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tv   News  RT  January 9, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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who a ah news review of the week, thousands of suspected terrorists have been detained in kazakhstan after protests over fuel prices, descended into a deadly violence with gunfire in the street, the authorities say many foreigners are among those arrested. a 100 for peacekeepers are arriving to cats, dogs every single day and thousands of please keep us from russia and other allied nations arriving catholic, found, as you heard, that after presidential appeal for help to restore law and order. if we arrived in the republic of concert on deployed to be signed
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a re and received in order to protect and defend vital state facilities that we had ordered to protect our marty airport. awards is being conducted 24 hours a day, a plus anger ups in europe, over new co restriction unrest in germany and austria. the protest is in paris facing battle with hello life. martinez. world news h q. moscow will welcome to the weekly with me, kevin, i would tonight around to put some of the main stories we brought you. the last 7 days, one story dominated in dozens of people have been killed during a week of riots in kazakhstan. the authorities say they've rounded up around $6000.00 people on terrorism charges so far and claimed there are many foreigners amongst them. here's how the country started. 2022. ah,
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ah. ah. group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios in el monte. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals.
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ah, with the protestors ransacked banks and shops. now everything is broken. the money was taken the window smashed. military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish. who's ah cassock, stan will complete it. anti terrorist operation will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning . a sweeping anti terrorism operation is still underway in the largest city, alma t. it's been the of the hardest hits in recent days with riots is looting stones and setting fire to government buildings with many them carrying firearms. yes, to may, to damage is more than $200000000.00. sofa, dozens of people including 3 children and at least 16 police officers have been
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killed, exclaimed some of the police were even beheaded with authority. stressing groups of riots as were highly organized and used to radios present to kind of responded with an order to shoot suspect terrorist it terrorists on site. well videos been circulating online to of a man from cut, a guest who claims he was paid to come to cause him to join the riots. security forces, believe he's a terrorist, is the footage? it'll slow no. soon. this on january 1st, some strangers called me and offered to participate in the rally over $200.00 since i'm unemployed. in kurdistan, they bought me plaintext on january 2nd, i flew to my feet and i was brought to an apartment where there were also citizens of tickets and was biggest. then there were about 10 people. i didn't understand what they were talking about when the relative began. i got scared, returned to my apartment, spend the night,
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and the next day i decided to go home and i was detained by the military. also. in the meantime, relatives, friends and colleagues identified about the video as someone called the cram rosa who no fe, cook is jazz musician. they claim he's been tortured and they don't know his whereabouts. the moment authorities in his home country confirmed he was not a terrorist. and he sent a protest note to the catholic embassy. he was reportedly invited to give a consent to. now, before the protest broke out, a crowd gathered at the canvas. the bish random is removed or sitting next to the damage has been caused by the unrest. the aftermath of the rises attack on a building which used to house several television studios and the commercial capital of has ex massey looters. so cameras and damaged other expensive equipment . before setting the promises on fire. a reporter whose office was attack, described to us the chaos and the fears of the people living in that city. i'm not sure what your question the company,
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the office of our tv company is located in the very upper center of the rights. right in front of the office entrance, we found a dead body, a murdered young man, who looked 20 to 25 years old. for them, we started filming, and at a distance of $50.00 to $70.00 me to 3 service men, came up to us and started shouting, stop, hands on what they had weapons which they pointed to tongue. actually, i raised my hands, showed my press id when it started shouting that we would press so that they would not shoot. they load their weapons only when they came very close to us and saw that we would journalists, we can say that we got off lightly because a few days ago, a car with journalists was shot at here. the driver was killed and the cameraman was seriously injured. the situation is still extremely tense. the entire city center is paralyzed and destroyed. all administrative buildings and offices of tv companies were torched. not a single shopping center remains intact. they were all looted and burned. a lot of small businesses were affected shops and banks. there is traffic in the city,
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but no public transport doing people are already running out to food. it's a problem to buy any of the big flash points of on confrontation, still flare up periodically and burned. abandoned, wrecked cars are scattered throughout the city. there are places where human bodies have not yet been removed. the peaceful protests over social issues was simply hijacked into the 1st wave of protests was absolutely peaceful. they were simply trying to convey the demands to the authorities. then a 2nd wave began with extremists who began to smash, burn, and attack representatives of power structures gobbling. this is colossal material damage to the city in its infrastructure. how long will it take to recover? how much money will be required? well, the money come from, how will people live through this time? these are very urgent questions now. castaneda central asia biggest republican, shes long borders with russia and china. the process of being driven by long sibling resentment over disparities in wealth with the most violent clashes
