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ah ah, the headlines are not a british anti tank weapons arrive in ukraine is the west double stand on its claims that russia is preparing to invade allegation that moscow has consistently denied also this our anti code protest across europe. amnesty international blast discrimination though, against the unvaccinated states, imposed tough measures. we discussed the issue with a panel of guests. we are witnessing a major section of discrimination, a lot of new quality used that go beyond just a notions of idiology. i think that's where it does kind of seems to be very this proportion and actually taken away the choice and demands for gender neutral language reach health care professionals to some midwives and nurses at told to use
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more inclusive language with other good afternoon. you're watching out international, just gone to o'clock here in moscow. now the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is in ukraine at the moment in a show of support. it does come amid heightened tensions between russia and the west over what moscow calls unstantiated phase of an imminent invasion. the kremlin has strenuously denied any wish for a conflict, but has laid out red lines, fitness would expansion of nato. so let's set talk more about this nam, bring in don't quarter, he joins mean steadier. don't just run through then some background to this. give us some context for billing concert appearance in ukraine. or interestingly enough, andy blink and touch down in ukraine for talks to quote, deter russia from further aggression. but the very same time an entire shipment
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actually of and law. anti tank missiles systems arrived from the u. k and london says they are a strictly for defensive purposes. let's take a listen to what they said. i can today confirmed to the house that in light of the increasingly threatening behavior from russia. and in addition to our current support, the u. k. is providing a new security assistance package to increase ukraine's defensive capabilities. we have taken the decision to supply ukraine with light anti armor defensive weapon systems. now, 1 may say that it's purely for defensive purposes, but it can't exactly control what he does with these weapons. once it's in their hands, of course, and we're actually seeing ukraine become increasingly dependent on the west, both for weapons and military training. as of late back in 2021. the u. s. also supplied kia with a large number of anti tank missile systems called job lynn anti tank weapon systems. the pentagon recently confirmed that u. s. military advisors are going to be staying in ukraine. and there are also even
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been reports that ukrainian special forces are being trained to fight the russian military on us soil. that's all the while, when nato countries are even strengthening and reinforcing their military positions right on russia's border. while this is happening, we've seen the west, the media ramp up their coverage to have a way over the situation in ukraine. what's the med take on this? that's true. i mean, blinking arrival has also coincided with the with are actually, it's come months after the beginning of hysteria and the western media about the idea of a potential russian invasion of ukraine to top it all off a lot of western media outlets. specifically, cnn are continuing to stir this part of fear around with reports even accusing russia of provoking the conflict in don boss. russia is preparing what's known as a false flag operation to create a pretext for another invasion of ukraine in the view of american intelligence.
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that could be an impending attack of some kind on the cranial territory, move up from the crimea and join all his territory up. so your buffer zone is bigger. one level up from that onyx, the whole of the coastline and cut ukraine off from the black sea. as you can see, by the end of the video right there, cnn even gave us the geography lesson, claiming to prove why russia might invade the region. to be fair though, this was not the case across all of western media. there were some that saw that saw this double standard of accusing and russia of aggression, while nato was actually arming a hostile government right on his doorstep. imagine if mexico fell under the direct military control of china, we would see that as a threat, of course. well, that's how russia views nato control, if you credit, why wouldn't they? so it's been rushes response. and through all of this recently, while these accusations of an eminent invasion by russia into ukraine had been
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going on for months now and time and time again, moscow has rejected this as a fantasy. they say that, that these, that having its own troops in its own territory is a right that a sovereign nation has. and it's not a threat to anyone. we stress once again, russia is not going to attack anyway. the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. recall for an end to the area, so as not to pile on tensions around the don, this problem. and most importantly, not to push hotheads in key of towards new provocations. now russia also made it clear that it's dedicated to finding a diplomatic solution to, to de escalate the conflict in ukraine. we've seen russia put forward a number of proposals for security guarantees between itself and nato, calling for a ceasing of nato expansion eastward. but unfortunately, washington shopping down, calling them nonstarter, negotiating points, and so deeply diplomatic talks are going to have to go on. in fact, turkey even invited the leaders of russia and ukraine to talks at,
