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ah, ah, headlining right now living there putin says russia won't allow the stabilization in neighboring catholics down, especially not an attempted revolution by foreign trained terrorists. manipulate them even the, i believe we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of men who were trained abroad and clearly had experiencing the fighting in global hotspots. this, for example, was a phone shop, not a lot left aside from a few rou, couldn't get broken. windows looted, stores burnt out, buildings the aftermath of the bottle protests that swept through catholics down. while the president that says was a terrorist orchestrated to attempt locals tell out, say about the impact it's having on their lives. these were not all people. we were
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all resting after the new year celebration. of course it was scary. we stayed home with a lot of people. they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed. i'm this is melbourne in australia right now. protest, since of course of men's tennis number one, no back geography is the legal volley, ram south australia, immigration minister insisting he can revoke the play as visa at any time. just hours after a call back. the staff covert exemption. ah, i live on worldwide. this is our team from moscow. i'm calling for the global storage. we're tracking this our busy news day to fact the russian president says, told fellow c s t o military alliance leaders in the past couple of hours. the catholic storm was jolted by an attack from terrorists, trained abroad with combat, experienced an online summit speed addressing the peacekeeping mission that's underway after a week of writing all correspond,
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dental course has been across this forest. hi, there just bring us up to speed on what was said. well collin, towards the end of monday, c s t o video conference, the russian president vladimir putin characterized the unrest in cash extend as an attempt by foreign forces to metal, into the domestic affairs of the country. he said it was not the 1st nor the last attempt to do so. and he specifically mentioned criminals and international terrorists who are recruited by outside forces over over social media. let's take listen to what he said. none of them even the ugly sinners, little military. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad here and clearly had experiencing, fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremists and terrorists to create sleeper cells of incisions. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will
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not allow a so called color revolution to be carried out. now in terms of the color revolutions, russian president vladimir putin mentioned there he likely had in mind the kind of political violence we've seen across the post soviet world in recent years, bel, roost ukraine, georgia. these situations all had a common factor of a varying degree of foreign meddling. that's one of the main reasons why causes of the cause extend. president was expressed so much gratitude for a quick response by the c s t o to his call. busy for help, he said that the political violence in his country has gone far beyond the original outcry against the government's lifting of price controls on, on the price of a liquefied petroleum gas. let's take a listen to what he said. said sir luke and uminski of chesnut, believe socio economic and political demands were forgotten about in a hot phase unfolded with groups of all militants coming into action. the mango has
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become obvious to undermine the constitutional order, destroyed government institutions and sees power. oh, we're talking about an attempt to qu now on top of the a, the presence of international terrorists that was discussed that, that they said were in catholic, stan, and in many different places of the post soviet world and different examples. we also heard from the president of to j a stand who said that isis militants in afghanistan are strengthening their positions, and that there's actually a significant presence of islamic militants throughout the central throughout central asia. i have repeatedly drawn your attention to the presence of our country of sleeper cells, of international terrorism, extremism and religious terrorism. their recruitment and propaganda efforts among the citizens of c. s t. o member states did not stop for a single day. we are also extremely concerned about the fact that isis militants
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are strengthening their positions in afghanistan. according to our intelligence services, steve increased in strength to more than 6000 militants. right now, the current anti terrorist operation in cas extend is coming to a close. it was said that so within the next several days, probably the c s t o a peacekeeping force is going to be able to return to their respective countries. and it looks like the leaders and attendance and the people it, and the people of the post soviet world don't want to see more international terrorism . and they're all on the same page. shown mutual security and lots said about what's fermenting all this as well. okay, for now and central moscow tunnel co to thanks for that. me. well, a day of mornings being declared across kazakhstan, security forces are tracking down terrorist groups with some fighting set occurring in certain remote locations. the authorities say they've rounded up about 8000 people, long terrorism charges a substantial number of them, foreigners ah,
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a sweeping anti terror operation is still underway, and cassock stands, commercial capital in its loudest city al mattie, which is borne the brunt of the violence. here's some of that aftermath. rioters have been looting stores and torturing government buildings. many of them reportedly carrying firearms to dozens of people have been killed, including 16 police officers, reclaims that some of them were the headed. catholic officials also say 3 children were killed by gunfire. a security video from a shopping mal obtained by a correspondent there shows looters destroying glass counters, snatching anything that's valuable. overall damage in the country is estimated at more than $200000000.00. reporting next from our mattie, his, our senior correspondent, murat gazda, if it would be unfair to say that the peaceful buddhists in kazakhstan caused to all that much economic damage. it,
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it was of the peaceful protest. it was the riots the mayhem and the looting afterwards. that over scant days has caused more than $200000000.00 in damage to the country. mostly here in the city of amity and those are preliminary estimates. the real damage is expected to be much, much more. kazakhstan has said repeatedly that it believes these wasn't spontaneous . it was organized, looting with more systematically hitting shopping centers and businesses at the shopping center. cctv cameras caught the mayhem in this shopping center and elsewhere. looters, of course, when foot, easiest pickings 1st that his electronic shops, jewelry stores, as well as a d. m. 's. this, for example, was a food shop, not a lot left aside from a few broken gadgets. shelves were cleared in minnows, security could do nothing but watch and police were engaged in fatal fire fights
