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tv   News  RT  January 20, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EST

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[000:00:00;00] a breaking news here in our t rush cobit vaccine. sputnik v, demonstrate strong protection against the recently emerged omicron strain according to a new study and also produces more anti bodies than the pfizer job also to come criminal negligence. that's how russia is. foreign ministry is describing the work of some western journalists seeking to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invade ukraine, despite continuous denials, from officials in moscow. and while all sides are calling for the escalation, some native member states is sending messiah and other weapons to ukraine in says the arms, though, are only for defensive purposes, and posed no threat to russia. plus your promise. good will. i have probably,
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you know, perform really great what would happen. you as president joe biden says, his job performance has been stella, but the latest posting beg to differ. we examine the ups and downs of his 1st year in office with hello, good afternoon. we'll start with that breaking news them because a study conducted by italian research is in collaboration with russia has shown that the sputnik feedback scene is highly effective against the recently emerged amr crohn cobit strain research is they say that sputnik they produce twice as many on the crime fighting anti bodies than the pfizer jab. although rushes vaccine has been authorized for use in over 70 countries. it is still a waiting approval from some international regulators, including the world health organization, the head of the russian direct investment fund. welcome to studies results is
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a testament to sputnik these effectiveness. this really allow us locally to say that would make it's probably one was about when seen in the world again. but really continue. are going to show lots of like student producers like combining their machine with nick life. like the most traded significant, increase your name to the level and as for again, wanting wrong. and we believe that our friendship with different exchange combining together like for me and unionization, is really a way for we believe this partnership will mix and match approach on different machines. it's also important a given the most recent data, one quickly being an application. and my name is western journalists trying to convince the public that russia wants to invade neighboring ukraine are committing criminal negligence. that's the view from moscow, where officials have consistently denied the allegations. it's amazing how american
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gen, lest speak was all certainty about russia's attack on ukraine and seemed to have never heard about nato expansion to the east or the obligations of western countries to the indivisibility of security. it is as if they did not know anything about the provocations of the key aversion and washington support. well, is this holy simplicity or impermissible, neva t. i think it's criminal negligence. well, media hysteria that murray is a horrible mentioned there has spread across the west like wild fire over the past several months and bite and seems to be just as captivated by this idea of some sort of russian invasion as his friends in the western media are who seemed to be in lock step with nato. at his 2nd major press conference since taking office, he said that vladimir putin is still calculating. he still waiting for his moment to take some sort of military action. and when does he think this invasion will be? well, with all of the might of the u. s. intelligence services at biden's disposal. he
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seems to think that it all hinges on putin having a bad morning one day. the only thing i'm confident is that decision is totally soley, completely prudent decision. nobody else are gonna make that decision known osgood impacts he's making that decision. he and i suspect it matters which side of the bed he gets up on the morning as to exactly what he's going to do . although the side though binding did not pull any punches when he was talking about threats against russia, he promised that there would be sanctions the likes of which latimer pruden has never seen before. he confirmed that $600000000.00 worth of sophisticated military technology has been deployed to ukraine and other nato and nato countries in eastern europe. so, and that was all echoed by a number of republican lawmakers who said that biden should give prudent,
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bloody nose if he takes any action against ukraine. so we've got 2 sides here, both saying that they're looking for a diplomatic solution, but washington just seems to be disregarding all of russia's negotiating points with what is going on. what's the word from russia? while these accusations of an eminence, russian invasion of ukraine, they've been going around for months now and time and time again. moscow has said that it's just a fantasy. they've said that, you know, russia has the right to move its own troops around in its own territory. and that should not be a threat to anyone. we stress once again, russia is not going to attack in the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. recall for an end to the exterior, so as not to pile on tensions around the down this problem. and most importantly not to push hot has in key of towards new provocations. now to make the whole situation even more tense intelligence services from the self proclaimed done yet the people's republic have said that ukraine is actually planning to attack and sabotage key points along the point. the front line, the line of conflict between
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a key of controlled territory and don boss and ukraine. so far there has not been any comment from kiev on these developments. but this combined with the west's attempt to stoke hysteria around and the legit russian attack. i mean, they're not doing anything for the escalations, the conflict there. while the latest developments they come as the west continued to send weapons to ukraine. recently, the u. s. approved nato plans to deploy army arms, including anti tank missiles to force is near rushes, borders the bite and ministration. additionally planning to ship $200000000.00 worth of missiles, ammunition, and other equipment to ukraine in the coming days. and that the countries do plan to do the same. the escalation efforts in ukraine bring in more lethal weapons. okay, air force thought if the key of within the 7 lodge military aircraft light filled
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with weaponry, empty tank weapons on board. ukrainian officials don't hold back their excitement. this military assistance will strengthen our forces and increase our defense capabilities. i want to stress that we will only use these weapons for defense purposes to protect the critical infrastructure and civilians from any actions that may lead to escalation. royal air force bringing peace and stability to europe since the belgrade bombing. we got reactions from former british ambassadors, craig murray, and also pizza ford. who do you believe the sabre rattling is politically beneficial at the moment? for western leaders? those things, as course, and i'm going to be a nation invasion. this is a sauce concocted. i said nothing and do united kingdom, you have a government in deep trouble and very unpopular. you have the same of joe biden.
