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ah, when i went into that garden just after 6 on the 28th of may, 2020, i believe that this was a work event for the families are outraged by boris johnston's apology. after he admits attending a downing street party during the you case 2020 national lockdown, we speak to a man who buried his father during that period. at the same time that i was at my father's funeral and he was taking a bring your own views party. why does he believe the rules that you how to create that he made? didn't apply to him. german police are under fire for them. pace of accused them of illegally accessing data collected virus cove track app. the alleged the piece of power sparking a wave of public indignation. who is re ups. i'm aware of the individuals there.
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i don't have a specific background to hand, but sandburg was right out of that. sir, i cannot answer that question. the eyes grilled by republicans over re apps. a man who was filmed urging people to head to the capitol before and during the january 6, riots with money connecting him to the bureau after his name disappeared from its most wanted list with good morning and happy company. this is our t international. rubbing salt into the wounds, bereaved families you had to bury their loved ones amid you. k covey cubs, furious over their prime minister's insulting apology. devoris johnson admitted he did attend a downing street party at the height of the 1st national covey locked down in 2020 . and i went into that garden just after 6 on the 20th of may. 2020. i believed
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implicitly that this was a work event. this is about rules about who the, who's applying to become abundantly clear that the prime minister thinks that they didn't apply to him and they really shared my gods. she will be allowed to invite up to 5 people at the geno. say that meant it was just myself and my 4 siblings, and that could attend. there was no physical contact. so we went in lots of hug each other. even the vicar holding the ceremony wasn't allowed to shake hands or anything like that. and as soon as the ceremony was over, we all had to go back, came again. so at the same time, but i was at my father's funeral and he was taking part in a bring your own booth party number 10 downing street. they were author issuing bindings for people, meeting outside people were being fined money for meeting up people being harassed
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by the police. if they hung around the park for too long and the ultimate question had for the prime minister is, why does he believe that the rules that he helped create that he made didn't apply to him? well, bay 2020 was a challenging months of britain as much of the country was paralyzed by the 1st national lockdown indoor meetings between house. so they was strictly prohibited a maximum of 2 people could meet in a public place outside. there was though, an exemption on gatherings for work purposes. the rules still advised limiting all gatherings in the workplace. johnson's bought 6 cases sparked a whole wave of online means, even some companies, such as the ryan airline, posting mocking images. so the 1st party gate is it's called scandal involving johnson. at the end of last year, pictures emerged on line, allegedly showing him taking part in several social events down the street during the 2020 lockdown. and all this has led to calls for johnson to step down.
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so ridiculous good is actually offensive to the pretty. yeah. easy. now going to do a decent thing and reside in my judgement and all the evidence that seems in the face for the last few months. now, i think it's abundantly clear the bars johnson doesn't have an ounce of self decency. and him, leading by example is really key element of thought need to ship is clear not only as far as drugs and not have bothered moral leadership at the moment, but there's no pathway for him to get back. and that's why it was long as he remains prime minister. i think we're going to stay in a state of limbo in this country and ultimate is putting more people at risk when you say those words out loud that the government has done everything they could to save lives. i believe implicitly that this was a little wait things, whereas that they can just hang and yeah. messaging throughout has been terrible because the following of that point, if it does have been
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a patchy on it where they've gone again. biographic advice on the result, has been nearly well over a 175000 dest now, which is deep upsetting ah said now to germany, where police are facing abusive power allegations of to day, legally accessed the private data of german citizens. that have been collected by cobit tracking up and into sparked a wave of indignation these days it's just too easy to assemble a massive database of use a data, and the best intentions won't prevent it from being abused. you need to build technical privacy mechanisms into the system before the data exists. this needs amplification we on boulders, everybody should uninstall lou crap immediately since the german police stopped to use lucas rap generated location tracking information for their investigations. avoid being tracked against still will uninstall, who can now contact tracing up. since you all close to see the norms of people
