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tv   News  RT  January 8, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EST

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center point now of the big coin for revolution. ah, we're driving into the city of alma, perhaps the most dangerous area in catholic thought is voluntary across the context . and we'd report from the country's largest city for authority. say they have arrested 4000 people on terror charges, including foreign nationals for peacekeepers, and arriving from russia to help restore order. mar, moscow pushes back against washington's remarks that russian pays keep, is going to have a need, can extend to the foreign ministry pointing out the neighboring country. strong military alliance and traditional ties. and also this, our germany titans restrictions the battle the pandemic despite anti code protest intensifying across the country. we're not laughed, we're not right. we just want freedom. i feel the measures
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a disproportionate and i find this division in society. questionable hello there. just gone 5 o'clock this saturday afternoon here in moscow. you're watching archie international. now we'll start with breaking news from al massey and cassock. stand where a freelance reporter working for our tea has been detained by the army. our t. v. crew has been there over the last few days, covering the unrest that has shaken the country. although it's still not clear why the report was arrested. this is water produced there, told us about what happened. let's come on the break looseness a $10.00. 0 our crew arrived from no sultan to l. marty. and they went to film in a church that was somewhere from 11 till one in the afternoon. and then they went to the republic square and then to nazareth avenue, where they filmed, burned out military vehicles. when one crew member was on one side of the road and
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others on the other side. then a vehicle with military personnel drove off. they forced off free launch, reported to the ground and pushed him to his knees and threatened him with weapons . then they drove him away to an unknown location as we are trying to reach the russian embassy. meanwhile, a catholic authorities to say that they have arrested $4000.00 suspects on terrorism charges and say that many appeared to be foreign nationals, soldiers and police continue to patrol the streets and have taken back control 2 of key infrastructure facilities. well that has been chaos in cars extends large, massy for days with rises, losing stores and setting fire to government buildings, many of them carrying firearms in response, present to cause issues in order to use life fire against suspected terrorists without warning. cause like official says, one child caught in the violence has died from a gunshot wound and another is in the critical condition. it's been reported over with dozens of people, including at least 18 police officers have been killed,
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has extend national security commission has published a list of 7 officers who died as a result of unrest. we spoke to a man who lost his son, who was serving in the national guard and fell under a truck driven by rice's he served for 6 months. we'd been planning a how to welcome him back. and then this unfortunate incident struck like a bolt from the blue. it's very, very hard to bear your own son. urged the people of cousin to come down already. we're losing our children, or several nearby countries including neighboring russia have sent in more than $3000.00 peacekeepers. it is part of a long standing military alliance and follows request from the catholic president for assistance in restoring order. however, the u. s. secretary of state says it will be difficult to get russian peacekeepers to leave cars, extend once they're there with more on that and overnight developments to on the ground. you go to dawn of reports from the catholic capital,
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while the country he is still reeling from the consequences of some very violent protests, which mostly engulf the largest city and the former capital over al marti. basically, their protest very quickly escalated into marauding into even terrorist attacks. in fact, the government is talking about 6 wave of those as it is right now in the middle of an anti terror operation. as a result, and 4000 people have been detained because the government's response has been quite heavy handed as well. and there are dozens of dead dozens of killed people on both sides as a result. now, helping out the catholic authorities here is a, more than $3000.00 strong peacekeeping force in international one operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization, a military alliance that includes context on russia and some for other posts of yet now nations. and well, this international peacekeeping presence, it caught the eye of the united states secretary of state antony blinking,
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has singled out russia and voiced following concerns about russian troops present in cassock stand. it would seem to me that the cassock authorities and government certainly have a capacity to deal appropriately or with her with protests or to do so in a way that respects the rights of protestors while maintaining order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. so we're trying to learn more about it. i think one or lesson recent history is that her, once are russians are in your house, sometimes very difficult to get them to leave. russia has already denounced such claim spokeswoman for the russian foreign minister humour. as a harbor has said that such presence such peacekeeping presence, bead rushes, or any other country that is part of the collective security fee. the organization, basically it is legitimate, especially given that cassock stand requested the aid officially,