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for early one to be the mediator of them. so perhaps we'll see something come out of that. okay, all right. well thanks for the update that don't that bizarre teaser don't quarter . well, geo political unless we spoke to does believe that the nighttime military build up cannot be seen purely as defensive. this can only be viewed, this is plying more and more weapons into a ukrainian military do it at the time when tensions are being wretched up in the west. this can only be translated as a provocation. and so this is extremely dangerous. politically, though they're in desperate straits in, in the u. s. u, k, and france, and this conflict or anything even approaching a conflict, even the threat of a conflict would dominate the headlights for months, perhaps, and it would be the ultimate distraction. i think these governments would benefit
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from the, on the west led by the u. s. in the u. k. are very interested, possibly in seeing something, at least approaching a conflict. and in order to a justify a role of rolling the ukrainian, a state into the nato alliance set up, but also breathing new life and purpose, into nato as an organization, which is a declining in it's sort of purpose really for many years now. and it's, it's gone so far away from its original treaty in history seems to have passed it by and now it seems to be desperate to justify its existence. so that's an incredibly dangerous situation that we find ourselves him when we just heard the turkish president recipe to an has invited the ladies of russia and ukraine. the peace talks in turkey coming spokesperson makes your pest gulf responded to by saying that russia would welcome help from any country to resolve the tensions with
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the cry. i can today confirmed to the house that enlighten the increasingly threatening behavior from russia. and in addition to our current support, the u. k. providing a new security assistance package to increase ukraine's defensive capabilities. we have taken the decision to supply ukraine with light and anti armor defensive weapons systems. now one of the meetings and the number of daily cave cases surging in europe with the micron varying spreading across the continent. so to a waves of unrest you to tough knee restrictions being imposed in some countries. a word of warning. you might find some of the falling footage disturbing now that have been filing class, she's in northern germany, where hundreds protested against the possible vaccine mandate that would prevent people from entering indoor venues with ags and negative cosy test or jab. people did settle firecrackers and at least a dozen who reportedly arrested officer stops protest. you to demonstrate the flag mark mandate. meanwhile, in italy here,
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thousands to to the streets and protest over the weekend. it's not mandatory down for everybody over 50 to get a job. and is defense from them, the unvaccinated, from using public transport, or entering bars and restaurants, even with a negative covey test. i'm just in to national believes the clamp di know, does a main to discrimination and demand the government rethinks its policy. the recently approved reinforce green pass must be a time limited arrangement, and the government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy their funded mental rights. amnesty international italia asked for alternative measures to allow the non vaccinated population to continue to carry out their work . anti is means of transport without discrimination across the atlantic. the number of date and k with cases has reached almost 547000. and that's while a recent poll shows to that 59 percent of democratic voters would support
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a government policy that would confine unvaccinated americans to their homes and less in an emergency. one of the most popular newspapers in the state of utah even published and editorial, demanding that the measures brought in were utah a truly civilized place? the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate mass vaccination. going as far as to deploy the national guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed. well, anywhere where we discuss this issue with a panel of gas cd, think that if such a policy was introduced, it would create in equality and still not stop the virus from spread it. we are within the single major action of discrimination and people are divided into clusters. i want to, we are witnessing is sort of cold to see the war. i mean, i would call it the civil war because we are putting brother against brother for friends against friend, the i'll you vaccinate. you are not to like say to. so the impact on society of
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those to measure. so do slow. these simply devastating. i speak from the point of view of historian, think it's right for inequality is people standing in line in the u. s. for 4 hours, just to get a job with people having to travel and other parts of the world when they don't have disposable income to do so, are the time to take off from work because most people have wanted to return to normal. that's creating a lot of inequalities that go beyond just the notions of ideologies about whether people want to participate in the vaccine drive or not. we already know that the nation doesn't. so from having a i would say, doesn't stop me from sprague in the, and virus further. so i think that's where it does con, there seems to be very dis, proportion and actually taking away the choice of, you know, as i was with, you know, a fifty's lives, got lots of life experience and i'm pretty sure they quite responsible people and
