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tv   News  RT  January 11, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EST

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[000:00:00;00] with ah, protest is pepper sprayed in germany and another round of demonstrations against strict new cove. it measures as european states struggle to contain infections and increasingly angry citizens, but live with our correspondence in berlin in less than one minute. here. sounds of tennis. number one, no bakovich rally after a legal volley, which soar in australia called back. his coven exemption, only for the immigration minister to then threatened his expulsion at any time during which his father talked to r t a. so we never thought our son, the best athlete and tennis player in the world would have had to go through this. but as you can see, politics couldn't take
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a win over him. this time and videos emerge a violent protest as in catholics down, shooting at a government building. that's the president claims. armed foreign terrorists were behind the riots. witnesses tell us what they saw to continue with it. we heard shouts of our bar. got his greatest on the square. those were no longer slogans of catholics town, but religious logan's with global views and international analysis. this is our team for moscow on calling bright welcome to the program. first 4 year bureau has again been grappling with high coven infections in recent days, and also facing violent demonstrations against tight restrictions. the toppling of measures in germany has seen protests get increasingly agitated.
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with this i was always heading off to berlin and are you are a correspondent, peter oliver. hi. they're kind of difficult for all european government to the payment on the one hand, they've gotta try and keep a lid on infection rates on the other. they've got increasingly angry populations. what's happening where you will? yes. well, demonstrations in germany against the coven measures armed anything new. but what we saw on monday night were demonstrators, perhaps boyd, by the. the idea that mandatory vaccination in austria doesn't look particularly like it's going on the schedule. they had wanted to bring that in by february. it's now being pushed further back. now what we saw was small numbers of people
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relatively, but across many, many, many different city. all across the country, major cities, of course, like laden clothes, lights. they all saw demonstrations against the idea of bringing in a mandatory job as well as the measures that already exist here in germany and the measures that we are expecting to come in as well. now what we have seen is as politicians starting to realize that there is a section of the population that not just not going to be able to reach the leader of the state of saxony. here in germany, michael, correct me, of the christian democratic union. he said that it appears that there is a slice of society that just is not going to listen to any messages when it comes to taking precautions against covert or going for coming forward. in order to get vaccinations, we are expecting to see more measures come into play. so at least a toughening up of existing measures. here in germany,
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all i showed the german chancellor expected to announce this week that pretty much if you're not vaccinated, you don't get in just about anywhere. in fact, if you're wanting to sit down in a restaurant in e q will have to have received a 3rd booster job all be able to provide a valid and negative test that's being taken within the last 24 hours. the idea is essentially to cook the vaccinated out of all of civil society. you know, a lot of the population, a pretty happy with the measures that have being put in place. obviously we've just seen some people on the streets of germany who are in to be unhappy along with the hospitality industry. they don't like this one bit. they say the measures a too much and they going to impact too hard on their business. there's also a number of people who are injured and the german society who have fed up with these particular measures and feel that they've gone far too far. we have freedom of expression. we are the people, we are citizens,
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you have to do your duty home. you have to show the government, the red car that things should not continue if they have been up to now. i need compulsory vaccination is clearly a violation of the constitution. it's clearly totality, marion, and absolutely must be prevented. should it be decided by these criminals who unfortunately raw us now? i called for everyone to resist it at all costs. because freedom is above healthy once yet lighter given. well elsewhere in europe, italy is also set to implement, implement new, tougher measures. what that would mean is that you're going to have to be able to show a negative test if you want to. and you're looking at transportation to transportation, restaurants, bars just about anywhere you would really want to go. this also the talk of the introduction of a, a super green pass as opposed to the already green pass. the you have to show that you are tested negative to see the green pass which show that you're fully
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vaccinated and that you've tested negative. in fact, the italian authority saying they want everybody over the age of 50 to get that elsewhere though there is talk about lifting cove. it restrictions in the czech republic, they're even bullying. the idea that people who have tested positive for covert codes simply go to work in certain particular professions and the authorities in prague discussing whether that could be given the green light in order to try and stop the economy. they're coming to a halt. it's also based on the idea that the omicron variance of cov, at 1900 results in less people requiring hospitalization. know that's an idea that's also being floating around in the united kingdom as well. certainly not the idea of people who have tested positive going to work for the isolation period for those that have tested positive will be cut down the u. k. seeing severe shortages and stuffing when it comes to health care. and when it comes to education and the
