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ah, ah ah, there are protests in melbourne in support of men's tennis number one know that jokers, which is just one is called battle that challenge cancellation fees are lower straight is immigration minister in 50 still has the power to cancel it. his family is just held a press conference in melbourne. also this, i have that in many pages as russia and its allies would not allow a revolution backed by terrorist as he addressed the summit to be military alliance . assisting members, state has its staff to raise that we will not allow the situation in a moment to be disturbed. we will not allow a so called color revolution to be carried out. for example, was approved shop,
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not a lot left aside from a few broken gadget, smart windows limited stored and burned out buildings. we look at the aftermath of the violent protests that have sweat. 3 cas extend described as a clue by its president and here from local to about the chaos. these were not our people. we were all resting after the new year celebrations. of course, it was scary. we stayed home with a local object, they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed. hello, good aiden. just gone 5 o'clock in moscow. you're watching archie international. now we're start with that story in australia where tennis number one, my bad joke of it still faces uncertainty that despite winning a court battle, that challenged the cancellation of his visa for not being vaccinated against code . because the countries immigration minutes now says that he still has the power to
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revoke it, but a protest has flared up in melbourne in support of the serbian athlete with police using pepper spray to contain some of the demonstrations ah well, a few minutes ago in melbourne a joke that his family held a press conference it has just finished, but let's get a few details. what was said with danny armstrong. danny armstrong. sorry. danny, just run through the details of what his family was saying. her course is started
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with the usual. where's jock? of each wins court battle. what with every court battle, of course on the tennis court, there is a possibility of a challenge. now we've just seen the protests in downtown melbourne, that's at the decision. sorry. the, the support of the decision that a judge has said to day of monday in melbourne, the australian government were wrong to have revoked. no joke. riches visa, that was because they said he didn't meet the requirements for a medical exemption. now his family, of course, as you see, the family of no joke of it's after every major, when after every grand slam, when he hikes it up to the family section in the stadium and celebrates with them, they're real close knit unit. they've had a press conference in melbourne, his mother has said that they will not stand for the lies and the trickery of the australian government. now of course, they say that they had everything that they needed to prove that novak was medically exempt from covey. 19 vaccination, of course,
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that wasn't the case when he got to the board in australia, they had detained a joke, which since wednesday, since the date of his arrival in the country, of course, australia, one of the most strict countries in the world as regards colbert regulations she has said that this is the latest victory for know that jackson in australia, he's a boy from a small poor country. they've, they've said they are going to ban him from the country. they've confiscated his telephone. they haven't give him the right dietary requirements was detained. days uncle said that he's gluten free and hasn't been having the right breakfast. joke of it himself has said that he has been sleep deprived sometimes when he's been questioned by or straightly and authorities. or we can hear just a little bit of what his family said in that press conference right now. shelly, way she was at home because i think she was very detailed. he was very thorough and he was very neutral. thinking from the family
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for leading the way for you know, showing the world the whole truth so that his younger brother, his father, has also said that they are very thankful for the serbian authorities for sticking by them. of course, the serbian prime minister alexander boot church has said that this is a which one against giacobbe. she said he's done nothing wrong. he did get the right documents in all that he did everything in his power to prove that he was medically exempt. on the other side, there's a strange, the prime minister scott morrison, of course, who taken a stance of rules are rules and said that he's not really welcoming the country, he should be deported because they have had strict code regulations in melbourne and all over australia. and it would be a little bit of flap in the face as it were to your streaming people. however, his father said that this is the hardest thing that they've had to go through the past 5 or 6 days. of course,
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it could really affect no job which is not only his mental state, but his physical state. the family has said he psychologically, for the challenge. of course, this is his bread and both of his torment you'd want to 9 times a record in the men's game. the past 3 years. he was looking to break that grand slam all time record. he's tied on 20 with roger federer rough, found that he would love to do it here in australia in melbourne. his of course is the king of the court out there in australia. now the decision by the judge to say that the australian government had him fairly revoked his visa was met with joy by some of his supporters. of course, in australia, a huge sir, be an ex pat community. and as we normally stick together, we've seen evidence of that in downtown melbourne outside the offices of the lawyers for know that jock of it, you brought about this decision. we've been talking to some of them out in melbourne and we can hear what they've said. i'm, they had young,
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extremely happy these children legal assistant, these functioning, these evidence base is about justice. and most importantly, if he's not influenced by any politicians a so as you see there, people drapes in serbian flags, people wearing serbian football shirts showing the support for this huge air national icon in survey. of course, not just in survey all over the world in tennis, and now shalean open was sunken. there's very dear to know that jack rich. he said he's been upset and confused by the whole situation. he says that says he has had his phone confiscated. that's been confirmed by his family, of course that gluten and told him the has hasn't been observed. it hasn't been taken care of his uncle as you spoke to before has said he hasn't been having the right breakfast every day. sometimes sleep deprived. let's have