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u. s. secretary of state and blinkin, has in a typically boorish manner, joked about the tragic events in kazakhstan, if antony blank and loved history lesson so much the let him keep in mind the following. when there are americans in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, let alone not be robbed or raped. native americans, koreans, vietnamese iraqis, panamanians, yugoslavs, libyans, syrians, and many other unfortunate people can say a lot about this. while the president of kazakhstan to kai of he has admitted effectively that the country security forces will most likely be unable to contain this absolute security fall out. and that's why he reached out officially to his allies. in fact, the estimate that the president has given as to how many terrorists are in context and right now, or at least how many were here about 2 days ago. his estimate was 20000 people. again, that's according to the president. but he has said that basically their response
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will be very hard line. they were beating and killing policemen and young soldiers putting fire had administers of buildings, looting private premises and shops, killing secular citizens raping young women. in my basic view, no talks with the terrorists. we must kill them while we're still hearing reports of gunfire coming out of the city of al marty as the anti terrorist operation is still ongoing them. but at the same time, little by little, we're also getting reports that order is being restored. there he pushed on of reporting the former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter to explain to us why he thinks the u. s. isn't nat cain that russian peacekeepers are in cassock. stan. it's pure hypocrisy, but it's so par for the course when it comes to not just the biden administration, but frankly, speaking, any american administration in the post cold war era, you know, the united states continues to be better than somebody like vladimir putin took
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over from a person like boris yeltsin, i mean the 1990 s, where the ideal for the united states, a compliant russia was replaced by, you know, a stronger leader who sought to assert no russian sovereignty either can be no doubt to what russia is doing. because extend today is lawful it's part of a treaty relationship. they were requested to intervene and they are doing so effectively. one has a stan is the biggest if the former soviet republics in central asia and shy sport is with russia. and china protests began as a response to rising fuel prices in the southwest, an industrial city, and then quickly spread reporting driven by simmering discontent. economic policies senior correspondent, motor gas d. f is being drawn to the exclusive access to the russian peacekeeping mission requested by the cons that government to restore order in our mattie. this is perhaps the most dangerous part of the peacekeepers. journey where driving into the
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city of alma there perhaps the most dangerous area in cast on right now. much of the city is still ruled by by roving gangs, gangs of marauders. looters are people who are armed to the teeth. people who have previously swarmed military trucks, military facilities, sees of firearms, including assault weapons and their noon to harass our people. passages, vehicles, the travel into the city. the task is, according to the chasm government, which requested help from the peacekeepers. their job is to seize vital strategic infrastructure in the city, which includes a higher learning, a military higher learning facility education facility. and that is where we're on our way to. fortunately, the journey was uneventful. show no signs of violence or the mobs that stalk the
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city. were generally very few people out in the street, simply know where to go. most businesses i shut. shops have been looted and people are fearful of unnecessary travel. while peacekeepers have been authorized to use their weapons in self defense, multiple officials have come out and said that peacekeepers would be out there. quote, restoring order their duty will be primarily to god various sites which will free up cassock troops to restore order in troubled areas. a
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one of the locations, the c s t o peacekeepers help the cure and guard 1st is the airport of alma the 1st of all because it was the request of the cat government but also because of its strategic value. there had been reports that malicious had tried to take over the airport and had damaged it. those turned out to be fake. the airport is secure and those there are welcoming more and more peacekeepers who themselves on their toes. they are well aware that there are those out there who would state publication acts of violence to discredit peacekeepers. so therefore, their mission primarily is the secure. and the god says we heard that the unrest in catholic stand initially emerged a for sharp price and fuel price is bit quickly evolved into a broader antique government protest. we discussed the crisis other possible under law,
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underlying reasons to with jeer political experts. the reasons for these kinds of riots. well, these kind of destruction could not be purely economic. and also let me tell you that contact style is a relatively reach nation, mostly thanks to the nature of resources and thanks to that industrial base that had been created. so the reasons i think were political because certain class, certain forces inside the country felt themselves under represented. and obviously very quickly, in the protests which were peaceful in the beginning, but hijacked by the forces which wanted political power in the country. the protest do luck coordinator. you know, when you go after a tv station, you go after a and a report that's out of the playbook, isn't it? of the revolution, but there is no obvious leader, can an uprising achieve anything without a clear sense of direction? no, it couldn't. you do need to lead?
