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my bank a bad nose was out the door very bad drug on the good news. you have job security is world desperately needs with when i was showing wrong, i just don't know. i mean, you have to figure out because the answer to an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. the current ministration continues to see their popularity. democrats are already looking for their replacement for the next major election cycle. is looking to the past, the best move or speculation about
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a possible 2016, a rematch in 2024. what does putting a candidate to a previously loss versus each other, say about the american political system? we will give you the $360.00 view. let's be honest. this is how anyone wanted to be starting at 2020 to canada, had taken his attack against san vaccinated to a whole new level. this time against those who choose to not get the jap thanks. society should not have to bear the burden on health care for individuals choices. this is the ronald mcdonald house in canada, hands out eviction notice to those on a vac, said it over the age of 5. we will bring you the reaction and we could see 2 trials against associates, of jeffrey epstein, happening simultaneously as a federal judge in new york is going to allow the lawsuit against prince amie andrew followed by virginia to free to move forward. could this disclose more
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information about the inner workings of the sex trafficking ring john hunting will join us at the latest. and if you are stuck in a snow storm, what is better to have a gas or an electric power car? and if the soaring gas prices causing electric vehicles to become more popular was america a top selling automaker last year isn't from america. we will discuss why with more in fit. i know he's on today's news use hughes. we will go deeper than just the headline to give you the full picture. so let's get started. ah, thanks for joining me today. what does it say about a country when the best choice for leadership in the future is once in the past? now both parties are struggling on their strategy for the next election cycle in large part because of the power within the party is still held by those previously
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office. or the democrats doubt about pushing either of the current office holders is growing in large part due to their dramatic reduction in popularity. and for the republicans, the former president still holds the top spot with, despite having multi me rising stars within the party, none went to be in the cross hairs of the former president. knowing how savage attacks can be. plus it would be virtually impossible to actually win the general election without the very loyal trump base or the valuable data vault which his team possesses. but democrats are making it known. trump take 3 is what they fear the most, at least a dozen democratic lawmakers this week have started to circulate possibly using the 14th amendment to a block, a former president, trump from running again in 2024. and whether this is just a p r, move is remained to be seen. but needless to say, president biden is making it obvious. he sees donald trump as his strongest
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challenger, with the concept mentioned of the former president during his last 2 public speeches. but maybe the current president needs to focus on his current job more as it's the present hardships in america, which is causing his own party to doubt his or even his vice presidents chances of reelection. currently, hillary, clint actually seems to be in the perfect position to step back in or at least to those who are pushing her name. but even democrats have to know america is too tired to go through another divisive campaign season like 2016. and yet, as of now seems to be the path. both parties are on. but the reality is, if you think americans are suffering from political fatigue today, just imagine after 3 more years of economic and health instability, even democrats know without passing their election reform bill, their chances of holding on to congress are very slim. maybe the floating of hillary clinton's name is just to appease from now, because after november, democrats know they will need to have
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a fresh name to reignite excitement for their canada and their party. just in case america find yourself once again in a battle between the orange man and the nasty woman. hopefully this will not be like other sequels are almost always turned out to be a waste of time. to me now discuss farmer us time for an alan grayson and former colorado states that are ted harvey, who is also chairman for the committee to defeat the president. thanks for joining me, gentlemen. good afternoon. thanks robert allen. i've got to start with your congress and do you consider hillary clinton to actually be under consideration for future office? no, it's going to be trump versus by unless one of them falls sick between now and, and 3 years from now it's really locked in. unless that happens now, if biden does god forbid fall sick, then it's a different start point than what you're seeing now is that there are a certain number of political operatives who are clinton easters, and want to get in the media. so they're saying things like this, but she has no chance of getting the nomination as long as joe biden wants it and
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is able to have it. on the other side, it's a very similar situation. but trump is that a tremendous disadvantage because 85000000 people voted for him. and the last thing a voters ever want to do is have over somebody that they voted against beforehand. so trump starts out in very weak position with regards to 3 years from now. when it's interesting, again, it is present. i'm not gonna ask you about this ted kennedy. he actually look at any other candidate right now. other than president trump? well now the president trump has the strongest political following of any political figure in modern history. if he wants to run for the nomination, he will certainly get the nomination, and he will become president united states because there is a great, great deal with buyer's remorse from the voters that voted for biden, in the last election cycle. they're seeing the disaster that is this administration, and that's why the democrat party is desperately trying to find anybody to feel