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education minister in london, the idea i would obviously always defer to the scientific advice on this. it would certainly be to help mitigate some of the pressures on the schools on critical workforce. and others, i hope will be one of the 1st. you will see the question, how we, how will we performed, i hope, will be one of the 1st major economies to demonstrate to the world, how you transition from pandemic to end. while coven 19 still very much with us all across europe and a real patchwork of well measures being taken in order to try and tackle the virus . it's a big juggling action every 100 miles ago in europe. it seems very different as to what they want. doesn't it, or i've had our berlin, peter oliver, thank you. next out, the father of tennis world, number one novak jock of ich and slammed the treatment of his son by the australian authorities saying their attempt to cancel his visa for not being vaccinated was
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politically motivated. the star athlete won a court battle eventually upholding his medical exemption. but the australian immigration minister then immediately threatened that the visa can still be revoked . jock a bit, his father told r t that he feels his son has every right to compete in this month's australian open program officially recently released on everything they asked him to do and he received the cost decision that allows him to stay to play tennis. i can't describe it, we never thought our son, the best athlete and tennis player in the world would have had to go through this, especially in such a far away land way. he has already proved himself the best 9 times. it's incredulous in itself that this has happened to him, but it happened and it was in no way related to sport. it's all politics. but as you can see, politics couldn't take a win over him. this time, he proved his right. he wouldn't have traveled there if he hadn't had permission from the government and the tennis association of australia because all these permissions went through the tennis association. they provided federal and local authorities and victoria with requests. we never had to deal with politics. our
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politics is tennis, of course we expect no back to when the 21st grand slam and the 10th australian open. on other matters of novak doc of it, his family held a news conference in serbia as always unfolded wanting across was serbian canadian documentary maker and commentator, boris when augusta no my job, which is family said that there is no reason to be optimistic after several days of what they described as going through hell. no joke, which is mom has said that this victory in the court case in melbourne is a greater victory than any grand slam that no joke which has one in the past years while his father has said that this isn't just a victory for nobody. a joke of issue he says doesn't belong just to the serbian people the to all humanity. this is a victory for free speech and freedom of choice. so essentially the family has said that no joke of h has followed all the rules that were set out by australia,
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his mother and noble joke, which his brother, george hopefully has emphasized the fact that they respect the courts. they respect the rules, australia that nobody jokes when they're not, has any kind of political message. but just to play some tennis admire. shelly from the way he let the whole process because i think it was very detailed. he was very thorough and he was very neutral. our thinking from the family for leading to processing such way for, you know, showing the world the whole truth of his father, surgeon joker, which is said the justice has prevailed. the believe that despite a certain price being opposed by the australian government and vocal threats
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that the ministers administers in australia have issued towards the fact that no job which may still have some issues towards as we approached the australian open, they said that at this point they are happy that the court has made a non to local decision in relation to the facts that were presented. and they are very confident that nobody jo, which will, when in fact the australian open monday night in melbourne. wedge off of h was being held in an immigration center. hundreds of angry fans clashed with police who resulted to using pappas break. ah, with his reminder of the less than bull malcolm, the tennis dolls had in austria. ah, novak jack rich. how the world's number 110, a star got detained in australia on
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a simple timeline. january 5th, tennis star comes to melbourne to defend his title at the australian open. immediately after touching down, jarvis taken in for questioning 5 border force tennis superstar came into the country and vaccinated because he had a medical exemption after having pho, with just a couple of weeks earlier. mr. chuck of h received on the status of december 2021, a letter from the chief medical office of tennis australia recording that he had been provided with the medical exemption. franconi vaccination on the grounds that he had recently recovered from code it january 6th or 11 am local time jack vicious visa cancelled his recovery from cove. it wasn't enough for the