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they should be given the choice, the we put back in the constitution, the right to move, the right to movement is one of the fundamental right in the constitution, which is a document, a positive, right? but it's also natural white, also natural, a low, if you believe in the system, some natural, low, the reason why to free movement and i think is not totally absurd by this also anti goes to, to shall now and the illegal to prevent people from moving. if they're not vaccinated, well, i think we should be really worried about the effect of the public can have in these types of movements, particularly, and government started to bring policing into it or military into. and that means that they've given some thought to what may or may not be legal and what may or may not be necessary. but again, i think that if we're, if we're this concerned about coven and listen, i've had 4 shots myself. so it's not that i'm opposed personally to this boat. i am
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opposed to it is that we don't start talking about keeping other people who are drunk drivers, people who are part of intimate partner violence of those. and there are other things in society where we seem to be pretty lenient and for some reason for us to be coming down so hard on this particular case where we're bringing and policing and military. i think we should be very concerned. and having conversations about our liberties and how governments are going against some of our rights. while the world health organization does continue to stress that getting vaccinated is important and is a vital tool in fighting the pandemic. most of the people in the hospital, any country you take, or any city are unvaccinated. so let's just remember that we have very good vaccines now, and we need to use them. we need to vaccinate more people that want all website. we've a story about the side effects of faxing and how recent studies suggested sometimes all in the mind and nothing to do with the job itself. you can read more about that
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at our feet of gender neutral language is being introduced. the midwives in this is in britain and united states, and some of them a less than came to get on board. we heard from is about m. albin, who's a home berthing attendant. the groundwork was set that we no longer use words like woman and mother, and it's now the most contemporary thing you can do. the most inclusive thing you can do is use gender neutral language. so language like burning bodies, birthing people or the person magistrate or people who bleed, chest feeder among those against the shift in language are based sex, not gender, nurses and midwives. and that provides a platform for those frustrated with the new terminology. many health professionals uncomfortable with the language do fear to being ostracized, or even worse,
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losing their jobs is about them. albin again says that many others a scared of speaking act. so the 1st time i came across needs requirements was a do a training in 2016 in brooklyn, new york. and my initial reaction was to go along with it. i couldn't imagine how it would be hurtful to anyone because i was told that it was modern language. it was inclusive language and we wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad. i think the biggest problem is that there is a material consequence. so pronouns, for example, do not exist in a vacuum. it unfortunately leads to a lifetime of part of pharmaceutical dependence. kind of trans humanist future body dissociation putting children on puberty blockers, right?
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the pronouns and the language capture is part of the bigger picture, which is, you know, dissociation from our flesh being beans from our material. reality. if people are being threatened, many, many women have come to me who have either been fired or left their jobs because noncompliance is, is not, ah, is not tolerated. ah, i was unwilling to go along with the compulsive speech. and what that looked like for me was, you know, asked being ostracized by my, you know, new york city birth and postpartum jeweler, community the washing artie still had he this sarah guardian journalist on trial in london for defamation. i reclaimed an influential break supporter, had ties to the russian government. we'll have the details just off to
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics. sport, business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to some direct? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, hello. yeah, no. the defamation tries of a guardian journalist is currently taking place in london and say, the claims that back in 2019, a multi millionaire breaks it back here, had links to the russian government. during the case, withdrawal from the european union is more against the f takes a closer look now where the russia, again, is being skate. we have reached a point mold past the absurd we. we left that behind a long time ago where anything that happens and some one doesn't like it, that had happened. well. it gets blamed on russia. absurd was roughly when they claim that that trump was a russian agent. ludicrous was when american officials began literally blaming
