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i am asking you putting it, i see the slave quarters to not put into a shill issue. i gross negligence of pure gold of good that i told you. ladybug costano negative to been or that you've got a question yet. i gross negligence, but the good on hours to leverage can you probably noticed with, by the whole with mutual one is nice when you more to achieve. so when you are, which you know quite often you this study that home with our parents, elisa, completed for school grades in the year and passed all the exams. her parents wrote to the best schools in moscow asking them to accept their daughter what they all declined. the activity at evening. that ballade night that are manufacturing was the sheet. my ease deal im shuttle because i believe pretty dual. malia. still going to for can you make that machine? you're clear on this to e mail us. melissa, i'm just hello to pick off say that because they live in a one room flat. they don't that journalists are allowed to teach from processed to be filmed. they say, don't test the children. but during our interview give guinea elisa father decided to ask her a few questions himself just to chill with us cuz i looks like because i just
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thought that was little time and that she's like, oh no, says wi fi. so going to georgia. g. feel, daddy, if you're in miss, gave her the world, you're missing the order. i go, just let it a fan was visited, wasn't a bit billy jr. ugly. i didn't know. i spent all of that. all different workers of italy, no glacial gardens, over a lauren shit. a rings or bulging the glenmore wages, all 3 at t j. that's got the little magic skiwski not visible and it'll let bandwidth. they're all in. they're all urgent leagues. i mean the question saying if there has been you escape m new machine? yes, there's that. there's me. yes. i think just to confirm that right now that you are oh, dizzy. you store winter war lease. i was going to show you whole a gunfight. forgotten me. it is a shake as well. no. no matter. chris pappas,
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selina general, did i, did you say was in chimney backlog for grades for a video that had gone good? now that didn't get that because i thought they had to put your going better with the pitch most the teacher should know group, young dresser. sure. cuz gordon colleen that i did you live up man over my silly the quin no chattel shaped or does it just for him? don't even the 3 ammonia, the to the steering shafts, the king was oh, it's a nightmare with chico here because of the new my think here on a show. what m at always culberson didn't go to you. her mental student lost cash. mommy, mom is still a little more an adverse little more to the valet you do a blessing to reason that have gone her d a but all the time yet as v t. m. yesterday that the glenda someone else that sir i this is just about emotional beula. chem forgot it eats walton of
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a bottle of butch chem emotional gadgets i at the blood. are they on the studio that was on my yar. what stall i shipped, that would just like me to play coughs. irina's mother invented her own child development technique here, learned quickly reading at 2 and at 5 she was reading jewels, fern, all 26 volumes. she started school at that age and in her 1st year, grasp the programs of preschool years are faster successful learner. school relationships weren't ideal. the big age difference showed, but her parents didn't think that was important. them novel jewish plan. they should have back to school today. listen, you, melissa, but you pushed me able to go over, but on able to see we just the boss. no. cox the to school. it's about rational bull credential gets his thoughts. hold your freshman, jill reynolds. dr. whitman's land, anishia gonzalez nested in that is me. e r. shanie by shirley.