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issues. but who are they going to go to? they're not going to get kamala harris, they're they can't get andrew cuomo, they can't get terry mcauliffe. they can't get booted jag, they can't get a and see where they're going to go to find somebody who will have the expertise to be able to run for president united states. they're going to have to go back to an on an, an convicted criminal hillary clinton to be their nominee. and that's the best they got. well, i will be interesting that the same time i do have the question terrible. i've got you because it's all about his around you and the trump pack re essentially, actually this morning, put out an email pushing for more campaign. major paul man affords new book actually shocked about this, considering all the baggage and fire that man afford cause a campaign and trump. but does this show of trumps getting the band back together? doesn't matter, as long as they come back and, and say they're sorry, they appease president trump, that they're back in a circle. and why would it be smart from trump to surround himself by a lot of the same people that lost him the campaign? this last go around. well, i don't think supporting
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a book is meeting their rallying the troops to surround the campaign with the same people to move forward into 2024. i think that's a stretch to be saying that that's what they're doing. i think that the administer, the president in his campaign, is probably trying to help a guy that his life was completely ruined, simply because he was associated with donald trump. and in the middle of a shot, which was the mueller investigation doing everything they could to bring down the president united states, and anybody that was associated with them, despite the fact that there was no proof of any legality on behalf of the administration or his campaign. well, that's what our author do. if this does turn out to be a trauma versus hillary clinton, allen, are you going to have all of that rehash amongst the media? we're going to bring back up pressure at the same time. are you expecting with hillary clinton once again, it's the bleach, the bleach bed, the all of the, everything up in gauzy?
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is it going to be the arguments that america has already rehash over and over again? well, they're actually be able to discuss anything fresh. know look of the, the issue is going to be trumped, no matter who is opposing him, that's the way it's going to be. and i must say, i'm delighted to hear that republican operatives like your other guest or are still drinking the cool aid and still utterly delusional. it's a fact, by the way that joe biden has had a better favorability rating every single day. and every single hour that he's been in office than donald trump, that in his 1st year in office. and it went downhill from there. so the ocean, the basically anybody, anybody with a pulse should be able to beat donald trump 3 years from now. and that's what we're going to find out. you know, the, there are the nation always as concerns. there's always something bad happening. but what you have now is somebody with good faith, a reasonable adam intelligence, and a certain rationale that donald trump completely lacked. who's doing his best to work through these problems, as opposed to the guy who grabs women's, you know what?
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well, that's the choice that we're going to have. okay, so then if that is the choice app, ask you then allen, why is there such a push right now for this motor, right? spell that they're, they're pushing through congress. what about the past has made people's the voice that be suppressed when congress is controlled by democratic eval, obviously controlled by democrats. where is this motor suppression happening so bad that we have to have new legislation come into place? and if that's why now, and the timing of it everywhere, everywhere, the republicans control the legislature and they control the governors office. they are pushing, pushing, pushing to suppress the vote, and cheat their way through elections just as trump that in georgia. his greatest fear right now is that he's going to be indicted for calling up the secretary of state and georgia saying, could you please find the another 14000 votes and this man thinks he can be the president. i had states again, give me a greg. he is the worst president we've ever had in our lives. and the republicans
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are following his play book by trying to suppress democratic votes and only democratic votes all around the country, everywhere they can tad, have you run into some of those democratic, those that have been suppressed. i haven't, i've seen a lot of democrats that actually support the reforms that republicans are pushing like zoner id to be able to vote. you have to show a photo id and that's being supported by 80 percent of the american people 70 percent of republicans and minorities agree with that. they don't believe that you should have valid hardesty where everybody goes out and, and takes from senior citizens who are not capable of voting. but the democrat operatives are going into the city or citizen homes and collecting balance. american people don't want that. they want to have their election, they want to have more people voting, but not criminals noting, and that is what the democrats want. and that is what the republicans in these states are stopping. and the democrats hate it because they know they can't cheat.
