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ah, i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning, because president se 20000 extremists attack the countries that the biggest city that made a deadly anti government unrest. he also lies including russia for sending in peacekeepers. also, please questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. we don't know at this point. washington questions whether catholics down have the right to invite its own allies despite the country being powers of a mutual assistance packed under they see to you align with the british prime minister admits, failing to the slowest text to asleep, watchdog in which he asked a donor for funds to renovate his apartment on his favors, richard, opponent say it thinks of corruption
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with around the clock across the world. this is our team from the team and myself, you know neil hello and welcome to the program. the chasm president has given a shoot to kill order against rioters branding them, terrorists, after days of anti government on rest. dozens of protesters on at least 18 police officers are dead since the chaos erupt. it after a new year, a fuel price hike, president a guy of claims $20000.00 extreme. this sub attack conflicts, nouns, largest city. i'll not to. momentary because a stan will complete its anti terrorist operation will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning . hundreds of civilians and military personnel have been injured and killed anonymity due to the actions of terrorists. these were well coordinated actions.
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the terrorists exhibited combat readiness and best tale cruelty. it looks like they were trained all the demands of the people expressed in a peaceful matter. numbers were heard to deal to produce any democracy of moses. the president is now waging a nation wide anti terror campaign against the rioters. a lease in the largest city almighty been running up suspects throughout the day. at least 2000 have been arrested nationwide since the young rest began. and this was the scene in almighty on friday afternoon. thick smoke hanging over the city after official buildings, including the mirrors office where torched charred vehicles can be seen on the streets. on sporadic gunfire reported to securities forces say that there are now in control of the city but to restore a law and order it cows extend has requested help from its allies under the collective security treaty organization. it's a military block of 6 former soviet states. russia was the 1st to respond on
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contingency from bella, roosts, armenia, that jake is found on kirk it's done are now also there. there's more than $3000.00 troops in total to carrying vital infrastructure, including airports. washington though, has caused diets on their right to be in conflict. them were closely monitoring reports that the collective security treaty organization had dispatched its collective peacekeeping forces to cause extend. we have questions about the nature of this request and whether it has, it was a legitimate imitation or not. i, we don't know at this point while the russian foreign ministry has already reacted spokeswoman murray is a heart of a, has said that failing to understand something is often presented by washington as an official position and his or what the united states can't understand. according to the russian foreign ministry that the collective security treaty organization is a military alliance, akin to nato, the comparison is of course, a bit of a stretch. but there are some parallels because both are military blocks and the
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collective security treaty organization. it unites under its umbrella of 6 nations, possibly states including russia, bowers and some other countries. and they have an obligation to come to each other's aid. if an act of aggression is committed against one of the member states, again, much like nato, they would have to come for help. they would have to send a be a troops, weapons in your world, some other ammunition or equipment. this is literally written down in the mission statement of this military alliance. that's why the president of catholics done reached out to his allies when he said that right now, international terrorist groups are operating within his country. it's sort of the wrong. some foreign powers are urging us negotiate a peaceful solution. this is nonsense. what kind of negotiations can there be with criminals with murderers? but we are dealing with armed, trained bandits, local and foreign. and it seems that some western media outlets seem to miss the point as well. many singled out russia completely emitting the fact that it not
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only moscow, but all literally, all other member states of this military block are sending peacekeepers as well. that's another thing. these are peacekeeping forces that are sending their officially not just troops. and in fact, at the head, over this military block, the head of the collective security treaty organization has clarified, time and time again that these troops said that these peacekeepers are not there to fight. but rather to defended to protect some key infrastructure objects. city exhausted, all of these insinuations about our troops, like we're going to break up demonstrations are not true. that's where the cars are classes for. they will do their job and our job is slightly different. the sim room is about an intervention occupation. another thing started to spread. it's just stupid. i once again, stacy, this is the c s t o countries moved to support cossick stone and such a difficult period. this is the main reason for decision. there's no other reason for it. as soon as the situation stabilizes,
