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ah, the news hello, driven by dreamer shapes banks concur. some of those with dares sinks we dare to ask ah, any of this by running on
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a platform of law and order? the newly sworn in mayor eric adams, endorsement, the attorney general only prosecuting violent crimes, has some concern. the crime spree in new york city will continue. we would have gotten this shocking report about the largest county in texas bursley, more than a $150.00 citizens killed last year by suspects who are out on bomb. and we will discuss the a gallery of this decision. and if it's in the best interest of the law abiding citizen, then they show down and it's been, has chuck schumer vow he will change the roles of the senate in doing so, adjust. so we can also change voting laws more to his party favor. we're going to give you the 360 and something you actually don't want to. $360.00 view of is congresswoman alexandria acacia, cortez boyfriends feet, and yet she purposely shared an outpost picture as
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a response to what she feels is heat from sexually frustrated. republicans who want the date, her, we're going to bring you this very bizarre story and why it actually is revealing about how both parties and criticism i'm guy now use this and many more topics we have to cover our today's news review. so let's get started. ah, the thank you so much for joining, you know, mild mander middle of the road goes with the flow, all trades of someone you would like to be friends with, but these days, those can be taken as derogatory insults. if it's in reference to a public servant who was elected by the people, as both us political parties in this modern era, try to figure out how to gain or stay in power. just like with everything else, that themes, those who can guard the most attention, actually get to control the narrative. but is this an accurate reflection of their
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voters? or it is more about what those who seek attention are hoping their party evolves into. politicians are infamous for saying something on the campaign trail and doing a 180 or even nothing at all once they're in office. but gone are those days when a long hours of searching their transcripts and newspaper articles to find those promises to hold a politicians be to the fire. now, all journalists have to do is take a quick word search on the internet, but that is only half those. the media actually want to hold them accountable. so this is a lesson the new mayor of new york is actually learning as he has been called out for his 180 on a candle in crime in the city. now the new district attorney of manhattan says he will not prosecute certain crimes at a time when manhattan continues to see a spike in crime and newly elected mayor eric adams, who originally, like i said, around this tough on crime platform, is supporting him. this is other cities like san francisco. los angeles also
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continued to grapple with violence, including home invasions and smash and grab robberies. will archie correspond it? john hardy has more, was just a few days on the job. manhattan da alvin bragg is already making waves in a recent memo to his staff. brag, says growing up in harlem, he is quote, seen every side of the crewman, justice system from a young age and has dedicated his career to the inextricably linked goals of safety and fairness, brag rights that data, and my personal experience is show that reserving incarceration for matters involving significant harm will make a safer. so he says offenses like marijuana possession prostitution resisting arrest and even fare evasion will no longer be prosecuted by his office. he also said he's advising lesser charges for some low level drug offenders. various types of burglary and even robberies, if a quote suspect displays a dangerous instrument,
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but does not create a genuine risk of physical harm. brag says the changes will allow his office to spend more time prosecuting violent crimes. like, for example, the shoot out that happened on the block where he lives recently, but critics contend brags, policy will not deter crime, but instead potentially add to the cities ongoing problem with it. patrick lynch, president of the police benevolent association of the city of new york writes in a statement, we continue to have serious concerns about the message. these types of policies sent to both police officers and criminals on the street. police officers don't want to be sent out to enforce laws that the district attorneys won't prosecute and are already too many people who believe that they can commit crimes, resist arrest, interfere with police officers, and face 0 consequences. there are similar concerns about a lack of law enforcement in other cities, such as los angeles, in san francisco,
