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to the plan with the west went too far. let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. pressures or 4 minutes that does not hold back during its annual press conference with only one topic culminating goals that of nato expansion. so allow for off once again, outlining rushes red lines. the cia has reportedly been training elite, ukrainian special operations teams on american soil. all of this summit, mounting tensions with moscow. although tennis superstar novak doc adventures visa is revoked once again by australia, meaning he could now face a 3 year entry band. it's all coming off. he admits to breaking certain codes in isolation
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with just turning a 5 pm on friday here in moscow. and as most people are heading home right now, we're ratcheting up the program with multiple life shop standing by, welcome to it. well, the cia is reported to have been training, ukrainian special operations teams, all of this summit tensions with russia program, believe it or not, apparently started 6 years ago. and here in the studio a bit earlier, ortiz don quarter gave me more details and it was being called a batch of revelations. according to a recent yahoo news article, basically the cia is training, ukrainian, special forces units on american soil. and this is to fight in case of an apparent russian invasion of ukraine. again, we said many times in this channel. moscow was said many times. this is basically
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just nonsense. but nevertheless, ukrainian troops are apparently getting some state of the art training from the you know, us government. the program has involved very specific training on skills that would enhance the ukrainians ability to push back against the russians. said the former senior intelligence official, us base ca program has included training and firearms camouflage techniques, land navigation tactics like cover and move intelligence and other areas. yahoo news of course was not specific about the actual names, but it says that 5 former intelligence and national security officials pass this information along to them. apparently these training programs involve camouflage exercises, land navigation exercises and the like. but all the while washington, the saying that these are not offensively oriented exercises, us officials claim that they're just centered around intelligence gathering us officials deny that the ca, training program is or was ever offensively oriented. but just what intelligence
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support entails in the paramilitary context can be ambiguous and how this training will be applied by the ukrainians may change rapidly with facts on the ground. now what is exactly intelligence gathering mean? i mean, while in the context of power, military operations, we don't really know because we don't know what the ukrainian special forces are going to be doing with the training they've received on american soil in the future . we at least know that the u. s. military advisors were training ukrainians, ukrainian forces, specifically after the events of euro, my don in 2014, but that was all on ukrainian soil. we also, we for marcia. executive said that going back decades, the ca has provided limited training to ukrainian intelligence units to try and shore up, you know, and i suppose an independent key and prevent russian subversion as i saw it. but that cooperation specifically was ramped up after the crimea became a part of russia. now we did reach out to the cia and the defense, the defense department of the united states for comments. so of course,
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we'll bring our viewers any response we get. the australia has agreed to delay the deportation of tennis, super thought, know about joking, which comes off of the countries. immigration minister revoked his visa for a 2nd time. today i exercised my power to cancel the visa held by mister novak joke of h on health and good order grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. i don't think you me, this are going back and forth in this, and in this case you, let's get some clarity with audio nikki, aaron, nikki. very good afternoon to you. can you just bring us the very latest now on the truck if it's case hiring? well as we heard, australia has again revoked the visa of tennessee based on novak joke, which this time on health and good order grounds. his lawyers have already lodged to appeals at a late night coach herring and australia has agreed not to deport him just yet, although there is still doubt possibility. and of course, if he does get a portage,
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but he also faces a 3 year ban on re entering australia. time is of the essence here, of course, with the australian open starting on monday, just 3 days from now, just a bit to side therefore have said they want the full court hearing to take place on sunday morning. therefore, the results will be heard before monday morning, and if it's all good joke of which will be able to compete starting on monday. so there is a glimmer of hope for jock of it chanted legion of fans. but let's just rewind and tell you how we got to this point. now, since we're having an australia on the 6th of drum 6 of january, it's been nonstop drama for novak jock of ich, his visa was revoked shortly after arriving at melbourne when the trailer boarder force said that he didn't didn't provide enough evidence to have a v a vaccine exemption. now after spending a number of days in a detention hotel, his visa was reinstated, and he was straight on those tennis courts preparing for this huge tournament. now,
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since then, there have been question raised over some, some inaccuracies on his travel form. also, that he flouted a isolation when he was a covey positive. all these things he's put down to human error. clearly apologizes for the administrative mistake and taking the incorrect box about my previous travel before coming to australia. this was a human error and certainly not deliberate. but still it was looking like the worst was over. so this comes as a major disappointment, but also decision that some people will be celebrating thing. what about the whole reaction to this this? okay, so talk of age we've, we've seen some serious demonstrations. our way we have is being that the health saga has divide the opinion across the world, hasn't it? they've been a lot of comments made from his fellow tennis stars, martina, now russ alova for example, said i just wish novak had had the vaccination while raphael and the dow said
