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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 19, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more comes home, nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority that made america more later sacrifice. but the shimmer of effective interrogation ah i'm absent and say we're going underground on election day in barbados, the caribbean islands 1st general elections removing as head of state the british queen who in the past few days demoted her son,
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prince andrew over sex trafficking allegations. he denies coming up with a show, we go to another former colony in the news yemen, as the war expands to the united arab emirates and global energy prices will do bye be next up to mondays attacks on abu dhabi. and after all, mc ron, what about the billionaire variant and how cove 19 has been a bonanza for the world's 2755 reported billionaires. we investigate any report that fines and the quality hills one person every 4 seconds while billionaires have pocketed their highest annual pay increase since records of again, all of them all coming up. and today's going underground refers to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. fueled by weapons from the united states, the u. k. and the you nation to south korea's president, engaged in arm sales to the u. e. 3 were killed in the capitol, abu dhabi on monday, after a drone attack from yemen, who the community signs of a widening war in 2022. joining me now from yeoman's capital santa, where the,
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that coalition is continuing as strikes in response to the attack is journalist and filmmaker, nasa, or i bye, have a good after so much for coming on. i should just of quickly ask before i get to the very fluid situation of continued british armed saudi attacks on your country. whether weather dubai is next, it's famous for being a tourist destination. is this war widening now or after the continued air strikes on your people? yes, yes, i think this is a natural result for what is happening to yemen. i think it yemen or should not. and must not be eh, a, sitting idly by watching itself. m destroyed or bombed a starved to death and do nothing. so this is natural. yes. i'll return to the u.
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e. in a moment, dubai, abu dhabi, of course, the u. e says all it is engaged in his sir peace making, and in fact, we drew troops. although there are accusations that it is funding so called mercenaries. i better ask you then about the response from the british armed war planes, hours after the attack on abu dhabi, the saudi coalition, claiming the hoot is a using human shields. and they're actually the air strikes that followed on monday night. they destroyed a drone communication system, enjoyable out knobby schwab region. and tell me about the air strikes this week on the capital where you are santa. it's unbelievable. yesterday and the days before, it's continuing. they killed a horn family of about 12 people. all of them are killed and they're
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about, of course relatives and the neighbors about 12 or more injured and killed. also, it's almost the bombed out. i'm not talking about the house of that of the man who was allegedly targeted, as they said, he's a he was that chairman of the air, if the ation but he is now retired. i am and he was sleeping with his family, with his relatives, with his sons, with his brothers. and they all were killed. the un says 377000 men, women or children have been killed since the war started with 20000000 upwards at risk. forrest johnson, the british ship prime minister, according to a foreign office lawyer, says civilian casualties are a bit of a joke. in your country, actually, obviously britain makes a lot of money selling the weapons or to bomb your country. and why do you not
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agree that it's actually a bit of a joke? the civilian casualties in yemen as far as johnston is reportedly saying, it is another joke that 300. it is not a joke, even. i sometimes would say that what united scott, united nation is saying is also yoke. because they kept, they kept for 3 or 444 years saying it's only 10000 people killed. but now they're talking about city, $100000.00. i would say it's even more. i would say it's even more and i'm talking about the people who are dead, directly killed, to buy their bombings and to buy i mean by, by the bombings and the by that the war relate to things. and i'm talking about that. the civilians more not about the people who are in the buttons because the people who i'm the battles here, you can to know how many, exactly,
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and they are already there no problem. they are in the bathroom. but we are talking about the people who are in their schools in the hospital as in the houses in the willie in the, in the weddings in the funerals. and it's something that nobody can talk because and united nations unfortunately is an either or i, they say they told me directly as a journalist, one of them told me that they dont to know and they can't get figure from their heads. so they don't, they don't, they're, there is no assist them that can give them their, their, their statistics. but we, on the ground we can see that there are a lot of people have been killed, 1000000000 yard being starved to death and being displaced. so it's at their worst humanitarian crisis in the world. everybody knows this. saudi arabia already criticized for human rights abuses around nato countries. actually is armed by
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joe biden. initially he said he was going to stop bombing. apparently he's signing a $500000000.00 military contractor. i. britain also so much money as being on by the selling of high precision, multi $1000000.00 weapons. why? why have they not one, why is the saudi coalition armed by britain in the united states? not one there war and replaced, returned we old yemen, a leader back to yemen. why? why are they not women? yes, they can do and they come to him with the money. you can't win everything with the money. you can't at all. but money can, can make you survive for long time. money can, can make you show your code money can make you white wash, your crimes money can make you falsify money,