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they can't win, that's why they're pushing back as hard as they possibly are. can right now, or are when you're in congress with this problem is not happening. is this just something that's happened in the last 12 to 4 years, and we're seeing these issues show up that you have to pay a reform legislation with voters suppression happening when you are actually sending up on the hell? did you see examples of that? look what's happened is the trump has opened the floodgates of cheating, the president. i'd states try to choose the way through a post election period and failed. and instigated audits have to coo and everything short of that to happen. and the republicans are taking their marching orders all around the country. i'll give you a concrete example in south texas a heavily hispanic heavily democratic area. the republicans shut down so many polling places that some people have to drive a 150 miles to vote. a 150 miles. that's how badly they're willing to suppress the democratic road. yeah. okay, so to that point right there is that what this bill has to do with, i think that's a part of the also side of it. i've had democrats tell me,
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there's not good communication right now on these letters. those are 10, i'll give you the last word on this side of it. are republicans doing a good job? we hear all it's about voters suppression. we're not voter integrity. why? republicans pointing out that we just want to make sure that there's integrity and trust put back into our elections. that's all this is and we're not trying to protect republican votes. we're trying to protect. everybody is both, regardless of whether you are a democrat or republican, your vote shouldn't be diluted by people who don't live in the state that people are dead. and that is what the democrats want, when you have all male ballots, going to people that live outside of the state. and people that have dad and their families can then vote their ballots. that's what the democrats wants to do without having to sort of idea to prove that the person that's voting is actually the person that's voting. but you didn't hear the democrats complaining for 4 years as hillary clinton was saying that the election was stolen, that the russians, and got involved in the campaign that we shouldn't had donald trump should be pres the united states. when now we know,
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after all of these investigations that it was actually hillary clinton and the democrats that were working with the russians, but they didn't, they didn't, you didn't hear them saying hillary clinton shut up about election integrity for 4 years or she was on the trail, whining, and complaining about the election, they're only doing it now when republicans have proved that there was voter fraud in the last ted allen. this is a conversation that we're going to over 3 years, especially at these to end up somehow getting to be at the top of the ticket for whatever reason. i'm glad we got to start the conversation here. thanks for joining me. okay, so in a rare and very controversial move a quote back as paint you hacks, people who choose not to give back cited from covered 19 for non medical reasons. this according to premier francis la galt at a price prevail on tuesday. so for move for more on this move that is sure to spark debate about individual rights and social responsibility. we bring an article on it packed, some boyd got the move would make what back the 1st province in canada to impose
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the financial penalty on the unvaccinated. and it comes to hospitalization. linked to the virus or surging might seen is the key to fight the virus. this is why we're looking for a health contribution for adults refuse to be vaccinated for non medical reasons. quebec premier friends while ago making a push for adults who remain unvaccinated to get the shot. will go telling reporters on tuesday, those refused to get vaccinated. when they say financial penalty. only about 10 percent of the residents and candidates. second, most populous province are unvaccinated, but will go says they make up about half the people in intensive care, overwhelming hospitals in placing a burden on its health care network. we need to focus our efforts on 2 things. getting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dozers on facts of vaccine and reducing our contacts,
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especially with older people ago, says those who refuse to get their 1st dose in the coming weeks will be charged. a financial penalty logo says the penalty will only apply to those who don't qualify for medical exemption. i think that right? it's a question also of fairness for 90 percent of the population men made some sacrifices. i think we hold them at this kind of merger. who beck previously announced a 10 pm to 5 am curfew to help combat the spread of coven? 19 official say the curfew will be lifted once things improve. on tuesday, quebec reported $62.00 more deaths attributed to corona virus, pushing the total number of those killed by cobra. 19 in the province to more than 12000 the most in canada will go says the amount that will be collected has not yet
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been decided, but he didn't say that it will be significant. when we return, reconfirm storm have left drivers stranded for hours. for those train it in a gas vehicles, a better off the nose and electric, but we will get some answers right after the break. ah. price fixing is the problem. if you wanna free market, you've got all, let the market be free. you can have half of the market free, and then half the market fixed. do you end up with the problem that we have today? now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugar is making the tobacco up into over 2 years.
