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tv   News  RT  January 9, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EST

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ah ah in authority to wait here, not a thousands of suspected terrorists have been detained in cassock staff to process over fuel prices descended into deadly violence and gunfire in the streets. authority say many foreigners are among those arrested hundreds upon a 100 more please keep us. all right. they took care of that stock every single day . meanwhile, thousands of people from russia and other allied nations arriving catholic, stand after presidential appeals to help to restore law. and order but if we arrived in the republic of catholics on deployed to be signed a re,
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a received in order to protect and defend vital state facilities. political that we had ordered to protect our marty airport awards has been conducted 24 hours a day. a good restrictions is on rest in germany and austria, with protest is in paris fighting back and say, a gas are more strife in europe. this time, the plan to label gas from nuclear power is green energy, new german government, leading the criticism, claiming its green war hello, that is gone. 4 o'clock here most. are you watching the weekly here are not international. now dozens of people have been killed during a week of rights and can extend the authority say they've rounded up about $6000.00 people on terrorism charges and claim there are many foreigners among them is how
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the country started. 2022. ah ah, what a sweeping anti terrorism operation is still under way in the largest city there are massey, it's been the hardest hit in recent days with rise is looting stores and setting fire to government buildings with many of them carrying firearms. the estimated damage is more than $200000000.00. dozens of people including 3 children and at least 16 police officers have been killed. his claim, some of the police were even beheaded. authorities, distressing that groups of riotous were highly organized and were using 2 way radios present to kaya responded with an order to shoot suspected terrorists on site. it's been the countries worst on rest in a generation. here's
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a reminder of how a vent unfolded. ah, ah ah, a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l much. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals deal
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ah, with the protestors ransacked banks and shops, now everything is broken. the money was taken the window smashed, military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish. ah cassock stan will complete it. anti terrorist operation will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning or cassock. sani central ages, biggest republican shares borders with russia and also china. the protests have been driven by a long simmering resentment over disparities in wealth,
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with most of the vine and clashes erupting in the commercial capital al massey, located in, say, feast. now here's the aftermath of the rise to attack on this building. the chinese is several. television studios loses stole, cameras damaged other expensive equipment. before setting the premises on fire, a reporter whose office was attacked you described to us the calles and the phase of the people living in the system. and i'm not sure what your question company, the office of our tv company is located in the very epicenter of the riots. right in front of the office entrance. we found a dead body, a murdered young man to look 20 to 25 years old. and we started filming, and at a distance of 50 to 70 meters, 3 service men came up to us and started shouting, stop, hands off what they had weapons which they pointed to tom's. actually, i raised my hands, showed my press id when it started shouting that we with the press so that they would not shoot me. they lowered their weapons only when they came very close to us
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and saw that we would journalists, we can say that we got off lightly because a few days ago, a car with journalists was shot at here. the driver was killed and the cameraman was seriously injured. the situation is still extremely tense. the entire city center is paralyzed and destroyed. all administrative buildings and offices of tv companies were torched. not a single shopping center remains intact. they were all looted and burned. a lot of small businesses were affected shops and banks. there is traffic in the city, but no public transport. people are already running out of food. it's a problem to buy any flashpoints of on confrontations. still flare up periodically and burned. abandoned wrecked cars are scattered throughout the city. there are places where human bodies have not yet been removed. the peaceful protests over social issues were simply hijacked into the 1st wave of protests was absolutely peaceful. they were simply trying to convey the demands to the authorities. then a 2nd wave began with extremists who began to smash, burn,
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and attack representatives of power structures grabbing. this is colossal material damage to the city and its infrastructure. how long will it take to recover? how much money will be required? well, the money come from, how will people live through this time? these are very urgent questions. now. what is the trouble got worse cassock? stan requested help the neighboring allies to restore law and order complete fast and faith. cases from the multinational cs military alliance have arrived from russia. valerie armenia to stand and also kirk, a stand. that stated mission is to secure vital infrastructure, while local law enforcement deals with the riotous. if we arrived in the republic of catholics, ton deployed to be signed area received in order to protect and defend vital state facilities. quality of other cio. we had orders to protect our marty airport. we successfully accomplish that early sets of outposts and patrols. it was a watch is being conducted 24 hours a day. every day here is markedly busier than the last hundreds upon
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hundreds. more peacekeepers are arriving to tell us that stop every single day arriving our troops. peacekeepers have taken over security at by the strategic infrastructure side such as the power stations, such as government offices, military base is the and the likes which freeze up jazz. it started the troops o troops of the catholic star military, to go above restoring all day the areas where there were riots where there was looting, where there were marauders. mm . mm. mm. mm. mm. mm.