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can make you make a bad things dirty things. but they can't do that. i things that money can't. why yemen from, from the, from the map by, than by, than at the beginning said he would stop the back. the backing of saudi arabia and united got married above then he would that then he's now he's doing what he's, he's selling to them under the name of defensive defensive, unfortunately. defensive weapons, defensive not often. serv, so defensive and not of incentive in the congress. they say defense, if not all but the know who would defend him and who would defend him and who is being now killed and destroyed for, for, for, for 7 years. now, why yemen would not, would not have be able to defend it. why is there justice is justice for
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everyone. but now if it is just a matter of business business and, and silly and buying weapons, they would, they should say. so they, they shouldn't talk about the human rights and legitimacy and all these kind of things. people are being starved to buy these people for nothing. the bill yemenis are being staffed for nothing in yemen. beeble are being displaced, millions of people are displays. millions of people are being stabbed every day, intentionally by saudi arabia and united arab emirates. and now when so any, i'm anita started to italy, yet they said no this is that there's them. this is the bad things. this is the wrong thing. this is why, why why yemen? i mean, does it, does yemen not deserve a good life?
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does yemen not deserve it to be like any country? i me, i am talking about the civilians. i'm talking about 30 millions who want to live like anyone in the world like anyone in the world. but a saudi arabia, united roberts have, and other things they have just their own engenders their different agendas. and they also say to you, to the west, they are allies against iran, or i, eunice, through the or a, you know, they are not ally. they are not even a lie, is they are at least get competitors. they arrivals, they are not. so at the expense of home at the expense of yamini and the expense of yemen blood. he em any blood and the eminent treasure, the saudis, say the civilian casualties are because they are being used as human shields by the hootie community. britain says it's safe to return those seeking asylum back to
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yemen. it's a safe place to be according to the home office, one decision the other day. is there any evidence for british in the united states in alliance with the uni alliance is with isis. obviously, there was some evidence of britain united states um, ah, links to isis dias in syria. and obviously the de facto promoted to the organisation after the disastrous war on libya. any or any proof, any evidence of u. e involvement with isis diatra al qaeda elements in yemen. there is a lot of evidence that you can use are involved, but it's not that hard to because of a know they, they are smart enough to hide it, but we can feel it. we can feel it every day. we can feel it in every state, and we can feel it in every position. we can feel it, and everything i'm in saudi arabia can do all these things alone. so it's,
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and saudi arabia has the money, but saudi arabia and you know, that have been raised, wants to agree life from them. and that, that, that they good things that they can do that logistic thing. the intelligence, the, and this is something that, that, that we have seen in many, in many, okay, and during the last 5, the last 7 years. i mean, the british voice is out there and you know, they came to mazda and they, they, they do a lot of things there in the season, the everywhere and the united states is involved in every thing without united states. you is that the area would not do anything in this world at all. and that would not stuck in the 1st place without united states and the okay and the friends because they, they, they, they support them for, for many different things,
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for many different reasons. but unfortunately that of this comes at the expense of the, of the civilians of the civilians and it. so the ravia is say that who is using the civilians as shells as a human shells? this is not the right because there are about 50 battleground, there are about 50. why they don't to go and the bomb their why they don't go and drop their bombs. there in the, in the battle is why they come to the schools to the houses, to the cities, to the, to the way things to the funerals, to talk to the down, to the food, to it, why they do, they blew a blockade. yamini is why, why they stab them deliberately, why, why they don't allow their, their, the oil, their medicine, the food, the water, and all this, get all these got all these things. why they, they don't allow them in why they use them as weapons in this war. and this is very
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clear to anyone because they could not win the war air because there are beeble hood, oh, who can't bow so that saudi arabia is. and fortunately turning to using their food and water and medicine as a weapon in this war, nazare stay safer. obviously the saudi coalition, fuel by britain and the united states denies all wrong doing and save it. civilian casualties are either mistakes or human shields. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. after the break inequality kills, how is class war and economic violence being weaponized? my coven, we analyze ox firm's new s report on global inequality as it finds inequality kills one person every 4 seconds while billionaires pocket their highest annual pay increase. since records began. all the small can we up about to have going on the ground?