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ah ah ah, you as judge the world a lawsuit filed by one of jeffrey epstein's accusers against prince andrew. the duke of york can move forward a dramatic turn of events in a case against the prince and his ties to abstain and the allegations of sexual abuse. artesia john had a report what father said and the hits just keep on coming for prince andrew us
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district judge lewis cap would reject him in argument wednesday by the duke of york's lawyers. that virginia roberts grew phrase lawsuit should be thrown out due to a previous settlement with disgraced and now deceased financier jeffrey epstein. judge kaplan ruled that the $500000.00 settlement between epstein and grew fray did not involve prince andrew and thus did not prevent a lawsuit against him go. frey, one of jeffrey epstein's most prominent and vocal accusers, sued the prince back in august, 2021, saying epstein and gillen maxwell coerced her into having sex with andrew in 2001. when she was just 17 years old. in his 46 page opinion, judge caplin writes that grew fray alleges she was forced to have sex with andrew at maxwell's home in london on epstein's infamous little saint james island and at his upper east side town house in new york city. where,
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according to the document maxwell force grew fray quote, and another victim to sit on prince andrew's lap. as prince andrew touched her, the document goes on to read. during this visit to new york. according to the complaint, the defendant forced miss, grew fray, to engage in sex, acts against her will, and was aware both of her age and that she was a co worst sex trafficking victim capital and explained he is required by law to proceed as if the allegations made by gu, freight are true. writing the law prohibits the court from considering at this stage of the proceedings. defendant's efforts to cast out on the truth of miscue phrase allegations. even though his efforts would be permissible at trial. prince andrew has adamantly denied ever having sexual relations with fray and during a widely pan bbc interview said he did not even remember meeting her or taking the now infamous picture with her, allegedly, at maxwell's london home. one days rolling comes just 2 weeks after the jury found
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gillen maxwell guilty of federal sex trafficking charges. now prince andrew reportedly has until july 14th to respond to the allegations under oath, most likely in a videotaped deposition that could be played in court if the case is not settled before then. and if not, the judge could set a trial date between september and december. of 2022 from easy as his john hardy. anybody ministration the push to adopt electric vehicles or a bees and pays out a gas powered ones? it's reasonable to fact there's some bump in the road in every state. there's an acknowledge needed to develop new infrastructure and charging stations and without a massive increase in these stations, widespread adoption of the be just isn't realistic. state budgets are seeing billions of dollars collectively carved out for this purpose. on top of the, by the ministrations $7500000000.00 plan on a nationwide network of half
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a 1000000 new charging stations. meanwhile, states that rely on gas taxes for billions and revenue are anxious to find a way to make up for the loss when the driver stop needing all that lucrative gas, ga us. now we will come in the car coach yourself, lauren fix. lauren, thank you so much for joining me on this right. thanks for having back. okay, so the people who love to drive the mystique of the open road is a huge part of the appeal. you can drive off into all these unknown with competence and he won't be stranded, is investing billions to make charging station as common in gas station. is that going to actually sell more drivers on e b who are still reluctant to switch? well, you can tell by the sales that sort of no matter what anybody says, and all the propaganda that you hear when it really comes down to it, all you have to do is look at sales. you're about 2 percent of sales. last year we only had about 14000000 in sales because of obviously we had a chip shortage and a bunch of other things. but the bottom line is, if only 2 percent of people have converted,
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the height from the mainstream media is, is telling us the real truth that there's just, they're just not selling. people are not accepting that there's too many factors, including the slow charging times. it takes hours to get a full charge, even with the faster charging stations which are very limited, you get maybe 80 percent charge in an hour. what are you supposed to do for that? our we are in a very impatient society. we stand in front of the microwave and go, let's go. so 7 minutes to fill up, get gas that works anything longer. i think the average consumer is just too impatient for that, and they don't want to be limited. right? well, time limit. there's this debate about whether these electric vehicles do as well and severe went whether something we've seen and over claims, if they're not as power for safe as gas powered ones. we just saw as having a 995 with 14 hours people were stuck on that interstate. is there some actual truth to that into that fear? are people in a lot of trouble when they can't get near one of these evie stations like in a winter outage? well that is
