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tv   News  RT  January 10, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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until 5 volunteers find a policy, but there are a lot of policies out there. ah, professional and direct to the russian delegation lays down their red lines in geneva. and crucial security talks with us. putting further progress on 3 key points, no nato eastward expansion, or ukraine, membership or missiles pointed to russian territory. vladimir putin says russia and its allies would not allow a revolution backed by terrorists, as he addressed a summit of the military alliance assisting members state comic stump senior difficulties. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. you will not allow a so called cooler revolution to be carried out. here also, protesters take to the street in melbourne in support of tennis world. number one, know back to college. earlier he won his court battle that challenge the
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cancellation of his visa to enter australia. although the countries immigration minister and says he still has the power to cancel it. we talked to the players father in serbia and then the soonest. we never thought our son, the best awfully tennis player in the world would have had to go through this. but as you can see, politics couldn't take a win over him. this time with broadcasting allowed to recommend studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now. hi, stake talks between russia and the us have been held in geneva. monday's discussions opened a week of crucial negotiations on security issues. as the west accuses russia plans to invade ukraine. moscow has also laid down red lines on nato's eastward expansion and ukraine. never joining the military alliance along with missiles aimed at russia. if now, nato proceeds towards deployment of capabilities that are being developed
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very rapidly in the u. s. somewhere in europe. it would require immediate to response on the russian part through means that our discretion with will, that will inevitably unavoidably damage security over the u. s. and these european allies are lots to say from the russian delegation in regards to what was discussed today. and the inflexibility from the americans on certain issues is that red line for russia, which is ukraine joining the nato alliance, not just ukraine, but ga, to, for russia. also asking for roll back of military and weapon deployment in countries that have ascended the nato alliance since 1997. now, in new going into these talks at the united states, it said that it couldn't really discuss the security of europe without its allies.
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and one of the crucial issues is there are tensions between not just russia and the us, but also you repeat ins as well. so we heard quite a lot in the briefing from the russian deputy minister who is leading that delegation, trying to make a breakthrough. it doesn't appear as if a breakthrough was made. hell, though many people who said, actually getting them around the table is a breakthrough in itself. i just want to talk more about that red line. now i ukraine is hoping to become a member of the nato alliance. that is something that russia said absolutely can never ever happen. and we know that the u. s. has gone into these discussions saying that that was a question. that was pretty much off the table. this is what the russian deputy minister had to say for us. it's absolutely mandatory for to make sure that
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you agree never, never, ever, becomes member of nato. we are fed up with loose dog ha, from mrs. misinterpretations what happened that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other side. so to see we need iron clad waterproof bulletproof legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees. can you get more confirmation on that iron clad waterproof bullet proof? this is what russia says it's looking for in terms of those guarantees of that expansion of the nato alliance in to ukraine and georgia know form of the us port. we have heard time and time again from washington that they are in a fixed position in this. and that they say nobody will view to dictate who joins
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nato and who doesn't. this is what of the us under secretary of state, had to say in regards to that, we will not allow any one to slam closed nato's open door policy, which has always been central to the nato alliance. we will not forego by lateral cooperation with sovereign states that wished to work with the united states. and we will not make decisions about ukraine without ukraine, about europe, without europe, or about nato without nato. the other issue is, of course, on sanctions heading into these talks, the united states once again threatened possible new sanctions against russia, saying that these would be targeted financial institutions. really trying to hit russia where it hurts. it says those would be put in place if russia invades ukraine and accusation that the u. s. is been bonding about 4 months now, talking about massive increases of russian troops near the ukrainian buddha. now
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russia has denied this over and over saying it's not going to invade ukraine, and that was once again what we heard from the deputy minister at the see seeing here in geneva that absolutely north russia is not intending to invade crane and that the sanctions i just not helpful, there's something that in nobody wins. if we continue pushing those sanctions, it's also a kind of trying to track something and to get more out of the negotiations, that is quite clear. so both sides try to to be strong. and that is also normal renew starting to negotiations you, you try to to bring your best position and i, i do not really think that dcs. bringing much to the discussion because it's more disease, more politics,
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both sides actually do feel not very secure. now it takes time to, to find solution to search difficult problems, and i think that is the time they need and they, they should take the time that he needs to, to, to bring back stability to europe. the important thing is that they really talk and try to find heart. busy the solutions that we need tennis world, number one, novak to college faces uncertainty in australia with just a week left till the start of the country's top tennis tournament. despite winning a court battle that challenged the cancellation of his visa for not being vaccinated against corbett. the country's immigration minister says australia can still revoke it. the players of father told us his son had every right to play in the australian open rama, lisa, least on everything they asked him to do. and he received the cost decision that allows him to stay to play tennis. i can't describe it. we never thought our son,
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the best athlete, and tennis player in the world would have had to go through this, especially in such a far away land way. he has already proved himself the best 9 times. it's incredulous in itself that this has happened to him, but it happened and it was in no way related to sport. it's all politics, but as you can see, politics couldn't take a win over him. this time he proved his right, he wouldn't have trouble there if he hadn't had permission from the government and the tennis association of australia. because all these permissions went through the tennis association. they provided federal and local authorities in victoria with requests. we never had to deal with politics. our politics is tennis. of course we expect no back to when the 21st grand slam and the 10th australian open. other members of nevada deckervidge is that family also met with the media for a press conference at serbia. listening to it for us was boris my gorski, a serbian canadian journalist. now my job, which is family, said that there is no reason to be optimistic after several days of what they
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described as going through hell. no joke which his mom has said that this victory in the court case in melbourne is greater victory than any grand slam that no joke which has one in the past 2 years. while his father has said that this isn't just a victory for no back, a joke of issue he says, doesn't belong just to the serbian people the to all humanity. this is a victory for free speech and freedom of choice. so essentially the family has said that no joke of h has followed all the rules that were set out by australia, his brother, noble job, which his brother, george hopefully has emphasized the fact that they respect the courts. they respect the rules, australia and nobody joke reach when they're not, has any kind of political message. but just to play some tennis admire. shelly from the way he led the whole process because i think he was very detailed.
