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ah, dares sinks we dare to ask ah, 13 years later in passing period it back in the new. and i'm not talking about the movie this time a judge in mexico once accountability that issued a several arrest warrant. will this bring up the obama era scandal for the democrats to deal with what we're gonna bring you to story, as well as a good discussion? another high profile, a democrat, and congress has acted positive for cove at 19. just as a speaker plus the is announcing even strict requirements for members. we're going to tell you the new rules and how are pelican. can our finding out here in just a few of the stories that we're going to cover today? the news is huge, right here on our t america. ah,
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thanks for joining me. you know, if there are more and have been issued in the controversial fast and furious gun running operation that is caused and no shortage of across board tensions between the united states and mexico for more on this on and who has been target. and the latest on this very developing story here is artie correspondent packs and boy scotty, a mexican judge has issued 7 arrest warrants in relation to a decade old cross border gun trafficking. sting, including the country's most notorious drug lord, in an ex security minister, convicted sinaloa cartel boss. what keen l. chapo guzman ex security minister had nora garcia, luna, and former federal police intelligence official louis car. dennis are among those named in a statement released sunday from the attorney general's office. this stemming from the so called fast furious gun running scandal from 2009 to 2011 in which
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u. s. federal officials allowed about 2000 guns to be traffic in new mexico. the goal to track those guns as they were transferred to higher level traffickers and key figures in mexican cartels, with the expectation that it would lead to their arrest. and therefore, the demise of the cartels. all 3 are currently behind bars in either the united states or mexico. the attorney general's office has not yet clarified whether it will seek to extrude i guzman, who is currently serving a life sentence in u. s. federal prison guzman has twice escaped high security prisons in mexico. the statement did note the mexican judges have requested extradite garcia, luna, the former security minister who was charged by us authorities with drug trafficking in 2019. he now faces to arrest warrants. the one secret operation did not come without controversy and some of the weapons were later blame for gang related crime sprees in mexico, causing cross border tension. the statement adding, we have been informed that us authorities have been charged with investigating and
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holding responsible public officials in that country without going into further detail. i've got the operation came to light when 2 or the guns used as part of that fast in various operation were found at the scene of a shoot out in which us border patrol agent brian terry was killed in 2010. got it . okay, so i wanna continue this discussion with our panel and robert patillo talk radio host, and so right attorney and ned ryan, who is the ceo of america majority in the fall presidential writer for george w bush. thanks for joining me gentlemen. scottie. okay, so this is interesting. i had a blast from the past to know when i 1st saw, like, fast and furious. is there another movie coming out? no, we're going back to the original obama scandal i believe. so i want to start with you on this one. ned, did i come and go robert with different? do you really fast and furious or anything, but just a political weapon with the republicans used to try and damage? president obama, of course, is just the political weapon. let's understand the different base directly off of
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the operation why receiver, which is the most low bush era policy which took place in 2006 gun walking is a common practice using the inner city. in gain crime cases, you put the guns out there, they work their way up the of the food chain to the guys at the top of the letter. and then you can arrest those people that the policy not go as intended, of course, but it's been used by both parties. both republicans and democrats and republicans continue to bring this up to cover up for the fact they don't have a really policies that they are running on in 2022, and the deflect from the scandals that are coming out every day. regarding the g o . p. of their involvement of the insurrection and when the other thing so happened the result in losing the last election. so i've been attempt to bring back a blast of half, and they have nothing else to run on. i that what this is net is this only coming up, and frankly, it's coming from a mexican judge, not even a u. s. or the mexicans are the ones looking for accountability. but is that what this is all about? the reason why it's coming back to light now? no, i don't think it has anything to do with republicans. in fact,
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i would assure you scotty, fast and furious, there's probably not been discussed in most republican circles for years. although i will say this, i mean, 1st of all, there's plenty of us, plenty of things for us to run on 2022. and there's a lot of things that i think will be working to republicans advantage. we don't need fast and furious to have great success this fall, but i think going back to the fast and furious incidence, i think the thing that i think you can find agreement across party lines is i want to start to have accountability for some of these bureaucrats who do these things, that obviously was a wild failure, on fact a lost track of most of those 2000 and some guns. why is there no accountability for these bureaucrats? and for these people that have done these things go, i don't think i actually ever had to face the consequences for the stupidity of what they actually did. so i think you find democrats and republicans who would agree there have to be consequences for people that do these things. and unless we
