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terror ah, the headline so naughty, international allied peacekeeping mission in kazakhstan, comes to an end of the situation of the country stabilizes. that is to fight much speculation in the west that the russian contingent would never lead. also ahead in this program on asi, international. when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 28th of may, 2020, i believed implicitly that this was a work event. british families are outraged by bars. johnson's apology off the he admits attending a downey's free party during the u. k. 2020 national lockdown in the program. we talked to a man who unfortunately have to bury his father during that harsh period of restrictions. at the same time that i was at my father's cheating, he was taking part in bring your own views party. why does he believe that the rules that he helped create that he made didn't apply to him?
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also in the program, half of the job all pick up the top candidates. quebec province is planning on punishing the unvaccinated with a special tax locals to tell us how they feel about with i think it's unfair to just suggest it's the responsibility or the fall to those that are on vaccinated. we can force anybody to have with us after 7 pm here at moscow on this thursday. it's been a very busy afternoon here at our t international. very well. welcome to you. so the world's largest security body, the o s. c, e has warned the highest risk of war in 30 years. the organization for security and cooperation in europe is meeting today in austria, hoping to ease tensions on ukraine's border parties. charlotte to buskie is
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following the story for well, we've just been listening to the press conference of the russian representative to the oversee. this is alexander lucas show that she has been talking about what he made of that meeting of the 57 members in vienna. i'm some of the main points that he put forward is that there was a lack of listening from the u. s. e. today saying that it was too focused on its own concerns and not on the so called aggression, a russia against ukraine. not particularly interested. it seemed apparently from his point of view for those discussions to take place within that form, despite what we heard from the chair earlier on thursday, he said, european security depends on russia and the united states. and he said that that dialogue has to continue to play a role. and he also talked about the need for agreement on key issues. key issues
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that have been discussed throughout the week in a number of formats. a he went on to talk about, i'm what he said was nato's position. nato has as turned round this week and said it stiff position is always one of a defensive organization. it's not a threatening organization. it's not a threat to russia. he saw that very differently saying that actually it was not the case in nato's expansion, particularly as expansion into former soviet european countries since 1997 has been in fact something that has essentially become a threat, a threat for russian security. he also talked about the russian proposals that who were made back in december, which were discussed in detail again this week at russia's red lines on several issues including that nato expansion. and he said, you know, we have to agree that this has to be addressed, or they could be catastrophic consequences. it's huge amount coming out. i from the
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russian representative about that meeting today and also criticism of the o. s. c e, which he said had essentially been taken over with the u. s. and me to really pushing their concerns that majority ideas over i. he also had some concerns about some of the infrastructure within the o. s. c, e. so i some criticism of that for much at which the chat, the recei it said earlier on thursday was a neutral space will discussion where these issues could be addressed. these issues of security and the tensions particularly over eastern europe could be addressed. he talked about as the issues at the moment and raised concern that what is happening in eastern europe at the moment could escalate at any moment. it seems that the risk of war and e o s e area is now greater than ever before in the last
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30 years. for several weeks, we have been faced with the prospect of a major military escalation in eastern europe. well, the current polish chair of the o s. c e o. so said the issues at the moment really come from a very different interpretation over the regulations and old security in europe. i believe that on restore options ah, in the v o. c area result is the 1st price for all the different understanding of european security. now the chair there is see, was quite clear about not pointing the finger at any particular country a during his press conference. and that is remarkably different from what we have heard this. we coming out from the usa in nato, following their talks with russia in geneva. and then in brussels. we heard from
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both the under secretary of state for the united states, and also from the secretary general of nato, that russia is the aggressor at the moment. it's being aggressive towards ukraine. it's amassing these troops on the board and it is set and ready for an invasion. as soon as the snow melts at that is something that has been repeatedly denied by russia and russia continues to ask for assurances in regards to the security situation for it own country. and that it says depends very heavily on the future over membership of countries like ukraine and ga, of nato, something it says can never ever happens and it wants these secure guarantees. these the legal guarantees that that won't happen. and for the assurances for its own security in the future. and despite the fact that we've had our this rejection from russia that he is about to invade ukraine,