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my name is renier cottle, but on which his father was found at the closest bushnell with a shimmering knee. by the age of 13 irina had graduated from school and joined the economics faculty at moscow state university. her father took her every day. she was too young to go alone. she wasn't allowed to socialize with fellow students. either irina run away from home. the moment she turned 18 level of silicon proportion a which is so the sheet that there was so but otherwise i could keep it more about the la outside that are you coming in right away from when you, when you had a kid is aiden in a school of tremendous a bug order in which i could,
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i bought them both a partners that are both the sticker for us. we'll put that out there. that is a fraction of the my dish. them a way that can you brain with them? can you making us both hours or stylist, or would that be gone with them or go by has study child qualities for almost 30 years. she runs a school mostly for give to children who have to pass selection exams. year after year school preparation levels are rising. even so many years of research show that early child development doesn't necessarily get, i just say, were da too good of
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a class which and i see them knowing that patterson of karlesha, forgetful friends who couple come understood. louis didn't you moment to do it mutual, it's the gut of go good. she knew this more than $12.00 more ticket the girl and want to come. i took a cigar and it would you want to talk about brushing your nickname as it unfolds it . when you can use the money kiss british key, we're going to read it to him. the day is afraid of me and i can't do it. you swear you was prepared to soil gloves for break up a small desk. some would have gone through the storm. some porch converts dash, i mean a key is 32 officials lives and upholstery to almost not just your posse. social craft jenko is roches youngest computer programmer. and those 10 different programming languages, even though he's in the 5th grade in his free time,
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he studies c plus plus put 8th graders from brazil, golshani of neglecting and of course push a referral from your small glass ocean. yeah, i wish i knew passcode, and of course with level your stuff. sure. but i will. the yeah, my teach ear social could read fluently at 3. he quickly memorized all the letters and insisted on being taught to type in the beach . i did judge a bunch of stuff to get to add for social became interested in mathematics and then chemistry. yes. but so the loss of if mother, if somebody quoted, he saw experiments been set up and wanted to do it himself with a logo or a shantel going thought your normally bullard slower, because always promotional zone. did it mean? sure, sure. she enjoy the cook at the willing to go get that are more did such as mother knew nothing about chemistry. so she gave him some books,
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hoping he wouldn't understand and give up a meal of waste. no stones made the blazing delay when his roost, nor does not look on, you know, some people, his l is rather amiable, it's only your. we will cheat on posterior stall on the head. you're still there as guzzle either, which in like each of wiggly dylan award, the young little girl more. lucia when we got much thought the sub reside award. thou and go to the law, trump, i'm one of those dear minnesota. no one seems to be here. the world pitiful, some good. because national the problem when you why when he was 6 socialist interesting chemistry and switch to programming, which was his new passion, new mama, roger, will, will show you a screech at the use of it. i mean, when you give us i will eat of it as closely reasonable to such you yes. focus as rosters are 3 now when the war with the moon you thought a semester. yeah. to besides you. good. you more fish. don't the one that the sure
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deal. it's almost there yet. i grew up with 3. was my dealer with the more just because of all you have to wonder if sure. you national mit them because those 2 at the deal. yeah. yeah. law or beer. there's no problem because just a process. god was alive, guys still clear. oh, still da da, miss gyla will be sure you want to be on to charlotte. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah
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. when you step out the fake aspects to the c p i number the actual advisor number is exactly what we said. months ago. it's 15 percent. people's purchasing power is degrading. 15 percent wages might be up 3 or 4 percent, but i'm licensed now. 15 percent on net. net people are losing really losing out. and it's a problem that is intractable because the central bank has a problem that they can't rectify. they can't, if they were going to raise right, stacy to rectify this problem. they would have done so already. the reason they're not doing so i was because they are simply can't raise right there is i cure for this. this is now at the beginning of a hyper inflationary collapse. the, i'm on a
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think we'll put it up on this particular coordinate, the liberties keith is going to push and push it if i had a few, but there should somebody sound like a few minutes. that was 3. so what i still love with it at the but i looks like when your scope is like you believe that will give you hope, all right, from what you what we believe. if you are familiar with this, plus our new if you like it, but you're for, for, for any weaker lia, from what i show for documents that i've been busy with a programmer for a famous foreign company. recently heard about sasha and now gives him free lessons every week. he's currently helping sasha to finish his video game on the global and
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build ms shining watson father, she reveals logan. james was blocked him as a summer saying such a has won several math physics and robotics competition, or he always competes against older students. despite his accomplishments, his mother doesn't want him to skip grades. she wants him to socialize with children his own age and hopes that other kids will make friends with him because he school and not because he's smart. yes, that is the one you're below the quietness mazzocco. what does that? i don't really shown bal, marlene keys or serum were the 3 and i, we are in the book. i don't know. pretty says go to them, mom, mom o'clock dog, which would, i mean, you know, you were more on on, which is just the oddity book when 9 pm good illness shuttle mazda 3 manageable girls know that that would be the rising of victoria. who was it? it is now a good as i thought this mother, dr. boy. hm, you, linda and you were. so i was a mckesson,
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you throw up. she had to wait with the issue on tipwing nor dog. there's no won't run the questioning of still tanya's mental chimney. you call me now? oh a yeah, we love the thing. it was unrealistic with her, but almost an angel, another with a needle which forming a personal violent renewed progression with social can only be tempted to play outside for long by friends his own age. he could never have that kind of fun, but high schoolers. just another reason why so she won't be made to skip any grades for
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a busily game with the typical sco to freshness they together as a family. the rules say that only students are allowed and side, but elisa is still too young to go on her own. my team with the youngest freshman had seen diversity and her favorite trust and shoes, which took a long time to pick. she only from the shopping this morning and i can't remember is up either. well, i believe that it's bad as me and i my daughter mom is because alcohol does that.
