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anyone who requests them along with making sure free and 95 masks are available at pharmacies for people to pick them up. we've gone from 0 at home just a year ago to 375000000. touched on the market. and just this month, if you buy a test to the store, your insurance will reverse all the president also interesting. surging prices across the country, inflation hitting its highest level seen in 40 years, proven ninety's, creating a lot of economic complications. including rapid price increases across the world economy. the president, laying out a 3 part plan saying that he's going to fix the supply chain. he says the infrastructure bill will allow plains and trains and other means of transport to keep up with the demand. his build back better plan, it will also cut the costs of things like child care calling this bill, a game changer and promote competition. because according to the president, a handful of companies dominate certain markets which has driven up prices. overall, president biden was unapologetic and overall,
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president biden was unapologetic and says he is going to stay the course still though he faces numerous challenges and faces multiple crises as he enters the 2nd year of his presidency for news years. he has trinity job as r t now it's been a full year since the president campaigned on ending the pandemic and uniting the country. and things may not have gone as planned for the career politician are to correspond natasha, sweet reports. joe biden was one of former president trump and biggest critics. he was outspoken about blame in the pandemic on trump, even the amount of coven deaths, as we look back to biden's 1st year in office as president. so written in the oval office may not be as easy as it looks, ju biden quick to criticize from our president trump while on the campaign trail back in 2020. anyone is responsible for that many dish should not remain as president of the united states of america and will biden's book of united americans on inauguration day last year. his actions when your leader are in question power.
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this is a mercury day. this is democracies day, a day of history and hope of re no ever is all for math mandates to an attempted vaccine mandate. americans became more divided than ever when it came to cove it. and while much of the mainstream media was supportive of biden's policies, questions arose when he appointed vice president, kamala harris to oversee the plaguing border issues as searches of migrants came flooding to the u. s. border, however, she continued to not visit the border and only scheduled one after trump announced that he would be visiting the border with texas governor greg abbott. but the actual criticism for biden, from all sides of the aisle amped up over his decision to abruptly pull american troops from afghanistan, which resulted in a taliban takeover. it was timed and this war. and now some analysts say we can expect a more vocal precedent in the coming year, harvet avenue, choir conversations with members of congress for the last 2 months. i've target be
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quiet during this news conference last week by didn't irving the senate to change filibuster rules which would allow the passage of to voting rights bill. freedom to vote, act, and little john lewis, advancement matters at 79 years old. bite and ranks as the oldest president of the united states long before his decision about afghanistan, critics abide and also questioned his mental fitness for office from congestion at the ports, inflation to large spending bills, a new gallop poll finds biden's approval rating at a new low of 40 percent reporting from los angeles and hospice suites r t. okay. the president, even with his own to our press conference, said that he has work to do now only if he had the experts that we have to advise him on what to do. so to bring in for our attorney, robert hello and former ustr official under george bush in oakland. steve, jo, thanks for joining me gentlemen. ok, robert cove, it is probably the number one thing right now that are on the tops of people's
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minds and it's been all year since biden has taken office. we have seen a flip flop on mass vaccine mandate and even whose responsibility is to solve the pandemic. over the year, let's take a listen. if you've been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear mask. let me repeat. if you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear mask. you don't need mass when your majority, the vast majority people got vaccinated. i, you know, i, i know we all wish that we could finally be done. would worry mask, i get it. you were a mass when you're in public and endures like work or in a grocery store. okay. robert year ago, with the vaccination, he started, we would not need math mandate. and now we've actually had a supreme court step in and strike down his vaccine mandate. your impression on how biden has handled this past year of code it. what we're doing is i want sending
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century pandemic. i think we are all going to see evolving information and scientific data when the vaccines wordlessly released the understanding of that point in time was that if you were vexed native, you will not need to wear mass continuously the evidence. and then the scientific method continue to evolve from there and the, and we've got and revolving information as who got more information studied more. uh, more things within the sprint, the delta v area to be as virulent with as was what else would the old micron very, to flood the nation to what it did? i'm the holiday season this year. so i think overall there's provided a good steadying message to the country, understanding the importance of vaccines following scientific information, when the science changes provide that information to republican, timely matter. yes, there of course been missteps on it. i've, i've been research should have never made that initial statement saying to take off your mass because the people who were not that late it just to somebody that that is an opportunity to take off their masking, go back to the community. i definitely think mitchell prepared earlier on p, p e,
