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ah ah, russian president says catholics down has suffered the scourge of international terrorism by trained insurgents as he addressed the summit of the c s t o military alliance leaders in the past hour for example was approved. sure. not a lot, the left side for a few. rural couldn't gadgets, broken windows looted, stores burnt out, buildings the aftermath of the violent protests that swept through catholics down. while the president that says was a terrorist, orchestrated who attend locals, tell out, say about the impact it's having on their lives. these were not all people. we were all resting after the new year's celebrations. of course, it was scary. we stayed home was in the local abilene, won't they destroyed everything?
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people were in danger, be entailed tennis number one, no bakovich is again detained in australia, just hours after a quarter of healthy code. the vaccine exemption conversation is complicated. it can't be easy, but in principle with business like i think we won't waste time, never lose my optimism and russia in the us prepare to kick off crucial security talks a bit, escalating tensions over nato's eastwood expansion and those ongoing allegations of a russian invasion of ukraine with its just a mid day here in moscow. monday, january the 10th. i'm calling brave with your world news and is now 1st for you. the within the past out with the russian president has told fellow c, s t a military alliance leaders that catholics done was jolted by an attack from terrorists trained abroad. and with combat experience and online, some, it's been addressing the peacekeeping mission that's been underway after
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a week of writing across what's been said that that may thing are corresponding donald quarter. hi there just take us through what the russian leader had to say. the other call and well yeah, the c s t o meeting took place on monday with all leaders from all of the member states there. they basically were talking about, oh, pretty much the same stuff. what vladimir putin himself said that these, that terrorists are being trained in conflict zones from abroad to stoke this. chaos in kaz extend. let's take a list. knew exactly what we heard from the russian president, manipulate them even the eastern is not a military. we are witnessing the aggression of international terrorism. where did they come from? these gangs of armed men who were trained abroad and clearly had experiencing fighting in global hotspots. system forces do not shy away from using cyberspace and social networks to recruit extremist and terrorists to create sleeper cells of
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insurgents. we will not allow the situation in our homeland to be disturbed. we will not allow a so called color revolution to be carried out. now this really is an echo of what the catholic status of the cause like president was saying early in this, in this conflict, or what to, you know, developed out of these protests across the country. that international terrorists were taking actions across the country. it's important to note that of course, the protests started after the conduct government lifted caps on the price controls on the price of liquid petroleum fuel. but as we heard from the cars, like president b, socio economic concerns, we're actually, you know, our know are really no longer relevant to the kind of violence we're seeing around the country. let's take a listen what he said. so let me skip shifts and so su, economic and political demands were forgotten about in a hot phase unfolding. the groups of all militants coming into action. the main
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goal has become obvious to undermine the constitutional order destroyed government institutions and seize power. we're talking about an attempt to ah, now we heard a lot of other leaders from the c s t o conference talking about this kind of stoking of terrorism from abroad and different countries. we heard from a bell, russian president, alexander lucas shank. oh, who kind of talked about a bit about what was going on in his own country of bella? ruth sir, not long ago, and how terrorism was stoked there. but we also heard from the data tajikistan president who says that in central asia actually there are sleeper terrorist organizations. they are right now. he mentioned that there are over 40 bases of these terrorists and over 6000 militants, they're already in central asia. now we also heard from the russian president vladimir putin about this terror, this anti terrorist operation in cas extend. he says, and he says that the c c s t omission to the country will be coming to
