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ah, ah tennis superstar novak joke of etches deported from australia after a court upholds i come for a personal decision to cancel his visa, meaning the raining 3 in a row champion will miss the australian open, which starts on monday. on in the stories that shape the weak high stakes talks over ukraine between russian nato. rob with moscow accusing the alliance of trying to wind by from the clock to the cold. nato understands the principal at the end of his ability of security selectively. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a calendar with cuddle, your pet son, do star jumps if you want to stay warm this winter. a major british energy company feels the heat for its advice, while fuel costs. i think i've completely lost the loss on that one. i have to say,
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we know she paid really crazy now or now because we're trying to get down with, with the top stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment of elements as well. this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome novak joke of it. shes been deported from australia. the tennis world number one was forced to leave after a court upheld the decision to revoke his visa over vaccine issues. he la miss. alt non participating in the australian open tournament. he's one for the past 3 years . the tennis association of the stars home country of serbia pulls no punches in its reaction to the decision. the tennis association of serbia expresses its great disappointment with this decision of the australian court. this time politics has
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won over sport, the best tennis player in the world, novak jock of ich validly fulfilled all the prescribed requirements and rules of the organizes of the australian open in the host country for participation in the tournament, which was confirmed by the decision of the court of the same country journaling. now in the studio, as ortiz dahlia hawkins. to talk through developments. don on, there's been quite a few the latest from the tennis associate of serbia thing, politics. it's one night hard to argue at the start of january, supposed to be a but sport in melbourne. it's been all about politics. seems to be coming to a head. yeah. that so absolutely right. it's hard to see how this is not a political decision, and we have to remember that of course, another joke of which faith to court cases during his time, a detention and australia. the 1st appeal he won his legal team, defended him in that case, which was based on legal technicalities on bureaucratic detail, whether he submitted his exemption and these documents in a timely and appropriate fashion. and that was one the judge ruled in his favor.
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this decision was all in favor, all about it full could be off, straight immigration minister, he used his powers of discretion to banjo, could see the port in from the country, a based on perception on the fact that he is perceived to be an icon for an feedback to the, to back some movement, whatever that may mean. and you said that he was a threat to the countries borders as well, which seemed to be a very direct attack on him to that's what the immigration minister said. yeah indeed. and of course, the prime minister also scott morris also pointed out or clearly that he's proud that the countries borders have been defended. that the rule of law has one. and as you rightly say, alex or who, speaking about the great sacrifices australians have made and they be the importance of protecting countries. borders is increasingly hard to see how. as i said, this isn't political. and many officials from all quarters are saying that this goes beyond tennis. this goes beyond colbert health and safety. this goes beyond
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the documents. this is political. this was a response from serbian officials in joker, which was home country. it was very easy for us rental for it is to say from the very beginning that okay, only vaccinated on inoculated people could enter australian territory. but it, in the face, hope everything completely different story including this medical exemptions, i think with railey and what's right for it is committed to themselves was this kind of procedures pressing against your courage, which in the years i think the decision is scandalous. i'm disappointed and i think it showed how the rule of law functions in some other countries, that is how the rule of law does not function. it is incredible to me how we have to totally oppose court decisions within just a few days. so there have been 11 days of physical and psychological harassment.
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well, this is ation the tenants professionals also while not out right condemning and criticizing the treatment, but joke of which has gone through express their regret at the way things have turned out and said this is not a great image at all for the sports of senate for professionals in the game, indeed, officials in serbia also questioning the treatment of athletes when australia sporting events in the 2032 saying that serbia will take an entirely different approach to athletes that will come to visit their country. it's fascinating, isn't it that in the build up to this house, some players defended. some players really were vehemently against novak brokerage, widely regarded as the greatest player of his generation. but when the dust all sat down, he doesn't have a chance to make history for going. for 21 grand slams. he's now white and maybe out of history for 3 years. yeah. right. i mean joker, which has left the country has left australia. lot of people were tracking his, played on flight radar, as it made its way out of the country. he said he's of course,
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extremely disappointed. that's putting it mildly, as you say, he's lost the shots to win his 10th australian open to the 21st grand slam on of course, missing on maps, around $3000000.00. when it's pub potentially wish you could have. one is one of the best players in that tournament, and you're quite right. he has divided opinion, social media in politics and society as well. on the ground on australia, a lot of people came out in support to protest against his attention and his treatment. also in serbia, of course, people coming out and support, unquote of tennis plays also expressing that disappointment that things have gone the way they have. this is what we've seen so far. reaction on social media the very sad day in history of tennis. it's sad when politics be common, sense the laws, one for all, but interpretations are different for all shameful to target one because of his believes, which are different from others. you know,