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australian government. tennis are taken to detention center where he had to wait for court trial staying with asylum seekers. january 10th job which one the appeal against the cancellation of his visa judge ordered the government to release right to stay in australia and returned to jog ridge. his passport and other travel documents. yet it is still unclear whether the vaccine skeptic would be allowed to compete. and given a chance of winning a record breaking when he 1st grand slam title on a lot of western news coverage hasn't held back at its thoughts against joke about his behavior. despite his co victory, it's somewhat at all to with how the media handle the story of an american gymnast who dropped out of the olympics a few months back token, which is admitting that he refuses to get vaccinated. this is the kind of behavior that no ordinary person to possibly should always. critics, if someone biles don't know what they're talking about,
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they are witnessing strength. but, and i truly believe that this is the 1st time that simone biles feels like she's more than a gymnast with the outpouring of support for her welfare. drew from the women's gymnastics finals to address mental health issues, her decision that widespread admiration among the western media with time magazine proclaiming her the athlete of the year. his have legal media analysts line. i'll compare the 2 cases simone miles in naomi osaka, and others basically said, i am not going to compete. and your average is a i am going to compete. they said, you know, what? am i feeling good? i'm in the dumps. i'm feeling blue. i'm anxiety or depressed, whatever. i'm not mocking them, but they said, i'm not going to cook pete jug. might you say i am going to compete?
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it's mindless. simone biles is heralded as a hero. naomi osaka, as a hero because they quit. he said no, my ass in that, and yet he's the bad guy for wanting to compete. but saying, i disagree with this. these mandatory rules has external authority. now say that arrested more than $10000.00 on terra charges, but there's a sizable number of foreigners among them. at a televised gathering of c s t o military alliance leaders, the cassock, president, praise russia, and other allies for their steadfast support and quelling the violence of letting me put and condemned what he called a terrorist lead attempt to overthrow the chasm. government new videos. now emerged showing armed groups of protest as shooting the government building. ah technical services released these images after 16 police officers died during the week of classes. riots is destroyed,
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police vehicles who set fire to buildings. parts of the country's largest city massey of seemed deserts in recent days, with residents too scared to go outside parties. he goes, donald spoke with witnesses, who said that while they so that they so coordinated armed groups has extern is making, its 1st baby steps towards recovery from the protests which went terribly astray, turning into terrorism. and as the whole country moons. this city, the city of al marty that has seen more annihilation than any other town by an order of magnitude can't help but wonder who is behind all this irina at family live meters away from the main square. from the windows, they watched armed goons joined the mob for the flat. by liddy, there was a crowd of people walking towards the administration building. initially we didn't think they were armed, but they seemed aggressive. the next day the crowd grew. people appeared with clubs, iron bars, helmerson shields on which was written in cassandra, an old man go. some people from the crowd,
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rummaged in bushes and pick something out from the ground. it wasn't rugs, it was an iron bars. they were looking for something small. they had something small in their hands. i think it might have been some kind of drug because it was something very small. it fits in your pond wooded books, bucklin and she shows us videos on her phone. we're the 1st news crew she's showing them to. but protests as arming themselves with stolen. royal gear is far from unheard of. it was something else that caught this family's attention. when you will know what you can always tell people and long down jackets. if they had earpieces in their ears and either walkie talkies or telephone. so when they were no hurry to go to the main square with every one else, they were just scanning the crowd. it seemed to me that they were directing the crowd. number 8 o'clock already the visible red flags don't and there. plenty of locals noticed matching outfits, wound by the most violent rioters. they were wearing black clothes, years and wearing masks,
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hands. and we noticed white glove is veal at 15. so long vs. what else to say? i sna, ma'am? i said you, the bulk of the people were in black grey, but now to bleed people in bright red jackets stood out. i immediately wandered who would want to stand out like that at an event like this. grasping the protestant kazakhstan, were it by a high can fuel prices, but quickly took a political turn as anti government chance evolved into religious proclamations. according to this witness's account, honestly, people found the national anthem on the carfax town, but at the same time, they looked aggressive. they were halting bad on saturday. at 1st they shouted gall caston and wait flags. but later those flags were dragged along the ground were thrown other shoulders. they were disrespectful to the symbols of cassock, stanley, after some time, closer to the night, we heard shouts of allah! akbar got his greatest on the square. those were no longer slogans of casks. town, but religious logan's neighbors, his windows, overlooked the square, said that there were man who used women in he jobs as human shields. trip stalled.
