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ah, they determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson and return to no true bill on each of the size. ah
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what happened in ferguson. the actual practice of how the demonstrations were handled. i think we're all embarrassed by quite frankly in law enforcement. i sat there a guest watching it. i am, you know, the, the, the simplest issue of the use of tears in my book. if you fire tear, guess you've got a riot now you don't have to demonstration. so i don't know if there's a, i guess i have to be sensitive. when i say this, if there is a political gain in some communities for handling a different events and different fashions. danny brown's what i want to say, i be a 90 years in prison for murder, i didn't commit and i'm still fighting. i've been out since 2001 when i got up to god in the one that would have arrived right up here. says nanny,
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for the last leach you. now we talk about the rat that they had, and furth was shoe. when did cancer was started? all right. when they failed, they won. good. just you cannot keep treating people the same way you. you have to deal with ohio practice who you put in in. i'm uniformed because a badge is a powerful bang and sometimes is like money. it played tricks, people mine, they think they got. and that's the truth. you know, simple thinking this rep members of the task force in the near future body cameras will be as commonplace in placing a side arms and cuffs in portable radios. as a police chief, i always feel like i'm behind the curve when it comes to technology. today,
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we're talking about body cameras. tomorrow we'll be talking about something else. technology is moving at a pace where laws can't keep up with it. policies can't keep up with a license plate readers. most departments have that. how long before facial recognition software is now applied. and as you're driving down the street, you're scan in faces of people. just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. and we need to have these discussions up front if the technology can implicate people's civil rights. and it's something that we need to consider quite carefully before we simply fling it into the field. a b, b, i deployed aircraft over fergus and last year in response to request from local law enforcement. is that correct? yes, we've done it in baltimore. we did it in ferguson. as i recall, does the f. b,
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i respond to these types of requests frequently to the overwhelming use of our aircraft is a pilot flies as part of investigation to help us follow has spy a terrorist or a criminal. and sometimes the best view of that is a bond. i spent 20 years in the air force built a system called angel fire that allowed us to watch the entire town of fallujah for 2 years. we could watch the whole city see wherever one came from. i went to and that contributed significantly to the reduction in violence in the city.
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when i retired, i basically said, you know, this has a lot of applications. how do we make it affordable for a group, the size of like dayton, ohio. our imagery is processed on board the aircraft made to look just like google earth down linked in about 3 to 5 seconds. and is available to be viewed by up to 50 people at once. literally could have the equivalent of a predator drone for every analyst on the ground. just not quite as high resolution . if you're at the scene of a crime, we draw a little circle around it. we figure out, here's the people that are within that range that may or may not be involved in. it
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will track all of them and see what information we can find or really just rolling this out in a more public way. traditionally, we've worked with small groups on a quiet secret of way because that's what our customers wanted. we been operating in different cities at different times, typically ones that are having significant crime problems and some of the cities will see 30 to 40 crimes of mission. and then it's a question of how many of them do we have time to investigate? and again, as the city gets safer, will actually be able to investigate lower and lower level primes. this is an engineers version of an i law with the globe in the middle. and it basically implies watching the whole world. they are not out to watch the whole
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world just all, all the world that's got crime. okay, i what i'm engaged in is forecasting what we call malfeasance. which is various kinds of behavior which may be legal, but certainly undesirable. you get background information, an individual from an archival dataset, and you push a button and you get a forecast. pretty good chance this is a low risk, personal, almost no chance they're gonna commit violent crime. and that made this were shoplifting or maybe some drug possession. but chances either going to be fine. so here's another individual, bad guy, certain to be arrested for something, most likely a violent crime,
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but at least some other kind of crime. if somebody is really unique, this doesn't work. but we all think we're unique and we're not. so we have lots of commonalities and, but on the average we can forecast pretty well. there are concerns about these techniques and they're legitimate race the course of the most obvious one, the obvious point as well. you really shouldn't be using somebody's race to forecast whether another can commit a crime. well, it's a balance. if it were to turn out that race is an important factor, let's say in predicting homicides and races associated with homicides. people generally kill people like self. maybe you do want to use race,
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if we don't use race, are going to have an increase. perhaps in homicide, you could have prevented how many deaths, 51015 are you prepared to allow? because she won't allow me to use race. so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul. among them were stress, positions,
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sleep deprivation, inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority, the made america awarded or sacrifice. but the shimmer of effective interrogation with
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, who has been watching percent of interest or watch that the some secret computer says one man is develop that projects crime before it happens. why not? now? why not predicts something? if you have all everything you need in the equation, i don't see why it couldn't be predicted at some point. so right now the car that you're in, we have a camera system and we also have a system where it's a facial recognition. c system license plate recognition system, it scans the streets and it can look at a license plate and tell,
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tell you if that car. 1 is warranted for a crime and get it to do that here. or you know, so right there it's all the license different and it scans like that is that car right there? mm hm. and then also people on the street, if they can get the face. clearly, facial recognition person as a warrant, wanted that type of thing. and if your own public, there's no expectation of privacy. and that's the huge issue and people said, well, you can't just run my license plate for no reason we ask for, can you just hope that everybody who runs them are running for the right reason mm a
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we are a 247 operation providing support and information processing for the entire department . we also share our services to the entire region and the federal government were monitoring. for example, cameras. we have about 1000 cameras in the city, los angeles. additionally, we monitor all social media. we've got police officers who are going through all their social media looking for keywords to find out if there is any incidence occurring, any pro task for anything that may affect the city i don't think is gonna be a face for a technology and policing. is the way or policing is going towards right now.