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have consequences, they're going to continue to do stupid things in the future. well, and we talk and robert write up where they this is common practice, my republican democrats, usually in the inner cities, drop the guns and find out who the who the boss is. but this cross international lines, and i really feel like there was not much accountability in the conversations between mexico and the united states. and so net, do you remember ever any closure on the situation before? and like you said, there was no accountability, but doesn't that mean the republicans dropped the ball on asking for considering it was all under the obama administration? well, i feel like republicans in dc dropped the ball all the time on a whole host of issues. scotty. so it'll get me started on that, but i do think it is one of those things where somebody clearly had an idea that they wanted to pursue was the absolute failure. and again, in the private sector, there's always consequences for failure. yet in the government, we just continue on the people just continue on and they fail upwards as one of the
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things we say in d. c all the time that people just continue to fail upwards. and until we start to add that accountability, we'll see more of this now. i don't think it was. it's not something that i think is going to be actually a big topic this year. in fact, was really surprised that it was even a topic guy right now. well, and that's what that, that's why i'm talking about it and because it's not americans, it's not american. the judge just america, holding our country accountable for giving the guns in the mexican government, the mexican judicial system that think this isn't right. these guns were illegally brought in here to kill people. we're going to hold our country accountable, even if the united states shows is not to do it for political reasons. robert, i know you think this is just a republican throwing it, but i, you do have to point out it, what does it say of mexico who we have? no one says has the most most are holding accountable government right now, especially on this hemisphere. they're willing to hold people accountable for this and the u. s. is doing nothing. like you said, this is just
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a political thing being brought up, but i don't think it is. i think it says something about where did the guns come from and who, what exactly are with people doing with them? slow government take the same. what will count, ability, and interest in ensuring that you have don't have these waves. micros went to the us border. how will they take the same energy of the young people to say and put their tor stop the flow of guns across the mexican borders into the united states into inner city? i will stop in the full heroine in fentenol and cocaine and methamphetamines the many, the other groups are coming across as something that can board. and this will attempt by the mexican authority to deflect from their own failures and corruptions. will become a narco state by their very measure. i would think that this is just the intent to take attention away from that and try to push it off onto the us or the own failures of their, of their fails date hold on for one second. i thought that that was ned speaking there because i think that is one thing across the board going all agree on really right, exactly. now, i totally agree with what robert just said. in fact,
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they're trying to say the mexicans are trying to sue the, the gun manufacturers all attempt to distract from the utter and complete failure with corruption and drug violence. and in fact, i would tell them, you know, what, what you actually turn your focus inward and try and bring some, some closure to the corruption and all the problems that you have instead of pursuing these things, it's just a distraction. well, it's a distraction, right? once again, you start with the accountability now or also just be repeated again. ned, robert, always good to talk to you about. it is no secret. google has taken over most everything in our lives. now the search engine has a very obvious monopoly and its industry losers. can better say not so fast, we are joined by investigative journalists and blue bus. tell us base one after the break to discuss the lights lawsuit against the big tech company. the
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, a ah, what we got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy when foundation let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully,
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very critical time. time to sit down and talk now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are making the tobacco with nancy pelosi is stepping up, her coping 19 restrictions and policies for the house floor. now the new rules include linkedin voting times while limiting the number of boats that actually happen on the floor. k $95.00 or k and $95.00 mask will actually be required on the
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floor, and taxpayers will now be stuck with providing a 40 k $95.00 mask per office per month now. and we did some quick math for you. that $17400.00 mask per month. which honestly is a nice purchase order for some company, which will probably give a government rate. and if it's like anything else, the government paid for. it's going to be higher than free cost. but all those taxpayer dollars in the cost of these masks, we get what we pay for. will they be sure to keep house members from catching cove? it? well, according to statistics, a 104 representatives and senators have actually tested positive for coven 19. and with the blue and red states having us representatives of falling sick since march 2020, now of them 100 percent of those elected as democrats or vaccinated. and even though we don't have the exact percentage of vaccinate republicans, can we actually blame the high number of positive cases in the house on the lack of
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mass being worn? well, not exactly. first of all, speaker policy actually implemented a mass mandate, pretty much from the very beginning of the pandemic. and to as demonstrated by the latest member of congress to announce a positive coven test, house members like where we didn't have alexandria. cortez don't always wear their math and it has yet to even follow such restrictions. but guess what? this is a new week. so discuss, i want to bring back in r for robert patel and dr. omar. hm. odda, a practicing physician and a retired lieutenant colonel from the u. s. army special forces, thanks for joining me both. they've got a nice guy. okay, dr. amada, i want to start with you, and i understand the science, but we're just kind of work through this here. why does speaker pelosi now feel these new roles will help the spread of cov, it in congress. more than what is already been on the book and by those members aren't really working. i mean, if these cloth mask have been worthless this whole time, has the american public and congress just wasted the last 2 years wearing them.
