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half of the market free, and then half the market fixed the you end up with the problem that we have today. ah, the headlines this, our russia and nato wrap up in brussels. the alliance chief saying dialogue was difficult but necessary. also to come, the british prime minister, forrest johnson apologizes for attending a lockdown drinks party at number 10 in 2020 we had previously denied taking part, but now says he thought it was a work event and cuddle your pet, the star jumps. if you want to stay warm this winter and you k n e g for players, the heat from its customers after giving the 5 as the cost of fuel. so i think i'm completely lost the floss or my wife went out. she paid really freeze in our in house because we're trying to get the costs down. you just think what
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else with hello, welcome. good evening you watching out international. just come 7 o'clock in the russian capital. i. russian and native delegations have wrapped up talks in brussels for the day. they've been held in an effort to reduce tensions on the continent. it is the 1st time to the nato. russia council has convened in more than 2 years. with the details his charlotte davinsky. i will he describe this as being not easy in terms of the discussions, but said that's it really pointed out as to why they were so necessary. he said that they were serious exchanges between the 2 sides. again, outlining what they would like to see what they read lines were, and he said that they would meet discussions when it came to ukraine and also on european security. and however, one of russia's red line,
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it's been very clear about ease at no nato expansion into former soviet union countries such as ukraine and georgia. once again, the nato secretary general said russia did not have a veto. when it came to this issue, oz on their sides, reaffirmed naples open door policy on the rights for each nation to choose its own security arrangements. so these are the other friends as a nathan argument is aggressive. absolutely not true. and nathan launch month has been a cornerstone for the spread of democracy and freedom across europe. well, some bright spots that were discussed in that meeting that suggest they could be yeah, emerging of minds on certain aspects, according to and stilton berg that was on arms control and also on proliferation. but no actual concrete measures have been agreed in those things in regards to
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a schedule for future talks, which sultan burke had said would be a marker for the success of this particular meeting. he said his counterparts from russia needed to go away and have a discussion about that before they would get back to a schedule of possible further talks. and he did say though, that they is no solution and less, there is a way forward, politically between the 2 sides. i st. anthony's discussions about that. and then this isn't the fastest way to, to try to get out of this crisis is for a child to deescalate, i really color or shelter to start off of a corporation of dialogue, of the escalation, instead of confrontation. i want to bring you just up to date with another press conference. this just happened in the last hour or so, and this is from wendy sherman,
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who's the under secretary of state to actually lead the us delegation talks in geneva early this week as well as she was at those talks in native today, i was told that she made was quite interesting. she said the u. s. family wants to reassure that its stance is nothing about he without you. whether that's ukraine, whether that's europe. well, that's nato. an interesting point. given stilton burke had already said that ukraine was one of the major discussions of the day, despite the fact that ukraine wasn't in those discussions, a very confusing message coming that potentially from the under secretary of state . she also, once again accused russia of aggression saying, the countries building up troops on the bully that continues at something we also heard from you in stilton berg too, and said that russia and she's preparing to invade. this is something that has been denied over an overt by russia. however, russia has said what it needs to deescalate the tensions that is surrounding many
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different issues, particularly on ukraine, is an iron clad guarantee that nato will not expand. this is what the deputy foreign minister said gay every ap. gov had to say early this week we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation or what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other side. so to see, we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. now let's be clear, these discussions are not easy. this is a 2nd law to talk that russia has been part of this week. there will be a 3rd set of talk at to morrow in vienna, and all of this comes amid heightened tensions as well. with threats still coming
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out from the u. s. and again, repeated today of from the nato secretary general agend stilton vogue that they would be severe consequences if russia in bates, ukraine. again, something moscow says it has no intention of doing. there's also been bobs traded at from the white house press secretary suggesting that russia could be looking to spread dis information as a result of the meetings that are taking place this week. that was, i received a furious, a rebuttal from the russian f spokesperson for the foreign ministry, who said, actually in fact this showed that us authorities were just out of touch. serious discussions were now at the russian embassy in brussels, where the next press conference is due to take place very shortly. but we will get a sense of what the russian delegation felt about it's meeting earlier today. and of course we can try and put some of those points from stilton, bergen, wendy sherman, and see what the russian counterparts have to say to that we will be keeping up to