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a problem and this has been known since day one. some vehicles have pre heaters, so if your car is sitting outside that would work. but when you're sitting outside for hours on end in your vehicle and maybe starting it every once in a while, hoping that it's enough juice, essentially the support you for 24 hours. obviously this is not a consistent situation. this could be a problem. and what was happening is, and there were people that reported this, there was over 200 electric vehicles that were stuck on the road where they become roadblocks to those vehicles that are gas and diesel powered, which becomes a problem. so there was even a situation where one of the truckers lent one of them a blanket and some hand warmers cuz they didn't have it and they were stuck in the vehicle with nothing. so this is just a factory you need to consider. you're going to lose about a 3rd of the battery life in real cold weather. and if you're sitting outside and you're using it on and off, especially using the heated seats in the center screen and the charging, you're just going to use up the juice. it's going to be less time than if you had an equivalent combustion engine or diesel vehicle. so sadly,
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this is something you need to consider before you make that purchase. and it's like you said, this isn't anything new. so our manufacturers doing a better job of preparing their owners for that, do they have backup systems available? and is this something that possibly maybe domestic auto manufacturers could do with their e v vehicles to get them up to par and competition with those international which are now actually being out. so our pacing here at home? well, a lot of manufacturers are offering plug in hybrids that are also gasoline powered . so you get the best of both worlds and you're seeing that a lot with different manufacturers, not just the domestics, but also japanese and korean. so they're offering the fact that if you're driving around town, you can run an electric. if you're sitting in a highway or you're going longer distances, you're not going to be beholden to a charging station or waiting in line for hours, which happens a lot in california. so it's, all automakers are making those, but the mainstream media and the government is pushing for all electric, no gasoline back up. they want to make it so expensive. if the government had their
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way to be $10.00 a gallon for gasoline, and it would be totally difficult to get, but consumers are pushing back and if they're not going to buy them, no matter what's available. this is going to make a difference because manufacturers can't take a loss and every vehicle and try to make it up in volume. absolutely. and the reality of it is right now as people actually are saying what's happening to the people who are buying and put in tough situations. that being said is the 1st year that we saw in the international automaker, toyota actually outpaced domestic domestic products. is this going to be the trend of moving forward, and is there anything new that domestic manufacturers, like ford and chevrolet are doing to compete well to it? is building product here in the us. i've been to their play. i have one in texas where they're building trucks are all over the place just as honda is as well. 5 but toyota outsold, general motors, general motors, have a lot of problems this year, much outside their control between union issues and of course then we had cove, it issues. but on top of that they had all their bolt, either plug and electric vehicles got recalled. then they had
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a chip shortage and they got hurt, pretty hard on the chip shortage. and toyota was able to get a supply quicker than other manufacturers. so that put toyota and the lead. and they've got a lot of product coming out. and i have to give them a lot of credit. they moved their home base to texas, and they're, they're proud to be tech. i think that you're going to see a lot more product coming out of there. and you're right. i think we see probably more international lines being made here in the u. s. the domestic lines are being made outside of ours. laura, always great to chat with you. thanks for joining me. okay, so let us continue this conversation on twitter. have we seen at the end of the american car company dominating domestic car sales to meet me? are you answer at scott? and who do i have that team in the 8 and for all diverse programming here at r t america. make sure you download the portals out to the app. most importantly, until we see each other again, i'm kind of like you to stay happy. stay healthy and staying for ah
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july, an annual festival in st. petersburg dedicated to dusting epsky with the great right . to think around, psychologist people often tend to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. they put a single, know to you to sit with me while you need them. changing a rita, transforming them as they read. that's the best i ask is unique ability to stay ascii wants to tell us, you can better yourself. makes you face your true self with the on the conventions, rules of schemes, beyond boundaries. in time, dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics, as everyone knows, i'm never out of stuff with
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the russia us box in geneva, we're highly anticipated, but expectations of a positive outcome were low, very low rest. his chief negotiator says americans, under estimate the gravity of the situation, these are ominous words. what will be the cost of this failure? with
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ah, nate, so has been, shines a wine, the clog box, a cold war times from a russian press, beefing up the high stakes talk them brothels. nato understands the principle of the in the visibility of security selected by. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a calendar dots while nate rejects russia's red line of not letting ukraine join the military alliance thing. the blog expansion spread freedom and democracy also the comb. griffin's prime minister apologizes for attending a lockdown drinks party in the back garden at number settings 2020. it was the 1st time you have methodist presence, but now says he thought it was a work event.


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