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i join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, if it protests erupt in europe as countries, rat should have new restrictions making the lives of the on the backs ever more complicated. distracted by party gates, the british made is dominated by headlines about the prime minister lockdown policies, ignoring though a host of other crises from record inflation to searching living costs. so the strategy note gets under way without its men's number one ranked player is tennis stone of an joker, which is defaulted from the country. so he's labeled a potential cause of unrest by the government, the being with
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either very good afternoon. thanks for joining me here. on francis leading europe again in terms of daily cove, it caseload scoffing talking up more than 270000 infections in just 24 hours. that is anger over the matter on government's new vaccination pass was vented on the streets of paris. the sunday 1000 strong protests or classes with the police and it came right up to the national assembly, had given a blessing to the new vaccination path. this gives access to the restaurant sentiment to the fully jump. it replaces the current less strict hope path system under the same negative attached force sufficient. and it's not only france that scene unrest over covert in the last few days with anger at restrictions in other
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european cities, also boiling over ah a a queen, a record breaking 24 hours in germany and not in a good way. when you look at the 7 day indices, that's the, the number of infections of coven 19 per 100000 of the population. it's past 515 nationally. you look at things locally in berlin. it's close to $1000.00 per 100000 of the population vol. so seen the bond as fair as the
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german military say that they're going to implement disciplinary action against it's serving members who refuse to get their vaccinations. there are some cases that have already been opened in relation to that. there's also a number of new rules that have come into play in berlin. if you're riding any of the german capitals, public transportation. you're going to have to have an f, f p to mask covering your nose and mouth. that's a much more substantial face covering than a normal surgical mask. also, if you're riding that public transportation to any event, which there will be more than 10 people at, well, that event will be covered by the to g plus rule. what that means is that if you're going there, you need to be vaccinated, recovered and be able to show a negative test that was taken within the last 24 hours, or that you've had a booster vaccine shot. if you're under 14 years of age,
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none of that matters because you're not covered by any of those particular rules. however, those people who run the hospitality industry in the german capital say not enough as being done to keep them afloat financially, while everything seems to be done to try and keep bars and restaurants open, at least in some form of his zip to both on this place in september 2018. we were providing people not only with food services, but we also whole cultural events, birthdays and celebrations for our neighbors. the last 2 years haven't been as one of them to be, would definitely depend on the money of tourists. previously we had groups of them, even people from france, england and spain now was dried up the same as the number of birthday celebrations and events, especially with elderly people. did december refer you to wave of cancellations, coupled with christmas being cancelled, but definitely feel the impact of it. and absolutely want to receive more financial support because we have no more chance of being left standing. it's not just in
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germany that new rules are coming into play on monday. if you're in greece and you're over 60 and you're not vaccinated. well, you're going to get a 100 year ro fine. in fact, you're going to get that $100.00 euro find every month until you get vaccinated. it all schools are also getting underway again in greece. on monday on friday, though, students were extremely unhappy with the ministry of education, not building being pelted with missiles by children saying that they wanted substantial protection against coven 19 in the measures that were being put in place. which is not enough to do that. those who were attending not protest said they wanted schools to reopen, but they needed to reopen in a manner that was safe from the virus. in australia over the weekend, we saw another saturday of demonstration, thousands of people on the streets of vienna. people extremely unhappy with the measures that the austrian government have taken when it comes to trying to fight
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against covert 19 the business owners. thus that the measures that have been taken by vienna a taking them pretty much to the wall killer elderly. it's definitely extremely sad . we had to remain shut down for half a year during the last long locked out filling all the required applications for subsidies. cost money is required to help with tax consultants and the us every new lockdown of new applications, new subsidies. it's exhausting, sometimes help becomes extremely late, some people and upon the rocks after all over himself, salary tutor, i applied for financial support during the 1st wave, but my application wasn't even onset. i think they've just been overloaded when it can't work as an excuse, but i think it was just like that just in following waves. i received help, but received it with a delay, and it wasn't very clear what amount of money i could count on his been very hard. it's very hard to plan anything. no staying in austria county ahmed,