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date here on our t international life venue. start consultant the u. s. e told us russia is completely within its rights to place troops where it, once su, on its own territory, you have to judge, dea, nato, and of russia, according to its history of the last 30 years. and if you look at that, a record you can tell who is the most reliable. russia is not amassing true. see mexico and pacific coast are best go against the pacific west coast. it is a massy troops on its own territory. ross is the biggest country in the world, were 22000 kilometers on board us. i mean that it has a big arm is, says he said normal is normal. it's what a nato does as well. i think there will be some kind of short term agreement to ease the tension a bit, but a long term solution is out of the question from the stocks,
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if there would be some kind of what they call invasion, which i doubt very much there would there would be an extension of what they already did, some kind of economic sanctions or more persons on a or wanted listed or not. that will not get the visa. there will be for things frozen 1st. so there isn't, there will be nothing new. my big fear is an undecided aggression, which will be provoked, for example, by extreme writing nationalists in the ukraine to sort of get nato to get engaged. that, that good and then bold depends on how russia would react. now a civil sex assault case against britons. prince andrew is moving forward in the united states. a judge in new york has rejected the world, the royals attempt to dismiss the law st brought by virginia t. frank. we can get move. mason is now cross live to our correspondent,
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caliber shopping in the united states. i collect just run through them. what's happened today? sure. well we now have a ruling from judge louis caplin in federal district court here in new york city. that essentially the lawsuit against prince andrew will go forward. so virginia due fray maintains that prince. andrew had sex with her and that she was forced to do so that jeffrey epstein now deceased, forced her to have sex with prince andrew against her will. when she was under age in the year of 2001, now she filed a lawsuit against prince andrew for this case, for this crime. and at this point, we have now seen the attempt by prince andrew's legal team to get the lawsuit thrown out, dismissed. essentially what had happened was that they had argued that the lawsuit could not proceed because of the on a legal agreement that was made at the time that jeffrey epstein was sued by
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virginia. you fray. they argued that, that, that part of the legal agreement that was made settling the lawsuit, the settlement was that there could be no further lawsuit. however, the judge overlooked the language of that legal agreement and argued that no, it did not protect for it's andrew from lawsuits. now the judge also commented on the case saying that the virginia due afraid, deserves any compensation really even furthermore, that that she has rather important evidence powerful evidence in the case. so quite an interesting development, the lawsuit will proceed. okay, thanks for the update that bizarre sees that could have more than reporting from new york. not burton's prime minister boris johnson has admitted that he did attend to dining street party at the height of the 1st national coby locked down in 2020. he apologized to britain's who at the time, not even alive to go into one another's homes, was arguing, he thought it was
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a work event. i appreciate the, the point that he's making about the event that i attended. i want to, i want to repeat that. i think it was a, a work event is politicians form perhaps both sides of the aisle or concern they'd like to see not just an apology from bars, johnson but resignation as well. because this seems to be a common theme. now of course, because our minds back to roughly the spring of 2022 years ago now we had the whole country. in fact, most of the world locked down almost completely and we've seen in the u. k. again and again. revelations of politicians, particularly conservative politicians, those close downing street having christmas parties, for example, while people couldn't see their dying relatives, or in this case a garden party in may of 2020. when many people were, for example,
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not seeing relative things stuck away from loved ones who are suffering and other restrictions on their lives. now the image that the country has is that those are the top, the elite don't seem to think rules apply to them. and for many politicians, the only way to regain public trust is if the man responsible for all of this, the prime minister parish johnson finally resigns. his defense, his defense that he didn't realize he was at a party ha ha is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the press with the whole country was locked down. he was posting boozy party in town express ac. now going to to, to decent thing. and resign mr. speaker, it talk to the right honorable gentleman to choose how he conducts himself in. yes,
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me now what we've also see in our repeated examples of boris johnson previously pleading his innocence and saying that actually nothing had taken place . that was against the many rules that once again, the rest of the country through a number of messaging techniques and the some psychologists of put it. and other medical professionals must formation consistently putting out messaging to the public to stick to the rules. the government, apparently seeing at the time anyway, many figures within the government that they themselves didn't have to stick to the rules. but in any case, we've seen nothing but denials up until this point they viewed was a party. thank you. it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admit it, and they thought it was funny. the prime minister has been called right. honda. why definitely envy investigation right now. but just admitting it i been repeatedly assured, oh good isn't the 1st time of the 1st revelation. of course,
