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i'll see you then. ah, ah penny superstar nova jarvis is deported from australia after court upholds a controversial decision to conflict. visa, that means the reigning 3 neuro champion will miss the australian open, which is now just getting underway in melbourne. and in the stories the shape, the news, this week, high stakes talks over ukraine between nato and russia. rapport with moscow accusing the allies of trying to wind back the clock to the cold war. nato understands the principle of the indivisibility of security selectively. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a counter and put all your pets and do star jumps to stay warm this winter. a major british energy company feels the heat for its advice, while fuel costs rocket. i think they've completely lost the clock on that. i have
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to say, we're not. she paid really freezing our in house because we're trying to get the call down just thing i what else with the welcome to the weekly or not international. my name is peter scott. and these are the stories, the shape, the news, this week. nova jock of it, she's been deported from australia. the tennis world, number one was forced to leave after court upheld the decision to revoke his visa over vaccine issues. that means he'll now miss the australian, open the tennis association of the styles, home, country of serbia, pull no punches, and his reaction to the decision. the tennis association of serbia expresses its great disappointment with this decision of the australian court. this time politics has won over sport, the best tennis player in the world, novak jock of ich validly fulfilled all the prescribed requirements and rules of
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the organizes of the australian open in the host country for participation in the tournament, which was confirmed by the decision of the court of the same country, serbian sporting and indeed top political official certainly making their feelings felt about the deportation done. yeah, absolutely. and the impression that this is mainly a political decision, and because increasing is coming from many quarters around the world, we didn't from of course, another judge which case to court cases in australia. that 1st court case was based on a kind of he's off his visa, off his medical exemption id submitted his documents, his evidence medic looks at reception in a timely unappropriate matter. and that case was won by his legal team, a judge ruled in his favor. this cool case was based on something very different by the powers that immigration minutes, the alex for q to deport him from the country. and that was based on the perception that he could be, quote, an icon for the anti back, some movement enough, pose a risk, some sort of health risk for australia. and even perhaps,
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insight civil unrest, quite strong was of course there used by straight an officials that we heard of course, from leo street prime minister scott morrison, who said on multiple occasions that this is a defense of the countries borders. that the reason was trailer had relatively few deaths, relatively few cases was because the country had defended their borders so strongly . that was also echoed by immigration minister, alex ford, who said he welcome miss decision of defending australia's borderline of keeping people safe. the association of tenants professionals has not so outright criticize this decision. they've not outright been critical of this decision, but expressed that regret what's up and saying it's not good for the image of tenants. as a sport, it's not good. rapidly stuff participated and things would have been better had they turned out differently. so being leaders they, serbian top officials have certainly not meant that word and stating this decision
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was political. this was put in place to make an example of no joke, which it was very easy for us, really and authorities to say from the very beginning that okay, only vaccinated on inoculated people could enter australian territory. but it, in the face, hope everything completely different story, including this medical exemptions i think was fairly and what's right for it is cumulative themself was this kind of procedures pressing against your courage this in the years. i think the decision is scandalous. i'm disappointed and i think it showed how the rule of law functions in some other countries, that is how the rule of law does not function. it is incredible to me how we have to totally oppose court decisions within just a few days. so there have been 11 days of physical and psychological harassment. i
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think many will take away 3 aspects from the court decision, its politics perception and precedent. because ultimately this decision has been taken by the immigration minutes, the based on his perception, but novel joker, which is perceived by others as an anti backs icon, whatever that may mean. and this could have consequences beyond. so it's beyond cobra, restrictions beyond tennis sets of why the price of the people could be bad and the port is based on perceptions a low the bottom line though, for the player himself down, is that in years that come, the record books are going to simply show the joke which did not win as for in a row, he did not win his 21st grand slam and for whatever reason valid or otherwise it's you've been going through a st. officials have cost him the chance to make history. yes, absolutely, and the certainly the reaction has been coming in throughout the day and will continue to do so. joke of its himself has of course left australia, little people tracking his flight on flight radar as it left australia ah suits you go home. jacqowitz's said he's extremely disappointed,
