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in the shallow, ah, ah, the world's 10 richard people double their wealth, while millions die of cove. i'm damning report from new york on saturday, says the pandemic is increased inequality across the globe. the pandemic has really expose been a quality over the last 2 years. it's been really exponential, so we call it as a state of virginia, newly elected republican governor, dismantled previous democratic policies, shutting down critical race theory and math mandates and public schools. in doing so, he's books, a wave of criticism, a home birth attendant, and the us explains how a transgender included with the drive was impacted her work out the very words that she's allowed to use. we no longer use words like women and mother in those
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inclusive thing you can do is use a language language like for the body, for the people who are the person on russia. some people might accuses berlin, nevada international conventions off the german language channel t. v was taken off for following pressure about germany's media regular. ah, welcome to all the international law from moscow, wherever you are, they say evening. thanks for joining us on the program. the wealth of the world's richest people has doubled during the pandemic, while a poor suffered increased death rights and policy due to a lack of treatment. and vaccines. was the findings of a report by oxfam called inequality kills the shower. he claims policy shows his by government so skewed in favor of the wealthy to well said the wells at 10 the
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richest man has doubled since the pandemic began. b incomes of 99 percent of humanity, a worse off because of coven 19. this is not by chance, but choice. economic violence is perpetrated when structural policy choices are made for the richest and most powerful people. this causes direct harm to us. all the fan they make has really exposed inequalities and fuel them. so ox home has been tracking billionaire wealth for some time, and of course the forbes list shows that it has been growing over the last 40 years . but over the last 2 years it's been really exponential. so we call it a billionaire bonanza. and at the other end of the spectrum, of course, for 99 percent of humanity. it's been a very, very difficult time. and most people are worse off as a result of the pandemic. of course, more than a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty during this time and is in a moment when you can see the difference is really showing very, very starkly,
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can't cause success. when there is such disparity, that at one end of the spectrum, you have people who have more wealth and they can spend in several lifetimes. and at the other we have people struggling to pay their next health bill or, or not knowing where their next meal is. coming from having such a level of, of disparity affects everyone, even the wealthiest because you know, and it's a sign of an unhealthy state of affairs, of an unhealthy society that needs addressing. according to our found, the pandemic is pushed to more than a 160000000 people into poverty. one estimated 70000000 lives have died from growing of ours and around 6000000 more of also lost their lives due to a lack of health care in poor countries. in while the top 10 people and forbes wishlist including well known public figures, lucky musk, jeff pays off, and bill gates have 6 times more money than the poorest 3000000000 combined. but
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while they doubled their wealth, the income of 99 percent of the world's population was. and since the pandemic began a new 1000000000, it has been created every single day of from believe. the key reason for such inequality is vaccine supply. one of those key drivers for inequality has been vaccine access to vaccines. so the difference between rich and poor countries has grown the inequality. so and the poor countries in africa, in general, only 10 percent of the population has had his 1st course of vaccination america. and it's, it's economy power and several other countries in the world can help reverse that from unlocking that and from the calculations that, that we have made. it would be possible, for example, to vaccinate the whole world to achieve and health care for all the universal health care and their ways and ok, and others have campaign for lifting those intellectual property rights. that in
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fact, mean that pharmaceutical have a monopoly over probably vaccines that are not readily available or produced as, as, as, as they could all over the world. a home birth attendance has explained how a push for using only inclusive language in the us has impacted her job. isabel m. albin says she was advised not to use the was mother or woman. i'm instead say the buffing body. we no longer use words like woman and mother irving bodies, sperling people for the person many straighter, new york midwife speaks out against trans madness. after being forced to use woke terms for women in labor. every one knows that there are only 2 sexes, men and women, and only women give birth. and the irony of, of being asked to deny the fact that only women give birth in this face just is, is, is hysterical in some sense, because we're only,
