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ah ah, with her covered protest, robin europe as country is ratchet up news restrictions, making the lives of vaccine hesitant people ever more complicated. as scientists predict, alma cromwell rapidly become the dominant strain of co it globally. this year, the world health organization tells us medics will get little really tweaks is the increase in number of actions around with so the sheer, another infections will bring more people to hospitals. inequality kills. so says oxfam, the world and richest people are found to have doubled their wealth during the
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pandemic. while much of the global population struggle to get access to even basic coverage fighting health care, we hear from a director of charity and in france, a presidential candidate is find thousands of euros for comments deemed hate speech . eric is a more himself claim. he has become the victim of political injustice. adding that courts should be clear of ideology. ah, broadcasting live director has to be as monster. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now french is leading europe once again in terms of daily coveted case loads, clocking up more than 270000 infections in 24 hours. the figures come as anger over the micron governments, a new vaccination,
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as was vented across paris. oh the, the pictures don't quite show it, but sunday's protest saw thousands hit the streets. it came right after the national assembly gave its blessing to the so named vaccination pass. it will mean only those who are fully jobs will be allowed access to things like restaurants and cinemas. it replaces the current less strict health system under which a negative test was sufficient. and it's not only france that has seen unrest over coven restrictions in the last few days. there have been major flare ups in the netherlands, greece and germany as well. ah . i
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like when a record breaking 24 hours in germany and not in a good way. when you look at the 7 day indices that the the number of infections of coven 19 per 100000 of the population. it's past 515 nationally. if you look at things locally in berlin, it's close to $1000.00 per 100000 of the population vol. so seen the bond as fair as the german military say that they're going to implement disciplinary action against it's serving members who refuse to get their vaccinations. there are some cases that have already been opened in relation to that. there's also a number of new rules that have come into play in berlin. if you're riding any of
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the german capitals, public transportation. you're going to have to have an f, f p to mask covering your nose and mouth. that's a much more substantial face covering than a normal surgical mask. also, if you're riding that public transportation to any event, which they'll be more than 10 people at, well, that event will be covered by the to g plus rule. what that means is that if you're going there, you need to be vaccinated, recovered and be able to show a negative test that was taken within the last 24 hours, or that you've had a booster vaccine shot. if you're under 14 years of age, none of that matters because you're not covered by any of those particular rules. however, those people who run the hospitality industry in the german capital say not enough as being done to keep them afloat financially, while everything seems to be done to try and keep bars and restaurants open,
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at least in some form of his zip to those on this place in september 2018. we were providing people not only with food services, but we also hold cultural events, birthdays and celebrations for our neighbors. the last 2 years haven't been as one of them to be. we're definitely depend on the money of tourists. previously we had groups of them, even people from france, england, and spain. i know now was dried up the same as the number of birthday celebrations and events, especially with elderly people. did december refer to wave of cancellations, coupled with christmas being cancelled, but definitely feel the impact of it. and absolutely want to receive more financial support because we have no more chance of being left standing. it's not just in germany that new rules are coming into play on monday. if you're in greece and you're over 60 and you're not vaccinated. well, you're going to get a 100 year ro fine. in fact, you're going to get that $100.00 euro find every month until you get vaccinated. it all schools are also getting underway again in greece. on monday, on friday though,
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students were extremely unhappy with the ministry of education, not building being pelted with missiles by children saying that they wanted substantial protection against cove at 19, in the measures that were being put in place. which is not enough to do that. those who were attending not protest said they wanted schools to reopen, but they needed to reopen in a manner that was safe from the virus. in australia over the weekend, we saw another saturday of demonstration, thousands of people on the streets of vienna. people extremely unhappy with the measures that the austrian government have taken when it comes to trying to fight against coven 19. the business owners old us, that the measures that have been taken by vienna taking them pretty much to the wall can our elderly, it's definitely extremely sad. we had to remain shut down for half a year during the last long locked down, filling all the required applications for subsidies. coffee money require the help
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of tax consultants. every new lockdown, new applications, new subsidies. it's exhausting. sometimes help comes extremely late. some people and upon the rocks, after all of it, himself, salary tutor. i played full financial support during the 1st wave, but my application wasn't even onset. i think they've just been overloaded, but it can't work as an excuse. but i think it was just like that just in following waves. i received hell, but received it with a delay and it wasn't very clear what amount of money i could count on his been very hard, very hard to plan. anything else? staying in austria, coll, niana, the austrian chancellor has confirmed that his government is pushing ahead with its plan to introduce mandatory vaccination at the beginning of february. it's a controversial plan, which is drawing a lot of criticism from a small section of the austrian population. it's also a plan that's being watched very closely by a number of other european countries,