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the operation will be suspended on the troops will be pulled out. so it's unpleasant 1st to hear that we allegedly seized an opportunity. it's fake. c, s t o countries show willingness and sincerity in helping cause it's dawn get through such a trouble period. and this morning marks the 1st night that the peacekeeping forces have spent inside of kazakhstan. and this night when there was a bit of a lull in the fighting, it wasn't as intensified as if the past 48 hours. but according to the reports that we're hearing from the ground and sions are flaring up again. or we discussed the presence of peacekeepers and washington's views on them with author and independent journalists, nicholas j. s. davies. the united states maintains, with this sort of p r approach to the well that in spite of the united states having dropped more than 300000 bombs and missiles and other countries in the last 20 years. and, you know, then united states being the one that has through change and systematically invaded
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bond other countries during that time, the u. s. prioritize the information war in which it always casts itself as the source of the reason for democracy. therefore says that jesse, my see and yeah, by contrast, likes to frame it's enemies as somehow illegitimate. meanwhile, checkpoints has been set up to enforce the curfew and the country's capital nurse. so there are 6 of them on our trees leading out of the city. the situation has been relatively come in the capital wherever it's been added to red zone. due to the coven situation, there are which authorities say was it got for beta buying the riots? the protests and cows extend 1st broke out in sunday after a spike in the price of liquified gas use this petroleum and vehicles in the
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country. it happened to after a price cap was lifted. that has since been reimpose by the president. his government also earlier resigned or the crisis. here's a quick recap. of things have fallen folded. ah, ah, ah.
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in a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l monte. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals. ah, to give some context context on is the biggest of the central asian republics on chairs, borders with russia and china. as the world's 9 biggest country context has mass natural resources. it ranks among the top 15 global oil producers and rushes by can
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or cousin drum is in context on security. there has been tightened with a high terror alert. conflicts found is also the world's leading uranium exporter. the security clamp has pushed up the price of the radioactive heavy metal, which is used in the production of nuclear fuel by percent cars and also plays a prominent role in the crypto world. it's the 2nd largest bitcoin mining nation. the national internet outage has caused the global price, the slump by 10 percent in the last few days. let's get into that cost live to peter shift peters, chief economist, and global strategist at euro pacific capital. you're very welcome to the program. perhaps just an overview. first of why this is happening, in terms of how big coin works, peter, it may be hard to understand why fewer coins being mind would mean the price would go down rather than knob. why is that?
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well, i really don't think what's happening and causes on has much to do with the weakness in bitcoin. me, bitcoin is collapsing along with other highly speculative assets. you know, you have bonnie o in the u. s. he knew 52 week highs and investors are selling risk assets across the board. i think better than half of the stocks in the nasdaq have now dropped by 50 percent from their highs. and many of the most speculative names are down considerably more than that. bitcoin and other criptos are highly speculative tokens, and they are very vulnerable to a reduction in the risk appetite, which is clearly going down. so, you know, big coin was following up before the recent problems and conflicts on. i think that even if nothing happened there, it would continue to be under pressure and there is tremendous downside risk in the crypto space. big coin could easily get cut in half again from here. and of course, it wouldn't be cheap because there's no real value in bitcoin, so it can collapse completely. but if we take that
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a key selling point of crypto is not, it's supposed to be independent of governments. and yet, here we see if we take the fact that 10 percent is done over the last few days, if it is something to do because extend a country at lots of unrest, many wester's will not have heard of perhaps disrupting the market. will this make bitcoin enthusiast? think twice about the currency future? well, i think a lot of people are thinking twice about it now. a lot of institutions that maybe put their foot in the water last year. you know, the water is pretty cold. bitcoin was one of the worst things that you could have bought in 2021. it was great to sell big point if you happen to own it going into the year. you had a great opportunity to get out. but almost everybody who bought bitcoin last year is losing money and some are losing a lot of money. so i think the appeal of bitcoin is going to fade rather substantially as this year progresses and people continue to move out of risk