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a close soon. and when that happens, all of the peacekeepers will be returning to their perspective on their, to their respective countries. and we also heard from the cause a president that, like i said, the terrorist of the anti terrorist campaign will be coming to a close soon. so we're going to have to take a look at that as the stability is restored in the country, west of the unrest over above the underlying cause. he's still to be proud of course. okay, and central moscow donald quarter. thank you. the wall a dave morning's been declared across cassock. stump. security forces are tracking down terrorist groups with some fighting still occurring in sudden remote locations . the authorities say that they've rammed it up about 8000 people and terrorism charges a substantial number of them. foreigners ah, the sweeping anti terror operations underway still in cassock stones, commercial capital, in his largest city. i'll mattie, which is for the brunt of the violence,
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is some of the aftermath rioters have been looting, stores and taught and government buildings. many of the reportedly carrying firearms to dozens of people have been killed, including 16 police officers, are also claims that some of them were beheaded. catholic officials also say 3 children were killed by gunfire. security video from a shopping mouth attained by a correspondence shows looters destroying glass counters and snatching anything valuable overall damage in the countries currently estimated at more than $200000000.00. reporting from al mattie his are senior correspondent morale gazda. if it would be unfair to say that the peaceful protests in kazakhstan caused all that much economic damage, it, it was of the peaceful protest that was the riots the mayhem and the looting afterwards. that over scant days has caused more than $200000000.00 in damage to the country. mostly here in the city of amity and those are preliminary estimates. the real damage is expected to be much,
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much more cast on has said repeatedly that it believes this wasn't spontaneous. it was organized looted with more systematically hitting shopping centers and businesses at the shopping center, c, c, t, v, cameras, court, the mayhem. in this shopping center and elsewhere, looters, of course when foot, easiest pickings 1st that his electronic shops, jewelry stores, as well as atm. this, for example, was a food shop. not a lot left aside from a few broken gadgets. shelves were cleared in minutes. security could do nothing but watch and police were engaged in fatal fire fights with armed gangs elsewhere. and the looters went to town. there's very little doubt that this was planned because the people that came here and did this brought the right equipment. it takes a lot to get into cash machines,
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but they manage to do. it's taking the cash cassette posters. typical bullshit. i don't want this to be happening. of course it was scary. we stayed home with almost these were not all people. we were all resting after the new year's celebrations, were some foreigners were doing all this is we were waking up, or people just went out to the square to peacefully protest and then left. and then it all erupted legal server that got there. i heard some kind of running around voices, so i looked out available, most likely. they knocked out the doors of some shops. there are many electronic stores on the street level on it. and then they got into the car and left. there was no police which was in the level of people, they destroyed everything. people were in danger of being killed. it was scary. it's got that we live far away. it didn't reach us. everything was awful. that there is no street lighting yet. and people are not turning on the lights in their homes. people are afraid. there were different people on the streets. at 1st the
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protests were peaceful monday's. you should there still worse, cause it. what can a pensioner say? i'm sitting at home. i'm afraid to go out. it's good that we have peacekeepers now . it was a terrifying time for civilians. many hidden their homes turning off the lights to avoid attention as gags lay waste to the city of alma t. it was nothing they could do. no, when they could call for help. until the peacekeepers came. ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah, of the now secure airports of i'll mathee evacuations are underway. russians and other national zipping evacuated abroad charter flights and military cargo planes.
