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tv   News  RT  January 12, 2022 4:00am-4:30am EST

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to the platinum ah, as always turned to the latest round of moscow security talks with the west getting under way right now, rushes envoy to washington won't let us officials remarks or an attempt to derail the negotiations. cover your pets and do style jumps. if you want to stay warm this winter, i made your british energy company feels the heat for its advice while fuel costs rocket. i think i've completely lost the floor on that one. i have to put a freeze in our in house because we're trying to get the cost down thing i what else i said today and more top talent, could the baby see this time a veteran presenter who's left off to 46 years. cutting out say it's because too much work agenda was being pumped into a job. they were very keen that we should have a balance of men and women. this has been case for many,
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many years. my rule has always been that we should just have people who are right for the program with global stories and international insight. this is our team from moscow. it's just turn mid day. here is 10. am in brussels. that's where we're talking about this. our russia and nato officials are getting down to talks that aimed at reducing tensions. it's also the 1st time that the nato russia council has conveyed to more than 2 years. although moscow's envoy to washington thinks the u. s. officials recent remarks could derail any progress. there wasn't much sign of that earlier this week either when brushing a senior officials got together in geneva. and while a u. s. representative called the talks frank and forthright both sides expressed little optimism. afterwards. we do not see any significant reason for optimism. the only thing that deserves positive is jasmine is the way the talks were
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conducted with openness, thoroughness, and directness. but this is not something that can bring satisfaction because what is important is the result, not the process. it was not what you would call a negotiation. we're not to a point where we're ready to set down texts and begin to go back and forth will, as you heard, that not a huge amount of optimism heading into these talks. even the nato secretary general saying that a good result would just simply for to be for an agreement for further talks and a head of these negotiations are also bulbs exchanged between the us and russia. the accusations from the white house press secretary that russia could be ready to spread this information about the meetings we are preparing herself for the civility in likelihood. no one should be surprised. i should say, if russia spreads disinformation about commitments that have not been made, or if it goes even further and instigates something as a pre text for further destabilizing activity. and so we would continue to urge everyone not to fall for any attempts to pushed and disinformation out there. as
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for the numerous statements made by the white house press secretary, cleveland, but it is sincerely regretable that the american leadership is represented by people who do not know the subject well enough, but it's telling them we advise you colleagues not to forget to use critical thinking and carefully double check with at least the most important story, so as not to show your incompetence to the whole world. and also then there are all the threats from those such as un stoughton berg. who said that if these talks fail, nato is ready and is preparing crippling economic sanctions against russia. then there's also new information coming out from the united states with one and the secretary of political affairs. saying that the us is working to hamper the nude stream to pipeline. this is a pipeline that would pump gas directly from russia to germany. and at the same time that the u. s. and nato allies ready to talk to countries like finland and
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sweden about membership. interesting not just because of geographically where they are, but also because these 2 countries have pursued for a long time. now policy of neutrality. what we are doing now is working with the germans working with a you are too slow, they are consideration of implementation of the pipeline yet suspended, if russia aggressors against ukraine. and there is, of course, the intense media speculation about these talks and accusations that russia is moving into these discussions, essentially brandishing a gun against nato, and headlines, telling nato allies how they should be treating russia and dealing with president putin. all of this, of course, can't be particularly helpful. now russia has been clear going into all of the discussions this week. what it's red lines are on. this is particularly in regards
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to nate to expansion in former soviet union countries. if you look at the map since the end of the cold war me to has increasingly expanded eastwards and now it has members where countries a but the russian frontier and that is seen as being an issue for russian security, which is why the deputy foreign minister early this week, following those discussions in geneva, outlined once again what russia is after. we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation, or what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other sites. so to see, we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. and of course,