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he will respect the decision, he will corporate with all thorough chase. but really we have seen an outpouring of support for the sub in tennis pry. we sold us that the images of people in the streets supporting him and her protesting gains that decision to keep him in detention for days while his haste was resolved. and indeed, a host of tennis players around the world have also expressed their indignation. ah said, worst or best at least disappointment, that things have worked out the way they have a very sad day in history of tennis. it's sad when politics beat common sense, the laws one for all, but interpretations are different for all shameful to target one because of his believes, which are different from others. do you know when an icon of free choice isn't welcome in a western country? things have gone back. it crazy. there was a political agenda at play here with the elections coming up, which couldn't be more obvious. this is not his fault. he did not force his way
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into the country and did not make his own rules. he was ready to stay home with venice association of serbia, just another organization that really questioned the message. australia is sending in the way it treats athletes ahead of, of course, hosting, mailing pick games in bruce. but in 20 about he to saying when serbia host sporting events, they will treat to athletes and interact with police with albany. questions and pro differ why. and also saying that the impartiality, the sacred, limbic rule of impartiality, had not been a product, a joke, which in this case all the former tenant stars, have gone even further. one form a professional serbian tennis player during paolo's. with the bottom to view flavio back in the late nineties and what has happened today in a fiery message, bombs were thrown by world powers at civilian facilities in our city. and our youngest fellow, citizens and friends were killed. now the world's powerful are putting pressure on you to give up because in other ways, in a fair and sporty way, no one can defeat you. whatever you view and what soften the joke of it. this is
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a motive issue. as we can see from money. it's going to continue to draw motions under bait, as it goes on because as we said this has why the ramifications and just joke of it's just cobra, just tennis to do with impartiality, legality. the way athletes are treated as people who bear responsibility for public opinion. so certainly the motive issue and one that will continue to cover, obviously in the coming days. well, if cost more, who's all through the boat making sense of sport believes the australian government has made jock of h a mater by deporting him. this is a manifestly political decision as the world knows scott morrison has a federal elections looming in about 4 months time. and he's been rewarded this morning with a response from the australian public, which seems to endorse the decision of the australian government to deport jocko
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village where the thing that the, the australian government has missed. that it said before alex hall, the immigration minister said i don't want to make a martyr out of our hero as a joke of it by allowing him to play. but. busy by deporting him by excluding him from the the tournament. is that exactly that because anti vax is around the world now will be looking to juggle village and saying this guy's been persecuted for. no other reason than the fact that he is exercising his individual liberty. his choice not to be vaccinated, and of course he will become a martyr. the kremlin is insisting on a concrete response from the u. s. to his proposed security guarantees. washington says it's a gov, it's in writing next week. it follows an indepth talks between moscow and nato. russia over said those negotiations highlighted, continuing differences with ukraine being mid main stumbling block is artesia to bend ski. how do you solve a problem? like russia?
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east under false weight is for a shot to de escalate. it is russia that has to make a start trice, the escalation in diplomacy, or confrontation and consequences that was due from the u. s. a. nato. often they held a series of meetings with their russian counterparts. on one hand, they repeatedly said they were there to find solutions on the other. and that solution was some have suggested one sided. russia has to make giant strides towards it. do you think it's a military presence anywhere near ukraine? if there is to be a d escalation of tensions for the russian delegation, the double speak was too much. we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation, or what happened that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do
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not trust the other side. so to see, we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof, the legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. russia was also accused of not being serious about finding solutions to ease the frictions as it continued to deny its planning to invade ukraine. moscow said, is a put for clear proposals before the meetings took place, outlining what assurances it wanted from the west for its own security. that crucially included nato slamming the door on membership to post soviet countries like ukraine. moscow also hit out that meters idea of security. it won't extend to non mendez. indian nato expansion doesn't solve any problems of security . it moves division lines,
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but doesn't remove them. so these are the other things to say. nathan lodgement is aggressive, absolutely not true. and nathan launch month has been a cornerstone for the spread of democracy and freedom across europe. molto regurgitated the line that it is not a threat to russia. moscow didn't agree. the u. s. and nato continued to conquer militarily. the territories of the countries included in the alliance in place offensive weapon systems. there ema, this directly poses a threat to the interests of the russian federation, was a final stab was made at finding common ground in vienna at the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a supposedly neutral ground where and fortunately, the language from country representatives was anything but it seems reads the risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before.