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they're like we're only there to serve women because this is a issue specific to women, right? trans friendly environment affects more than language. with many trans doctor's allowed to hide that biological sex. it's an issue to have medical professionals who are male pretending to, to be women, inserting themselves literally into the insides of women's bodies. and i've had women who have shown up to gynecological and dialogue, hope and obstetric appointments, thinking they're going to see a woman, a practitioner, and it, and it's a man. you don't want to offend what you're already in, or you've already taken off your pants. many health professionals don't support the gender raising craze, but these views can get you in trouble. this ideology is authoritarian in it. if
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you question even one part, whether it be the kids or women sports, you were instantly deemed trans phobic. i get messages and emails from women all over the world regularly coming out with their telling me their stories that they can't speak out or they feel like they can't speak out or they were ostracized. or, you know, like yoga teachers. ah, you know, just getting bullied for not do in the prow. now being, i mean it's, it's everywhere. they are not free to speak. they are not given an open forum. they are clocked out quicker than you can say. trans ideology, starting in the us just days after taking office. virginia's new republican governors dismantling democrat policies cancelling a school mosque my late and banning political rights theory from the curriculum. but the sweeping measures are revoking a barrels of criticism. kellum open as a result. so there's a new state of pace in the united states. politics seems to be moving forward at
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full speed ahead. we have the new governor of virginia has been sworn in on saturday and his 1st day in office he signed 11 executive orders. now the 2 most critical were one removing a mask mandate in public schools and another, getting rid of the teaching and critical race theory in public schools. now the move around the mask mandates sparked quite a bit of backlash. one mother spoke up saying that she was happy that the public school where her daughter attends is maintaining the mask mandate despite the governors move. that mother also happened to be the white house spokesperson. thank you to arlington, public schools for standing up for our kids. teachers and administrators and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant school divisions across virginia are rejecting glen youngins dangerous anti science executive action and keeping mask requirements in schools to ensure the health and safety of k 12 students in the commonwealth. now school officials in arlington, virginia, fairfax,
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and alexandria all said that they are going to maintain their mask mandate despite the governors move. now the governor had campaigned on the policy of empowering parents to have more impact on the decisions regarding the education of their children and public schools. so he decided to give school districts 8 days to listen to parents concerns and reconsider. well, 1st of all, we wrote the order specifically to give all of the school systems basically a days to get ready to listen to parents. now the 2nd pivotal issue was on the teaching of critical race theory. in virginia's public schools, there is a revolt against the way our schools have been managed comprehensively. and critical right theory is a big part of that critical race theory as a political agenda that as absolutely in our schools. and it teaches everyone view everything through a lens of race and then pits our children against one another. yes,
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we will teach all history the good and the bad, but to actually teach our children that one group is advantage than another is disadvantaged simply because of the color of their skin cuts across everything we know to be true. now this moves sparked a wave of online backlash with many saying there was no problem to begin with and it critical race theory is a legitimate part of education in the state. critical race theory isn't in the virginia k 12 curriculum and lifting a mask mandate in schools is foolish. they know perfectly well that c r t isn't on the curriculum, but they're using it just like masks and vaccine as a way for their rhetoric and action to see more palatable. the p t. a have become radicalized recruitment centers. as a republican, i am sick of you already. virginia never taught critical race theory. you banned nothing. now your stupidity is spreading cove it in schools that will end the lives of more stupid republicans. why do you hate god in america? are you a fascist?