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getting these at home co test out 2 months ago instead of right now getting these. oh, hundreds of mill this over in $95.00 mascot is a got those out in october. not now, but i think overall that would you mystery since that a good job of studying the nation and trying to term this roy pandemic into simple as the we in doing that we can deal on year in europe basis. i understand that and i ran steve on this because of the country's economy and cover have gone hand in hand. this all started on the previous administration. i think we can all acknowledge there were missteps that led into what biden's had to handle. have her body initial plan once again changed over this past year, just like i did with cove it in regards to economy. take a lesson. time will shut down the virus, not the country shut down, the virus shut down the virus. look, there is no federal solution escapes, solved state level. and yet we are seeing a decisions being made encouragement being received the immunization of an entire population. that's not vaccine. they cannot be a part of the economy these days. i feel like so steve,
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now is going to stay for sponsibility. how would you give biden on how he's handling the economy with coven looming overhead, and this ongoing stimulus checks that we've seen throughout this year. and now, what do we have rapid inflation? well, 1st of all, i think the only thing consistent about the by the administration with corona virus has been their inconsistency. they say one thing one day, and they back track. we're now finding out that i've met in an i doxy clerk when that were good therapeutics that were denied that were blocked by doctors. and the administration were now being told that are, you know, they actually work. you know, we've been told that there are 800900000 deaths. and yet we're now finding out that hospitals, you know about 50 percent 40 percent in those that are actually going through the transparent process of whether people are hospitalized because of coven, or they're with cove. it, we don't know how many of those deaths were actually because of covert or people who died within ascribed to cove. it because hospitals were getting bonus checks for putting people down his hospital at death because of cove it. so there's been
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no transparency in this and unfortunately we're now seeing the economic disaster of how we're doing this testing kits and k and 95 mast. you know, they're calling them free mask and free testing kits. i'm sorry, i don't know about this president's definition, but they're not free. they are taxpayer paid. and when you do the basic math, you find out that 500000000 covert test, that's that we have a 350000000 person population. that's about one test for every person, one and a half test, the 400000000 k and 95 masks that are a one. use mass that's about one for every person in the country. so we all get our mass. we use them one day because they are one day use and then what i mean, none of the things that they're doing now that are supposedly going to be the correction other than to quote cheap the promises. the president made of 500000000 test kits and 400000000 mass. nothing is actually carrying forward in a way that, that is truthful or, or trustworthy. and i think that's what's gonna continue to handle the economy if
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we can't trust them on basic science. how can we trust them on economics? well, and that's the question i thought if i were to you real quickly at one meant like the segment. but also i want to talk about what's going on with again, rising gas prices. people are angry, there's nothing in the store shelves. it, when, when it was sponsibility to divide ministration, have for this kink in the supply chain. in fact, i'm any, the kink underneath president trump. i think at this point if descent grading and there's no real healing of how they're going to continue to bring it back in together. you know, there's the fun thing about running for present. you don't just get the problems you created, you get the problems, have been into american the nation for the last 20 or 30 years. you get to pick your problem. there's, we're little that the president of the united states can do about gas prices because of he could, every single president would have gas, one nickel per gallon. so there's not really that much the person can do about what's going on in opec. what's going on? will supply chain to tankers, whether or not it's a tanker ship is stuck in suez canal for 2 weeks interrupting global supply chains . what do been the pros can do more pro that we are building out the infrastructure
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is needed in order to get our ports and arose and bridges working fast as they can . we saw the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure. we'll get past where we need to be investing directly into our price or briggs paying people over time, but on a boat to the docs and then sure we get the economy back rolling. because once you get the holes back open, then you'll see the, the total demand of pent up and they'll start spreading out onto the economy. okay, robert steve, i want to say we're gonna have a group panel at the end of this because this conversation needs to continue. thanks for joining me at this point. now after the break, despite having one of the highest approval ratings, when he went into the office, president biden has the 2nd last approval rating of any modern day president after one year, except for trump is this because of the coverage is getting our lack of accomplishment we're going to continue our discussion after the break with no other shows are happy to report pleasant sounding lies our validations are constantly telling us pleasant lies on this show. going to air down into phone pleasant.