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with? yes, me, i didn't know if that will. i least, the typical there's only 9 but already university students that are way unfashionable. if everything impacts impacts is that you don't like his teams and you might want to let him live. you've got the glass doors, the dealer to read it starts then local to this new book over here. but the only thing that i think so the loss of these movie. yes, i'm assuming i'm canolli constantly will change those. thanks. put of a new stuff. yeah, i wish night new proschetti not porcelain warriors fashion, but i will for yeah, my is what i say the 1st way a knuckle ticket. what certified like was to get to him was in your mind, it was something that if i lose, if the w 30 where little was as much color,
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but he, i knew it with soon losing credibility to do to put a good li, numerous usage deblanco for his teacher was also reason is released. pretty wilkin . does he get the by did ministration is under water in just about every way? is this due to bad policies or bad messaging may be involved? there's also an important question. yes, presidents come and go, but elite and special interests remain very powerful. are they a threat to democracy? welcome back. coinciding with neoliberalism and new all this year, virtual world economic forum, this week, and geo oxfam international is released its latest annual report on global inequality is the 2nd. since the start of the pandemic, the findings show that billionaires have just received their highest annual pay
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increase since records began. meanwhile, inequality is killing one person every 4 seconds. joining me now from london is oxfam internationals, head of inequality. max lawson, thanks so much max. were coming back on again. you came on last year after you go to the 2021 report on that one said that the billionaires had got an extra 3 boy, 9 trillion dollars this week. he really has to report that makes arguably even grimma reading, economic violence and, and inequality a killing. well, the duration of this show 450 people, one every 4 seconds. yeah, i mean, i've been watching billionaires in the quarter p for some years now. and i hard to exaggerate this kind of the increased sharing type of non to this isn't just year every year increase in banana fortune. this is more like a graph that you might see for the only crow buria isn't exponential growth and bit
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in our wealth and the last year and a haul for 19 months since the beginning of the panoramic. so it's out to the extraordinary that particular when you control that with the fact the majority of people worldwide i seeing lower incomes than if cobra did not happened and usually shop optic in poverty across the world. so it's really becoming a billionaire very and if you like that we have to come back here and explosion inequality worldwide because it's kind of 19 obviously those is what you're liberalism will say, inequality is baked into the whole idea. meritocracy itself, which is what is being pursued by. well, here in britain, all parties in fact, to mitigate against that. here in britain, the government supported by the opposition poured money, didn't they printed loads of money loads of schemes, loads loans, farlow's schemes during covered why? why is not leveled anything?
