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you then for a queen of england, 2nd song, prince andrew is stripped of his military title over a high profile of sexual abuse case. so a head on the program, an allied peacekeeping mission and cows expand, comes to an end of the situation in the country stabilizes bounced, despite much speculation in the west that the russian section of the contingent wouldn't lead and held the job or pick up the top candidates, quebec province is planning to publish the on vaccinated with a special tax locals tell us how they feel about the hugely come for 1st. so i think it's unfair to just suggest it's the responsibility or the fall to those that are unvaccinated. we can pull anybody to have
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with, from moscow to the world. this is our t grid of your company. my name's jojo. let's get to our top story on. we begin with news from the u. k. prince andrew has been stripped off his military titles amid a high profile sexual abuse case. he will no longer be known as his royal highness in any official capacity. it comes after a u. s. judge refused to dismiss a civil law suit from a woman who accuses the duke of york of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager ortiz shante edwards dusty reports from london. well, it's a huge move from buckingham palace as prince. andrew will no longer use his royal highness in any official capacity as the queen has now stripped him of all of his appointments. so as a member of the royal family, how many of these sort of duties they will now be handed to all the members of the
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royal family and that's been made official. and this statement was the queen's approval and agreement that you could york's military affiliations in royal patronage is happy in return to the queen. the duke of your will continue not to undertake any public duties and he's defending this case is a private citizen. i can look at the statement in a bit more detail because it read that the duties have now been returned. of course, if we read between the lines, the queen may have applied a bit more full on to prince andrew to then give back all of those duties. but the 2nd part defending this case, as a private citizen. of course that's referring to the civil case that a u. s. judge gave the go ahead to just yesterday, the queen, 2nd son to face a sexual assault civil law. in fact, the duke of york is facing the most serious now of allegations of sexual assault against the minor, but junior to fray alleges that she was traffic by jeffrey eps the when she was just 17 years old and poor to have sex with andrew now since these allegations
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suffered some 2 years ago as military appointments were in a bad and softer. he's step down somewhat, but he's still very much linked to around 8 british regiments including the granted the gall to rec, stream, the angry consent. and they've been quite vocal about that because at many events, they will also even coast to prince andrew. so over the last 24 hours more than a $150.00 veterans wrote directly to the queen, off the strip. andrew of all of his honorary military rolls. now that has, of course, happened. we don't know whether that's because andrew will try and fight this case or try and reach some sort of settlement. prince andrew has always denied these occasions concerning his relationship with virginia to fray. even say he doesn't recall, even meeting her now full, the queen herself is very much tarnish. the reputation of the royal family has given them such a dog reputation and burden them entirely into disrepute this year though,
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for the queen is incredibly significant. it marks the jubilee celebrations. and so all of this is put a very dark cloud onto what was supposed to be a time to bring the country together. but for the queen, herself an incredibly difficult position to be and not just as a monarch, but of course a mother as well as her 2nd son, now faces the most severe sexual assault allegations. okay, let's dig deeper into this story with trevor colt, a scalar stand, war veteran who was awarded the british military cross for his services. welcome to the program. a 150 military veterans yesterday signed a petition calling for prince andries military titles. to be revoked. is this move trevor from buckingham palace, a direct response to the pressure? do you think? of course not. holding the 15 veterans are going to make the queen the only thing. i would suggest charlie suggest that the queens sat down with her son andre over
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the last few months, and these can't disagreement prior to something hobbling with a petition. so i don't think this is pressure from anyone other than the fact the queens made that move. and that would have been moved. welcomed and actually carried it by andre himself. he naughty led by the queen and all he left on his family. he has certainly led his, his country specially u k. and it's embarrassing and it's embarrassing night. but i understand that what he's done is despicable and disgusting. i'm not going to say that what he's done is great. here's an apartment and this works 2 ways. you have your woman at virginia who's already had a netflix deal for part series on netflix. and she was paid off by abilene and she paid, she's given $500000.00 my up saying and that does not justify what andries done.