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the austrian chancellor has confirmed that his government is pushing ahead with its plan to introduce mandatory vaccination at the beginning of february. it's a controversial plan which has drawn a lot of criticism for a small section of the austrian population. it's also a plan that's being watched very closely by a number of other european countries, including here in germany, to see how it plays out. but across europe, nations are taking a number of very different causes. when it comes to them trying to snuff out this latest wave of coven 19 the while italy's covert pass is also harder to obtain. now a negative test is no longer enough. restrictions are actually pushing some italians to break the law with one nurse recently arrested for issuing fake champ certificates. ah mm
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mm. mm mm mm me. as a doctor in health care professional, i'm disheartened. i've been putting my private life aside for 2 years. just like all my colleagues as well to deal with the pandemic for this reason, seeing these things happening is really sad. ah ah ah, ah, we were away that this police investigation was not over. i really hope that with this arrest, we can put an end to this sad story. i'm very disappointed even angry. it is
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difficult to understand how a person who's worked for many years in hospitals and health care can do such things. not injecting the vaccine as a crime. it is if a priest does not believe in god. mm mm. will staying in europe and british prime minister barak johnson's popularity has hit an all time low over the party gay scandal which is dominating the k b. do with a string of revelations about boozy shindig, downing street, but that is all sucking attention away from barrels of other crises affecting the country. and hawkins explains. it's a tough time to be you. k prime minister for was johnson's cabinets,
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have been criticized for their code response. the countries seem decade high inflation, soaring energy bills and living costs with stagnant wages, record breaking ambulance, and hospital waiting fives, teenage knife crime in the capitol yet it's one thing that has brought anger from both the public and his party, crushing down on johnson bringing him to the brink of disaster, both in the poles and parliament a party, or rather a series of parties with very bad timing. the picture was quite a contrast as the whole country, even the queen was locked down or at least social distance thing. darling suit officials apparently held boozy parties and cheese and wine get togethers. what in our faces seems like a hang over? so far things don't look good. for the 1st time in years, the opposition has taken a solid lead in the poles, falls also show large numbers of voters even tories. what in the prime minister's
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resignation? even dozens of his own impedes are calling for no confidence motion as protest as gather outside number 10 for a mock work party. ah jokes are sites for those in the u. k. it's a matter of perception and principal. why have people followed draconian rules been separated from dying? relatives faced isolation and restrictions on base at a life while those in power have lied. the suitcase of wine is definitely the tory equivalent of a bag of cans. a pint of wine. this is nothing. the number 10 lads drink it by the suitcase christ. if this was what johnston's downing street was like, jerry looked down. imagine what was like before. why do you think they call it downing street? it's time her damage control. meteor, speaking of
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a double whammy operation, save big dog. yes, but allegedly named by the prime minister himself and operation read, meets the former mass calling of don street officials to throw as many as possible under the bus ballasa. a bliss of policy changes to appease the public and m pays from scrapping the b b. c. license fee to putting the military in charge of patrol in english channel from saving a chest to binding booz downing street. though why this wasn't done earlier, beats make some looks like he's getting on what's called a charm offensive. he's trying to introduce things that he thinks the public will like. he is, for example, threatening to limit the fun thing of the baby said. he says he's going to get tough on migrants coming across illegally over the channel. he's saying that very soon or restrictions uncovered to land, but it's too late. all of those things might be attractive individually,
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but he has permanently lost his moral authority on this issue. and since the issue of the time demick has been the biggest issue for the last 2 years, he will always be, we can from now on. can johnson come back from the brink? the coming weeks will tell, but policy, it has once again shown 2 things. there's nothing voters have more than a lying politician, except when a line politicians stops them having policies, but goes ahead with their own. now as the st open gets underway, the world number one men's tennis player will be noticeably absent as norfolk joke of which has been deported from the country after he lost his appeal against a decision by camber to revoke his visa over vaccine related concerns. but senior serbian officials have trounced the expulsion as being political i think that's really what's right for it is cumulative themself was this kind of procedures
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pressing against your courage, missing the years. i think the decision is scandalous. i'm disappointed and i think it showed how the rule of law functions in some other countries, that is how the rule of law does not function. it is incredible to me how we have to totally opposed court decisions within just a few days. so there have been 11 days of physical and psychological harassment. novak chuck, of which has been denied an opportunity to win a milestone 10th title in australia. political pressure has led to the revocation of his visa to satisfy public interest. it begs the question whether athletes will, from now on being castrated like criminals, and deported when it suits the political interests of powerful individuals. now of a joke, which was 1st detained for not being vaccinated, thought was really stuff that he was called battle where his defense team pointed out, he'd recently had cove. it emerged, he'd also wrongly filled in an immigration form. but what really concerned
