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[000:00:00;00] a headlines, this criminal negligence that sy rushes foreign ministry, is describing the work of some western journalists seeking to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invite you trained, despite continuous denials from officials in moscow also to kill them. the russian co, with vaccines got nick, they demonstrate strong protection against the recently emergent omicron strain, not according to a new italian study, and also produces more anti bodies than the fire. the jap, disturbing declassified video shows the seconds before us drone kills 10 afghan civilians, many of them children were seen playing on the street and one of the most appalling incidents in the bought withdrawal from the country. but joe biden says he makes no apologies whatsoever,
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but the disastrous pedantry can pull act. and iran opposes american domination president even to see lashes as to why tire pressure mid term you can you to an exclusive interview with? hello there 6 pm in moscow. you watching our t international, my west in june, this trying to convince the public that russia wants to invade neighboring ukraine are committing criminal negligence. that's the b for moscow, where officials have consistently denied the allegations. it's amazing how american gen, lest speak was all certainty about russia's attack on ukraine and seemed to have never heard about nato expansion to the east of the obligations of western countries to the indivisibility of security. it is as if they did not know anything
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about the provocations of the key ever. geem and washington support. well, is this holy simplicity or, and permissible neva t. i think it's criminal negligence. what media hysteria that maria's a horrible mentioned there has spread across the west like wild fire over the past several months and bite and seems to be just as captivated by this idea of some sort of russian invasion as his friends in the western media are who seemed to be in lock step with nato. at his 2nd major press conference since taking office, he said that vladimir putin is still calculating. he still waiting for his moment to take some sort of military action. and when does he think this invasion will be? well, with all of the, or might of the u. s. intelligence services at biden's disposal. he seems to think that it all hinges on putin having a bad morning one day. the only thing i'm confident is that decision is totally soley, completely food decision. nobody else are going to make that decision known. osgood
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impacts he's making that decision. he and i suspect it matters which side of the bed he gets up on the morning as to exactly what he's going to do . all jokes aside though, binding did not pull any punches when he was talking about threats against russia. he promised that there would be sanctioned the likes of which vladimir putin has never seen before. he confirmed that $600000000.00 worth of sophisticated military technology has been deployed to ukraine and other nato and nato countries in eastern europe. so, and that was all echoed by a number of republican lawmakers who said that biden should give prudent, bloody nose if he takes any action against ukraine. so we've got 2 sides here, both saying that they're looking for a diplomatic solution, but washington just seems to be disregarding all of russia's negotiating points. so with this going on, what's the word from russia? while these accusations of an eminence, russian invasion of ukraine,
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they've been going around for months now and time and time again. moscow has said that it's just a fantasy. they've said that, you know, russia has the right to move its own troops around in its own territory. and that should not be a threat to anyone. we stress once again, russia is not going to attack anyone. the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. we call for an end to the stereo, so is not to pile on tensions around the dominance problem. and most importantly, not to push hot has in key of towards new publications. how to make the whole situation even more tense, intelligent services from the self proclaimed done yet the people's republic have said that ukraine is actually planning to attack and sabotage key points along the point. the front blind, the line of conflict between control territory and done boston ukraine. so far there has not been any comment from kiev on these developments. but this combined with the west's attempt to stoke hysteria around on the legit russian attack. i mean, they're not doing anything for the escalation of the conflict there. don't quarter reporting ivy's development still comes,
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the west continues to send weapons c crane. just recently the u. s. backs nato plans to deploy arms, including anti tank missiles to force is near rushes. borders with the bite administration edition planning to to ship $200000000.00 worth of missiles, ammunition, and other equipment to ukraine. in the coming days of the country, steam plant do the same. the escalation efforts in ukraine bring in more lethal weapons. you can air force thought if the key of within the 7 large military aircraft, with weaponry anti tank weapons on board,
