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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EST

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the ah, breaking news that our here on our team to national dozens of protest isn't at least 18 police officers killed and antique government riots are raging through a catholics. dawn approaches and report li, blocking hospitals in the meantime, conduct security for his wage and anti terror operation against the ride. his ball russian peacekeepers arrive in the country to help restore order. one local john list described theme the mass looting. now everything is broken. the money was taken that a window military helmets are lying on the ground. lots of rubbish. caustic forces do retake the country's biggest that bought offered for it was breached by that of an armed mob for the flights remain grounded, leaving passengers stranded,
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including many russians who are trying to get hold of movies. there are 8 of assistance. they don't say anything. they just tell us to leave. when we go, there is an emergency. the whole program for you tonight here when you get to a national just after 7 pm here in the russian capital. so catholic security forces are waging what they call an anti terror operation. of the days of deadly riots with arson, looting and gunfire. dozens of people for portly being killed, including 18 police officers. and since the unrest started, it was all ultimately triggered by that of a fuel price hike. the government says, now that more than $700.00 offices have been injured. and just the last few hours, a russian military plane has landed in kazakhstan towering peacekeepers. there on the request of a catholic government to help restore law and order. a president cassim jamal for
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kaya is off the c s. c o military alliance with support to secure by who infrastructure and military facilities can in from belarus also or c s t o member is also now on his way to the central asian nation. now the cassette government has accused the writers of terrorism and attacks on the state of this video from affordably. a group blocking access to a hospital in almighty local media, say they want to prevent injured security forces in getting any treatment there. as we mentioned, 18 officers have reportedly died, and according to unconfirmed reports, 3 of them were beheaded on the government has laws was calling a counter terror operation. i'll makeing residents were informed about it by text message and are being asked to remain in a safe place. according to reports, early on thursday security forces and circled the main square, an automatic near where the mayor's office was stormed and taught the day before. apparently there was a shootout. meanwhile, thousands of protesters were reportedly killed overnight while attacking police
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stations and government buildings and al matty reporting from the capital, a correspondent he pushed on. so clashes in the largest cassock, city of al, my t and former capital have entered the night. in fact, what we are hearing from the ground is that the security forces that they are conducting an all out anti terrorist operation. this is what they're cooling it, and essentially the goal of it is to get rid of the protesters in the streets. and when i say get rid of it, it means that they are ready to resort to all means necessary. in fact, we've heard, we've seen some videos the, where are these aware of where are the security forces announced through loudspeakers that they are prepared to shoot on site. anybody who decides to remain in the streets after the curfew, which starts at 11 p. m. low coat time here. ah
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ah, who as well? well, an official representative of the collective security treaty alliance has confirmed their role in helping the catholic authorities here rhetorical. cuz often these keepers from the collective security treaty organization have been deployed in cascade for a limited time period to normalize and stabilize the situation as their main objectives are to protect he government and military facilities and assist the security forces of casks down in restoring line order while we do know that thousands of people have already been rounded up over there, and we also know that more than 10 members of the local law enforcement have been
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killed. some very disturbing unconfirmed reports suggest that some of them were even beheaded. so that adds some very disturbing colors to the picture here. now at the same time, we will, we also know that will thout that hundreds of people have been injured during the clashes, or in fact about a 1000 i should say. and about 400 of them have been taken to hospital now this follows basically this is, this shows that the government's wasn't bluffing. when our president to kind of announced that there will be no more world, no more playful approach there. basically that they will take a very hard who very hard line approach to any sort of descendant to people who decide to stay in the streets and who decide to stay violent is the thing. before. earlier the, the authorities, they were trying to be helpful. they were trying to show compassion and they even met some of the didn't some of the initial demands of the protesters, for example,
