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ah ah, the west went too far. let's be frank, a violation of old international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate his situation. russia's foreign minister doesn't hold back during his unusual press conference with nato expansion dominating thought. the gala rav once again outline moscow's red lines. the thea has reportedly been training a leak ukrainian special operations teams on us territory and mid mounting sanctions with russia and joe biden fill on voting rights as effectively blocked by his own part. they. thus, the day after the american supreme court struck down, the president likes the mandate of businesses. those the headlines, it thinks they have moscow time on pizza scott's, and i'll be back with another look in just under now. it's time, are you creeped out when you light their social media post or search a topic,
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or just mention something and conversation, and then you get e mails and see ads for related products. and should you avoid stepping into the met averse on this week show, erasing yourself from the internet. but 1st, many americans to biggest capital investments are a home and a car. and lately, both are in short supply as inflation supply chain. and the pandemic form the perfect storm. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, if you are struggling to find a car that you can afford or to just 51, you're not alone. we're going to show you an aerial photo of one of dozens of sites
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across the usa. some still ring, hundreds of new cars dealers cannot sell because they're waiting for computer chips . some 60000 ford f 150 pickups. sit incomplete back when so many of us shifted to remote work mode. semiconductor makers shifted production from auto parts stick ships for computers. for all those hastily equipped home offices and automakers, pause production to help flattened the curve. so fewer new car sales meant fewer trade ins. how long can this go on? let's asked lauren, fix editor in chief of the car, coach warren. what today are the average new and used car prices in the usa and are some regions harder hit than others? oh abs low country to sit. very hard actually. and what's interesting to note is we sold about 17100000 vehicles in 2019. we were heard a little bit in 2020,
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but in 2021 we only put 15000000 sales. don't think about that. you lose 2000000 sales because of a chip shortage. that impacts the auto industry by about $400000000000.00. if you do the math just on the profit margin, not even on the sales itself, to the average of a car back in 2020 was around $39000.00. now we're at $45000.00, and you think about that? that's a lot of money, but that also leads to the fact there's a shortage. so the dealers are making more profit, but selling less product to manufactures are trying their best to, to meet the supply. but you just explained it perfectly. the chip shortage because they thought people were going to buy cars, but then they ended up buying cars. and of course a lot of the factories were shut down during cove it. so now we're waiting on chips, but in the middle of all this would no one's talking about is a lot of this chip manufacturing companies that are all around the world that used to be in the us. many of them are in korea, they're in thailand,
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they're in china. well, the one in korea, the 2nd largest one just got purchased by china. therefore, china now owns about 2 thirds or more, probably closer to 85 percent of the checkmark are going to what does that mean? they have also the material that we need to use it. so the ceramics come out of the netherlands typically. but as far as the metals they come on mines that are on by china. so we are all now be holding the china. and of course you've seen the port and this all goes back to supply chain. there's just ship sitting out there waiting to load and that's why all those vehicles are sitting unlocked and putting my f 150, which i've been waiting 7 months for and i ordered it. ouch. hey, early into the shut down most travel halted so abruptly that those of us who were still hitting the road found slim pickens as a rental car company, sold much of their fleets. and even with all that new inventory used cars were still scarce enough that the dealer recently gave me $1500.00 trade in
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on my rusty bead up 2005 ford escape. it was literally held together with duct tape and gorilla glue. i was gonna donate it to one of those charities, but many americans are now in permanent work at home mode. and many who are coven wary are spending big on home remodeling and landscaping. bill hunker down in comfort. many of us are hooked on home delivery of things we used to go fetch and many americans are cash strapped. so lauren, are you seeing any evidence of 2 car households trending to one car? only in some cases. remember the used car market? it's crazy right now. last year we sold just shy of 41000000, used cars, that's up by about 10 percent from the previous year. because if they don't have new cars to sell them, that empty lots empty dealerships may be one of each model which they charge a huge premium for called abm. additional dealer markup our marketing up charge,
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which i highly suggest, not paying just order the vehicle you want and be patient. but when lot of people are doing is they're selling their 2nd vehicle thinking, you know, this vehicles got 100000 miles on it. no one's going to want that. oh, the dealer wants it, whether it be a used car dealer or anything because they have nothing to sell. so supply and demand goes both ways. however, to replace that vehicle, there's going to be a premium and that's the frustrating part. so if you can afford to live down, you know, break down to one vehicle and share that or use some the other services that might save you some money. but remember, we're not going to see ease in new cars, back to the lots with some anything sort of incentive, probably not to look all of 2022. at the earliest about some bullet points. your advice for buyers of new and used cars. all right, well 1st thing, number one, if you need a new car, it may be your leases due. see if you can extend your lease and order the vehicle you want. you will save the most money number to trade in. i had just put up