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justice has spoken for his sons. of course, it's a different story this, but just so angry at the unprecedented nature of australia decision and also so upset that they see the apparent encroachments of politics into sports. we actually spoke to a few people. some of the joke of it is fellow serves on the streets with bad grade to get their opinion liberals. i am revolted and angry because i did not expect i would treat the world's best tennis player like this, but he did not deserve this, or was additional or no law would. nobody's going through is the frustration of our entire nation disorder. if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people can participate, it would be all right, look, but at one point they tell him one thing, another time, something else. just a funny thing. this is pure politics. the issue here are the principles we live for, at least us europeans freedom, fraternity equality or you know, we place him. i think it's fair to say we might also see anger spill out onto the streets of melbourne once again,
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just like it did after his visa was revoked for the 1st time. ah. so what's next for? no joke of h y, which is going to have to wait and see, but this just couldn't have come at a worse time for him. this is australian open represents the pinnacle of his career . if he came out on top at this australian open, it would mark his 10th consecutive when making him the greatest male tennis star of old times. i'm needless to say, a lot of steak. yeah. all right, ortiz and nicky are in the latest on the old joke of h saga. thank you. but there's more to learn as well. just a few clicks away the father of the tennis ace. as even slammed the treatment of his son by the australian authorities. i sang exclusively to us here at oxy of the
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attempt to cancel his visa was pure politics by 10 minutes past the hour here in the russian capital, the west went too far. those were the words of the russian foreign minister when talking about international security issues at his annual press conference. he also slammed the u. s. and his allies for so called hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of human rights violations. sick leave office. the almost with the west when to far let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including at the hands of provocateurs, and this case was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to investigate the my down atrocities. while
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a so much was said today by russia's foreign minister, let's get into the highlights and details of it with our correspondent danny armstrong. you were there for about $33.00 and a half hours throughout this our conference that i tell us about some of the highlights if you there's a courses stood outside, which is for admin. she here with a press conference or with cautious foreign minister, sick, a lateral wrapped up a few hours ago and it did go on for quite a few hours because level of, as you heard, they're pulling no punches over the worse than the the us in a situate, attend situation around ukraine at the moment. and now the present came at an important time, of course. as regards the situation in ukraine as talks with nato and talk to the u. s. in geneva, and in brussels. earlier this week, let's you pretty much a debt and the us not bending on most of those demands to provide security guarantees over that situation with ukraine. of course,
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the question on everyone's lips has been whether there will be a so called a invasion in ukraine or fly russia. of course, the worst accusing russia of strengthening his forces on the border and ukraine as nato expands eastward. russia says it has every right to defend its borders. now that she was raised at the very start of the press conference and we can get circ a lab rose, answer to it right here. american nato seem to have made it very clear that they're not going to, it's a give you the security guarantee. if you don't get the guarantees you've said that you, ne, that there will be a military response. what does and military response actually mean? could you, could you lay that out? are you ready to use military force to ensure that ukraine never joined nature's? that's just mccarthy. now only western colleagues, gas using tea leaves. they mediately grab the sanctions bass on as we are,
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for everything being decided on the basis of mutual respect and a balance of interest is the position of russia presented by nato is based precisely on the balance of interest and is aimed at the security of europe. as a whole, including russia, anita wants to create military footholds around the russian federation to dominate urine sillier deal. now, lover, i've also said that even if ukraine isn't dragged into nato as it were, any appearance of nato forces on his borders will be seen as a will constitute a red line of red lines was a buzz words for the geopolitical situation in the past few months he said that is not acceptable. russia will not accept that. neither will it accept us building military bases or placing a strike missiles anywhere in a sea of as of that. also cons to choose a red line l. he outlines those red lines in the press conference and we can hear
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just how may constitute a red line for russia in this grab. here we are good to go. dish q. you put a ye emblem, we categorically do not accept the appearance of nato on our borders upland. it's a red line. they know it. even if you crane remains outside nature, there is still a possibility of ukraine in agreements with the u. s. the u. k. and other western countries that are building military facilities and bases on the see of as of there, this is also an acceptable to us for us. this is another red line. ah, the thoughts over the past week have also stood as a marker of the tensions between us and russia. of course, the u. s. are not bending on any of russia's demands. it seems. and i also was lucky enough to ask a sick, a laugh, rob, about the words of the u. s. secretary of state, anthony lincoln,
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who said that all president putin has done in the past 2 years or so is said to facilitate what he wanted to present or prevent her rather. and those are kind of strong words from the u. s. i is, oliver said, that really isn't the case. said he was surprised that those words have by blinking her. let's just have a listener. how the answer to that question, a secret of sasha anthony b. u. s. secretary of state blinking argues that what present button has done over the past couple of years has only speeded up everything that button would like to prevent on which basis does blink and make such comments. do you think we present putting putin has been devoting all the last years to strengthen russian sovereignty, which is constantly under attack by the west. those are attacks on all fronts. direct military to terrance information attack, soft power mechanism. and others is a shame that someone thinks that russia is in the pocket of the west. much of what is being said, today's connected with escalating tensions around the russian federation.