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they dropped the prices of liquefied gas, which earlier had seen a hike in more than double. so our base to kind of even discern, decide, completely dismantled the government and the but that wasn't enough for the protesters. but when the violence served started to flare up, when basically when protest as a did they disarmed, are police officers got access to guns, good access to live ammunition. when that happened, when they started to shoot, when they started to loot and ran, sacker will banks and shopping malls and even trying to storm and burn down administrative buildings. that's when the government here has said enough's enough . and so they have moved in, in fact, out to kai, of the president, he did not means his words when he announced the new approach to protests was there . she cherished their season buildings and infrastructure including sites, housing, firearms, these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious
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training, brought their attack, and kazakhstan must be viewed as an actors gression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security, tracy, i have to day appeal to the heads of the c s t o states to assist kazakhstan in overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer threat. it is undermining the integrity of estates. this military block, this military alliance that unites under its umbrella kazakstan, along with 5 other posts of your nations. well, this military block has already sent a thousands of its elite troops, thousands of its peacekeeping. thousands of troops, peacekeeping forces to the country to kazakhstan and, uh, they are already here, at least some of them are already here. and are they are ready to begin their mission as kaz extern has reached out for international help now to well, so that it basically restores the law of restores. are the rule of law and order in the country. police cordons have been set up around various government buildings in
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the capital, nor sultan, with large cues for me outside the atm in the cash machines, as we understand banks of suspended operations nation. right. so we spoke with local journalists an order to shauna who works and he describes the past 24. are you? the protesters ransacked banks and charles. now everything is broken. the money was taken, window. military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish, ignite, the internet was turned on for several hours to inform people about the anti terrorist operation. there were no police officers on the street. we are very few people about the traffic lights and going war. p for our lot was the trigger was the gas prices, but now only political demands are being hurt. the risk in people's hat and you don't know the latest developers, they have no access to the internet to the airport in albuquerque, the busiest and the whole country was over run by protesters overnight. security
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forces have managed to retake it, but it did sustain some, some damage. flights remain grounded ultimately leaving travelers stranded in the meantime in the capital. so also seen a number of flights counsel delayed doodle unrest. we did speak to one woman whose parents are stuck at the hub and with whom she's now lost contact. might or you can, if children go to yesterday, my parents were going to leave no time to st. peter's girl and drive the same day and evening. they were told that the flight had been delayed and then around 10 pm were allowed to play. and then they did the literally at craft and told to leave the airport as well. but the flight had been cancelled from us by the time he had possibly customs, and that's where they are currently. she's the current, the 8th russians, their story, the rest managed to leave and they get no further information and the confirmation to them when they arrived. and it's telling me december to celebrate new here with our grandparents leaving my feet in the capital, we managed to get an additional time as far as i know, some acquaintances gave them, at least they weren't able to stay because they had to get back to their work they
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have been trying to reach the russian consultant catholic stone, but so far to no avail. the last time you get there in a couple spoke to her father was on wednesday evening. she recorded the conversation in it. he described the plight that he and his wife are going through list here on. she didn't do that. there are 8 of us, you know, they don't say anything to us. they just tell us to leave remember. but when we go, if there is an emergency, they don't give us water, they don't provide us with a hotel room, nothing. and there is no mobile connection. and luckily we were given a chance to make a call from a cadillac number. there is no internet and no connection at all. please from the russian embassy and cause exxon has confirmed that the internet is down. but officials say they doing all they can to help russians are caught up in the calles and off the days of well unrest. you can see the supply chains had been hit. these are mc supermarket shelves in the capital of the country. and let us show you some of the latest pictures from the city of town on the caspian sea shore,
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where the unrest started off. and the government removed a fuel price cap a new year though, since then and importantly, so with the protest of snowballed in the broader anger over inequality, unemployment, and claims of government corruption and nepotism. earlier people tried to storm government buildings in town, but the situation as we understand for now is relatively the president has tried to appease the protesters by reinstating fuel subsidies. a prices of petrol, diesel, and liquid petroleum gas will remain kept for the next 6 months. but that has done very little to stop the tide of unrest. so just briefly, here's a quick recap of how all of this started to wonderful. ah, ah
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ah. with a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l mighty.