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i think it's quite interesting. i was just about it from just a fuel cap and please, a movie that we do see, as you said, parson revolution taking over the television station, the airport burning down the government buildings. and certainly, as you said, the degree of violence, this is more than just a simple protest against a government or against a regime or against policy. this is looking for more serious than the context on sure is an 1800 kilometer border with china. is beijing worried about any potential spillover, especially in the sion jung province as a mental but apart from oil which china are imported, a lot of oil focused on, especially from documents on and also in recent years, china or a lot of cold from coastal stock. i think in terms of energy security cost on the sector, it's when we imported to china and let alone we talk about the one bed,
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one new initiative, which is actually just on center of the whole thing. yeah. so, so this is in terms of, i'm a teacher, a extremely important to china, and i don't think i would just let us stand one on this own. we need stability in the area or it's, it's actually part of much, you know, you only have to look it stunned neighbors. you know, the like. so i was becky stuff there. so the neighbors upcoming stuff that's an unstable regime. we need stability in that region. we see how important it is to have an ally like russia and we have an organization why collective security figure when i was agency s t o to help us down in this very difficult time. now we're late to is saying that all still is wanting beyond its way. they have no right to and that kind of stuff. we want information about that. well,
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still has been suggesting corporation to nato since they can, they can do since the still was found. and they don't just did a greg, i see a still the western but it said that they don't see this as a legitimate organization. they didn't want to talk to c s u. so the west or because it sells to blame for not having the information. all the information was available and, and he's available. it's not a select few. the sour germany's new can conundrum his case is rise, so to protest against the restrictions. well, have a look at the story percentage to just off the black. ah oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers and those with
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sinks. we dare to ask ah ah mm
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. welcome back. now, germany's cables restrictions are about to get even tougher with daily infections. now rising to almost 44000 that's almost doubled what they were a couple of weeks ago. however, under the new rules being double vaccinated won't be enough to enter bars and restaurants is customers will also have to show a negative test or proof of that boost a shot. and not everybody is happy with that. with protests erupting several cities . but despite the face pushed back, the german chancellor is adamant that the new rules of vital to protect public health. okay, well we do have some technical difficulties here, but we'll continue now with the next story because president mack, chrome has put big tech firmly in the crosshairs. this is country takes up the reins of the u. k. so presidency, he's pledged to make digital platforms regulated and accountable. charlotte
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davinsky has the latest now on the crusade against the technology charts. while we do apologize or problems with that as well, we can't seem to run yeah. packages the same buys for you at the moment. it's just coming up to a 20 past 5 havior moscow saturday afternoon. i think we're going to take a quick break now to see if we can resolve some of these technical issues back shortly. ah, it states it has to be rash, to be able to afford enzyme, and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have
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more deaths from treatable causes, so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also i can satisfy their wall street, investors know parents that have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live 10 who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder and stacy are in mexico, in re heading south and we're getting closer and closer to the epicenter the global sensor point now of the big coin revolution.
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ah, hello. yeah. now, germany's coded restrictions are about to get even tougher with daily infections. now rising to almost 44000, that's almost double what they were a couple of weeks ago. however, under new rules being double vaccinated won't be enough to enter bars and restaurants as customers will also have to show a negative test or proof of a booster shot with more. the story is poor slow. it's not long shifting. one thing is clear, the r micron variant will keep us busy for a long time to come. that is why we cannot sound the all clear for our health system. we all know what helps, besides the contact restrictions, which we still need to talk about, it's about continuing to vaccinate and boost formula while the german chancellor olive salts and the leaders of the 16 states here in germany have agreed to impose
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stricter rules and regulations in an attempt to try and curb the spread of cov, at 19, at a press conference that was held on friday here in the capital city. berlin. it was announced that now when it comes to giving people access to bars and restaurants, it's no longer enough for people to have head to vaccinations. in addition, they will also need to have had a booster or 8 negative cova test. and indeed, if they've had a booster, should they come into contact with somebody who tests covert positive, they will not have to go into any kind of isolation. at the same time, the isolation and the quarantine periods will be reduced from the current maximum of 14 days, particularly when it comes to so called critical staff. so this would include your doctors, your nurses, your police, and your emergency personnel. also private gatherings that until now have been limited to 10 people who are either recovered all vaccinated that will remain in
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place. now the chancellor did say that these stricter measures are indeed necessary if germany is to control the spread of infections moving forward. we've also heard from the health minister, who has said that the most problematic area is restaurants, where people sit for hours with no mos covering in a separate development. earlier this week, more than 20 boys and girls who received a concentrated vaccination that was supposed to be for adults and not for children between the ages of 5 and 11. it happened at a vaccination center at the zoo, and doctors have said that they're in constant contact with the parents and that they know dias side effects that they have witness so far. but as a result of this moving forward, there will be separate vaccination centers held for children and separate ones for adults. now this comes in the back of people continuing to protest against the code,