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across here. when it comes to trying to get on with daily life, a made coven 19 for the police. here in germany, a faith claims that they broke they separate, fractured rights when it comes to one of the most downloaded applications on the market. luca logo, how much time a person spends a day for restaurants, old ed yelder event locking in by scanning a q r code on arrival and out when you leave the day sir, is encrypted and can only be accessed if the local health authority and the establishment all venue chronical sense and then only the health authorities have access to the info. the idea being that it's then used to track cove 19 infections and who came into contact with the infected. now police in mines of used information gathered by de luca up as part of their investigation into the death of
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a man who fell after leaving a restaurant in the city. the details of 21 potential witnesses were made available to police officers. and it has caused worry for some politicians in germany to say that this could lead to confidence in contact tracing apps being undermined. we must not allow faith in digital apps, which are an important tool in the fight against coven 19 to disappear the company behind the aft. culture. full life is criticized what it calls a misuse of information. almost every day we receive inquiries from the police. some public prosecutor's office about data from uses. we condemn this misuse of the data collected by the look up for infection protection. and welcome the announcement by the mains public prosecutor to raise awareness of the legal situation and to stop using the data. the luca ups contract to operate contact tracing is up for renewal in the near future. and some members of germany ruling
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coalitions, far from convinced that it should be extended. in fact, they're opening, telling people to install and use another service. uninstall deluca app immediately and then immediately use the corona worn app as far as the warning and the follow up are concerned. the look app is dead. the worry is the data breaches like this one play into the hands of protest groups who have been raging against germany's covered restrictions. while a vast majority of the population support the measures that have been taken. there are a growing number of people attending regular monday night demonstrations all across the country. and those demonstrations have at times turned into clashes between protesters and police.
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in response to the outcry from politicians to the case in mines, prosecutors there have apologized and said that they will use the data that they received. the local data protection authority is also said that they will be opening investigation into exactly how this information was obtained in the 1st place. peter oliver r t. berlin. let's take a look at the situation in canada now where unvaccinated people may face a financial penalty for refusing to have a job. kovacs planning to become the 1st province in the country to impose a tax on citizens who haven't been vaccinated. now, according to quebec, premier, he proposed this tax people will pay from $50.00 up to $100.00 for their decision not to have a job, but that could be revised upwards. the premier says that $100.00 in his opinion is not significant enough. the controversial decision comes amid a spike in daily covey cases in canada,
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where people on the streets what they make of the tax for the vax act. i think it's unfair, just suggests it's the responsibility or the fall to those that are on vaccinated. this is coming after decades of neglect and a dysfunctional health care system in quebec. you know that often pits people against each other. instead of the government taking responsibility, what i've heard is there's different reason why you might not be vaccinated and because you're against it. so taxing all of these people to me doesn't make any sense. no, i'm pretty sure it would be good if everybody can choose what they want to to do with the vaccination, and i'm pretty sure it would be better if everybody will be in. but we can forced anybody to have the vaccine. however, quebec province is not the 1st in the world to impose such a health tax. financial penalties are widely used in europe, for instance, citizens in greece have to pay $100.00 euros for every month they are unvaccinated
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. austria is willing, a similar decision for the price may be even higher over a $1000.00 euros each month. and the highest tax may be imposed in italy, one and a half 1000 years for refusing to have a job we discussed is controversial decision. we political commentator anthony whether, who says, imposing this tax is a simple distraction from the poor handling of the coby pandemic. they're not at all, they don't raise small. it's not something the majority of the world's governments would consider the have to look at the contract because in quebec, they've had the resignation of their marketing director of how they got a new one. and they're trying to find a state gates for their terrible bid policy. may well be trying to move people to and driving these guys in the back seat. and this particular,
