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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 10, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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yet that you could have would shoot, you sort of, you know, i was, you might trying to explain. but american that we look at these keeping in mind that there is no progress made regarding the top priority issue for us. you know, below but toss agency mystery. that app called it's obvious that the outcome of the days talks will be reported to the president names. and we know we don't know yet. millennium will be considered a success or not to be no later, but will be there a phone conversation between the leaders because probably they need to discuss it. and he also said that russia was talking about the readiness willingness to continue delica for january 13 and michelle, do you think, what is the american stance? will they be rated to continue this dialogue or they will wait for russia to make
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this is something i get to make pretty clearly present confession. so i think it will be fair to say that we have the usual understanding with our american counterparts and that the dialect on the strategic stability. i'm still pretty much in the context of what is going to happen is after the start trade in why they knew the security mechanism should be achieved. so we'll continue this dial, i guess for the security guarantees dialing. we do not know we know the answer to these question now the it, the spaniards and it will become abused and will be on the percentage. no, i'm not. is that good night and that we will need to analyze deeply in data for the leadership to make decision be taken into consideration everything that is taking place, all the bands that are taking place this week. most of it is still it's and you've
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the bike cumulative, all the signal coming from all the capital. so i'm not trying to hide behind what he's wording that me still weaknesses actual things. so if you ask me what will happen next week, i will tell we do not know because we do not know the future before know as or the phone conversation with the leaders. no contract. and i wish i wouldn't as of now the new content at the highest level as far as i'm concerned, which was more nothing new changed through today. so it has not been criteria. so i think we're about to end. we're about to conclude. and alicia should be nasa when the question is yes and you see are not fulfilling their application or the unilaterally, we are all from the treaties that they sign was severe. but do you think that this time on the you to go to and everything will be done, even if you get some legally binding document know what we thought there is no
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certainty regarding this and the president sad that needed to keep in mind the negative experiences scripted in the bridge that we will even have had for some time. now, here ma, this mechanism, this is we've obligations taken by the us need yet no more feeding for, as usual, if chorus had snapped perfect, he thought it was very phrasing that it does so, cig knocking bout with the lute cham channels of words. the signal was so it's still better than nothing we bring our appraising to worse. so the leader we got and we know that the legally binding guarantees yet in itself voted. it's a very complicated, very complex. ah, technically it's technically complex matter. it's it. so in some countries they have to ratify and lose, so it will take a lot of time to go through this procedure at the
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godwin limited the but that's, that is the 2nd matter. a now released the problem is the number one in our lease, the problems is that good. we don't even see the political will to move along this path of lines regarding for the top priority issue of more. so the question able that is about how we can use up to what extent we can trust this obligations. well that's a legit question. thought directv staying on the minute as of now that's not the biggest question that we face the last question for for taking. so many questions. dominick, why come from sky pleasure? can i clarify? are you saying without these bullet proof guarantees about ukraine's membership of nato? russia will not deescalate and will not withdraw any troops. and can i put you the words of the you? cried ambassador this morning i was gone. he said that many dead russian bodies will be returned to moscow. it proved to move against his country. tis ain't worried. it is worrying because it
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shows how nonsense shall menu, gray and official sar. this is similar to some signals we're here now, and then on ukrainian troops marching on the red square on the ukrainian missiles, heating charges in russia. ah, this is of same character. it's a tragic bed. people there. i use the same language to score political points is show how low or their political culture is. currently, we offer an alternative a different way forward, which is the way or full observance of means package and direct dialogue between
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key if on one side then yes, can look guns on the other. bob on your question with respect to de escalation. ok. i don't believe much can be added to the idea that job training and activities with respect to moving capabilities around will continue in russia because this is what is absolutely required to maintain the necessary level of operative readiness of our forces in this situation were security environment for russia changed dramatically to the worse ah,
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in recent time. but it's not an equalizer for our intention to invade, to attack, to do whatever. ah, with respect to ukraine. we are worried though, and concerns on possible for locations on the part of ukraine, deliberate publications. ah, on their own or in concert in cooperation with like minded countries in the west, a like the us, like others you. he included a bad me create a situation we're probability for some clashes will roll. we need to avoid these and diplomacy should have an