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when an icon of free choice isn't welcome in a western country, things have gone back. it crazy. there was a political agenda at play here with the elections coming up, which couldn't be more obvious. this is not his fault. he did not force his way into the country and did not make his own rules. he was ready to stay home. i think the anger and disappointment over this vision is going to continue into the coming days. and really we can take away from this 3 things and that's politics, perception and also precedent because what the straight and governmental the immigration minister has done is the force in somebody, all the documents you standing, based on the fact he perceived documents to be perceived by others as somebody undesirable in the country. this could have water ramifications, but only for cobra, not only for australia, but also internationally as we're seeing the scandal blow up. now. so no doubt we will see further discussion and face and to be this could have ramos cations, as i say, be on tennis in the future as well. you know, for ro, from novak truck, which this year done thanks very much. dana watkins or l. s. cost more author of
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the book making sense of sport believes the australian government has made joke of which a martyr by deporting this is a manifestly political decision as the world knows it's. scott marson has a federal elections looming in about 4 months time and he's been rewarded this morning with a response from the australian public which seems to endorse the decision of the australian government to deport joker ridge where the thing lately, the australian government has missed. that it said before alex holt, the immigration minister said, i don't want to make a mortar out of our hero as a joke of it by allowing him to play. but by deporting him by excluding him from the to the tournament, he's done exactly that because anti vax is around the world. now we'll be looking at jock of ich and saying this guy's been persecuted for no other reason than the
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fact that he is exercising his individual liberty, his choice not to be vaccinated. and of course he will become a martyr. okay, moving the program on now a british energy provider find itself feeling the heat this week over its advice to customers and how to stay warm. it told people to cuddle their pets, undo star jumps, and was part of a response to energy bills that are predicted to double this year. i you weighing up eating all heating as hell the projected to sort a 2000 pounds a year will threaten no more as one of britain's biggest energy suppliers has come up with no one idea. the 10 ways to save on heating cost, not only laira, but get the hot rate going with some starch. i'm. and if that doesn't work, how about a cone is it is a cutter with a cat. okay, i don't have a cat, but i do have this guy. another central suggestion is to leave the oven door open after cooking, the capital of your kid to love and eat
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a hearty bowl of porridge. and of course, make sure you have a decent pair of sulks or slippers. apparently, all these are simple, cost effective ways to keep warm this winter. but the company can't be serious, can it? i think they've completely lost the floss on that one. i have to say don't close with, we're not stupid. i are we on each of the try and notes that i have seen on really freezing in our in house because we're trying to get the cost down. you just think my, what else was today if that's real advice than the i'd be slightly and salary by our i'm and i believe i know why with the event that i need to study my energy done. i put an extra jumper on the seminar, so yeah, i want to be and so if i vote for any other company, but that doesn't say i wouldn't listen. so i would say got fixed. that would certainly the advice and to customers comes as many households are extremely
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worried about rising energy costs. and despite the company apologizing for the l. judge, suggestions, politicians have criticized the cold, haunted approach. it is laughable and insulting. but then with this government's lack of an energy strategy, you almost expected those comments will be right by people who have to choose between eating and heating it's. that's the state of the country. we're now and i find it quite depressing. being told to put on a job instead of turning on your heating, if you can't afford it, at the time of such difficulty for so many families is plainly offensive. 2022 has already been given the total year of the squeeze of the one since a 2008 financial crash this year. wages will barely quote one of the same time bill chunk by 50 percent around 2000 pounds. when britain's new energy points copies 2nd april, this means in real time people actually get a pay cut and the situation being described as a cost of living catastrophe. i think the health information we had the way to use
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that you could possibly have been business like whole support from the government. so we've been forced to close our doors. we're all, in fact we're trying to close all way back to a pulp hotel and everything else. we use quite a lot of electricity and it's hard to find. i am terrified of the impact of businesses in the country. not just me. i. when i mean small business is struggling, i think that just have to stop. you pay the bounce back lately, the government and supposedly gave us, but we've got to pay them back to order something. and i'm not going to do that. it's time to money and we were in debt anyway from the lock that i now they energy cost to sort of both electricity and gas. louis, sorry, i don't know how we supposed to pay them because we have no income and she's not
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alone. in fact, one in 3 people, a worry that bills will become totally on affordable this year. and i'm thinking the government to the bill. labor also piling on the pressure for the government to ditch tax hikes and scrap v a t on feel altogether. consent to ministers council, the 0 carbon homes program. they bond on show when development, they launch the eco installation program. they tore it up within one year. they would is the you case gum storage capacity. i don't one particularly silly moment. the current foreign secretary claims solar panels were risk to domestic food production. now, all of these decisions have made this country more dependent on volatile wholesale energy prices than we otherwise would have been right now, we know this means as an extremely situate, extremely difficult situation to british household, but also risks making large ways the british industry and competitive a talk combination of spiking prices, tax hikes,