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erupting in the commercial capital al matty, located in the southeast. as the trouble got worse, cuz extern requested help from neighboring allies to restore law and order more than 3000 peacekeepers from the multinational. c. s t o military alliance arrived from russia, but it was armenia tajikistan and cut a guest on their stated mission is to secure vital infrastructure or the local law enforcement deals with the riots. if we arrived in the republic of kazakhstan, deployed to be signed area received in order to protect and defend vital state facilities, quality thought that we had orders to protect our marty airport. we successfully accomplish that early setup outposts and patrols. it was a watch is being conducted 24 hours a day. every day here is markedly busier than the last. hundreds upon a 100. more peacekeepers are all right then. to tell that stop. every single day arriving our troops, peacekeepers have taken over security at by the strategic infrastructure side,
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such as the power stations, such as government offices, military base is the and the likes which freeze up jazz. it started the troops troops of the catholic star military to go about restoring all the areas where there were riots where there was looting, where they were moored with . mm. mm. ah, and it isn't just russian peacekeepers. all members of the she is to you on said catholics. todd's call for help belarus purchased on kingston and armenia. these
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are newly arrived armenian troops. peacekeepers who have also come to the cows or thought a detachment about a 100 people have been said. as part of the request by the cousin study government, full members of the collective security for your organization. your will be the same as that of other people, mostly guarding various sites. again, free up as a study through the go about law enforcement coaches desperately needed riots, arson, theft and mugging. have ground the city of alma, the to a halt. civilians are urged to stay in doors away from windows is cause our forces restore order and campaign bandits and terrorists, as they call armed looters. even the airport isn't entirely safe to that end, there are endless drills exercises for every situation.
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ah, security situation, in our much near the airport still precarious trooper arriving by the dead, they're being drilled, exercising regularly, to prevent infiltration of whatever their gods, but by armed gangs, or all mobs, who have seized weapons from various military arsenals. they're also practicing finding any potential infiltrate infiltrators and containing them. the presence of she is to you forces in kazakhstan is temporary, some say a month, some say to, but talk of pulling out now is premature. has so much to be done alive, whether these cuba isn't easy, especially the 1st few days can be, can be rough, the endless, but throws no, not enough supplies in
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a crazy amount of work to be done a position to be made secure. but as things stand order is slowly returning to our medea, there is confidence that the unrest that has gripped the cadre can be bought behind . very soon, those peacekeepers have also evacuated at least 500 russians from our matee. they'd been visiting over the new years. holidays got caught up and over and it will f stranded when commercial flights were canceled because of the riots in the week. we talked to some of them the law. it was really scary. such huge screaming crowds was the time to see me, but now we are finally in the airport and we hope we are going home. it was terrified, especially because of my child. he was crying a lot, asking to get him away from me. i called the russian embassy, they told me that russia had organized evacuation flights and asked us to come to
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the airport. so here we are. can you sum of all know we were in the suburbs, but we also heard the shooting and explosions when my ball signal was blocked, we stopped receiving youth from moscow and became more unpleasant at night with which the lights off, so as not to become a target for looters, it was terrifying, and it's good that we now have evaluations live with us when we came here to see friends and should have had a flight back to moscow on the 7th of january. we did not face any serious difficulties as we stayed in the hotel, but we heard explosions and stopped burned out. cars loses it was horrible and scary. our friend took us to the airport. everything was calm. we want to thank the government and people who accompanied us here, the military personnel on whose he goes down, i've been reporting about for us since mattie was hearing 1st time about the difficulties people are facing. their bodies still lie in the streets of central al marta central al marta, which still lies in ruins, cordoned off by the military, and the police both are so an edge. it's as if they're expecting an invisible
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threat to strike to attack them. 247 from all possible sides. the airport, which is right behind me, has been destroyed in the riots by the armed mobs as well, and it is completely on functioning. but that's for regular aircraft. some lucky ones have been able to escape the country, which is very scary. i encourage everyone to stay at home and not go outside because the situation is really unstable. we went to the airport by ourselves. it was the 1st time we left home in days and it was very unpleasant when you which my child has been crying in the night when they catch at the airport. it was really dreadful. ah, i was going to fly home on the 7th. that arrow flat canceled the flight, and they cancelled all flights till the 22nd, which it was really horrible. we could hear gunshots from our windows all the time . the cars were set on fire. we couldn't reach our relatives abroad. there was no