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australia is immigration minister was the joke of which is presence might lead to unrest as anti vaccine rallied around his cause. his decision to deport the tennis star was unanimously supported by 3 federal court judges. meanwhile in joke of it, she's home nation of serbia. people have expressed their anger and frustration at the minister's decision serrano, that it's a shame he's one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. i think it's a political decision by the australian government, especially because he comes from serbia. probably. i think we all took the decision personally some extent because no joke of it is a great man of his people. it's a fox. people identify with him with the success and also what he just went through . that's exactly, i think the outcome of the story was expected. politics got involved, but at the same time they gave novak the opportunity to become a symbol of freedom. by planting the seeds of freedom, he has done very well, and i congratulate him for that. independent journalist charlie boyle says the
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australian government has miss handle the situation. well, i think it is a mixture of conversation. i'm directions and just the general trying to fax, an asian and a come to receive me down as a stranger. in particular, edwin should be treated the site, the end of the he came to play center. so i didn't want, he shouldn't got to go ahead. so yeah, i should have a much more clear about it, mr. just told him not to come all to get back to like everybody else is the talking and change. you can expect somebody to come across the world not to hear you. and then spend a week in jail, which is effectively what's happening there always reasons why people call me back, or maybe today, i'm all the medical exams, but the android night late afternoon to the country. that's the boxes mark rushes, media regulator is demanding dances from facebook after it blocked an official
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account used by the countries delegation to high stakes security talks in vienna. it once the decision overturned and with immediate effect, the social media john says the account was blocked for posting prohibited content was set up to keep people informed about those security talks. those behind it sat said that it was used only tisha public statements by russian officials. well, speaking of russian officials, please to say we can cross live now to constantine got locked through the head of rushes, delegation to those security and arms control. talk in vienna, very good afternoon to facebook. you know, so the account was blocked because of prohibited content has facebook explains what was the supposedly offensive material that's really interesting. so it will go from friday page. i can talk and waiting might be technical mistakes or something was too late
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and the yesterday we resend this claim to the facebook and to the ministry to help us minister for appears to help the formulation claim. and they made it to we haven't received any explanation from them. nothing gets for me, it doesn't respond to the rules of the media. it said, it was very funny for us because we think lately we have a phone not only in the facebook but didn't take it in because it was the discussion. so around to the security situation, nothing. we didn't put there. neither was correct because
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legal issues and system and that assume the most sort of administer for us. and if it ministers, ministers, minister, maybe 2 ministers in your knowledge of the development of the situation. and it was, it was really strange for us. it's closed. and these below in the we have access, we checked assembly where it's important. i'm surprised, i can tell you there is a politics in the meadow phase. we'll call it as you want, is if something doesn't correspond to the use to the development of the know the situation and they, they can do to sing what they want for the for, for myself, my personal account, look 3 days for matching medicines and left the account and that
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was done. i've seen the whole looking to, oh, it comes very closely and taking minutes too much of the sink and they below result explanation i i highlight and then the so was surveillance, supervision and media. formulate them there, let me with it. and saying that you will be big, but if you don't read them, this is, you know, my colleagues, well, yes, one second will send that account. is that a stablished? you see how and how you others, you are not his colleagues and media related to these. and immediately after the receptionist they count. thank you everybody. and they usually support. you need to think go, or colleagues,
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ministry minister for an issue for lease support and dedication account. thank you. facebook and i was just 5 days ago that it had been closing down accounts that it believed sorry, subjected that it believes were being run by russian military intelligence to sped in. this information about ukraine. do you think maybe you got swept up in, in part of that campaign and is there an inherent danger there for, in just being any kind of rushed and run a good thing all think i call you camera and you really justifying you not to be she was no, nothing. i just you and this is, it's ridiculous. no. nothing. and the, you know, it's unprecedented. the politics of the media is regard to us and i
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think the syllabus should provide some decisions she's doing correctly. going big files for these them to leave on our rules. do you feel at all victim eyes? do you feel that there's more scrutiny, if you are russian official running an account on social media, maybe from someone from other countries? exactly. exactly. we wouldn't least, may, is exactly, you formulated very clearly your lead this very clear. of course, there is always the possibility that the russian government may respond to hammer home the point with some kind of punishment. would you anticipate the russian government reacting in some way against social media companies? cannot see direct concrete cases legal if you know