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and it's still despicable. but this is a woman scorned and trevor of course. well, well, i've seen the netflix. i watch on netflix. you know, it's not alleged. i've actually watched it. i've seen her interviews, and now i'm over here with friends, prince andrew, what he's alleged to have done. he hasn't been in court as you know of. oh yes, yes, yes, i understand that. but then for his lawyer to turn around and say that had for his lawyer to turn around and say for instance, there's been a deal signs in the past. we're going to use not that's just the same of guilt either fight the case or dual credit that he's despicable, she's despicable. and this is not going to be a nice. i know if he served during the falklands war, i'm not sure exactly how much action he actually saw. is there any place for ceremonial royal titles in the british armed forces at all? should that be scrap?
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am? well, when you say no, it's here. allegiance, it's true. to queen her successors and peers. so it's something which is embedded in military and it's something that we need to count it edition. it's something that we need. it kicks or is focused or fight, but the queen to fight for the country. the last thing you want to do is just spite your content. because as we've noticed, the last 12 years, 12 months or 2 years at the copies pretty much given up on it's veterans service personnel. we have to have something to fade for. some have described prince andrew as, as a war hero. he served navy 20 years, i say, mentioned in the falklands war as a helicopter pilot. how do you see his role? what he did in the armed forces? well it's, it's quite well known, but you know, he fought and nia and was war chiefly jeff. and he dropped arms on, on china. he wanted argent pinion positions. yeah. and it was fights for the
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country and go to war and is willing to die. because clearly as iraq, i have full respect for me for his military service. but he certainly let himself turn off the back of it. he's in a unique position or should i say he was in the position. and whenever you are given a more responsibility of the high, you know, it's not to chicken me. trevor. just your thoughts on the, the british monarchy as a whole here. is it too much to say that this is perhaps the beginning of the end for them? you've got poll after poll st. young people want them gone, although a majority of britons actually want them to stay. what does this case do? at this kiss proves that we're not teaching our children at the way the right. the and these pools are, you are usually brought up in a let's be honest, universities are not from schools, there are certain military background or a housing estates. these pools are you brought it by the type of society you have
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today that wants to hold on to the paper type. of course we have a or people that you know, st. winston churchill was evil. so at paul today, don't mean to sing the royal family church day at the end of our family. ok. we may help laughing stock be san marco and hard henry, but we've also got prince william and katherine thought are going fantastic work and keeping things going. prince charles and his wife are doing really, really well. we have bought each and every family we do help on each and every family. unfortunate body we have here the minutes seem to be 2 boys. and that's what they are getting only boys are, thanks very much for your time through. we do appreciate your tick trevor call to afghanistan. war veteran for the british army. ah. ok. some news just coming into his on the program, the u. s. supreme court has blocked joe biden covert backseat mandate for
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a business. it's not, it would have required stuff. companies with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated or undergo regular testing if implemented, it would have effected more than 85000000 people in the u. s. despite the ruling, the supreme court has allowed similar requirements to stand for medical facilities that receive government funds. so just that line again, the u. s. supreme court has block job biden's coded vaccine mandate for businesses . we'll get into the ins nights at that. i'm sure. over the coming hours are or i don't know the story to bring you to day. the allied peacekeeping mission kills extend his winding doug with troops sounding over their duties to local counterparts. the soldiers are now preparing to leave the country. they'd been there for a week after that because a thorough tease requested help with an anti terror operation, launched them a deadly unrest. after a successful operation, russia's president said, it's time to go home. was me, it's
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a story. it is obvious that people who've been protesting for a gas price reduction, and those who've been fighting with the armed forces for several days with weapons in the hands surrounding them in places of deployment, are completely different people. they have different goals. the fact that with the help of the c s t o, it was possible to restore the situation is very important to this is the 1st such operation of the c s t o. here to allow cassock st on to solve it socio economic issues. and it com dialogue with the people in general, we need to go home. we've completed our task less than a week after they were deployed, take hands, extend the csp trips will begin their withdrawal today with exxon now in a much more stable position than it was a week ago. i t infrastructure has been secured, according to the russian defense minister say, showing, gave he reported to president putin. he also said that she wouldn't, she's in today, the situation is stable. we are working in full co operation. we have approved