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assets towards value. and when it comes to inflation hedges that would include getting rid of falls gold, which would be bitcoin and buying actual gold. you know, real, real goal that is, that is mind in the ground, not just this phony goal, that is a bunch of numbers that are, you know, arrive that by solving math problems. does this also highlight the problems with bitcoin must have electricity consumption. it uses up more power than many countries on the network as future, the reliance on cheap electricity from places like cows, excel. yeah, i mean, it is a complete waste of energy to expend a lot of energy producing nothing, which is what bitcoin really is. but energy costs are going to keep going up, so the cost of mining bitcoin is going to continue to rise. so even more resources are going to have to be squandered, to manufacture nothing or not really manufacturer to solve these problems. but i
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think eventually, you know, the price is going to collapse, so that'll mean it will be easier to mine bitcoin. but the question is, will anybody water mine it if there's no and demand? if people don't want to buy bitcoin because the price is no longer rising, then there's no point in mining it. it's not just crypto, of course, because extends the world's biggest uranium exporter. and among the top 15 or than gas producers, could we see a global economic impact from the rest you think? well, there may be a more significant impact in uranium sector. and of course, all of the resource sectors are under upward pressure from inflation. central banks have been creating inflation, you know, all around the world, particularly here in the united states, and that inflation is driving down the value of currencies. and of course, making our real things like uranium and other raw materials resources, more expensive. and i think that's going to continue across the board. you know,
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going into, you know, 2022. okay, thanks for your time today. peter, we do appreciate it. peter shift, chief economist and global strategist at euro pacific capital. aah. ok quarter an hour into the program. let's move on to more world news. the british prime minister is once again having to fend off corruption allegations after it's emerged he withheld revealing text messages from a watchdog probing sleeve in them. forest johnson asks a party donor for more money for luxury refurbishments to his flood and seems to suggest he'll do political favors in return, his rival, se it's max of $20000.00. it's pretend believable. the bars johnson didn't know who was paying for his lecture, flatter innovations. if so, that is corruption, plain and simple. by attempting to hide the truth, boris johnson to minds his own office. it stinks of the was kind of conservative cronyism with berries. johnson, simon,
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they're happy to scratch his donna's back to get his flat bruised up in return. while that is indeed the case of cause new year new me hasn't exactly defined bar as johnson's 10 year this year, whatsoever. in fact, is embroiled in fresh accusations of tory sleeves and corruption even fools in the prime minister to give a quote, sincere and humble apology for crucial messages relating to the downing street flat refurbishment of cause. you remember last year orest johnson was merged to seek the cash to pay for this rebound. of course, prime ministers are allowed up to $30000.00 pounds every single year. if a force johnson spent well over a 100000 pounds, now it seems like the very man that coughed up the halls of this cash with a tory donor who at the very same time, was seeking to see a great exhibition, which is essentially a showcase of british innovation and the great empire, now these text messages dated back to november of 2020, where barnes johnson was trying to get the approval of
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a top interior designer to transform this flag which was being described at the time as a bit of a tit. now, despite apologizing, barnes johnson says he doesn't recall often for this cache and that he didn't disclose any of this evidence to the electoral commission investigating the reef up because the text was just don't exist on his phone anymore. well, obviously the opposition is crying foul, but this story really seems to change, minute by minute force. johnson initially said that he actually paid for this revamp, then some time later you said any loans that were related to the downing street refurbishment would of course be declared in due course. but then at the end of last year, or johnson insisted that the u. k. is not corrupt, i genuinely believe that the u. k is not remotely a corrupt country that i, nor do i believe that our institution are corrupt and, and i think it's very, very important to say that well,
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this of course isn't the 1st tory party scandal. of course, last year we saw a november investigation found that tory dern as have been offered seats in the house of lords than there was, sees allegations that many 3 m. p. 's were having 2nd jobs not to mention, of course, december was down than these downing street christmas party allegations, but in relation to this particular mass force, johnson has indeed been cleared of breaching any ministerial codes downing street. so that's normal practice for the prime minister to receive project proposal, but many people really question how normal is it to receive conversations about project proposals. while at the very same time, the prime minister is seeking a huge sum of money. germany's covert regulations are about to get even tougher under a new rules coming in, being fully vaccinated won't be enough to enter bars and restaurants. customers will have to show a negative test or proof of a booster shot. it comes after