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a listen at what he's had to say. my agent and i had done all that was asked of us in making the application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused. now, despite those words from joker, which in the heartfelt words of his family and the width of support from those protesting in the streets of melbourne, the decision haven't gone down well with australian officials. they've been upholding some of the wills strictest cohen regulations for the best part of 2 years now. they don't think it's going to go down well with the australian public as they see just a tennis store coming into the country, flouting co with regulations and locked down laws. just simply play a game of tennis and some of them have done with our basic day to day, right? for the best part of 2 years now. now while that has been this, these big on one side, you have the people,
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the supporting someone who has thought he has been medically exempt. we have government officials. that is saying he's basically given a slap in the face to the australian people. morrison just lost his case against ciocca bitch. total incompetence, like on everything else, if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here. novak jock of it is being detained in the same place that refugees, the health, some have been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to free war and torture . he came to when a tennis match so you see that some government official, pretty much belittling jacqowitz his predicament at the moment that has been the australian immigration minister alex for you, said he will retain the right to cancel the visa despite any ruling from any judge of course, the judge de saying the standing government had them fairly revoked it ad hoc said
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he will retain that. right. which means that at any moment he could fear radically cancel that visa, that 4 hour window would have been in play for him to exercise those powers is not in play at the moment because the australian authorities didn't retain no joke rates for questioning. so as of now, jock, which is predicament still in the balance? yeah. think is contra 5th set, isn't it for the sound of it. okay. thanks, danny. it was our danny armstrong. okay. well the places that we can bring in now, dr. steven guy, h of the institute of european studies in belgrade. thanks for staying on the line . as thing, do you think this is politically motivated? if you look at what was said in the court today, they were saying that the cancellation hope is these are, was unreasonable. absolutely. this, this is politically motivated and the only only case was similar to this one that i can recall is the one of cassius play a famous boxer mohammed ali who was stripped off his heavy weight champion
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awful in $967.00 and then sentenced to 5 years in prison for refusing to be drafted or what's your which did he presented to the australian public what they were putting up with for 2 years. and i do believe that at the beginning, maybe a majority of those are in public saw ridge guy who is flashing with his, with his entitlements as the time was passing. it seems to me that even the australian public realize that he was fighting not only for his rights to the fact the champion all streaming open and to gain the time i was. 1 there and 21st, altogether that he was defending their rights as well. so i think this is an
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absolute catastrophe. absolute defeat, 40 australian government, both of the state of the story and the federal government. and i think this might be a turning point. and at the beginning of counsel of morrison's political career, why do you think that the strategy in immigration minister has come back and said, look, actually, so maybe yet i still have the power personally to revoke his visa. i mean, if he's going to do it, why not just do it? and i want, why say this? i think this is just bitterness that the state afterwards, if, if they actually go through with it, it will even cause more outrage globally. so i don't think this will happen, i believe the joke, which will play an open mind to this only speaks volumes about the catastrophe that the australian political leads to survive with
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this. and this was sounds, i mean there were many tennis players who actually had the same documents as younger ish and they were not being asked these questions. and this is also, i'm say, a reason why we're servicing particular a are so angry and resentful because serves as, as people were being demonized for the last 30 years. and we feel that there is a fear of allowed cerebral phobia across the globe. so this was the last drop, this was a hair that broke the camel's back. and can i just interrupt you in the straining government sort of defense? might they just be weighing up the security situation in melbourne? the my because i've seen a lot of sort of protests in melbourne and might they be thinking,
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live the life joke of each night to go ahead and play in this open? tillman. we could have more trouble like this. again, if they did nothing, if they just you know, left him through with the documents you already had. and she did have a valid document or saying that he already a new system is resisting to it and that he can play essentially nothing would happen. nobody would raise these questions or even if the question question was raised, it would never reach these enormous proportions. and, but now they can't control the political damage that they have cause to themselves by essentially arresting. and this is a great shame for 40 for australia and for assuming open is done. and i must say that the judge kelly are really
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a fixed part of is damaged damage. that was done by a politician. he actually proved that the legal system is still just in the country and i, i really think this is a very good message after so many days. i can't all, i'm very quickly a steven, and i'm assuming your tennis fan can joke of it when the open. i think that the joke which of course now has a great physical challenge to, to get fit for determined. but i think that he has a will power. it was never a stronger because this is the biggest battle. this was, this is bigger than any grass lamps you ever want. and i honestly hope that she will be found to talk. i will even ask leave and i was talk to 7 guy chief at the institute of european study, speaking to a staff from belgrade. thank you. ah,