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including here in germany, to see how it plays out. but across europe, nations are taking a number of very different courses when it comes to them trying to snuff out this latest wave of coven 19 with armstrong taking hold world wide countries such as denmark have begun, administering a 4th vaccine a spokesperson for the world health organization talked us through the latest developments and what's in front of us. well, what we see leaks is, is the increase in number of confessions around the world. and as we see on current becoming a dominant variance, we have seen in one we 15000000 new infections, which is the absolute direct versus the beginning of decrease from the previous week. so the sheer number of infections will bring more people to hospitals,
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even though may prove less your disease then don't previous variance, but these numbers are low. we will need more pressure on how system. so it is very dangerous situations. the country are trying to find the best way to, to reduce the risk of transmission. we know what needs to be done. so we hope that people have not been oxygenated, will be max and they can become effective mostly those who have not have their primary series of mac sees the countries are basically looking into how that we can completely understand the government. so trying to find the ways to balance the public health side of the story and public. oh ben, if i don't get a nice socially for money issues, so you need to do that. however,
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we are trying to see why my current is having any different periods or shutting of the virus period than previous parents don't study if we need some time. that's what i mean. we are still being offered 10 days. the isolation, fortune cases, 2 weeks current time woke up and now these 2 weeks current, kennedy tucked down with the appropriate where are the mesh of the scene in equity? and this is still a problem. again, who says boosters may come for extra benefit and we are looking into data now, and that is very much possible. that's why we want to how to prevent dec delegation. the biggest benefit is the primary. don't want to make sure everybody's with us cooling the primary workstation is being
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available to everyone around the world. british prime minister boys johnson's popularity has hit an all time low over a so called party gates scandal. it is dominating the u. k. medium with a string of revelations about boozy get together at downing street. it's put johnson in damage control mode by the firing several staffers for allegedly breaking lockdown rules. meanwhile, his ministers are seemingly trying to shift to the narrative with some magic new policies, including solutions to the migrant price, extra health care funding, and the polishing britain for television license. in addition, for johnson is promising to lift, coven restrictions a policy getting considerable public support, but comes as the n h f says is currently under extreme pressure due to the on the cross wave reports of downing street go. shindig! have caused widespread anger in the u. k,
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happening at the height of 2020 locked down when people were even barred from attending funerals of their loved ones. on that latter point, ellison tustin created the campaign group names, not numbers. he founded it after being unable to pay the last respects to his grandfather. it happened in its 1st wave. so it was the sun masjid. i didn't get to get that, you know, i stayed in london dressed my best suit and how about myself. and it's interesting to note on a day that the prime minister was having wine fridays ago. the feudal, there's only about 4 people that yeah, it was very rough. no way. it could've been easy for many people. it could've been easy. can you want to try more normal like this concept?
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the got a hard job so you need to know why. and he saw the job and he needs to hit the ball at the end of the day resign. my got me if, if this is the idea of leading the already wrong fresh thought the state of the country at the moment, you know, the leaders giving us rules that we do are you in stand by whereas they come out. meanwhile, party gate isn't just a headache for the tories. a photo has emerged showing the leader of the u. k. opposition drinking beer with staff during the 2021 spring lockdown. although kear stormer insists he did nothing wrong, and unlike the pm is refusing to apologize just days before the election, we've been very busy working in the office. we stopped for something to eat and then we carried on working no party, no breach of the rules, and absolutely no comparison with the prime minister. it members of the ruling,
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conservative party, don't buy that argument, however, and accuse him of hypocrisy. that's after storm or ridiculed the prime minister in parliament for the way he justified a downing street after work. bash says defense that he didn't realize he was at a party. ah, it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the prayer with the whole country was locked down. he was posting boozy party in town. express easy, now going to do the decent thing and resign. earlier my colleague spoke with radio host john gaunt. he thinks politicians on both sides are absolutely failing to live by example. but anyway, the country needs to focus on more pressing issues was a smell. it's the stench of hypocrisy. obviously, he wasn't doing what
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a lot support staff seem to be enduring avenue, right. booze up in garden, but he was inside the house. he was drinking beer and his excuse that they were having a chinese and therefore is a work meal is frankly ludicrous. these politicians are all the same. they make the rules and they want us to act in a certain way, but they don't want the rules to apply to them. but there are many other things. now we need to move on. things like assuring inflation and the job losses that are going to be around the corner. let's talk about the migrant problem as well at dover. let's talk about law and order. they, they're the things that the british public now won't boorish to get on top of the wealth of the world's top 10 richest people has doubled during the pandemic. that's as the poor continue to suffer due to lack of treatment and vaccines. those are the findings of a new report by the oxfam, charity, called inequality kills. which claims policy choices by governments are skewed in