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there have been the accusations to the last few months from the united states that russia is increasing its troops near the ukrainian border and is ready for an invasion. some say, as soon as the snow melts. now that has been denied consistently by moscow is denied again, following those talks in geneva, russia saying it's not preparing to invade. and in fact, so it's point of view, there is aggression that is coming from ukraine. it says because kiev is failing to abide by the treaties governing the ongoing crisis in the east of the country in the don't bass region. now from the ukrainian side, we're also getting a tid bits ahead of this meeting. and we heard from one ukrainian m p who is part of present zelinski is governing a coalition. who said that once again, ukraine is not at the table and this is discussing ukraine without ukraine. so lots
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of unease with this meeting as discussions take place and of course we'll be keeping you up to date on any breakthroughs or just what happens in these talks here on our, to international a bit of advice for british household struggling to heat their homes. this winter major energy provider ovo has told customers to couple your pet and through star jobs if you want to stay warm. those are expected to double this year, and income is expected to face a big squeeze. his shoddy edwards dashti on the advice that's got consumers fired up. are you weighing up, eating or heating? is still the predictor to sort of 2000 pounds a year. well, no more. as one of britain's biggest energy suppliers has come up with no one idea . the 10 ways to save on heating cost, not only laira, but get the hot rate going with some starch. i'm. and if that doesn't work, how about a comes in is a cutter with a cat? okay, i don't have a cat, but i do have this guy. another central suggestion is to leave the oven door open
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after cooking, the capital of your kids love and eat a hearty bowl of porridge. and of course, make sure you have a decent pair of socks or slippers. apparently, all these are simple cost effective ways to keep warm this winter. but the company can't be serious, can it? i think they've completely lost the floor on that one. i have to go through the process. we're not stupid. i are we on it today trying not to i hating on really freezing in our in house because we're trying to get the cost down. you just think that what else was said today, if that's real advice and it would be slightly and salary by are either hopefully by now you would do in the event that i need to study my energy done for an extra jumper on seminar. so yeah, i want to be in solid bio for any other company, but i wouldn't listen. so i would say for example,
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that would suit me. the advice and the customers comes as many households are extremely worried about rising energy costs. and despite the company apologizing for the l, judge, suggestions, politicians have criticize the coal haunted approach. it is lawful and insulting. but then with this government lack of an energy strategy, you almost expected those comments will be right by people who have to choose between eating and heating it's. that's the state of the country. we're now and i find it quite depressing. being told to put on a instead of turning on your heating, if you can't afford it, at a time of such difficulty for so many families is plainly offensive. 2022 has already been given the total year of the squeeze of the one since a 2008 financial crash this year. wages will barely quote one at the same time. 7 bill jumped by 50 percent around 2000 pounds when britain's new energy price cap is cents in april. this means in real time, people actually get
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a pay cut in the situation in the for the cost of living catastrophe. i think the health and information we had, the way to use that you could possibly have in business with support from the government can be forced to close our doors. we're only we're trying to close our way back. so we're in a hotel and everything else. we use quite a lot of electricity and it has to fi and i am terrified of the impact of businesses in the country. not just me. when i mean small business is struggling . i just have to stop. we pay the bounce back government and suppose that they gave us, but we've got to pay them back to order something and i'm not going to do that. it's time to money and we were in debt anyway from the lock that i now they energy cost to sort of both electricity and gas. louis, sorry,
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i don't know how we supposed to pay them because we have no income and she's not alone. in fact, one and 3 people are worried that bills will become totally on affordable this year . and i'm thinking the government to for the bill. labor also piling on the pressure for the government to ditch tax hikes and scrap v a t on feel all together consent to ministers council, the 0 carbon homes program. they bond on show when development, they launch the eco insulation program. they tore it up within one year, they were, you see, you case gas storage capacity. and it one particularly silly moment the current foreign secretary claim solar panels were risk to domestic food production. all of these decisions that have made this country more dependent on volatile wholesale energy prices than we otherwise would have been right now. we know this means as extremely situate, extremely difficult situation to british household, but also risks making archways the british industry and competitive a talk,
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a combination of spiking prices, tax hikes looming energy, big bills, and the government's apparent reluctance to address these issues. may actually see ridiculous ideas like cuddling pets, how people overcome this, and the upcoming winters become a reality. shot. edwards, dashti, arte, london, the bbc's facing a fresh wave of concerns about pushing woke issues one of the broadcast as longest serving present as quit his network radio show last month off to 46 years, blaming and obsession over diversity. nigel res told us he was too frustrated to remain with the bbc's woke agenda. it was a difficult series to record because of what one could call b, b. c. work. the bbc suggested or so quietly insist that we include certain types of guests obviously.