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a good when you most of judge the blanca, the produce teachable was or school reason is balise living community good. 6 ah, got they go by the ethel ne, get a quote, man. healy please keep it going to push and push it. if i had a fever or just somebody, somebody from a few minutes ago, it was 3. see what i still love the sublet. we started at the paradox local near to your school because you believe about what we did get hope, all right from what you will be with, you know what this plus our partner with you. well, thank you. by your for prosper pretty weaker. clear from a brochure project new start the new bruise.
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oh, seemed wrong when oh please just don't hold. i mean you won't have to sheep out. disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground with ah, if fightin had enjoyed cellphone coverage, byron, overly friendly news media. as critics have alleged, he has from the start. this could be changing because
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a year into his presidency. we're seeing soaring, inflation had demick risk management and foreign policy blunders which are broad biden's favorability to abysmal new lows. so we have to ask, can a pro biden media be expected to continue to cover 1st performance? if so, they have their work cut out for them. let's asked to media experts and friends of the show what they think. welcome back. it depressed. how steve malls worked and democratic strategist, robert barry is her last panel. i am sure the 2 of you are going to be just as fiery, honest, you're going to have all 4 of you on the end. so i want to stay tuned for that one . let's argue steve, on this has a media been unfairly gentle to the bite administration? oh, of course i mean they, they've been unfairly gentle to, to the whole administration. and if you watched some of the press conference today, you had some great does sound bites at the beginning. some key points that they were very gentle, they were non confrontational. they were very polite, i could just see trump up there under these circumstances as we had seen during his 4 years. also, the 1st question to should have been to any in from any journalist,
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10 months mr. president, 10 months out of your 12 months in office and you haven't had a press conference. why don't the american people deserve to hear from you now they couldn't care. less than the less. he says, the better it is. you know, it's interesting out, last year, at the end of the year, the white house reportedly had media executives over to the white house to map out economic coverage to cover a more positive light. so that joe biden would look better when they cover the bad economic news. even those meetings couldn't save joe biden from the polls that showed that in the ago when it comes to the economy, he's in the tank. so this media, i love joe lockhart, the former clinton of press secretary complaining the other day that the media is unfair to joe biden. are you kidding me? unfair to joe? by who they are, that they're just crazy. but that's also compared to way be even out of there by administration. and i'm trying to remember exactly how we he was trade under that as well as president obama. but robin,
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the buying restriction has restored these regular briefings. the white house, but it's not present, abided holding them. he doesn't insult reporter, he doesn't label them a fake news. he does it. label them enemies of the people. has he restored actually respect between the reporters and the white house and journalist and is that actually benefiting the american people? scotty, i wish i could. i wish i had better news. no, he hasn't really restored the faith. and i am glad frankly though, that the press and media at large are giving him some more tough questions. the 1st 6 months or so that was nothing was softball. they really weren't holding him accountable to his word whatsoever. that 1st 6 months specifically, but we're starting to see that now and maybe not so much in mainstream media, but there are plenty of other media networks that are asking some of the top heavy getting questions. and i always appreciate that because we need more of that sunlight is the best natural disinfect and we need
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a lot more sunlight and transparency. i got to tell you just anecdotally, i was there last week at the speech that he gave here at georgia. i somehow i was on a guest to the president. i sat 20 feet from him. but you know, i the general feeling from the crowd it was palpable. it's that we need more than words he gives. he's great it give ready for giving flowery language. great words, but they are demanding action right now and as a democrat, i'll tell you we're just not getting enough of it. well and that's action right now . it's got a lot of legislation that has held up and most then steve, i've got actually going into a 2nd year, especially if democrats do lose control of the house and senate are going to see a change or is the media going to become tough on bite and knowing that they're going to have to push him out of office and possibly get someone else put in maybe comma harris. well, i think they know right now, see the media is going tougher on biden and criticizing his policies because they see the polls and they're trying to prevent the massacre that is probably coming in