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and los angeles violent home invasion robberies have increased and san francisco police are still dealing with asserting robberies like numerous smashing grab attacks at various stores there. and effort is underway in california by republican lawmakers to overturn proposition 478-2014 ballot measure that reduced the penalties for certain crimes like rob and drug possession and measure g o p official say, only adds to the ongoing problem of lawlessness plating the golden state and in texas, dozens of suspects released on multiple felony bonds have reportedly killed 156 people since 2018. raising serious concerns about bail reform efforts in the lone star state, allowing violent criminals back onto the streets to commit even more heinous crimes for news east hughes, john honey. okay, so let's discuss this even further and bring in former assistant us attorney and the regular ministration. and currently a criminal defense attorney in beverly hills. david cat, david,
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thanks so much for joining me. it's great to be with the scottie, happy new year. happy new year, you know, before we get to the political angle, i want to look at this from actually a legal perspective. where do you stand on this issue as you look at it and should certain laws actually be allowed to be broken? and if the da does not prosecute, does that mean that the perpetrator has no punishment? well, there are other ways that perpetrators are punished. and i think there will be some exceptions for things take resisting arrest. if somebody resist arrest, especially if there's injury to the police officers, and it's clear that the police aren't making it up because they don't like the suspect, but it's a real thing. i think that should certainly be prosecuted. and, you know, at some point you can possess enough marijuana that's pretty clear that you're going to sell it, or you're going to sell it to a young person. and that has to be taken seriously by law enforcement. someone who has a huge amount of marijuana and it can be shown that they're going to sell it to a young person with regard to the not going to prison thing. you know,
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prison does do a lot of harm. we have to be realistic about that. if there's some way to avoid prison, we sort of want to work that into the system. i think one of the problems is by having these announcements and there been a lot of announcements that they're not going to protest this crime, but that you really do send the wrong message. so right now in los angeles, they're just today, the beverly hills city council voted unanimously to endorse the recall of our district attorney down here. and of course, our district attorney like the one up in san francisco have gotten a lot of criticism. and now it looks like the new york new district attorney is going to get the same kind of criticism that they're not fighting crime hard enough . and, you know, scotty, let's take these flash mobs. what they should be doing is infiltrating the slash mom. if you send out a message to a 100 people, one of them ought to be an agent or write police inform it. who tells you, hey, they're going to the north, and then you go to the north. since you prevent it, or you catch the people in line and you prosecute the people who are sending out
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the flash mob, they go. so there are ways to bite these crimes. and one last thing you gotta, you know, when i was in the reagan administration, i was part of that not part. i was the head of the southern california fraud task force. we went up to these broads very zealously. at the same time, we prosecuted every bank robbery in southern california, and people say, why did you to both federal resources, not the health care, not to invest. and why did you take it away from the task force and go after bank robberies? and guess what? when somebody sticks a gun in your face or even threatens to stick a gun in your face, that is a terrifying event. the idea that you can run around with a gun or a night and not create panic in terror in ordinary people is the mit. and if the d a in new york really believes that he's believing studies and not believing human nature, that is very turn david, i told you i can hold off the politics. i got to bring the politics in for the last couple seconds here that i have you. do you feel like this is a betrayal by the mayor of new york who campaign on making these streets safer
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again, and now you're seeing him actually endorsed. like you said petty things, letting him kind of go underneath the wayside. well, we have to not have things like stop interest which was directed at minorities, but certainly the street needs to be safe or, you know, the biggest victims of street crime are but already people. so he's got to look out for the minority victims. he won a huge amount of both out in brooklyn and queens, the products from minority voters, and they expect him to come through and keep them safe, not pass the police not talk socio logical studies, but keep people say, which i think is ultimately what every american good american, once their community and david, i thank you for giving us your insight to be with you. ok, so now after the break represented, brenda laurence has become the 25th and democrat to say she is not going to seek reelection in congress this year. so does this mean even the party members know their parties, platform is no longer connecting with their supportive?