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their headaches on russia. and of course, there was breaks it the best explanation for which seemed to be putin errand. banks has been dug by repeated accusations and close links with russia. the parallels between the russian intervention and briggs and the russian intervention in the trump campaign appear to be extraordinary breaks. it is now being pinned on russian interference with all of these parties were engaged in anti european project. right, probably funded with rush and money. aaron, bank, the guy who comes with nigel for, i'd look into his panama favorite presidents and policies since axes and businessmen all got the russian agent treatment from kenya west to robert de niro. there's also a british millionaire who became an honorary russian agent because he donated to bricks it. when under the russian government offered money to iron banks, and i'm gonna even gone into the lies that iron banks has told about his current
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relationship with the russian government. i see he aligned about his contact with the russian government because he did. this is a guardian contributor, who for had troubles ended up in court for, for libel nova that tweet which she later deleted and for that phrase. during a ted talk, she had previously said this was an attempt to silence her attack and journalism pointing to the fact that banks has a russian wife where she claims sizing experts is the red light banks, on the other hand says he just wants her to stop making things up for you rushes from sewage is the chess, the prism, tinsley alleged mother, if it is the case, but now coastal kero cad wallader has since dog back. she posted an apology to miss the banks, but, but still claims. her reporting was of utmost public interest and 22nd of october
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2020. i twitter that anne had been found to have broken the law. i accept, he has not ever read making this full statement which i have delete it and i take not to repeat it. i apologize. you are. and for the upset and distress caused. now cad wallader claims and court, and she never meant that he took the kremlin money will that the kremlin offered him money, or she mentors he had extensive ties to the russian state and that the public should have known about it. mister banks disagrees. banks has told the court that an extensive relationship amounted to a drinking session and g and lunch with the russian ambassador in london which, which hundreds of lull, if not thousands of people have done. he also says that these made up allegations have hurt his and his children's lives. he also said his sons had heard from their teachers and fellow school peoples that he was involved with the russians, and that a man had thrown a drink at him in public while accusing him of being
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a liar and selling his country down the river. carol now says that she was only repeating what other media outlet said, but other media outlet say that they were quoting her lead. it's like a closed loop of irresponsibility. but carol also has a reputation, even amongst her colleagues, one of infatuation with blame in russia. i have read many of her unsourced unsubstantiated claims of amazement that they were ever published for years. she has pumped these claims about russian agents and russian money throughout our body politic and the process. she has not only attacked individuals, but every member of the british public who voted breaks it in 2016. her story keeps evolve it as the court case drags on her letters. the fences that banks might have been used and exploited by the kremlin budge to her is as reasonable. after all, he does have a russian wife, which i,
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today's journalism standards is apparently enough to mess up someone's life. now 2022 is getting off to a rocky start for the mayor of new york. that after he admitted he now feels unsafe on the city subway after previously dam playing concerns by residents. we're going to make sure new york is feel safe in our subway system and they don't feel there. we now, i don't feel their way when i take the train every day or when i'm moving throughout our transportation system. when it comes as crime continues to rise and major cities around the united states, like in chicago, where car jacking has increased by more than the 3rd compared to the same time last year while a spiking car theft is being felt across the board. ah
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ah ah there are few things that sound more terrifying than carjacking. adding some one, remove you from your vehicle at gunpoint and then drive away. but this alarming trend is on the rise across the united states. in 2022, there have been over 90 carjackings in the u. s. city of philadelphia and january isn't even over yet. now on 3 of those occasions, drivers pulled out their legally owned firearms and shot the attempted car jackers driving through the streets of america, starting to sound like the wild west. one woman in chicago was carjacked twice within just a few days in new york city. carjackings more than doubled over the past year with 20 of them happening so far, just this month. fear is spreading throughout the city. i mean,
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it's all out of control. you know, people don't want to come back into the city, so there's going to be less population which causes all this. and, you know, people got to come back. people gotta get going with life again. but i understand it's scary, right? maybe it is new mayor. he carries a gun himself, right. what does that say? oh, i heard something about a da who wanted to get rid of the minor crimes and let them go unpunished. are these a big mistake? i travel from jersey. okay. even jersey, not safe. come from jersey, come to from elizabeth to here is terrible inside the system here. every day, i gotta, you know, worry about my life, you know, traveling, trimming from dirge to new york. it's terrible. the subways are not exactly a safe alternative. a woman was recently pushed to her death by a homeless man at the time square subway station. the mayor has off with reassuring advice you workers are safe on the subway system. i think it's about 1.7 percent of the crime scene, new york city the occur on the subway system. what we must to is remove the