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a video on trading in your vehicle if you think, oh, now i'm going to trade in my vehicle. you may not be wise to do that. so 1st off, shop around finance will give you the best price. i did the same thing myself, but when you're looking to sell the vehicle contact your creditor, find out how much you owe. because if you've had it only a year, maybe year and a half because of the extended terms they were offering in the past to get you into a more expensive vehicle, you could be under water. in other words, you owe more money than the vehicles work. if that's the case, keep the vehicle and my number one tip is always. if your vehicle needs repair and you're thinking maybe i'll just repair it, keep it. there's a shortage of parts as we all know. but if you have to invest more into the vehicle than its current book value, don't do it, get rid of the vehicle and find something else. because if you invest $10000.00 into a $5000.00 car, then you've got $15000.00 into a vehicle that you'll, you will be able to get out from under it. it'll take you years to even recoup the investment that you made in it. so try to use your money wisely and don't just go on your 1st impulse. there's lots of shopping to be done and use the internet to
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your, to your favorite. lauren fits, i love your website, car coach report, dot com. thank you for stepping into the big picture. and if you think buying a car is challenging, try buying a house what to expect in the seller's market. let's ask financial advisor and license mortgage broker, debbie blowing from money strategies with debbie dot com. and you can subscribe to hers wherever, as they say you get your pied cas, debbie numbers i'm seen from moody's in the median house price on america is now some $350000.00 bug double. what it was a decade ago. up nearly 20 percent in just the last year and up even more in many places. why? well, there's a lot of demand. you know, so this is the beast, basic economic supply and demand. we have a lot of people moving around because they can work anywhere. now, so we've got people moving to family areas that got people moving in the states like texas that don't have state income tax. so our companies are changing the way
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they work with people. so people are changing the way they live. are we in a housing bubble? now? is israel money is, is real people caching out of very expensive place is moving somewhere that's less expensive. we've got people that are newly weds that have got married, so the pandemic did a lot either got you to worst you're going to need to separate and get a new house where they got you married. and now you want to have a family and you want to spread out it also what happened is 2 people are now usually working from home. a lot of homes weren't set up this. so you, if you are in something smaller and apartment, you've decided that's not enough space. so you've got to go find bigger space. we've got a lot of pent up demand for homes now. you know, i have had a front row seat for something you just described. because when the pandemic 1st hit, new york city emptied out city, people have run property values through the roof where i live in coastal rhode island. and a local realtor tells me that one of the 1st questions she is asked is about
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broadband speed. so some seem to be bugging out for keeps, have new york and other big cities been bouncing back or is it still a buyer's market in town? well i think it would matter which town you're in, so people left new york, but then the prices go down. so now people want to come back to new york and the bigger city. so you just gotta be on the right side of the ban float. if you live in suburbia, you're staying out there because you have more space and you don't need to go into the city to work. if you always want to live in the city or in a high rise or whatever, now is a great time to do it because there's lots of availability. and of course prices are going to start going back up fast. so this is not going to last for a long prices are already climbing when it comes, the interest rate we've lately heard about all these bidding wars and advice i've heard is that you can't sleep on it anymore. bring a home inspector to the open house and be prepared to bid up. what else would you
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tell those hopeful home buyers who are out there trying to find home sweet home? well, it depends on the agent and the lender. so for me, i write letters that exact day for the price that they're offering is always much higher than what the sales price is. it give them negotiated room. the other thing is if you have a property that you need to sell phillips 1st lease back, and that way you're not buying contingent. nobody wants to wait for you to sell a house. they don't know if your house is in good shape or bad shape. how long has going to take you? so some people are hesitant to go buy a house before they fell there, but their agents are the best source, the can i so my how fast is so can we sell it the week and then i can go find something next. these are working right now, so they can, they can live in the house and lease it back. contingencies are not working the way they used to work. yeah, i am hearing some agents tell horror stories about people waving inspection is that
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competitive? how about for apartments? is it also tough to find one at a good price for renters? that yes, so everything is getting pat, so people are moving everywhere. so the apartments, the nicer apartments are going to go fast. also we've seen apartment rents go up. so again, supply and demand, everyone wants to be the more nice everybody is making moves there for landlords are moving rent, just like land, like maybe home builders or building a house. and then the next house they build, the increase the price $10000.00. apartment rents are going up to the price of gasoline. so like our last guess that the price of cars, everything is getting more expensive. we don't get to sleep on it anymore. we've got an act back. i'll bet you do a lot of your market, debbie boy, money strategies with debbie dot com. thank you for stepping into the big picture and please come again. come up, ever get the feeling that you're being watched while you are by amazon, facebook,
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google, and who knows who else grab a pen. because after the break, we're going to give you specific instructions for downsizing. your digital footprint and about the med averse is that hype is, or the swap ortiz, ben swan is on deck. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, ah, i emotions medieval institutions. and then i go to like technology and the combination of these 3