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well, you know, scary. we've been saying they're worthless since the very beginning, but the problem is that people are reacting non scientifically to fear and political limitation of the sole issue. it's not like this. all micron barrier has changed. the confirmation of the crone of iris at all is changed to certain part of it. good viruses still the same size and it's still the same shape. it's not like mass just stopped working better ab work. they help some transmission from a sick person to a well person, but they don't really help from if you're well to help prevent you getting it. so i don't think these new rules are really going to do anything. one thing that i've been predicting, and i stand by, i'm a con varian being so transmissible, and infectious is actually a lot less serious of it provides a lot less serious disease. so it could be the answer to the and that providing national immunity and hopes and heard from you. and i have to ask you, doctor,
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because as we're looking around as the cases that are coming up, people are pass testing positive not only for kona virus or coded, but also the flu or to partnered with strep there now and, and we're even finding that kids that are in the hospital right now. they're not going in for co, but they're going in for something else and testing positive. is there something more likely with this omicron barrier that attaches itself to other viruses that were known for getting here in the spring and the winter doctor? not necessarily it's. it's general such a mild that it's in general such a mild virus that cause any severe disease, really just upper respiratory without going down the lines. but what we're saying is flu as the season goes long. so i think they're just sort of cohabitate as you can. i guess they're multitasking, they have multitasking tasking bugs and not a good thing. robert, obviously politics is going to play a role into this. they're republicans like marjorie taylor green,
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who have actually already wrapped up tens of thousands of dollars and find saying a, she's not gonna change your mind with this new infection. this actually helps her with her bay thing. look at how much this government rules are overreaching. do the governments really? does the democrats going into 2022 because everything is now going to be about politics and timing? do they really want to get the country, especially following pictures of members during the holiday being masked? listen, parting does that. the images they want to give the rest of the country that they really want more government involvement in people's lives and restrictions. well, i don't think while more government involvement, i think it's about making sure to we're following the scientific evidence has been articulated to us. we know that all micron is up to 70 times more transmissible than delta or from the other strains will cover them come along will. is he able in the mean for k m k, and i 95 asked when we house floor. i don't think, i mean, that was controversial. i don't think we were saying that the cloth mass have been completely pointless. just look at your mask at the end of the day, all this stuff that it was on, their best used to be on other people. so i think we can, uh, that's
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a proof of their effectiveness and stopping the of transmission of many of these viruses. i think that we have to continue to adapt and evolve just as the we're going through different variance to the virus. we have to go through different variance of protocols will use to fight against the virus. and as we saw in the early days to depend demik when americans are united, when they're following the lead, when they're doing the proper sanitation, social distance. so we can get this under control, is just a question of having to political, willing to societal will to go through these things long enough to bring this fall to get to heard immunity to get enough people that say that. so we can return to normal life, but i have to ask you, robert, it's been 2 years. i mean, how much more time do you want when other countries have moved on from the things i agree that science has been developing and we're learning more about the doctor. i want to ask you real quick. i got those to you though. it's virginia, virginia hospitals are saying, please don't come to our hospice, right. our ears have been overrun with people. they don't even have any real symptoms, but they just feel like they've been exposed. they want to actually, they want to get tested for coven way,
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or we have seen this sort of run on it because there's a lack of testing or people thinking they're there. they're just thinking they automatically got it because they've been exposed. as this panic actually has been sitting and it actually can backfire against trying to keep people safe. because now we have people running hospitals for a sniffle and real people with real emergencies that can't get in it. this and lack of poor planning and logistics was a lack of i think there's been many forces as well spent the last year or so i'm trying to cast out on our public health officials. so last month we had the cdc and she new guidelines saying, well, we can do 5 days instead of 10 days for an exact reason. we're just mentioning that if you are a symptomatic, you don't need to go to the hospital, you don't need to get checked, you know, you to test data. and the difference of about 5 days, you can return to your normal life that caused a panic because people did not want to believe them when they were telling you that it's not that bad, just rest up for a couple days and then go back out there so what we have to do is re establish faith and reestablish belief in the public health officials that we have and start