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not an incredible positive impact. and the rich nation is they're able to spend money and supporting the general population get the right thing and start contrast to many developing countries. you've just been simply have the money to do that. but a lot of that money, a lot of that money that was printed by the central banks is also inflated. asset price is driven up the stock market. and that's where you, why you same is historic increase in 1000000000 as well. because predominantly most of their wealth is held in stock. so in the market. so what we're calling for is ox missionaries. because this is an extraordinary, almost like a war time moment. you know, all of this money pumpkins economy, that was the right thing to do. but much of it leaking into the bank council, as he's been in, it has not worked twice as hard in the last year, and they're not twice as clever, and yet they're twice as rich. so what we're saying is, let's have a one off solar. derek tax of 99 percent. include that money back because
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ultimately it's taxpayers money, it's government money and then that's put it to use vaccinating the combat thing in the quality everywhere. instead of gathering dust in the bank accounts to be already rich, you make recommendations will be that you want this 99 percent covered wealth tax. why would the $2755.00 billionaires in forbes and the politicians they pay for have a consent to such a tax? i mean, none of the things that calling for i'm possible, but i are very hard politically, and we haven't seen some countries. alex and tina, for instance, as introduced a new wealth tax colombia is increasing their world tax. joe biden had plans to increase taxes on the richest, which had so far being stymied by congress. this is a huge sway to new wealth taxes that we would like to say. but we do think the narrative is changing and we do think there is a general feeling that the riches should pay more tax. and politicians are saying
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more space to do that. what we also saw this year and forward to our report and many supporting materials is lots of very, very rich people coming out in favor of taxing the rich. so not just the usual n g i voices, but i began disney, here's the granddaughter, won't me, does the forwards i report this year? and she says very clearly that the wrench is paper on the half to i must die our tracks and say, or may not to mystic. and we might say, great taxation world in the coming years. yeah, we've interviewed some of the some of the rich calling for that, of course vital stimulus plan stymied as you say. and some people saying actually water heavily and actually involved in the, in arms trading. i'll get to that the 2nd regarding your talk about inflating stock prices and will street to the and the city of london. do you detect intent, or is it circumstantial? the 16 trillion dollars pumped in to these economies during coven,
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for it to just inflate these asset prices, i think is a mixture of intent and accident, i think. as we saw after the financial crisis, quantitative easing does barriers serve the interest of the rich mariners of assets . but it also keeps the economy a flyer and keeps neoliberalism, garrett. so i don't think they get exclusively to benefit the riches. but let me put it this way, if it's a choice between that and greater taxation of the rich to pay for support to paperwork for, for the poorest message, sorry. say, then they're always going to choose to print money before they tax the rich. i mean, you say 10. the 10 richest double their wealth, while a 160000000 were pushed into poverty. we spoke to now, now sir arabella, in part one of this show about the strikes field by comments from britain in the united states. obviously there was gaza in major in cove. it the biggest
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manufacturer here is b systems. what would it covey do amidst the these sorts of actions to countries like yemen into places like gaza? well, i think i read all over the world is compounded any quantities and compounded conflicts that we already had and kind of driven things to the extreme. of course, we had free car rate, artistic situation, where were you? the u. k was sending alms to saudi arabia and providing aid to the, emanates to pick up the pieces and the kind of perverse circle. and those, those things are continuing on a lot of money and still made from conflict and disaster. but kind of, it is kind of poor for petula if you're like on the floor of a farm and in quantity. and we think it's likely that we're going to see an increase in inequality in almost every country on earth. we're beginning to see the evidence as a lag of 2 or 3 years with the data. and many of the surveys have not been done
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because of lockdown of because of archive itself. but we are beginning to see concrete evidence of sharp increases in a quality in many, many countries of the world. and this increase in 1000000000 as well as perhaps the most picturesque example of that. but the reality is a growing gap between rich and poor, almost everywhere. some of those resurgent pink tied countries would probably not agree with that. along with the 99 percent tax, you say that unions should play a greater role and assert more political power arguably. but i mean, as we know so well, the precarious and the, the casualties ation and naturalization of work about, especially say, in the nato countries. how can trade unions reassert their power as people or more on 0 contracts? and of course, during co way we all know about delivery workers and, and the, the poorest and society that actually made society tick. so, i think i agree with you that it's very hard for work is to organizing the gauge
