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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2022 5:00am-5:31am EST

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ah ah, i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning. the cause, i president addresses the nation claiming 20000 extremist attack, the country's biggest city, amid days of deadly anti government, and the rest of the accounts extend this allies to send in peace. keep with questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate imitation or not. or we don't know at this point. washington skepticism comes despite the request having been made to a regional military block to which has extend belongs and which entitled members to call and tell nothing use a year on from the us. capitol hill writes the u. s. seems more divided still with republicans outraged by vice president common harris, comparing events of january 6th to the 911 attacks and following the po
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hi, the very good afternoon. you watch now to international great to have your company . the chasm president has ordered his security services to open fire and kill anyone who fails to comply with orders that are made days of deadly unrest in the country, claiming also that 20000 extremist to detect cassock stands, largest city almighty. well, my chasm down will completed anti terrorist operation will destroy those who do not surrender. i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning . hundreds of civilians and military personnel have been injured and killed anonymity due to the actions of terrorists. these were well coordinated actions. the terrorists exhibited combat readiness and bestier cruelty. it looks like they were trained all the demands of the people expressed in
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a peaceful manner much were heard. there's any mcclatchy's. the earlier gunfire was reportedly heard in the center of my team with the round 100 people detained on friday lives. as of now, reportedly been cleared away from the city center. it has been a grim few days of unrest in the country. reports citing officials say 18 police officers and 26 protest is have died in violence classes. according to guns at sans presidential administration, one law enforcement officer was even headed around a 1000 people sustained injuries meant terror. operation is in full swing authority, say order has largely been restored in all regions of the country with more than 3000 arrests made to deal with the chaos because extent has requested help from its allies in accordance with the collective security treaty organization that the military block of 6 former soviet states, please keep us from russia. galleries and armenia have been deployed with some
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already on the ground. the mission comprises around 2 and a half 1000 troops. according to russia's defense ministry, they assisted local police in securing the airport. washington, the cast out on the peace keepers presence were closely monitoring reports that the collective security treaty organization had dispatched its collective peacekeeping forces to cause exten. we have questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. we don't know at this point. well the russian foreign ministry is already reacted spokeswoman murray has a heart of a has said that failing to understand something is often presented by washington as an official position. and he is, or what the united states can't understand according to the russian foreign ministry that the collective security treaty organization is a military alliance, akin to nato. the comparison is of course, a bit of a stretch. but there are some parallels because both are military blocks. and the collective security treaty organization, it unites under its umbrella of 6 nations,
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possibly states including russia, belarus, and some other countries. and they have an obligation to come to each other's aid if an act of aggression is committed against one of the member states. again, much like nato, they would have to come for help. they would have to send a be in troops, weapons in your world, some other ammunition or equipment. this is literally written down in the mission statement of this military alliance. that's why the president of cas extend reached out to his allies when he said that right now, international terrorist groups are operating within his country was there. she carries a season, buildings in infrastructure, including sites, has and firearms. these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone cirrus training abroad, their attack, and kazakhstan must be viewed as an act of aggression. and it seems that some western media outlets seemed to miss the point as well. many singled out russia
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completely emitting the fact that it not only moscow, but all literally, all other member states of this military block are sending peacekeepers as well. that's another thing. these are peacekeeping forces that are sending their officially, not just troops. and in fact, at the head, over this military block, the head of the collective security treaty organization has clarified, time and time again that these troops said that these peacekeepers are not there to fight, but rather to defended to protect some key infrastructure objects. city is most of them, all of these insinuations about our troops, like we're going to break up demonstrations are not true. that's what the cars like places for. they will do their job and our job is slightly different. some rumors about an intervention occupation. another thing started to spread. it's just stupid . i once again, stacy, this is the c s t o countries move to support cossick stone and such a difficult period. this is the main reason for decision. there's no other reason for it. as soon as the situation stabilizes,
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the operation will be suspended on the troops will be pulled out. so it's unpleasant 1st to hear that we allegedly seized an opportunity. it's fake. c, s t o countries show willingness and sincerity in helping context on that through such a trouble period. this morning marks the 1st night that the peacekeeping forces have spent inside of kazakhstan. and this night when there was a bit of a lull in the fighting, it wasn't as intensified as in the past 48 hours. but according to the reports that we're hearing from the ground and sions are flaring up again, ortho, nicholas j, as dave, he says it's a bit rich. the u. s. casting itself is the voice of reason, given its own foreign policy record. the united states have maintains this, this sort of p, r approach to the well that in spite of the united states having dropped more than 300000 bombs and missiles and other countries in the last 20 years. and, you know, then united states being the one that has through change and systematically invaded