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now another news with a backdrop of high stakes. russia, us talks are underway in geneva. the head of nato has threatened russia, they with severe costs in the case of a military invasion of cray. we need to be prepared for that, a russia or once again, it chooses to use or enforce that will be a severe costs or comic political costs for a show if there once again, use military force against ukraine. 3, continue to provide support to ukraine for political support for your trends, territorial integrity, 73, help to implement reforms help to modernize ukraine's armed forces. we also exercise it together and we work together in many ways. i want to stop there or say, stay to that night, i would continue to assist ukraine on its way to join the west in military alliance says we said this all comes as moscow and washington do opener
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a week of crease from negotiations. let's talk further about the snack with our correspondence, charlotte davinsky who is following the talks closely. yeah, for us. just tell us more about that. more on the agenda. more spin said shell with us right. high stake talks here in geneva between the representatives of russia and the u. s. and despite the fact that there has been pessimism from many experts, that the likelihood of a resolution over so many of the tensions between the 2 nations is unlikely. they was optimism last night from the russian delegation after they had informal talks with their counterparts in the us. however, just before those talks began here in geneva on monday morning and we noticed that the 2 deputy ministers didn't shake hands ahead of those talks. it don't have to of course a, but perhaps that does suggest that the 2 sides are still very,
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very part are far apart on a number of issues, particularly the ukraine and the security here on the european continent. and now we know that ukraine wants to become a nato members, you are highlighting there, and that is a red line for moscow. it has been asking for sure, it says that that will not be something that will happen not now, not ever in the future. now we heard from the under secretary from the united states when sherman, who said that are for the u. s. point of view. and the idea of choosing an alliance is something that is up to individual countries at quite an interesting turn of phrase, given in the last few days, that there has been a questions raised by western nations over the situation in kazakhstan. and the fact that kazakhstan has asked for aid when it comes to the collective security treaty organization. as a result of that, russia, which is also part of that organization has sent in peacemakers to help with the
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situation on the ground. well, that's one of the issues on earth, the discussion table, mainly ukraine and that security in the european continent. and we're going to discuss a little bit more that now with our guest. this is ambassador at thomas grooming is director of that. you need a center for security policy. thank you very much for joining us. i want to talk about the optimism that we heard from the russian side following those informal talks on sunday night. and the u. s. is said, though that won't discuss european security without its allies being present is a pretty crucial part of the tensions between the 2 countries. at the moment. how optimistic are you for these talks in geneva and the talks it will take place throughout the week? i'm an optimist, but at the same time merge, we need to manager expectation sir. the need to be realize, realists, after all, what we are trying to do here,
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when we talk about these security guarantees of moscow, asked me asking for the year talking the are a trying to reconcile, to very fundamental principles of european security. that all essays, how subscribed to the russian federation, the united states, everybody in thought is on the one hand. indeed the principle that every country is free to choose its security arrangement it's alliance. but on the other hand, you have to principle of the indivisibility of security, meaning that no country short expand its own security, or to the detriment of another country. now you shall apply these 2 principles to countries in between nato entourage. celebration ukraine fell arose. moldova, armenia, it becomes very challenging. this is why vinitez, he's talks v need dialogue, we need the pharmacy a, but i think we also need patients. we need creativity. enter, obviously we also need more inclusive formats. it's important that this is being
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discuss bilaterally now. but then others need to be brought in natal are members need to be brought in. all countries need to be brought in all your beams, the states in being ukraine. and this is why it's also very important to you. c o, u c, as a platform. so this, so then you comes to rick guarantees. what i think he seen it today is an agreement on process. next steps, how to attack on these issues involve a beach form, it's et cetera. that's something i think we can realistically expect. and perhaps in the medium to short term. and what is also in it are concrete measures to reduce military risk, meaning agreeing to more military to military dialogue, agreeing to more transparency regarding large scale exercises closer borders. agreeing to our ceilings regarding numbers of troops or arm systems are close
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to the borders. i think these kinds of concrete measures, for instance, also trying to prevent and manage incidence and accidents are in year at sea online. i think this is something that it is easier to achieve if there is political, heavier in, into short median term. you talked about creativity, there, there is this huge erosion of trust between these 2 nations. this has been something that has been as spiraling for several years now, if not 30 years since the end of the cold war, that creativity you talked about. is there really a real problem here with the idea that countries get stuck in a raton? they fail to look for something new. and if you were at those negotiating tables today, what would be the element of creativity that you would want to bring along? i think her benito a might rebuilding her that trust. and this again takes time. and this is why i say, let's manage expectations regarding these really fundamental issues of european