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favor of the one percent. the well for the world's 10 rich his men. his double to the pandemic began the incomes of 99 percent of humanity, a worse off because of coven, 19 whitening economic gender and racial inequalities, as well as the inequality that exists between countries a tearing our world apart. this is not by chance, but choice. economic violence is perpetrated when structural policy choices are made for the richest and most powerful people. this causes direct com to us all the time they make has really expose been a call. it is and fuel them. so ok, some have been tracking billionaire wells for some time and of course the full list shows that it has been growing over the last 40 years. but over the last 2 years it's been really exponential. so we call it a billionaire bonanza. and at the other end of the spectrum, of course, for 99 percent of humanity, it's been a very,
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very difficult time. and most people are worse off as a result of that. and then make, of course, more than a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty during this time. and it's in a moment when you can see the difference is really showing very, very starkly. we can't cause success when there is such disparity, that at one end of the spectrum, you have people who have more wilson, they can spend in several lifetime and the other we have people struggling to pay their next health bill or, or not knowing where the next meal is coming from having such a level of disparity affects everyone, even the wealthiest, because you know it's a sign of an unhealthy state of affairs, of a unhealthy society that needs addressing. and one of those key drivers for equality has been vaccine access to vaccines. so the difference between rich and poor countries has grown the inequality. so, and the 4 countries in africa,
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in general, only 10 percent of the population has had his 1st course of vaccination. so that means that they still and they're taking much longer for their response and their recovery from the economic downturn, which means that unfortunately the train is set wide. and if we don't act, ah, it right wing presidential candidate in france has been fined to 10000 euros after court found him guilty of hate speech. eric moore has rejected the ruling calling it a crackdown on free speech. we once an end to this system which every day tightens the noose on the freedom of expression and democratic debate, this system manufactures the crime of opinion on industrial scale. there is an urgent need to drive ideology out of the courts. justice must become justice again . well that certainly how eric seymour would see this. he is the bad boy of french politics, particularly as we had into that presidential election in just
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a few months. he's now been slapped down once again. so what did he say that was at so exclusive, here in france? well, when he was speaking on that show back in september of 2020, he was talking about unaccompanied miners. so children who've come here illegally and many of which are living on the streets in france, particularly here in paris. and he described them as being thieves as killers and as rapists. now those comments were seized on by number of organizations who made a complaint, and of course, it's now gone all the way through the courts. eric's in war has been reacting to that decision by the court to find him 10000 euro saying that what this is, his condemnation of free spirit at by a judicial system which he is described as being invaded by idealogues objectively to once again, i am the object and the victim of political justice. i'm condemned for incitement for complicity in the incident. but the complexity of the formula used is too much
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to understand. i know that these immigrants like unaccompanied children and not a race noisily. well, eric seymour also says he stands by his comments and he is due to appeal that fine by the court. and then he went on to say that from his perspective, that the majority of saying mobile phones after it took place here in fonts were being carried out by these unaccompanied miners. he says he's also got a really busy legal agenda at the moment and he said that's because they, when he means they, he means the ruling elite or trying to demonize him to try and silence him. however, there was other reaction to that decision by the court on monday, and this came from the lawyer who represented the 30 or so organizations that originally filed a complaint against what he said it. if it's more, it's definitely an important decision because we want him to understand that we want acceptor, we need him to understand that there are human rights defenders. there are anti
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racist. we need him to know that we will stand up against a political project aimed at destroying the legacy of the french revolution and the enlightenment error. now, it's not the 1st time that sir moore has been convicted of hate speech. in fact, he's been convicted of this twice before, and there have been around 16 investigations into incendiary remarks that he has made particular topics such as immigration and on islam. he has plenty to say about both of those subjects. now whether you agree or disagree with this and was views, what is absolutely clear, cannot be disputed, is the fact that when he discusses topics, it is something that becomes an explosive debate here in faults. and people pay attention. and as a result of that, when he announced his candidacy for the presidential election just a few months ago, he surged in the polls automatically. and what his voice is done, whether you like the contribution or not it's pushed the debate towards right wing agendas, and some would say that that he's even pushed present. mack,
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on his traditionally like to be part of the center debate to the right with policies that he's made and policies he will be campaigning on in this election. so this is an election that he's going to be for pretty much exclusively on right wing issues. and that is partly due to voices like eric some more. at no doubt, his support has dipped since he 1st came on to the waves and said, i want to be the president. but the reality is, he's shaking up the political debate here in france, and he is certainly a voice that we will hear a lot of in the next few months. are staying in politics, but across the pond ahead of the 2022 us mid term elections. the democrats are facing many challenges with half of the respondents. in recent, recent polls. feeling frustrated and disappointed with jo biden's presidency as, as cases of the new omar convent surge and inflation remain sky high from all of this r t is that kill him up and joins us live. caleb,