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following the science again. so we can get, get back to the say, well, these are the guidelines that are currently adaptive from the evidence that we've seen. now, let's follow those guidelines until they are updated and work our way through this the society. well, that's how i want to thank you both for this conversation. now a follow up to the continued controversy regarding a trans gender athletes traditionally competing in females like events. now this story actually takes the opposite most often at the athlete. haven't media occur record in the sport prior to their transition, but find themselves now in a better placement following their transition. in some certain circumstances, the transition to athletes are even at breaking records. the latest comes from the ivy leaks when meet were the trans university of pennsylvania. swimmer lea at thomas, who broke to national women's records in december was crushed twice by yale competitor, his arc hennick. leah was still able to win one of her 4 races,
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but this time only by 2 seconds. here's the twist. 20 year old is that any is transitioning, but from a female to male. and following the when in fact, who already had both abreast removed, pull down the top of the swim suit revealing or breast traditionally would be located for fema summers. one parent remark to the press, everything is messed up. i can't wrap my head around this. the n c double a needs to do something. but as of now, the delay policy will allow both athletes to continue to compete on the female teams pending. and they continue to follow the current protocol regarding hormonal treatment for and or transition. we're going to keep you posted on this story as the season develop. now when you think of a search engine to most often you think of google and back it dominates the field so much. it is become either. but a google competitors are crying foul at the company's business practices because
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they say it doesn't benefit them and only strengthens them. monopoly that explain if this is a legit claim or just a desperation we bring investigator and i think of host of boom best and been won. ben, thanks for joining me on this thing for me. um. okay, so google, okay to be a fan, it cannot be a fan, but in this case, explain to the audience, why is death don't go taking google to court. yeah, so what it does not go personal. let me just say this before we start that it, google is in trouble in so many places around the world for anti competitive practices, but this is just one of those lawsuits. so in this particular case, you've got duct that go. that essentially is saying that google has violated terms of monopolistic practices by essentially messing with these plugins. so when you go to your browser extension on google chrome, for instance, you have the ability to install duct that go as an a plug in extension, right?
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so if you've ever done that before, basically what you're telling your google chrome is, i want my default search bar to be ducked up, go not to be google. and what they're saying is, is that over the years they were able to grow pretty steadily. even though google constantly did little things like they pulled little tricks in order to make it difficult for people to use these plug and extensions. and then they would pop up warnings and they pop up questions. and then in august of 2020, they did something kind of remarkable, which was that google actually change their system in order to make it even more difficult for people to be able to access these plugins. and then they pop up a huge question for you when you try to use the plugin that says, do you want to switch back to google chrome with a big glowing but, and it says switch, right? and so what they are essentially saying is if you look at the numbers and how duct that goes, traffic has declined. they can trace it back directly to august of 2020 when google chrome instituted this new system. and so what they're saying is that google was
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essentially making it difficult to have competition, which by the way, is longstanding law in the united states that, that is illegal. it goes all the way back to the days of microsoft back when microsoft and their explorer was the default search engine and all of microsoft software. there was a huge lawsuit in the 1990 s go gates. that went before congress. and there was a lot of questions about what microsoft was doing and because essentially what it was found was that microsoft was violating monopoly and antitrust law by having their default search engine to be explore and blocking out competition. it is because scottie of goes laws and that ruling that google even exists today because had it not been for that, we'd all be using explorer and safari and nobody would be using google. but here's my thing about this pandemic. this all start where the traffic is originating on a google platform. so why is there a different day? and for doc that go, i mean, they're literally at the mercy of
