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developed as early as possible. that's why they've developed their own accelerated teaching method. mr. to play golf says they have enough material to write to duct tauriel theses order. yes, yes i yes me, i'm here. unique name. look, we're screaming for me. oh, there are methods. have proved so successful, but even the lease has mother sometimes doesn't understand her package it. can you always go to it by valerie you for or get i feel was more like a broker. you official put a mark. i give them that. would you say i want to remind you the wrong ammonia? those 8 more will jam a nominal good. his cousin, volara dillard, whichever nichol for bell fuck, or larry land, for 18 streaming provisional as at the gang thought valuable as at their bridges gauges the flooring dome. these little j u. s. important. think your joint form you alyssa, parents had wanted her to start school early because her reading, writing, and mathematics were quite advanced from the age of 4 bots. the school said she was
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too young. i'm asking you putting into the, the sways quarters to not putting to will show issues. i girl nicholas picola of griffith legislative of thought on a good. it's been that you've got a question yet. i got on the ecologist, but the good on that was july, which when you probably noticed with, by the whole with mutual one is nice when you more to achieve. so when you reach your medical place of new, the subs study that home with our parents, elisa completed for school grades in the year and passed all the exams. her parents wrote to the best schools in moscow asking them to accept their daughter what they all declined. the activity effect ballade night that her many question was which each weighs deal im shuttle because i story. but it all marya, the still going to for, can you make that much in your clearness to e mails from us for more than just hello to play golf. say that because they live in the one room flat. they don't that journalists in or allowed to gauge from processed to be filmed. they say, don't test the children. but during our interview give guinea a lisa's father decided to ask questions since himself. just teach with so much
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because i just thought those little so my next use the shuttle. oh no sir. w m speeds are going to the georgia g field, virginia thorough investigation in the world. you're building new order. i've carriages, lazoodo vienne, was visited, wasn't an employee julia than known as that. all that, all different workers and people know glacial cardoso from lauren. shoot a link or ball address the glenmore wage is going to be at t j. it's app guard. the little magic ski, skinner movable. i didn't that bad where they're all in the role merge and leagues . i me an the question 3. any of the new escape them? new senior. so there's 1000000 for yes. i think jessica said i was not that you are. oh, did you start with winter war lease? i was going to show if you hold on the bottom, it is a check. i don't know why i asked that
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selina general did. i did to simon chipping backlog for bread for if you can let it go. good. now that didn't get mad because i thought they had to put you mean better with that, but you most the teacher should all good young professional cuz courted. but even that i did to live up, none of my students, no chattel shipped or what i think just really built in the 3 ammonia with the, to the steering shafts, the can oh sure, let me kick off here because of the new my picture here on a show what am, at always a culberson didn't go to you. her mental moustache, mommy, mom's billable mom. now based on what the valet you do, the god bless you to reason that have gone d a put all with yesterday that the somebody that i dislike about
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version of willa. jim forgot it eats what in the little approach chim, emotional gotta do. i at the blood. are they on these thought? is that with on my yeah. what still, i'm not sure that you're just lucky to play coughs. irina's mother invented her own child development technique. didn't learn quickly reading at 2 and at 5 she was reading jewels, fern all 26 volumes. she started school at that age and in her 1st year grasped the programs of preschool years or faster. successful learner school relationships weren't ideal. the big age difference shows, but her parents didn't think that was m. fortune them novel jewish plan. they should. you should l as in melissa, but you snable their goal will be able to see the pos o'clock. the 2 students about rational bull crash old, you hold your freshman, joe whitman's, landon gunderson listed in the me a shame me. well,
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surely chased to a little button, which is for not was poland at the those us from bushnell, with a shimmering knee. by the age of 13 irina had graduated from school and joined the economics faculty at moscow state university. her father took her every day. she was too young to go alone. she wasn't allowed to socialize with fellow students. either irina run away from home the moment she turned 18. noble upset with the push it over with. so the sheet that was so but otherwise could keep that would save. you have to think about the law outside that are you coming in right away from when you, when you had a scale
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of tremulous, i'd have to bug order in wash. i could, i bought them both for give me 3 school partners that i spoke to the sticker for us . we'll put that out there. that is a fraction using my dish. them a now go to school. well, you know that, can you brain with them? can you might in the bible, stylist or stylist, or will that be gone? with a fellowship go by has study child product use for almost 30 years. she runs a school mostly for give to children who have to pass selection exams. year after year school preparation levels are rising. even so many years of research show that early child development doesn't necessarily guarantee success. just they were,