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very you could say historically distinct seeks fixes within our psycho physical makeup have rendered us pretty dangerous to ourselves, to the, to the planet and so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved, to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself and we started adopting those techniques when i was station in
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mosul. among them were stress, position, sleep deprivation. and using hypothermia is already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. in the moral authority, the made america awarded or sacrifice. but the shimmer of effective interrogation ah, we embraced lee of course. so the un started the united states, talking about human rights, talking about press freedom. if you got a tool, the tool, you got a and she's going to be christian, you cast out on the one and we believe press freedom. but on the other hand, with chile massage, and i think your property of the united states in his choice is what really makes
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a lot of people really mad about the, the guy sitting here in australia where people just don't understand then, right? one to start instances, which comes down with ah, even if you are on facebook a lot and i admit it, i am, you still might be wondering what is this met averse ortiz been swan reports on its promise and pitfalls. and the convenient timing of face books recent corporate re brand. well, holland, facebook's push forward into its new name change of meta really says that all facebook wants to leave behind its history in social media. and instead pressed
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forward into the all immersive world of the med averse. but let's not forget the company that is leading the charge into the met. averse has a very poor history when it comes to privacy and security. facebook plans to create hardware and other technology for the so called met, averse means more sensors and people's homes collecting vast amounts of data. you're then trusting facebook to keep that data private. now meta and the metaphors have become the subject of a new warning made by facebook whistleblower francis hogan, who recently testified before congress about facebook's internal research showing that its products, including instagram, are harmful to teams. and especially young girls says that the met a verse could give facebook another monopoly online in an interview with the associated press. how good says that facebook's recent trumpeting of the met averse is a screen behind which you can hide, while it's regulatory issues, play out quote, if you don't like the com station, you try to change the conversation. she said over his part meta says it will work to involve human rights and civil rights communities from the start to ensure
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technologies are built in a way that's inclusive and empowering. but then facebook or metal can be trusted to actually do that. considering the history of the company and its lack of transparency, part of the idea of facebook's met, diverse is immersive mixed reality. business meetings, through virtual meeting software called horizon workrooms. how can warranty, this could be a privacy nightmare. people could be forced to participate in this new working ethos or lose their jobs. quote, if your employer decides that they're now a metal verse company, you have to give out way more personal data to a company that has demonstrated it lies whenever it is in his best interest. she said, when we're talking about the metaphors, you have to understand that it's really build heavily on a combination of v, r or virtual reality. a are or augmented reality and mixed reality. which means any company in this space is creating hardware, such as headsets, which metal already has in this oculus system and software. but the real concern
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with the metaphors is that big data problems can get even bigger. and the ability to attract people will get even more enhanced. right now the average person has multiple apps open on any given day on multiple devices in the future. many of those devices will be connected through one piece of hardware and drawing information from you. for instance, when you currently get that message on netflix, are you still watching in the metaphors? netflix won't have to ask you that because you have the headset on and it can scan your retina and know where your eyes are pointed. so it will know that you're still watching. well, if there is one silver lining to all this, it's the fact of the metal versus being built right now at a time when there is so much attention on privacy, especially when it comes to your data. and so you can be sure that as the metal verse is being built, there are a lot of groups that will be paying close attention to how this technology evolves with those privacy concerns in mind. for the big picture, i'm been one. thanks, ben, caller. me officially creeped out and we haven't heard the last from francis hawkins
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who just signed a big book deal with a little brown. many among us seem obsessed with adding clicks and like some followers. but all your clicks and likes and social connections are being collected in wired magazine. mad burgess warns that countless murky data brokers that you've never heard of collect huge quantities of information about you and sell it on. this data is then used by other companies you've likely never heard of, to nudge you into buying more stuff. and on top of that, all your ancient web forum comments and ill advise social media post are still out there. and met warns that you'll never be able to get a clean slate, but you can significantly downsize your digital footprint. this is highly recommended reading wires dot com to which i subscribe. and i want to give you the
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short version of mat, 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet. tip number one, opt out from data brokers. these are companies that collect and sell personal data . a typically without your knowledge or consent at your digital rights dot org, you can click to send and erase your request to the top 10 data brokers kip number to get google search results updated. and google will show you how search, removing information and their help center for instructions on removing outdated pages or harmful content, or removing your information from google search. tip number 3, take a stroll down memory lane and leave old accounts. remember my space. it remembers you and it is well worth the time it takes and it will to check your