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there is still this discussion of crippling threats, economic threats of sanctions against russia that were discussed by the us and discussed by nato not just by them. we've now seen that those list of possible economic sanctions have just been unveiled in the u. s. senate by the democrats. so really, it shows you how tense things just are at the moment. and russia is essentially said that it feels as if there was a monologue coming from the one site here. and we know that ukraine is a line. nater says it's not willing to discuss that. it won't even put it on the table. of course, this discussions on thursday in vienna, not the last that the discussions are off for the talks due to be held next week. but really, it does seem as if there is a huge amount of a lack of optimism and the ball leading into those talks next week has been set very, very low. indeed,
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in regards to break through the allied peacekeeping mission in context on is winding down with troops hanging over their duties, the local counterparts of the soldiers on preparing to leave the country. they've been there for a week off. your forties requested help with an anti terror operation, launched him a deadly unrest. and after a successful operation, russia's president is now saying, it's time to go home. was immune system. it is obvious that people who've been protesting for a gas price reduction on those who've been fighting with the armed forces for several days with weapons in the hands surrounding them in places of deployment. i'll completely different people, they have different goals. the fact that with the help of the c s t o, it was possible to restore the situation is very important. this is the 1st such operation of the c s t o. here to allow has extra on to solve it socio economic issues. and it calm dialogue with the people in general,
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we need to go home. we've completed our task less than a week after they were deployed to context on the c s t. trips will begin their withdrawal today with catholic sand now in a much more stable position than it was a week ago. i t infrastructure has been secured, according to the russian defense minister say, showing he reported to president putin. he says that this was your machine. today the situation is stable. we are working in full co operation. we have approved a decision on the phased withdrawal and returning of infrastructure back to cause it's dawn to day we start to withdraw. and furthermore, within 5 days, as the infrastructure is transferred, the withdrawal will continue and we plan to complete it on the 19th. now until the 19th, when those final trips will leave contracts down, the state of emergency in kazakhstan will remain in place. understandably, the country is still in a state of shock, is being through so much in such a short amount of time,
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just 2 weeks. is that therefore the time frame. so now the peacekeepers are planning that to leave the country. it's also become very apparent at the evolution of this c s t o, which previously was just considered to be a mouthpiece. now it's shown it can be very effective. a can be very helpful at president sockeye of the kind of like stand alida. he expressed his gratitude to the framework. i would like to express my gratitude to the mission commanders for the job they did over these. he's the c s t o peacekeeping mission in catholic stun, including and our my t was very important in terms of stabilizing. the situation in our country is undoubtedly had a major moral impact on pushing back the aggression of terrorists and bandits. now lead us to say it's been absolutely extraordinary thought to the full context on a relatively peaceful country. that within a space of a week, went from normal daily life to absolute chaos across the entire country. we saw mass riots. we saw government buildings run socks and sets on fire. the entire
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country was in a state of emergency. exact number of faith policies is still being calculated. though it said that over a 1000 people have been injured over a 100 has been killed and more than a 1000 police officers injured in 16, killed all efforts within those 1st few days by presidents a kind of to come the street because weren't working, he needed to call on the c. s your framework to help secure these vital infrastructure in the country when it comes to the all members of the c s t o basically getting involved for the from the request of the contact leader in essentially functioning like nato, where 11 member of the family calls for help from the other members of the family. this is the c s t o, but when it became clear that russia was going to step in and help because it's on the senior diplomat in america, secretary blank. and he said, you've got to look out with the russians once they get into your house. but you can't get them out. house looking at has, has russia now secured a foothold, according to the west and catholic stone, was such an intense light as soon as it was revealed that russia was part of this