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ukrainian officials don't hold back their excitement. this military assistance will strengthen our forces and increase our defense capabilities. i want to stress that we will only use these weapons for defense purposes to protect the critical infrastructure and civilians from any actions that may lead to escalation. royal air force bringing peace and stability to europe. since the belgrade bombing, where we got reactions from former british ambassadors, craig murray, and peter ford, who believed that the saber rattling is politically beneficial for western leaders . this thing deserves course, that isn't going to be a russian invasion. this is a sauce concocted. i said not like i'm in the united kingdom, you have a government in deep trouble and very unpopular. you have the same of joe biden. joe biden is a plumbing debt one, popularity, but notice when level plums before, accept the donald trump. so a fun distraction, sabre, that name,
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war mongering is always something which politicians turn to and which generally they can, they can rely on their media to, to deflect and take up. so we're seeing this doesn't phobic war mongering propaganda. largely, i think as a distraction from the internal weakness of these key western government, i'm afraid to close a moment is not thinking about long term consequences. they thinking today, tomorrow, no further than next week, when johnson may hope crisis may be over. in the meanwhile, and his internet to ramp up, or to dry up the temperature, which is exactly what was done by announcing the day that the bending new weapon to ukraine. now,
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while political tensions i've ukraine did show no signs of letting up we analyze, the situation could develop from pe and you can read about it in an article, it's been written at our website at actually a study by italian research is in collaboration with russia has shown that the sputnik v vaccine is highly effective against the omar crohn caves strike. the results have shown that to dose vaccination regimen allows the formation of neutralizing antibodies that can neutralize the micron variant. this study together with previous studies gives additional evidence for the need a booster immunization sputnik light booster after sputnik the vaccination induces robust neutralizing antibody response to our micron variant percent shows that after 2 doses of the sport and exactly not allow for the formation of antibodies that combat the micron very, and of course the conversion is considered very high chance of it mutating
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a multiplying some 70 times faster than the previous delta varian. these foot nick, to 2 doses of the splitting vaccine will allow for antibodies as to neutralize that on the contrary, at a rate of around 2 times faster than the fire. the vaccine can real demi, have a general, if the russian direct investment fund said that this research is the latest piece of evidence that russia has. one of the best, most effective vaccines in the world. against that. on the contrary, unless he what he said, this really allows us locally to say this is probably one of the best ways seen in the world against forming from what really continue what are going to show lots of like student producers by combining their machine with our we'll start with nic life. that's why cuz the most traded significant increase in the level and use our war against warming wrong. and we believe that partnership with different exchange combining together by for me wrong and nations. israel as a way for we believe this partnership will mix and match approach on different
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machines. it's also important, given the most recent data, one weekly 1000000000 applications and my name. of course, this will come as welcome news of people in russia. those co we'd figure the pin soaring since the beginning of january. of course, people have been coming back from their travels over the christmas holidays, over those new year, holidays long new year holidays in russia. the country as recorded some 38000 new cobra cases in the past day. however, despite that, the deputy met moscow. anastasia record say that the situation with hospitalizations, with covey is stable. the health care system is not being overwhelmed by people coming in and taking cold beds with being hospitalized would be on the chrome very . and so if there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel course, his research confirming and what people have been saying that sputnik is a very effective vaccine against the army con variant. and of course,
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those hospitalization being stable in the city. okay. well, let's discuss all of this a bit further than i because we are joined by the bulb. javan. he's a professor of urology in europe and romania. and you very well. can we appreciate your time this evening bulb. how encouraging are these findings on sputnik because there were fears weren't that so mac or chrome strain could actually avoid most vaccines to correct your mouth for romania from austria. far away from romania, but he's actually vienna, austria. actually the no problem actually. i totally agree with you on the ground has been some kind of a positive negative story. other than a sense of people thought that now that it's not such an aggressive buyer is not such an aggressive, very hospitalizations are still high. however, it is, death rates are not as high as a dollar variance. that was a good message,