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web browser and your password manager. if you have one for saved logins and old subscriptions and online accounts. and here is a super useful shortcut. just hit delete dot me, that's dot m e not dot com. just delete dot me. it's a directory of links to delete your account from 476 different web services. delete dot me kit number for clean up your digital history. assume that email services are scanning your email and delete what may be hundreds, even thousands of old messages. as for those oh, so spontaneous tweets you posted way back when you can delete old or embarrassing tweets, which are still floating around out there by using tweet the liter dot com. and on facebook click settings and privacy. then activity log to select the type of
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activity you want to delete your posts, and photos are tagged in, which is smart, especially if you have a job interview coming up. and if all else fails, step number 5, wired magazines 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet. right? or mat burgess says that you may have to in his words, go nuclear. by seeking legal advice, if you see defamatory statements explicit photographs or videos or other objectionable content. and tip number 6 is to be super careful going forward. use a web browser and search engine that doesn't collect your data. and you might consider asking friends and family not to post your photo or location on social media. there's more to life than clicks. now an update on a big story we've been following all along very thing. it's a public health menace that praise on young people. the mission statement of the
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world vapor is alliance is to amplify the voice of passionate vapors around the world, and empower them to make a difference for their communities. our alliance includes groups representing vapors, our partners, as well as individual vapors from around the world, and invite them to your ready use facing to quit smoking, claiming that facing can save 200000000 lives. you might think this campaign would send big tobacco into the war room, but they are already there. the daily beast reports that according to sources and internal documents, british american tobacco parent company of us based r j. reynolds has played a central and hands on role in orchestrating, directing and funding the world vapors alliance, which is advertising on facebook. so why would a corporate giant,
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like british american tobacco that sells cigarettes fund quit smoking campaign? same reason jewel was running full page ads on the wall street journal, their end of a thing to and they seek to influence government regulation of waiting flavors and health warnings. if you think you're better off beeping that smoking hero, michael de lee own founder of steered straight dot org, a nonprofit group advising young people on the consequences of bad decisions. the thing is very harmful. it can alter nerve cell function, which is one aspect of it in the teen development in the brain and in the body. each tool pod they say, is equal to $200.00 cigarette pups like smoking a pack a day. in reality, it's a lot higher than that, but the source of that figure is jewel labs. so even the head of the american cancer society's out saying, one jewel pod is equal to one packs,
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but it's far higher than that because jewels don't use nicotine tools, use nicotine salt, and i'll explain that taping lowers the body's ability to fight infections. so our immune system is depleted with these devices, the chemicals innovate. smoke causes popcorn long diaster toll is one of the main chemicals with flavoring and other bronchial problems. c o p d c l r d. acute respiratory distress syndrome metal particles and metal traces can be deadly. and most of these devices are made in china and china puts lead in absolutely every metal that they manufacture. so there's no strict guidelines as these products come into america, no regulation whatsoever. they also have formaldehyde embalming fluid, which is from all the had pro probably glycol, vegetable gasoline, vitamin the acetate. i asked at all, none of these chemicals have been tested,
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heated up into an aerosol. there's 0 regulation and you know, oversight of these chemicals, pneumonia is something that's really not being considered a lot. you're a much higher risk of pneumonia with these devices as you poison the respiratory system. and then early studies link a much higher association to depression. and we're not going to see that for a long time, the actual numbers, because the pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists really, really have been focusing on that higher depression, a numbers all these kids that are using these device, hey, it's never too late for a new year's resolution. so if you don't smoke vape, don't start, and if you don't quit and don't expect it to be easy. and that is the big picture. thank you for watching. we're going to be back some time next week. if you're watching real time, you can catch all our shows. streaming at youtube dot com slash r t america, that's our live feed and on demand, all of my shows are
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a youtube dot com slash the big picture r t. and all of the above and a whole lot more is on our portable tv app. and the app store or google play, or on any connected devices, portable dot tv. i'm holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter where the deal stands. if you follow me, i'll follow you question more. ah ah ah .
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ah over the past 2 and a half years, russia, nato of agreed on very little. if anything, however, both agreed to meet for a high level meeting and they did in brussels. both sides made their case. nothing was really resolved lots of words. what happens next? maybe actually yes, me, i didn't know risky. in fact will i least the typical there's only 9, but already a university students that a way m slash a guess to seems a new model appointment. let's see. yep. you've got the was restored padilla,
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a supported younger terms that he may come from. no recalls. he really shows control such programs. now, bush like new passcode, and of course with level you're special, but i want the yeah, my but i said, of course, thank you. what sir, the plan that was to get on to him was anyone shipping this? i'm dealing with that he was not sure how with sue, lose with his teacher was also reason is balise. we'll come on. mm hm.


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