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he was very thorough and he was very neutral. our thinking from the family for leading the process is actually for, you know, showing the world, the whole truth of his father, surgeon, jokingly, she said the justice has prevailed. they believe that despite a certain price being opposed by the australian government and vocal threats that the ministers administers in australia have issued towards the fact that no job which may still have some issues towards. as we approached the australian opened, they said that at this point, they are happy that the court has made a non to local decision in relation to the facts that were presented. and they are very confident that no joke which will, when in fact the australian open a protest flared in melbourne in support of the serbian tennis superstar with
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police using pepper spray to contain some of the demonstrators, ah, australian foreign minister alex hawk, who says he still retains the right to cancel jock of it's his visa, regardless of any ruling the ruling of course today in melbourne was a church said the australian government had on fairly revokes his visa when he arrived in the country on wednesday and then detains. and we have reaction, some people over a melbourne who said they're glad at the decision you still, the legal system is functioning. it is evidence based, not influenced by any politicians. a nova jacowitz
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himself said he's been sleep deprived when he's been questioned of australia. of course, one of the most strict countries in the world as regards co with regulations. novak jackie said he is not making. there wasn't any kind of posturing from him. despite this diplomatic fall out and people getting involved, he said he's upset and confused by the decision. my agent and i had done all that was asked of us in making the application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused, alexander roach, the serbian prime minister has said this is a which is a huge national icon. of course, jock, which not only in serbia is here hero across the whole tennis landscape, one of the most famous, most recognizable athletes in the world. on the other hand, australian prime minister scott morrison says, well, rules are rules. if you don't meet those requirements,
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you're not welcome in the country despite that, just saying that john, which is actually free to leave the detention center and free to remain in australia. now, australian officials have not taken this lane down as far as they're concerned. this is just the man trying to enter the country, trying to fill out those strict co with regulations. morrison just lost his case against jokers which total incompetence like on everything else. if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here, novak jock of it is being detained in the same place that refugees, the health, some who've been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to 3 war and torture . he came to win a tennis match. so the reactions are so much trailer and government officials of course, kind of belittling this struggle for know about job committees. family is mother said, this is being the hardest thing they have to go through the past 5 or 6 days when he's in locked up his house telephone, confiscated as regards. no joke of which is predicament at the moment is very much
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in the balance. whereas a joke coverages release was greeted with wild scenes of support in australia. his western media coverage is growing cold in the u. s. some have compared the media portrayal of him as arrogant with that of janice simone biles, who electrical joke of which was champion for her determination to do what she saw was right for her joke, which is admitting that he refuses to get vaccinated. this is the kind of behavior that no ordinary person could possibly get away with these critics of some on biles don't know what they're talking about. they are witnessing strength, and i truly believe that this is the 1st time that's the mon biles. feels like she's more than a gymnast with the outpouring of support for her. i spoke with legal and media analyst line all who thinks at jacoby has been portrayed as a villain for continuing to try and compete and biles as a hero for not doing so. simone miles and naomi osaka and others
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basically said, i am not going to compete and job, which is a i am going to compete. they said, you know what? i'm not feeling good. i'm in the dumps. i'm feeling blue i anxiety or depressed whatever. i'm not mocking them, but they said, i'm not going to cook pete jug by just saying i am going to compete. it's mindless . simone biles is heralded as a hero. naomi osaka, as a hero because they quit. they said no mass in that. and yet, he's the bad guy for wanting to compete. but saying, i disagree with this, these mandatory rules, ah, europe is again in the grip of a surgeon, covet infections, and facing violent protests against tartar restrictions. sweden, for one has introduced a work from home mandate and
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a cap on the number of people allowed to attend to some public spaces. when they is down to the account so oft, there is no doubt that the situation has worsened and the spread of infection in sweden. is it historically high levels? kelly as well, has joined the countries bringing in tougher rules. it's gotten to a super green pass. that's only available for the fully vaccinated, or those who have recovered from coven, not even a negative test result will get you one of those. but some states are taking a different tack. check republic is mulling, letting critical employees in that test. positive for cobra, go to work anyway. authorities are drawing up a list of professions that will probably include health, social, and education workers. it is reportedly due to the micron variant, being less likely to fill a hospital beds and spares the country's battered economy as well. britain struggling under huge staff shortages in its health services considering lowering the isolation period for covey cases from 7 to 5 days. the proposal came after