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now it's important to know, virginia has been pretty solidly in the democratic parties camp for the last decade . and the new governor who signed all these executive orders on his 1st day only one by roughly 2 percent. so. busy we're looking at the state of virginia, a historically blue state that now seems to have a red governor on the state leadership as example of how the united states remains divided in these times. it's pretty clear that virginians don't see eye on some rather critical issues for involving the schools where their children learn why there's been an update in the often and flane relationship between harry potter or j. k. rowling and members of the transgender community police in scotland out, they will now not take any action over a tweet by an ac service reveal routings. home address. at the time of the post, the writer wrote this response to the trends campaign. they should have reflected
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on the fact that have not received so many death threats. i could paper the house with them and haven't stopped speaking out with a post. she's responding to included trans activists standing by her house holding signs with slogans such as trends. liberation now though, delete that. it was immediately repos safe with her home information available for all to see rolling. so she's been targeted for speaking up for women sex based. right. and people will quick points out. the apparent double standards in the police is decision not to charge to come painters. i wonder why no action being taken. i'd assume it's because for kyra the food chain or transport us and don't upset the apple cart, the fact her address or anyone's address be posted on line without knowledge or consent is wrong regardless of why it's a violation of safety. dock thing is illegal and it doesn't matter if you delete the content a few hours later makes you wonder what the police are playing at cherry picking. what is lawful depending on who is complaining. she used to pander to those people, even changing the sexuality of characters, to please them. she played woke
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a mental gymnastics and slipped up, and then the mob turned on her. it is quite surprising. they're not taking any kind of action. although you see this is very much a gray area where legality is difficult to prove. and in this particular case, i believe the, the police were reviewed the circumstances clearly with the lawyers and decided that there wasn't any legality that we have now a situation in the u. k. in other countries where people don't believe the others have a right to have a view, and this is an opposing view to them. and i think that's quite disgusting. and you know this? well, it could well end up in some form of prosecution or someone should cause harassment acts. and i believe that she has said that she had also said problems since and so individuals committed harassment afterwards may well end up being guilty of crimes
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. a backlash against rolling began in 2020 office. you question headline about people who menstruate by claiming the meaning of the word woman had been lost. some twitter uses that to mean. she was saying transgender men and women should have fewer rights. political culminated under walker says you can police are only willing to go off the crime when it suits them. any police force of equality can do more or less investigation. i replied back case of the scottish comedian, but taught his dog or the watchdog how to do hitler salutes in order to prevent of a joke. they are perfectly willing to put it in the resources when it suits them, but they're not willing to put in the resources when it doesn't suit that police. scotland will be perfectly happy with j. k. rowling being intimidated, perfectly happy without being harassed and will take actually no action to defend them because they don't agree with that. politically. my comment is next. j. k. rowling is going to say she can afford security. what about the rest of breton to
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have these highly political police force, highly political police leaders, police under political control, what politician, fellow, who to prosecute when that is a danger not to j. k. rowling, cuz she's rich and powerful. ordinary people like you know, maybe well, you can thorough to determine the terrorist responsible to synagogue causes situation in texas in the united states. last we can pose no terrorist threats. he was left on record as opposed to of interest, but was able to fly to the u. s. and by a far on them, it appears authorities not relate their consent to american counterparts before the attack. now the lead perpetrator was killed off and 11. i'll start off with the synagogue in call a bill, a suburb of dallas, all the houses you survived, police in england, the thing to teenagers as part of the ongoing investigation into that attack. and
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my colleagues and neil spoke to a former m. i a 5 and citizens officer who said the incident results from a failure on both sides of the atlantic failure to level one is that and i 5, did drop the investigation into him. and it might well have been because he was seen to have mental health issues rather than terrorist to contention. but the other m astonishing thing from my perspective is the fact that he was out into the states as well, with a string of convictions and with his mental health issues in the background. and, you know, u. k u. s. homeland security act is supposed to be the precisely to blog people coming in to the u. s. on these grounds. so it's not just my fault. i think although i do think we have a problem one in the ship holding that information, that guessing she's holding the people they have to investigate that for the us also to have allowed and not have caught out the u. k. and said, this man's got convictions all over the place. we can't let him in sending bag. noticing that when you read into it that he was able just to get a gun,
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lethal weapon without being on any authority watch list at all. that just shows an absolute failure on every front, the intelligence agencies in the u. k. the border security usa, the policing security in the usa as well. and i think, you know, it's great now that we can pinpoint what happened, what went wrong in this case. but that's not how our intelligence agencies based in the usa and the case working. they are there to preemptively gather intelligence, to preemptively stop the sort of terrorist attacks. not just have the information that could be used and be useful after an attack. that's what the police are going to do. so why do we spend all this money on all, incredibly invasive intelligence agency, if they are letting these old people sit between the cracked time after time after time, not just in the u. k, or the u. s. a but across europe as well as the last 7 years. are you confident lessons have been learned as to what happened over the weekend, or are we going to see further instance other crimes happening if there is what