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but the bad message was everybody seems together and the positive that rates are exploding terribly. so that's an issue we have to handle. and right now i think that stephanie way too, and all the officials and sorties are somehow sounding more positively. why do you think that this is all of this study shows that sputnik is more effective than a jap like 5. why would there be such a difference? well, remember, those are any viruses i, renee, vaccines are targeting parts of the protein so called spice proteins. and by chance, whether that is something that happened by chance or it was a mutation that was done because actually, or happened because this is the back seat or targeting that specific spiked a protein that on the current barrier is actually targeting. exactly, that's part of the virus pfizer and people know they're enough. we're targeting to
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produce the vaccine. and obviously split make being a vector virus vaccine is not going that way. the different cameras the most, you understand and we all understand so far. so obviously from the last 30 that came out from the county and that's russian group alliance. and i think it's helen institution. yes, they seem to work better. it's not unexpected. because even if you look at that one american study of israel was involved in us, it also show that combining, for example, materna with virus or with one of the best of vaccine would be superior to just getting a booster by one of the r n a viruses, so this news is not surprising, however, this gives us the academic. let's a back of them to prove that this is the case and that's what we're waiting for. much more than that. let me just finish with this thing just. i'm still really
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basically upset with the situation that if you have a backseat, for example, you are still not considered in the european countries vaccinated. so there's a lot of politics going on. and unless we all get together and put all these vaccine information to studies together, we will not be able to finish with this. do you think that have been valid raisins? organizations like the world health organization not through approved sputnik so far. there are, frankly, i'm a urologist, i'm a surgeon, but we are a lot involved with these vaccination stories because we have cancer patients that are confronted with, frankly speaking from what i know from the authorities of i'm, i'm talking to austria and in europe it seems to be a lot of politics sex here, and this is very, very interesting thinking brought up perhaps the possibility of combining vaccines in this interview because i know one of the research is who basically developed
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this. certainly vaccine has been saying, this is something we want to do for a long time. why haven't we seen it yet then if it's such a good idea, if you know the theory is that while people practicing this people are practicing this. i mean, out of the, on the ground, you have a lot of people getting mix vaccines. if you go to the middle east, for example in dubai, which is kind of becoming like what it is where people mix up them all over the place as you, you have people have from russia that we're back seen and they get a booster by pfizer. so this is happening on the ground and if you look at those people, there are some small studies are not valid. they are not level one evidence. but there seem to evidence that if you mix clinically vaccines, you're going to boost her from pfizer or the way around. you had pfizer to shot it a booster by foot. this will increase specifically your new unity and your
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system defense against army crow. buried is this something that the trial is more cath flaming all the hidden dangers to doing this. so this is something that, you know, we can expect to see more prevalent over the next few months or so. well, i think at the end of the day you will have to do this kind of studies. and i personally think that this is going to be the way to go into future is to mix of scenes with our neighbour actually listen. if those of you who had a normal are in a vac seen, so the flu shots, a flu vaccine in the meantime, that was a vector of actually mostly 2. and you still combine an hour and a with a vector. so you have both at the same time and there was no health damage. so technically seen, i don't see any problem by getting that. you're asking the question. so the army current barian and the level of the evidence that we have right now from the us, from europe, is that once you open the door for joint studies,
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this is what comes out. so politicians and politics has to be taken out of this equation. and then you will see studies like the last one from the italy and kelly group and the russian group from alliance develop. actually this put me like booster and everything that this combinations are indeed being very efficient against the comparison. okay, well could you call nice to told j we're going to leave it that was a bob given professor of urology coming to his life from austria. thank you. your work now, despite the appalling ongoing consequences, the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan including a humanitarian catastrophe. joe biden has insisted he has absolutely nothing to be sorry for there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years, easily. not possible the matter when you did it. and i make no polish when i didn't. meanwhile,