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me going, doing according the, according the law. to prevent this, i think the case when federal federal service in man feel regulation or media war or them behaving better. definitely. and if we, if we are doing it, we say be this really good for them. it's very good for me. it does, of course, raise once again that question about the social media, johns, the private companies they have automatic control about who they lead on and who they don't. and as president trump found out, if they didn't like you, they can kick you off. so the question again, do they will too much power? do they need more oversight? they should be the shouldn't be. and i don't
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i don't understand how they belong. but as it in the job i haven't seen. no, it's andrea speaking about immigration, big closing kids and they look like, you know, the fly. i think it's necessary to do something to really is. and i'm sure that the russian government is working on these to make room brain for the company. and i see very positive moves and constantly and i think just to give our audience and understanding of the work you are doing and, and what you are sending in terms of information on that facebook account. do you know what was the last post that was made on it before it was closed? michael. yeah, on this on the facebook account. i don't remember. i have my personal
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account. i'm a member. nothing more. i'm posting into dominion report my, my direct cheese, my coding could be diminished all these guarantees, and we are doing recently the same for the delegation site. it's not my responsibility. i have recording, we're doing this and then taking can nothing. something special off. you know, i haven't okay, sounds like, as you said though, maybe just the fact that it was russia maybe that was enough to trigger some kind of sense. i will have to wrap it up, but really appreciate your time. no, sir konstantin got rid of his my guest had of rushes delegation during the security talks in vienna. likely the thing, you know, in the meantime, moscow court has find google $52000.00 for hosting links to websites that are
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banned in russia. it's a fraction of what the tech john was find last month, not taking down illegal content. reco breaking $98000000.00. facebook also got a slap, but then for $27000000.00 defines were illegal 1st. so in russia, as they were calculated, based on turnover, kevin pointed the finger of blame at moscow saying it was behind friday's massive cyber attack con, ukrainian government websites and accusation. russia denies pushing it off as being baseless. this is tension between russia and america escalate. us made and officials claim rushes, preparing a false flag operation, and you can most go slammed those allegations as, as well, noting nato promises the could tail advance is closer to russia. have yet to be met . the u. s. national security advisor compared current events to the ukraine crisis of a years ago. we saw this playbook in 2014. they are preparing this playbook again
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and the, and we will have the administration will have further details on what we see, a potential laying of a pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours. we're living in a world of fake because ation. so fake news and until it is proved somehow we'll continue to presume that it is fake news and it is a call physicians we thought we janice daniel lazar about the full flag allegation . he says, in his opinion, claims russia sending saboteurs to train our propaganda latest accusation by us into the, by the us government. that russia is smuggling, sabbath tours into eastern ukraine. i mean, this is example of the propaganda campaign. the ha, the hostile aggressive propaganda campaign mounted by the u. s. and a campaign that makes russia very nervous. so out, so as, as america trying to calm things down or said,
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trying to raise the war fears. i mean, look at f, russian troops had advanced to the borders of germany. i mean, i, western europe would be very concerned and they would, they would demand some kind of a. busy concession by the russians, but the now that nato was advanced the borders of russia. somehow, nato can't understand what the fuss is all about. this is ridiculous. and not springs you ride up today. thanks so much for your company. been watching our scenes, national updates on our headline stories coming your way in to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk about
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is driven by a dream shaped bank. concur sent those this in june. there's things we dear to ask in ah, a with
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i'm after dancing you're watching, going underground. coming up in the show, as netflix is most viewed show of all time squid game takes home a golden globe. how has the nation at war with its northern counterpart? snatched attention away from the gemini of hollywood while showing the arguable nightmares of late capitalism. and with the world future energy summit underway this week in one of the world's highest per capita, greenhouse gas images, the u. e. we ask whether world leaders are turning a blind eye to environmental racism dollars or more coming up in today's going underground. profess that he has a go today japanese prime minister, key me as our apologized for the sexual slavery of korean women during world war 2 . and 15 years later, the hand of the doomsday clock struck 5 minutes to midnight after north korean missile testing. but for all the turbulent history and ongoing war with its northern counterpart, south careers become
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a cultural powerhouse. joining me now from california.


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