would you out, or is she really of a nature or future? of course, ever since the cold war, which been costing around for role, it has to remind relevance and.


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