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newly declassified footage does show the seconds before. one of the most disturbing moments of august, polite is a huge stroke, mistaken. the calles 10 couple civilians, most of them children. you can see children walking around and playing on the streets as the pentagon proposed to strike. and this is the moment of the glass to civilians can be seen crossing the road while the messiah was fired. now there are going questions about accountability for that strike despite issuing an official apology for the attack. the pentagon does maintain that no one will be punished for the deadly mistake with defense spokesperson john kirby, claiming that there is not enough evidence of personal accountability. the brother of one of the victims says the operation makes a mockery of us claims of precision bombing of the key up ashley themselves. so the news came as a shock. we feel betrayed because no one will be prosecuted. they should have kept
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their word. we held that the people who ordered and carried out this attack would face justice. the americans claimed that they can spot a needle on the ground from their satellites. so how could they not see the innocent family they were about to kill? they found no connection between us and islamic state. so why didn't they do those checks before launching obama to us? it looks like no other country is forcing them seek justice. there is no way to challenge them because they're a superpower. that's why the americans have failed to keep their promises. not for more on the consequences of the u. s. war on territory gate, artie dot com because they can find and comment on our special project on heard voices where we to speak to those on the ground hit by america's war in afghanistan . an exclusive interview with r t, iran's president has said he wants a group of nations free of us control the common steve, come and made height intentions with washington, a. the nuclear talk switzer,
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an art is more against the f headlines. the key points that were raised this interview was the iranian president's 1st such interview to, to foreign press, or we were fortunate as it went on for a while, the better part of a now. and there was a lot covered of issue. one of the 1st things we talked about is relations with russia, between a rod and russia, the strategic corporation deal. that is, that is still being inc, between the 2 countries that goes way into the future. 20 years into the future. envisioning all sorts of cooperation between iran and russian. i asked the iranian president, why, by russia, and he says that the 2 countries have a lot that they agree on. there is a lot that they can mutually benefit on and that ultimately they are both countries that want to be free or their own. solitary, like a main principal, is that we do not want to accept domination over the country and do not want to be
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oppressed. we want to me in ascendant country, just like russia wanted me, aaron warranties. these countries that want to be independent with being attacked by their arrival the americans don't want to independent countries. i mean, we oppose american domination regime. the gist of what he said is that the united states and its allies think agony, that they want to crush any nation that wants to charge it its own cause in infancy . and that is what we have seen with syria, with libya, with, with other nations. you, i also asked them about cyber crime about the constant accusations against iran, of conducting cyber attacks to get some nation cyber espionage, to which the radiant president replied, well look at what is happening in iran. we are regularly targeted with some of the biggest cyber cyber crime operations. the world has seen where all our petrol stations are nuclear, nuclear power objects, how this is by far inside 2 attacks, which no condemnation from the international community. he also,
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he also spoke about his ties, the countries cause to china, for example. and i also asked them about a recent video where the radian military would seem conducting a more mock attack against donald trump. this is all tied into the murder, the killing of cassim selling money. and iranian commander who went to great lengths to combat isis in the middle east. you forgot to little bit in the classroom. so the money and his associates were heroes in the fight against terrorism. in iraq and they were killed that someone wants to be oppressed to be seen as being oppressed and the oppressed to be seen as being the oppressor. that's all people understand that they know who is committing oppression in the world. and what the radians had to say is that there must be responsibility. this is a matter of principle for them that an international investigation must be launch. donald trump must answer for that killing in court. as i say, there was much more covered during this interview,
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and the full version will be brought to you very soon. now it's been a year since joe biden took office's america's president, but despite numerous problems and sagging approval ratings, he has remained relatively up, be beaten, does claim to with the mid term elections coming up, he's actually doing better than expected. there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years, easily. not possible, no matter when you did it. and i make no publish. when i did the west african nation of gonna has completely rejected media reports that is considering hosting an offshore migrant detention center for the u. k. it's been kind that breaking wants to deport illegal migrants to 3rd party countries in