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mm. a on this matter of forecasting criminal behavior. among our set of individuals who were considering to release from prison, we have darth vader's and luke skywalker. but we don't know which is which. anybody, anybody who has a hint of darth vader characteristics, we call them a darth vader. in contrast to call somebody a luke skywalker. that requires really compelling evidence. because when we want to be really, how do i say this and effective way? we really want to be sure that we catch all the darth vader's and we're prepared to
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make some mistakes on this guy. luke skywalker. ah we've done some work with family support services. in essence, we're collecting information on the parents. sometimes those parents have no criminal record whatsoever, but if we had information, for example, about their drug histories, about their educational circumstances, about whether they're employed, psychiatric problems, all sorts of things. we might be able to forecast which kids are at risk before they're born. pretty neat. we could also forecast perhaps before they're born, whether high risk criminal homicide by the aged 18. i think that's all very doable
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with the information that's out there. my problem is, what do you tell a mother? the child has not been born yet, and we say to her, your kid has at 5050 chance of committing homicide by the age of 18. i don't what you do with that. i don't know what she does with that. with all technology, we constantly are at these decision points where can be used for good or used from bad. this is just another example of that. it's a little more scary because it sorta sorta fundamentally goes to so much of the way we live in the way our society's work.
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right now. drones are console one, pilots bought. there's already technology in place which the robot to make a decision with dan, we now have drones that can fly information and they can talk to one another. and they can make decisions about whether to fire a hell fire missile or not. who makes that decision? the computer can make it more quickly and more accurately than you or i can. so maybe she'll let them decide. well, let's now we're starting to move down the terminator route, right? we have robotic intelligence that can destroy human life when it thinks it's an appropriate thing to do. do you want to go there? i think it's inevitable because those sorts of more machines are going to be more effective, more powerful, more accurate than what we currently now have. i can't believe we're not going to go there. i don't know how as humans we're gonna moderate the bad things that can
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fall from but a separable it's already sort of there ah, in. ready in ever deals in has got to get worse for his better voice. going to get worse folks. we are at war and you are the front line troops on this war folks, i want you to understand something. when they come to murder, the children, the individuals who tried to disarm our crops will be hunted down and across the nation, they will be attacked. they will be spit on,
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they will be driven deep into their slimy little holes that never come out again. the very near future this trying to disarm our cops. folks are in nobody in mexico right now, complaining about notarization of bleach in there, in nobody and russia complaining about militarization of police and the very near future you will be vindicated. the bad nose wolf is out the door very bad times are common. good news. you have job security is a world desperately needs, but you have to give a. ready year with
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welcome to max as her financial survival guide, looking forward to your as widow with this is what happens to better than britain philip is that you watch kaiser report ah ah, ah ah ah, ah, a
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ah with oh we have recently of course are you in the story the united states talking about human rights talking about press freedom. if you go to the top, you got to go. in other words, she's got to be tristan. you are on the one hand we believe in press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to exclude julia. massage. i think you're publishing and artic stations choice is really likes to want to be really mad about the guy sitting here in australia where people just don't understand them. right. what is the starting citizen which comes down with yes me. i do. unique name looks britzky. in fact will i least the typical there is
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only 9, but already 8 university students that away on slash a like his name's a new, modest appointment. let's see him. yep. you got the glass doors to deal with or did it not then noble choose a meeting with him so that he may come come over to coast. he will show control such programs. now . bush like nebraska of course with level your special i will the yeah my but i say the 1st grade and of course that you what sir at the player that was to get on the she was in your mind it was, i'm did it while it's if the double you that he were little was no to call with sue, lose with when you move, judge, if you could, you put his teacher was reason to spend a good time
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. a superstar novi jock of it is deep also from australia after a court upholds a controversial decision to cancel his visa. that means the raining 3 in a row champion will miss the australian open, which is now just getting on the way in melbourne. and in the store is the shape the week. high stakes talks over ukraine between russia need to wrap up with russ. moscow accusing the alliance of trying to wind back the close to the cold war. nato understands the principle of the indivisibility of security selectively. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a calendar with your pets and do star jones to stay warm this winter. a major british energy company feels the heat for its advice, while fuel costs got kids. i think they've completely lost the.


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