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not exactly the bedtime reading. joe biden wants with those mid terms looming. tell us what we got happen. sure. well, we've now seen a 14 point swing in favor of the republicans among americans, and this is the highest swing in vulgar affiliation that we've seen since 991 when gallop started tracking such registrations. now it's also worth noting that joe biden's approval ratings have nose dived across the united states. 40 percent of respondents in a recent gallup poll, said that biden's presidency makes them feel nervous. in addition to that, 73 percent said they felt that the united states was doing somewhat or very badly in a general sense. now, the army kron variant is certainly surging across the united states. and people are complaining about inflation, the economic situation in general. but joe biden doesn't seem to think so. here's
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what he said, mary, because he only leading economy in the world. we're household income's, and the economy as a whole, are stronger than they were before the pandemic. much predicted crisis didn't occur . packages are moving. gifts are being delivered, shelves are not empty. markins are critical of biden when it comes to economy, immigration, the rise in crime issues like inflation. however, there are other democrats who have spoken up and seem to be not very clear on these policies. clearly the current strategies failing and we need a major course correction. it seems like the democrats can't get out of their own way. the democrats have got to do a better job of being clear on what they are trying to do. now in november, the country will go to the polls and vote in
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a mid term election that has the ability to change the nature of the u. s. house and the u. s. senate. congress could certainly shift if the poll data continues to go the way it's going. joe biden is quite unpopular a year into his presidency. our doctor kill him up and staying across the politics there in the state. thank you for that. let's also cross live for more on this to derek gibson, who's running for new york state governor. by the way, thanks for being with us on our team for national. so let's get down to it. what do you think about these recent polls? why such bad news? for the democrats, ah, the recent polls is not good for president joe biden at this time, and i don't see it change in our time in the future. i think the polls are going to go low because democrats, of course, me, his government and his policy that is clearly failed in here in america. so i think the uh, polls would drop even little job by net particular patch. the economy is crash in
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the virus is ad is has one elbow, and he seems to can't do it thing about it, but test test test, but nothing on treatment. all a particular thing that it's gone on to go to school, she'll play up the abs. i record them all around and about in the state of new york cram sky inflation, sky, and ice complete failure is critical time in a reasonable person can say to be it democrat, republican who have, i mean, it deals what it is is a complete failure. you can't really call it a complete failure though. do you think that by the claims that the u. s. is one of the 1st countries to overcome coven 19 in all areas including the economy? because there is some good is there on the horizon. might that have an effect on his ratings? ah, frozen joe biden has done a terrible job. he promised to get a virus on a control when he took office and he has completely failed. a virus is not on a control force. i'm concerned. i 90 percent of the other people are concerned. the
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path that he's taken is complete figures doing nothing to get rid of ours enable to contain a virus so that is complete for you. he hasn't done, i will not get him. give him any credit or anything good. i am a senior. thank good. we look week on the world state. so yes, i in my opinion, told disaster ok. let's switch gears now to the actual polls because a politics does not happen in a vacuum. do you think that these polls will actually have an effect on his policies? yes, they haven't. if they will have any effect, if you don't say a projector would, she's gone. we go even lower his grade. he's 33 percent off for rain at this particular point. which i think it's lower, but if you don't change course you continue on the same course the on who will call even further. but if you realize is a pull in the wall over the eyes that acts of what he's doing has made us worse
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than what it was before. it would change, of course, and then his phone number will go up more people with support. what he's doing because no one in the us republican, democrat, liver, so we have a want us to fail as a whole. we, i one nation. yes, we'll little divide it, but we don't want the nation itself to fail. now, for people who aren't familiar with american politics, there usually is a swing towards the other party if you will. so in this case, it would be republicans who are not in power. i'm so a new survey from gallup shows a 14 point swing toward the republican party. if this transfers to votes could the 2022 mid terms be a disaster for the democrats? could we be seeing something like we saw back in the 1990 s? i think this exactly the path that we own. like i said, if you don't change his policy, what he's doing now is going to be a blood bout in november for him. we would take this fan, it would take both houses back at that particular time. if you don't change what
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he's doing at this particular moment because his so called go back better when he took office is person i person to see it is be a back back. we're at a 40 year inflation high. 70 was in 1082 system, seen inflation is high and is surpass and net. so if you don't turn things around and turn around in a hurry, it's going to be a bullet about to know them. all right, thanks your thoughts. derrick gibson running for new york state governor there in the united states. mexico shopping was you're not international. thank you. right. that is for me this. i'll be back in about, let's say 30 minutes with another full fresh lecture newsday with as much international ah, the world is driven by dreamers shaped by thinkers and those with
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who dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, you're where i am i yes, the order that is she i am now alyssa, typical. there's only 9, but already a university students. she could well be the most famous and talked about child in russia. now i think i am lisa's brothers. and sisters are way ahead in their studies too. so might even tried to get into university earlier. my daughter was only one when they took like offset the news. i had to wonder if,
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if to children with a product, a very early studies.


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