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restrictions or against the vaccination. and this is across the whole country just on thursday night alone, it were nearly 200 protesters who took to the streets of bay berg. and on the same night, hundreds of people protested in we're the housing. take a listen using. we're not laughed, we're not right. we just want freedom peace and not someone telling us whether we have to get vaccinated or not. everyone should have freedom of choice. what i feel the measures a disproportionate and i find this division in society, questionable. i want the parties to listen to each other so that we're not to be divided by this. it's good. it's no longer a matter of being vaccinated or not vaccinated. every one should slowly wake up and ask themselves whether all the measures we have been subjected to here for almost 2 years are justified. this past monday evening, more than a 100000 people took to the streets across germany and only the government did ban such protests. but what you see now happening is unauthorized. so court walks,
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which by and large have been peaceful, although some of them have turned violent wirelessly. then i, president micron has put big tag firmly in the crosshairs, is his country takes up the reins of the you can't so presidency, he's pledged to make digital platform drake elective and accountable shock davinsky as latest on the crusade against the technology. yikes. prompts has greig ambitions for the next 6 months, as it is the european agenda, the rotating you council president. c is in the hands of a manual macro on. and he has his site set firmly on the big tech companies. the plan to make a companies like google, amazon, and facebook for more accountable. the commissions president is also signal that he is looking to shape the digital powers that be lat whole. these unique,
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the digital transition or joint ambition is to turned europe into a genuine digital power in the world shaped according to our own rules and values. we made some ambitious proposals and last year on legislation on digital market and services. a mac promoting innovation while making sure that the major platforms shorter their democratic responsibility. no more clear than how would that power could be real did than in france. this week, the countries day to regulate a flex did to muscles and slapped both of google and facebook with stone, king great big finds why? well, let's see. and l says the tech joins in most little difficult for internet users to opt out of detail tracking, cookies, cookies, the french national commission on informatics,
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and liberty. you sanctioning google with a fine of 150000000 euros, and facebook with 60000000 euros for not allowing internet users to refuse cookies as simply as they accept that. if they fail to abide by this ruling, c n l says the companies will face daily penalties over 100000 euros to want all cookies while they kind of like little packets and data, which is set up when we visit websites. meaning that the websites can save information about our online session. and as we know, information about our habits is worth a lot of money. companies like google and facebook use this to talk this with personal ads. the primary source of their revenue. that francis data regulators says that the way that these companies have been employing those cookies affected the freedom of consent. now both companies say they will work with the authorities to sort through the issue. but this is the 1st time that google at least,
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is found itself being penalized for this specific thing. just over a year ago, the company was also slacked with a fine of a 100000000 euros. clearly lesson not lens. so how do people. ringback here in paris, feel about being spied on sin crystal. this is sad reality. i think we'll know it. we are all spies. although today we may not have a choice. if for example, we use social media to inform, people will communicate with those around us. so it's pretty sad, but it's of reality. it's a book to us, aren't on it. every time you go on the internet, everything is known and nothing is erased. after that, i think we can no longer have private lives, and that is quite painful. it can't get her since we're told about freedom of expression. but even on social networks, we don't have freedom of expression and it becomes a real problem because they did not only see otherwise, why are they chasing our secrets? and with it, when they know our tastes afterwards, they will force us to buy this and that i love that i buy this,
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he compare it to espionage. it's true that this is more for marketing purposes as they use almost all our information. things everyone knows the weight is they taste being used is worrying because we can also be food without knowing it. there have been protections on how personal data is used by internet companies in you since 2018. now the book wants to build those up. but the recently published plans for the digital marketing act and also the digital services act. i've already raised eyebrows in the united states. we have serious concerns that these proposals will disproportionately impact us based tech firms and their ability to adequately serve you customers in uphold security and privacy standards. google and facebook have already landed themselves in hot water. recently in russia, they were fined a $125000000.00 for repeated failure to remove band content. now, russian laws allow companies to be fined between 5 and 10 percent of their turnover
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in that country. the use digital marketing act would go much further though. it would force big tech companies to pay fines up to 10 percent of the global turnover for violations that could create that type of bill. that really would perhaps mean companies like google shake in that boots. so this will cover the mouse game here being played between the you in a big day or so. now you is osby, take to be whole fair and give our consumer most choice so, so, so let people be solid about about their own privacy. how much information they are willing to evolve when they log into social media accounts, they created a huge amount of ins for our internet users to potentially choose from. so if you wanted to opt out of a particular and information collection activity of your social media company,
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you really need to scroll through quite a lot of options before you be allowed to do that. if people get fed up and say, okay, i'm just gonna say yes to all. and this is, this is dasia effect to read it. to say yes to all thanks. one clique, but to opt out. good. thank you. you know, very long time to do watching i asked international thanks the company yeah. receiving, we'll be back with more stories intelligence through their 3rd boom bus one bit if you can't coordinate i'm ready to board and i make a lot in washington coming at us. marcus are struggling in awake in the federal reserve plan this.


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