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primarily our car back is just distracting attention from his own mess managed, for instance, the policy on to a great for people who happen to have decided say not the actual change. sorry, he's shown pool lead to share. these are attached to faction. that is, our population is trying to book one section of the population like gangs. but there is no medical justification pool this decision, a tool. but a dallas gave more power to people lie, kit, and a lot of people are very upset for canada, which she to be a beacon of my to that achieve? afraid it is the opposite electric char display. ah,
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okay. it's been a week since the anniversary of the capitol hill, riot spots. question marks are still being raised about the investigation into those defense the a b. i now saying that it knows about re ups and filmed, urging people to go to the capital building ad. and during had all i should say. and during the january 6 riots, the bureau is grow by republicans over a ledge, connections to the f b. i who is re ups. i'm aware of the individual, sir. i don't have the specific background to him. on the night of january 5th, 2021 eps wandered around the crowd that had gathered. and there's video out there at enchanting to borrow. we need to get into the capital end of the capital. this was strange behavior so strange that the crowd began chanting fed bed bed bed bed bed. miss sanborn was re up so fed. sir, i cannot answer that question. at long last,
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the feds have at least acknowledged the existence of the mysterious re apps, the man accused by many to have been an f. b. i plant among the january 6th riders, and this is all over a year after a video of him emerge, seeming to spur people into storming the capital building. i think we need, we need to know how soon we need to go to the can combine that with the fact that eps was on and off the f b i watch list and it should come as no surprise that some suspect the feds had more of a hand in all this than their fessing up to also why doesn't the january 6 committee tell us whether the f b. i had informants and other agents participating in the organizing of january the 6th and in january, the 6th itself, as the new york times already confirmed, it did. and how many of them there were and what role they played? why can't those be answered? even the new york times seems to be questioning the investigative committees
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narrative. so why then can't the feds at least explain why apps was taken off their most wanted list? the special committee seems to think it has an answer. he didn't enter the capital in january 6 and was removed from the most wanted list because apparently he broke no os. i'm pretty sure the f b, i wouldn't be dumb enough to put their own agent all wanted list. re epsis cooperated with the january 6 committee and we thank him. the committee has interview depth's eps informed us that he was not employed by working with or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on january 5th or 6 or any other time. and that he has never been an informal for the f, b i or any other law enforcement agency. well, he said he's not a fed, so he must not be and saying that he broke, no laws is also a bit strange. since u. s. federal law punishes those who incite riots with fines and prison terms of up to 5 years. so there's still no good explanation as to why he wasn't arrested along
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with hundreds of others in connection to the riots. this may be, but then why is an apps among the more than 700 people charged in connection with january? the 6th, when there are multiple video showing him doing far more than many, if not most than those who have been charged apps even made an appearance. and nancy pelosi is intro video to trumps impeachment. hearing. 2 from the. 2 the. 8 it's all raises a lot of questions about mr. apps, the very same man who is allegedly playing golf on his private ranch, while other january 6th riders are sitting in prison with your policy or before to get a hold of you. mid january patriots. the justice department and f. b, i can cry, conspiracy theory all they want,
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but people want to know who mr apps, really it's and what relationship he has with the feds. as long as there's a shortage of answers, public curiosity is only likely to grow. it's rationalized by the media that he was removed because he didn't break into the counseling to commit any crimes on camera . but i mean, that doesn't pass muster. it's full coverage of his denial that he was working with you guys so interesting. it was a just like brain melting and it's a ranch courtesy. so let's see it and, and several other outlets have argued as he did plan underwrote, he wasn't working for the a few and he faced perjury charges a low state prison if you'd law the f telling the truth. but that's like saying you're someone accused mother. he plead innocent, cool is innocent in a case like this involving multiple people in which the f, b, i has determined to find some degree of pre planning coordination for the breaking . then it would be, you know, potentially guilty or the least loyal,
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but quickly that's not being applied or obvious questions, whether it's a mid recalled, high inflation in the united states. supermarket shelves across the country are empty with scandal shop is making it clear who they blame for that by posting images using the hash tag back shelves. bided. now, here are some scenes from local supermarket. stay on the con serge bad wind to weather and broken supply chains are just some of the reasons cited for why items are out of stock. though president bond apparently thinks differently, claiming all issues have been solved in time for christmas. couple of months ago, we heard a lot of dire warnings about supply chain problems, leading to a crisis around the holidays. thanksgiving and christmas. we act. we brought together business and labor to solve the problems. the much predicted crisis didn't occur. and grinch did not steal christmas. meanwhile,