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the looming energy big bills on the government's a power reluctance to address these issues. may actually see ridiculous ideas like cuddling pets. how people overcome this on the upcoming winter has become a reality. shad edwards dashti r t london stella head in the program, russia reiterates once again. it absolutely has no plans to invade ukraine now sporting to the kremlin spokesperson, who rejects claims that moscow is somehow preparing a false flag operation. the details of that when we were ah ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah, we have recently, of course, or the un, sorry, didn't the united states talking about jamie ross talking about press freedom. if you gonna talk to to a new child on the one hand, we believe it press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to exclude chile massage. now thing to your property of the united states and his choice is really makes a little bit really mad about the guy sitting here in australia where people just don't understand them. right, well, what is the started citizen which comes down with
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ah, 16 minutes into the program. you're welcome back. and the kremlin is insisting on a common creek response from the u. s. to it's propose security guarantees. washington says it'll give it in writing next week that follows in depth talks between moscow and nato. although russia said those negotiations highlighted, continuing differences with ukraine being the main stumbling block, r t showered davinsky has the story. how do you solve a problem like russia? easiest on the fastest way is for a shot to deescalate it is russia that has to make a start trice, the escalation and diplomacy, or confrontation and consequences. that was the view from the us, a nato, after they held a series of meetings with their russian counterparts. on the one hand, they repeatedly said that they were there to find solutions on the other. that
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solution was some have suggested one sided. russia has to make giant strides towards reducing into military presence anyway, me, ukraine. if there is to be a d escalation of tensions for the russian delegation, the double speak was too much. we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation of what happened, that different forms of negotiations have behind closed doors. we do not trust the other sites. so to see we need iron clad. waterproof bulletproof, the legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. russia was also accused of not being serious about finding solutions to ease the frictions as it continued to deny its planning to invade ukraine. moscow. sadie to put forth clear proposals before the meetings
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took place, outlining what assurances it wanted from the west for its own security. that crucially included nato slamming the door on membership to post soviet countries like ukraine. moscow old. so hit out that meters idea of security. did not extend to non members union that nato expansion doesn't solve any problems of security. it moves division lines, but doesn't remove them. so these are the other things to say. nathan lodgement is aggressive, absolutely not true. and nathan launch month has been a cornerstone for the spread of democracy and freedom across europe. nato regurgitated the line that it is not a threat to russia. moscow didn't agree. the u. s. and nato continued to conquer militarily. the territories of the countries included in the alliance and place offensive weapon systems there. this directly poses
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a threat to the interests of the russian federation was a final stab was made at finding common ground in vienna at the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a supposedly neutral ground where and fortunately, the language from country representatives was anything but it seems that the risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years, the europeans also went down the smear campaign route, following a massive cyber attack and government sites in ukraine. the eas top diplomat tinting one can figure out who is behind this strike. the hackers have not yet been identified. and while the west continues to state it is spread democracy in put security to countries. russia's foreign minister disagrees. the west
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went too far. let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including the hands of provocateurs and his crew was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to investigate the my down atrocities a mammoth week of talks has ended with well, a lot of hot air, no concrete proposals to move things forward. the only thing that they saw eye to eye on really was just how far apart they are, and that if talks fail, the consequences could be catastrophic. jollity than sky r t amsterdam. russia on the u. s. remain on different trucks,
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thus the conclusion of the kremlin spokesperson, following security talks between the countries this week, in conversation with us media as well. he rejected the latest accusations still being voiced in washington that moscow was preparing a false flag operation in order to invade ukraine. we saw this playbook in 2014 i, they are preparing this playbook again and the, and we will have the administration will have further details on what we see as this potential laying of a pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours mr. sullivan promised to publish the proof of these accusations within 24 hours was still waiting for that proof. we're living in a world of fake accusations, fight news, and in a world of lies until it's proven somehow. we'll continue to presume it is fake news while to discuss the latest developments surround all that were joined live by independent journalist writer on broadcaster on eastern europe and