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upper hand that was the whole purpose. well, i exercise last night and to the engineer. i think your spicy way. okay, so we've just listened there at length, it's gone on for water, but an hour and 10 minutes isn't it? to the russian delegation in geneva commenting on the 1st day of talk. so the us on security issues that was a reb, cough the representative there and 54 minister 1st. the 3 big talks this week today . busy it was russia in the us in the next few days, is russia? renee, tell us the big one coming up a wednesday. and then after that the next day, russia in the o. s. c very intense talks happening today will be happening throughout the week. he said, mr. web custody was hopeful, but that was much, much to thrash. i will most surprises anyway. he said so at least they are talking at the moment. the big one, the big sticking point. you said you frameless never ever become
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a nato member. that's one of the biggest russian red lines, of course. must bear in mind that going into this week and all these folks, consultant, nato ed isn't soto into this week, said that he would not deny ukraine's need so entry was that it is a huge hurdle that for all parties to try and thrash out question is can they will be across it this week, all these talks as we've been today, and we brought you that media conference for the last hour and 10. you had it all yourself. i'm sure we'll be recapping it in the coming out as well. i'll be following what happens today, but that was the press for the us russia meeting that happened in geneva today. the next one with nato is in brussels. and after that they always see me is gonna be happening in the anna. so this is art internationals world, these at 8 o'clock is kevin oh, in here. thanks for checking in with us. we'll come back to that story a bit later, but so let's talk about the other big news around today. and mr. joker bench then
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in australia, tennis number one, another joke of it still faces uncertainty what a battles been going on. there was just a week left till the start of the country's top tennis tournament. despite winning a court battle, the challenge, the cancellation of it, of his visa for not being vaccinated against covered the countries, immigration minister said you can still revoke it. protest fled in melbourne in support of the serbian athlete with police using pepper spray to contain some of the demonstrations. ah ah ah
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mister is re polarized opinion no, that joke of his family and serbia gave a press conference after the court's decision. this thing into it for us was boris malagasy, a serbian canadian journalist. no my job, which is family, said that there is a reason to be optimistic after several days of what they described as going through hell. no joke which his mom has said this victory in the court case in melbourne is greater victory than any grand slam that no joke, which is one in the past years while his father has said that this isn't just a victory for novak a joke of issue he says, doesn't belong just to the serbian people that to all of humanity. but this is a victory for free speech and freedom of choice. so essentially the family has said that no joke of age has followed all the rules that were set out by australia. john, we respect the laws of every country when we respect the rule and he respected every
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request they may when entering the country. so he could come and do his job. all tennis is his work and his love. he only wanted to come and play tennis scores and that right of his they tried to take away in my shelley on the way he led the whole process because i think he was very detailed. he was very thorough and he was a very short term out from the family for leading the process. he's which way for, you know, showing the world the whole truth, his father surgeon, jokingly, she said the justice has prevailed. they believed that despite a certain price being opposed by the australian government and vocal friends, that the minister of foreign ministers in australia have issued towards the fact that no joke which may still have some issues towards. as we approached the
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australian opens, they said that at this point, they are happy that the court has made a non to local decision in relation to the facts that were presented. and they are very confident that nobody jo, which will win back trailing open while with more details from a saga, this rock, this trillion opened on international relations to the same time, is out that he armstrong mix. i started with those famous words, sir, course jock of a wind caught battle, but as in 10000 in law, there's always a challenge to the decision of the possibility of one that came in the form of australian foreign minister alex talk. he says he still retains the right to cancel, jock of it says visa, regardless of any ruling, the ruling of course today in melvin with a judge said the australian government had unfairly revoke his be that when he arrived in the country on wednesday and then detained him yes, in pain since then in melbourne, detention center. they ruled that unfair,
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but of course fork says that he still retains the right to counsel the visa. there was a 4 hour window that would have normally been in play, that he would have had to exercise those powers by. however, because australian forces did not retain your critical question, he can extend that period of time in which you can make that decision. we have reaction some people over in melbourne who said that glad the decision. i'm very happy on an extremely heavy the legal system is functioning. it is evidence based. it is about justice. and most importantly, if you're not influenced by any politicians, the correct the wife, you know, bedrock of mentions house that he's been sleep deprived when he's been questioned. of course he has been questioned since he tried to enter the country called border forces said that he did not meet the requirements for
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a medical exemption. australia. of course, one of the most strict countries in the world as regard covert regulations. nobody chuckled. he said he is not making any political statement. he simply hasn't chosen to have the vaccine. there wasn't any kind of posturing from him despite this diplomatic fall out and people getting involved, he said he's upset and confused by the decision my age. when i had done all that was asked of us in making the application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening, and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused. now a little bit more about that diplomatic follow, alexander route changed the serbian prime minister said this is a which one huge national icon. of course, jock of it's not only and to be a is here hero. but across the whole tennis landscape, one of the most famous, most recognizable athletes in the world, on the other hand, australian prime minister for morrison,
