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resort to overcharging patients. ah, when you go to the hospital the services that you receive could be operating room time or physician services or drugs. whatever. will be 1st of all charged at what's called the chargemaster price, which is usually a very high price that is far in excess of what the hospital needs to pay to deliver the service. the charge master is a list of items, hospital services, billable to a patient. every hospital maintains its own charge, master and said its own prices or each item, medical procedures, drugs, diagnostic evaluations and so on. in the chargemaster is assigned a unique code and a set price, which is not related to the patient. so its impossible for them to know exactly what they been billed for. ah, hospital systems employ all kinds of people to work in as coders,
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and their job is to provide particular codes that will make the most money. and so the idea is there's a, there's a nation about up coding which is a, you have a patient who need an appendectomy, will they need an appendectomy? but they were actually with severe complications. and so you can make the situation worse than it was or appear worse than it was in order to get a higher level of reimbursement. and that just drives that spending an assistant. and so you go into the hospital and you just have no idea what you're gonna have to pay and that it's terrified ah, in 2019, donald trump signed an executive order requiring hospitals to make their price information public
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a step toward transparency. but with his health care reform plan, his main priority was to undo obamacare. you made it a campaign pledge. ah, that begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. oh, prison front is determined to try to get rid of anything that president obama did. he's trying to undo the obama legacy piece by piece, including the affordable care donald trump proposed his reform. trump care who's a was to replace obamacare, which was to socialist for his liking. continuing the republican tradition, he wanted to keep state intervention to a minimum. once elected president, trump carried out his plan. it launched a charm offensive to get through congress. ah,
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action is not a choice, it is a necessity. so i am calling on all democrats and republicans in congress to work with us to save americans from this imploding. obamacare disaster predominantly republican, the house of representatives passed the reform bill. mister johnson, i had one last obstacle to hurdle the vote of the senate, which was much more divided. they needed every vote that they could get to undo obamacare and john the k, whose conservative republican was the last one to vote. and he voted by lifting his hand and threw in thumbs down.
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ah, the eyes are 49. the names are 51. motion is not agree to the members not agree to . he decided to do something different and that's fine. and i say we still have a chance to go, we're going to do it eventually when obamacare couldn't be reversed all at once. then the trumpet, ministration worked on a variety of other tactics to take it apart, piece by piece. ah, donald trump's side, multiple bills into law, each targeting a different aspect of obamacare, you think will help you. yeah. you know, one thing i really learned i learned with you is you would have started with infrastructure at the beginning of this year. the trump administration came in and made the tack 0 so
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that now there's no obligation for people to get insurance, so healthy people won't get insurance and that will make it more expensive for everyone else at symbolically it was kind of, you know, ha, you know, we're going to pull apart as much as we can, and i think obamacare is, is over. this is something i'm very proud of. great for our country. great for the american people. thank you all for building on this momentum. donald trump has continued his attack on obamacare, and the number of uninsured americans is on the rise again. it has caused some people their lives, like shaylynn amy's daughter. oh. hey. did you make this for me? yeah, thank you. come on and we got your homework. i'll have homework,
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you always say that, but you always have homework. yeah. can i, can i bring it back in here? now with shaelyn died that amy battled with depression, her sister eli got her back on her feet. ah, here are people that are playing eaters. it work, i put a lot of effort into this that's come a long way. i just remember like i didn't know what to do. maybe it found it selfish, but i've already lost lin mallos. util. because that's what i felt like was going to happen. like you were just gonna stay in bed and just die with her. i want it to at that time. i know you did, and i did. so did you get a i don't like them and increasing numbers of americans are voicing their desire
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for a fair health system. i mean, one of their main demands is reduction and drug prices over prices arisen by an average of 30 percent over the past 5 years. for instance, the price of ad there and as the drug has increased by almost $200.00 for big pharma, the united states is a gold mine, a market worth some $500000000000.00. and drug companies can set their own prices. ah drunk prices and our country are much higher than the rest of the world for the exact same drug, often in the same package, maybe the language might be different ah, in france, in the u. k, the government negotiates directly with drug companies,