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africa. u. k. newspapers reported details of a document dubbed operation dead meat, which contains among others, a measure supposedly being drawn up by u. k. or forty's to send migrants to countries such as rwanda and gonna for processing and resettlement. garner has not engaged with the u. k. on any such plan and does not intend to consider any such operation in the future when a similar case took place 3 months ago when al by noon and u. k. officials were claimed to be close to striking a deal on that processing center with albanian authorities likewise dismissing the reports is being absolutely untrue this month alone. more than a 1000 my consult believe to cross the english channel from the u to britain and is expected over 65000 migrants will have taken that route to enter britain by the end of the year. while the u. k. has been trading blame in france, excuse me, over the drastic rise in illegal migrant crossings and french president,
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my new micron insist the u. k. should create legal and safe rates to britain in address to the european parliament. he said, the issue won't be resolved if the u. k. doesn't ease its migration policies. u. k . home secretary said early this week that the armed forces could take charge of operations to limit migrant crossings in the channel. we discussed the situation with a former spokes person on immigration for the u. k. independence party. he says that boris johnson's pledge is on the issue. a rebid to distract the public's attention away from the so called party gates, scandal is ridiculous ideas. use the navy. the british navy has been cut to the bone anyway and its purpose is not to repel illegal immigrant boats. we are without countries like governor oregon, the actually knowing about it, saying that we are going to transport illegal immigrants over there. that rightly replying and telling us that they don't want them. this has been
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a problem ever since. since into power back in 2019 teresa, my was little bit weak or miss she famously saw in the un migration call. laura johnson has come out with big words, very convenient. the only now has the illegal immigrant crisis reaches a crescendo. and at the same time, the local subarus johnson to go this, these firm promises a being made. we've been full too many times by. could you tell them the conservatives are not going to do anything about it? not russia's central bank has said it wants to ban both trading and mining of all crypto currency such as big coin morning. they are ponzi schemes that i'm productively waste vast amounts of energy. now, along with the u. s. and cars, it's time russia is one of the world's top bit coining minus an energy intensive process that does that you transactions to the network. numerous western states are also mulling a ban, warning that the practice is
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a climate change threat. you're up to date, you're watching, i'll say nice. abby company mo, from us at the top of the booth with the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them,
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wordpress positions sleep deprivation. inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america world leader sucker fudge. of the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah hi max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. you know other shows are happy to report . pleasant sounding lies. our politicians are constantly telling us, pleasant lies. i'm the show. we dare to delve into unpleasant truth, stacy? the truth is,
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honey badger. don't care. remember all the fun you heard on the mainstream news. first about bitcoin boiling the ocean's. well then that turned out to be fake. and we actually have headlines relating to how fake that is. but they also said that when china shut down, bitcoin mining operations, that this was the end of big coin. but those minors picked up and they moved to texas and then they moved to cows expand. and then complex them had some turmoil over the past few weeks and that electric grid, internet grade went down for a while and they were like, oh my god, this is bud. well, you know, i hash rate has hit a new all time high, and we saw a very interesting story at a costa rica. and this relates to both the hash rate and it relates to the energy for relating to bitcoin. hydro electric plant in costa rica is mining bitcoin, after it had to pause it's operation because the government stopped buying
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electricity. miners are looking for clean, cheap energy and a stable internet connection. which coaster rica has plenty of. so this stranded energy located all around the world is being captured because of bitcoin. yeah, you know, humans have been around about 300000 years and it's been the same story for 300000 years to search for perfect money. that's the characteristic that defines humans and it makes us different than any other life form on planet earth. and big coin is perfect money and we see infinite demand for perfect money by humans. therefore, we're going to see the hash rate always. busy go up and we're gonna say energy efficient, all was get better. that's why in the country like an al salvatore, the economy is growing, is growing faster than has grown and decades. but the carbon footprint, even though their energy usage is going up,


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