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tv   News  RT  January 16, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EST

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to start the new bill with ah, it stories, it shapes the weak, high stakes talks of ukraine between russia and nato, have wrapped up with moscow, accusing the alonzo trying to wind the clock back to the cold war. nato understands the principle of the in the visibility of security selectively. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a calendar with no joke. event. she is once again facing deportation just a day before the start of this fairly an open after the countries immigration minister revoked his visa for a 2nd time in an interview with our t. his father claims the cove it vaccine route is politically motivated and cuddle . your pets and they start jumps. if you want to stay warm this winter,
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major british energy company fails. they hate prince vice while fuel costs. i think i've completely lost the trough on that one. i have to say when she pays for the phrase in our in house, because we're trying to get that down. just think, what else with that? thanks much for joining me. this sunday morning. you're watching the weekly here on the kremlin is demanding a written response from the united states to its proposed security guarantees. it spokespersons stress that a failure to reply could mean the situation in ukraine becomes more dangerous. his remarks came after in depth talks between russia and nato, the 1st there more than 2 years. his audi charlotte debowski with details. how do you solve a problem? like russia?
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easiest on the fastest way is for a shot to deescalate it is russia that has to make a start trice, the escalation and diplomacy, or confrontation and consequences. that was the view from the us, a nato, after they held a series of meetings with their russian counterparts. on the one hand, they repeatedly said that they were there to find solutions on the other. that solution was some have suggested one sided. russia has to make giant strides towards reducing into military presence anyway, me, ukraine. if there is to be a d escalation of tensions for the russian delegation, the double speak was too much. we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation of what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other
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sites. so to see we need iron clad. waterproof bulletproof, the legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. russia was also accused of not being serious about finding solutions to ease the frictions as it continued to deny its planning to invade ukraine. moscow saddened for clear proposals before the meetings took place, outlining what assurances it wanted from the west for its own security. that crucially included nato slamming the door on membership to post soviet countries like ukraine . moscow also hit out that meters idea of security did not extend to non members, should indian luck. nato expansion doesn't solve any problems of security. it division lines, but doesn't remove that. so these are the that for instance,
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nathan large cement is aggressive. absolutely not true. nathan launch month has to be in a cornerstone for the spread of democracy and freedom across europe. new to regurgitate in the line that it is not a threat to russia. moscow didn't agree to us and nato continue to conquer militarily the territory of the countries included in the alliance in place offensive weapon systems. there. this directly poses a threat to the interests of the russian federation. a final stab was made finding common ground in vienna and the organization for security and cooperation in europe, a supposedly neutral ground, where unfortunately the language from country representatives was anything but it seems very skillful. or if you always see area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years, the europeans also went down the smear campaign route, following
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a massive cyber attack and government sites in ukraine. the ease, top diplomat tinting one can figure out who is behind this strike. the hackers have not yet been identified. and while the west continues to state it is spread democracy in put security to countries. russia's foreign minister disagrees. the west went too far. let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including at the hands of provocateurs and his crew was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to investigate the my down atrocities a mammoth week of talks has ended with well,
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a lot of hot air, no concrete proposals to move things forward. the only thing that they saw eye to eye on really was just how far apart they are. and that if talks fail, the consequences could be catastrophic. jollity than sky r. t. amsterdam. we discussed the possibility of nato's expansion into former soviet states with a panel of guests ukraine and even georgia. we would not be allowed to become a full fledged member of nato because they have internal divisions within their own countries. and that is stipulated in the atlantic alliance of nato itself. so until those con, frozen conflicts are resolved, that they cannot be admitted as a member. but you have the united states and nato moving nato forces up to up to the black sea area, just the opposite and wanting to go into ukraine and actually do military maneuvers
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with, with ukraine as well as georgia. and provide a so called defensive weapons, which easily could become offensive weapons. and this is, this is what moscow sees as a threat. it will be crazy for nato to get ukraine on board. it's a failed state. it is a funny follow common, dangerous democracy in the making as the american say. and it could turn into real war effort. ukraine, john state or not because russia would do anything but simply because the whole has in here would do something stupid to be. alliance should be responsible and not take anybody. and within the alliance, believe me, several countries and not the small ones don't want ukraine. of course, there is an image that needs to be projected of humanity, but it's not the case. and people realized in europe that it is very dangerous to
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have ukraine. and if only because of some of the whole hats in the west of the country that hey russia and i could do anything to stop the war. and australian court has adjourned an appeal hearing on the deportation of tennessee to stop novak jokers, which comes up to the countries immigration minister revoked the plays visa for a 2nd time. my agents sincerely apologizes for the administrative mistake in taking the incorrect box about my previous travel before coming to australia. this was a human error and certainly not deliberate. today i exercised my power to cancel the visa held by mister novak joke of it on health and good or to grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. what's on the star is being held in a hotel for migrants in melbourne. if to portage oak habitual suffice is being banned from re entering australia for 3 years. it comes after he admitted spray king