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desist out the casing, united states, a golden opportunity for manufacturers who are fighting to maintain the system, vest because we have so a little regulation of drug companies in this country. and the reason for that is because the drug companies have the most powerful lobby in washington. i can tell you it's not in the millions, it's not in the 10s of millions. it's not in the hundreds of millions. it's in the billions of dollars that drug companies spend over the last 20 years. getting their way with congress. pharmaceutical companies spend far more than any other industry on lobbying, $228000000.00 in 2019 alone. democrat and republican politicians alike received money from the drug industry. this
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practice is illegal and france, but it is part of the game of american politics. ah, and the farmer companies. these payments are designed to ensure the drug market remains unregulated in life to sarah health care system is based on competition, but competition in the health care system works the opposite of how it works in the grocery store. so what we found with drug pricing is what i call it sticky price and you know, you would think, oh, there are 3 insulin makers so they would compete and offer undercut each other on price. what happens instead? because they're all making such good money is $1.00 tries to raise their price, you know, they'll say, oh, you know, why are we sell in this for $50.00? we could sell it for $100.00 a vile and they do it. and the other 2 go a look, they're getting away with it, someone's paying. so they all go up to that sticky ceiling. and the price has just
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gone up and i've been mm. insulin manufacturers are under fire, including eli lilly, an american farm, a giant, the company doubled the price of its insulin over 5 years. it was headed by alex as are not yet to lower prescription drug prices. donald trump had no qualms about nominating this man to be the secretary of health and human services career. alex is going to get this prescription drug prices way down as a little bit of an extra right. it's gonna come rocketing down just like the fox watching the hen house. it's just rhetoric because when you hire someone like alex days are to run health and human services, nothing is really meaningful. is going to happen because he's gonna be there
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protecting the interest of, of the company and the industry that he came out with the price surge is meant. karen no longer goes to the pharmacy, has to find other ways to get insulin. ah, are you good? thank you for coming. i really appreciate it. this is i wow. humalog that, that's like the main one that i take and that would cost me $500.00. so she has extremely, extremely helpful. i can't thank her enough. this is like, you know, thousands of dollars on the table right now. on facebook. it just happened to see her, but she hadn't wanted to give away to somebody in probably 2 minutes after i jumped
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on it. i think i tag you in it. pharma lou. yeah, i was so excited. i was like chris chris, this is i think this is what karen on. i think a member called her and she said it's all her off and is, does she end up usually having extra? does she not know or her doctor switch her to a new type of insulin. so she had an abundance in her fridge, and instead of throwing it away, she wanted to find somebody who could use it. it does feel like i'm dealing drugs like they come in with the bag of insulin and we do a quick trade in. i have a people in my life right now that are giving me their extra we're
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doing what we have to do survive and ah, the lose ah, ah, it goes to chill with school is to chill to begin with a small with
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a couple of minutes when you was, wasn't it that the appointment was for that if you can scuse machine that i did with no, i need to go put that amount with power or so on with with blue
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there is a thought of a lot of fear. and i've lived like this for so many years. why i'm, i mean just diabetes by itself is exhausting. is completely exhausting. even if i had everything that i need, you know, it's, it's like it's been just hired me out and completely i know i won't be able. 2 to song because you know, before, before, like all the inform price stuff, a behind the skyrocketing drug prices is a 3 headed hydra. to health insurers. and a 3rd player with a pivotal but obscure role. the p b m's or pharmacy benefit management providers. on behalf of the health sector,
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these companies negotiate prescription drug prices with the manufacturers, intermediaries with murky practices, who are the cornerstone of the system. in other words, the drug companies, the health ensures and the pharmacy benefit managers make deals on what the prices will be on what the reimbursement rates will be. and we don't know what those are since we consider it a business. those prices are often are generally considered trade secrets, so we don't even know who's telling the truth. they're all complicit in making this mask. they all act independently and they all blame each other. so it's very hard to get anything done because everyone says, yes, it's a mass, but it's his fault. mm.