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did you go to a class which and i see them alone. that patterson is karlesha forgetful friends with no couple commanders to begin with. didn't you moment to do it mutual, it's the gut of go good. she knew pis more than what you were to cut the girl and want to come. i took a cigar and it would you ought to torture when you see other people brushing it up on thursday. when you can use me free day money. kosicki, we're going to read it to him. the day is afraid of you. to me, in a condo, cham swear you was prepared to soil glance. sweet breath was moved. she would have gone through the storm. some porch converts dash, i mean, they're all they all day and he's like, he is 32 officials lives. and of course, the need to, well, sir, not isn't your policy. social craft jenko is roches youngest computer programmer. and those 10 different programming languages, even though she's in the 5th grade in his free time,
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he studies c plus plus put 8th graders from brazil, golshani of neglecting and of course push referral from your smoke was awesome. yeah, i wish i knew passcode and of course would love all your stuff. sure. and i will the yeah, my e t h e r. social could read fluently at 3. he quickly memorized all the letters and insisted on being taught to type in the beach. i did the i did budge alice, nothing just to add for social became interested in mathematics and then chemistry . yes. so the worth of is mother, but it's quiet. he saw experiments been set up and wanted to do it himself with a logo or a handsome throat though what you and your molly boots lower because always promotional zone, julia mean. sure, sure. she enjoy and see cook at the will. it that are more things such as mother knew nothing about chemistry. so she just gave him some books hoping he wouldn't
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understand and give up a meeting. you can always no storms mad subleasing delay when they lose more the nissan your nissan people who deal with other renewable. it's really your we will cheat on posterior teeth all on the high don't you're still there as guzzle either . which in like each of wiggly dylan award, the young lady, guadalupe lucia when we have not thought the sub reside award, thou one go to the law, trump, i'm one of those. and those are the ones in for monsieur will pitiful some good. because national the problem when you wire, when he was 6, sasha, last interesting chemistry and switch to programming, which was his new passion, new mom or roger walsh, pierre because ella screech at the use of program. you know, when your gifts you had us, i will ye eith of it as closely you go. the reason you blew to such court you? yes, thank you. so scott: rosters i 3. now when you want the moon,
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you possibly are must, will non stop drip as the muster yet. you know, besides you grew your physical, the don't the one that should deal. it's almost a year to non upgrade, quote 3 was montela. wouldn't moscow or yes or no, if sure he, they told me that the because those 2 at the deal it's god yell law. oh and oh dear . they shan brownwood was just in asia cardiac throughout the process. god was alliance of them. guy. it'll still clear. oh still the dams jelia will be she would you want to build artificiality if ah ah, people join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics. sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then a
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gothic book by the ethan. how can i please get a quote man, anybody's going to push and push it. if i heard of it, i should somebody sound like a few minutes ago, but it was 3. see what i still love with it at the paradox. local me in your school because you believe about what we did get hope, all right, from what you what we believe, if you know what you discussed, our partner with you. well, thank you. by your prosper pretty weaker lia. from a brush your project from the start of the numbers, a programmer for a famous foreign company recently heard about sasha and now gives him free lessons
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every week. he's currently helping sasha to finish his video game for the globally behold. michelle's 9 months of partnership, visible googling and chambers bloodline business for mercedes. such a has won several math physics and robotics competition where he always competes against older students. despite his accomplishments, his mother doesn't want him to skip grades. she wants him to socialize with children his own age, and hopes that other kids will make friends with him because he school and not because he smart. yes, that is the one you're below the quietness. mazzocco was never actually shown bill mulling keys or serum were the 3 and i, we are in the book a lot more. pretty surgical go to them mom, normal cork dog. what you would, i mean is not the book we're more on on, which is just now i did to book, when is night him good old national master between your manager was no that would be the rising a story on was it? it is now a good move. them are good as i thought this monday, the boy hm. you denied you were so i would do
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a mckesson. you throw up. she had to wait for the 3 of you on the corner. no rush to there's no won't run the question, go felt our knees mantle chimney. you call me now? oh, a good. we love the thing. erosion really ticklish a, but almost a little another with religious over a little was formerly a possible really when you have a lot of them going, social can only be tempted to play outside for loan by friends, his own age. he could never have that kind of fun, but high schoolers. just another reason why social won't be made to skip any grades . why can you me
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a visit with me? okay. as long as you click offs go to freshness, stay together as a family. the rules say that only students are allowed and side, but elisa is still too young to go on. her own yet not being with the youngest freshman had seen diversity and her favorite trust and new shoes, which took a long time to pick. she only finish shopping this morning. jeremiah is up either.