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over 70 percent of americans named economic problems. that biggest concern right now starts amid the harsh coded situation in the country that sir seemingly taking a back seat. we got reaction from americans. i'm no longer able to get everything on my grocery list when i come sometimes i have to go to 2 or 3 different stores to find something. i'm out of just like all this is. this is a lot higher than what i normally get an impression higher than it used to be in our president is not hammering in the way really. i think president biden's just sitting back letting things happen. and president trump made things happen. so, you know, it's 2 different kind of presidents right there, and it really shows right now. well, the us education system is also suffering. many teachers across the country they are resisting immediate school. reopening is asking for improved safety measures. a
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san francisco teacher told r t that even becoming covert positive education work as a force to teach again after just 5 days of treatment. and they were saying that if you are koby positive, you have 5 days off and then you test. and then there's been some debate around if you're a symptomatic, should you return? and we're saying no, because you could still be contagious. and i had one brian macklin saying, she's not in our school district, but she ran out of 60 because they're not paying for our cities. and she had cobra and she felt better. and then she felt she had to return to school in the us. we have to pay for on substitute when she went out of 6 days, so that can cut your salary and half. so i think they're making teachers make very difficult decisions. ready because we don't have paid sickly per cobit i, you know, of course wouldn't come here with me if i was co cobra positive, but it's just,
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it's very frustrating when you're not, you're not given the sick days to stay home when you, when you do have it severe staffing shortages or lack of adequate personal protective equipment difficulties and accessing covey testing, and just worsening overall working conditions are among the complaints. ah guess, told us the class is being divided as parents don't want to jeopardize the children's health right now. and here's what it looks like. i walk into my passion yesterday, and half of the room is here. half of the room is at home because they're waiting for testing results. everyone hates online learning. teachers hate it. students hate it. but at this point, this is, this is unsustainable. what we're doing now, especially i teach mathematics, it's very deceptive because the concepts build on one another. so they're missing days in class because they're waiting for test results or they have co read, then they're, it's hard for them to catch up. so we need daily rapid test so that we can come
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back to work, and we need daily wrapper tests so that students can come back to school. until 5th, joe biden, the covey christ, of course, in the highest inflation rate for 40 years. and this unpopularity seems to be well getting worse. according to the lights, dispos, spud's approval rating felt by 25 percent, only after a year in office. as for his disapproval, right english as no signs of decreasing. meanwhile, georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate, stacy abram, said she's skipping president bonds voting rights, speech and atlanta. on tuesday, both president candidate alluded to shilling issues as an m a n b c. host. however, said biden's unpopularity is the key. reason politicians don't show up with presidents when their approval ratings may be in the thirty's in the state whether or not well we spoke to the president of the brownstone institute,
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jeffrey tucker. he says that biden's unpopularity might be even worse. in reality. it's a big risk for any politician to basically shun the sitting president united states from that from that party. but i think what you're going to start seeing is that the party itself, the d and c democratic national committee is going to start shannon the, by the administration. also, because they cannot allow the top of the ticket to destroy the majority in the house, in the senate and governors races around the country. all the election data that we've seen over the last 6 months. 8 months have suggested that the bi demonstration is approaching historic levels of unpopularity. i suspect is much worse than polls suggest, because the polls are always going to be biased in the direction of this, the media bias. so you have most a corporate media in the united states has been very much and partisan