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the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journalists. ah, just a bit of a geographical context for you quickly, kazakhstan is the biggest of the central asian republics sharing borders with russia and china to keep out of china's belt and road initiative as well. and as the world 9th biggest country has exxon has vast natural resources all the way from metals to uranium. and i ranked 12th among global oil producers of a situation there has been closely watched by russia who's foreign ministry has voiced its support for the cause. i government we considered the recent events in the friendly country as an externally inspired attempt by force, using trained and organized arm groups to undermine the security and integrity of
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the country. we heard from historian alexander kenyatta, he gave us his insights on the root causes of the mass disorder in kazakhstan and who potentially stands to gain it's none of the fuel price, of course, was just the trigger for the instability that we're seeing. tensions have been building for a long time. the standard of living has sharply decreased. however, no one could predict the way this would unravel. there is not only one reason, one source of the instability, or the reasons are of a deep nature and the need to be considered separately. yarber years of the main source of these grievances is the redistribution of power in kazakhstan. i have no doubt that this unrest was provoked by certain powerful group in the catholic political and business elite. these events were aimed at putting president to clive in an uncomfortable position, weakening him and continued to enjoy the benefits and preferential status that
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emerged june as a by his presidency of the way. and i would also note that as soon as the card removed as a buyer's nephew from the national security council, and as a by himself as head of the council. at that moment the protesters began to have firearms. immediately a criminal element became more noticeable. and what is very important, a radical religious element. before that it did not exist, the tools only often as a buyer's removal. it makes you think, and you ah, but a zillion as are these events likely have an internal origin, but there is certainly a desire to benefit from these events among pro western welcoming nations and radical religious wonders. and there is also a desire from the outside. of course, it would be beneficial for them to create a ring of so called controlled chaos. the situation in kazakhstan will not stabilize for a long time. i can say that with confidence it will remain highly conflict prone for a long time. that's convenient for some. and this is one of the most important links
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in creating chaos to ron brushes, territory, and equally, projecting it into china doesn't run. yeah, i caught a part of the hour half way through the program right now. and joe biden, hardly surprisingly enough, though, has harsh words. but donald trump, exactly one year on from the stalling of the capitol. just a moment we will go live to new york off the bridge. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time to sit down and talk to
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rogers, driven by a dream shaped bank. concur sent those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask a good to happy with us today. so exactly a year on from the us capital riots, joe biden says it was all caused by a web of lies spun by his predecessor,
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although notably biting, got through his entire anniversary speech without once mentioning donald trump by name. trump himself, meanwhile, still assists the biden's election when was marked by fraud crossing life. now let's go to new york and artist caleb muffin. joining us live on the program, plenty to unpack from biden's speech. what can you tell us? sure. well, we heard us present, joe biden, speaking about the events of the previous year, january 6th, in which the capital was storm to used solemn and harsh words to describe the events. and he put them squarely on the shoulders of former president, donald trump. however, it's important to note he did so without ever saying donald trump's name. for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer
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of power. the former president, united states of america, has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle. because he sees his own interest is more important than his country's interest and america's interest. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution, he can accept he lost now it's also interesting to note that as joe biden spoke, he said that the capital rioters were not a group of tourists. they were rather a group of armed insurrection, as who intended to overturn the results of a fair election. he said that the elections that took place in 2020 were the fairest elections in the history of the united states. and he said that russia and