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mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. and it isn't just russian peacekeepers. all members of the c s. u onset catholic started school for help belarus, kristen kingston and armenia sees our newly arrived armenian troops. peacekeepers who have also come to the cows or thought a detachment about a 100 people have been said. as part of the request by the cousin study government pool members of the collective security organization. fair york will be the same as that of other these people's mostly guarding barrier side. again, free up as a study through the go about law enforcement, which is desperately needed riots, arson, theft and mugging. have ground the city of alma, the to a halt. civilians are urged to stay in doors away from windows is car forces
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restore order and campaign bandits and terrorists, as they call armed looters. even the airport isn't entirely safe to that. and there are endless drills exercises for every situation ah, security situation, in our much in near the airport still precarious trooper arriving by the day they're being drilled, exercising regularly, to prevent infiltration of or whatever they're guarding, but by om gangs, or, or mobs who have seized weapons from various military arsenals. they're also practicing finding any potential infiltrate infiltrators and containing them. the presence of yes to you forces in kazakhstan is temporary, some say a month, some say to,
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but talk of pulling out now is pretty much your as so much to be done. life whether these cuba isn't easy, especially the 1st few days can be, can be rough. the endless put throws, noted up supplies, a crazy amount of work to be done a position to be made secure. but as things stand will do, is slowly returning to our confidence that the rest that his grip, the country can be bought behind. very soon, laurie garcia, then i meanwhile, the peacekeepers of also evacuated 25 russians from almighty. they had been visiting over the new year, but were left stranded when commercial flights were canceled because of the rioting, and are among hundreds of russian citizens that have requested to be flown back home from cause extent. we talked to some of the workers. we came here to ski
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during the new years, holidays and then this terrible incident happened. now we're being evacuated by the military because apparently there isn't another way. i'm really thankful for the well coordinated work of our military. the guys who rescued us for taking it out of this terrible situation. thank you very much. god willing will get home fast because this has been a rather scary and difficult ordeal. i know we are flying home. god willing, we will get home. we love you all while the crisis arizona going and on east teens on the ground in cars extend will keep you updated hero, naughty international. and also on our social media pages. and other news, her fears, protest her up to the major cities across france this weekend, and saw classes with police over mandatory vaccine passports, and other coby restrictions. were an estimated $105000.00 demonstrators nationwide
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with riot police, resorting to batons and tear gas to restore order. ah, the protesters took to the streets of songs on saturday in the cities of paris, nice and of in on to protest against the covert pass. the seems turned violent with police using tear gas and battens against many of the protesters. a similar throw back to the scenes that we saw in late december. now this is despite the fact that on monday you had as many as 400000 people testing positive for covert in france. it comes as the french president emanuel micron used vulgar language against people who've chosen to be unvaccinated. his comments were to clyde across the fringe,
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public and across the political spectrum, and he made them as the national assembly debated a law that would see unvaccinated people being banned from much of public life. it is expected that their call will be introduced in the coming days. this comes as massive protests against covert continue across europe. in vienna, there were fumes and a lot of noise as protestors demonstrated against the vaccination and against covert restrictions. here in germany, in the city of magda burg, thousands of people took to the streets. i . it seems to line and with the police using tear gas and battens to try and
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disperse the crawl. there were scenes of protests in many other cities across the country, including the capital berlin. at the same time, the german hotel and restaurant association has issued a statement saying that these latest restrictions are a disaster for businesses and have a negative impact, particularly on restaurants, who rely heavily on wilkins. and they have urged the government to provide urgent assistance. the needs are being guided by the latest message from the world health organization stating that although the latest variant, omi called is less severe than the previous variant of delta, particularly amongst those people who have been vaccinated in no way. can it be classified as mild? just like previous variance, omicron is hospitalized people and it is killing people. in fact, the soon army of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. it is expected that there will be more protests in the coming days as government across europe continue to tighten restrictions and introduce