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for the biochemistry. so when you get a call from a poster people, people know what you're supposed to say. so the fact that so many people are willing to say i disapprove of this guy. that so many are willing to tell a poster that is extremely revealing. debunked topics such as the flat earth theory could soon be on the air waves in quest to broadcast the range of views. the bbc's. now even planning to give at a time to certain conspiracy theories, as, according to the bbc's director of editorial policy in standards, flat earth is not going to get as much space as people who believe that the earth is round. but very occasionally, it might be appropriate to interview a flat earth or, and if a lot of people believed in a flat earth than we would need to address it more than we do at the present time. but the move has been slammed on line, including by those who usually support the broadcast. this is toby moses. heads of
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newsletters that the guardian newspaper, his express fears over having clear nonsense or even dangerous ideas. i guess discuss why the broadcasters chosen to give more attention to certain conspiracies and not to others. they do have a wide range of views on the b, b, c on a number of topics, but on certain other topics that the parameter to the very narrow things like war. busy remember the rack walk in the lead up to war? we, we saw sort of anti war voices vanishing from, from the airwaves. it was all pro war voices. and in the last 20 years on the covey narrative voices who opposed locked downs and things like math mandates have also struggled to get a hearing. so i think there is, there is this problem that on certain contentious issues, there is a kind of a, a policy really of not having the widest possible views out on. i think they should be, i think that maybe see, should be reflecting all views. that's what it should be doing as
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a national broadcaster, but it doesn't always do that. they're trying to be more relevant because that competition is a digital social media space. so they have to but you said charter that is going to see itself from 2027 and beyond. if it's going to survive under its license. a funding model is such a large organization that it's almost like multiple. busy organizations, so mix of good. so it's about, it's terrible of representing views of people across the country because a lot of its employees in the news department from a fairly similar background. now they are talking about what to do about the fact that if you watch the baby say, you wouldn't believe a majority of people supported leaving the european union as an example. so the now trying to deal with that i'm bring can plurality. i think what the bbc should do is say stretch, stay strictly down the line, not with news debates, but what we should then do in the united kingdom is take these ridiculous rules off
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on political neutrality. every single television channel in the united kingdom is required to be politically neutral. it is an absolute nightmare for broadcast. as it damages the industry. we only have to look sort of the questioning the see question tom, the flagship current affairs for m. c. this guess we're on that show back in the eighty's. you had people that will be called hog left today or call, right even today all on that panel. and today it's become extremely blair, i think, i think we will talk about the b, b c being left when i don't think that's true. i think it was really to call it has a sort of blair right view and everything. whether it's about the, whether it's about whatever a lot of the people, the big power is making the decisions or who to get on the shows all come from. it's going to quite narrow background and they will have quite a very similar political, political views, accountability rather today. thanks. he company this morning, appreciate you joining me here on our team. i'll be back with you since 30 minutes .
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ah . oh, emotions, medieval institutions. and then i go to like technology and the combination of these 3 very you could say historically distinct seeks fixes with, in psycho physical makeup have rendered us pretty dangerous to ourselves to get to the planet. and yes me, oh oh, we see that rule, at least the typical there's only 9 but already a university. students that away and slash
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a new modest appointment. let's see. yep. you got the glass doors to deal with them. he did not then noble choose a little meeting with him so that he may go no recalls with now brochure nebraska and of course with them will your special i was the yeah my i was thinking what the plan was to get. i wish him was in your mind shifting this i'm doing that. it was with the dog that he was a was i was not to call you. i knew it with soon lose with, with judge hayville. i'm calling for his teacher was all reason is balise. we'll come with it. 6 to join me every
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thursday. i me, alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess what the world of politics, sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. july. an annual festival in st. petersburg, dedicated to dostoevsky. ah, the great writer thinker and psychologist, people turned to his work to understand russia and russians and perhaps even themselves. he put a single movie, say, put basic mathematic vehicle of wiley theda. he took waste, has ever been changing a rita transforming them as they read that dust i ask is unique ability to stay of ski wants to tell us you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self or you can give beyond conventions, rules of schemes.


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