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security de guarantees, et cetera. but i think what is in it, turn it into short term is clearly or um, measure us, or that would help us to reduce or military risk to deescalate the current a situation asked all you cannot negotiate, i can't point. but then also, and i do hope that we will see her on thursday in the framework often norman, before again, strong impulses that would allow to bring her the implementation of the mean screams forwards, i think a festering a conflict in the bandpass is also a very risky a thing that, that the her door wants to have and, or solving moving towards solving or conflict would also allow us to rebuild her trust. you are a man who is dealt with many high stake talks like this at the moment. how do you
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rate the likelihood of what will happen? i mean, is there a real issue if there is no breakthrough in these discussions? look in the short term. i think no one has an interest in escalating or things. i think this will be way too costly, politically, economically, i think this is nobody's interest and huffing assets. so i think if we want to negotiate constructively, we need to deescalate and or, and be definitely need to resolve this issue off the state us off to countries in between her. because if not, we will again and again a half a conflicts are coming up, threatening toward spin out of control and buster coming there. thank you very much for joining us. heron archie. so there you have a creative approach to solving these tensions between russia and the united states . those talks due to ongoing for the next few hours here in geneva,
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we will stay across them and we will be keeping you up to date on any resolutions that do come out of those meetings all the way here on archie as well as following those other negotiations with the nato meeting, as well as other meetings between the 2 countries, all this week here on our international ju, i, k, thank you. a shot at for that. that was charlotte davinsky reporting that from geneva. now let's go back to our top story because that melbourne has seen processed and supported the men's tennis number. one novak joke of h is just one. he's called battle that challenge, the cancellation of his phaser, although astride his immigration minister has now insisted he still has the power to cancel it all. it's happening just to wait for the strain open begins. and in the last hour we'll say jokers, which is family is how the press conference in melbourne. so let's talk more about that. and go to boris malik gorski, he's a, a serbian canadian journalist he was at the press conference. me appreciate your time. thanks for coming on, boris. just run through then at what was said at this press conference.
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just moments ago, the press conference here in belgrade at the nova restaurant new belgrade took place and nobody joke, which is family said that there is reason to be optimistic after several days of what they describe as going through hell. no joke which his mom has said that this victory in the court case in melbourne is greater victory than any grand slam that no joke which has one in the past years while his father has said that this isn't just a victory for no voc joker, which he says, doesn't belong just to the serbian people but to all humanity. but this is a victory for free speech and freedom of choice. so essentially the family has said that no one jo college has followed all the rules that were set out by australia. his brother, noble joke, which his brother, george british has emphasized the fact that they respect the courts. they respect
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the rules, australia that nobody joke reach when they're not, has any kind of political message, but just to play some tennis and his father, surgeon joker wishes, said the justice has prevailed. they believe that despite a certain plight, speak opposed a by the australian government and political threats that the ministers would ministers in australia have have issue towards the fact that no job which may still have some issues towards as we approach the australian open, they said that at this point, they are happy that the court said has made a non political decision in relation to the facts that were presented. and they are very confident that nobody joke which will win. in fact, the australian open. okay, what a victory that would be, boy. all right, well thank you for that. that was boris miller, gorski, he's a journalist, was falling the press conference. they're being held by another party that,
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that you think he's family who are in survey at the moment. thank you. thank you for watching. just come it's our past 5 more to get more from us at the top of the ah. join me every 1st on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics. sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm ah ah.
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hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. what is the national mood? i suppose it depends on what kind of media you consume to say the nation is divided in highly partisan is an understatement. this is certainly what the national media wants us to think, but are we really so divided on what really matters cross sucking the public mood. i'm joined by my guess, martha bonita in palm beach. she is president of boat america 1st and atlanta. we have di dawkins, hagler. she is a political strategists and a former georgia state representative. and in boston, we cross a rory riley, topping she is an attorney, a conservative commentator and a contributor at the hill heart ladies crosstalk rules and effect. that means you can jump anytime you want, and i always appreciate martha. your, this is your 1st appearance on cross. ok. so i'd like to go to you 1st. i'm calling this program angry nation. what is the mood?
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because, you know, i'm a media attic, so i watch everything from cnn and miss nbc fox, everything you know, and i get the impression people are angry, but angry over what i'm not really sure. go ahead, martha in dc. listen, most americans, regardless of what side of the i'll, you are republican, democrat, independent undecided. most americans dealt with their pocket books. and at the end of the day we care about kitchen table issues. and right now, the cost of gas at the pumps is through the roof and every american is feeling it. it's affecting the cost of goods in the grocery stores. of course, the supply chain is well not recover. there are still empty shelves in different parts of the country shortage on building products. and of course the cost of these items is through the roof. so from that perspective, it's really not a partisan issue. in terms of the, the, the unhappiness that americans are feeling right now in terms of the cost of goods
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and gas.


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