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joe biden is plumbing debts, one popularity, but notice lever plumb before accept the donald trump. so a fun distraction. fabre that name, war mongering is always something which politicians turn to and which generally they can, they can rely on their media to, to deflect and take up. so we're seeing this doesn't phobic war mongering propaganda. largely i think there's a distraction from the internal weakness of the western government. i'm afraid, very closely at the moment is not thinking about long term consequences. they're. ready thinking today, tomorrow, no further than next week, when johnson may hope the crisis may be over. in the
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meanwhile and his internet to ramp up to drive the temperature, which is exactly what was done by announcing the day, sending a new record to you. craig, while political attentions, i view, trying to show no signs of blessing up with you analyze, the situation could develop from here. and you can find that at our table. it has been a year since joe biden took office his america's president, but despite numerous problems and sagging approval ratings, he has remained relatively bates and claims to with the mid term elections coming up. he's actually doing better than expected. i don't believe the pos i didn't know or promise in, but i have probably a perform when anybody thought would happen. however, most americans don't seem to share biden's optimism about it,
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management of the country. a recent poll does show that most folks still think the president has taken the us down the wrong path. richard becker of the anti war organisation. the answer coalition says that instead of tackling problems had own biden hose, ineffective meetings and fails to come up with solutions. we're trying to today to cru, somehow or 2 people that have succeeded. and in fact, the 1st year of this and ministration has been, has been crisis after crisis. and those prices have not been solved instead of reaching out to the public. and i tried to invoke popular support for the legislation instead just repeatedly carried out these meetings. but led to nowhere. now with moran biden's 1st year in office, he's kellum up madame tussaud's, as presented, joe biden was quite an honor to celebrate his 1st year in office. he and his vice
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president had been immortalized in wax. ah. 6 pamela harris is the 1st vice president to go in with some joking that she was added simply because joe biden can't cope on his own. now they're hollywood smiles are recreated almost to realistically for some put them in the white house. it would have the same results or probably better, can we put them in the oval, they're about as useful as the real things outstanding job of capturing the likeness of both prison biden and vice president harris. historic because it's the 1st set of wax figures with the same amount of career met and mental capacity as the real versions. so how did we get to this point? well, and joe biden 1st took office mainstream media, talked about it like it was a fairy tale he was sweeping in to rescue us from the nightmare of donald trump. he
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was going to re unify the country president elect joe biden, and vice president harris pulled the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it. he's going to day to with the stroke of a pen start to take real action on the challenges that are facing our country. and that's going to be one of the 1st things he does when he walks into the oval office 12 months later. and mainstream u. s. media is now reporting on a very different atmosphere. the president will arrive in nice room at a moment of national exhaustion and drained morale. as the crone of ours pandemic heads into a 3rd year. amid a sense, the events at home and abroad a cascading out of control. and the vicious audiological divides could to america appalled, and they're always holding joe biden, steve to the fire, asking him tough questions about important issues, or maybe not. again, i'm not going to be more question against him or july, except now you're living there and you're president. it's been 4 weeks. what's it
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like you guys are bad? i'm not supposed be answering all these question is supposed to leave. americans, patient is running out the price of gasoline and food is rising. so as crime cove, it is raging out of control. the usa is longest war ended in a chaotic disaster is pull out that made america the laughing stock of the world. the mean for dissing sleepy joe is let's go brandon, with some wondering if biden even gets the joke. yeah, i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. let's do a brand new jo brand and i heard, or maybe he does know what it means. and then he just forgets every so often and then he remembers again
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with no, no, no way to me. i'm asking you a question that i said, is that accurate the best you know with that fell down on thank you very much. back in your present, harrison. i took a virtual tour vaccination center in arizona, a los angeles. and when my, during the long bit long reach, thank you a days you are going to write another
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chapter and that the beautiful story of the french mainstream media is suggesting just a year into his presidency that maybe biden shouldn't run again in 2024. some are suggesting hillary clinton again, or maybe vitamin could add trump's arch enemy republican lose cheney to the ticket . a lot of biden's voters have turned against him. the 14 point shifted to republicans that just took place around the country is the biggest on record. pretty say to say that jo biden's 1st year and often hasn't gone so well for him. he's pretty unlikely to get his face added to mount rushmore anytime soon. that said, this is america, and he still gets 3 more years gabled mop and r t new york. now my friends president, you but he see is in moscow at the moment and has been talking with his russian counterpart, vladimir putin. it is the iranian lead is 1st official visit to the country since he's a no gratian in august last year, and comes to at a time of high contentions with the united states. well,