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isolation rules. after catching cove it last month, the well number one also admitted errors in the travel form. he used to enter the country for the australian open, which starts on monday. well it hasn't stopped volleys of support for the tennis star, including in melbourne where the protests of even turn violent ah and in his whole nation of serbia, people have been expressing their anger and frustration and a joke of which is being treated in australia. but of all i am revolted and angry because i did not expect they would treat the world's best tennis player like this
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. but he did not deserve as ours was additional. and norma would, nobody's going through is the frustration of our entire nation disorder. or if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people can participate, it would be all right, look, but at one point they tell him one thing, another time, something else. just the funny thing. this is pure politics. the issue here are the principles we live for, at least as european freedom fraternity equality for human replacing, joke of which was 1st attained due to not being vaccinated. but after de merged the had recently contracted coven, he was released when he called battle that challenged the cancellation of his visa after the victory. we spoke to his uncle and his father. they told our to the tennis store has every right to compete in the upcoming australia open, adding that cameras attempt to cancel his visa for not being vaccinated was politically motivated. real, real, very said be so saudi, the life of people, government, ready. we're all good things to know. number one,
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in the, in the, in the dentist, one of the best force men ever, you know, and this is, this is really said that it's very sad because i can't describe the feeling we never saw off on the best tennis player in the world would have had to go through this, especially in such a far away land, where he had already proven himself was the best 9 times. it's incredible that this has happened to him, but it has happened and it was in no way related to sports as it's old politics. he didn't deserve the visa refusal in the 1st place. we never had to deal with such politics. politics is tennis. of course we expect novak to win his 21st grandson, and his 10th australia was a hoss the situation of the synagogue in texas as ended with all captives safely freed. according to the state governor was police saying,
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the suspect is dead after swat teams stolen. the building with gunshots reportedly heard the crisis occurred in the northwest of the state on saturday and lasted for an estimated 12 hours. as regards the suspects motives will opelousas said is that it was not specifically related to the jewish community. local journalist eric in place, he sent this update from the thing about 20 was go. they're allowed to work it appear to me. now we have confirmation from the governor gray, gather all the confirmation from the governor of texas. that all has been received and there are not injuries, creation is started about 2 me for
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7 half hours come to the resolution. now, of course we'll stay here had fallen out information well, there was a live stream of the service at the synagogue running when the arm suspect entered on which she could be heard shouting. i will, if not, i would have clipped the suspect was heard referring to his sister. it led to reports that he was the brother of a pakistani nero's scientist, who is now serving 8 to 6 years for attempting to kill us military personnel. the prisoner's legal council, though rejected that in a statement saying her biological brother was not in the area we will make sure to stay with the latest details on that situation. the some of us now for british
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households struggling to heat their homes this winter major energy provider, ovo has told customers to cuddle their pets and do star jumps to stay warm bills are expected to double the ship. incomes are expected to face. a big squeeze is salty. chevy, dusty on the advice that has got customers hot under the collar. are you weighing up, eating, or heating as hell? the projected to sort a 2000 pounds a year for no more as one of britain's biggest energy suppliers has come up with no one idea. the 10 ways to save on heating cost, not only laira, but get the hot rate going with a star job. and if that doesn't work, how about a comes in is a cutter with a cat. okay, i don't have a cat, but i do have this guy. and another simple suggestion is to leave the oven door open after cooking, the capital of your kids, and eat a hearty bowl of porridge. and of course, make sure you have a decent pair of socks or slippers. apparently,
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all these are simple cost effective ways to keep warm this winter, but the company can't be serious, can it? i think they've completely lost the floor on that one. i have to say, don't close with. we're not stupid. i, we, we are near today trying not to i hating on really freezing in our in house because we're trying to get the cost down. you just think my, what else was today if that's real advice and the i'd be slightly and salary by are either hopefully by now why with the event that i need to study my energy done, i put an extra jumper on seminar. so yeah, i want to be in solid bio for any other company, but that doesn't say i wouldn't listen to if they got fixed on contract. that would suit me. the advice sent to customers comes as many households are extremely worried about rising energy costs. and despite the company apologizing for the l,
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judge, suggestions, politicians have criticize the coal haunted approach. it is laughable and insulting . but then with this government lack of an energy strategy, you almost expected those comments will be right by people who have to choose between eating and heating. if that's the state of the country, we're now and i find it quite depressing. being told to put on a job, for instead of turning on your heating, if you can't afford it, at a time of such difficulty for so many families is plainly offensive. 2022 has already been given the total year of the squeeze of the one since the 2008 financial crash this year. wages will only grow one. at the same time, bill jumped by 50 percent around 2000 pounds when britain's new energy price cap is 2nd april. this means in real time, people actually get to pay cars and the situation being described as a cost of living catastrophe. i think the information we had, the way to use that you could possibly have in business with support from the