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another aggressive strategy is deployed by all the major pharmacy companies to retain market share at all costs. they keep generic competitors out of the market. they do this by taking advantage of americas protective patent laws, a new sample of ways that the brand name drug companies keep the free market from working. the lower cost generic from coming to market is called ever greening. by tweaking the patent, it's able to ever green the patent to maintain in the pattern preventing a generic drug company from introducing a drug. even on the earlier patent who marrow, one of the world's best selling drugs in the u. s. has 254 patents. so it's really hard to get generics into this country at the moment because drugs are protected by
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multiple patents. the example that is most horrific and gross is insulin, awe long a slab. and while i'm calling with dr. is it today in cooper 3 and starting to get treatment. some americans have to travel abroad for the 1st time, karen and eric have come to canada where insulin is much cheaper. ah, we're doing it. i never thought we would be, but yeah, it is an extreme and can't really sacrifice work time to stay up in vancouver to
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have a vacation or anything. it's just going to get the insulin and coming back i only get a 7 vacation day. it's a little frustrating, just that i had to use a vacation day to fly to another country to get a basic medication from a country that's pretty well developed. and so it's a little tiring, but still exciting because i'm still really excited insulin for this, right? mm. mm. purchasing medication in a foreign country, bringing it back to united states is illegal, but tolerated karen's american option is accepted here. a pharmacy. they're actually. yeah. good. and then you turn it
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paid and are you good? how are you going to pick up for karen wafford with a log in here is your recei so for just the insulin or a little under 700. okay. yeah, that sounds great. all right. so kind of round me out for the year. yeah. we do a lot for 3 people today. well, the price difference is astronomical. so yeah, we're going from $2700.00 to $700.00 for this exact amount, which is
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a huge. mm hm. it's been going through customs. do they ever like dave or i asked i go through stuff like that on my yeah. yeah. so you can be transparent with them. you love to bring in a personal supply great with they don't want people bring it across to try to sell it. exactly right. where i can thank you enough. i mean, it means a world they are doing that. i really appreciative and i'm sure we'll be back. thank you. thank you. when i think you so i this is as good day as a type one diabetic. probably have, he's ah, unlike in france, unlike in most european countries, unlike in canada, we don't view access to health care as a human, right. we believe it's acceptable somehow that
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a human being in the writ in one of the richest countries in the world can walk in to a pharmacy and not be able to pick up their dad diabetes drug because they can't pay for it. ah, a in the united states there is a safety that though the m tele act, ah, it requires all publicly funded hospitals to stabilize patients in need of emergency care. ah, but one 3rd of facilities slot, this law. oh i amy believes her daughter shaelyn would still be alive if the hospital had
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respected its legal obligation. ah. when this is all i have left. if i'm remembering my why, why am i fighting so much? why am i sacrificing? i never want to lose track of that. lose sight of that. let fuels my fire. ah, today's the day girl, today's the day really one this badly for amy decided to sue the hospital for non compliance with m til today she will finally find out to the district of nevada court has approved the lawsuit. ah, to change the system. wendell is continuing his political fight.
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a new is going to be a long journey. i don't know when it's going to, and i think that it's just a matter of time. it's a matter of when not if that we're going to get their medicare for all. what i'm in this until we see congress passed a bill and the president sign a bill that gets us to kind of health care system that we need. ah, good afternoon everyone. and welcome honey. this is wendell. i have some good news . we're well going to medicare time out here at the courthouse here in las vegas, as all my friends and my brothers and sisters,
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the revolution know that we had victory today. we survived the summary judgement and celine's case, or the impala violations were asserting, and it's a good day. mm hm. as for amy, the trial will be in a few months time. i can't bring showing back that i can fight to ensure that they stop doing this to other people. and i look forward to that. i'm very excited about it. and i can't wait to let the rest of the world know that we're going to, we're going to trial. we'll see him in court for a karen to wants those
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responsible to be held, to recount. she and or organization went to demonstrate outside their offices. oh, we want you, i will wait to hear us, won't you? i lily to realize that people die every single year. every time we come now, i hear more people and i want him to know what the price is gonna go. i wait until today until things change. oh, we'll keep going to the people who die and we'll keep going for the people that we know that type one diabetes and ourselves and everybody else who might ever be on the medication that they need to with
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ah ah ah ah
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well, this isn't an opening even to see children have been cared for at the fountains house only yet baffled blue. i give a devout nap court. my much mamma a when i should. he's good. a nice many goals. michelle, in the middle of the issue. ah, national man is violet. mom on is violet. but dana, mom, yes. my today's, with me. okay. allow me to book a book. i love you for your bill. i was like me, i use a lunch. i can only, you know,
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some young and the description on, on shows i can learn to deal with goofy. i should join me as we closed on the alex simon. shoot. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. you know, everybody is concerned about pointing upon his game, but in fact there's the only thing out there. there's not a ponzi scheme. it's an open source project built by volunteers trying to policy. but there are a lot of policies out there ah
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ah, in the storage the way here and i say sizes of suspected terrorists have been detained in catholic staff to process over fuel prices descended into deadly violence and gunfire in the streets. authority say many foreigners are among those arrested hundreds upon a 100. more peacekeepers are all right. good cats, dogs every single day. while thousands of people from russia and other allied nations arriving catholic, stan after presidential appeals to help to restore law and order. but if we arrived in the republic of concert on.


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