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a big political fallout from the revelations of political parties taking place a christmas party taking place at downing street last christmas. and that led to the resignation of allegra struts. and she was a spokeswoman who was caught on camera for pretty much laughing about the situation she handed in her resignation. perhaps a political sacrifice of bars, johnson could keep his job. but as more and more of these revelations come out, there are few or fewer people who will be willing to throw themselves on their swords. and eventually the question will be, will prime minister himself finally step down? now the russian delegation at the native talks being held in brussels to day are giving a press briefing right now to p foreign minister, alexander bruce cohen speaking, listening to iceland. hm. and assembly last year was with them. so you thought assume another year for flood the will. no problem for you, sir. washer, chairman of denise rush, council or as his power received
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a set of proposals from the russian federation will with regards to security arrangements from outlining the systemic view of the russian federation. on how to count as opposed to you in the sphere of a european security blob. was for sure. today's mean title. she'll fuck that up. her daughter will. you know you got that. so i was devoted to analyzing sort of one of the, all the factors that lead to the degradation of european security we've seen over the last year. it was more than one of those meetings that are, she's been said here, which what's possible, but there's no thanks to that thrashing initiative and we are very grateful to the secretary general hughes quickly to go south for supporting the holding of this meeting. he was global way in, which is our delegation also included a frame you and military officials. not sure, i'm not gonna be headed by mr. foreman,
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and this part of delegation presented with it's ideas on how to promote to serve you young at the security of what all states. yes, it was apostrophe, go and look up as a new the russian security interest storage. you still have festival with one of the systemic factors that play here, not the human species is a little bit help us with that term way in the bazaar facility, not by nato, was already shooting him sort of, you know, to cold war security methods to the 1949 principles that says that you knew of that with the live containment. a principal awards that much in your containing russia is now overtly research should be a priority. ok, aligned with the structure of all attempts to build. you are
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already based upon any other principles. second factor, which has a serious influence on the deteriorating ration in europe, is nature's expansion. for view to another, i can recall that in 1997, only one country where you're tempted to enter nato. we've had a common border with russia was poland now was many states have entered native territory is obviously being used to approach the project or something with the force of the tags which i have with regard to russia as the new york varying strategic steps. and this creates an acceptable risks. russia, which we will have to counteract. this is jim that come through. the fact is, the full degradation where the control system is no secret
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of the fact how well known that the united states around them not to have it out from the south treaty capital. and then you would be as good as a but don't prevented the adaptation of the fed treatment. and then which was close to start treaty. and now we'll have to go to last year. i didn't open skies treaty. it was also seriously undermine, which is one of the most important to ensure a transparency graham and to show you the united states and the allies list of what you saw in the change to achieve dominance in or personal areas. of course in the land see nazi, i'm working with air and now space and cyber survey. so when i try to move,
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if need to skip and an old directions, but look pretty minion, you get out with them. and the thresholds for using nuclear weapons are being loaded with your companions. and we see that there is a nuclear component ends up which is military training maneuvers which is also cause of concern. and finally, tradition. you're not the deplorable thing to see me. practically all cooperation between nato and russia has been hold to do the initiative or nato. we don't have the united positive agenda at the point as of today, particularly by the cathedral. and it is quite understandable what is known as this positive agenda such as you fight against terrorism. and when you're starting with
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promoting security and fighting trafficking over the training on africa specialists across the board from are used to fighting piracy storage. and regarding the skies is now all part of the past. and we understand that as something that does not fit in native new strategies and shows which is to resort to cold war containment tactics. the better for formula, honda, we stated directly without resulting 20 politically correct formulas was a previous further deterioration of the situation may lead to an predictable and severe consequences for europe in security. russia does not agree with such a scenario. measures with county proposal and you already got