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they went through can only be described as an ordeal. rational book, and yet it was scary. of course. there was no information or communication and i'll get back to paris. but i have to explain their how bad the situation here is. they don't report it on the news. france is not organizing anything yet, but i do not think as they say in france, that it is bad that the russians have a ride. again, this is assistance to the country, the situation, and the citizens of russia. yes, more than that of my now it's a more or less normal situation. thank god, we were waiting for these planes to evacuate, as well as thought who it is with face the crowd that was armed, relieved in the hotel next to the square. we saw however, she was burning flash grenades were thrown. so it was very scary. i deal with scary because i was born here and it hurts, seeing all the events that happened and are happening. but everything seems to be
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getting better for them is mosacco, socrates could have put down the rights on their own. and but how long would that take? perhaps there would have been even more casualties. all in all about a 100 people are being evacuated on this one military flight. but altogether about a 1000 people have contacted the russian consulate and thus to be evacuated out of our muddy alone, just just one city and they will be evacuated over about 10 or so flood. but authorities have told us that they expect more people to contact the counselors at the request evacuation among them for a national. just a reminder where we're talking about catholics down, of course, a vast country, big of the western europe. it's also centralized, has biggest republican chess, lengthy boulders, with both russia and china. the protests began in response to rising energy. prices were quickly devolved into riots, culminating in the larger city. i'll mattie meanwhile has you had more talk about
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their rushes evacuated more than a 1000 of its nationals from catholics. don after many commercial flight the council, thank you to people who've been visiting relatives over the holidays as well as tourists and professional athletes. here's what some of them had to say. i wouldn't go outside. it was scary. we're very glad to have the opportunity to fly out. were extremely grateful. and of course there was the feeling that people cared. i was very glad that everything turned out like this. yes, the question. yeah, but there is a feeling of gratitude and the feeling that it took a small miracle to get out of the country when all fights were cancelled and it wasn't clear how we would get out. the rochester is still on january, the 4th, she turned 17 years old. and on the 4th, we had a strong sense of foreboding. in the morning when we woke, there was no internet or any of a connection. it was the strangest feeling, not being able to call any one. no one could contact any one. no one knew anything that the trouble escalated castell asked for help from neighboring allies to restore a lot more than more than 3000 papers from the multinational fiesta military alliance
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arrived from russia fellers armenia had she gets down and cut a guest on their stated mission to secure vital infrastructure while the local law enforcement deals with the biases, are also at c, s. t or peacekeepers stationed at the city of biking, up the location of the cosmo drive from where russia launch is rockets, the international space station. he thought to say the city has been secured with the terror threat levels being stepped up for the time being on the should his new didn't of so no incidents were registered in bacon or through security has been strengthened for the 2nd day. for now, it is enough. our police are fully staffed, they protect not only they, city and our safety, but also the bacon or cost me drone. everything is good, the situation is under control. like all citizens, we waited for the c s t o soldiers to arrive. the troops are at different points in the city now. and about half an hour ago, reinforcements for the police arrived. citizens have waited long for the russian soldiers. they are a symbol of order and security. it's a study in your body of
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a catholic sounds upheld its decision to request assistance from its allies, including russia, with the catholic foreign minister, praising the peacekeepers, still preserving the country's territorial integrity. washington, i wants to know why there's foreign troops or in catholic stone as we have real questions about why it was necessary to call in this organization that russia leads and is a part of these ought to be things that the government because extent can handle on its own and handle inter rights respecting why yes, of course, has a track record of military interventions into countries which it wasn't invited, but still america's top diplomat claims, but even putins, real goal is to restore the old soviet union. former pentagon security analysts, michael maloof, says that the remarks follow a long time western narrative to try and verify russia. well, i think he definitely lay the groundwork for a negative approach. it. many of his allegations of follows a particular narrative that they have to maintain to show that
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a russia remains the bad guy just just like they blame russia now for bringing in troops into cars. extend. one is part of a, of a general military alliance that exists there. these guys just have this problem with russia, and they want to try and contain moscow from all, from all sides. russia has legitimate spheres of influence in that region. there's no question about it. they got russia, russian ethnic people living in those areas the same and dom, boston, ukraine. those 2 elements are not unrelated as far as i'm concerned because it's my belief that like we saw in ukraine in 2014, with the, with the a qu, from the west, instigated by the west. we're seeing the same thing in kazakhstan right now, in preparation for these talks here without say on the way australia, immigration minister says he can revoke these or at any time of world number one
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men's tennis plan, novak joke of edge all correspondence across his forest, after the breaking ah ah ah
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you know, everybody is concerned about the point being upon the game, but in fact it's the only thing that came with an open source project built by volunteers. but there are a lot of policies out there. the the, the news, the news again, so rapidly changing developments in australia where the immigration minister has retained the right to revoke the visa of world number one men's tennis plat. novak doc, of which it's after the 7 athlete, was released from an immigration detention center just a few hours earlier of record upheld his covey vaccine exemption. right? with it's across. all those forces are corresponding tiny armstrong. this is changing old so rapidly. where are we this hour?