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all they're showing me by edmund lady she me 0 sure. or beach. she was a lawyer. ah, i suppose proportional with alissa is certainly the most famous student here. she is very recognizable, especially with her parents and siblings and tell me i can. yes. and you can leave it in the and alyssa didn't score enough in her exam to qualify for state subsidy, but confident that she'll do well. her parents have still decided that she should go to university even on the fi pain basis. and that was what was the program manager, but she told us to share with chimney kiana pushed up to focus on a push stella luxury vehicle,
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which at the fucker brought did you you are she just at the us? why you knew of betty in? yeah, i'll go plenty of money, but i just have a preferred lot course to get what? sure at the fire that cost to get a new man for the 1st day and you can get the money because i thought it i thought of best. yeah. my dear thought, but if i get the friends with
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because ali says only 9, the typical ops hope that the university will put a special time table together for her. a voice like probably w. i did a lot of this discussion with c, e o, you know your work order on addition, that yellow least people wish it, but he was there for here somewhere. well sure. he only needs to stop by when you with a swim would you go? yeah, because i thought i need you you some that can you deal well mostly do it on the porch. ah. i come a gun. that is one of the most famous chemist in the world. he has developed
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a method for predicting the crystal structures and properties of substances that haven't even been discovered. a still has worked at prestigious universities in switzerland and in the us, but now lives in moscow. and is a professor at the skulk of our institute of science and technology, which is my daughter going to the next 30 at a couple kids with these couple of toys. i tell me, joyce, showing his children a range of experiments at his darcia. tom has been into chemistry since he was for. he was one so engrossed in it that it nearly killed him. we are but little think you're still killed with regard to put to us to mom and you usually do want to good. he'll say, i will put you on with her with the one is remote, a little more of she'll get it, but i will do. that's good. she will walk when she was i terms mom is
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a psychologist who had her own ideas about early childhood development. for much work, useless gulf with capacity you would owe us of this and then usually people come up with the quote, what i think is what they alicia was a good. yes. good. it could be. she mean brooks can complement your mind. you can go to the pendulum not put it's obvious that i term was a child prodigy. when his mother realised books were no longer enough. she persuaded some professors at the men's in f institute to talk to her son, and they allowed him to attend their lectures. what did she slocum, what gary's was completed? i'm swim digital. are you with? my mom was sheila and i just i just she manager picking him up. he can speak to the administrator joke, bonner convenient to pursue it. so low in the middle in the mo, the longer than usual,
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the gifted child went to an ordinary school on the outskirts of moscow. of course, he could easily have skipped grades quickly or transferred to a school with a gifted program. but his family decided that our 2 arms should stay with regular classes and he will call buttons to we'll, we'll just, mutual agree with chris. but also a company was going to what he built another and you really to do it on the phone. you both went over the phone with the director at the one you just with your message. do you want the google for labrono from there or what? what did you go for when? when did you go to craig? or when you pull into the calendar, realistically, in montana we had hoped to see alyssa attended lectures. she wasn't going to block offset constant disputes with the university. alyssa's father complained that he couldn't go to lectures with her. she was threatened with expulsion for truancy and they wouldn't give her an individual time
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table, even though he claims it only took her a month semester, the curriculum for the whole semester. now, which are supposed to settle this into a deal or list for them, put it to me on my school for a to ship alarm. so choose a new service or national motor to the store. postcolonial magazine. jim, are you into the door in the house when there's 2? if you need to play golf, still insist that elisa could graduate in 2 years. the psychology department has never seen anything like it, nor has it ever admitted such a youngster. hi janice hospital us, which is in the 40 tours you still are for 6. so those are new ones from the market of so lose
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a still so new years are going should never order us or the word here with them. there are plenty mathematicians who entered the university early, but they have never been such a young psychologist whether a child can embrace complex. psychological theories will soon become clear. irina now works as a psychologist, she decided to pursue a 2nd higher education after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital with severe clinical depression. you paula, she's with oxygen. now shane capital still going to cut up jewish abuse on thumb. slip physicians come to collect each skimp with a yup, when you of a replacement right in the center. glad mr. new 20 strong couldn't. wow. yes. impulse finished on sunday clothes
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hamper that i saw born with hearing. i had no contact with her father and mother for several years, but when her parents fell ill, she stepped in to support and take care of them. i wish i chose that just mcgloid davidson or it from the blog which is by shy dogwood is all that i'm with sasha is now working on an international medical project. his writing software. it's a test medicines for the effectiveness and safety include and so my against cancer . yeah. show control study program use the law. yeah. just let him go. no recalls. he me is no premier for me to there soon. yeah, that's kind of showing for me. and most of them, so i somehow got married, one of his classmates and they have 4 children. he takes education very seriously and teach his chemistry, physics, geography, and history to them himself. maria phil is dillard ducks, the we teach him will introduce the rich. yes. will friendliest, luminous them worth to money?