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a lot more besides martin summers. martin good to see it today. so there we have the kremlin spokesman saying rush in the u. s. remain our to all during what is a particularly tense time. do you see any chance of agreement here? not really. i made it quite clear that there's plenty to divide. busy the 2 sides, that doesn't mean that dialogue shouldn't continue in one form or another. there's no point in stopping talking to people. but you might as well tell them what you think and see what you can achieve. yet russia is once again being told, de escalation is its responsibility. yet, at the same time, we have the swedish army deploying its own troops on the border with russia. what would the west expect russia to do in those circumstances? well, i can't see that was much that the notion side can do to de escalate. they've got, they're going to have a military force inside their own borders. and in principle,
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the military force can be deployed into the ukraine on unless the guns are completely disarm. what else can they do? it's like asking the u. s. army to disband itself and, and try to get in touch bases all over the world. it's not realistic. demand on the west side is that despite moscow is continued denials, top officials, mainstream media centers seems absolutely obsessed with the idea of rush invading ukraine. what's the thinking behind? well, i think there is no evidence whatsoever that russia would invade ukraine. not released because they don't want it. what, what is possible is if there is an attempt to destroy the break away, republics and donors can move hands that would put pressure on any government in russia to, to do something to help them. that's the real potential danger. and the only one was that makes any sense. and of course the answer to that is for the government
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and care to negotiate was the breakaway republic leadership elsewhere. a whole ready agreed to do minced many years ago. but that's not going to happen. another aspect, the, you got the west constantly, it seems, reiterating it's full support to ukraine, ukraine's not a nation member of course. but do you see any, any contradiction or is it just a matter of time before that happens? well, obviously if, if ukraine becomes a nice, i remember that will provoke the russian side. but i have to ask whether many people in western europe in particular, would like to get into a situation where they could be dragged into a war over the crane. wanted to become a member because of the way the nato tracy works on, on to i think it's already, i mean, pretty strong. and secretary minister, the minister defense said that was not no intention of fighting or the ukraine. i don't think this is very helpful. what the western powers should be saying to the
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leadership in crane is the, was not going to, we're not going to fight. you need to negotiate, which is always been the position for many years. and of course, your brother of mentioned the early of the month, the, my down massacres, which is only if anybody looks into that. we'll see what i was going to court case in kiev about it were carried out by death squads aligned with a new regime with the nature intelligence services. they all the kill us. they all the terrorists, believe they project onto the russians. what they themselves do, just the final thoughts on what's going to come out of the us this week. if forcing to doesn't give guarantees of at non expansion the none deployment of weapons on ukrainian. so what steps martin to expect from, from russia? well, i think the western media focusing entirely on the ukraine and of course, in the russian point of view, what's really worrying is the missiles in poland and remain ya. and this is
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a global security issue. and of the rush i spent in the russians to be make them maneuver to show that they can do exactly the same as nature is doing and directly threaten the united states, the continental united states. i don't want it to happen, but you can see the logic of it. ok, the thoughts of independent journalist writer and broadcast are on eastern you're martin summers. martin, thanks for your time. thank you. this week prince andrew. the queen, 2nd song, was stripped off his military titles amid a high profile of sexual abuse cakes. he will also no longer be known as his royal highness in any official capacity. it comes after us judge refused to dismiss a civil lawsuit from a woman. it accuses him of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. buckingham palace released the following statement. with the queen's approval agreement, the duke's military affiliations on royal patronage is have been returned to the queen. the jacob yoko continue not to undertake any public duties on defending this
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case as a private citizen. the trial in question was given the go ahead on wednesday. the case was filed by virginia due for a she say she was traffic by convicted peter fall, jeffrey epstein, and for sub sex with the prince. at one of epstein's properties, the duke of york denies all allegations. while the alleged activity prince 1st surfaced thereon 2 years ago, but then he gave a lengthy interview to the b. c. in which he said he didn't recall meeting his accuser. however, after the few he stepped on from public duties up to ny prince andrew had still been linked to 8 british regiments, including falling and military rank out. they collect remedy or guards. while some days ago, the british army veterans wrote a letter to the queen asking her to strip the principal all his ranks and titles within the military form. a u. k. home office minister norman baker told me he
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thinks the correct decision was made. i think they're going to have a summer or a year old in banishing revelations that underwood require to provide evidence to the american coach. and i want to put this in between him and themselves as possible. so that lack of coach required. right, to say that legally people are in jo, proven guilty in their strong island in america. i laugh or you could argue that somebody could happen until the cold case happens on the front is. so you also referred in your heart to the fact that they respect veterans and many others, including myself, suggested such as proper, really and shortly distasteful for him to carry on. with that he started when he wrote the daughters of ceremonial as they are with him to get to the queen. i'm always dollars or he's being fined or anything like that. but in britain decently having what was given to him by the queen taken away. that was the week in review
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next to wear wearing along with a side carline, a swat team in the award winning documentary. do not resist. it's a hard head to the sensitive when you and it begins in moments ah ah ah ah
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