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of course it's a little bit like a tennis volume much back and forth and back and forth. we'll start from the george ruling on monday in melbourne. caught the joker, which had the right to be medically exempt from the coal. we backed into an australia as jock of which thought he had done everything in his power to prove that. but at the border, when he arrived into australia, they said no. this isn't a complaint with our regulations and john, which has been detained in an infamous melbourne detention center since then. since he arrived on wednesday this, this j just the decision rather was met with great sag. we'll kind of joy by his supporters and jock, which himself he wants to defend his title in australia, he's going to record 9 times the will. number one is when the last 3 years he wants to win the australian open. it's his bread and butter the tournament to go past federal and the dollars hide on 20 grant funds at the moment. that's a little bit of 14 background. now back to the political side of it joker,
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which is said that he, what we have found out is the, the court documents i've been released is include his affidavit, where he said he was detained at the airport, him asleep prior to the question. many times he said he's been upset and confused by his treatment. let's have a listen. my agent and i had done all that was asked of us in making the application for entry into australia. i did not understand what was happening and i did not understand why he was considering canceling my visa. i was upset and confused. as i said, his supporters were joyous at this decision has been many of the them that have gathered outside the melbourne detention center which has been held for the past few days. there has been kind of an opposite reaction from some of us trailers, main government officials, they seen as something of a slap in the face to the people of australia spent the last 2 years almost in stringent lockdown. of course, it's really one of the strict countries in the world when it comes to code regulations. scott morrison, the prime minister, has taken a rules,
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rules stance on joker, which and many other things in the country we can listen to. some of the australian officials have had to say right now, morrison just lost his case against jokers which total incompetence like on everything else, if they seriously didn't want him while nor did they give him a visa to fi here. novak jock of it is being detained in the same place at refugee the health. some have been detained for 9 years. they came to australia to free war and torture. he came to when a tennis match, of course, following on from that reaction, australian immigration minister has said that he still retains the right to cancel joker, which is visa at any time. a little bit of a, a show of power, little bit sounds like a threat to a chuck rich who many thing because just come into the country and flouted at these regulations that everybody has had to abide by. his father had said that he had been arrested. of course, those are still just reports that just seems to be
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a heavy police presence outside his lawyers office where he is and now situated. but this doesn't look like something that he's going to will go away or die down anytime soon. it's going to be sorted up pretty quickly if he's gonna take part in the open. and i know a lot of people when i get him kicked out of australia, but on a sporting level, this is going to do nothing for state of mind if he does get to play. lot of said with a tennis funds are going to be watching a little more closely if it does take place. all right, any arms from thanks very much the big we could talk to had taught russian and us officials has held a working dinner on sunday. the head of security negotiations, which start in a few hours time. and despite some comparative comments being ad in recent days, moscow appears optimistic. amazing, you know, to go over the conversation is complicated. it can't be easy, but in principle, a business like i think we won't waste time. i never lose my optimism. it talks kickoff in geneva, mocking a week of negotiations between representatives of russia, the u. s. and the to the organization for security and cooperation in europe. and
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there is a lot at stake with some very tense negotiations ahead. over the next few days, the u. s. is heading in these talks already saying that it's talked about and thought about potential sanctions against russia. if russia invades ukraine and accusation, but the u. s. is labels against it, russia has denied that consistently. so what, so the sanctions are we talking about? the u. s. says they severe, it says that there will be sanctions on energy goods on consumer products and also on the ban on exports of advanced electronic components as well as software. and that coming out from the u. s. is led to huge disappointment already from the russian side. russia will not bow to you as pressure and will not accept any concessions. the unilateral approach proposed by the u. s. a. nato can't be
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used as the basis for discussing security guarantees. one of the big issues that they will be discussing is the former soviet union country of ukraine, particularly the issues in the crisis. it's been ongoing now for many years in the east of ukraine. now the u. s. and nato accused rush over the last few months of building up its troops on the board of ukraine. it says that an invasion of ukraine by russia is imminent. as soon as the snow melts, that is something that russia has denied consistently in moscow says how it moves its troops within its own borders is something that solely for moscow to decide. now, this also was original dismay, so of those claims by the ukrainian defense minister back in november, who said that he had seen no evidence of that increase in troops. however, since then, ukraine has changed its mind now kiev has made no bones about his intention to join nato. it is something that he's been asking for many years, and that is