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november or red wave if you will. and that's the only reason they're not getting tougher on by net of fairness, they're getting tougher on by. net a fear bad about getting put, keeping their agenda alive and look this nonsense joe biden is out running for president again in 3 more years. are we kidding ourselves and the fact that camilla harris, you think the media it? does anybody think the media takes salis in the back? that com? allah harris will be the person and position. i mean, she has worse approval ratings than joe biden. she can answer a question, she used to laugh now she gets that confrontational. i mean, if they're in a, in a disaster fe, the total disaster phase. but it's interesting, you know, buying today said that republicans come up to him and they say, you know, we're with you on these and these bills. but if we can't do it, it will get primarily said 5 republicans have come up to him. and then he whispers, you know, like 90 percent of the schools are all pin 90 percent. it just it just pathetic. it
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really is. but steve, your point he announces press conference. he did say that he was running 2024. he was going to keep comma harris on the ticket, a lot of democrats and you know, how much don't run again. how do you just do what your job right now? tell people you're not doing all of these move to play out. so i've had ask you on this robin, would it have been better for in this 1st day of his 2nd, 2nd year in office? if you said you it, i don't want to run again. i want to do it's best today, not to painter, to get people elected, and calmly, harris agreement agrees with me that in that way, is it wrong to already be talking about 2024 when you're actually seeing the oval office right now? look, donald president, donald trump, his 1st day in office filed for real life. that is true. i don't think there's anything. i don't think there's anything wrong with it. i just don't know that it's the best course for the party for one thing, but the country as well. but i've got to be intellectually honest. here i was staff on obama campaign and i'm telling you the 1st entire year of his presidency. i was
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disheartened and discouraged about like i am right now with joe by the so i'm hoping that we see of course correction. but i remember very vividly being so broken hearted and discouraged. right, about the same phase in obama presidency. and then things did turn around. we got what is progressives wanted to hear at that time. we're just not getting that from bio well be completely on robin let not your heart be troubled because before bite and starts thinking about his next election, we actually need to find some solutions for multiple problems facing this country at the moment. but here is what he said about reelection. why would i not running this, donald trump even now many that increase the prospect of running? well, i want to bring back in our full panel what their final thoughts on the 1st year. and the biggest mistakes made by this present and what should be a priority going into the 2nd year in the oval office. we have our tele, steve gill. 1 robin bureau and steve malls berg for my favorite friends of the show, robert, hello, your 1st step on the wall. tell me what do you think that joe biden did?
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probably they have improved on and what should be a priority going into year to why you're the easy one can get to go 1st. i think we can all agree of gamma stand there will draw a will is not so much that there was a withdrawal, but the nature of that will draw. we've knew something. tar meeting between mike pompeiian, the taliban. that one, the time, certain to get out was going to be they so started to draw process the minute the gardens, the oval office, and had a clear and orderly way. we should. i was the head 30 marines, a diet, those gates which announcing those scenes of mass chaos, people hanging off of airplane and then going forward. what he has to do is put points on the board for democrats in the mid term elections. and that means the 2nd of order to that means cutting compromises cutting deals. and that means kit, we're passing a series of small packages of the cultural, big one, the or what's on the board. because high goal to the child out to the encompass executive order. steve deal is that why this president did actually accomplish anything, is executive orders,
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considering the majority of them that he put these 1st year have been struck down even by the supreme court. i think you ought to do a whole raft of executive orders and go back to the trump energy policies. go back to the truck border policies, go back to the economic policies that refueling a great economy because gas prices are higher because of, you know, shutting off our own pipeline. our foreign capabilities are falling in shambles because nobody trust or really has to be reliance as president will do what he says or where mean what he says. so you know, go back to trump policies. i think you'd see a, a big resurgence. i think the other thing is that this president has to find a way to in a meaningful way, reach out. i mean, they came in with a 5050 split in a 5 or 6 seat majority of the house. the narrowest margins we've seen, perhaps in history, and their attitude was we don't need any republicans, we're going to condemn them. we're going to demonize them column races. and i think you seeing the error, those ways. i just don't think you can put that toothpaste back in the to well talking about to pay thought the best, pearly white smile. i believe on the pallet far of your good roddenberry new york.