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mandatory vaccines to try and stop the spread of covered or slid and now ahead of wednesdays, crunch talks between russia and nato. moscow says it when to come to pressure from washington. you follow reports. the biden administration is working on tough new sanctions against russia. if it invades ukraine, russia will not bow to you as pressure and will not accept any concessions. the unilateral approach proposed by the u. s. a. nato can't be used as the basis for discussing security guarantees. these high level talks to avoid further escalations over ukraine are set to take place between the united states and russia on monday. but before anyone has even sat down at the negotiating table, the u. s. is already threatening big economic sanctions. biden's administration says that russia is planning to invade ukraine even though moscow has time and time again. it is said, it is not planning to do so. so it did sure seems interesting that the white house
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would say it's going into these negotiations without optimism. while it seems like it's ready to torpedo the negotiations before they even began. we are going into these meetings with a sense of realism, not a sense of optimism. we are willing to see whether or not russia comes to these talks with a spirit of seriousness. willing to discuss these issues in a concrete results oriented way. by the way to do that, i will let them cheer themselves up somehow if you, but i will. these talks are set to be held on the backdrop of heightening tensions with ukraine. they're also set to take place alongside a proposed treaty by russia for security guarantees between itself and nato. moscow's proposal primarily seeks to stop the for the further eastward expansion of nato into the former soviet sphere. this is something that russia said it was guaranteed many years ago. back when the former soviet president mikhail gorbachev was in power. however, the us state department has called moscow's proposal. a list of non starters and
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nato officials have also echoed that sentiment saying they will not outright reject any countries that are looking to join the military alliance. so with nato officials in washington, seemingly unwilling to consider russia's terms, it remains to be seen how effective these talks are going to be. i still to come on the weekly rebranding nuclear power and natural gas is green energy box debate in europe in german calling it pure green washing will have the story just after ah
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herman died, rumor shaped bankers out of those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask ah, welcome back. now, when you think of green energy,
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you may think of solar panels or wind turbines. however, i made a fuel crisis fee and i want to include natural gas and or saying nuclear power to well, it's attracted plenty of criticism with germany, calling it green washing. charlotte davinsky has the story a new year and a new spat is brewing between new members. bickering has a rapid with state, split over how energy from nuclear and gas sources should be classed in the future . the e u wants to categorize investments in some of these projects as being green, but others argue this is essentially green washing label and nuclear energy as sustainable is wrong. this is a high risk technology. it is questionable whether this green washing will find acceptance on the financial market at all. that we think nuclear technology is dangerous. we still think a waste issue. as a result,
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we expressly reject the assessment on nuclear power under the commissions proposal investment in new nuclear energy facilities should be classified as a group if they meet certain technical standards. now that's led to accusations that the commission is he destroying the credibility of the european eco label, financial investments with germany leading the charge of nations against these proposals. that could put it in direct collision, of course, with the blocks or that heavy weight. that is france, 70 percent of energy here is generated from nuclear power. so convinced is president lack on that. nuclear is the way forward. he's announced a 1000000000 euro investment, expanding the industry for gant yolanda in order to guarantee france is energy independence to ensure our country's electricity supply and to achieve our objectives in particular carbon neutrality. in 2050 we will for the 1st time in
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decades, will really launch the construction of nuclear reactors in our country and continue to develop renewable energies. i has the support from some austin, glock nation's whistler, back as prime minister agreeing that climate neutrality just can't be met without clear energy. but australia is furious over the plan, saying it will take the commission to court if it moves ahead with them. will examine the present draft carefully and have already commissioned illegal opinion on nuclear power in the taxonomy in these plans are implemented in this way. we will sue because atomic power is dangerous and not a solution in the fight against the climate crisis. meanwhile, germany is also coming under pressure over its anti nuclear stance from the czech republic. berlin has just all the clues of haul from germany's remaining nuclear power plants, as part of