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government. so we've been forced to close our doors. we're only we're trying to close our way back. so we're in a hotel and everything else. we use quite a lot of electricity and it's hacked fi and i am terrified of the impact of businesses in the country. not just me. when i mean small business is struggling . i just have to stop. we pay the bounce back government and supposedly gave us, but we've got to pay them back to order something. and i'm not going to do that. it's time to money and we were in debt anyway from the lock that i now they energy cost to sort of both electricity and gas. louis, sorry, i don't know how we supposed to pay them because we have no income and she's not alone. in fact, one and 3 people are worried that bills will become totally on affordable this year
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. and i'm thinking the government to, for the bill. labor also piling on the pressure for the government to ditch tax hikes and scrap v a t on feel altogether. consent to ministers council, the 0 carbon homes program. they bond on show when development, they launch the eco installation program. they tore it up within one year, they were, you see, you case gosh, storage capacity. and it one particularly silly moment the current foreign secretary claim solar panels were risks to domestic food production. now all of these decisions have made this country more dependent on volatile wholesale energy prices than we otherwise would have been right now. we know this means as extremely situate, extremely difficult situation to british household. we're also risks making archways the bridge industry and competitive a talk, a combination of spiking prices, tax hikes, the looming entity, big bills and the government's apparent reluctance to address these issues. may actually see ridiculous ideas like cuddling pat,
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how people overcome this and the upcoming winters become a reality. shad edwards dusty artie london soaring energy bills are not the only issue the u. k. government faces families of those who died during the height of the case 1st cove had lockdown, have slammed an apology, coming from prime minister boris johnson as being an insult. and he admitted in parliament despite severe restrictions on gatherings back then that he did attend a boozy downing street bass deposition. even signatories have since been piling pressure on the p. m. and some a calling for him to resign trains to receive. and he said to the boys, i don't think he can continue as a leader, the concert or complain minister, asking people to follow the rules again until his government released it. when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 20th of may, 2020, i believed implicitly that this was a work event. or may 2020 was
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a challenging month that britain, much of the country was paralyzed by the 1st national lockdown endure. meetings in households were strictly prohibited, and a maximum of 2 people could meet our doors in a public place. we spoke to a man who struggled to arrange his father's funeral amid those restrictions. this is about rules and about who the rose applies to. this become abundantly clear that the prime minister thinks that they don't apply to him at the same time, but i was at my father's funeral. he was taking part in a, bring your own booth party number 10 downing street at my god. gene will be allowed to invite up to 5 people at the geno. say that meant it was just myself and my 4 siblings can attend. there is no physical contract. say we went to hug each other. even the vicar holding the fireman. he wasn't allowed to shake hands or anything like that. and as soon as the ceremony was over, we all had to go back,
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came again. they were author issuing fines for people meeting outside people will be fined money for meeting up people being harassed by the police. if they hung around and parks for too long and the ultimate question, half of the prime minister is, why does he believe that the rules that he helps create that he made didn't apply to him? or johnson stated, excuse sparked a wave of means online, even major companies like ryan air, a been posting mocking images. and it's not the 1st party gay scandal involving johnson. but the end of last year pictures emerged on line, allegedly showing him taking part in several social events that down the street during the 2020 lockdown goes to the prime minister to step down of the mounting. this is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the press. you see now go to do the decent thing and reside how stupid does the prime minister think the british people are right now. he's making fools of every single mp
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exceeded him earlier? well, the prime minister finally do the decent thing. i'm resign oral historian. peace be forced to show him the door. so for once kind of primers for do the honorable thing and resign 17 april sharing a punch. got one thing going to play, medical should step down and eventually you can do, you know, as go brazilian play minister. he saw re because he's been cool there any most resolve in my judgement and all the evidence that since the earliest in the face for the last few months. now, i think it's abundantly clear that bars johnson doesn't have an ounce of self decency. and him, leading by example isn't really key element of thought leadership that is clear and not only this bar a strong, some not have thought more leadership at the moment, but there's no pathway for him to get back. and that's why,
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for as long as he remains prime minister, i think we're going to stay in a state of limbo in this country and ultimately is putting more people at risk. when you say these words out loud, that the government has done everything they could to save lives, the say little weights, these words that they can just hang. and yeah, the messaging throughout has been terrible. the following of the only scientific advises has been at best patchy, and at worst they've gone against scientific advice. and the result has been nearly about a $175000.00 dust now, which is deep. p upsetting. ah, o. c. yes, t o peacekeepers are expected to leave stand before january 19th to taking part in a short allied mission to help stabilize the country. the castle authorities requested help after deadly unrest, sweat the nation. took it by protest over hyped fuel prices. the mission is now complete with russia's president saying it's time to go home was immune system.
