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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 15, 2022 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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yes i, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. welcome to redact, to deny the pentagon, the organization responsible for the most killing on the planet. if you don't include jackie's land, lock, sea food, emporiums, $568.00, and youngstown, ohio. home of the under cook's yellow tailed fi bastardization bowl. they were special bucket. forget about to go to take an internal oregon, but you'll get to keep the bucket. anyway, the pentagon, a few weeks ago made
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a major announcement about their effort to audit their finances. they were obligated by an act of congress to be audio since 1990. yet they never did. but you can't really blame them and i view the crazy time. you know, we were all terrified of y 2 k, and that our number of pre aol, ours might run out at any minute abruptly ending our intense love affair. what turtle farm. 38712 year old boy who told us he was a 34 year old mother of 2. but the 90 also had positive, such as none of us were scared of climate change because no one ever figured out. it was the thing he adds, exempt all the scientists and anyone they ever spoke to. and anyone those people ever spoke to point being the pentagon was supposed to be audited, guarding way back then. but after having a good long think i chose not to because they have giant guns and congress has none. congress is guns,
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are all at the pad of god. you see the rub. then a few years ago the pentagon was finally audited and we, the american people and the other secretly live in our crawl spaces. finally got to find out where all the money was going, where the trail again, dollars disappears. do every year. well enough money to be every hungry person in the world, enough money to give everyone clean water or not money to pay for the transportation of every woman in texas who desperately needs an abortion to a more sane state like oklahoma and enough money to pay for the transportation of every woman in other states to texas. if they want to be treated like a piece of property, did you know that in texas a woman can earn her freedom by producing at least 7 children, if her master consent to it, of course. so where the hell did all the body go? do they finally do all the dictators we support,
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do they dumping all the hand to weapons contractors? did they use it to connect to con, can the machine to their shower so that when they turned on the faucets, it's sprayed cotton candy straight into their face and a delicious yet overwhelming matter? no, none of those or probably all of those. we just don't know, we didn't learn anything about where the pentagon to money goes, because they said they failed their audit that, that they failed it. then just a couple of months ago, there was an update. they were audited again, yet again. and they quietly mumbled to the mainstream media, we proudly failed our audit again. and the mainstream media known to friends and family as corporate bags, due to play, buried it on a friday before the holiday and never mentioned it again. the way you do when you get was removed from your and you don't want to tell your wife because it was her favorite one. she said it looked like margaret thatcher in her prime. each
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mainstream media outlet seems to have done one tiny article on this year's d o. d massive audit trail. compare that to the 0962 article they did on bernie sanders back here. problem 4800. 33 article on meghan mccain's back here. solution, but even in there, one article about the pentagon failure to reveal where the money goes, the media gave them an area for effort. reuters reported us pentagon fails for thought it, but these steady progress, yay. air boards magazine said airports fails on it. again. says it made progress will be government executive road. the defense department fails, it's odd and again, but officials have no doubt it will eventually pass. why are we treating a god damn proud of god? like it's an adorable or developmental difficulty? i have a book keeping the bad since i've spent that summer. it's owing merged for the
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tiger king. and i never really understood why human teeth were for sale, or why people bought so many can are pathetic media, stop making excuses for the largest killing machine that has ever existed. i mean, we all make excuses for our friends, but not if they're killing low jump pay poll. usually that one time was an accident . and finney has really cleaned himself up since then, but tides. no one could. no, no, the of you mixed vapor and fluid would terminix inside of teletubbies would explode . that big point being were just one year of the pentagon, $768000000.00 budget. we could, this is per, we could provide universal health care and pre k to wish in free public universities publicly own broadband for every city housing for every man, woman and child, a 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 and give us shined photo of the day to one
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lucky, creepy guy, that's all with one year of the budget. our department of defense is the largest killing machine. the world has ever seen. and the fact that it is just, you know, forth on it should not be something you're finding out from a comedy show for the love of all that is only why am i the only one talking about that? i never wanted to be one of a handful of reliable news sources in the world's largest empire. i just wanted to tell jokes about men would both sweat or how missing person posters don't work at all. because if you see the guy, you just think that post polish is right there, tied to the one that gar, here are the morals of this story. number one, the pentagon should do a real audit. number 2, we should give no more money to the pentagon. if they need funding to destroy
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a country or a staff and a, an african print, they'll just have to sell something on the bay, like the missing portion of those approved film. number 3, the pentagon should be abolished and replaced with the dairy queen. you might think, i'm kidding, but which do you think would do more harm in this world? a trillion dollars of killing devices, or a trillion dollars of cookies and cream sundays, with hamburger? grumbles on top. seriously, if you haven't a dairy queen's cookies and beef, blueberry swarm a frosty and you're missing out company from washington, d. c. the ability to be redacted tonight. i welcome. i'm li camp now is break. some news. it goes without saying that the current administration and the last one have done