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a decision on the phased withdrawal and returning of infrastructure back to cause it's dawn mission to day. we start to withdraw. and furthermore, within 5 days as the infrastructure is transferred, the withdrawal will continue and we plan to complete it on the 19th. now, until the 19th, when those final trips will leave context on the state of emergency and contacts, don will remain in place. understandably, the country is still in a state of shock. it's been through so much in such a short amount of time. just 2 weeks is that there for the time frame. so now the peacekeepers are planning that to leave the country. it's also become very apparent at the evolution at the csc which previously, which is considered to be a mouthpiece. now it's shown it can be very effective, a can be very helpful at present in psychiatry, kind of like san alida. he expresses gratitude to the framework. i would like to express my gratitude to the mission commanders for the job they did over these days
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. the c s t peacekeeping mission in kazakhstan, including an al, might see, was very important in terms of stabilizing. the situation in our country is undoubtedly had a major moral impact on pushing back the aggression of terrorists and bandits. now latest to say it's been absolutely extraordinary thought to the full context on a relatively peaceful country. that within the space of a week, went from normal daily life to absolute chaos across the entire country. we saw mass riots. we saw government buildings run socks and sets on fire. the entire country was in a state of emergency. exact number of faith policies is still being calculated. though it said that over a 1000 people have been injured over a 100 have been killed and more than a 1000 police officers injured and 16 killed all efforts within those 1st few days by president the tire to come the street because weren't working, he needed to call on the c s frame work to help secure these vital infrastructure
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in the country when it comes to the old members of the c s t o, basically getting involved for the from the request of talk high of the contact leader in essentially functioning like nato where 11 member of the family calls for help from the other members of the family. this is the c s t o. but when it became clear that russia was going to step in and help because it's on the senior diplomatic america secretary blank. and he said, you got to look out where the russians once they get into your house, you can't get them out. how's that looking as it has russia now secured a foothold according to the west and catholics don't lose such an intense lights? as soon as it was revealed that russia was part of this frame, the work that would be entering this foreign country. you know, alarm bells were ringing around the well, that with these sensationalize headlines saying things such as putin sees is on crises. it was unfortunate that russia going into context on with these other countries. people hardly mentioned in the news pieces was looked upon that way. not just by the mainstream media, but also by washington. one less than a recent history is that once russians are in your house,
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sometimes very difficult to get them relief. and of course, such harsh comments like that always invite some kind of response and russia did respond deli, today in fox, the deputy for a minute to take a route called that, that the us, the reaction was. so for feeling, he said it confirmed russia's worst assumptions about washington's intentions in eurasia. so, you know, politics aside, it is going to be very interesting. we're going to be closely watching what happens in cars like stand off to the troops leave on the 19th. and let's just hope that things can get back to normal to a very stable way of life for people in context. on the another story we're trying to day, the world's largest security body. the o. s. c. has warned of the highest risk of war. in 30 years. the organization for security and cooperation in europe is meeting in austria, hoping to ease tensions on ukraine's border. although russia, which is a member to complain, the block was too busy listening to itself rather than to pressing concert at the
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club. no, we don't, said ultimatums. we offered to delve deeper into problems that russia and other countries have and find compromises. we haven't heard any adequate response or any reaction to our proposals. unfortunately, all the talk was about their concerns about what they call aggressive russian actions and accusation. that there was a lack of listening and even the lack of interest when it came to the issues of the allegations of russian ration against ukraine at that o. s. c meeting in vienna on thursday. those allegation came from the russian representative to the o. s. c. e, and how he also talked about and then they needed to be agreement on key issues. and that european security really did depend on the united states and russia coming together and finding solutions on that. and he said,
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if they couldn't reach agreement, they could be a catastrophic outcome. or he also address nato's position when it comes to itself, being described as a defensive alliance. that when we heard from in stoughton berg earlier in the week or however, he said that is simply not the case. and me till with his expansion has essentially become aggressive is expansion into those eastern european countries which were part of the former soviet union. and use possibly savannah georgia because the o. s. c, e's inability to fulfill its obligations demonstrates the negative effect of nato expansion or the u. s. and nato continued to conquer militarily. the territories of the countries included in the alliance and place offensive weapon systems. there. this directly poses a threat to the interests of the russian federation. i. he also had some concerns about some of the infrastructure within the o s. c,