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a platform. so why should google be forced to have to make it even for their competition when the traffic starts with them originally? well, because the traffic doesn't start with them. so here's why. because google chrome is not a search engine, right? google chrome, just like microsoft is a software that you install on to a computer in order to operate the computer a google chrome becomes your, your operating system. okay? and so the reason that significant is because when you open up google chrome, it has a whole host of different applications. and one of those applications is to add a search bar separate company, also owned by google, which is google search. as you have to remember that when we talk about these issues, and this is the reason the google's in, in france, in australia. and then most recently, by the way in india, is because they perform these anti competitive practices of saying, we're building a whole bunch of technology over here. and then we're going to funnel all of our customers from this particular technology. in this case,
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google chrome over to our default search engines. and by the way, google gotten in trouble for doing this with android. you know, they create android in the operating system on most people's phones. it's not apple . well, in those cases, they've gotten in trouble because they may google the default search engine. and in france they've been hit with massive fines because they're trying to steer their customers away from utilizing search other than their own search. they're 2 separate companies, the search and the google chrome or android. they're separate companies. google cannot treat them like they're the same company, and that's the key they care for that they are separate on. it's either not on me underneath the same name, but it's not just stuck that kind of that having an issue with them. like you said that google's in trouble all over the world. are there some other cases that you can point to right now? they're actually getting some traction. well, one of the biggest cases obviously is what's going on in india right now. and that has to do with advertising. so one of the problems that google is run into, specifically in france and in india is the issue of how they deal with news publishers. so when you go to google, as, as you well know,
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right. and someone wants to know what's going on in the news and they happen to miss news, use hughes. otherwise they be informed and they go and they type into google, right. and they're searching specifically for some kind of news article will google now rings. those searches in their news headline, right? the thing they've gotten in trouble for is that they are picking and choosing which news publishers to push out through their algorithm that's not legal in france and it's not legal in australia and it's not legal in india. and so what they're facing in terms of government investigations in those countries is the government essentially saying that they are utilizing their search to favor one news publisher over another news publishers. and they've gotten in trouble for that. and then there's another issue by the way that google's also facing, and that is the issue, how they prioritize advertising. and they are able to block off certain advertisers or certain companies from receiving advertising because google dominates the online ad market. and so there are a whole bunch of different elements to alphabet the parent company,
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but really it's all a google, right. and the issues that they have with anti competitive practices. and as i said, they're anti competitive practices here in the united states and abroad. but it's in those other countries in france and in india, and in australia, where google's actually paying the fines here in the us. we're not doing a whole lot about it. well, i know they're paying something, but it's not fine. it's more like their lobbying group, if they're one of the most powerful up on the hill today. and this is by john, could you continue to hold their feet to the fire? thank you, ben. and that is all for today show. i want to continue this conversation on twitter and i want to talk about whether the entity deb alicia actually create a category solely for transgender athletes. what do you think your answer as got in here? you the hash tag team and be 8. it for all that of our programming here at r t, america download the portal that to be app is free. and most importantly until we see each other again carrying on you to say happy se healthy. stay informed.
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shallows. july, an annual festival in saint petersburg dedicated to dostoevsky. ah, the great writer, think around psychologist, people often turn to his work to understand russia and russians perhaps even themselves. they put a single note here to see what they bought, the vehicle while you need them. changing a rita, transforming them as they read. that's a dust i. estie is unique ability. the stay of ski wants to tell us. you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self. why we keep man beyond conventions, rules of schemes, beyond boundaries and time. dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics, as everyone knows, i'm never out of style. with
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a professional and director of the russian delegation lays down their red lines in geneva. and so security talks with us pending further progress on 3 key points. no, no eastward expansion or ukraine. membership or missiles pointed to russian territory. have protesters pick to the streets in melbourne in support of tennis world? number one novak jacoby. earlier he won his court battle that challenged the cancellation of his v for to enter australia. although countries immigration minister in 5th fees, phil has the power to cancel it. we talked to players, father and serbia nicholas williams. we never thought our son, the best athlete, and.


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