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as that am on the terrace, there were bearded man and citizens of other countries, according to their documents, fleshy, how much ease plagued with rumors and stories about foreign islamists slipping through security checks and conducting attack? no one here believes that locals could have caused so much, may him in their city cassock. authorities have been saying for days that a terrorist attack was underway and according to leaders of the c. s t o security alliance, the events he em have borne. the tell tale signs of international terrorism, and one of them, even the ugliest him is not a military. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad? yeah. and clearly had experiencing fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremists and terrorists to crate sleeper cells of in surgeons. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will not allow
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a so called color revolution to be carried out. cassock security forces are on a seek and destroy mission. clearing out, terrorists, cells that had gone into hiding, complicating matters is a mistrust between the army and the police. after terrorists stole so many of the uniforms and could sneak up on them disguised as offices, the nation wants to go back to the peaceful life. they are used to and to know for sure. who did this. i'm again, donna reporting from almighty kazakstan. archie le protests began in response to rising energy prices, but quickly descended into riots centered on automatic president chi of says the economic damage caused by the violence may be up to $3000000000.00. because i president also says the international peacekeepers will be withdrawn in 2 days. the peacekeepers from the c as tier military alliance, which includes russia, have been providing security for crucial infrastructure. russian soldiers are stationed at our matee, the airport marbella russian troops regarding another. i have in near the city peter keepers from kirk,
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it's donna protecting our mat. his main power plant which provides most of the cities heat and electricity. r t senior correspondent broadcast the f report from the city. the piece keeper operation here in kansas, stung as in full swing. everyone needed has already arrived and taken up their plan positions and secured them such as this bella, russian detachment. oh, close to an airport which was the original insertion point for peacekeepers during last week's riots. an unknown number of weapons, including machine guns and grenade launchers were seized by looters. among those looters were radicals. the government has confirmed this jihadists with years of combat experience on the lot. the facility is strategic for our divisions. we have in order to prevent armed enemy formations from penetrating here we are trying to stick to this. peacekeepers have been directed to god key infrastructure,
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contingent from all c s t o members states have been deployed to crucial areas to help a stretched cassock military be they military bases, government offices, or even power stations. another vital site where security was, was bolstered by peacekeepers is the power station that feeds the city of alma to with most of it. it's heath and it's electricity. here, the kill, his battalion, took over a kill. his brigade cooled. scorpion has taken over security here. 70 percent of all of al, with his power is generated at the station and given how marauders and bandits systematically targeted infrastructure. the work is here thought that they would be next letter letter at the beginning of the riots, the staff felt insecure. they were scared to peacekeeping forces was sent, and now they are protecting as, as this as a strategic area,
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the staff already feel more confident and perform their official duties and full without being afraid of anything. security has been beefed up patrols everywhere. and there are even secret passwords to root out infiltrators much new dinner at night. we definitely demand password. and here together with the police who guards the posts, we demanded the workers move around less. some of these measures may seem excessive or even be excessive, but the people here are still in shock. the peacekeepers are an anchor. they radiate security and order. the 2 things people here most need i states talks between russia and the u. s. have been held in geneva. monday's discussions opened awake of crucial negotiations on security issues. as the west continues to accuse rush of planning to invade ukraine. moscow also lay down red