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a spike in the infection rate. but let's cross live now to paula slayer. in berlin . hi there, paula. the new german government seems to be taking an increasingly tough line ticket through the latest. well, the latest is that we've heard from the german chancellor, all of sholtes who agreed with the leaders of the 16 states of germany to impose strict rules and regulations in an attempt to try and counter the spread of cove at 19, at a press conference that was held on friday here in the capital city of berlin. a new regulation has been put in place, particularly for restaurants and bars. now here, as you mentioned, access would only be given to people who have not only had to vaccinations, but in addition, have also had either a booster or a negative taste. so it's no longer enough just to have had to vaccination. if a person has had that booster,
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they will then not me to corrine team if they come into contact with a person who does taste positive for covert amongst the other things, there is to be a shortening of the quarantine or the self isolation period. and until now has seen a maximum length of 14 days, it will particularly be shorten for so court critical workers. so this includes your police, your emergency angel, medical staff, the current regulation, in terms of they being a maximum of 10 people. when you have a public gathering for people who have been either vaccinated or recovered, will continue now the consulate to justify these rules and say that it was necessary. if indeed the country was to have better control of stopping the spread of the infection in future. it comes at the same time that the german health minister has admitted that the biggest problem, problematic area here, is restaurant's way. he says people sit for hours and without any kind of math and
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not always with social distancing. meanwhile, early this week, there are more than 20 boys and girls who receive the wrong vaccination. they received a highly concentrated vax nation that was made to be for adults, not with children, between the ages of $5.00 to $11.00. that happened that a vaccination thing to do. now we have heard from doctors who say that they are in constant contact with the parents of the children, and they all know dire consequences. while at the same time moving forward, the decision has been made to now have different vaccination centers for children and parents to try and prevent that happening. all of this coming on the back of the ongoing protest here across germany, by people who are against the vaccination or who are against any kind of restrictions when it comes to dealing with cove at 19 on thursday night. and we saw nearly 200 people take to the streets. also the same night we saw hundreds of
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people take to the street in ober house and take a look. isn't it? we're not last. we're not right. we just want freedom in peace and not someone telling us whether we have to get vaccinated or not. everyone should have freedom of choice. i feel the measures a disproportionate and i find this division in society. questionable. i want the parties to listen to each other. so that we are not constantly divided by this. it's no longer a matter of being vaccinated or not vaccinated. everyone should slowly wake up and ask himself whether all the measures we have been subjected to here for almost 2 years justified. now a monday evening alone, more than a 100000 people rallied in demonstrations across germany. the government has previously bad rallies. the policy happening now is a lot of an authorized so called walks where by and large people are protesting
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peacefully. but sometimes there is an event of violence. paula, thanks very much for taking us through all the policy we're live in berlin. france has find a go on facebook, more than 200000000 euro for illegally tracking users through online cookies. there are small blocks of data where the sites and ops used to identify and track you for tech. giant cookies are a vital tool for targeted advertising, but the french data protection agency phase google. facebook are effectively using them without users consent and violation of a 2018 law. adding that they should be as easy to delete as the are to accept. restricted committee ordered the companies to provide internet users located in france with a means of refusing cookies, as simple as the existing means of accepting them in order to guarantee their freedom of consent within 3 months. if they fail to do so,
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the companies will have to pay a penalty of $100000.00 euros per day of delay. after the latest ruling google will have to pay $150000000.00 euro on facebook. 60000000. they've been given 3 months to make the required changes for the french market or pay another 100000 euro every day. it follows a series of fine 100 done by parson recent years against us for and on. tackling big tech overreach is one of president microns priorities. as he takes over the rotating e u presidency. the french presidency must be a moment of truth for the regulation that accountability of digital platforms, the carbon pricing, european borders on imported products, minimum wages in our relationship with africa or social media lawyer, your co, until that's why it's so difficult to opt out of data tracking cookies. so it's a couple miles game here being played between the you and a big stake. so the,