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he's also given an exclusive interview to our team, marine gas, the so let's find out what was said and speak with it right now and good afternoon to just run through then some of the key points that were raised. but as you mentioned, this was the iranian presence, 1st visit to russia, but this was also his 1st interview for foreign press. so it certainly was an honor to be, to be chosen, to give this interview to r t. but he covered a lot. this interview lasted for the better part of the better part of an hour. and of course, we began with relations with russia with whom iran is now in king, a strategic strategic corporation. deal a long term thing for 20 years in the future. how the 2 countries can corporate and interact with each other. he highlighted the similarities between russia and the
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rom. he said that iran doesn't want superiority supremacy over its neighbors. that iran, like russia wants to be independent. it doesn't want to rule over anyone, but neither does it month to be under anyone else's rule. and he mentioned the united states that he has specifically and some western state saying that they have got out of their way to crush independent thought the crushing, independent nations. he mentioned libya, syria for example, which, which weren't on the western domination or rule and for which he says they were punish, they were destroyed. he also spoke about iran's ties to china. he said that those ties are developing also at record speeds that iran recognizes the importance of the you ration a theater that asia is coming to dominance. politically. economic even, even socially in iran will continue, will continue to develop ties and relations with nations,
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with whom it has mutually a mutual benefit with whom those relations can result in a mutual benefit. you also spoke about donald trump. i asked them about the, the recent video iranian statements that iran would, would seek revenge against donald trump, for the killing of cassim silly mahdi an armenian commander in iraq. the resident killing, which resulted in iran firing missiles at an american base. he said, this is a matter of principle for robert either. there is an international investigation at court where donald trump answers for his actions, for the murder of because seems will embody, or iran will take matters into its own hands and will seek justice. other was okay, suddenly lot to go through there. thank samara, that was art is more against the at least you had an exclusive in tea there with
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the reigning president. he was in moscow at the moment in the source. i spoken with the russian president vladimir putin. miguel prince moore reaction or later today. thank you. more at saudis, murray cast? yes. now the west african nation of ghana has completely rejected media reports that it is considering hosting an offshore migrant detention center for the caves being claimed that britain wants to deport illegal migrants to 3rd party countries in africa. u. k. newspapers reported details of a document dubbed operation dead meat, which contains among others, a measure supposedly being drawn up by u. k. or 13th to send migrants to countries such as rwanda and gonna for processing and resettlement. garner has not engaged with the u. k. on any such plan and does not intend to consider any such operation in the future. a similar case took place 3 months ago when our by noon and g k. officials were claimed to be close to striking a deal on a processing center with albanian authorities. likewise,
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then dismissing the reports as being absolutely untrue this month alone, more than a 1000 migrants are believed to cross the english channel from the year to britain . and it is expected over $65000.00 migrants, will have taken that route to enter britain by the end of the year. now the u. k. has been trading playing with france over the trusty cries in illegal migrant crossings in the french present to menu macros doesn't exist. that the case should create legal and safe routes to britain. in address to the european parliament, he said the she won't be resolved. if you k doesn't ease his migration policies. at the k home secretary said early this week that the armed forces could take charge of operations to limit migrant crossings in the channel. we discussed the situation with a former spokesperson on immigration for the u. k. independence party. and he says that boris johnson's pledge is on the issue or rebid to distract the public's
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attention away from the so called party gate scandal is ridiculous. ideas. use the navy. the british navy has been cut to the bone anyway and its purpose is not to repel illegal immigrant boats. we are without countries like governor oregon, the actually knowing about it, saying that we are going to transport our illegal immigrants over there. that rightly replying and telling us that they don't want them. this has been a problem ever since so soon into power back in 2019. theresa may was little bit weak or miss she famously saw in the us migration called laura show some has come out with big words. this is very convenient, but only now as the illegal immigrant crisis reaches a crescendo. and at the same time, the locals of ours johnson to go that this, these firm promises a being made. we've been fool too many times by pretty to tell him the conservatives are not going to do anything about it. now for many years,