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and they were very keen that we should have a balance of for men and women than this has been case for many, many years. but of course, reasons. one has had been under pressure or one has been persuaded that one must house persons of color or ethnic minorities. and this particular series i was also told that we must have disabled people taking part. and so i went along with and i went along with the persons of color, etc. and i think they were all extremely good able to have on the program that i have reacted against this prescription issue. that we should have certain types of people on the program. my rule has always been that we should just have people who are right for the program who are up for it to do it. never mind, but their color is all that religion is or what have you. so that is the basis that
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have also been whistleblower allegations about a climate of fear. the b b. c over reporting on race and transgender issues with an insider saying that the broadcast that was employing overwhelming censorship. b. b . c. officials though, have repeatedly denied catering to political bias within the organization. plus failed to stop some of its top phases from leaving. one of them is political broadcasting, a veteran, andrew marr and quit of the 21 year saying he wanted to be free to speak his views, while robin akins, another highly experienced journalist, said he was fed up with the company's quote, institutionalized left. as a nigel raised claims, the broadcasters, putting pressure on reporters in various spheres, certainly in other areas. and this is in the entertainment area. so i'm, i'm, i was working and, but obviously in this political field, i'm sure that these precious do come up on all the time as to the people. that money's going to interview and the things that are reporters and correspondence.
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and so i can say, so i think that is going on and there is also so i mean the media have changed out or exists since, since i stuff back in the 960, i mean the particular producer i was working for the last series that was 50 years younger than me and she was very much into a watch michael, right on causes and so on. so inevitably she pushed those, ma'am, and i, i resisted that to a point, but anyway, it's all over now. here without say on the way, after getting caught out by the capital riots a year ago, the u. s. justice department's got a new domestic terri unit. the republicans though suspected designed to silence critics of the democrat leadership. just one of our stores ahead after the break. ah
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ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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the russia us fox and geneva were highly anticipated, but expectations of a positive outcome were low, very low rest. his chief negotiator says americans, under estimate the gravity of the situation, these are ominous words. what will be the cost of this failure? ah, hi again, a new chapter and the joke of each drama. then the tennis superstar has admitted breaking isolation rules off to catching covey last month. the world number one's also confirmed errors in the travel form that he used to enter australia for the grand slam, which stops next week. but he says it's not his fault. my agent sincerely apologizes for the administrative mistake in taking the incorrect box about my previous travel before coming to australia. this was a human error and certainly not deliberate call. statistics in terms of this is all correspond the data armstrong. hi again. i think it's supposed to be practicing for
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the grand slam. instead he's trying to bass off threats of expulsion again. well, this is the thing gets involved in the wrong kind of rally. this story going back and forth, of course, is developed since he was detained. was trying to enter australia on wednesday. we'll get to that in a minute. the latest developments and the stories that he has admitted to misleading the australian authorities. however, he says it was an administrative era human error on the part of his age. and he took the wrong box on the paperwork. now that box refers to his travel in the 14 days prior to entering australia, we can only guess the said he hadn't traveled anywhere. but in fact, that wasn't true. he'd been in his native serbia. he travelled to spain to train, and he had also then gone to australia via by, of course, that travelled, frustrated, probably wouldn't count. but the main thing is that he travel to spain at the end of december. now that's important because the argument now isn't going on about the medical exemption. the medical exemption of course, was because john,
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which isn't vaccinated against coal with 9 see in australia, of course some of the strictest rules in the world as regards co regulations. they said when he entered the country on wednesday that he didn't meet those requirements for medical exemption. he was detained in melbourne. and afterwards on monday, a judge ruled the st. louis and government had unfairly revoked that visa and order it to be reinstated. that mean meant he could remain in australia and he was free to leave the detention center. but now we have another story about his pc. ot says he said that when he in serbia, he attended a basketball match. on december, the 14th, there was a lot of reports about people testing positive for covert on december. the 16th he said he had taken a test and then the day after there was an event with children. do the pcr says didn't come back in time for him to have known the also that it did combat positive with an anti gen test, a rapid answered and test that he took before then came back. net is negative. so