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connection. everything shut down in corn. yup. thank god we had electricity, at least. ah, is all muslim and you can reach anywhere from al marti. no hotline was responding. he didn't know if it could be possible, but then we got a cold from moscow and we're told we're on the list for the fights. ah yeah, to be like that. i am thankful that the see still have arrived. all of us felt relief then. here russians the laura sions kirby's was becca tags. all of them responded, ah ah, ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah,
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hello again. will can be seen as a cost to go from the head of the crucial talks this week, u. s. secretary state under the blinking his claim, but he met po to wants to restore the old soviet union. russia is a gun to the head of you try, former defense secretary leon panetta said a few years ago that what he believes drives potent is a desire to restore the old soviet union. you agree? i think that's right. to make actual progress. it's very hard to see that happening when there's an ongoing escalation. when russia has a gun to the head of ukraine, with a 100000 troops nearest borders, the possibility of doubling that on very short order must go washington, currently abroad, and the diplomatic and political crisis. the u. s. accuses russia of a build up of troops at the border of ukraine. moscow in turn is pledged to defend
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the dom bus region if there was ever any military escalation there. some concerns of the u. s. is trying to curb brushes legitimacy activities. oh, yes. this is, of course, a reflection of the general us strategy. they have their national interests in every country. russia can't habits national interest, but all the while the united states has its national interest all over the world. i have no doubt that the west, as in the case of but a roost will use the situation. first of all, in terms of propaganda, let's go live to micro lu for, for appendix security. let's say that micro will, big week of talks coming up. is russia us in geneva? that is russia need to in brussels couple of days later in a couple days after that, russia is see and vienna. they're all going to be tough talks on. and it started off with the blink and saying the president poetry wants to restore the soviet union tough days ahead. well, i think he definitely lay the groundwork for
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a negative approach on many of his allegations of follows a particular narrative that they have to maintain to show that russia remains the bad guy just just like they blame russia now for bringing in troops into catholics, down one is part of a, of a general military alliance that exists there. these guys just have this problem with russia, and they want to try and contain moscow from all, from all sides. russia has legitimate spheres of influence in that region. there's no question about it. they got russia, russian ethnic people living in those areas the same and dom, boston, ukraine. those 2 elements are not unrelated as far as i'm concerned because it's my belief that like we saw in ukraine in 2014, with the, with the coup from the west. instigated by the west. we're seeing the same thing
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and cause it's down right now in preparation for these talks, but over with russia and say, we can do what we do on our own borders is no one else's business in the baltic. states are going to use that argument, flip back, and they're going to say, well, we can do what we want to do as well. well, what you say back to that argument than well, the, the reason for the trip build up in the opposite ukraine was due to the increased activity by the united states and nato countries. in their assertive efforts with more military maneuvers, bringing in, having increased military maneuvers with the ukraine, which is not a native member the same and the same with georgia. so this, this is in response and as mr. put and pointed out, russia has nowhere else to go. so they are holding the line. and i think that moscow needs to insist that us in sit also insist that
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ukraine had here to the midst agreement, which recognized autonomy in the don bus area and not stage attack. the concern is that ukraine will instigate attacks in that region, and that's when the concerns will be on what they are the big picture as well above you. credits to go back to baltic states. this whole thing about easter expansion of nato. no, this is no surprise news from russia. russia's been kicking off about this since the mid ninety's. i also put this list of no cross red lines down the to be discussed at this meeting, but a lot of people are going into the meeting saying, well, most much of this is non negotiable. as far as the west is concerned. do you think something is going to give i think something will give in the sense that there won't be a formal agreement by nato to not question their, their right to expand into other countries. but ukraine and ga cannot buy by
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definition of the atlantic alliance because they have internal deceptions within their own country. so they're not eligible. i think what'll happen is that there will be a tacit understanding reached on that aspect. but i also think there could be something gained in terms of pulling back offensive, ah, intermediate range missiles, and to try and could have a cooling off period and create perhaps a buffer area where strategic farmers don't fly within 13 miles. for example of the russian border, you don't see that in the united states. so i think there could be something that could eat out of this would go, but he cray. well, we talked about russia saying it is, is it sphere of influence? why does washington see ukraine now if we run the other side of the world as it's sphere of influence swell, because they believe the ukraine wants to? well, 1st of all, it's a country that borders right on the, the,