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well, no, i need to leave that as a monday. my daughter mom is because alex, what does that go there showing me by actually she may be a little unsure or beach. she was a lawyer. ah, a elisa, certainly the most famous student here, shes very recognizable, especially with her parents and siblings and tell me i can. yes and you can leave it in the end. delisa didn't score enough in her exam to qualify for state subsidy, but confident that she'll do well. her parents have still decided that she should go to university, even on the fi pain basis. and there's also what was the program manager, but you tell a push to share, which you have new counterpart stops, focus,
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go to having to operate. stella will negotiate which at the fucker, all star did you you are she trust at the us? why in that? in yeah, i'll go plenty of money and of course ticket. what's the cost to get up a month with that? i thought of this year, my dear store. but if it's that our prayers with another question i didn't stick with
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because ali says only 9. the typical ops hope that the university will put a special time table together for her. a voice like probably w, i did a someone was supposed to, but i just want to come down. it was just not showing that. i need to let this discussion with a a work order, no additional yellow elisa, triple a call wish to. but if your ear someone, question bill, give me a buzz when you get a chance. would you like to book a swim? would a book with you? because i thought, okay, do you sound like, can you deal well, most likely the wrong approach? ah,
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i come a gun up is one of the most famous chemists in the world. he has developed a method for predicting the crystal structures and properties of substances that haven't even been discovered. a has worked at prestigious universities in switzerland and in the us, but now lives in moscow. and is a professor at the scope of institute of science and technology, which has my daughter going. she didn't have a couple kids with a couple of. what do i tell my enjoy showing his children a range of experiments that his dad shall i tell him has been in the chemistry since he was for he was one so engrossed in it that it nearly killed him. we are well is what. thank you. thank you, what we're going to put to watch the moment you village want to go. you'll say i will put you on the manual with her with his mom over to mean you know, the rules with sure will look when she was
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i terms mom is a psychologist who had her own ideas about early childhood development for mitchell fuselage golf. a possible you would owe a shawn was a good years ago. so can you hear me broke? can you scoop on what you might go to the present or not? it's obvious that i tell him was a child prodigy when his mother realized that books were no longer enough. she persuaded some professors at them in the life institute to talk to her son, and they allowed him to attend their lectures. what is a mixup with coin mom? i should do a fixer or job. she manager picking him up. he can speak to you or do me actually
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joke. bonner can any more with it. so in the middle, in the mo, the logo can you show the gifted child went to an ordinary school on the outskirts of moscow. of course, he could easily have skipped grades quickly or transferred to a school with a gifted program. but his family decided that actually should stay with regular classes and he will call buttons to we'll, we'll just, mutual agree with our company was going to rebuild the another. you really did. you want to move for you both one of the directors at the one you just want to work with you on. this is to want to give you a plan for what, what the end you can choose. but we might need to put a cricket, or when you pull into the corner real estate lawyer in montana we had hoped to see alyssa attending lectures, but she wasn't going to block offset constant disputes with the university. alyssa's father complained that he couldn't go to lectures with her,
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she was threatened with expulsion for truancy, and they wouldn't give her an individual time table, even though he claims that only took her month semester, the curriculum for the whole semester. as opposed to decide to listen to a this deal is awesome. put it to me on hold for a shipment balaam. so children in the house with national motor to the store school madison. easy. jim, are you into the door in the house with? if you need to play golf, still insist that lisa could graduate in 2 years. the psychology department has never seen anything like it, nor has it ever admitted such young students. a total ass, which is in the 4th it is you still are for 6. who are those are saying, i see,
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i knew it from the market of sue, lose a quote. also new years ago. you should know both of us are overworked, here with them. there are plenty mathematicians who entered the university early, but they have never been such a young psychologist or a child can embrace complex psychological theories will soon become clear. irina now works as a psychologist should decided to pursue a 2nd higher education after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital with severe clinical depression. a got up to this abuse sometimes with