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china are betting that democracy is debt. now, it's also interesting that com, la harris, the vice president spoke prior to joe biden speaking, and many are wondering if this was more of a common le harris moment than a joe biden moment. despite the fact that joe biden is the president and comma harris is only the vice president. now it's also interesting that donald trump had planned a press conference for today in florida. however, that press conference was canceled. donald trump cancel this press conference, siding what he referred to as buyers and dishonesty from the congressional probe. busy into the january 6 events as well as from the media. now we have had a statement from donald trump that was put on the internet. this is what donald trump said in his statement, which he gave online. it's a written statement, there was no press conference. here's what he said by and who is destroying our nation with insane policies of open borders, corrupt elections,
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disastrous energy policies, and constitutional mandates, and devastating school closures. use my name today to try to further divide america . the democrats want to own this day of january 6, so they can stoke fears and divide america. now trumps allegations that the elections in the united states were fraudulent don't seem to have panned out. however, jo biden's promise to re unify the country and the aftermath of the events following the 2020 elections and the january 6 capital riot. they haven't really panned out either. polls indicate that the u. s. public is still very, very divided. recent recent studies and polling. busy data shows that at this point, 53 percent of americans say that divisions in the country are worse than they were at the time of the capital riot. in addition to that, only 55 percent of americans accept joe biden is having legitimately won the 2020 election and only and at this point,
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57 percent say that events similar to january 6 are likely to occur within the next few years. now the reaction from us mainstream media has also been pretty divided. some outlets are playing up the events of january 6. as the day we almost lost democracy, a great threat, an armed insurrection. other mainstream media outlets in the united states are downplaying the about the thing they are minimal. busy that, that this is employed by the democrats to play up the idea that they are victims to demonize, trump, supporters. here's some of what we've seen in us media. vast majority of americans believe democracy is under threat today. they're just the body of the evil here. there are a handful of members who absolutely have distorted lie, exaggerated about what took place on that day make no mistake about january 6 was not a one off. it stems from the, the big lie perpetrated by donald trump,
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putting all the blame on president trump is definitely not fair, and it's also furthering divide the, dividing the country. now culture, all regional and political divisions have always been an aspect of u. s. society, but the polarization that happened during the time that donald trump was president seems to be escalating. and as the january 6 capital riot is commemorated, it's important to note that us leaders continue to emphasize that the u. s. model for a democratic society is the ideal for the world, and it's what the world should aspire to. however, around the world, there are many who look at the events that happened on january 6th last year, and wonder if that's really the case. all right, kayla. thanks for that. let's dell be by the end of the story now join a robert gucci. joining us here on our to international appreciate it. robert is a social interest and a former journalist of the washington post on new york times,
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1st off robert, an entire speech from biden, essentially dedicated to denouncing trump without actually mentioning his name. what can we read into that? do you think? i mean, it makes you wonder why that even had to happen today. why, why are we having the president? not speaking about aid that can be given to other parts of the world are suffering . his next battle against cobit, it seems a little strange that this was the time he wanted to spend with americans. that is to be behind the pulpit. if he is going to boast also. but the united states being so grand as he did in the 2nd part of his speech. we might want to reverse this for a 2nd and say it's been 365 days. and the government still doesn't have an official story as to what went down on january 6. so it looks like we still have a little bit more work to do to become perfect. what about donald trump? he gave a statement saying he still thinks the election was fraudulent a year wrong. do you think trump's base still believes that oh,
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of course i think the base things that it's fraudulent. what's unfortunate here is that we haven't been able to have a conversation about how american politics is built upon fraudulent behavior where so and aren't able to participate in the civil democratic process of voting. we're gerrymandering and redistricting, the redrawing of lines where a person can vote for a particular representative gets changed to skewed towards the white and the rich. there are some fundamental issues, not even don't forget the electoral college, which is another way of counting beyond just the popular votes of who wins the election and that these are individuals representing numbers, not necessarily the popular vote numbers themselves. and it's just unfortunate that we can have that conversation about the fundamental flaws in us democracy. and yet we have kind of the show boating here, from, from joe biden today about how the united states, really what's the muscle that was very strange. well, what i,