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the federation and they, they've done the same with georgia and they have not been successful and ethic. and then they want to push nato as far as they can. a lot of this has to do with the, the neoconservatives who are in the, by the ministration. they're trying to push the limits and they include not only blinking himself, but when the chairman, the deputy secretary, and victoria newland, who is the under secretary of state for political affairs. she was involved dramatically in the 2014 coo over throw in ukraine, and by that was vice president at that time. and this is not all done to mark her a course and nato, was this a role the europe has to play as well as, i mean, she's, you're going to stand up for so much closer to your grade on the baltic states. well, i don't think, i don't think the european countries will be as adamant and as demanding of moscow as the united states is after all, we're
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a whole ocean away. they're right up there. they're right next to it. so they and they have a lot of other trade and other considerations with moscow that they have to consider. and i also think moscow has an opportunity to work with individual members of nato to get them to realize that it's more beneficial not to be not to have a confrontation than to be more conciliatory. i was when though these meetings are through says geneva, a couple of days later, this brussels rush and later than this vienna rush, they always see what was the worst case scenario. he could things actually get was oh yeah, they absolutely could get worse. and i think that what, what if they, if they do moscow has, could do, could, could announce that they are going to basically set up this independent order against come world order against coming under the u. s. western system. because u. s. is already threatened to cut them off,
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cut off the their access to the swift, which is allowed for western trade. secondly, they could also announce a, an alliance military alliance between moscow and beijing, which will then also have ramifications with taiwan, inconceivably, even with iran. and, and i think that this could absolutely, and dramatically escalate what hollow much for what kinds of insecurity preciate it have a good evening. and we'll come back to the coming days to see if any of what you're talking about there actually comes true or not. thank you. ok, thank you. all right, folks on france now fears protests, rubbing in major cities across the country this last weekend, and so clashes with police over mandatory vaccine passports, other covered restrictions, thousands demonstrated nationwide with right to police, resulting in some cases to bombs and tig us to try and restore order ah
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ah, protestors took to the streets of songs on saturday in the cities of paris, nice and of you non, to protest against the covert pass. the scenes turned violent with police using tear gas and battens against many of the protesters. a similar throw back to the scenes that we saw in late december. now this is despite the fact that on monday you had as many as 400000 people testing positive for covert in france. it comes as the french president emanuel micron used vulgar language against people have chosen to be unvaccinated. his comments were to cried across the french public and across the political spectrum, and he made them as the national assembly debated
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a law that would see unvaccinated people being banned from much of public life. it is expected that that law will be introduced in the coming days. this comes as massive protests against covert continued across europe in vienna. there were fumes and a lot of noise as protest as demonstrated against the vaccination and against covert restrictions. here in germany, in the city of magda burg, thousands of people took to the streets. however, ah, that seems to have violent with the police using tear gas and battens to try and disperse the crawl. there were scenes of protests in many other cities across the countries, including the capital, the lin at the same time,
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the german hotel and restaurant association has issued a statement saying that these latest restrictions are a disaster for businesses and have a negative impact, particularly on restaurants. who rely heavily on wilkins and they have urged the government to provide urgent assistance. the beatles are being guided by the latest message from the world health organization stating that although the latest variant only con is list severe than the previous variant of delta, particularly amongst those people who have been vaccinated in no way. can it be classified as mild, just like previous variance? alma crohn is hospitalized people and it is killing people. in fact, the soon army of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. it is expected that there will be more protests in the coming days as governments across europe continue to tighten restrictions and introduce mandatory vaccines to try and stop the spread of covered. and that's the weekly
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from cincinnati tional, thanks for checking in with us this weekend for a live recap for the news of the last 7 days reporting for you from moscow. and kevin, from the team. very good. ah, i ah, well, you know, everybody is concerned about bitcoin being a part of this game, but in fact it's the only thing out there. there's not a bond is game. it's an open source project girl by volunteers trying to policy. but there are a lot of policies out there. ah,
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this isn't an orphanage or even so, since you children have been kid for at the fountains house, it's become a sanctuary for anyone who needs help a lot on them. if i went, sonya was abandoned by her mother, which was crucial to find her new family before child protection services took her . i can book, i mean they want to kill me up with why you were so we should just stay with on before i do much. i did a boy a boy boy on but i pulled up much.


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