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perception of fear. sure. you can remove the perception of fear, but you can't ignore in dire statistics. overall subway crime is up by 65.5 percent . residents do not feel safe at all. it's not safe. i take the subway every single day. there is no police presence. i think it's really terrible. i can only imagine how scared those people moth thing. like i said, were there co jacking me to task war? messaging me through that freshman was in the subway. we need police in the subway as definitely go myself. i had an attack myself coming to work and from work i got a thing, but crime can strike anywhere. a woman was stabbed to death in an upscale furniture store in los angeles. her greeting father spoke up blaming the soft on crime approach of some politicians. we have a lot of politicians that somehow forgot about people. i think the key to getting elected is to support the lowest rung of our society and to give them rights. and somehow that's the answer to getting votes. let the police do their jobs. go back
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to the constitution. ah, there's, there's a lot of issues i have with certain law methodology to policing. but if you let police officers do their job and get rid of this fear that they're going to do their job and then they're going to wind up being the next you tube sensation. because the department leaks 30 seconds of a body camera footage, instead of the entire thing, then you're going to see a massive a change in culture of criminality and citizens safeness. the public also has to do their ability, their, their responsibility in their part to understand the yes, it works both ways. you know, the whole innocence proven guilty, which is what our society operates on. that applies the law enforcement you that the investigations do be completed before any judgement and pass. now i understand we have a long way to go. there's a lot of departments out there that don't want to release information that don't want to work with citizens that are, you know, like chicago, when we had the body camera is back into, i believe was 2018 that wasn't released. we have to do a better job and working with the citizens, but the same time to assistance you to do their job and actually support law enforcement to say they deal with rising crime across the united states in the new
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year. many americans are blaming liberals and their defun, the police policies. others are blaming economic crisis and the lack of opportunity . regardless of the cars, americans are simply not feeling safe. caleb martin, r t new york. french environmentalists descending the alarm over plans to extend the piracy met tribe system. they fear a project to relieve mo, to a congestion and overcrowded public transport could actually harm the local ecosystem. charlotte kaminsky has more story. this forest on the eastern edge of paris is a breath of fresh air. but according to environmentalists, it soon could be the sight of a massacre. so hob jenny be double what will the consequences of this destruction b y because we're talking a lot about the trees, but they're also certain species of animals which will never come back. let's take a robin, a bird that everyone knows when it can't find a suitable environment,
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it keeps going further and never returns. of course you can always re plan trees, but the animals that we're here will not return. they will put plans to extend a vital transport link would see part of the city's largest public park chewed up by a tunnel boring machine that could see the deforestation of around 20000 square meters . the act of a said that could cause a reversible damage. now you did have to this as a tree stores 25 kilograms of c o 2 per year. i'm a cherry tree and i'm not even talking, but one that's 100 years old. here there are thousands of trees. imagine that to morrow. we're going to say to you, we're going to replant that to 3 times more. we're going to replant what some samplings online petition against the extension of the metro. he has already gathered more than $60000.00 signatures in bronson, the area around the forest. most people we spoke to were concerned about the ecological impact it would have only visible at the move could be good. but if it
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is to cut out part of the blood of incense, i think is not the best thing to do. i think they're trying to minimize things by saying that they are going to plant trees, but from the moment we're destroy part of the biodiversity and life of the blood of incense. it is not easy to restore that glucose gris given the environmental situational. i find the action to be a negative one, especially since there's no shortage of metro in paris results. so cutting down for you for 3 stations is it bit silly, especially since we could find other means of transport such as bosses uncle didn't through the company. charge of the project has also tried to reassure residents said it would compensate for the deforestation by replanting zone 3 times larger than that's, that being destroyed. but that doesn't wash with activists. i'll redo mash. what upsets is, is there are alternatives which seem to us to be neglected. the main alternative which is abs.


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