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economy. but i also do think with the increased demand for goods with the spark and inflation, you're all saying an increased demand for stall. i mean, she's saying pressure for why just to go up a bit. so that's a, that's a good space for unions to organize and demand mole here, the carriers, you've got the compounding influence of brakes as well. so i think it's still the case. the economy is rigged against workers, but i think the ability to organize and far back is always there and they should be . so i could just say so a little bit about the pink time point. you might as well or is talking just to die from a colleague in chalet. and we remarkably excited about developments and matching america. we really hard, they can to talk on raj, get a quantity, but the 1st country to report die during kind of a non changes. columbia are actually where you seen a big shopping creation inequality in the last year and a half, which would probably have an impact on their upcoming election. so we, we,
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we remain optimistic that these new governments and that's in america can do shopping to turn this around. but the more we can share a quantity crisis and the inequality vars, the more we hope that can happen yet, no sign of the engineer liberalism, in columbia, or arguably we invite, they are not as we've spoken to the president of olivia on this program. and i think view as of going on, do i know all about the very different policies, arguably between chilean and columbia. you, i suppose you welcome to actually oxfam and the i m f both agree about the increase in the quality, but then you, you go down out on the washington. i am left saying that the loan repayment, 85 percent of good loans is a 70 the countries look set to be pushed into austerity. poverty by i'm have policies. yes. i mean we have this thing on this journey betrayed what they are. and i've said what i meant das, which you've now had for or less a decades in the financial crisis, drip is solid and genuine recognition. bobby,
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i'm a senior level that there is going to be the sharp increase in quality that, that is deeply concerning. we even have the chief economist, they are calling for greater taxation and well consult. there are 2 tracks. but then when you comb through the loan agreements that are on the table for all of these developing nations, it's more of decide, you know, cut backs and spending and higher taxes on the poll vh a. so really the actual reality of what i'm ref main to most countries is going to be more staring more pine and more inequality. and there's something changes. i'm going to say they are posing some repayments as so much obviously in the report. i mean, on the environment you seem to be suggesting that the 1000000000 is not any taking the money that destroying the entire planet as well. 20000000 as 8000 times the carbon emissions of the for us. but i actually just want to finish because it was martin luther king day on monday. you say if life expectancy was equal in the u. s
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. a black americans would be alive today. 3.4000000 would be alive today that are not alive today in the united states. how does that figure? i thought i was doing those numbers, but it is really a really amazing or a very few countries that collect data on rice and they call life expectancy between black and white people. both i've rule and because of type of 19 and which really, really interesting to see the discrepancy and how that's been exaggerated by the carbon dynamics 19 experience, you're much, much more likely to die of 19 if you're black, than if you're white boats in the u. s also in other countries like brazil, and here in the u. k. and that is not just because it's those country. they are the only countries you count these things. so we don't know what's the case in the rest of the world. but we do think there is definitely a very much a ratio and the agenda element to the inequality story that compounds this gap
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between rich and poor to give us this inequality virus max, listen. thank you. thank you. i appreciate that. so for the show will be back on saturday, 6 years to the day, even morales was inaugurated. as the 1st indigenous president of world lithium supervisor, bolivia, he slashed an equality, having extreme poverty before alleged may, do nation interference destroyed his political career until that he would just try social media. let us know if you think 1000000 as should pay more tax ah, a wrong $1.00. i just don't know. i mean, you have to figure out the state because of the african and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground. ah, a year has passed since joe biden became yes, president and while pulled to just anger at his cold and economic policy fight and seize his work in a different light. i used to look didn't know, promise good, but i have probably, you know, up or for, but anybody thought would happen. western media wraps up the rhetoric over russia, supposedly planning to evade ukraine. if the claim that moscow has consistently denied i ministry spending his time trying to convince the great british to play, that he's actually stupid rather than just a silly.


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