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a plan to withdraw completely from the technology. prague describes that as being a radical step. our government will have to work patiently and hard look for allies in europe and convince partners. finally, it also has to move forward with the construction of nuclear units and to encourage investment in other reasonable renewable sources. that is the way out of the energy crisis. the alternative is under development and poverty. and nobody wants that. all of this comes as europe is in the midst of an energy crisis, with some expert suggesting that the crunch will last roy the way until 2023. that move by germany including nuclear react is also could push up prices even further. and as prices in german neil was twice as high as they could be. there is an energy crisis that the prices of the rising. rising cost means that the industry need more
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energy and that heating your home becomes expensive. we need cheap, stable energy to politician that run our country a lot focused on the interest of german industry and german customers. but that's the hollow ideological agenda and they follow to audiological agenda. the 1st is that thing they don't need get because they want to do everything with the nubile update. it's a kind of magic. they believe that they can do that again. as the 2nd audiological agenda, they follow that there are hard core intro, rushing one solution to that coin. this could be the approval of the nord stream to pipeline that would supply got us directly from russia to germany. however, with tension tie you between the you and moscow, the green light for that project is far from so i've been leaving the e. u. scrambling to find the money to pay increasing energy bills,
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while members remain bitterly divided over the future of energy policy. charlotte tv ski r t. paris now charges were dropped against new york disgraced former governor. on friday. andrew cuomo stood accused of sexually harassing an assistant and accusation that led to his resignation. a couple of months ago, he was also accused separately of covering up coby deaths in nursing homes. the fact he won't appear in court. his sparks i rage. today's news that the manhattan da won't press charges against disgraced former governor cuomo is yet another politically motivated decision by left wing prosecutors. cuomo has blood on his hands. his victims and their families deserve justice. democrats allowed corruption disgraced governor cuomo to a state criminal charges for nursing home deaths. however, they harris president,
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trump. justice is not blind in new york and shame on us for believing that the justice system would actually work for us. instead of helping cuomo cover office crimes, listen well, no, intentionally ordered a jelly virus in elderly homes. and that created called the death chambers all around the state for our loved ones. now love ones had no chance. there is one man to blame, and that man is andrew cuomo. i mean, what kind of society or me, when over 50000 people in die horrible agonizing deaths alone? my father died alone and there's no sense of accountability. i was in office quo. my was accused of letting people in to care homes as be heard without testing during the early stages of the pandemic. he also, he's also being a keys to of under counting deaths there by 50 percent. cuomo, though denies any wrong doing, and insist that the virus didn't claim more lives in nursing homes, but who ears?
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3328, died in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. co resigned in august after a decade in office is public pressure man to over the harassment allegations, which he denies. as i mentioned, he was charged with groping and assistant, but the district attorney has now concluded that although the keys is credible, there is not enough evidence to bring the case to court. we discussed the issue with lawyer and former candidate for new york city council mani hello. i think what the public needs to see is this is just another case of how the rich and powerful get away with crime. if you actually look at the, the players i and the political landscape, i'm the, the albany district attorney david source has been a long time alley ally of governor promo. i know mr. sores was also part of promos,
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transitions team in 2006. he was also, you know, part of the moreland commission and, you know, the public may, many of yours might not, not remember this, but the morling commission and you know, was created i years ago in order to root out corruption. but then cuomo disbanded it when the corruption was pointing to him. so this is really a case of, you know, what political allies do, it shouldn't be just one person making that kind of decision. because that, that definitely leads to corruption. just commit to harp asked for the afternoon here in moscow, you'd be marching the weekly here, not a good to have a company, but back again at the top with a, with a child beginning. wanna deal with which one is a bad though,
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it was just my william like he's a curriculum left. the game is that with a couple of mean junior was, wasn't that the appointment for that? if he's interested machine that you're not familiar with and he gets here. no, i mean logical, but that amount with his power to store and with l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings,
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except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear like take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with i . this isn't an orphanage or even so, since you children have been kid for at the fountains. house it's become a sanctuary for anyone who needs a.


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