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well, we're going to discuss when we were talking with oh, this isn't an often it, oh, even susie children have been cared for it. the fountains house only. yeah. papa blue, i give them a devout knack or chicken. my much mom with much and he's got a nice mini goal if michelle in the middle the issue i shannon is violet. my mom is violet, but the mom of yes, my city with
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me. okay. allow me to book a book i bought you through a bunch of people. i was like me, i'm not, i use the challenge. i can only, you know it's to me on the discussion panel. shazlaw. i can levine with i think oh, i just don't know. i mean, you world that is yet to say, proud disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. the one of the great benefits to being in power is if you don't like the outcome of an event, you can possibly actually change the rules to get the results you want. that is exactly what a senate majority leader charles chuck schumer is going to try to do the current senate roles regarding the filibuster. now granted, it's rare any legislative victory ever comes from a filibuster. with the most recent notable example was ted cruz who gave a 21 hour speech over obamacare in 2013. but guess what? we still had obamacare, but the irony is the longest speech actually goes to south carolina senator strom thurmond. who filibusters for 24 hours and 18 minutes all against the civil rights act of $957.00, strong, with a democrat. now this was a later followed in the 1960,
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when democrats actually attended to block the passage of the civil rights act of $964.00 and filibusters for record 75 hours together. now luckily for america, the filibuster failed, and the senate was able to pass a major civil rights bill. but there, that's actually a rarity. and now the democrats want to get rid of one of their most use tools in order to pass legislation, they believe promote the voting rights. but without the changing of this rule, a sinner schumer knows his voting rights and legislation will be blocked. but if it is a change, which is good for everyone, why is the senate are having such trouble garnering support from both even with their own party. so discuss, we bring in talk radio host and civil rights attorney, robert hello and steve gruber, host at this steve riverside. thanks for joining me gentlemen. thanks. got it. okay, so i'm gonna start with you robert on this. and before we get to this voting rights
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bell, i want to discuss his filibuster and the changes that center shaver wants to bring . robert, why can't the majority leader garner not those to get the rules changed if it's actually good for the senate? one thing we become so recalcitrant american politics is to become completely tribal at this point in time. republicans aren't against the voting rights at barbie. reauthorization of the voting rights and the for the people that are on policy reasons is simply put it hurts to me. let surely in many states and therefore they will not support it. so what we're looking at is a situation where people are so entrenched on their party lines. there's no debate anymore, there's no back and forth. there's no part of non party line votes at this point in history. i list as a spending bill at the infrastructure bill were of all the cinders at the lineup at the trough and get as much money out of it as they want. other than that of the something for the american people that we cannot get bipartisanship. i think miss mcconnell amounts the era bipartisanship is over. and i think the part of the reason for that is the man having speaking filibusters anymore right now. senators,
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just have 2 amounts of going to filibuster that fitfully kills to bill, i say, get, make them get up there, make ted cruz stand up for 20 hours and why why he was against voting rights make mconnell. we understand republicans stand up there and articulate to the american people why voting rights are wrong. and i think that that, and that's what we have to go back to. instead of simply having them able to write a letter or a memo and pretending that that is enough to it's in order to have a filibuster, that's why the system is broken and not only doesn't talking about went on hand. i mean, we had ran paul up a few years ago, reading dr. seuss on the floor of the house. i think the senate, i remember right, that steve, is it as simple as you know, this idea of republicans are again supporting letter writesville or that is robert point out more about just electrically that it hurts them is all about elections. let's be honest about the voter rights and the federal, the zation of election. scotty, shall we? let's talk about some facts. you're 47 countries in europe, not one allows a way to vote without a boat or id, not one mexico doesn't. canada doesn't malin ballads, not allowed in,
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not one of the 47 nations of europe not allowed in canada or mexico, or all of these places, anti democratic. do they hate certain members society? are they racist or they blocking voting? and the answer of course is no. they know that voter id is a simple, common sense idea. and by the way, the american people have a huge amount of support for voter id like a jo mansion state, for example, west virginia were donald trump, one by about 40 points. joe match is doing something remarkable there. he's representing the people that voted for him and not special interests in washington . voter id is popular malin balance or not, and that's a fact. and it's true across europe. it's true across canada. it's true cost mexico . and in fact, the united states is an outlier and absolute outlier on these issues to suggest that somehow we are disenfranchising anyone to vote in america by using similar rules that are used by every western nation in the world. plus