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bond other countries during that time, the u. s. tri, are a child me information war in which it always casts itself. busy as the force of the reason for democracy, therefore, since the jesse my see, and yeah, by contrast, likes to frame its enemies as somehow illegitimate. the processing of time 1st broke out on sunday after spike in the price of liquefy gas itself. after a price cap had been lifted, the campus has been re imposed by the president and his government has resigned over the crisis. but the rest is continued to grow with the state of emergency impose nationwide his a recap of how things unfolded. ah, ah
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a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l monte. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals. just to run some context, kazakhstan is the biggest of the central asian republics and chez borders. with russia and china, it's a key part of beijing's belt and road initiative. and as the world's 9th, the biggest country conflicts time has vast natural resources. it ranks 15th among global oil producers. because her son is also the foreign to certain economic trends. it is the world's 2nd largest bitcoin mining hub. and amid the protests, the crypto currency itself saw a sharp decline in price dropping, $6.00 and a half cents tuesday. as it stands also, the world's leading uranium exporter. the security collapse had
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a significant impact on the price of the radioactive heavy metal, the shot of 8 percent in a few days. economists tailoring and says the may have been formerly stable because it's done is a red flag for an investors and potentially an international security risk more of political issues and the economic one. but obviously it must be a big concern because the amounts of civil disruption that is taking part in that country, i mean, is widespread in very expense to be very severe. so i think that we possibly secured to confirm with its very, very important that uranium is available not clearly with a significant disruption that is going on in public thumb. thought is certainly in the short run in some doubt supplies will be that i think it will make foreign investors quite nervous. i think they will be looking for most stable economy. they may have been very stable off now. i mean, it's a huge,
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great country. it did radically very centrally. it's got very important a lot china, but what is taking place in that country at the minute, i think will be foreign companies from actually putting investments. and i think they'll be looking elsewhere. well then we'll just financially benefiting in one way because they share price with sales training. the u. s. companies have gone up, whereas they share prices go down so that the company is actually involved in uranium production elsewhere or, or might be making financial guidance. and i think that will continue it's one year on from the us capitol hill rights. and jo button says it was all caused by quote, a web of lies spun by his predecessor, notably the american leader got through his entire anniversary speech without once mentioning donald trump, by known for the 1st time in our history,
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president had not just lost an election he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. the former president, 9 states of america, has created spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. in the meantime, us vice president. com la harris is facing a partial criticism for her remarks made on the january 6th anniversary. she compared the attack on the capital to the $911.00 attacks and the japanese bombing of pearl harbor tragedies that killed thousands of people comma la compared jan. 6 to the attack on pearl harbor and the twin towers, fear baiting in truth twisting at its finest. president biden and vice president harris speeches today were an effort to resurrect a failed presidency. more than marking the anniversary of a dark day in american history. today, vice president made history as a national disgrace. nearly 3000 people died on 911 and about 2400 were killed at
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the attack of pearl harbor for blatant disregard for the legitimacy of those tragedies by correlating them to january 6. there's reprehensible biden promise unity a year ago, but i knew pulse just more than half of the americans think national divisions are worse than they were before. they also believe that would be a similar attack on the capitol. within the next few years, we discuss biden's anniversary speech with political unless dave perkins, everything joe biden brings to the max causes more harm than good. every week he gets new record lows in ratings for this or that issue. he actually is doing what trump said he was doing aids, slowly dismantling and destroying the country by virtue of policies that don't work . january 6 is being compared to pearl harbor and $911.00 because they want it to be remembered eternally because it's an instance of trump supporters gathering and shouting support for trump and opposition to democrats. and because democrats chant,
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when the legitimate arguments with policy positions, the next thing they have to do is silence and intimidate lee opposition. a gallon. we cast an i bank to last year, which seemed to spell the end of normal diplomacy between nations, details after the break. ah ah ah .
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i my kaiser or more of my guy to finance all survive. all this is a hedge fund, is a device used by professional scale you x to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable, and we're just adding more and more to them. totally, the stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get in for awe. welcome back. the british prime ministers once again having defend of corruption allegations after its emerged he withheld revealing text messages from a watchdog probing sleaze in them. boris johnson asks
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a party donor for more money for luxury refurbishments to his flat and seems to suggest that he'll do political favors in return. his rivals say smacks of cronyism . it's pretty unbelievable that boys johnson did know who was paying for his lecture. flatter innovations. if so, that is corruption, plain and simple. no one should be able to buy access or exchange wallpaper for festivals. by attempting to hide the truth, boris john santa minds, his own office, it stinks of the worst kind of conservative cronyism with parish johnson's seemingly happy to scratch his donna's back to get his flat bruised up in return. okay, let's go out to london. now a correspondent shadow edwards dashed is covering this form for us. good afternoon, shadier. i don't think it's any secret in the u. k. now that the prime minister's becoming an endangered species cease escaping a very fine line. what damage could these texts do to him?