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what i wanted to ask you just want to talk to you and jump in quickly here. i know i know some people say the politicians are korea crooks and professional legalize lie. as for example, i'm not saying some people do say that however, the vice president, camara harris has come out, comparing january the 6th to get, get this job. i just want to be clear about this. the vice president of america is comparing january the 6 to this pearl harbor and 911. i don't know what to say to that. i mean, if you were to take this into a conspiracy theory idea, i'm not perpetuating this, i'm saying this is kind of where you're going. in both of those cases there's evidence to suggest that the government knew about pearl harbor before. it actually happened and that there certainly was evidence just just that there were some forms of attack such as 911 before we knew that 911 was going to happen. in this case, we still kind of had a sense that things were going to happen before they happened and we see that there
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are some bread crumbs here, police not being put up at their higher level. so if there had been black protesters or citizen civilians at the capital, national guard have to be called in because the police weren't responding because it was a bunch of white people surrounding the capital. so if she wants to go all the way towards the conspiracy theory, sort of that we certainly can do that again, seems completely out of left field. i'm not quite sure what she's trying to accomplish there. maybe she needed to stand out in the media cycle because there's so much competition between her and bite and apparently in the oval office. i think a lot of people might that might find that they've been pretty offensive. any families of veterans who were killed in world war 2 pearl harbor, anyone who died and 911 has come on hires. compared to january 6, riots the 911 in pearl harbor. i just don't even know what planet she's on. you mentioned just a moment ago, the defined, the police, the, the defined, the police movement that was a democrat, cities, democrats, cities, did that. they had carnage and chaos and looting. and what do they do?
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they blamed it on donald trump. let me ask you this, do you think it's counterproductive for democrats to keep obsessing over january the 6? i mean, polling suggests that can do very well in the mid terms. yeah, and that's again why, you know, this is a bit surreal. i mean, if democrats had the ability over the last 365 days to help partisan or, or bipartisan or otherwise investigate actually what happened on that day. i mean, we certainly contin drones the world. we can send people to the moon. we can create axioms and get into other parts of the world, but we can investigate and get and get some sort of idea of what happened on a day a year ago. i think that that puts a lot of concern in people's mind, that we're still rumbling about talking about the pianos and whether people will appear or not. it starts to deal legitimize the process, in fact, that democratic party. i think robert, one last question before we go and it's an important question, please bear with me here. all right,
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a lot of people out there speculating that joe biden won't run again in 2024 biden . the saying, well, if destiny means is going to happen, then, then he'll do it. lot of people are saying that tamela hires the viper, the v p who should be next in line. she's not going to be chosen by the democrat party. what is going on for 20? 20 for tommy, tommy this because a lot of people are saying if trump was a win, what's a run? i beg your pardon. it's is to win. what are your thoughts there, robert? please? well, i think donald trump just has to throw a hat in the ring for it to be chaos. i don't think he has to win for it to be chaos. and i think everybody is sitting back waiting to see what donald trump is going to do. i think what's going on to the white houses? yeah, i mean, this was never about biden presidency. this was about an anti trump presidency. this is about who can we get in to get him out. so there really was not much of a platform that joe biden was clear on. if you were to ask americans what he stood for during his campaign, we don't know if you ask what stands for as president. now we really don't quite
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know and he doesn't help when he also doesn't know what his future looks like. the 1st question for a job interview, maybe not a good question is where do you see yourself in 5 years? we're asking a racism self in 3 years. and he doesn't necessarily know, and i don't think that puts a lot of confidence again into any democratic party position until they actually get an answer. he comes out and says, yes, i love this country, i'm going to do it. so i, i think that there's a lot of confusion and they better get behind somebody soon. robert gucci, a former journalist of the washington post on new york times. joining us live here on archie into national. appreciate that. thanks for the chat. thank you. and the thank you for joining us here for your world news lie from moscow. it is our international half past the hour. now i'm making way for unit o'neill at the desk at the top of the hour for the meantime. thanks for joining ah, with
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