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says the rules are rules. if you don't meet those requirements, you're not welcome in the country despite the just saying that joker, which is actually free to leave the detention center and free to remain in australia. now, australian officials have not taken this lane down as far as they're concerned. this is just the man trying to enter the country, trying to fill out those strict covert regulations when people in melbourne and of course across the whole of australia have been pretty much locked up for the past 2 years. they consider it seemed to him a slap in the face to those people. morrison just lost his case against jokers which total incompetence like on everything else. if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here. novak doc of it is being detained in the same place that refugees, the health, some who've been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to flee war and torture. he came to when a tennis match. so the reactions are so much fraley and government officials of
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course, kind of belittling the struggle for know about job, which is family mothers. that has been the hardest thing. they've had to go through the past 56 savings in october telephone confiscated as regards no joke of it. she's predicament at the moment is very much in the balance. all right, less know, talk to international face. come and say demarco. gassett should show a big connection, costa bell grades. we thought we'd get you on the line to. busy see what you thought about this one. wish we stopped 1st on this one? well, 1st of all, even before what happened today is a lot of controversy about the fact that after you had that positive test in belgrade or was it the 16th of december, it was seen very publicly without a mosque or anything on a public event. i think children, there was, while he was receiving some sort of award on the 17th. and i was not been reconciled in belgrade. and i briefly well, i can't think of the grade. i'm in london at the moment, but what i can tell you that's perfectly o v as if you get, if you have a test on the 16 p c r test, you have to wait at least
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a day or 2. if you took that test, if you haven't stayed on the 16th, so it's quite likely you'll get your result by the 17th or even the 18th. so what you do on the 17th is probably normally my, your own business and stuff. so you get your result. well, even though public event have yes, because why would you think otherwise you take a test, you might take just spend that back whatever the reason you took the test, you haven't got the results. so you so you all right, so, so just to make me clear and don't go off too much time to do this. but just to be clear that the timing of it at the time he would say very publicly, he didn't know the, it was positive for covert. sure understanding. yeah. i would, i would say about that and try to fix the facts. but what i would also say is i sent tiny irrelevant because what he was doing on the, on the 17th of december in serbia, as i've played no part in the decision mobiles trailing governments to deny me a visa. what about the public feeling of what about the public feeling of all as a strategy is such a hard time 70 lockdown, 90 percent. him
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a vaccinated you know up, but 90 percent of them not. not that majority wanted to be vaccinated. maybe they didn't think it was a good thing. maybe it was against their beliefs. you can see what they pay a tad angry that he'd be less in without being vaccinated. no. will. they shouldn't be because what they want in australia is a rule law and not meant to be converted to get into a penal colony, which prime minister morrison seems determined to do so if they want an independent judiciary which can look at the fact look at them properly and reach them proper verdict, then they should be clear, pleased with job to job who is fighting for their own rights to subject their own government. and so obviously a politician wants the public building. you can see what's happening. are you surprised that this was overturned? that they've got in his favor at the moment, joke of which i'm pleased that australia has shown it hasn't. pendant judiciary, that's crucial because i heard scott morrison is playing election politics elect an election year. he wants to look tough and he decided to make a joke. which the example of his toughness was gone wrong,
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shown the court verdict has shown that scott morrison go out to the rules. he claims to live by. he flouted them, he got the wrong. he encouraged immigration of is a clearly to middle in the arrival of this tennis play, which has never been seen anywhere else in the world. a tennis player has kept the 7 hours at the airport in the circumstances and encouraged without legal advice to write his own. a cancellation, legal visa. this is an incredible a procedure he could only have to pull up for and not morrison is the math up. so he went to ride roughshod law and the rules he claims to live, not over yet. he's ok for the moment, but semester is immigration. minister says hang on, i've still got the power to re cancel your visa, likely to happen or not at this stage. now do you think, i'm pretty sure it will not be happening and the reason why i say that, and i see that what's happening here is that federal government authorities are trying to lengthen the process of accepting the court decision because they don't want it to be too much of a victory for those who tell they were wrong in the 1st place,
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so they want to make it become a boring story by the time they finally exceed the fact and the reality, that joker, we play this rating open, it almost certainly is, is a wrong is it right because they have a compensation with their own a judiciary. so the executive and the judiciary will be at war. i don't expect even scott morrison will be so rash as try that. but is that too much kind of dirty water? under the bridge, now they're going to be mass protests over this, i guess for people that are angry. the fact is there. yeah, it's going to muddy the waters. why? sure. why should people be protesting? we don't know what they do, protesting about surely they should be protesting for joke, which, because he's managed to serve the right all the old will i go by the way the public going to in a straight the because because you know what i was, i mean you can see the public and there for the people that i've done is that we're told where there was right or wrong, 90 percent of them vaccinate their, understand if you do the tough times they and new zealand of been through the so that you some of them are going to think i use this guy coming over, has not a vaccination to do it. like you can see the anger from some people prefer people