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seems to be on the i said such a weak communication between the u. k and us authorities. i am sure they will say the lessons learned what that will mean in reality is that they will probably scoop up and share even more and increasingly invasive communication technologically. and they will say to protect all of us against terrorism. whereas in fact, if they did the job properly preemptively to target and stop potential terrorists rather than waiting all on privacy and take away all our civil liberties and our country that will be much more effective and that will be the channel. i would suggest that they start looking into, rather than just aggressively breaking whale, assuming like small civil liberties in line, which is not helping them if not helping them to protect us. and it's not protecting our national security. italy's new clamped down against the on vaccinated amounts to discrimination. that's what human rights group i'm with the national says the morning,
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the government rethink. it's tough and decoded. policies the recently approved reinforce green pass must be a time limited arrangement and the government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy their funded mental rights. amnesty international italy asked for alternative measures to allow the non vaccinated population to continue to carry out their work. anti is means of transport without discrimination or less or thousands of demonstrators of taken to the streets in protest. italy's government has made it mandatory for everyone over 50 years old to get a job, and it's essentially bound beyond of action, i think from using public transport or entering a bar or restaurant even with a negative tobin as well across the atlantic. recent polls shows that 59 percent of democratic voters would support a government policy to require unvaccinated americans to remain confined to their
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homes at all times except for emergencies that see if they refuse to take a cobra vaccine. in the us state of utah, one of the most popular newspapers, the salt lake tribune, published and editorial, demanding such measures where you are truly civilized place. the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate mass vaccination. going as far as to deploy the national guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed. well, anywhere while we are cross live now to r a to guess robert. good sarah. so c o u x, but and former journalist washington post and new york times and then the bennett, an independent nurse. thank you both for joining us in the program. great. have you on robert? if i can start with you, perhaps, how do you think these rules are affecting society? i mean, do you feel, let's, as mrs says they really are discriminated against those who haven't had the job? well, i think in a lot of government mandated rules across most societies,
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there is never 100 percent compliance and we don't hold people to such high standards as this was such as keeping people home or having a military check on their status. so i think that this is a very different type of government mandate that we're seeing proposed across the world. and i think it's right for any qualities. people standing in line of the u. s. for 4 hours, just to get a job, people having to travel and other parts of the world when they don't have disposal income to do so all the time to take off from work because most people have wanted to return to normal. that's creating a lot of inequality, is that go beyond just notions of ologies about whether people want to participate in the vaccine driver, not data from a health point to do, you know, do you think such isolation of the vaccinate that is really going to prevent a virus from spreading to such a great degree at the risk of alienating what is quite a significant chunk of the population, not only literally,
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but in other countries as well. yeah, i think he's quite clear. we already know that the vaccination doesn't stop you from having coded and then i will say doesn't stop me from spreading the virus further. so i think that's where it does kind of seems to be very this proportion and actually taking away the choice of, you know, add those who have, you know, particularly over 50 who's got lots of life experience. and i'm pretty sure they're quite responsible people. and they should be given the choice to have that taken away from them, is bordering on, you know, that just seems just fortunate and over the top. well, well joined the law bar, 3rd guest as well. i just hooked up to scott power been at the news, a fellow hamburger institute for advanced study. paula, thanks for joining us. appreciate you. coming on today. if i can go to you pops for a question as well. do you think it's reasonable to get people effectively bad on
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vaccinated people from using public transport? i mean, you understand perhaps bars and clubs and cinnamon places of leisure. but even in countries that have off people get coven passes, they're allowed to go into food shops, for example, to survive. do you think public transport is a basic right? in that sense? yes, of course. it's a full dimension. why it is also protected by the italian constitution? the we protect the constitution, their right to move will divide to moment is why the fundamental why to in the constitution, which is a document of positive right? but it's also natural why to also natural law if you believe in the system not to allow the reason why to free movement. and i think is not only absolute, but it is also anti got to do chanel and illegal to prevent people from moving. if they are not vaccinated, so i think we are witnessing a major action of discrimination. and people are divided into clusters,
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potentially enemy one to the other. and is the system of dv that team provided was very much common and then pyre. but the money in pine was a sort of the pitch of sheep. we have to remember, remember as historian, whereas we should leaving freed mccrass's state. so what exactly to my understanding is a polling robot. if i can get back to you, perhaps we have seen a lot of pushback against very strict measures both in italy we're missing, but a dean is just joined us for men, australia in the us as well. do you think public push back can make the government rethink its policies here? moscow, for example, we've not had many, certainly big public demonstrations, but the governments recently just that i believe scraps a law for mandatory q all codes. so the government's all listening to public opinion, do you think they will have the desired effects? well, i think we should be really worried about the effect of the public and having these
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types of movements, particularly when government started to bring policing into it or military into it . that means that they've given some thought to what may or may not be legal and what may or may not be necessary. but again, i think that if we're, if we're this concerned about coven listen, i've had 4 shots myself. i've been keeping her child home from school simply because the numbers are too high of that particular school. so it's not that i'm opposed personally to this boat. i am opposed to it is that we don't start talking about keeping other people home drunk drivers. people who are part of intimate partner violence, those there are other things in society where we seem to be pretty lenient and for some reason for us to be coming down so hard on this particular case where we're bringing and policing and military. i think we should be very concerned and having conversations about our liberties and how governments are going against some of our rights a know me just getting back to you. do you think?