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ah, does you see that sig, lab, rob and his press conference today? pulling absolutely no punches. as regards the worse than nato, he's called out the hypocrisy of nate, so purporting to stand up for human rights. however, than supporting a bloody cruise and pull the revolutions as it were, as regards what happens in ukraine and just not instead of calling it acute, calling it instead, a diplomatic processor that he also said is to the west now is that the u. s. he has written to washington m as regards goes guarantees on safety and security and it's up to them. now the pool is very much in the u. s. got to find a peaceful resolution to at all. no, i don't. he's any armstrong. thank you. what is good every with us today for this friday program teachers in france are hoping in the government learns
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a lesson over constantly changing covert rules. they've been staging protests since the beginning of the new term causing major disruption in various schools. more details now with our correspondence, his shot a difference described as the biggest protest in almost 20 years. frank saw hundreds of schools up and down the country closed off the teachers and other education stuff took to the streets in anger. ah ah, tens of thousands of protests is said that they were fed up and called 4 times up on a government that they feelies out of touch with reality on the ground. the strike was motivated by the major disruption in school since they,
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we opened at the start of the year, around $10000.00 clos isn't being closed due to covey infections. long queues outside pharmacies have played into this anger with parents and children needing tests to keep up with requirements. for pupils when a classmate has tested positive children as young as 6 are now required to wear mosque in lessons. there is, i'm go over the constant changing of rules surrounding schools. you kept there have been for protocols since december 30, which means that the government does not know where it is going. it is sailing on side. it's only objective was for the school to reopen. so that parents would be able to go to work, but the government was unprepared and disorganized, with a disregard for the health risks for the teachers who were not even given f, f, p to masks while they are on the frontline union. se schools have been left acting as a form of test and trace, manages, and that the government has followed an approach that provides inadequate
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protection against infection for staff and students alike. and as those criticisms intensify, a new measures. i've just been announced by the french education minister in a bid to ease the tensions wants to suck me during the most kind. 1000000 f, f, p to mosques will be distributed in schools to meet demand. he also outlined plans to hire more people to replace those teachers who cannot go into work, but the jury is out. not so though on another file, face mosques being worn on the streets of paris, a mandate from the authorities as positive cases of coverage search. after the festive period, but an administrative tribunal suspended that order. and it's not the only court to take a stokes. on wednesday, a courtney of f sy deemed that mandate excessive and disproportionate and inappropriate fringed moment of personal freedom. all of this is likely to cause
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a headache for the mack on administration as it struggles to control new waves of the pandemic each day, bringing new condemnation of its management with just weeks now before the 2022 presidential elections. charlotte dba ski, ot amsterdam. i plenty more still to come here on the program on auto international for example, taking a job jo biden's vaccine mandate, but the u. s. supreme court has blocked the move, claiming the president does not have the authority that story and more went back in about wanted ah, lucy, emotions, medieval institutions. and then i go to like technology and the combination
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of these 3 very you could say historically distinct seeks fixes within our psycho physical may i have rendered us pretty dangerous to ourselves to the planet. ah ah
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ah, you friday's door is here lie from moscow on our t so cove. it mandates exceed the by the ministrations authority. that's the ruling . the u. s. supreme court, which is now blocked the president's cove at vaccine mandate for large businesses, would have required staff at companies with more than $100.00 employees to get vaccinated or undergo regular testing. although congress has indisputably given osha the power to regulate occupational dangers. it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health more broadly requiring the vaccination of 84000000 americans selected simply because they work for employers with more than 100 employees certainly falls in the latter category. it is instead of significant encroachment into the lives and health of a vast number of employees. furthermore, we have a situation where the health care mandate for health care workers has been upheld. now this was brought to the supreme court by
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a coalition of republicans and business owners and others who felt this was government overreach, that this was the biden administration in the white house kind of stepping out of downs. now, we have a statement from the white house at this point, joe biden says he's disappointed and as a result of his ruling, it is now up to individual employers as well as state and local governments to make these kinds of decision. but then we heard from whitehouse spokesperson gen socket, and she said that despite this ruling, the biden administration is still going to put pressure on businesses in order to make sure their employees are vaccinated. supreme court's decision on the osha mandate essentially means that in the pin this pandemic is up to individual employers to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers. so president biden will be calling on and will continue to call and businesses to immediately join news. those who have already stepped up. now at this point, despite the fact that this ruling has been overturned,