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know if they feel that way should turn around once the person is put them into those conditions. the 2 years converter them into essentially a prison again without any rights. and then in such a bullish, sluggish way that doesn't look like any democracy i previously seen on the planet. that's where they should be angry because they be locked in, not my job, which i thought was mock against that she's not the 1st conversation we should leave get on with it. thank you very much for coming on. no, it's nice to see you soon. now rushes vladimir po since express support for ally, has extern saying, days of riots in the central asian republic had been fermented by terrorist train abroad with combat experience, the museum, even the ugliest in this little village eddies. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad yet and clearly had experiencing fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremists and terrorists to create sleeper cells of
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incisions. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will not allow a so called color revolution to be carried out. while towards the end of monday, c s t o video conference, russian president vladimir putin described the unrest and kazakstan as an attempt by foreign forces to intervene in the domestic problems of catholic stan. and that it was neither the 1st attempt nor the last. he specifically mentioned criminals and international terrorists who were recruited using social media on line. now in terms of color revolutions, the russian president likely had in mind the kind of political violence we've seen across the post soviet world. in recent years, ukraine bella roost, georgia. these color revolutions all had in common the factor of a varying degree of foreign meddling. that's likely the reason why the cassock president, i express so much gratitude to the c s t o for a quick response to his call for help. he said that the kind of violence we're
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seeing throughout the country has gone far past the original upset with the government's lifting of the price controls on liquid petroleum gas. so turn the economy sky of shipment, but it's socio economic and political demands were forgotten about in a hot face unfolded with groups of all militants coming into action. the mango has become obvious to undermine the constitutional order, destroyed government institutions and seize power. all we're talking about in attempt to coo, aside from the presence of international terrorists and cas extend, it seems like this is more of a region wide problem. we heard from the president of tajikistan who said that islamic state militants are strengthening their possess in afghanistan. and that there's actually over 40 camps and over 6000 militants, that are islam terrorists surround the region of central asia. but like, like we're talking about just in can extend the anti terrorist operation is winding down. seems like this situation is stabilizing, and c,
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s t o. peacekeepers will be returning home soon. ah, ah, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? wharf is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths. will remain in the
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shallows. join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then while our officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the militarization of police. this is an admirable vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program and the government program that follows military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe people are, i see the thing. an agency elder conflict here. yeah, think of terry cindy. it began a feeling that hey,
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you have to deal with your higher practice. who you putting in a uniform cover bands is a powerful thing from tab has like money in play tricks and people mind they think they done. the bad know is the walk is out the door very bad. johns are common good news. yep. job security. because the world desperately needs that you have a good july, an annual festival in st. petersburg. dedicated to destiny epsky, a great writer, thinker and psychologist. people often turned to his work to understand russia and russians, perhaps even themselves. he booked a single movie. it would be cheaper than writing the berlin. why do you need that changing a reader, transforming them as they read? that's a dust i ask is unique ability to stay of sky wants to tell us, you can better yourself. he makes you face your true self or
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we could beyond conventions, rules of schemes, beyond boundaries. and the time dostoevsky is a global brand whose classics, as everyone knows, i'm never out of style with her. and i 1st with things we dare to ask in
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, a ah, with digest financial survival guide. when customers go buy you reduce of right now? well, reduce a lower that standard product. what's good for food market as back to the global economy?
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with professional and direct russian delegation lays out there red lines in geneva, in crucial security, told for the u. s. heading further progress on 3 key points. no. nato east with expansion or ukraine, membership or missiles pointed to russian territory. who are the headlines tonight protested take to the streets in melbourne and supportive tennis number one, know that joker, which earlier he won his court battle, the challenge, the cancellation of his visa. although australia is immigration minister and says he still has the power to cancel it. the battle continues tonight. we talked to jock ventures, father in serbia,
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he proved his right. he wouldn't have traveled there.


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