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in the last 30 years, the europeans also went down the smear campaign route, following a massive cyber attack and government sites in ukraine. the eas top diplomat tinting one can figure out who is behind this strike. the hackers have not yet been identified. and while the west continues to state it is spread democracy in put security to countries, rushes foreign minister disagrees. the west went too far. let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including at the hands of provocateurs and his crew was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to
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investigate the my down atrocities a mammoth week of talks has ended with well, a lot of hot air, no concrete proposals to move things forward. the only thing that they saw i to, i own really was just how far apart they are. and that if talks fail, the consequences could be catastrophic. charlotte, even sky r t amsterdam. meanwhile, after political commentators argue that facebook has been exercising political censorship and u. s. domestic politics, it appears the big tech giant has entered into the russia nato conversation. it's blocked a russian facebook accounts used to cover the talks for posting. what they claims is, prohibit the contents. a russian politician said the page was used to share public statements by russian officials. on friday, sweden begun deploying armored vehicles and soldiers in response to increased quote, russian activity in the region that's according to its military. some 10 armored
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combat vehicles and dozens of our personnel could be seen patrolling the small ports on this b. that's on the strategically located island of got land. the move came after 3 bush and landing ship, sailed into the baltic sea, amid increase tensions between moscow and nato. meanwhile, russia was accused of preparing a forced fly operation in order to invade ukraine. is what officials from both sides of to say about the situation. we saw this playbook in 2014, they are preparing this playbook again and, and we will have the administration will have further details on what we see as this potential laying of a pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours, we are living in a world of fake because ation. so fake news until it is proved somehow we will continue to presume that it is fake news and it is false accusations. well, meanwhile, we spoke with journalist daniela's are, and he says us claims that russia is sending sub it says insta east in the east.
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and ukraine is part of a propaganda campaign by washington. latest accusation bought us into the, by the us government that russia is smuggling 7 tours into eastern ukraine. i mean, this is a sample of the propaganda campaign. the hot and the hostile aggressive propaganda campaign mounted by the us and a campaign that makes russia very nervous. so up, so is america trying to calm things down or is that trying to raise the, the war fears? i think they have been productive in some way. and i think that discussions amount to a tacit admission by nato in the us got russia as security concerns should be taken into accounts in some way. but so far it looks like the u. s. the west has merely taken them into account and just in order to dismiss them out of hand, but at least there are talks, at least there is some concession that russia something to be worried about. i mean,
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look at, if russian troops had advanced the borders of germany, i mean western europe at the very concerned and they would, they would demand some kind of. busy concession by the russian, but the now that nato is advanced of the borders of russia. somehow, nato can't understand what the fuss is all about. this is ridiculous. a man who took 4 people hostage at the synagogue in the u. s. state of texas on saturday . as been identified by the f b i as a 44 year old british citizen, molig fatal. our chrome interrupted a morning service, the site, the f b i in dallas said investigations were continuing, but he's not believe any of the individuals were involved. all of the hostages were freed and left on harmed. they just didn't ended with the death of the suspects when police storm the synagogue following a 10 hour standoff, both president biden and the u. k. 4 minutes to describe the incident as an act of
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terror. a british energy provider has found yourself feeling the heat this week over its advice to customers on how to stay warm. it's all people to cuddle their pets and do star jumps. it was part of a response to energy bills. the to predicts. it's a double this year. are you weighing up, eating or heating as bills are protected to sort of 2000 pounds a year? well fed no more as one of britain's biggest energy suppliers has come up with no one idea. the 10 ways to save on heating cost, not only laira, but get the hot rate going with some storage on. and if that doesn't work, how about a comes in is a cutter with a cat. okay, i don't have a cat, but i do have this guy. another central suggestion is to leave the oven door open after cooking. be careful of your kids love and eat a hearty bowl of porridge. and of course, make sure you have
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a decent pair of socks or slippers. apparently, all these are simple cost effective ways to keep warm this winter. but the company can't be serious, can it? i think they've completely lost the flaws on that one. i have to say a people say we're not stupid. i we, we are literally trying notes that i eating on. we literally freeze in our, in house because we're trying to get the cost down. you just think my, what else besides today, if that's real advice and the i'd be slightly and salary by are i'm and i believe i know why with the event that i need to start suddenly my energy done. i put an extra jumper on in seminar. so yeah, we want to be in solid bio for any other company, but that doesn't say i, i wouldn't listen. so i would say got fixed on contract. that would suit me. the advice sent to customers comes as many households are extremely worried about rising energy costs. and despite the company apologizing for the l. judge,
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suggestion politicians have criticize the coal haunted approach. it is lawful and insulting. but then with this government's lack of an energy strategy, you almost expected those comments will be right by people who have to choose between eating and heating. if that's the state of the country we are now and i find it quite depressing. being told to put on a instead of turning on your heating, if you can't afford it, at the time of such difficulty for so many families is plainly offensive. 2022 has already been given the total year of the squeeze of the one since a 2008 financial crash this year. wages will barely quote one of the same time bill just by 50 percent around 2000 pounds. when britain's new energy price cap is 2nd april, this means in real time, people actually get a pay cut. in the situations thing the for the cost of living catastrophe. i think the hosting's an abomination. we have the way to use that you could possibly have