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a lot of nations that are not as enlightened, shall we say, as the rest of the world. they also require a voter id, do not allow balin ballast because they know how dangerous that could be to the outcome of the elections. and what i find to be interesting there in the present time, robert, i will give you a chance to respond. but something that we've shown is that maybe i better id bad the coven vaccination cards. good. i mean, let's keep consistency or, or we're not gonna stand in line to vote, but we'll stand in line for combing test. i'm a little confused here why the case, why there's kind of almost a double standard, robert lotus, to steve's point. that's an interesting intellectual debate. to have it has nothing to do with the current voting rights legislation which is pending in congress. and it doesn't touch on vote. righty. doesn't touch on on balance is why registering people to vote at the age of 18 and increasing the number of drop boxes across the country where people be able to vote reducing the global pulse. some states have a get a hold of somebody different attention that found that we have any literal cycle
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where people are gerrymandering. districts to the point where you do or your next door neighbor might be in different congressional districts. some of the stuff in the bill has nothing to do what stevens actually talking. i don't think that's part of the problem, this administration. they have not gotten out there and explained to the american people what they're trying to do. they never got out explain a little bit better to the american people. so hopefully they haven't gotten out as play voting rights in american people lives. lot of times all these people on campbell or on your show or on my show or. and steve show, talking about these things to be american people, and that's part of the problem with us. why republican put these straw man arguments to have litter enough to handle the legislation front of us. because those are things that the click baby, a titles on the internet as a whole to the tech, to the actual bill. but that, so they, i don't even have the administration as within the building congress has put together. i mean, we saw in the last ministration, probably either having the same communications. maybe we need a good telephone guy over the age 20. please check the lines between the white house and tires real quick steve to you. 30 seconds is just as simple as that. a dropbox is okay. it's remarkable to me that all of these democrats and i hear
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talking on the television on a daily basis or all time on voter id because it's in the bill. they're all talking about mail and ballads because it's in the bill. of course it's in the bill, robert, just simply wrong about this. and the fact of the matter is, you made a great point, scotty. and that is, if i don't sit in line to get a test for coven 19, you don't have to provide 1st picture. i b clever that you have to actually prove will you are to get a test for home and you should do the same thing to vote in america. well, robert robert team, we will continue this conversation and i thank you both for joining me on it. now the story which on the surface looks very juvenile in regards to political war between the 2 parties, but how it plays out will actually determine how powerful one of the youngest members, the congress is to the democratic party. and more importantly, if our outspoken progressive ideology is actually the future, there is no secret. one of the favorite targets of conservatives is congressmen out
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congresswoman alexandria, kasia cortez, and be fair. she gives them a lot of material to work with. however, over the weekend, the progressive princess decided to celebrate the new year with her boyfriend in south florida. of course, papa, she was there, took pictures of her frolicking around all without her mask and republic. install this as an example of democracy from the left and they made sure everyone knew it. now an unprecedented response, a se, accused her critics and kid this being sexually frustrated and are saying this because they want to date her. and they're obsessed with her boyfriend, robert's feet. she took it another step, released a video of her boyfriend's feet on our instagram story. now florida governor rhonda sanchez was asked about the controversy surrounding amc and her vacation to estate . yeah, this to say happy though that florida is a place where people know they can come and they can live like normal people, they can make their own decisions. ok, so one might wonder if a s c knew exactly what she was doing when she went to the very red free of cover
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to restriction state. and if she knew the attention she was going to garner and wanted to go, or was she just not even one to go the best place to vacation? or most people are actually not having to live under the same overreaching rules and taxes. she is pushing on her own constituents. let's find out and bring, and d, y can editor at large for salon magazine and the professor at the university of baltimore for rock. larry, thank you so much for joining me. now. actually just came out with political content and the other, the book atheism, destroy cyber at the brock. i was too busy reading my screen. it looks great. thank you so much for joining me. thank you. thank you for having. okay. have rock either way. i love, i love your phrase, progressive princess. i'm going to remember that i am exactly right. a good hash tag. it's the year i guess i was 2021 to the hash tags brought. i wanna start with you. is there a problem with a of see actually vacation in florida? and when just 2 weeks ago here was i think where people are getting or she said she was not able to show up in person to her job because she did not feel safe due to
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what she calls the quote, public health emergency of the krona virus pandemic and a few weeks later she's in florida. yeah, there's no getting around. this is pure hypocrisy, planet simple. there's just, just simply no way to get around this. i don't mind if she wants to vacation in some form florida. that's a very normal thing to do. in the winter, but please do not give us as pretext that somehow you can on the one hand said that things are dangerous in new york. and on the other hand, say that it takes danger. takes a vacation when you go to florida and only florida and look, she's a, she's called the personality of the day and she shows a public figure. but she's a nurse that she los attention. she doesn't mind hypocrisy claim, but guess what? it's working. so d, is she kind of the future of what the different parking and democratic party is looking for. she is taken pop culture and made it into politics, especially for the younger crowd. and is this the templates actually for, with democrats want their future leaders to kind of be like ala tissues on the