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he thought that he was o k. or to go to events, then there was a, another interview that he attended. he had admitted that he was there wrong in doing so, but he did want to let the journalist down m b medical exemption. of course that was with the original follow. he caught spot a huge diplomatic fall out there were people protesting in the streets of melbourne outside his lawyers office in support, a joker, it said he'd been on fairly detained. we can have a look at some of the pitches there outside melbourne last week. ah. so that was after the judge's decision on monday, 2 free novak jock of rich people with its serbian flag draped around their shoulders bearing serbian football shirt, showing their air support for the country is national icon cross not only in serbia
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0 but all across the world in tennis also, there was the words of alex wark, the immigration minister, who said that he retains the right to cancel jock, which is visa at any point. and that regardless of any ruling, so the ruling on money would not count. if alex will decide to excite those powers, as it stands, joclett is still training in the hope of defending his title at the australian open of breaking that grand slam record book is very much in the balance of the moment. yeah, i mean it's not quite the mayor couple whether we can get that parcels, immigration strict as they are, has more drama to this natural tennis is now right. any armstrong, think of that update and accept this a troubling milestone for the united states. it broke the global record for daily registered cove infections on monday, with more than 1000000, 300000 cases reported the number of hospitalizations of also doubled in the past 3 weeks and that seen the state of california issued new guidelines that health care workers who test positive for cove, it can return to work immediately if they're not symptomatic from january 8th,
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2022 until february 1st 2020 to health care personnel who test positive for saw is called 2. and a symptomatic may return to work immediately without isolation and without testing and health care personnel who have been exposed into a systematic may return to work immediately without quarantine and without testing . positive testing, medics are required to wear extra protective masks and should only be assigned to tree cove at patients is still not quite clear though how that's going to be put into action. and the california hospital association admits there are no guarantees that the hospitals will even adopt that approach until the lab, the head of america's biggest health and public sector unions says that allowing the mildly infected to continue working could exacerbate the crisis. it, you know, it's a really scary, dangerous time because you know, our job, our 1st job is to protect the people we serve the patients and these hospitals. and by forcing our nurses and health care workers to tap to come in,
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if they're covered positive, it puts these patients at risk. so we're, we're asking, you know, our local elected officials here and our community groups and anybody that will listen to you. we want a reversal of this policy, and we, we really believe that it's health and safety crisis. if they force our nurses to have to come to work while they're coven expose we, we thought it could be, it could make a really difficult crisis, even more difficult. president biden thinks the government's doing a good job, though, continuing to take credit for what he calls americas economic recovery and praising his administration's pandemic policies. today, america is the only leading economy in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger than before. the pandemic, no wonder one lady in economic. se me, analyst. describe what we've accomplished in 2021 is the strongest 1st year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years. not quite how the
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polls put it though. one of the most recent suggests 68 percent of americans say the economy is the biggest concern now will just 37 percent for the virus in the top 5 priorities. as a major shift in opinion from a year ago, the director of the rumpled institute for peace and prosperity says, biden's dreaming. if he thinks the economy is in great shape. while the pull that came out just recently was actually conducted early in december. and that's why it's so interesting because it indicated that even at the height of the arm across the scare campaign in the us media, the propaganda to be terrified and stay home. she said, don't go out for christmas, keep your relatives away. even at the height of the scare, you saw a huge dialing back on the part of the population with regard to the importance of cove it to their, to their concerns and their voting activities. my guess is now after they warned us that this would be a long dead, deathly winter when those deaths have not occurred. probably if you took