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with armed gangs elsewhere. and the looters went to town. there's very little doubt that this was plaid because the people that came here and did this, brought the right equipment. it takes a lot to get into cash machines, but they manage to do. it's taking the cash. cassette pushes typical bullshit. i don't want this to be happening. of course it was scary. we stayed home for almost these were not our people. we were all resting after the new year's celebrations. we were some foreigners were doing all this is we were waking up. our people just went out to the square to peacefully protest and then left, and then it all erupted legal curve and the got there. i heard some kind of running around voices. and so i looked out available, most likely when they knocked out the doors of some shops. there are many electronic stores on the street level on it. and then they got into the car and left. there was no police which was in the local army. well,
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they destroyed everything, people were in danger of being killed. you know, it was scary. it's good that we live far away. it didn't reach us. everything was awful, that there is no street lighting yet. and people are not turning on the lights in their homes. so the people are afraid, there were different people on the streets. at 1st the protests were peaceful monday. he shouldn't have snowboard because it, what can a pensioner says? i'm sitting at home, i'm afraid to go out. good. it's good that we have peacekeepers now. it was a terrifying time for civilians. many hidden their homes turning off the lights to avoid attention as gags laid waste to the city of alma t. it was nothing they could do no, when they could call for help. until the peacekeepers came. ah ah
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ah ah, ah, of the now secure airports of mathee evacuations are underway. russians and other national zippy, evacuated abroad charter flights and military cargo played what they went through can only be described as an ordeal. thrush, my book on your site was scary. of course, there was no information or communication, i'll get back to paris, but if i have to explain their how bad the situation here is why they don't report it on the news. france is not organizing anything yet, but i do not think as they say in france than it is bad that the russians have arrived at again, this is assistance to the country, the situation, and the citizens of russia. yes, more than that of my now it's a more or less normal situation, but thank god we were waiting for these planes to evacuate. us was talking with his
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with face the crowd was armed, relieved in the hotel next to the square. we saw however, it was burning flash grenades were frown, so it was very scary. have you looked almost yet scary because i was born here and it hurt seeing all the events that happened and are happening. but everything seems to be getting better. of them is the pencil, socrates could have put down the rights on their own and but how long would that take? perhaps there would have been even more casualties. all in all about a 100 people are being evacuated on this one military flight. but altogether about a 1000 people have contacted the russian culture and thus to be evacuated out of our mighty alone, just just one city and they will be evacuated over about 10 or so flood. what authorities have told us that they expect more people to contact the counselors in to request evacuation among them for a national or just to remind a cat,
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it's down is a vast country, a bigger than western europe, but it's also central asia is biggest republic and she has like the borders with both russia and china. the protests began the ostensibly overwriting energy prices, but they quickly widened into anti government riots, mainly focused in the biggest city al massey at the far southeast. as our correspond mentioned in his report, russian citizens returning back home after being evacuated from catholics down commercial flights, ro granddad, many have been visiting relatives on taking vacations over the holiday, summer professional athletes. here's what some of them had to say. mm hm. we didn't go outside, it was scary. we're very glad to have the opportunity to fly out. were extremely grateful. and of course there was the feeling that people cared. i was very glad that everything turned out like this. yes, the question, but there is a feeling of gratitude and the feeling that it took a small miracle to get out of the country when all fights were cancelled. and it wasn't clear how we would get out with on january the 4th, she turned 17 years old. and on the 4th, we had
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a strong sense of foreboding. in the morning when we woke, there was no internet to any of a connection. it was the strangest feeling, not being able to call any one. no one could contact anyone. no one knew anything. because extern upheld its decision to request assistance from its allies, including russia, with the cause, like foreign minister, praising the peacekeepers for preserving the country's territorial integrity. washington wants to know why those foreign troops are in catholics down. as we have real questions about why it was necessary to call in this organization that russia leads and is a part of these ought to be things that the government because extent can handle on its own and handle inter rights respecting way. of course has a track record with military interventions into countries in which it wasn't invited, but still america's top diplomat claims lydia putins, real goal is to restore the old soviet union, former pentagon security analyst, markham alone says the remarks follow a long time western narratives to try to vilify russia. well, i think he definitely lay the groundwork for
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a negative approach. it. many of his allegations follows a particular narrative that they have to maintain to show that a russia remains the bad guy just, just like they blame russia now for bringing in troops into cars. extend. one is part of a, of a general military alliance that exists there. these guys just have this problem with russia, and they want to try and contain moscow from all, from all sides. russia has legitimate spheres of influence in that region. there's no question about it. they got russia, russian ethnic people living in those areas the same and dom, boston, ukraine. those 2 elements are not unrelated as far as i'm concerned because it's my belief that like we saw in ukraine in 2014, with the, with the a coup from the west. instigated by the west. we're seeing the same thing and tasks
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down right now. in preparation for these talks and more of a headline news on the way r t, a short lived legal celebration for men's tennis number one novak joke of h. a court backed his cope exemption, but his legal woes are not over yet. our correspondence across this forest after the break ah no one else think wrong when oh, please. just don't hold any world yet to see out is the because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will the point we choose to look for common ground?