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an awful job at both controlling the pandemic and making sure people don't suffer because of it. they could have saved the lives of 850000 americans. but beyond that, they could provide a full on employment and job security, free health care, free medication, free green, smoothies, and fairly price russian brides. not that i support mail order brides, but if they're going to exist, they should be fairly priced and be shipped in a box with the appropriate number of air holes. i cannot stress that enough. due to the pathetic profit seeking action of our government officials and the people who control them and the people who control them and the snake like creatures that live in their wrecked homes, we have more a chronic depression in this country than ever before. i have no proof that is true, but i could not pay, no $1.00 is able to pursue their passion in life right now, like their passion, admitting and $95.00 math per hipsters by on ad fi or being
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a cam girl with a plastic splatter sheet covering your laptop? no to self business idea. cell knitted laptops, bladder sheets, on ad, deeper hipster cam girls. second note to self turn on tape recorder app before leaving notes to self point is there is load of depression in this country. the number of americans who don't bother to put on their pants each day as skyrocketed according to pants inside or weekly, not to be confused with the inside pants weekly, which is mainly opinion pieces by jeffrey toobin. but there may be some help on the way a new treatment for severe depression out of stanford has had truly impressive results . much like my test to see who in our office could sit next to me the longest while i learned the extinct polish skill of belch singing the results were no one or recent randomised controlled trial, published in the american journal of psychiatry shows astounding results are
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possible. in 5 days or less, almost 80 percent of patients crossed into remission. meaning they were symptom free within days. this is compared to about 13 percent of people who received the placebo treatment. i assume the placebo treatment consisted of giving them a pack of tech tax and yelling depression. and her safety's dover and depression is just a black easter cloth. you can wrap it around yourself like a mo, mo, it's in all day crying into your x box. * game console, or you can fold it around, you like a strapless dress show of nipple and have a great night out on the town. best advice my grandpa ever gave me. honest. well that and bring your own condoms to the monster truck rally for the non placebo group though it was a little different. this is our work. a coil on top of the patient's head created a bag. kinetic field that sent electric pulses through their skull to the surface of the brain. it's similar to what my older brother did to me when i was 6, but his coil was made of toaster strudel and the electric pulses were him pounding
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me with a rubber mallet. but in this adult version, the electrical current is directed at the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain, the plan's dreams and controls are emotions. of course, i personally would never need this treatment because my emotions are just fine. oh god, did i want to know why? and as i mentioned, it is shown incredible results 80 percent of patients in remission. i haven't seen results that impressive since i gathered a bunch of domains acts and glued box and gloves on their hands. 90 percent were cured, though the other 10 percent died after eating their boxing gloves off. so this new treatment sounds pretty good for extremely depressed people who haven't responded to medication or therapy. but, and in our system there's always
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a but much like the unsolicited text messages i get from stanley tucci. now that they've discovered this treatment, the creators will, without a doubt, make it nearly impossible for people without great health insurance to get it. and they will pattened it to, to, to stop other countries from benefiting. this is how it always works with great advancements. they're hidden from others who could benefit we here in the us did the same thing when we mastered the algorithm. that right superhero movies, we didn't share it with other countries, resulting in belgium's remarkably uncomfortable the adventurers and pissing boy which has been banned in 210 countries. that's more than there are not. everything needs to be exploited for profit. not everything needs to be kept secret to further toxic nationalism so that there's so much hatred in killing in the world. not everything needs to enrich a small group of ads. and by not everything,
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i mean nothing. we should be working to benefit human kind as a whole, doing the opposite of benefiting everyone is what we should call morally repose. have just like the adventures of passing boy, the action figures were even recalled for causing child onset herpes. moving on, it's time for some good, no drives. good news. let's say we have so often you know, so often i'm, i'm negative nancy or her lesser known cause in post traumatic stress disorder. gwendolyn. so what we have here in the good news, i see a beautiful baby boy outside seattle was eaten by a pack of post malone fans. oh that's, that's not, that's not good news. but what, what about there? so what about this? so news week headline you thought to try it was down and out. not so fast. sounds good. the people of detroit are not walking so fast because most of lost their leg due to some sort of arrow airborne poison. oh that, oh,
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that's why they're not so that's not good news. maybe good news wasn't the best idea. why the butterfly butterflies back. i thank god better by their back. this is real. the annual migration a monarchs shows the highest numbers in years. and at 1st i thought they were talking about prince harry and megan markle, fleeing england to get away from racism and meat pie. they thought there was lots right here, but no, they mean monarch butterflies for years. there were well over a 1000000 butterflies that would migrate down coastal california to avoid the cold winter's like most everyone else in california who lives in a house with wheels. but the monarch numbers dropped catastrophically in recent years, possibly getting to as low as 2000. but this year, this year, the beautiful orange butterflies were back over all 100000. the experts don't appear to know why just yet i thought maybe was pandemic related, you know,