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internet too much nowadays, everybody's on the internet all the time. i don't know if i would call her future of progressive thought i will call her human being who has the right to change her mind. but let's not forget that. oh, we just had a president who literally lived on twitter 24 hours a day to tweet any and every bank. so what she has a right to because this is america and in this country use to be able to, to do these things and, and change your mind and go to florida and all these different things. but what i will say is that the way she rules in a way she thinks and how she talks doesn't really represent me how i feel it. i consider myself to be pretty progressive. and i think a lot of people here would actually said about most politicians of the party supposed to go and vote for. but real quick, go and keep this moving because as see as you social media to get across, facebook just deleted a concert of turns book publisher, past summer, crying foul to this no longer gonna be allowed. here is that liberty puts out
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figures like ronald reagan, amy coming barrett, thomas sal, and it's taken permanently off facebook. other publishers laughing books of a b, c. the may of see, are allowed to stay on the platform. i want to start with and go back to you on this. when did you agree with this move? is that fair? you know, at the end of the day, again, you know, i truly believe that people should be able to write whatever they want to write is terrible. righty if is racist. if it's whatever, because it's got a free with them is supposed to have like intelligent thing and people we should be able to sort through what's good and what's not good. and we just, we haven't, we haven't been getting that well and that's a thing. and i went there back to you on this one, brock because facebook said it, eli, remove the publisher because they failed to comply with the low quality or disruptive contact policy. your response? well, it's fascinating because this destructive policy of this destructive conduct sort of policy, you know, we have a country now are people are preaching socialists,
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which i consider to be very dangerous. that they're preaching communism with synergy insurance. they're preaching the notion that boys and girls club stories exactly the same, which i think is very dangerous. i think a lot of things that humanizing of america best dangerous to demonizing and the police and so forth. so somehow they allow for the free speech when it comes to demonizing, things that they don't mind passing or but when it comes to anything that's conservative, they right away want a squash because that might be dangerous. it is her policy. of course, there's no way she route this is never worked. when anyone has any party has decided to squash free speech is always backfires and it will backfire upon the democrats as well. they really ought to be very careful here because it is a slippery slope in every direction. it may fall upon them one day as well, and i had to go with you on the stay going to print it. let those kind of like what we do here, the show that the viewers decide, i believe that they have enough brains. they can think for themselves. let's provide the information, let them make up their own mind, even if it doesn't agree with mine, at least some be informed. hence why d,
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before i let you go, and i want to talk to you at this 25th democrat announcing they are not seeking their office in the mid terms. the mayor of north las vegas is actually switching his party. something that we hear republicans often go and they affiliate with the democrats, the he said that the democrats had become this card carrying socialists and elitist, and they deserted the working class. american de, is this going to be thing more of as this just typical mid terms? people frustrated and just wanting to keep their jobs. people are frustrated and want to keep the jobs. and the end of the day, both of the parties are doing terrible right now. you're paying it as a tax, paying citizen. i am very, i'm not happy with either party. normally just the republic you get on my nerves, but now a democrat mirroring the other party and it's just, i think it's time for a new party. i think we need and that's something that was the raleigh cry for republicans for a long term broker. you 15 seconds on this one,
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brock. do you agree or you just as frustrated or democratic counterpart? well, i think there's a lot of reasons be frustrated and based on where the wind is blowing and they do not want to be part of with that when it's going to bail out, if they want to keep their job. and i'm sure you actually have some empathy for that because at times i think republicans have felt the same way. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me. you know, that's all the time we have a day show, but i promise. so the conversation, which will continue to follow me on to her at godaddy and youtube, the hash tag team and be a question of the day. do you think we need a 3rd party? answer it and for some more download the portal that's me up for your apple or android to my thanks for watching they happy stay healthy, stay informed. we'll see if it with
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the school is the child beginning on it, which one is more about the way to assess my william? let's use a curriculum left. the key mistake with water with a couple of 20 was, wasn't it that the appointment was for union that issue? she made it with no, i mean, unless you put that amount with the female power to store you with
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the it's breaking news. the thought here went off to you as a national protesters regroup and conduct our largest city, our report, li, blocking access to local hospital central agent, nations, been rocked wide days of deadly unrest, ultimately triggered by a fuel priced. meantime, an anti terror operation is underway. an automatic with reports of shootouts. now, according to the 14, they said dozens of writers and both police officers have di, 3 police officers reported having been beheaded well here or not. see, we did speak to a local john versus now everything is broken. the money was taken, the windows smash, military helmets are lying on the ground. there's lots of rubbish for through the program.


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