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oh, driven by dream shapes bankers and those with dares sinks. we dare to ask ah they're welcome back. now the breaking news from australia that we've been tracking for the past few hours earlier, the australian immigration minister threatened to retain the right to revoke the visa wells. number one, men's tennis player, novak jock of it,
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it's after the serbian athlete was released from an immigration detention center off record only a few hours earlier had upheld his cobit vaccine exemption. we've been showing you these pictures from melbourne. these are supporters of novak jock of it to come out in process. it's about quarter past 9 in the evening on monday that have to support their tennis hero after what's been a decidedly mixed monday, right? has been changed by the hour this. let's talk more with our correspondent danny armstrong. all right, where are we this hour? well yeah, of course has been changing every hour of every minute. really. it's been like one of those tennis rallies is back and forth, back and forth as we just saw. there had been protest by some joker, which is protested. those people going outside his lawyers, office in melbourne and wearing serbia football shirts and showing the support for jock of it. but how do we get to this point? well, basically, there was a court ruling on monday that said that australia, australian government were actually fairly revoking his visa. now,
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no joke ventured arrived in the country on wednesday. he said he'd done everything in his power to prove that he had a medical exemption from coal with 900 vaccination of course, australia, one of the most stringent strictest countries in the world when it comes to cope with regulations. now his father had said that he had been arrested that was after this decision on monday, by the judge that said the decision by the australian government, the original decision should be crushed and he could stay in australia. now when he got to the border, novak jock ridge on wednesday, he said he was detained. he said he was questioned. his court affidavit has become public knowledge has been released today and some court documents. he said he was sleep deprived people asking all sorts of questions. he said he's been upset and confused by the whole saga. the whole situation as it were. let's have a listen. my agent and i had done all that was asked of us in making the
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application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused. now that decision was crushed, which meant virt jock, which could be released from the infamous melbourne detention center where he was being held. that decision seemed like had been reversed just moments later when they were reports from his father, they had been re arrested. now the government, the strange and immigration minister had said that he retains the right to cancel his visa at any time, but that looks like it's not really going to happen now, as you said, is evening time over in melbourne. on monday, there are only minutes for him to actually exercise these powers, but that's part of a big diplomatic fall out. the serbian prime minister alexander church says this is a witch hunt over the joker which juggler has lots of lots of supporters,
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especially in australia, where there's a big c o b and an ex pac community. scott morrison, the australian prime minister has adopted a rules are rules stance, and this could be potentially a big slap in the face for people in melbourne. and although the australia that i spent the last 2 years, almost in lockdown, now chuck of it's this is bread and butter. this taught him and he wants to come there to defend his title is one that has 3 years. he's going to record 9 times and he wants to play the grand slam reco tight with raphael and the doubt and roger federer, australian government officials, race, he can take that line down. they think he just come in and flouted their regulations. we can hear what some of them have had to say hit our morrison just lost his case against joking, which total incompetence like on everything else. if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here. novak doc of it is being detained in the same place that
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refugees, the health, some who've been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to 3 war and torture . he came to win a tennis match. so alexander hawk, the australian immigration minister, has threatened before to cancel that visa at any point for novak jock ridge. but as we said before, it doesn't look like he's going to exercise those powers. there's only a few minutes left anyway over in melbourne for that to happen. as we see protests have been have happened in, in melbourne outside his lawyers, office jokers, lawyers, office. but he did a heavy police presence. this doesn't look like something that he's going to die down anytime soon over the down on the know the damage seems to been done, doesn't it? that even if the joke of it does get to play, this is bound to have some sort of impact on his game at the open. but it's also going to be difficult for the government to try and post code restrictions down there from now and write that down. so thanks very much for updating us. there are some other thoughts. the city is top of diplomatic official in russia has told
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r t the joker bitches. unfortunately become a victim of political games. i can say that we are re, please the court in melbourne, ruled in favor of another joke, which and all the decision to cancel. the reason we called it was truly australian authorities. to respect the decision of the court and we are asked is against the rule of law. and the respect for court decision is an attribute of the rule of law . i here on the line that the joke which is a victim of the political gains against hughes wheel and that he was learn to travel to australia in order to humiliate it. i would like to point out that no joke which is not to creamy no terrorist or illegal migrant box, that he was treated that way by destroying authorities, which causes understandable indignation of his fans and citizens of serbia but all over the world. and i think that those trillion court is obliged to respect