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after being locked up for a year with travel restrictions, the male and female butterflies might have looked at each other and thought, what are we waiting for? we'll never have enough money in your father's never going to ag normal, but that shouldn't stop us. let's just pump out a few 1000 children and let the chips fall where they may. sure, we'll end up with a couple of serial killers, but we'll also and up with a couple of prostitutes. but that wasn't it at all. so i think the resurgence is due to a decrease in the usage of pesticides like neo no kata noise, which is a powerful, deadly chemical. i mispronounced on principle, much like billionaire super bill is bill got a and word book bag. anyway. point is the bottom line is a bag. thank you just found some good news. i thought all was last been for a moment. i felt like my grandfather when he was storming the beaches of normandy and realize he forgot a gun. it was a world war 2, it was 2015 when he was on
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a carnival cruise. but you know, the french are wont speak english to tell you where the toilet is unless you threaten their life and their chocolate. of course, the monarchs will not stick around long unless we stop treating this world like our dumpster. and we can't do that. as long as we're in agreed based economic system was show she'll pass running the show. this planet has been here for billions of years. we humans have been here for the point of and i and the market economy has been here for half a blink of an eye, which i think only happens during a seizure, this plan, it will move on without us when we've destroyed the livable environment. ok. but you know what won't move all without us. and that was good. that's where is yogi berra when you need him dead actually. well, maybe not so bad. you know, as i assume, yogi berra would say,
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the complaint call center for the dead hasn't received a single call. we have to go to a quick break, but you get every, i'm so redacted tonight with the portable tv app and portable dot tv slash download, i'll be right back a lot more. i july, an annual festival in st. petersburg, dedicated to dostoevsky. ah, the great writer, think around psychologist, people often turn to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. think what they sing on, what do you think would be the matter vehicle of quality? meaning that changing a rita transforming them as they read? that's a dust i ask is unique ability to stay ascii wants to tell us. you can better yourself . he makes you face your true self for you.
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we cooper beyond conventions, rules of schemes, beyond boundaries and time. just a aski is a global brand whose classics, as everyone knows, i'm never out of style with no waller officers are facing increasingly dangerous environments. we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops, a term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program and very free program with the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement with building an army over here. and i can't believe people. i see the thing an agency elder, a terry for me because it began appealing that ahead. you have to deal with your higher practice. who you putting in uniform cover beds is
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a powerful thing. is from tab has like money in play trick people mind. they think they done. the bad no is wolf is out the door very bad. johns, are calling good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs that you're welcome bye. i'm still a camp immigration, and customs enforcement or ice has such a toxic reputation now that even members of the department of homeland security are asking to separate from the agency for more we go to our most toxic correspondence on the care of bonnie and me. hailey so how exactly are we talking about here? i you know, the guys from all those signs that say abolish ice anyways, according to internal e mails, federal agents from the homeland security investigations, unit or interest. i see they can do their job solving international crime because
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people look at them funny when they say their parent organization is ice. so they are, i know it's just i it's, it's whole some like spin off of the cbs crime show ice and h s. i are not the same, it's actually quite sad how they grew apart. all of d h. s. is toxic, we should abolish all of it not, not just shipping around. no. c ice is the one that's toxic. no one even goes to ice is the annual holiday party anymore. maybe because last year they detained all the caterers, the department of homeland security in the tumor that grew on the american security state after $911.00. well, there's good and bad too, or no such thing is a good tumor in on colleges appointment can get you out of a whole day of work that's not malignant to me. federal agents from homeland security investigations say that they have been kicked out of joint drug operations, shunned by local police departments and had gold ad campus career fairs. do you
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know what it's like to be harassed by college students at a career fair? the black water table that day was more popular. probably because they had free snacks. corruption does begin with free snacks. i almost worked at fox news when i found out that granola bars were free. seely, i was always unpopular, but then it got worse. under trump, we saw how easily the agency could be mobilized for xena phobic nonsensical policies. i mean ice ramped up their arrests of immigrants. they created for colleges to entrap foreign students and fig warrens. to get people who opened their doors. i've has a stigma that h s i can't shake. i mean imagine getting kicked out of a joint drug operation. having to investigate from home and bust your own children . and your son's just health and glue. zachary has got to get into harder stuff soon. right. i feel awful for ice cops don't even like ice police
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officers not only and so called things were cities work with ice anymore because it makes crime harder to fight victims don't conform out of fear of being deported. it just says the being under ice has been endangering their personal safety, stifling their partnerships with other agencies and scaring away crime victims or makes h. s. i homeland security investigations any different? well, i'm glad you asked that 10000 employees in homeland security investigations have broader objectives. h s i targets terrorist human traffickers, sex traffickers, drug smugglers. they catch former nazis and they will do what they on the bus on the amount of workers done, documented workers. oh my god, they are i and then, and i know you heard me say they catch a form or not freeze. right?