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a poll right now, it will be even less of a concern for koby, particularly as the u. s. administered the by the administration is covered, narrative narrative is falling apart as we speak, much less concerned for that than the economy, the runaway inflation and the, the supply chain problems, the lack of goods in the stores, the inability to even purchase a new car. you know, i think these things are even going to be more concert. it's a big problem for democrats going into the mid term election. well, if he's going to run on the economy, he's going to have a tough row to hoe. in fact, no matter what the democrats run on in 2022 is going to have a difficult time of it. obviously, the inflation, which they claimed was transitory. and then said, well, actually it's not transitory is having a huge effect. we're seeing the effect of shutting down the economy, which is that the supply lines have been shut down. you're seeing a lot of stores empty in the united states and people are noticing it. in fact, trending on twitter,
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i think the other day was people taking pictures at the empty shelves in their stores. i seen disappointing employment numbers that just came out this past month . so i think, you know, biden as usual is kind of living in his own dream world. one year after the capitol hill riots, the us justice department has set up a new domestic terrorism unit to combat threats. they play the doubled in the past 2 years. i decided to establish that domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. this group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, hoping to ensure that these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the department of justice and across the country. that was testimony we heard from mark olson, who is a deputy attorney general with the national security division of the us department of justice announcing the formation of this new entity that will deal with the issue of domestic terrorism. now this comes as part of the senate judiciary
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committees hearings about january 6th. that was the capital riots. and in the aftermath of that we see an investigation. now, in the testimony we heard today, we heard department of justice officials talking about how white supremacist anti government activists and others are the primary domestic terrorism threat. and in some of their language, they even compare them to as long as it's stream it. here's what we heard from my perspective of spending a lot of time focused on the radicalization of international terrorists and islamic extremists and extremes of all stripes. this group shares many of the same characteristics. people who feel like their way of life is under attack. many of those people i would, i would guess last year had carried those exact beliefs and thoughts as they marched their way to break into the nation's capital. now, republicans described all of this as a witch on setting the stage were clamped down on the sand in the united states,
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serving a political agenda that will only further divide the country and increase division and polarization in u. s. society. here's some of the republican reactions. unfortunately, one year later, the majority party seems no closer to answering the central question of how the capital was left so unprepared and what must be done to ensure it never had friends again. instead, they are using it as a partisan political weapon to further divide our country. now, republicans have also raised concerns about why this single riot that happened on capitol hill is getting far more attention than the year of rioting that preceded it. and the protests around the country, almost every major city had rioting, property, destruction going on in the lead up to the 2020 election in the aftermath of the killing of george floyd. and such, there's a, there's a feeling that democrats are using january 6th to serve political ends and that these ongoing hearings and investigations and potentially this new unit being
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formed to investigate domestic terrorism, serves a political and for the democratic party. but we did hear this announcement of the department of justice has said that this formation of this new unit is taking place . so that's what we've heard from testimony and capitol hill, about the u. s. department of justice and their ongoing efforts against domestic terrorism, terrorism. the domestic terrorism prison has been the main way that this administration has tried to frame. what's happened on january 5th. in this case, the true enemies of the administration on the far right. and those are the intended target of this move. there's a real sense on the political right that they are being treated unfairly, that, that they're being targeted that the government isn't just going after tara, but that the government is acting as the police. and that's simply hold
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a popular political property on the political right. especially if you are, trump supporters is, is dangerous actually. ok. that's how it looks for moscow. so far this wednesday i'm calling bright by the next update in around 30 minutes. you're watching artie international ah price fixing is the problem. if you want a free market, you've got all, let the market be free. you can have half of the market for a and then half the market fixed. do you end up with the problem that we have today ah.


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