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frame, the work that would be entering this foreign country. no alarm bells were ringing around the well with these sensationalize headlines. same things such as putin sees, is on crises. there was unfortunate that russia going, it's complex down with these other countries who were hardly mentioned in the news pieces was looked upon that way. not just by the mainstream media, but also by washington. one less than a recent history is that once russians are in your house, it's sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. and of course, the chart comments like that always invite some kind of response and russia did respond deli, today in fox, the deputy foreign minister, sick, a rap called that, that the us, the reaction was so revealing. he said it confirmed rushes west assumptions about washington's intentions. in eurasia, so, you know, politics aside, it is going to be very interesting. we're going to be closely watching what happens in cars like sound off to the troops leave on the 19th. and let's just hope that
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things can get back to normal to a very stable way of life for people in context on me. so i, let's say this conversation further now and cross live to a journalist and author thomas fast spend a, joining us here on our team to national a very good evening to you. so from all of us here at all, the international is that i may put in saying that the situation is stabilizing and cause it's on the peacekeeping. mission was reportedly a success. how do you see it? well, thanks for having me. first of all, yes indeed, no one can say at face value at least a stabilization has been taking place, or you could say a pacification. and in a situation as such, or we could always already, or no news from cousin is good news from cause of them. so archive called in the allied troops. the allied support early enough for took some decisive measures in this apparent in fight or palace against this palace revolt, as it seems to be to have been r and
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a. he seems to come out of it as the victor. it's interesting how you use the word a pacification in terms of the pacification of the protestors or the russian president was saying there was a difference, mr. fast bender, between those who are protesting over energy prices and those who are fighting with the police could, can you draw any truth from that or i think, i think we can really agree after, after all, this is not just an individual assessment. this is the general picture that even today or even in the western media is being presented. whereas in the front, during the 1st days, there were some attempts in western media to present this as a repeat of for my dawn up uprising a. and in fact, there was an outrage of public outrage after the doubling of gas prices after january 1st, which was then intelligently as to whether the, the initial uprising was planned or not. i'd, i cannot really say a given years substances for assessment,
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but it was definitely used for affections off the power elite or to start what made might have become an attempt to overthrow the actual, the actual president to mr. cutting back i if i but as i said before. busy i turned out against those who probably tried to change the regime in there, which would not have been read didn't change, but changed the are that the presidential set ups change, the government set up and her we will. we still live with the status quo ante. wanted to ask you mr. fast bender, one of the comments that came out of the senior diplomat for the united states or secretary antony blink. and he's when it, when it, when it became apparent that the members of the oversee, they were going to, as a family coming and help though the president of castorena blinking, blinking said, you've got to watch out for those russians once they come into your house. if you have a hard time kicking them back out as wanted to ask you, what does that mean?
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what, what is the senior diplomat of america hoped to achieve by saying something like that? well, how to understand it? it reflect, sir, if you, if you draw any conclusion, it reflects the level of emotion and the level of even reaching up to slender and polemics of that now governs the early part of the communication and is the public communication between the 2 great powers, the u. s a and russia. what was the immediate effect probably to mobilize support among western, the rest, the public, the western media. we have seen a strong efforts by trans atlantic media to mobilize support in favor of kaiser stant, or are a door a pain cost on as a are completely dictate tauriel author retiring regime or it is an ortho. busy retire in state without question, but it is for sure not the sort of her even dictatorship that some people tried to
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or. busy some journalist tried door make up here in, during the 1st days of the, of the uprising. but as i said before, am this quickly faded and people facing the reality. i would even say that the mr. blankenberg today would not repeat his command. thomas fast pandora journalist and author joining us live or on our t international. a great pleasure. thank you very much. welcome. bereaved families who had to bury their loved ones during the height of the case. first cove had lockdown, have slammed an apology from the prime minister boris johnson as quote, an insult. it's after he admitted in parliament that back then despite severe restrictions on gatherings, he attended a boozy bash, downing street and senior tories have since been piling pressure on the prime minister with some even calling for him to resign or that he was, i don't think she can continue a little conservative talking minister, asking people to follow the rules and guidance of his government. i believe he did