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stella he mccormick, it is rob sheila truen. i'm it or gar loop. swim the coolness of doors on the should. can one question which when we filmed the tickler course on september 1st 2021. we wanted to ask elissa again why she chose in psychology, but the dad and straight for her marsh with joy. this is a jim again, know which it's in the pic, olga, can you private? dost on that you need to be any place to lead to discipline? would you have no blunt discipline not given up on the ship? crystal, a yacht? m a what we did the general macarthur sprint with the mature complex that came over to them on the line. so the chairman of nice upside next your colleagues, remember the german there never let us know the jimmy. there's not be the baggage scripture. that's german or electrical get allowed means it's on the german lapse, sugar units that you mean there's no chief connecticut, especially the children, the chairman of knob technology, intellectually wheelchairs performance that he talked to was collection at the to the chairman. there's not that a snapshot of your subscript, but he met these meet in or teacher could have been kind of due at the football game as a corner with social media,
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brian was driving to precipitate digital badges at the parapet. it did edges that they were what's called the stolen mckee mas. let me cut off, and you really equal dorna, a nice as noble, upright, unable up, right? in that, that might, it was kazama, but them good. the good to go out there for just just on the pickup, an anticipated she was at the mar. yeah. proficient. i know almost yes guys. work on the, you know, some good ah, well making this film, i often wondered about the best way to raise my own child. i read the lot about gifted children and children whose development was fast tracked. all the stories are very different and there is no one size fits all white answer. children like that just don't fit into any molds. many people have described the least as life is an experiment. there were already families in which all children were ahead of the curve, but not by such
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a big margin may be this really is an education revolution. ah, i mean, with,
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oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i think we'll find out about the skill. courtney anybody's. keith is going to push
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and push it. if i had a few minutes, i just somebody somebody from a few minutes. that was 3. see what i still love to stop it at the. but i looks like when in your school break, you believe about it will give you hope. all right, so i'm what you will be with, you know, what you this was a way i'd like it, but here for a weaker lia from a brush up for documents that are in your bruise, the by did ministration, is under water in just about every way is this due to bad policies or bad messaging? maybe it's vote. there's also an important question. yes, presidents come and go. but elite and special interests remain very powerful. are they a threat to democracy?
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so called and chance interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station in mosul, among them were stress positions, sleep deprivation. and using type of therm. yeah. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant and children, whatever you do or more comes from home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. in the moral authority,
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the made america awarded or sacrifice the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah, an international human rights group, that sounds the alarm over italy's new clamp down against the unvaccinated saying such measures amounted to discrimination. more than 50 percent of democratic party voters in the u. s. would support a government policy to require unvaccinated americans to remain confined to their homes. our guests think that such a mandate would, in the quality, while not stopping the buyers from spreading. we are, we can see a major action of discrimination and people i divided into clusters stink is right for any qualities. people standing in line in the u. s. for 4 hours, just to get a job and the u. s. a state of virginia is it newly elected republican governor,


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