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pressure from several top government officials prime minister boys. johnson, however, has underlined that he will act accordance with scientific advice. we spoke to professor of molecular oncology lawrence young, who believes that the measures, the czech republic and the u. k, are considering could lead to more infections. i'm very concerned about this. i think it's not based on scientific evidence. i think the main driver, the concerns that we have so many people now having to isolate because of these very high levels of infection that we have in the u. k. and people having to isolate and wait for 7 days is causing all sorts of problems with essential services in this country. with supermarkets, with delivery chains, with all sorts of different aspects of workforce school teachers having to have time off and a chest of and what they want to do is to ensure that period to make sure people get back to work sooner. but we must do that at the risk of more people getting infected. that has to be bad, doesn't it? because if you got a positive test result that particularly select will flow test results,
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then you're going to be infectious. so you'll sending people back into work back into schools with an infection and that will just spread more. busy infection, it won't help you in keeping the levels of infection down. it will just make things worse. rushes vladimir putin has expressed support for ally context on saying days of riots in central asian republic have been fermented by terrorists are trained abroad with combat experience. none of them even the ugliest in this little village eddies. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad? yeah. and clearly had experiencing, fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremists and terrorists to create sleeper cells of incisions. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will not allow a so called cooler revolution to be carried out. wall towards the end of monday,
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c s t o video conference russian president vladimir putin described the unrest and cas exten as an attempt by foreign forces to intervene in the domestic problems of cassock. stan and that it was neither the 1st attempt nor the last. he specifically mentioned criminals and international terrorists who were recruited using social media on line. now in terms of color revolutions, the russian president likely had in mind the kind of political violence we've seen across the post soviet world. in recent years, ukraine bella roost, georgia. these color revolutions all had in common the factor of a varying degree of foreign meddling. that's likely the reason why the cassock president, i express so much gratitude to the c s t o for a quick response to his call for help. he said that the kind of violence we're seeing throughout the country has gone far past the original upset with the governments lifting of the price controls on liquid petroleum gas. so turn the
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economy, ski of chesnut, but socio economic and political demands were forgotten about in a halt phase unfolded with groups of all militants coming into action. the mango has become obvious to undermine the constitutional order, destroyed government institutions and sees power. we're talking about an attempt to coo, aside from the presence of international terrorists and catholic stand. it seems like this is more of a region wide problem. we heard from the president of to check a stand who said that islamic state militants are strengthening their possess. in afghanistan, and that there's actually over 40 camps and over 6000 militants, that are islamic terrorists surround the region of central asia. but like, like we were talking about just in kaz, extend, the anti terrorist operation is winding down. seems like this situation is stabilizing, and c, s t, o. peacekeepers will be returning home soon. meanwhile, a day of mourning has been declared across conflicts on as the authorities say, they have rounded up 8000 people on terrorism charges with
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a large number of those being foreigners. the is sweeping anti terrorism operation is winding down and cause extends commercial capital and largest city almighty, which has borne the brunt of the violence. here's some of the aftermath. writers that have been looting, stores and torching government buildings, many of them reportedly carrying firearms. dozens of people have been killed, including 16 police officers. there are claims, some of them were beheaded, causing officials also say 3 children were killed by gunfire. security video from a shopping center obtained by our correspondent there shows looters, destroying glass counters and grabbing anything valuable. overall damage in the country is estimated at more than $200000000.00. reporting from homages are correspondent, but gusio it had been said to say that the peaceful protests in kazakhstan caused all that much economic damage. it,
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it wasn't the peaceful protest that was the riots the mayhem and the looting afterwards. that of a scant days has caused more than $200000000.00 in damage to the country. mostly here in the city of amity and those are preliminary estimates. the real damage is expected to be much, much more. kazakhstan has said repeatedly that it believes these wasn't spontaneous, it was organized, looting with more systematically hitting shopping centers and businesses. at the shopping center, c. c, t. v cameras caught the mayhem in this shopping center and elsewhere. looters, of course, went full, easiest pickings. first that his electronic shops, jewelry stores, as well as a t m. 's. this, for example, was a food shop, not a lot left aside from a few broken gadgets. shelves were cleared in minutes. security could do nothing
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but watch and police were engaged in fatal fire. fights with armed gangs elsewhere . and the lotus went to town. there's very little doubt that this was planned because the people that came here and did this, brought the right equipment. it takes a lot to get into cash machines, but they manage to do. it's taking the cash cassette. push this to the local bullshit. well, i don't want this to be happening. of course, it was scary. we stayed home with almost these were not our people. we were all resting after the new year celebrations. were some foreigners were doing all this is we were waking up. people just went out to the square to peacefully protest and then left, and then it all wrapped it. and then i heard some kind of running around voices. so i looked out and most likely they knocked out the doors of some shops. there are many electronic stores on the street level, and then they got into the car and left. there was no police, police was in the lobby, won't they destroyed everything?