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i mean, you'd be surprised that as a 90 year old nazi on a rascal scooter can get away. this is insane. well, h s i has a solution to the shame i says created, they're proposing they get a different website, an email address, that's not enough. my 2nd wife tried that instead of things you wanted a divorce. it just confused. everyone involved? yes. that's the objective confusing. that's what branding is all about. right there . thanks. family. up next. desmond to to has passed away and summer asking was he an anti semite spoiler alert? no. for more we turned to our middle eastern correspondent, jennifer conn. ah, nelson mandela angela davis. desmond to to emma watson. all these household names may vary in age, nationality,
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hog wards, house and more. but they all have one thing in common racism, or at least receiving weaponized accusations of anti semitism for simply supporting palestinian writes. the recent accusations towards emma watson for this instagram post have been well hilarious. this is truly absurd. you see criticism of the israeli government is not in of itself anti sematic. just like criticizing the saudi government is in islam of phobic or criticizing the nfl is lack of c t e protections in gay dad. any who last month we lost anti apartheid hero, archbishop desmond, to, to desmond, to, to was tirelessly outspoken against apartheid in his home country of south africa and against the ongoing apartheid and israel, my, me, oh,
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kind of expediency the cri on the wind and the fact of our having to have policies allowing us to who to move freely in the lender for both the world this morning, bishop to to just died the other day. can i remind the world better? although he did some good things? a lot of good things are part, the man was rampant anti white and big it that of course was fame, spiritual leader, and moral compass allen dirt show it. the problem with these baseless accusations is one they dilute real issues of anti semitism. and to they frequently have real live consequences intended to create a chilling effect for palestinians support. people's reputations are tarnished, jobs are lost. even angela davis recently had
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a civil rights award rescinded because of her support for palestinians. she must have been like really free palestine as we're going to free all, you know, i'm a communist right. take canary mission and online blacklist supposedly calling out anti semite. but really an attempt to silence palestinian activists targets of canary mission have been denied entry through palestine fired from jobs interrogated by employers and university administrators, and targeted with death threats. these attacks come from all angles, whether it's social media, feminist icon, allen durish with, or our own israel backing corporate media. while corporate media outlets literally trampled each other competing to give the most glowing tribute to desmond tutu. they all shamelessly emitted his public and unwavering support to the people of palestine and their daily struggle against the grip of his railey occupation. today
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we honor the late grade to desmond to do his unwavering support against apartheid in south africa and certain other name, the f no states, hey, what was the weather forecast again? was it still mild? it's important. we push back on distractions and push forward on the narrative of israeli apartheid. it might be difficult for the average american to fathom our countries supporting apartheid. so remind them this country does have a history of embracing apartheid state. so it may be easier. ready than you think, be on the wrong side of history. in fact, our government, captain, nelson mandela on our terrorist watch list until 2008, nelson mandela, a terrorist. and we all know the only thing more dangerous. any terrorist?
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a radicalized wizard. reporting live from just outside emma watson house. this is jennifer con. the redacted tonight. ah. here all your headlines from the future. you probably heard about the tragic fire in the bronx and killed 17 people. but the city and the landlord are saying they share none of the blame tomorrow. you'll read this in statement may or adam stresses future fire victim should not all yell for help at once. problem solved and coming up a year from now, you'll hear after pentagon audit forest, our general suddenly remembers black hawk helicopter alone to 14 year old nephew. i mean, we can expect them to keep tabs on every single black hawk. finally, next wednesday, you'll learn in meandering 7. our speech mostly about leg hair,
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president biden demands and a filibuster, that our show. but if you like more for me, check out my podcast government secrets on any podcast platform. also join our pre e mail list by texting the word redacted to 33777. until next time. good night. and keep fighting. ah, now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these issues are making the tobacco with with
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breaking news on our t, this our i gun men has taken people hostage as synagogue in the us state of texas. a swat team is currently responding to this situation. also ad moscow sloane for washington for alleging that brushes preparing a fold flag operation to justify it said jose ukraine invasion. our guest size up, the chances of military conflict need someone circumvent which always going to leads to change. we have here in your credit plan to be miss also 5 minutes from moscow. question is, how do you, how do you deal with a massive chemical fire in north new jersey sends large plumes of potentially
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dangerous smoke into the year which could be headed in the direction of new.


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