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a form that isn't really down the proposals that we presented was 3 and you weren't allowed to reverse the situation to go back to building europe in security, security based on common principles and for common interest. one of the so not only with regard to improving rushes from the military security, which is a fundamental factor for us, it's called as upper who's, but also certainly would allow to improve the security of nato countries including both that. so now say that sarah was near the frontline, pretty more the school booky talks has been substances and frank with you, but for but at the same time it covered a number of fundamental differences. one of the bridges and one of the main questions here when you might. but if you didn't was to design one of the main
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issues here is that would be the the security principle is understood selectively by nato not only accept security for its members. and it was not willing to include the security interest of other countries . consider, we said that the indivisibility of security is up to probably means that everyone should be included. and any attempts to build security system excluding russia is counterproductive that is with and a will fail to register to bridget. and we will not agree with that. and the attempts to call was to implement a containment policy will be met with counter containment policy and deterrence. will be met with counter determines intimidation will be also met with a corresponding response which,
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which we will be forced to do, that we are not able to reverse the dangerous course of events in her remark. these will be my introductory remarks, which was now, that's the bottom part of those things. let's go to the questions. ah, not a with, with,
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[000:00:00;00] with some sort of learning products. i don't know what i need to know. so you discussed a set of alliance and it was a gym, or even intended to be offended when you weren't and part new, you know, by the fact that russia is having doubts or got to the peaceful purpose of this alliance. saying that it's very peaceful in russia. history is a history was when they come at the lamp 2nd door, but as a budget,
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a conflicts with territories of mex usaa countries. a lot of studios, of course, is something that cannot be perceived seriously. listen, i'm so if we take an evidence based look, nice is history is boys. we can recall that article 5 was only used once a year with after. but in your literature, when you are 911, when nato decided to send several, when you're welcome back, when you're back crowd control united states as base with. but i don't allow myself to record that which is a nato members with as well as other countries, provided there was a torch to the united states,
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a new understanding terrorism as a global threat. that requires a concerted action, a on the part of all your international actors with our dividing state work into appliances and a non alliance met members with when you and all the arrests religious history was a history of the was interventions with little a. so that's the consequences are still seen to this day with states where a displaced people with terrorists in charge of territories and play with russia. history has on the country. one of stopping was that you can find your starting from the civil war in tajikistan,
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putting you through a c d, a history or what i see. and i go in a car about are all examples where it rushes interference allowed to establish peace with a military scenario to a new bill of a more constructive one. and if it wasn't received, if you don't know who wants to cooperate with us, i need to not consider russians role. i teach them as a guarantor of peace, large space, including the euro, atlantic space, and the trash plays
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a critical role and ensuring peace and the started training with no one else. he is restored in your thoughts for another deal with we do have an idea when you want to should be done proposal and carry this up lessons to your school. we talk about security. i mean, yeah, i think that russian john, less with him. we're not at the more in a position, i'm not sure, but it allows you and you upside with those muscles and, and on using my to you and pick and choose. and it was all these issues and you are interconnected, which was the issue of majors expansion to the east just to play a role because i just bought
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a map of territory is currently controlled by 9000 which came to be controlled by 9997. gotcha. so you get to watch it in the community of these fellows also play a role and it's clear what should be done. i'm going to forward the escalation for us to be possible for the scholars. so where being said should attempt to de escalate a plus the custodians of by improving the mechanisms to prevent interest incidence . to move a few maneuvers from prussia, native borders. look up with that i will have to agree to to i'm not a to engage review and these activities. so what do we need to fix this? a border port was wondering and well knowing medical questionnaire to heads up with you and you go to the song walker,
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it's on over there and it's got the order. i'm with national, wearing a plan, you know, a use of would like to do this in the was book. if that's the daughter has moved into that order will be forced. absolutely. i am. i am with weapons or totally milk even further with should we move it or the on the euros a the we must see what is known in you, or if you could figure out a legal guarantees that nato, with at least a swab the often with this is an issue and you have free choice, you open your mouth or not, it's not something we see in international relations. and with the form that are later, a little bit of a described from which it was up to the review of the security and the


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