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lines on nato's. he's with expansion and ukraine, never joining the military alliance along with missiles being aimed at russia. if now, nato proceeds towards deployment of capabilities that are being developed very rapidly in the u. s. somewhere in europe. it would require immediate to response on the russian part through means at our discretion with will, that will inevitably unavoidably damage. security over the u. s. and its european allies, lots to say from the russian delegation in regards to what was discussed today in the inflexibility from the americans on certain issues about red line for russia, which is ukraine joining the nato alliance. not just ukraine, but ga, to,
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for russia. also asking for roll back of military and weapon deployment in countries that have ascended the nato alliance since 1997. now, when you going into these talks at the united states, it said that it couldn't really disgust the security of europe without its allies. and one of the crucial issues is there are tensions between not just russia and the us, but also you repeat ins as well. so we heard quite a lot in the briefing from the russian deputy minister who is leading that delegation, trying to make a breakthrough. it doesn't appear as if a breakthrough was made. hell, though many people said, actually getting them around the table is a breakthrough in itself. i just want to talk more about that red line. now i ukraine is hoping to become a member of the nato alliance. that is something the rusher said absolutely can never ever happen. and we know that the u. s. has gone into these discussion saying
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that that was a question. that was pretty much off the table. this is what the russian deputy minister had to say for us. it's absolutely mandatory. ah, to make sure that you agree. never, never, ever, becomes member of nato. we are fed up with loose dog, half promises, misinterpretation of what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other side. so to see we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards. guarantees. can you get more confirmation than that iron clad waterproof bullet proof?
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this is what russia says it's looking for in terms of those guarantees of that expansion of the nato alliance into ukraine. and george, i know from the u. s. port we have heard time and time again from washington, that they are in a fixed position in this. and that they say nobody will be able to dictate who joins nato and who doesn't. this is what of the us under secretary of state, had to say in regards to that, we will not allow anyone to slam close nato's open door policy, which has always been central to the nato alliance. we will not forego bi lateral cooperation with suffering states that wish to work with the united states. and we will not make decisions about ukraine without ukraine, about europe without europe, or about nato without nato. the other issue is, of course, on sanctions heading into these talks, the united states once again threatened possible new sanctions against russia, saying that these would be targeted financial institutions,
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really trying to hit russia where it hurts. it says, those who be put in place. if russia invades ukraine and accusation that the you has been bending about for months. now russia has denied this over and over saying it's not going to invade ukraine. and that the sanctions, i just not helpful. it's also a kind of trying to track something. and to get more out of the negotiations that is quite clear. i do not really think that dcs bringing much to the discussion because her. busy po, sites actually do feel not very secure. now it takes time to, to find solutions to such difficult problems. and i think they should take the time that it needs to, to, to bring back stability to europe. the important thing is that they really talk and try to find hard,
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the solutions that we need. a timothy to talks ago will be across some both of them that she needs for now though tuesdays boom bust is up next. and i would say after which i'll be back here, but on the big stories we're covering here in moscow, ah, you know, everybody is concerned about the coin being upon his game. but in fact, it's the only thing out there. there's not a bondage game, it's an open source project killed by volunteers. it's not wanting, but there are a lot of policies out there. now we have easy grids. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these cigarettes or raising the tobacco up? and over course july,
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an annual festival in st. petersburg, dedicated to dostoevsky. ah, the great writer thinker and psychologist, people often turned to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. they put a single note here to see what they think about the matting vehicle and why do you need that? changing a rita, transforming them as they read. that's a dust i ask is unique ability to stay of sky wants to tell us, you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self. why? we keep man beyond conventions, rules of schemes, beyond boundaries. and the time does the ascii is
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