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while that is indeed the case of cause new year, new me hasn't exactly defined bar as johnson's 10 year this year, whatsoever in fact is embroiled in fresh accusations of tory sleeves and corruption even fools in the prime minister to give a quote, sincere and humble apology. for crucial messages relating to the downing street flat refurbishment. of course, you remember last year orest johnson was merged to seek the cash to pay for this rebound. of course, prime ministers are allowed up to $30000.00 pounds every single year. if a force johnson spent well over a 100000 pounds, now it seems like the very man that coughed up the halls of this cash with a tory donor who at the very same time, was seeking to see a great exhibition, which is essentially a showcase of british innovation and the great empire, now these text messages dated back to november of 2020,
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where barnes johnson was trying to get the approval of a top interior designer to transform this flat, which was being described at the time as a bit of a tip. now, despite apologizing bars, johnson says he doesn't recall off to you for this cache and that he didn't disclose any of this evidence to the electoral commission that's investigating the refund because the text was just don't exist on his phone anymore. now obviously the opposition of crying foul bar, johnson is still insisting that the u. k is not corrupt. i genuinely believe that the u. k is not remotely a corrupt country that i, nor do i believe that our institutions are corrupt and, and i think it's a very, very important to, to say that well, this of course isn't the 1st tory party scandal. of course, last year we saw in november investigation found that tory don't as have been offered seats in the house of lords than there were,
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sees allocations that many orient peas were having 2nd jobs not to mention, of course, december was darker than these downing street christmas party allegations, but in relation to this particular mass, boris johnson has indeed been cleared of breaching any ministerial codes, downing street. so this is normal practice for the prime minister to receive project proposal, but many people really question how normal is it to receive conversations about project proposals. while at the very same time, the prime minister is seeking a huge sum of money. here i don't think i need to answer that question. everybody will know the answer themselves. many thanks, shout ed is dusty with the story now 2021 was a bad year on many levels. not just for boys. johnson, and certainly not least when it came to international relations, traditional diplomatic, as you could apparently throw, brought out the window wirelessly. it takes a closer look back at the year. that was when it comes to
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crises and conflicts. politicians usually say they prefer diplomacy. but in the year that was we saw diplomacy failing even allies. the apple of discord in 2021 was a trilateral security agreement between the united states, australia and the united kingdom, to provide camera with a nuclear submarine fleet. but it ignored one small detail. australia already has a submarine agreement with font. it's really a stop in the back. a relationship of trust have been built with australia and this trust has been betrayed by the made things worse by claiming that frank was aware of the alliance and the new deal. while emanuel cron was furious and accused australia of lying to him. i do see when, when we have respect, you have to be true and you have to behave in line and consistently with is that you think a lot? i don't think i know the conflict shows something many already knew. western
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countries are not united, not even against a common enemy. the beijing olympics is another saw in everyone's eyes as the u. s. u. k. and candidate seemingly support a diplomatic boycott. us diplomatic or official representation would treat these games as businesses usual in the face of the p. r. c's agreed to human rights abuses and atrocities. and john, and we simply can't do that, that will be effectively a diplomatic boycott of the that will be diplomatic because of the, of the winter. big invasions, no ministers are expected to attend. i do not think that supporting boycotts, all sensible, not remains the policy of the government. the chinese viewed the need as manipulation, but shrugged it off as unlikely to cause too much trouble. in fact, no one would care about whether these people come or not. and it has no impact whatsoever on the beijing winter olympics to be successfully out. not only you
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allies agreed with the u. s. decision to keep government officials away from the lympics, making some american politicians angry. i am deeply concerned that l. i seem less determined than we are to stop china from using the olympics as a huge propaganda when and in fact, china's using it in all kinds of subtle ways with influences. another means to spread information. i'm hopeful that perhaps allies will be stronger, but the european politicians seem to have another view respite. sports is a world apart that needs to be protected from political interference. if not, things can get out of control and it could end up killing all of the competition. for many countries. it's more important to maintain relations with china than to express on a devotee with the united states raising questions as to the integrity of the waste . the you will face as many different internal
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diplomatic stand offs, not least of all between neighbors. like the notorious case in turkey, where the e u commission president had no way to sit in a room. i felt hurt and i felt a known as a woman and as a european other crisis were more serious than so for gays and included a split within the e. u. like when brussels was unsatisfied with polish legislation, wanting in new laws to be superior, warsaw was angry. more and more you member states are seeing that there should be a limit to competences what the european union can decide on. and what the polish state can decide on, but the, you sees things differently. we consider that this case law breached the general principles of autonomy,