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it is obvious that people who've been protesting for a gas price reduction, and those who been fighting with the armed forces for several days with weapons in their hands surrounding them in places of deployment, are completely different people. they have different goals are the fact that with the health of the c s t o, it was possible to restore the situation is very important to them. this is the 1st such operation of the c s t o do allow catholics to on to solve. it's socio economic issues and a com dialogue with the people in general, we need to go home. we've completed our task now until the 19th. when those final troops will leave context on the state of emergency, in kazakhstan will remain in place. understandably, the country is still in a state of shock. it's been through so much in such a short amount of time, just 2 weeks. is that there for the time frame. so now the peacekeepers are planning that to leave the country. it's also become very apparent at the evolution
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of the c s t o, which previously, which is considered to be a mouthpiece. now it's shown it can be very effective, a can be very helpful. our president, sockeye of the kind of extend alida, he expressed his gratitude to the framework. i would like to express my gratitude to the mission commanders for the job they did over these days. the c. s t a peacekeeping mission in kazakhstan, including an hour my tea was very important in terms of stabilizing. the situation in our country is undoubtedly had a major moral impact on pushing back the aggression of terrorists and bandits. now, needless to say, it's been absolutely extraordinary. start to the year for context on a relatively peaceful country that within the space of a week went from normal daily life to absolute chaos across the entire country. we thought mass riots. we saw government buildings ransacked and set on fire. the entire country was in a state of emergency. exact number of fatalities is still being calculated, though it said that over a 1000 people have been injured over and
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a 100 have been killed and more than a 1000 police officers injured and 16 killed all efforts within those 1st few days by presidents a kind of to come the street because weren't working, he needed to call on the c s t, a framework to help secure these vital infrastructure in the country when it comes to the old members of the cfc. basically getting involved for the, from the request of talk hi of the contact leader in essentially functioning like nato, where 11 member of the family calls for help from the other members of the family. this is the c s t o, but when it became clear that russia was going to step in and help cause it's on the senior diplomatic america secretary blank. and he said, you've got to look out with the russians once they get into your house. you can't get them out. house out looking at has it, has russia now secured a foothold, according to the west and catholics don't lose such an intense lights? as soon as it was revealed that russia was part of this frame, the work that would be entering this foreign country, no alarm bells were ringing around the. well, that with these sensationalized headlines, same thing, such as putin sees,
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is on crises. there was unfortunate that russia going its context on with these other countries he will hardly mentioned in the news pieces was looked upon that way, not just by the mainstream media, but also by washington. one less than a recent history is that once russians are in your house, sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. and of course, such harsh comments like that always invite some kind of response and russia did respond early today in fox, the deputy foreign minister, sick, a rap called that the us, the reaction was self revealing. he said it confirmed russia's worst assumptions about washington's intentions in eurasia. so, you know, politics aside, it is going to be very interesting. we're going to be closely watching what happens in times like sound after the troops leave on the 19th. and that's just hope that things can get back to normal to a very stable way of life for people in context on. okay, so for now, but back without decent 30 minutes. no forget to check out more new stories on,
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on websites, just to click away. i don't see them. ah ah, ah ah, oh, a a ah with
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ah, we have recently of course are you in the story in the united states? talking about jamie ross talking about press freedom. if you're going to talk the tool, you don't want to book, in other words, he's got to be consistent. you cast out on the one hand we believe in press freedom, but on the other hand, we're going to richmond julian. massage. i don't think that hypocrisy, i mean united states is tracy. what really makes a lot of people really mad about the, the guy sitting here in australia where people just don't understand them. right. what is the strider citizen which comes down with so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind.
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if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody slain finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mortal among them were stress positions, sleep deprivation. and using hypothermia is already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america awarded sacrifice the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah.


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