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i'm coming to you on this one unity that the president biden said was going to be in a speech the 1st year didn't necessarily happen. are we going to see that more be the theme of the 2nd? yes it's, it's joe biden. the elder states, he will of course be sigma his coon by our story and trying to trying to give us unity. but we're, we're just as fractured as we were during the trump era. and it's even inner party fractures that we're seeing right now with them. the democratic party still, so i think he's got to kind of drop that stick work some on some party building and got for the love of god. please work on the messaging is the worst democrats. my party is notorious at just bad messaging period. they need to rewrite the entire book on message, which is hilarious coming after the trump administration, where the malls were grill agree, messaging and communication was not the key to all the work that was being done with the trump administration. purpose or not. that was the se mall for me to give
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you the final word on this. what is by to need to do going into this year, and where was the biggest thunder from last? i mean, i don't know where to start. i mean, certainly, afghanistan was a very, very important, but if you ask the american public, they would say the economy or, or cove it now on the economy today. the press conference, he said, well, you know, let, let, let my infrastructure bill and let's pass some bill back better and, and that'll help the inflation and prices in the economy that'll take years. i mean that's ridiculous. also divisiveness because it's not going to get better. you know, joe biden doesn't run the show. joe biden has speech riders, you think he hired the speech writers. he read that speech in georgia because he was told to read that speech in georgia today. he gave kind of a, well, if you are bull connor, then your book kind of kind of comment when asked about it. so he's not backing down and it's only going to get worse. he attacked donald trump today, once or twice in the divisiveness will continue. and i just think he's finished.
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well initial, he actually has 3 more years of a term, so we'll see where that goes with that one. see mark, maybe me the melbourne, robert and robin. hey, he made it this far. there's a lot of people betting you won't even make it to the 1st year. so there's a, they did lose in vegas on that time. and thanks for joining me. and once again, our show has come to an end, but this conversation really does not have to end to tweet your thoughts on president by 1st year in office at study. and he's the hash tag team in b h until we meet again. they happy stay healthy. they inform, thankfully ah, the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely
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excruciating. but nobody screen finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station in mosul. among them were stress, positions, sleep deprivation, inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america war later. sacrifice. but the shimmer of effective interrogation oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation, whole community, are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. ah ah ah, neither financial survival guide, stacy, let's learn about be allowed. let's say i'm a true, i get any grades from greece on base of the site. 9 wall street prod, thank you. thank ah joy.
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that's right. fill out april des slavery a ah lose? yes ma'am. oh, looks risky. in fact, will you elisa, typical there's only 9, but already a university. students that away on national world. if everything in a don't like, his name's a new, modest appointment. let's see
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a blip. you've got the was restored to deal with the digital spots. no noble choose to snable to call with us. so the loss is mother to someplace yahoo to him that he may come, come no recalls. he really shows control such programs. now, bush night, mucus curve, porcelain veneer special. but i want the yeah, my tooth. but i just have a 1st grade and of course it was certified that wasn't given to him was in your mind, it was something that he will use if the w 30 were little was as much as you know, which with soon lose with when you most of judge blanca from his teacher was also reason is bernice a good ah
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ah, criminal negligence matthau. russia's foreign ministry describing the work of some western journalist speaking to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invade ukraine. despite continuous denials, from officials in moscow, polos lines are openly calling for a d escalation sunday to remember states on sunday, miss styles and other weaponry to ukraine. the u. k. insists the on saw only for defensive purposes and posed no threat to russia. didn't know, would promise good will i have probably, you know, i'll perform. but anybody thought, what have you, as president joe biden says, his job performance has been della at the latest poll numbers indicates the opposite party examines the ups and downs of biden's 1st year in office. i'm gonna say.


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