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e. so i some criticism of not for much at which the chat, the recei it said earlier on thursday was a neutral space will discussion where these issues could be addressed. these issues of security and the tensions, particularly over eastern europe could be addressed. he talked about the issues at the moment and raised concern that what is happening in eastern europe at the moment could escalate at any moment. it seems that the risk of war in the o s. c area is now greater than ever before in the last 30 years. for several weeks, we have been faced with the prospect of a major military escalation in eastern europe, where the current polish chair of the o s. c e. o. so said the issues at the moment really come from a very different interpretation over the regulations and of security in
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europe. i believe that all resistance sions ah, in the v o c area result in the 1st price for all the different understanding of european security. now the chair there is see, was quite clear about not pointing the finger at any particular country during his press conference. and that is remarkably different from what we've heard this week . coming out from the usa, a native following their talks with russia in geneva. and then in brussels, are we heard from both the under secretary of state for the united states, and also from the secretary general of nato, that russia is the aggressor at the moment. it's being aggressive towards ukraine. it's a massing these troops on the board. and it is set and ready for an invasion as soon as the snow melts. and that is something that has been repeatedly denied by russia
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and russia continues to ask for assurances in regards to the security situation for it own country. and that it says depends very heavily on the future over membership of countries like ukraine and georgia of nato, something it says can never ever happens and it wants these secure guarantees. these the legal guarantees that that won't. ringback happen and for the assurances for its own security in the future. and despite the fact that we've had our this rejection from russia, that he is about to invade ukraine, there is still this discussion of crippling threats. economic threats of sanctions against russia that were discussed by the u. s. and discussed by nato and not just by them. we've now seen those list of possible economic sanctions have just been unveiled in the u. s. senate by the democrats. so really, it shows you how tense things just are at the moment. and russia is essentially
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said that it feels as if there was a monologue coming from the one site here. and we know that ukraine is a the line nater says it's not willing to discuss that. it won't even put it on the table. of course, this discussions on thursday in vienna, not the last that the discussions are off to the talks due to be held next week. but really, it does seem as if there is a huge amount of a lack of optimism and the ball leading into those talks next week has been set very, very low. indeed, in regards to a breakthrough or at a lot of people talking and debating this next story and canada, people could soon be fine if they refuse to have a cobra job. tobac is planning on becoming the 1st province in the country to impose a tax on the on banks and they did the new shot levy was proposed by the regions premier who sees it will be at least 50 to a 100 canadian dollars. i think though,
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he thinks it should be higher, the controversial measure comes as canada as a whole registers a spike. in daily cobit cases, we ask people in quebec for their view of the new tax. i think it's unfair just suggests it's the responsibility or the fault, those that are on vaccinated. this is coming after decades of neglect and a dysfunctional health care system in quebec. you know that often pits people against each other. instead of the government taking responsibility, what i've heard is there's different reason why you might not be vaccinated inside because you're against it. so taxing all of these people to me doesn't make any sense. i'm pretty sure it would be good if everybody can choose what they want to to, to do with the vaccination, and i'm pretty sure it would be better if everybody wouldn't be in, but we can't force anybody to have the vaccine while quebec province isn't alone
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and penalizing the on job from next week in greece on vaccinated citizens will be fined a 100 euro a month. and plans are fed elsewhere in europe to austria is mulling a tax of over a 1000 euro a month while italy is considering a monthly no job levy of $1500.00 euro. we get some contrast thing, views on the story from political commented around me, webber, and 1st let's hear from a former minister in the european parliament under cur. those unvaccinated are putting tremendous pressure on the, on the nation on our health services. and so denying, you know, not people that have been vaccinated in acting properly, not having medical treatment. so in, in, sometimes i think, yes, it's these. why to a proctor that if they will have a vaccine you know voluntarily what they should be maybe really penalized in another way. and that's why come from, i think we come to cross this line that the minority all know severely affecting
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the right. so the majority who acted in the responsible and carrying manner, they're not at all like all reasonable. it's not something majority of the world's governments would consider the have to look at the contract because in quebec, they've had the resignation of their magical director. how they got a new one and they're trying to find a state gates for their terrible kirby policy may well be trying to warn people for and restarted vaccines. chris protect premier or or to the back is just distracting attention from. he's in miss management policy on to a great for people who happen to have decided to not be vaccinated.