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you know, obviously, you know, we all see record numbers of total cases across many countries. now, 5th way hospitals are struggling to cope. something needs to be done. what can be done instead of turning those well on vaccinated into effectively social per eyes, into a sort of on the cloth. what do you think time should be done per stop transmission under save lives? well, i think we could just go back to the basics of what we was doing previously it night and negative co test, social distance in, you know, hand washing hand hygiene and things like that, you know, because those times, but the 2 years previously, you know, many of us are on the front line, was not, not even p p a. so, you know, and also things that the strain is not all in some it's but it's not as serious as it was previously. you know, lots of people are not describing the newer versions a similar to the flu. the, you know, the time the saw,
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the period that we have to sort of incubate like stay away from others now is a lot shooter as well. so i think it really does seem disproportionate, and it doesn't seem to be in line with the change in the mix of the virus. and i think that's very important as well of powder. if i can get back to you as well, your loosely based in humbug, but your italian, if i understand correctly. so you've seen both measures both of the approaches, but both the german and the italian government. have you had to study difference in how they're approaching this question and also public opinion in italy? i mean, as we said earlier in the program, a lot of american support for example, increasing measures against those while back for making life harder for them. is the support for that initially, or most people will be opposed to what's going on and not to the also in the need to do a stronger public appeal in favor or this discrimination. and what we are witnessing is sort of cold. the civil war. i mean, i would call it
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a civil war because we put him bother against, brought up friends against friend. you vaccinate the you are not like sedated. so the impact on society of those who married so do slow these simply devastating and i speak from the point of view of the story. and so i don't see many differences. we do what is happening in the austria always happening in germany now or in italy, but really, i mean the actual so it's very strong but also reactions. there are a lot of people reacting from the last from the why to because they understand dropped last and why that these is a strong infringement upon your lives. so we should, we should really start with dees up and go back to simple measure using masked with his fine washing and, and test to because test is the most efficient way to understand if you all in fact to be infected or not. well, as is clear,
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as the previous speakers told when this to induce vital in this program, i mean, but initially is not affected by man. i know people who come to me naked by the vials that were they got the shocks, a booster or whatever you call it. i know people i pull to see people who pass away with double vaccination even to po box nation. so i think a tester being clean using mos, being savvy, aware to lose track. but what the government so doing is really sold to all the implementation of the, of a very, very potentially devastating civil war. in europe, in western europe, i think is different in eastern europe. as far as i know, i'm a concerned with western you are on your part of the sergeant truck, paula. we are forcing out of farm would love to discuss this further, but time is upon us. thanks again, robert. good. so know me. bennett and palo been
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a to you. thank you for joining us. i here. thank you so much bye. that's all for the salad. join us again in 30 minutes. 5 for all the latest global headlines here in austin international. ah ah hi our max kaiser. this is a kaiser report. we've been talking about inflation now for several years. and that's all happening, stacy? right, max, it's been an exciting times. we're still here down and now salvatore, thankfully because of course we are.


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