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a red line from moscow that is unhappy and an easy. with the expanding nato alliance, particularly in soviet union, the former countries of the soviet union. but despite those protestations from moscow that has fallen on deaf is all r. so, so sent to very clear message that will not compromise on core principles, including the right for every nation to decide on path, including what kind of security arrangements wants to be part. all i got certainly part of the playbook is to put out a list of on absolutely nonstarter demands and then to claim that the other side is not engaging. and then to use that is somehow justification for aggressive action. russia has several other demands to as part of these negotiations throughout the week. the particularly relate to through deployment from nato, and also weapon deployment. now,
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despite the fact that the u. s. is said it's entering these talks and it will look at some of those requests from russia, essentially. other ones like need to allowing ukraine to ascend the alliance all off the table. both sides are going to have to wade through very deep water and do so very, very carefully in order to keep the peace solid jablonsky, or t geneva that have been faced protests in major cities across europe. over tightening cobit restrictions, $5000.00 turned out to brussels on sunday dozens were arrested. the belgian health ministers called for rules to contain a recent spike and infections with several you nations, of witness the weekend of protests against the faxing passports, which effectively banum vaccinated people from public spaces. next policy player has more on how the restrictions of causing a rift in european societies. europe is tightening its grip over the un, vexed in a desperate attempt to curb rising cove at weights. here in germany to vax are no
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longer enough to enter a ball restaurant, you now need an additional boost, a shot, or proof of a negative p c r. while in france, the bill is likely soon to be introduced. that will replace the current health pass with a so called vaccine pass. only those who recently recovered all who have been fully vaccinated will be able to enter public spaces. no longer will a negative pcr or anti gen taste. suffice. the moose prompted mask protests in france full times the size they were last month. and germany over the weekend. ah, ah ah,
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the crowds in france chanted a reference to president microns recent controversial comments, the unvaccinated. i really want them off and we'll carry on doing this to the end of this whole vaccine pass stories completely stupid from a scientific point of view. and from a principle point of view, it is shameful. and the way macaroni spoke to the french insulted them. i will not reproduce his words because i do not speak like that. it is on us with these people as citizens. i would like the president to be much more vindictive with thugs, than with these people who have just made a choice. well, this is she just, this is the 1st time in my life that i have protested and demonstrate above all to defend our freedoms as french people as citizens of many. meanwhile, here in germany, the mainstream media brands, those who oppose the measures as covet idiots and conspiracy theorists. many politicians are on board with making shots compulsory to they've labeled the
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antique vax movement, a tiny minority with extremist views. we have and we will not tolerate that the tiny, reckless minority of extremists will impose their will on the whole of society. but those speaking out against the restrictions have shopped back. people, blame the government and the media for polarizing the society government. i'm here today because i see division in society and i see that is very bad. i see people or groups of people being excluded. we had this before and we must not have it again. that's why i am here as a clear sign that it must not be like this and that are fundamental rights continue to carry way, freedom of speech, and also freedom of free decision. for these reasons, i am here to day. oh, i think it's absolutely terrible. what's going on here in this country at the moment i would have not dreamed it. i simply would never have imagined that something like this could ever occur in this country. it stank at us and for i
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think it's just a public problem, because i believe that vaccinated and unvaccinated people should not fight with each other. they should accept and respect each other and not take measures against each other tunes like normally with no end to the restrictions in sight. it's likely the protests across europe will only grow in size along with the anger on both sides of the vaccination debate policy a r t. berlin. that had used for now thanks for watching. i'm calling bryan moscow . back with your next update and about half an hour. see that? ah oh, driven by dreamer shapes banks concur some of those with
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theirs sinks. we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to yes, in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm ah ah.


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