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amid record high us inflation, supermarkets in the country are struggling to fill their shelves with disgruntled shoppers, making it clear who they blame, posting images with the hash tag, burst shells. biden supermarkets themselves are citing a number of reasons for the shortages from the army. kron sir john bod winter, whether to disrupt at supply chains. joe biden know, same thing about lots of problem in particular, has long since been sold a couple of months ago. we heard a lot of dire warranties about supply chain problems, leading to a crisis around the holidays. thanksgiving and christmas. we acted. we brought together business and labor to solve the problems. the much predicted crisis didn't occur. grinch did not steal christmas. lance as almost 70 percent of americans academic problems are their biggest worry. right now
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we asked us shoppers how the situation was impacting them. i'm no longer able to get everything on my grocery list when i come, sometimes i have to go to 2 or 3 different stores to find something. i'm out of just picking up right here like, oh, this is a, this is a lot bigger than what i normally bain, inflation, and higher than it used to be in our president is not handling it that way. you really, i think president biden just sitting back, letting things happen and our president trump made things happen. so, you know, it's 2 different kind of presidents right there. and it really shows right now. okay. something a little different now to some off roaders racing through the sun. june's of saudi arabia. a russian team is closing in on a 6 consecutive victory on the cameras master squad. claim the top 3 places in the truck counter green in the penultimate stage of the 2022 race. and that was all
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important because it means it's just the question of which of the 3 russian drivers now goes on to take top spot. come out as dominated the events since the late ninety's winning a total of 18 rally despite the historical dominance. this time around, a dutch racer insist they've been chief pesky russians winning 5 times in a row. they must be cheating. russian deco riley team accused of taking shortcuts. the russians are cheating. they have equipment in their car that gives preliminary information about the way points at the special stages. the dutch driver claims the russian team broke the rules by using technology to navigate through gray areas on the route. at one point, we are overtaken by andre car going on. he turns left while the road book tells us
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to turn right. we then skip 6 notes, we end up at the right way point again. that is impossible. so loses loses the envy of the world. victorious cameras. mazda shares their tank. we are open for any checks that were here for special camera systems, rolla, inside and outside. i think everybody can make a regression to, to work. she just needed to check a few days ago we have to the states. in addition to that was for 10 minutes. they're gonna visit us and i think it proves our horn. no need to watch the hands when the secret of success, he's simple. i think there was a 32 percent of people are concerned the truck every year when he proved how would you mean the oldest been techniques in marketing in our other communities? everybody tried to sample me, brooke harris,
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and good luck to all in the final day their time in moments for another visit to the college reports you do is catch max on, stacy again in moments that i'm back the top of the hour. but more of the stories affecting your world today. ah, ah ah mm
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ah, i am ash kaiser. this is the kaiser report. stacey worley, we are still in san miguel day and day in mexico were on our way. the 2nd half. in fact, we will be in san salvador el salvador, but i just want to say, you know, we enjoyed the new years here. and the last year 2021, we exited, and we had 70 new all time highs in the stock market. we saw the or the markets worked 27 percent on 2021. and yet we see headlines like this. we have a powerful weapon to fight inflation.


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