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people were in danger of being killed. it was scary. it's good that we live far away. it didn't reach us. everything was awful that there is no street lighting yet . and people are not turning on the lights in their homes. the people are afraid. there were different people on the streets. at 1st the protests were peaceful. this is there still worse? cuz it what can a pensioner say? i'm sitting at home. i'm afraid to go out. good. it's good that we have peacekeepers now. it was a terrifying time for civilians. many hidden their homes turning off the lights to avoid attention as gangs lay waste to the city of alma t. there was nothing they could do no, when they could call for help. until the peacekeepers came. ah
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ah ah ah, ah, ah, at the now secure airports of almighty evacuations are underway. russians and other nationals that being evacuated abroad charter flights and military cargo planes. what they went through can only be described as an ordeal. thrush, my book, and yet it was scary. of course, there was no information or communication. i'll get back to paris. i have to explain their how bad the situation here is. they don't report it on the news. france is not organizing anything yet, but i do not think as they say in france than it is bad that the russians have arrived. this is assistance to the country, the situation, and the citizens of russia. yes, more than that of my how i am more or less normal situation. thank god. we were waiting for these planes to evacuate us where stockton, what is,
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was it that was faced a crowd that was armed? we'll leave it in the hotel next to the square. we saw however, she was burning flash grenades were frown. so it was very scary. it's scary because i was born here and it hurt seeing all the events that happened and are happening. but everything seems to be getting better when your system has the has akhil, socrates could have put down the rights on their own. but how long would that take? perhaps there would have been even more casualties. all in all about a 100 people are being evacuated on this one military flight. but altogether about a 1000 people have contacted the russian culture and us to be evacuated out of our muddy alone, just just one city. and they will be evacuated over about 10 or so flood. but authorities have told us that they expect more people to contact the call to listen to request evacuation among them for
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a national that does it for me about 33 minutes. i'll be back with another full fresh look at your new stay with us. i changed you know, everybody is concerned about the coin being upon his game, but in fact, that's the only thing out there. there's not a montes game, it's an open source project, built my volunteers to try to policy. but there are a lot of policies out there long. no, when i was showing wrong, i just don't hold any world yet to see how it becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look some common ground. now
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we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. and do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce these sugars are making the tobacco up into over 2 years? ah, ah hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. what is the national mood? i suppose it depends on what kind of media you consume to say the nation is divided in highly partisan is an understatement. this is certainly what the national media wants us to think. what are we really so divided on what really matters?
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crossing the public mood, i'm joined by my guess, martha bernetta in palm beach, and she is president of both america 1st and atlanta. we have d. dawkins, engler, she is a political strategists and a former georgia state representative and in boston, we cross a rory riley, topping she is an attorney, a conservative commentator and a contributor at the hill heart lady's cross hoc rules and a fact that means you can jump anytime you want, and i always appreciate martha, you, this is your 1st appearance on cross. ok. so i'd like to go to you 1st. i'm calling this program angry nation. what is the mood? because, you know, i'm a media attic, so i watch everything from cnn and miss nbc fox, everything you know, and i get the, the impression people are angry, but angry over what i'm not really sure. go ahead, martha in dc. listen, most americans, regardless of what side of the aisle you are, republican, democrat,
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independent, under it, most americans dealt with their pocketbooks. and at the end of the day, we care about kitchen table issues. and right now, the cost of gas at the pumps is through the roof, and every american is feeling it. it's affecting the cost of goods in the grocery stores. of course, the supply chain. it has still not recovered. there are still empty shelves in different parts of the country shortage on building products. and of course the cost of these items is through the roof. so from that perspective, it's really not a partisan issue. in terms of the, the, the unhappiness that americans are feeling right now. i in terms of the cost of goods and gas that is largely attributed to who's in the white house right now. but that is really the tone of the nation. well, it's interesting when we go to dean atlanta, i mean, martha just gave
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a prognosis or it described what's going on. she didn't mention politics at all.


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