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primacy effectiveness and uniform application of union low. and the binding effects of rulings of the court of justice. and it's not just about poland, hungary seems to be at odds with in you to another one. and while you're awkward mind, consequently, following the decision of the constitutional court, we decided that we will not do anything to change the way the border is protected, that we will maintain the existing regime. even if the european court ordered us to change it. although poland and hungary have different ways of challenging the union, it's the idea of undermining the supremacy and unity of the union that has brussels most wide. russia is another example of diplomacy gone wrong, except that in this case the u. s. and e, you are acting together. russia is worried that nato is expanding and building up relations with the ukraine and acting aggressively despite promises not to you,
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but in case our western colleagues continue to push their clearly aggressive line, we will respond with appropriate military and technical measures. we will provide you to respond to any unfriendly moves and able to stress. we have the full right to do this. the us and its allies are threatening harsh x, and i think that is a very clear signal that we are poised to move in a dramatic way. if wash it does undertake for their military question against ukraine. so from submarine disputes and fractured alliances and fears of an all out conflict to the encroachment of sport from politics. these plenty of diplomatic debrief or politicians to sift through and try to amend as we into the new year policy r t. berlin. now another feature of last year was culture was sent in france that centered on what some leading politicians among them. president
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micron called woke movements important to the country from america shallow davis case studies how they shift to work isms been tiring from support. oh, easy fighting mode when the government actually concerned about a new cultural totalitarianism that's been creeping in from the angler. sphere me specifically from the u. s. now, in a little, under 12 months criticism over that us inspired activism of a race and gender called woke ism has been growing the ideal the u. s. wants to lecture france has provoked bafflement. on that said michel boost on the contrary to the united states, we accept much more grouping by ethnicity, by culture, by religion, and precisely where there is a kind of idea of universality was her pointed world. so it was the golden age. so we're not going to criticize the americans for that. when we see slavery, they abolished the in the united states in 18. 65 with lincoln away in france,
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in 18. 48. that's even 17 years before. but we're not gonna say we did it before. i think the way it should be, so i really don't see how the americans can see something like that. because if you look at all of the history of our country or the culture of our country, all the countries that we have, like martinique in guadalupe in all of the indian ocean, et cetera. i think that france was always open to all of the cultures. things are considered to be so dire that the country's education minister has been put in charge of an anti woke, think tank to coordinate the action president. macenrow is also made his views clear about a raising history to appease these woke activists. i p. bleak new republic will not erase any trace or any name from its history. you will not take down any statue. for people here in paris council culture is becoming all too much from 7 am in constant because i find that in queens, bank inequality is in fact it separates people when there was no separation before
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and it's the opposite effect. so both we should rather have subjects of agreement rather than a discord. we already sufficiently in a troubled world said the union of pointing the finger too much can reinforce nationalism and withdrawal into oneself. and that is not a good bad. well, i'm 75 years old and i have never seen the country in such a state. we already muzzled with our masks. we can no longer express ourselves properly without being called a fascist or another insult. but pro woke campaign is on not giving up these a frances using the idea that he doesn't segregate people by race, by sex, or religion, to hide the realities of racism and sexism that he's right within the republic. however, the critics of work isn't. the problem boils down to the idea that canceled culture aims to stifle real debate. what is objectionable in this woke ism, is the idea that instead of having a discussion or a debate,
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or even an argument about it, that there should be that it should somehow be cancelled. and so are we, we are dealing, i'm sorry to say this. it sounds we're on the route, but we are dealing with the difference between intelligence and stupidity. it's just stupid and he's the shift to woke isn't actually promoting reverse discrimination. politicians of all stripes were united in condemnation. after to merge that, the largest french student union unit was holding meetings that were not open to white students. the president of unit visibly uncomfortable, explains at workshops, organized by the student union apprehended for white. how can the university tolerate such discrimination and to white racism within it? if our rooms are closed to students because of their skin color, we must dissolve the unit. a real worry is that any rearing towards woke ism will only stoke divisions by putting people in tribes and telling them how they should behave and as much as france is government, me be fighting against it. it's
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a battle that the country may have already lost. charlotte, even sky r t. paris again. so for now, don't forget that you can check almost though he's on a web sites if we had to team.


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