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. when i went into that garden just after 6 on the 28th of may, 2020. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. a 2020 it was basically a bit of a challenging month for britain. much of the country was just paralyzed by the 1st national lockdown. the indoor meetings between households was strictly prohibited and a maximum of just 2 people could meet outside in a public place. always spoke to one man who struggled during this time to arrange his father's funeral. this is about the rules and about who the rose applies to become abundantly clear that the prime minister thinks that they don't apply to him at the same time. but i was at my father's funeral, he was taking part in a, bring your own booth party number 10 downing street at my god. gene will be allowed to invite up to 5 people at the geno. say that meant it was just myself and my 4
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siblings that can attend. there is no physical contact there. we went, lots of hug each other. even the vicar holding the fireman, he wasn't allowed to shake hands or anything like that. and as soon as the ceremony was over, we all had to go back, came again, they were author issuing fines for people meeting outside people will be fined money for meeting up people being harassed by the police. if they hung around and parks that too long, and the ultimate question, half of the prime minister is, why does he believe that the rules that he helps create that he made didn't apply to him? johnson's stated, excuse has fought a wave of means online, but some major companies. i ryan, for example, among those posting mocking images. though it's not the 1st time or should we say the 1st part of a scandal involving bars. johnson, the end of last year pictures a marathon line, allegedly showing him taking part in several social events at downing street during the 2020 lockdown. and all this has let the coals or prime minister johnson to step
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down. so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the press. you see now going to do the decent thing reside. how stupid does the prime minister think the british people are right now? he's making fools of every single entropy. it him earlier? well, the prime minister finally, do the decent thing. i'm resign, follow historian peas, be forced to show him the door. so for once kind of prime us or do the honorable thing and resign. 79 percent of people in scotland think the claimant is still should step down. and eventually you can do, you know, as, go brazilian play minister, he, sorry, because he's been cool or any most resign in my judgement and all the evidence that since the earliest in the face for the
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last few months. now, i think it's abundantly clear that bar johnson doesn't have an ounce of self decency. and him, leading by example isn't really key element of thought leadership and his claire. and not only does bars, johnson not have moral leadership at the moment, but there's no pathway for him to get back. and that's why, for as long as he remains prime minister, i think we're going to stay in a state of limbo in this country. and ultimately is putting more people at risk when you say this, where it's outlined that the government has done everything they could to save lives, the so little weights, these words that they can just hang in the air. the messaging throughout has been terrible. the following of their own scientific voices has been at best patchy, and at worst they've gone against scientific advice. and the result has been nearly a 175000 deaths now, which is deep upsetting. all right, we're now joy live with our been the harris county chairman of the conservative
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think tank the bow group, a very good evening to use are not just the opposition. courtney for johnson to resign. even members of his own party. how precarious do you think the prime minister's position is? i mean, is it possible his head could be on the chopping block? well, i think it's on the block. the question is whether the ax falls and the problem for the prime minister is that i'm, i think he's, he's just about release the pressure by, by making a bit of a backhanded apology in, in prime ministers question time. but one more scandal, one more revelation of which there of already been a great many over over just these, these policies a lead. i'm and i think that you know, the ox falls on boris johnson's head. so he, he really is on life support at the moment and suddenly from the information i've said there is more to come in terms of scandals and that's gonna plate place him at a very difficult position. i stay until i can certainly plenty of rid of position
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and indeed, you know, where i come into the, into the, into the pitch of the conservative movement as a whole, into flavor position. because, you know, i've, i've been a strong critical of boris. a lot of people that might have been strong, chris is a chorus, and there is very strong criticism of boris across the conservative movement box. there is a very deep problem in the conserved coffee and we've had the succession of leaders that claim to be conservative and then, you know, don't live up to expectations that are exposed to just being another establishment liberal. that's what happened with boris. and i think the way the conservative party settlement moment, they'll just have another one of those leaders and it will be groundhog day again. and in that sense, you know, it's not really worth getting rid of boris. just to get a list crossin and have exactly the same thing over again as an as needed. and as you say that one more scandal, if you say one more scandal could potentially be the metaphorical straw that breaks the camel's back. i just wanted to ask you if i mean, if he lost the support of many, tory and pay them, he could simply step down