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yesterday, with them sunday across campus. a had no contact with her father and mother for several years, but when her parents fell ill, she stepped in to support and take care of them. i wish shasta jasmine, glad to debit from all it to come. the blow which he by shy bull, good little at our button subway sasha is now working on an international medical project, his writing software to test medicines for the effectiveness and safety include. and so my gets cancer. yeah, shell control such programs. the law, yahoo jumps that she may come from no recalls she me young is now come here to me introducing yet most kind of showing for me. and so i'm most of them here. so i trauma got married, one of his classmates, and they have 4 children. he takes education very seriously and teaches chemistry, physics, geography, and history to them himself. maria phil dillard,
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thanks to we teach them, will introduce the rich. yes. will friendliest, luminous them worth to minute policy require me? iraq, sheila truen i'm it is currently pursuing the coolness of building a ship. so can one question which one was filmed particular course on september 1st 2021. we wanted to ask ali say again, why she chose in psychology, but the dad and straight for her marsh with joy. this is a jim again, not know which it's in the pupil agree. can you private austin, that needs to be new place to lead to discipline which of no one disciplined, much of an apprenticeship crystal a young emma? what, which is that you're more likely to spin with the mature complaint i came over to them on the line. so the chairman of classified nature college, the german there that was the last night. with jimmy, there's not the biggest problem. that's jimmy, electrical agatha allowed means it's only a german of luxury united. the chairman has no chief connecticut, especially the church, the chairman of knob, your call again, typically wheelchairs performance that he talked to was clear that the chief,
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the chairman, there's not with us. not particularly yourself, chris, but he met these meet and, or she could have been kind of due at the football game as i caught up with the show. and then brian was driving to put it in period b. i do that the parapet is good edges. that they with what's called the stolen materials. let me cut that off. i'm usually equal dorna, a nice, testable upright, and hon up right in the book, in whiskey, some of what i'm going to do was to write a letter for yes. yes. on the pickup i had to subside. jawad lisa at the mar. yeah . proficient i know of with seattle scott, i'm a eunice, i'm doing well, making this film i often wondered about the best way to raise my own child. i read a lot about gifted children and children whose development was fast tracked. all the stories are very different and there is no one size fits all white answer. children like that just don't fit into any molds. many people have described the least as life as an experiment. there were already families in which all children who are ahead of the curb, but not by such a big margin may be, this really is an education revolution.
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ah, the bible ministration is under water in just about every way it's due to bad policies are bad messaging. maybe it's both. there's also an important question. yes, presidents come and go by the elite and special interests remain very powerful. are they a threat to democracy? there are other driven by dreamers shaped bankers and those with
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theirs sinks we dare to ask in ah oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallow. ah. oh the wrong one. 0. just don't hold any wrong. yes, to shape out disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you
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force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation. inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more than comes to home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. and the moral authority, the made america leader sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation a
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ah, an international human rights group sounds, villanueva, italy's new club down against the unvaccinated, saying such measures amounts to discrimination across the atlantic, more than 50 percent of the democratic party voters would support a government policy, the require unvaccinated america remained confined to their homes. all guests think that such amount that would create inequality while not stopping the virus from spreading? we are, we can the seeing a major action of the school nation and people i divide into clusters. think is right for inequality is people standing in line in the u. s. for 4 hours just to get a jack.


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