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been business local support from the government. so we've been forced to close our doors. we're only we're trying to close our weight back. so we're in a hotel and everything else. we use quite a lot of electricity and it's hacked fi and i am terrified of the impact of businesses in the country. not just me. when i mean small businesses struggling, i just have to stop. we pay the bounce back government and supposedly gave us. but we've got to pay them back. so all of a sudden, and i'm not going to time to money. we were in debt anyway from the lock that i now they energy cost of solar and both electricity and gas. t. sorry, i don't know how we supposed to pay them because we have no income and she's not alone. in fact, one in 3 people are worried that bills will become totally on affordable this year
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. and i'm thinking the government to for the bill. labor also piling on the pressure for the government to ditch tax hikes and scrap v a t on feel altogether. consent to ministers council, the 0 carbon homes program. they bond on show when development they lost the eco insulation program. the tornado. within one year, they were, you see, you case gas storage capacity, and it won't particularly silly moment the current foreign secretary claim solar panels were risks to domestic food production. all of these decisions have made this country more dependent on volatile wholesale energy prices than we otherwise would have been right now. we know this means as extremely situate, extremely difficult situation to really household, but also risks making archways. the british industry and competitive a talk, a combination of spiking prices, tax hikes looming energy, big bills on the government. a parent reluctance to address these issues may actually see ridiculous ideas like cuddling path help people overcome this. and the
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upcoming winters become a reality. shantia edwards dusty r t london on staying in the u. k. families of those who died during the you case. first covet law down have slammed an apology from boyce johnston as an insult. that's after the prime minister admits it. he attended abusing downing street bash during the national lot downs, the opposition, even some senior tories have been piling pressure on the p. m. calling on him to resign in a serious ear and he said it was i don't think he can continue as liter concert, a parking play minister asking people to follow the rules again until his government reached it. when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 20th of may, 2020, i believed implicitly that this was a work event. may 2020 was a tough month for britain. much of the country was paralyzed by the 1st national
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lockdown within door meetings between household strictly prohibited. we spoke to a man who struggled to arrange his father's funeral amid the restrictions a common difficulty during those times. this is about rules and about who the hose applies to become abundantly clear that the prime minister thinks that they didn't apply to him at the same time. but i was at my father's funeral. he was taking part in a, bring your own views, part number 10 downing street at my gods team will be allowed to invite up to 5 people at the geno. say that meant it was just myself and my 4 siblings that could attend. there is no physical contracts, we wouldn't want to hug each other. even the vicar holding the ceremony wasn't allowed to shake hands or anything like that. and as soon as the ceremony was over, we all had to go back, came again. they were author issuing fines for people meeting outside people will be fined money for meeting up people being harassed by the police. if they hung
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around and parks that too long and the ultimate question, half of the prime minister is, why does he believe that the rules that he helps create that he made didn't apply to him? johnson stated, excuse spots, a wave of means online. even major countries light, ryan a, have been posting mocking images and it's not the 1st party gate scandal involving johnson at the end of last year, pitches merged online, allegedly showing him taking part in several social events that downing street that's during the 2020 lockdown. many in parliament thing there is now only one course of action is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the press. you see now going to do the decent thing and resign. how stupid does the prime minister think the british people are right now? he's making fools of every single mp. oops, it him earlier. well, the prime minister finally do the decent thing. i'm resigned or historian
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peace be forced to show him the door. so for once kind of primers for do the honorable thing and resign 17, a portion of the punch got one thing to play, manufactured step down. and eventually you can do, you know, as go resign, play manager. he sorry, because he's being cool. there any most reside in my judgment on all the evidence that's concerned in the face for the last few months. now, i think it's abundantly clear that bars johnson doesn't have an ounce of self decency. and him, leading by example is really key element of thought leadership and his claire. and not only this bar strong and not have moral leadership at the moment, but there's no pathway for him to get back. and that's why, for as long as he remains prime minister, i think we're going to stay in a state of limbo in this country and ultimately is putting more people at risk when
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you say this, where it's outlined that the government has done everything they could to save lives, so little weights, these words that they can just hang. and the ad messaging throughout has been terrible. the following of their own scientific voices has been at best patchy, and at worst they've gone against scientific advice. and the result has been nearly about a $175000.00 dust now, which is deeply upsetting. well, those the stories, the shape, the news this week here, nazi international. my name is peter scotts, and i'll be back with more of the top of the hour. thanks for watching with them to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with got they go farther up on this particular quote man, he believes keith is going to push and push it. if i heard of you both or just somebody, somebody from a few minutes got that it was 3 to what i still love the stuff that we started at the but i booked with loaner vehicle, me and boom. here's for very few believe about give hope. all right, from what you will be with you a follow this up. i know that you were coiled like it, but here for a little of, for pretty weaker. lia. from a brush up for documents that are in your booth can oh,
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driven by dreamer shapes bankers, those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask oh oh
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