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a. is that something? is that a move the bars johnson would even ever consider if not in his character at all? you know, boris is a very rambunctious figure and the laws, the general laws of color do not apply to him. so he's able to get away with a lot more. i think, you know, he's, he's been described as a greased pick lips. he's able to slip through when, when it would be too much problems. there obviously reaches a point where anyone can go on and i think it's a scandal comes out the, you know, on a quick call and, and there is no question as to his guilt. then i think he probably would resign because obviously it was just to have it pulled out, you know, over a period of months with, with a leadership tell him if something comes out that is bad enough. i think he was on otherwise, i think it comes up as a good chance to be a leadership challenge. and then, you know, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen. i mean, really, that's the problem. the,
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the future of the united kingdom development is now in the hands of people that know about these scandals, figures like dominant cummings, and they can really drunk this at any time that that choosing. and i think that's a very precarious position for the person got to be and, and, you know, may i say that may sound like i'm blaming those that have information on what the government's been up to. that is absolutely the folks at the government involved in these sorts of the various practices in the 1st place. and the 3rd group has been calling into question talking apartment number 10 for a number of years now. and i think that's now powerful to say, then i've just got to jump in. i really have no more time. but i want to ask you one last question. it's all very good talking about what politicians think of johnson and his potential scandal him. but what about the public? what does the public think of his apology and please 30 seconds. if you don't mind . i don't think the public a furious. you know, you can, you can dismiss poles, but you can't. you can't dismiss such and universal. block polls and anger and oring that has occurred on this issue and indeed the recent no structure on action
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. so i think the public are very genuinely angry about what's going on. this isn't just a westminster issue. this is, this is a national issue and forces in real trouble nationally and in westminster. ben, how can a chairman of the conservative think tank the bow group joining us live here on our international? it's been a pleasure. thank you. to canada now where people could soon be punished if they refuse to have a coven job. a quebec is planning on becoming the 1st province in the country to impose a so called tax on the on backs or the no job levy was proposed by the regions. premier who said it'll be at least 50 to a 100 canadian bucks. adding though, that he thinks should be much higher. the controversial measure comes as canada as a whole registers a spike and cobit cases. so we hit the roads of quebec to see what the locals think of this new form of fine or punishment. i think it's unfair to just suggest it's the responsibility or the fall to those that are on vaccinated. this
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is coming after decades of neglect and a dysfunctional health care system in quebec. you know that often pits people against each other. instead of the government taking responsibility, what i've heard is there's different reason why you might not be vaccinated and because you're against it. so taxing all of these people to me doesn't make any sense. i'm pretty sure it would be good if everybody can choose what they want to to, to do with the vaccination, and i'm pretty sure it would be better if everybody wouldn't be in, but we can't force anybody to have the vaccine. quebec province is not the only one in taxing of the and job from next week in greece. the unvaccinated will have to cough up an extra 100 years a month. plans are also a foot elsewhere in europe as well. austria is mulling a tax of over a 1000 euros a month, or if lee is considering a fine of a monthly fine of one and
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a half 1000 euros. we spoke with political commentator anthony webber. he told us it's all a finger pointing ploy to distract away from the mishandling of the crisis. not at all. like, not reasonable. it's not some number georgia, the world's governments would consider the have to look at the contract because in quebec they've had the resignation of medical director health. they've got a new one and they're trying to find a state gates for their terrible bid policy. may well be that they're trying to warn people for and driving me started back seen this particular primarily or to the back is just distracting attention from his own mess managed. for instance, the policy on to
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a group of people who happen to have decided to not be vaccinated. sorry, he's shown pool leadership. he's perfection. that is our population is trying to book one section of population makings. but there is no medical justification pool this decision. a tool, but he just gave more power to people lie, kit and a lot of people are very upset for canada, which seems to be a beacon of my to achieve afraid it is the opposite. electric char display are thus in used cars for this hour. it's been a pleasure having you with us for this thursday program life from western union o'neill here with the desk and a half an hour's time with more of your birthday, with
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a wrong one. all 3, i just don't know. i mean, you world just to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. yes, i do the great we received that rule. i lisa typical, there's only 9, but already 8 university students that away m slash a fact everything you a go on the kids to teams and you must appointment. let's see. yep. you got the was dos to deal with them. he did not.


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