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the new york times is pushed social justice movements like d from the police. but it's now concluded that such causes could contribute to an increase in crime softer and unprecedented spike and murders across the united states. police officers scared of being caught in the next viral video may have pulled back on proactive anti violence practices and extreme circumstances. the lack of confidence in the place could have led some people to take the law into their own hands and acts of street or vigilante violence. but timing supports the theory with homicides rising unusually quickly shortly after george floyd's murder and the insuring protests. well, the, the fun, the police movement erupted amid social justice protest throughout major us 52 years ago they followed the murder of african american george, really fine officer. he was detaining him and supporters court police power was to be reduced funding re directed to social causes. the campaign was famously push
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teeth by the new york time too often in recent months, instead of a bomb, the police department has become another source of trauma, overhauling the police department may be the only way to stop the violence and give new york to policing it deserves enough. we can't reform the police. the only way to diminish police violence as to reduce contact between the public and the police . while recent years have seen a drastic cries in the u. s. murder rate in 2020 mid. the mass protest homicides increased. nearly 30 percent compared to the year before we spoke to formal or important offices about the apparent turn by the new york times. the attitude towards police was definitely affected. you saw the, i mean, perhaps the people that were on the fence about police or, or didn't carry the way about what, what we did is police officers. they tend to believe the negative, this cycle and notion of police brutality in my,
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in my experience seems to be cycled around election to some, believe it or not. if you'll notice some of the, the biggest cases of police shootings on are black and white police officers. they tend to happen around the elections. and there's a push from the media or there's a push from the politicians in terms of support for more votes. i think maybe publications like the new york times or even the washington post are taking note of their role. everybody has skin in the game and, and their role in manipulating their readers, homicide is, should have people reconsider. and if they're out there printed negative stories, i believe that the police out the door a tremendous job is one session that they put in their life on that line. and so we should really support the police put on the flip side. if there's some reason to criticize but police will be criticizing,
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but mainstream media has been on the out of saw against police, which can cause a negative impact. have police control, which means you hassle i to images have revealed the extent of the devastation on the south pacific island nation of tonka. it was caused by a massive volcanic eruption and resulting c nominees, and several people were killed amid the extensive damage. ah, i mean, while the toner disasters even impacted peru more than 10000 kilometers away. massive
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waves caused by the eruption damaged in oil tanker, causing it to spill some 6000 barrels of crude off the peruvian coast authorities and environmental activists. scrambling to save wildlife effective mother, he's in brief now and thousands of t p north the docs christian celebration, depending on wednesday with tribes gathering on a former capital of the historic ethiopian empire. monasco considered celebration as part of the world and cultural heritage. and poor the international space station rushes and rushing coats north, anton scout plural and pure to do, but all of their 1st space full of the year. and we're integrating modules into the rushing segment of the orbiting the poetry, the space station designed for scientific experiments that would be impossible here on earth, has seen mostly russian and us crews work together for more than 2 decades. and that brings up today watching
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r t. i saw the company more from us at the top of the i got the book by the record, debris skis, the push and push it if i heard of it, but i saw my body and some a few minutes. couple of was 3 to what i still love with it at the paradox. a very few believe about give hope, all right from where you will be with you about this was our partner over your world like you, but here for a little for pretty weaker, clear from
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a brush your project. me for the numbers. ah ah, ah ah ah ah, a ah good. ah, joseph robinette,
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why do you do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states office of president of the united states. so help you, god, so help me. god, congratulations. mr. one year ago, just our biden was sworn in at the $46.00 and president of the united states. and he promised the american people to help restore what he believed was the cause of a crisis and challenge and the democracy. without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness in fury, no progress. only exhausting outreach. no nation totally a state of chaos. but while the theme of unity sounds nice newton operation, speech, implementing unity, whether it be within the country or even within his own party, has been quite challenging for this president and he had ministration. sunday that
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news use use. we have invited our expert panel of guests that was examined the key moment or the 1st year of biden's 1st term, as well as the key pieces as administration and has it made america more divisive. i'm ok now here we're going to take an in depth work and how president biden has been received by the press and the world. and if americans believe the best days of the country still lie ahead. ah well, today is a very important day for president biden. because it marks one year in office, his biggest problem, the countries exhaustion over the current of iris pandemic. now this is, may democrats worry, the bind administration is not up to snuff for their upcoming midterm elections. ortiz tracy shavers has more on what the president had to say. president biden


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