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a decision of the own courts. and i think i was totally notorious or obliged to respect the seasonal day courts. i can say that people answer, we are very disappointed and angry in the same time. and the satisfaction a tremendous amount of people in survey on all over the world. and who are the headline stories this monday. and there have been faced protests in major cities across europe, over tightening coping restrictions. $5000.00 turned out in brussels on sunday, and dozens were arrested. the belgian health ministers called the tougher rules to contain a recent spike, an infection plan of 70 you nations have witnessed the weekend of protest against vaccine hospitals, which effectively ban unvaccinated people from public safety. next policy player has more on how the restrictions are causing a rift in european society. you would be tightening its grip over the and faxed in
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a desperate attempt to could wising code that way. here in germany, 2 sacks are no longer enough to enter a ball restaurant, you now need an additional boost, a shot or proof of a negative pcr. while in france, a bill is likely soon to be introduced. that will replace the current health pass with a so called vaccine pass. only those who recently recovered all who have been fully vaccinated will be able to enter public spaces. no longer will a negative pcr or anti gen taste. suffice. the move prompted mess protests in france full times the size they were last month and germany over the weekend. ah, ah ah,
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the crowds in france chanted a reference to president microns recent controversial cummins, the unvaccinated. i really want to them off and we'll carry on doing this to the end of october. this whole vaccine pass stories completely stupid from a scientific point of view. and from a principle point of view, it is shameful. and the way macaroni spoke to the french and salted them. i will not reproduce his words because i do not speak like that is wonderful with these people as citizens. i would like the president to be much more vindictive with thugs, than with these people who have just made a choice of this. yes, this is the 1st time in my life that i have protested and demonstrate above all to defend our freedoms as french people as citizens of many. meanwhile, here in germany, the mainstream media brands, those who oppose the measures as covet, idiots and conspiracy theorists. many politicians are on board with making shots
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compulsory to. they've labeled the anti vax movement, a tiny minority with extremist views. we have endless and we will not tolerate that the tiny, reckless minority of extremists will impose their will on the whole of society. but those speaking out against the restrictions have shot back, people blame the government and the media for polarizing the society. i'm here today because i see division in society and i see that is very bad. i see people were groups of people being excluded. we had this before and we must not have it again. that's why i am here as a clear sign that it must not be like this and that are fundamental rights continue to carry way, freedom of speech, and also freedom of free decision. for these reasons i am here to day. oh, i think it's absolutely terrible what's going on here in this country at the moment . i would have not dreamed it. i simply would never have imagined that something like this could ever occur in this country is thank at us and for i think it's just
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a public problem because i believe that vaccinated and unvaccinated people should not fight with each other. they should accept and respect each other and not take measures against each other, to inviting only with no end to the restrictions in sight. it's likely the protests across europe will only grow in size. along with the ango on both sides of the vaccination debate, policy, a r t, berlin, or what protest bring up across your of the battle to contain code goes on her calls. italy's particularly sensitive to taking rapid measures after being one of the hardest head countries. in the early months of the pandemic, a recent brief spike has seen the country go further now mandating every one over 50 years old to get vaccinated as the omicron barrier pushes italian hospitals to breaking point me. i
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mean i'm in a situation is critical. i drive an ambulance, so we have been in line for several hours because there's no room at the hospital. we've been stopped for 4 hours. we can't even go to the bathroom and we're all waiting and there's no room to enter with relevancy, we're under a lot of pressure. so we've set up tents next to a hospital for more space. we're also working hard to relieve all this pressure. many covered patients are coming to our hospital and we're really very tired. we're looking for beds to provide for everyone, but it's becoming a fragile situation with me
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. and i can't really understand why people don't want to get back to me. i see many people who enter and they don't return home because they die and leave without seeing their relatives of children. and the situation is worry me very, very my mouth in the field every day and people getting sick and died. i looked from moscow this hour across the story to tracking for you this monday. not only the joke of support is really on the way amalgam right now. also the sort of a big week of security talks under farmer kevin, and they'll be here in the coming hours to keep now that from a column right, thanks for watching a you
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know, everybody is concerned about that point being upon your screen, but in fact it's the only thing out there, there's not a ponzi scheme, it's an open source project built by volunteers on a policy. but there are a lot of policies out there with a with .


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