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you big tags to be more fair and consumer most choice. so some people decide about about their own privacy and how much information they are willing to give out. when they log into social media account, they created a huge amount of options for internet users to potentially choose from. so if you wanted to opt out of a particular information collection activity of your social media company, you will really need to scroll for quite a lot of functions before you'd be allowed to do that. if people get fed up and say ok, i'm just going to say yes to all. and this is this is they sure effectively that they say yes to all it takes one clique but to opt out. good, thank you. very long time to do. i know a big feature of last year was culture wars in france that centered on what some
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leading politicians among them. president micron called walk movement on ideology imported to the country from the u. s. charlotte duban sky explains now how the shift to walk ism has been tearing from apart. this is in fighting mode with the government. actually concerned about a new cultural totalitarianism that's been creeping in from the endless fear may specifically from the u. s. now, in a little, under 12 months criticism over that us inspired activism over race and gender called woke is summer has been growing. the ideal, the u. s. wants to lecture france has provoked bafflement on that said local boost . on the contrary to the united states, we accept much more grouping by ethnicity, by culture, by religion, and precisely where there is a kind of idea of universality was reported worthy. so it was the golden age. so we're not going to criticize the americans for that. when we see slavery,
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they abolished that in the united states, in 18. 65 with lincoln away in france, in 18. 48. that's even 17 years before. but we're not going to say we did it before the way it should be. so i really don't see how the americans can see something like that. because if you look at all of the history of our country or the culture of our country, all the countries that we have, like martinique in quite a loopholes in all of the indian ocean, et cetera. i think that france was always open to all of the cultures. things are considered to be so dire that the country's education minister has been put in charge of an anti woke, think tank to coordinate the action present. marconas also made his views clear about a raising history to appease these woke activists. law public. the republic will not erase any trace or any name from its history. you will not take down any statue . for people here in paris council culture is becoming all too much
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from 7 am in constant because i find that it brings back inequalities. in fact, it separates people when there was no separation before and it's the opposite effect. so both we should rather have subjects of agreement rather than a discord. we already sufficiently in a troubled world. i the union pointing the finger too much can reinforce nationalism and withdrawal into oneself. and that is not good, but wow, i'm 75 years old and i have never seen the country in such a state. we already muzzled with our masks. we can no longer express ourselves properly without been called a fascist or another insult. but pro awoke campaign is on not giving up these a frances using the idea that he doesn't segregate people by race, by sex, or religion, to hide the realities of racism and sexism. but he's right within the republic. however, the critics of work isn't. the problem boils down to the idea that canceled culture aims to stifle real debate. what is objectionable in this woke ism,
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is the idea that instead of having a discussion or a debate, or even an argument about it, that there should be that it should somehow be cancelled. and so are we, we are dealing, i'm sorry to say that it sounds rather rude, but we're dealing with the difference between intelligence and stupidity. it's just stupid and is this shift to woke? isn't actually promoting reverse discrimination. politicians of all stripes were united in condemnation. after to merge that, the largest french student union unit was holding meetings that were not open to white students. the president of unit, visibly uncomfortable, explains at workshops, organized by the student union apprehended for white. how can the university tolerate such discrimination and anti white racism within it? if our rooms are closed to students because of their skin color, we must dissolve the unit. a real worry is that any veering towards woke ism will only stoke divisions by putting people in tribes and telling them how they should
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behave and as much as france is government. me be fighting against states. it's a battle that the country may have already lost. charlotte, even sky r t. paris. well, that's only the 1st week of 2022, but already vying for word of the year is inflation next. boone bus examines why big price increases are rapidly spreading from the u. s. i control standards, say close with .


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