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we do have the white house and many of its allies adamant that there should be a mandate. they may have lost the supreme court, but that hasn't changed their desire to push a mandate throughout us society. but yet, this is another blow for, for the biden administration, at this point, they are coded response has been unpopular. these mandates have been very unpopular . this is a victory for the opponents of the white house who have opposed his mandate and now have the supreme court ruling that is in their favor. be the earl from the american institute for economic research believes the course decision is a tough pill for buying this. one. polls showing very clearly that the by the ministration is railing and virtually every category which has been up. this is not a particularly talk weeks about his policies aren't having any effect on the spread of the variance, which no policy could result. but with this on top of the december c, p i number, yesterday, it's difficult to see is reading left or the other hand,
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the lower the ratings go, the lower they can go. but i expect that the likely spin the by the ministration will put on this is that, you know, we tried to save you. it was supreme court stopped us, which is absurd. but then again, this is the realm of politics. doesn't stop. the biden's also being challenged on another front, with american supermarket struggling to fill their shelves. the president insists progress is being made and raining in the countries 40 year, high inflation rate you blamed last year, 7 percent surge and food and gas prices on various global factors. however, his rival is point, the finger squarely at his administration's policies under joe biden. everything costs more store shelves are empty, and small businesses are struggling to hire workers and stay open. this trend isn't transitory, and it's all happening under democrats. one party control disgruntled shoppers also blame the president, posting images of empty supermarket isles under the hash tag bass shelves biden,
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with bite unreasonably claiming supply chain problems have been sold. our colleagues at our t america decided to go and have a look for themselves. and the area that we're finding with shelves are empty of beef, chicken, eggs, fruit and vegetables even non perishable items, difficult to find and some grocery stores. now in a normal year, 5 to 10 percent of food items may be unavailable. today, nearly 15 percent are out of stock that according to jeff freeman, president and ceo of the consumer brands association and officials say things may not get better for the next 12 to 18 months. now there are many reasons for this, including an increased demand for groceries with families choosing to eat at home during the omicron serge. as we saw here in dc metro area last week, winter storms have effected major interstate. and
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a shortage of as many as $80000.00 truck drivers are out nationwide. that's a historic high, according to the american trucking association. and because of this export say to expect price hikes and food shortage is similar to what we saw in 2020. now here's what you're seeing. as a result on tuesday, wal mart kroger, and albert's in stocks did albertson's, taking the biggest, indicating a trend among major grocers being affected by those supply chain issues. also, these trips to the grocery store are costing shoppers even more with inflation rates soaring to 7 percent for the 1st time and for decades now, with the united states seeing more than 700000 cases of coven 19 per day, on average during the so microns surge, it's slowing down, food manufacturers and causing grocery store workers to call out sick. and we heard reports from companies talking about. they had more positive tests in the past 2 weeks. then they had in all of 2020. those positive text tests are taking people
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off the front lines. it's forcing companies to shut down, manufacturing, launch preemptively. and it's leading to just simply not enough supply. experts say that things may not re, to normal until staffing levels are restored. this hand demick let's up in the global food distribution network is restored. so the u. s. has 4 decade highs with inflation. the u. k. 10 year highs, a full salaries never rise in addition to that. all the information, thanks for joining us. more news now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are raging the tobacco up into the workforce?
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oh is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. while our officers are facing in increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. a term that i've heard in the
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militarization of police. this is an app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe if people aren't seeing those thing and agency elder a me because it began a feeling that ahead you have to deal with our practice who you putting in a uniform of the beds is a powerful thing is from tab has like money in play, tricks and people mind they think they go bad knows. but what is out the door? very bad. johns are common. good news. you have job secure is world desperately needs with with
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a welcome to so because visionaries me sophie shepherd, nata pablo. picasso. one's famously said that sculpture is the art of intelligence . well, today i sit down with the sculptor, intellectual and philosopher, sir anthony quirley. antony gormley. it's great to have you in our show today, lo fi too. so you to, well, we started out by saying that, you know, we're not like a program that specializes in art or sculpture. we go to see big visionaries from different fields just to pretty much talk about life. so hopefully that's what we're gonna do today. good news, i look forward. okay. so when i look at what you do, you aspire to make audiences really think white. not narrow but then you've.


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